The Blacklist s07e07 Episode Script

Hannah Hayes

HANNAH: You know how I feel about playing games.
Drop the knife.
How could you think about escaping today? It's the big day.
You and I are giving one lucky man the gift of a lifetime.
Either that, or we've completely ruined his life.
I'm not sure which.
But I, for one, cannot wait to find out what happens when he wakes up.
Yeah, Mason, it's me.
It's really me.
Where have you been? It's election day! Half the state is searching for you! I can't get into that right now.
Just I need you to come pick me up.
I got to call the Secretary of State, cancel the election.
- Hopefully it's not too late.
- Mason! Forget the election.
Just pick me up.
I'm at a storage facility on Kenilworth Avenue.
Kenilworth Avenue.
Richard, what happened to you? [BREATHING SHARPLY.]
Not now.
Just get me out of here.
Yes, Governor.
Whatever you need.
Something's missing.
- I love peanut butter! - Shh! It's a secret ingredient.
All magical concoctions need one.
But you can't tell anyone.
- Pinky promise.
- Mm-hmm.
You only have to watch Agnes until 3:00 today, and then she has a play date with her friend Shelly.
Thanks again for all your help.
Hello? BERDY: I just heard from our MI6 friend.
The information you wanted? He's got you covered.
He wants to meet at Rock Creek Park in an hour.
That sounds fine.
- LIZ: So, what's the plan today? Well, it's a nice, misty morning.
Feels like a perfect day for mud pies at Rock Creek Park! Mud pies! [LAUGHING.]
Yeah! RED: She is always two steps ahead of me.
I cannot figure out how.
Well, things may be turning around.
I found Patrick Masuda.
Ohh, you're not only my oldest friend.
- Today you're my favorite.
He's a young man who now lives in Baltimore under a new last name.
Two years ago, the kid was dying from a rare blood disease.
He's now in full remission because she paid Norman Devane a fortune to devise a cure for him.
Why? Who is he to her? I don't know.
Been in and out of jail since his teens.
But maybe, if we get to him, he can get us closer to her.
You've got to be kidding me.
You're just in time! Campers' breakfast.
Onions, peppers, potatoes, last night's roast beef all draped with an egg basted easy.
I'll pass, and I'll say a little prayer for your digestive tract.
Elizabeth, meet Frank.
Morning, ma'am.
I was just going.
You know, I never took you for a camper.
I acquired it after a rogue wave in the East China Sea swept a shipping container full of baby formula right off the stack.
Chinese mothers don't trust the domestic stuff.
Purity issues.
So I sneak in America's finest at a small markup.
Zhou Jiaxuan was so mortified that he lost my shipment that he offered me his little home away from home as partial recompense.
Your life is so weird.
What do you make of Governor Sweeney's sudden reappearance? I'm relieved.
The FBI has been looking for him since he disappeared three months ago.
We thought he was dead.
And now he just walks into a local hospital on the very day of a special election to replace him? Richard.
Thank God you're alive.
Have you had a chance to speak with Patty? Of course, but, Janey, look.
Look what they did to me.
The Bureau believes the Cironato crime family had him abducted because he was planning to oppose a casino bill they favored.
The Bureau is wrong.
The Cironatos don't abduct politicians they disagree with.
They buy them off.
The person who did this is plotting something far more interesting.
Is plotting? The governor's back.
It's over.
Then why isn't he talking? No politician returns from a harrowing abduction and says nothing, not unless the person who did it still has their hooks into him.
The abduction was categorized as an act of terror.
Well, call it whatever you want.
But whatever it is, it hasn't fully happened yet.
All right.
I think we're ready.
LIZ: A governor is abducted.
No demands are made for his return, no blackmail, no ransom.
And then 100 days later, he wakes up in a self-storage unit with no one guarding him and walks to freedom.
- Why? - To force a new election.
Get someone else in office so the Cironatos get their gambling bill.
Reddington said they weren't involved.
And you don't think he was just saying that to protect them? We've learned that, on balance, the good he does outweighs his self-interest.
In time, I think you'll agree.
Aram, I want you and Agent Park to see what you can find at the storage facility.
Keen, Ressler, I've made arrangements for you to interview Governor Sweeney.
I know it's hard to believe, but the world really is a safer place because of what he does.
You should've told me.
- Told you what? - That you're his daughter.
I never would have trusted you if I knew he was your father.
If I'd have known, I never would've told you about Anchorage.
Alina, your secret's safe with me.
SWEENEY: And then after the second procedure, they locked me in a recovery room.
The only time I saw anyone was when they came to feed me.
They need to be in jail.
If this ever gets out my career, my life, it's it's over.
I will never repeat that story to anyone.
- Then you're letting them win! - I don't care.
Our focus right now should be in stopping that election.
That is your seat they're auctioning off.
We have a more pressing problem.
The FBI are on their way here.
If you want to keep your name and your reputation, then you don't speak of anything that happened to you after your abduction.
- Nothing at all? - No, it's just a blank.
I think they kept me drugged.
Sure had one hell of a hangover when I woke up in that storage room.
The guards at the state capitol building said you were in your office the night of the abduction.
What do you remember from that night? I like to work late.
You know, for the peace and quiet.
Only, when you're the governor, it's rarely peaceful.
My life's a symphony of phone rings and door knocks, so sometimes when the guards aren't looking, I like to sneak out to this little Oriental place across the street.
They know me there.
They take good care of me.
They shut the place down, let me enjoy my egg-drop soup in heavenly bliss.
And that's where you were the day of your disappearance? Yes, ma'am, just like usual.
Only this time, when I walked out the front door, a bag dropped over my head.
Next thing I know, I'm waking up to that hangover.
Any idea why you were taken? Everybody knows the Cironatos had it out for me after I wouldn't play ball in that casino deal.
I suppose they probably wanted to sideline me till after the election.
Almost three months? It's a long time to keep a man comatose.
I'm surprised you can even walk.
Well, I am a bit wobbly.
I'm sure you can understand.
I want whoever did this found and punished.
So if there's anything else I can do, you be sure to let me know.
RESSLER: Matter of fact, there is.
The restaurant you were abducted from the, uh, little Oriental joint what's it called? [RATTLING.]
What kind of person is sick enough to do this? It doesn't matter now.
You know what you have to do.
Richard, don't back down now.
Stand up for what you believe.
So, uh, what'd the governor say when he walked into your office? Asked to use the phone.
I said no at first.
Company policy.
But then he said he'd been drugged and locked in unit 12-B, - so I figured, what the hell.
- Who rents that unit? Fellow named Simon Peter rented it last June.
Paid a full year in advance, cash.
Tried the phone number, but it's been disconnected.
- I'll run a search.
- Don't bother.
Simon Peter's an alias.
He's one of the 12 apostles.
When Jesus was arrested, Simon Peter denied knowing him three times.
He's a symbol of false faith.
So, um are you religious? Is it a problem if I am? No, I, uh I-I love it when people have values.
Eight weeks of Bible camp every summer.
My dad wanted me to grow up with morals.
And since he didn't know how to model them himself If the governor was drugged, I can understand dumping him in a safe room until he wakes up.
But why go to all the trouble of decorating it? Check this out.
A little blue pill.
Maybe Sweeney was having sex parties in here and lied to cover it up.
Not with this.
My mom takes these.
It's an estrogen pill.
RESSLER: The restaurant confirmed Sweeney was there the night he was grabbed.
But no one saw it happen, and their security footage gets erased monthly.
But the bank across the street erases its footage annually, and they had this.
Linen delivery van was clocked leaving the area at 10:39 p.
, around the same time Sweeney was grabbed.
We ran plates.
The van was registered to a Wendell Willis.
Any connection to the Cironatos? No.
Willis works freelance I.
in Virginia.
But get this there is no Speedy Linen Supplies.
We think he put a fake decal on his van.
Find Willis.
By the time you get there, I'll have a warrant waiting.
Masuda's on the move.
RED: Oh, my goodness.
Quality sleep on a stakeout.
Oh! How did we never think of this before? [ENGINE SHUTS OFF.]
Well, this is just a bunch of gangbangers.
You think Masuda is one of them? No.
He's trying to make a deal with them.
The guy in the tragic camouflage, he's the killer in the bunch.
Deal's closed.
Raymond, Masuda may have just hired them for a kill.
And there's only one person I am aware of who Katarina wants dead right now.
AGNES: What do you want in your mud pie? KATARINA: Ohh! Some dried leaves, please.
And some pebbles for added protein.
My mom doesn't like me getting dirty.
Well, that's why I brought a fresh change of clothes.
And there's a sink in the restroom where you can wash up.
So you be as messy as you like.
WOMAN: Here you go, honey! KATARINA: You keep working on this, sweetie.
I'm gonna say hello to a friend.
MAN: Just take a couple of 'em! [LAUGHTER.]
Did you find him? [BRITISH ACCENT.]
Didn't come easily, luv.
The intel you gave me from Keen's apartment was a start, but took a few dustups to locate the real goods.
The location for the KGB agent formerly known as Ilya Koslov.
This is an old photo.
But the address is current and local.
You could take care of business right now and be back for tea.
For a surcharge, I'll even watch the cherub.
Something the matter, luv? Black SUV at two o'clock.
You were followed.
Aw, bugger all.
How do you want to handle it? I don't know yet.
Hi, honey.
Are your parents home? - I live with my mom.
- Okay, can we talk to her? DAISY: Mom! HANNAH: I have exciting news for you.
We've just made first contact with your next victim.
James Robson? No? Wouldn't surprise me if you both belong to the same country club or shared a hedge-fund manager or, I don't know, shoot rhino together.
DAISY: Mom, someone's at the door! MAN: Help! Somebody, help! I'm a prisoner! I'm in the basement! [GRUNTS.]
Can I help you? Hello, ma'am.
We're with the FBI.
We have a warrant to search this address.
- May I ask why? - We have reason to believe this property contains evidence of a crime.
Do you live with a Wendell Willis? Wendell? I'm Wendell's landlord.
He rents a studio apartment out back.
I could unlock it if you like.
- Wendell Willis.
- Mr.
Such an honor to meet you, sir.
And I am honored by your volunteer service commitment, young man.
I believe in your motto "Faith, family, and freedom in America.
" Amen! And welcome to Robson Research.
We'll let you know if we need anything else.
I hope Wendell's not in trouble.
Honestly, he's a model tenant.
Thank you.
WENDELL: Yes, ma'am.
For $20, you can support our abstinence-focused education campaign.
We teach young people the skills required to avoid sexual activity, build character, and develop healthy relationships.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Can you hold for one second, please? [CELLPHONE BUZZES.]
- I'm inside.
- Get out.
You've been burned.
The FBI is searching your apartment.
But I'm in.
It's too late.
We'll find a new target.
We've all worked too hard for this.
We can't let this opportunity go to waste.
You hated me when we first met.
I didn't hate you.
I didn't like you, and I definitely didn't trust you.
Well, I think Park feels the same way.
I should certainly hope so.
Thanks a lot.
No, any normal person's gonna wonder what Reddington's obsession says about you.
It takes a while to figure out that it says absolutely nothing.
So just give her time.
Like a year.
Or seven.
Check it out.
- Who's he? - That's James Robson.
He runs a conservative advocacy group.
- He's a lobbyist.
Aram, you and Park need to get out to Robson Research.
We know who our next victim is.
Katarina! Ooh! This looks delicious! But I believe they could use more twigs.
I'll be right back, Agnes.
You keep working.
Stay at the table.
Do as we say, and you won't get hurt.
Turn slowly.
You're coming with us.
Sutherland! The driver! [METAL CLANGS.]
OPERATIVE: We've got to get out.
Help me with this one.
What happened to that man? He's just a little tired, sweetie.
Let's let him sleep.
We can wash up by the creek, okay? [BREATHING HEAVILY.]
Why are you so worried? [BREATHING HEAVILY.]
I'm worried I'm worried about if you tell your mother about the sleeping man, she won't let us play together anymore.
I promise I'm not telling my mother.
- Pinky promise? - Pinky promise.
Yo! Yo, what the hell, man?! What the hell's the matter with you?! Nothing an honest answer or two can't cure.
Whoa, whoa.
Tell me about yourself.
What do you do for a living? What do you care what I do for a living? I just watched you negotiate a deal with a gang of gangbangers.
What you saw was my business.
Well, I-I-I don't mean it like it's none of your business.
I mean, it's my business, literally.
I do custom installs.
When I put in high-end units, I clone the vehicle's wireless key code so I can steal the stereos back and resell them.
You're a thief? You do what you gotta do, right? What I got to do is understand why Katarina Rostova would pay to cure you of a fatal blood disease.
I don't know who you're talking about.
Constance paid for that.
She's my friend.
Of course.
Constance Drucker.
What do you say we take a little drive so you can tell me more about dear old Constance? I've got to deal with a emergency at work.
You be good for Nana and Papa, okay? [VOICE BREAKING.]
You know I love you, right? DAISY: Yes, Mommy.
I always have.
And I always will.
Wendell Willis was a recently hired volunteer at Robson Research.
I sent Aram and Park to apprehend him, but they were too late.
This is Willis' van leaving the parking structure just before they arrived.
RESSLER: We believe Willis abducted Robson from the parking lot when he went to lunch.
Why would a freelance I.
worker abduct two unrelated men? Has Governor Sweeney talked yet? No, and he's not governor anymore.
The media called a winner in the election.
It was Sweeney's opponent.
You said the victims were unrelated, but that's not entirely true.
A victim profile reveals they have a lot in common powerful men, socially conservative, politically active.
It made us wonder if any other recent kidnap victims fit that profile.
Andrew Darvis.
Pastor of one of the largest Baptist congregations in America.
He went missing for two months last year, resurfaced in the middle of a massive manhunt, said he'd gone on an unannounced spiritual retreat, and apologized for alarming anyone.
We have a pattern.
Let's just hope Pastor Darvis has more to say than Sweeney does.
RESSLER: I couldn't help but notice the identical circumstances between you and Richard Sweeney.
And now James Robson.
Three men with similar political ideologies.
I know James.
Good family man.
I respect the work he does for this country.
Pastor Darvis, were you really on sabbatical, or were you abducted like Robson and Sweeney? I checked the case files.
You're unwilling to provide the authorities any details about how and where you disappeared.
There are reasons I've maintained my silence.
Now, I-I don't know Governor Sweeney, but I suspect he would very much appreciate his privacy in this moment, too.
WOMAN: Blood looks good.
CVS tests show no abnormalities.
As long as you continue on the drug regimen, you should be able to ride this out.
I don't want to ride this out.
I want you to cut it out.
Now! RESSLER: I have no clue what happened to you or Sweeney, but James Robson was kidnapped today.
And if you have any information that can prevent harm to him, it's your responsibility to talk to me.
How long ago was James taken? Two hours.
Probably too late to stop the first procedure.
But maybe you can prevent the second one.
What kind of a procedure? That crazy woman wanted to test my faith, so she perpetrated the most invasive, ungodly action humanly possible.
But I did not break.
I stood true to what I believe.
I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do.
If I take out what they put inside you, I could spend the rest of my life in prison.
That's a law you passed.
For God's sake, Janey.
If ever there was an exception, this is it! Oh, my hands are tied.
Once a heartbeat's been detected Mama, could you come in here for a second, please? And bring Luke.
Now, who's this? This is my child.
All this to hide an unwanted pregnancy? Who's the mother? There is no mother.
I gave birth to Luke myself.
How you doing, son? HANNAH: I'd like to say how grateful I am to all of you for your support.
But you need to know the FBI are looking for us.
If you leave now, maybe your name stays out of this.
If you stay all bets are off.
NURSE: We're with you, Dr.
We want to see this through.
Who are you? What are you doing? HANNAH: No less than you did to me.
You and others like you.
- You hijacked my body - [DOOR OPENS.]
and forced your beliefs on me.
Now I'm gonna force them on you.
You're gonna take a little nap, Mr.
And when you wake up, you'll be a new man.
New and improved.
Let me go! Let me go! No! No! [MUFFLED.]
No! No! No How can a man give birth to a baby? The technology's been around for years.
It's just nobody's ever tried to perform it with a man.
You're telling me that Richard Sweeney has a womb? With an uninvited passenger.
That's why he isn't talking.
The victims undergo two involuntary procedures.
First, a uterus is transplanted from a donor, and the patient is put on immunosuppressants.
Once the organ takes, a fertilized embryo is introduced.
And after that, the kidnappers wait for a viable heartbeat before they release the victims, at which point the baby can't be aborted.
The men live in states with restrictive abortion laws.
What purpose can any of this serve? Pastor Darvis believes it's an object lesson.
The kidnappers target men who advocate for government control of women's bodies.
Then they take control of the men's bodies in the same way.
Pastor Darvis provide any information on the people who did this to him? No, their faces were hidden by medical masks the whole time.
But their leader was a female surgeon, blond, maybe 40s.
And the son of a gun had a C-section and kept the baby.
That's a man with the courage of his conviction.
This one This one's a genius.
I mean, I thought I was smart, but I'm telling you, she is off the charts.
Slow down.
What happened? Okay, so, I found a pill in the storage room where Governor Sweeney was dumped.
And, well, you tell them.
The pill is conjugated estrogen, generally prescribed as part of a hormone therapy program.
- That makes sense.
- Why? The blacklister is impregnating men.
- That's incredible.
- That's disgusting.
The drug is there a prescription? No, but the FDA requires drugs like these to have a unique lot number in case they need to be recalled.
ARAM: So we traced that lot number to a local medical clinic that ordered this particular batch.
We have an address.
Then what are you waiting for? MASUDA: I was 6 when it happened.
I was watching TV when we heard Constance Sorry.
What did you say her real name was? Katarina.
We heard Katarina fighting with a man in the hallway.
Mom and Dad ran out of the apartment to help, but the man he had a gun, shot my parents.
Gave her a chance to get away.
A month later, she approached me on my way to school.
She said what happened was all her fault, but she knew she couldn't make up for my loss.
She swore she would do everything in her power to look out for me, and she has.
Anytime I needed money, she was there.
When I got sick she sent a man with custom medication.
I'm in remission.
Tell me, Patrick.
With these advantages you've been given why are you boosting car stereos and consorting with riffraff? It's still hard sometimes.
I guess.
A young boy robbed of his parents and all of the comfort and security that is every child's divine right.
You'd think that's as bad as life could get.
And here your fairy godmother promised to keep you safe.
Well, we're gonna put that promise to the test.
How'd the park go? I got what I needed, but so did Morozov.
His people were tailing Sutherland.
I killed one of them.
But they still took him.
Did the kid see anything? She did.
What if she tells Keen? She won't.
Our problem is Morozov.
He now has the source of our intel.
It's only a matter of time before he extracts the location of Koslov.
I'll ask again.
What did Katarina Rostova want? The punishment will continue until you tell me this.
Oh, well, it's horses for courses, I suppose.
Oh, well.
We've got a problem.
The FBI is outside our front door.
HANNAH: It's too soon.
I can't let them take me.
I need to get to him.
Don't worry.
We'll delay them for as long as we can.
NURSE: Go! Finish what you started.
It's not a good time.
Well, that's not exactly what you want to hear from your fairy godmother.
Well, what do you expect? Over the years, it's a tough job, fairy godmothering.
And sometimes the old wings just can't get you there fast enough, like right now.
Patrick's not a part of this.
And Dom's been retired for years, but that didn't prevent you from shooting him, did it? I want a meeting face-to-face, or I'll return the gesture and put a bullet or two in dear Patrick.
There are rules.
Which you've ignored.
Dom was a player in the game.
His game ended long ago.
Well, mine hasn't! I'm still being hunted.
And it's not gonna end unless I end it.
This is about what the man in the park told me.
Morozov told you about that, didn't he? That's why you want to see me.
You want the address I bought.
I'm not interested in an address.
I'm interested in you coming to me.
If this delightful young man means as much to you as it seems, you'll start flapping those decrepit old wings and flutter on over here.
Tell Patrick I love him.
Like a son.
And I'm sorry.
I did my best but I am done with men controlling my life! [BEEP, PHONE SLAMS.]
Punishment is the crudest form of education, but it's the only one that woman understands.
Seems you have more than one fairy godmother.
Go on.
Get out.
And make something better of yourself.
That was the right thing to do.
I did it because we have a new lead one she had no intention of giving us.
Open the door.
We have a warrant.
NURSE: There's no need for all that fuss.
We're in the back.
Follow me.
Why are they making this so easy? Call for emergency medical support.
Cuff 'em.
Cuff all of 'em.
Pastor Darvis said the leader was a blond woman.
MAN: We got a runner! She's headed toward the garage! It's a diversion.
- I got a plate.
- Move, move, move! [SIREN WAILS.]
ARAM: Agent Park, have you got eyes? No, but I got a hit on the plate.
LIZ: It's Hannah Hayes.
Made headlines seven years ago while she was a surgical resident and was raped on campus.
It resulted in a pregnancy.
Looks like Hayes decided not to keep the baby.
Says here that Hayes tried to defy late-term abortion laws and was wow sent to prison.
Her daughter was born behind bars.
COOPER: We've got a home address.
No need.
I've been there.
No! Wait! Please! Don't! - [WHIMPERING.]
- Hannah, no! No, no, no, no, no.
Think? What do you imagine I've been doing for the last seven years, every waking hour, every time I gaze into the loving face of my beautiful daughter? You'd think the miracle of life would erase the violent act that produced it.
That's what they'll have you think.
They're wrong.
This is the man who raped you.
He got out early.
Prison overcrowding.
And you know the first thing he did? Filed for parental rights.
And you think I'm crazy.
Fortunately, I had room for my own prison.
MAN: She is crazy.
You got to stop her.
- Shut up! Shut up! - Hannah, don't! ARAM: Don't.
Come on.
Your little girl wouldn't want you to do this.
What kind of example would I show Daisy if I don't fight those who demand control over me? My decisions.
My body.
And I'm not alone.
It was easy to find people to join me, and we decided the best way to change minds is to make those responsible experience the same rape that I did.
Wait, wait.
Are you telling me that this guy's the father of those men's babies? Well, why else would I keep him around? Hannah, I think it's safe to say that you've made history, but it's over now.
No, it's not over.
No matter what happens here, you're gonna lock me up, and this creature will continue its petition and end up with my daughter.
Yeah, but if you shoot him, you're never gonna be a free woman again.
Daisy will.
She's with my parents.
And they're gonna raise her with love and compassion in a world where everyone will know actions have consequences.
- Hannah, don't.
- Wait! No! - RESSLER: Hands! - [GUN THUDS.]
Get on your knees now.
Don't move.
I found it prudent to follow your lead and shoot first.
The only question is who to shoot second.
- Calm down.
I was just - [GUNSHOTS.]
I guess we know who's third.
I instructed you to contact me the instant you had a location on Rostova.
You're nobody to instruct me.
I didn't become who I am by taking orders.
Who you are is an aging leg-breaker with psoriasis.
I assume you found the lead on Katarina but, instead of calling me, attempted to bring her in yourself, hoping to relive your glory days and sell her to the highest bidder to keep you rolling in potato vodka and herring for the rest of your life.
You're not the first one to underestimate that woman, which is why it was imperative that you call me.
There is silver lining.
RED: I can't imagine.
This one was with Rostova.
Sold her information, but he wouldn't tell me what.
As I live and breathe! Skip Sutherland! Dembe, look at Skip.
Skip, whose side are you on these days? [COUGHS.]
The wrong one.
Morozov, there's a reason you can't break this man.
Because he has something you'll never have.
Backbone beats wishbone every time.
Let's cut him loose.
I assume you denied Morozov the information he sought because he was gonna shoot you either way.
And you were good and right.
But you know me, Skip.
So here's the deal.
I'll provide you the best medical treatment and protection money can buy, provided you tell me what I need to know, right now.
What did she hire you to do? She wanted the whereabouts of an old KGB operative.
- Which one? Ilya Koslov.
Well, that certainly changes everything.
We need to get him some help and get the hell out of here fast.
I see through Smoke and mirrors In the shadows You are fearless I see through Smoke and mirrors In the rearview You're so nearly there Endless chatter Without a purpose It doesn't matter It doesn't matter How soon can you do it? As soon as you sign the consent forms.
But as I understand it, coming to New York to get an abortion is still a crime in your state.
Your own attorney general could charge you with conspiracy to commit murder.
I know the damn law.
I wrote it.
And yet here you are.
In shallow water I was raped.
We're going under As I said all I need is your consent.
Stoic warrior We closed this case quickly and efficiently in good part, thanks to you.
Why did Reddington give us this case? Probably because it was the right thing to do.
You were right.
I should have told you.
About my relationship to Reddington.
You're a part of the team now, and you deserved to know.
I'm sorry.
It was an oversight.
But your secret is safe with me.
In fact, I'm gonna share a secret of my own.
Reddington is my father.
Or he was.
Before he died 30 years ago.
The man we're working with is not Raymond Reddington.
Then who is he? He's a former KGB agent.
Formerly known as Ilya Koslov.
The address is current and local.
Hello, Ilya.
Been a long time.

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