The Blacklist s07e09 Episode Script

Orion Relocation Services

- How's that one look? - [CHUCKLES.]
Oh, I'm sure it's fine, hon.
Oh, you say that, and then my eyes aren't open, or my hair's in the No, it's a keeper.
Definitely one for all that new wall space.
- Ahh! - Hm.
I have a feeling we're not gonna spend much time in the new place.
Greg, I thought you were retiring.
Are you still going to fly? Well, not as a pilot.
As a passenger.
I get a little itchy if I'm in one place for too long.
- I hear you.
- Yeah.
He wants to see the world, friends be damned.
- Yeah.
- As if we had any.
We hardly knew the neighbors.
Well, you have each other.
What other friends do you need? You know, I have a few items for you to sign.
- Should we go inside? - Mm-hmm.
I'm bound for Shady Grove BISSET: Your things will be waiting for you safely when you arrive in DC.
Thank you.
- You have made this a cinch.
Yeah, Stella.
Thank you, really.
As we say at Orion, good luck - Oh! - wherever fate takes you.
Shady Grove, my little love Shady Grove, my darlin', Shady Grove BISSET: I have secured your match.
She's retired, no family.
He's a former airline pilot.
They lead very quiet lives and they are moving to DC this week.
KATARINA: So, we have names.
Madeline Tolliver and Gregory Flynn.
Like the children's book.
How sweet.
I'll be in touch.
- Yes.
Thank you.
Well, Berdy, it appears you and I are going to be neighbors with Miss Keen after all.
LIZ: Come on, munchkin! Hurry! The Saltmans are waiting! Again.
Carpool drama? - [SIGHS.]
Punctuality is not her strong suit yet, but she could write a book on transitional objects.
I mean, she won't go anywhere without it.
- Is that right? - I'm gonna see her off, but I'll be back in a sec if you want to come by for coffee.
BERDY: The doll has the mic in it.
Now how are we gonna get our intel? And [CHUCKLES.]
Please don't say from Dr.
Skovic's methods are unconventional, but they're effective.
He'll get Ilya to talk, and when he does we'll have all the intel we need.
SKOVIC: Are you familiar with RMT, Mr.
Koslov? Recovered Memory Therapy? [SMOOCHES.]
It's quite, uh, unconventional.
Some would even go so far as to call it junk science, but I believe it is the future.
And it is also our way into the past.
Uh, for your session, I will be using a cocktail of pharmaceuticals and hypnotherapy to place you in a lucid waking dream state.
There are, of course risks, but that is why we will be keeping you sedated.
Now, your friend would like for you to go back to 1991.
Let's go back to the day when Katarina Rostova reached out to you let you know she was alive.
Perfect timing! For what? Coffee.
I was, uh Sorry.
I was expecting someone else.
Well, we wouldn't want good coffee to go to waste, would we? RED: I don't know how, but that woman stayed well ahead of me.
She got to Steinhil, she's apprehended a dear friend of mine.
You said she's after certain information.
Does he have it? He does.
And she'll do most anything to get it from him.
You don't have to do this.
I'm afraid I do, love.
RED: We have very little time, but thanks to her hawaladar, we have a lead.
Orion Relocation Services.
She paid them to give her a new identity, a new home, new life.
I don't know where she is or who she's pretending to be, but Orion Relocation Services, they do.
Who is she the woman in Paris? You still haven't told me her name.
The man she's taken, he's like a brother to me.
I deserve to know.
She's going after the people you care about.
She's hurting your friend.
If she can hurt him, she can hurt us.
Did something happen? Were you threatened? I thought the FBI had you under protective surveillance.
This company Orion Relocation Service tell me about them.
LIZ: Until now, Reddington's heard whispers, ghost stories about the people who helped the worst of the worst disappear assassins, traitors, the woman who abducted him in Paris.
We find them, he finds her.
How convenient for him.
Yes, he gets what he wants, but in exchange, we get to ID criminals Orion has hidden in plain sight.
And arrest a company of murderers.
Orion doesn't just give their clients fake IDs.
They kill innocent people and give their identities to their clients.
So if Reddington already knows Orion's name, why can't he find them himself? "Orion" is a DBA, a financial shell he can't crack.
What he does have is a name, one of Orion's clients, a thief looking for a new identity Sofia Burke.
I need to escape, go where I can't be found.
Believe me, where I'm sending you, no one will ever look.
ARAM: All right.
Burke's a jewel thief.
Hong Kong.
The Tel Aviv Diamond Exchange.
Now, her whereabouts are unknown, but it looks like her partner took the fall when they tried to steal the Dresden Green, the world's largest green diamond.
Appears he's awaiting trial at the MDC in Brooklyn.
RESSLER: Maybe that's why she wants a new ID.
She's worried this partner is gonna flip on her.
Let's hope she's right.
Take Park to Brooklyn and find out.
Agent Keen.
So, uh, this came for you through the Hoover Building.
Agnes said she saw a dead body in the park the other day.
Oh, my God.
That That must have been terrifying.
S-She was pretty shaken up.
Her nanny didn't see anything, but there was a birthday party in the park, and the Park Department gave me the name of the family who rented the field.
- Did they see anything? - The mom did, but she was too freaked out to make a positive ID.
So I'm hoping I can get one from the video of the birthday party here.
Hang on.
Hang on.
ARAM: Go back.
He's carrying.
Any idea who they are? No, but I'm gonna find out.
Ilya I know your instinct will be to fight, but I want you to know the harder that you fight, the more relaxed you will become.
The more you fight, the more you surrender.
It's as if you are floating.
And as you float, all that fight escapes you.
It floats, too.
Floating away.
I want you to breathe in and out.
And out.
Making the image of yourself more present, more clear.
Focus on that image of yourself.
It's not you today.
It's you in 1991.
A young man.
On the day you learned Katarina Rostova was still alive.
Look at yourself as that young man.
Can you see him, Ilya? He's there.
He's you.
I'm going to ask you to open your eyes, and when you do the image of that young man will become incredibly clear.
You're going to open your eyes now.
Are you ready? [ECHOING.]
Three two one.
COOPER: Is it clear enough for facial recognition? Aram says no.
I've circulated the image to every FBI office worldwide to see if anyone can ID the man.
Three operatives, a dead body, and Agnes.
I wish I believed that could be a coincidence.
If these guys work for the woman who abducted Reddington, then who's the dead man? And if the dead man works for her, then who killed him? We can't know until we find Burke.
Did her partner give us a lead? He gave us the name of the man who fences her jewels.
Richard Potash.
Liquidate everything.
Accounts, stocks, T-bills.
COOPER: Reddington knows Potash by reputation and gastronomic preference.
It seems there's an underground restaurant scene, and he frequents it.
- Reddington's meeting him there.
- Then so am I.
If he can lead us toward anyone involved in sending those men after my kid, I want to hear it first.
Oh, my.
I must say, I'm very intrigued.
I bartered a long weekend at my pied-à-terre in Montmartre for the invitation plus-one.
This chef, Rasmus Ray, is something of an outlier in food circles.
No restaurant, no menu.
Plenty of youthful innovation.
Apparently he only hosts these dinners when inspiration strikes, which bodes well for our evening.
I'm only interested in finding Burke's fence.
Looking dashing, as always.
- Who's that? Just some colonel.
I believe that that's our fence.
I hear you're the man to see about a thief.
Pardon me? Do I know you? Not yet, but we're about to make each other - unholy amounts of money.
- Are we, now? I don't know how to make any other kind.
Raymond Reddington.
The Raymond Reddington? And this is the Lydia Dart.
- A friend and client.
- LIZ: As well as an art lover.
I understand you dabble in art yourself.
I've been said to have resources.
What might it be that you're looking to acquire? Fellows, gals, non-binary pals.
I'm Chef Rasmus Ray.
Welcome to Comestible.
Please have a seat.
In food, our eyes betray us.
With visual cues.
With predisposed expectations of color and and texture.
The brain is is programmed to choose food that will give our bodies the greatest nutrients.
The vibrant greens of vegetables, the rich reds of meat.
To counter this, the brain rejects food it perceives as dangerous spotted, softening fruit, strong-smelling fish, discolored meat.
When you avoid something on your plate, chances are you're avoiding it because of a past experience.
But tonight we dine without prejudice.
Tonight we dine on pure flavor.
Tonight we dine in the dark.
LIZ: Is this for real? RED: Well, it certainly just got interesting.
Ilya? Ilya, can you hear me? Yes.
Can you tell me what you see? I see her.
With me.
How do you feel? [BEEPING.]
I'm relieved.
I thought she was gone.
YOUNG KATARINA: I went into the ocean to end my life.
I heard about Cape May.
The drowning.
Her suicide.
But there was no suicide.
Do you remember what happened that night? She made contact at the embassy.
ILYA: The world thinks you're dead.
I thought they were dead.
- We did the right thing.
- I've nothing but love for you.
She was in trouble.
She needed help.
SKOVIC: What trouble? Tell me about the trouble.
You helped her, right? She was being hunted.
By the KGB.
The Cabal.
The Americans.
Her father helped get us out of Russia.
- But it wasn't enough.
I am marked.
She needed to disappear.
Needed a plan.
Tell me about that plan.
You're losing him.
- He's resisting the memory.
Ilya? The plan.
Tell me what you remember about that plan.
No one knows.
- Impossible.
MAN: A fugitive and traitor to his country.
Reddington's dead.
I don't think you're entirely grasping what I'm suggesting.
What are you suggesting? Becoming Reddington.
Purposefully stepping into the shoes of a man and destined to be condemned as a traitor.
But how? That would be impossible.
What if it's not? We devised a plan to steal the money used to frame Reddington and disappear.
But the plan, it didn't work.
Not like we thought.
Help me to remember.
The plan.
Who did it involve? [BREATHES SHAKILY.]
It was myself Katarina Dr.
And the person under the knife the man who walked into the banks and impersonated Reddington tell me what you remember about him.
He's guarding the memory.
Even in this state, he knows there is a secret he should not reveal.
Who was impersonating him, Ilya? - Stop! I need to bring him out.
- No! Not yet.
His blood pressure's through the roof! - I need to push Lidocaine.
- Then stop! Let him rest.
But we are not bringing him out.
RED: I think dining in the dark probably does enhance the senses.
- LIZ: Is annoyance a sense? - [CHUCKLES.]
CHEF RASMUS RAY: For the next dish brandywine tomatoes with a Dungeness crab and a seaweed-lemon granité.
RED: I understand that Sofia Burke made a run at the Dresden Green.
POTASH: She tried and failed.
RED: Mm! Château d'Yquem.
My uvula is positively quivering.
LIZ: We want her to try again.
You can get in touch with her.
We can't.
POTASH: Whether she tries again or not is not my concern.
RED: I wonder if a healthy finder's fee would make it your concern.
I'll need to make a call.
CHEF RASMUS RAY: And after this, the pièce de résistance the winged veal of the Russian Far East.
Served extra rare.
That is the sound of the Blakiston fish owl, the largest, most exotic, and endangered of the owl species.
Endangered? Let us know if you would prefer a slice of the wing, breast, or all-seeing eye.
Nobody touches the bird.
What's wrong with you people? There are only 400 of these little guys left in the world, and you're gonna eat this one? You want to eat something? Eat a cow! There are millions of them wandering around.
Better yet, eat a rabbit.
They're delicious! Low impact on the environment, sustainable.
I mean, hell, they hump like well, like rabbits.
Uh, but our little feathered friend here - [OWL SCREECHES.]
- is coming with me.
Lydia? Smile, everyone.
You just spared a magnificent creature.
She's late.
Somewhere you need to be? I'm expecting a call.
A personal one, I hope.
I'm sure it's been difficult since Tom.
But you have Agnes now.
You should be looking forward, not back.
You deserve a bigger life.
RED: Oh.
In your dreams, handsome.
Sofia Burke! Your reputation precedes you.
As does yours.
Which is why I'm here.
I wanted to pay you the courtesy of turning you down in person.
I tried stealing the Dresden once.
I won't try again.
I don't want you to.
Potash said you did.
Would you care for some tea or coffee? No.
Thank you.
We're looking for some information about Orion Relocation Services.
Never heard of them.
Perhaps this will jog your memory.
Excuse me.
Tell me how it all works.
Hello? AGENT GENTRY: Agent Keen.
Harris Gentry.
I work in transnational organized crime out of Baltimore.
Yes, I was expecting your call.
I understand you identified the man in the photo I circulated.
they find someone who's planning to move.
Same age, ethnicity.
Loners or people without family.
In my case, a woman escaping from an abusive relationship who wants to disappear.
So you can step into the identity of someone no one can find.
Is that what this is about? [CHUCKLES.]
You want a new identity? [CHUCKLES SOFTLY.]
How do you contact them? They initiate contact, use burners.
Tell me what I need to know when I need to know it.
Did they tell you your new identity? I'm paying for information.
So far, you've given me relatively little.
Denise Young.
That's my new name.
I don't know how to reach her.
It was a pleasure meeting you.
Don't spend it all in one place.
And this Tommy Petrov.
You're sure he's Russian mafia? AGENT GENTRY: Guy's a brigadier in the Vory.
Answered to Motya Morozov.
- "Answered"? - He was hit.
We don't know why.
I was hoping you did.
Denise Young.
To find Ilya, we need to find her.
Do you want me to call Glen? And risk a delay due to Taco Tuesday or a suddenly ingrown toenail? I don't have the time.
Ilya doesn't have the time.
Unfortunately, the last person I would want to find Ilya is the person I need help from to find him.
We have a lead.
Motya Morozov.
Does he work with the woman in Paris? So you have been threatened.
Was he looking for my mother? He was.
Before I shot him.
The woman in Paris.
If you won't tell me her name, just tell me this.
If we find her, will it end? That is our best hope.
You said you had a lead? [DOOR CLOSES, FOOTSTEPS APPROACH.]
How is he? Sedated.
His vitals are returning.
Heart rate is stable.
But I am concerned.
Your friend he has been trained to resist interrogation.
I believe at the deepest, subconscious levels, he is able to avert, to resist.
And how do we get around that? I would like to try a different approach.
Something, uh, somewhat unorthodox.
But to do this, I will need your assistance and your unabridged trust.
There is a memory I want you to open for me uh, like a drawer.
Can you do that? SKOVIC: We're going to go back.
Back to the night you and Katarina's father decided her fate.
You remember that day like it was yesterday.
The way it felt the way it smelled what it looked like.
Can you tell me where you are? In a café in Belgrade.
- What happened that night? - [BEEPING INTENSIFIES.]
Don't Don't fight.
Don't fight.
Let go.
Breathe into the memory.
I know you were here with Dom.
I need you to tell me what happened.
It wasn't my idea.
I told him.
We can't be meeting like this.
It's too dangerous.
Even now.
YOUNG DOM: Listen to me.
Your ruse with Reddington didn't work.
All it managed to do was anger the people who want her dead.
- She is dead.
- Nonsense! What did Dom want from you? He was desperate.
He needed help.
Do you know they've assembled a directive? The Russian Vory, KGB, the Americans her enemies have pooled their resources and put a bounty on her head.
They're calling it the Townsend Directive.
- Neville Townsend? - He's at the top of a very long list of people who want her dead.
Are you worried they'll find you? I'm worried they'll find Masha, try and leverage her.
Look, Dom, I I can't help you.
- You made a promise! - [FIST SLAMS ON TABLE.]
DOM: To Katarina.
You told her you would look after Masha if anything happened to her.
YOUNG ILYA: Yes, but I can't call off Townsend.
And he will not stop looking.
Sure, he will.
He'll stop looking.
And so will the rest of them if Katarina's dead.
You want me to kill your daughter? I want you to hear my plan.
I can't believe the man in the park was Russian Vory.
I should move.
COOPER: And do what? Go on the run? Live in hiding? My family's being stalked by the Russian mob.
Yeah, but you're being protected by the FBI.
Reddington's given us a lead.
We're gonna track it down and end this threat and protect you and your family while we're at it.
I got a location on Denise Young.
On three Denise Youngs, actually.
All the same age as Sofia Burke, all with homes listed for sale or in escrow but only one of whom has filed three restraining orders against her ex.
The one who wants to get away and never be found.
532 Riley Street.
Falls Church.
Keen, Ressler, head over there.
Aram, Park, get her on the phone and warn her.
If we want to find Orion, we need to keep her alive.
YOUNG DOM: She has to die.
It's the only way to protect Masha.
But to get this done, I'll need your help.
She'll listen to you.
You can get her.
I-I can't.
I can't do this.
And yet you did.
KATARINA: Early in the morning.
Still dark.
You'd called me.
It was a simple assignment.
I was to drive a couple of miles into the city.
I was to meet Dominic at Vukov Station.
Give him a package.
I was to sneak out.
SKOVIC: So the target she was exactly where she was supposed to be.
ILYA: I watched you sneak out of the green door.
But I could hardly see you.
It was so dark.
So you were there to what? To watch me die? Yes.
ILYA: I hadn't known you'd taken a new husband.
Not that I was angry to find out, certainly not as angry as he seemed to be, charging out of that room.
- Who's this? - I KATARINA: I had to bring him in.
Pyotr was so suspicious.
He knew what my old life had cost me.
But I couldn't let you down.
By the time Pyotr woke up, I planned to be back in bed as if nothing happened.
But I was wrong.
He knew if I was slipping out at 4:00 a.
that I was back in the game.
He kept screaming, "You were done! You were out!" I insisted it was my last job.
An old friend had asked me for a favor.
A desperate friend, someone who I trusted, someone I could never turn down.
But you weren't really my friend.
Were you? I'm so sorry.
I never wanted to hurt you.
But we we didn't think we had a choice.
" That's right.
You weren't alone.
The others They were all there.
Even Dom was there.
ILYA: He leaked that his daughter that you, were staying at the inn and that you carried sensitive intel.
This might be the last chance to catch the infamous Russian traitor Katarina Rostova.
He wanted to make a spectacle of my death.
And to think, you facilitated it.
You watched.
I know.
I'm sorry.
Pyotr insisted he accompany me.
He didn't want me out of his sight.
He knew Belgrade was too dangerous.
He said he'd stay in the car.
I told him he was crazy to come.
He wasn't even wearing shoes.
Just those stupid hotel slippers.
He died.
I loved him.
And he died right before my eyes.
Because of you! ILYA: The KGB were going to kill you right then and there.
But then everything went wrong.
Is there any chance you could look after Agnes today? You know I'd love to, but What Agnes said, there was a dead body in the park.
I'm in a very [SNIFFLES.]
important meeting.
- There were men with guns.
- I really can't help you now.
They were there for her.
To hurt her.
Are you sure? W-Why? W-Who were they? I can't explain everything.
I just need someone I trust to look after her until I get home.
Of course I'll do it.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
I'm sorry to pull you out of a meeting.
It's okay.
We're almost done.
Honestly, I don't know what I'd do without you.
I'm happy to do it.
And don't worry.
She'll be safe with me.
I'm a lot tougher than I look.
- I gave you instructions.
- How could I have not known - about her husband? - She was to come alone.
One simple job deliver the dossier.
I've never even heard of him.
And now he's dead and she's alive.
And there are witnesses.
It's a mess! The world was supposed to see Katarina Rostova die, and instead all we've done is confirm that she's very much alive.
He'll never stop.
And instead of protecting my granddaughter, we've put a target on her back.
Oh, stop using the child as an excuse! This was about you, Dom.
This was about Masha! I should tell him.
We're not telling him anything.
I know how you feel, but Reddington deserves to know what we've done.
Why? Why does Reddington deserve to know anything? Because he's a part of this.
- You're protecting him.
- I made a promise.
But you cared about me.
Yes, and I do, but I c I had everything taken from me that night.
I can't show my face, use my name.
I'm so sorry.
I've been hunted like an animal! - [BEEPING INTENSIFIES.]
- We need to stop.
- And Reddington? Whoever he is, he's still out there! - [GROANING.]
- The benefactor to all of this.
- Why?! - Stop! You're protecting him, but people are trying to kill me.
They're hunting me! Answer me! Why?! SKOVIC: We need to stop! Get back! We need to keep his airway clear.
I only want the truth.
You won't get it if he's dead.
LIZ: Did you get ahold of Denise? ARAM: She canceled her cell service or has a new account under a different name.
By hiding from her abuser, she managed to hide from us.
I can't get Reddington to pick up.
Why would you be calling him? He insisted I give him Denise's location as soon as we got one.
So he could get there first.
Now, did you give it to him before or after you gave it to us? Before.
But he was closer, and she's in danger and [SIGHS.]
He's not gonna tell us what he finds out, is he? He's not keeping this from me.
BISSET: Last bit of business.
Would you just initial by the X's and sign where I highlighted it, please? I'm so ready to get out of here.
It's been that bad? Look around.
People usually have mementos and sentimental things.
All I have are painful memories and that son of a bitch's shotgun in case he tries to find me again.
He won't.
You know, I've got a very good feeling about this next chapter for you.
I hope you're right.
I mean, it can't get any worse, right? [MUFFLED SCREAMING.]
Aah! Aah! Ohh! Help him, would you? I can handle the rest! If you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself.
S-She tried to kill me.
I'm so sorry.
RED: Hey.
This woman.
She was a client.
You moved her.
I need to know where.
- Hey.
We were too late.
If you had gotten her location, would you have shared it with me? Eventually.
Who is she? The woman in Paris.
I want a name.
Shots fired in a residential neighborhood.
Response time is probably 10 minutes.
- Who is she?! - It's already been 5.
I need to go.
We have the Orion files in the War Room.
And yet you're here.
We have the files, but you know who were looking for.
We can't find her without you.
And with Bisset dead and the files in our possession, you can't find her without us.
Are you keeping the owl? Oh, God, no.
I'm terrified of the thing.
Her eyes hypnotizing.
But not to worry.
We've contacted a licensed falconer to help return the lovely lady to her home range, wherever that is.
Come to the War Room.
We'll go through the files together, you ID her, and we'll save your friend.
Dembe, you heard her.
To the War Room! Perhaps we'll be greeted by the Praetorian Guard.
"The War Room.
" What a marvel of overstatement.
Unless we're in a war I'm unaware of.
My gosh.
That would be marvelous.
COOPER: I had Aram print out the Orion files.
There are 792.
Each one is conceivably a criminal case.
Like Denise Young, these people might not be criminals, but a crime may have been committed in order for them to disappear.
Somewhere in here is the woman who abducted you in Paris.
Your goal is to identify her.
Ours is to identify the other clients and determine whether they were aware that their new lives may very well have been built on murder.
My nanny.
I moved here to be closer to my daughter.
I put her through some dark times.
You remind me of my granddaughter! Sometimes people just aren't who they seem to be.
Of course it's her.
Is something wrong? No.
It's just, uh lost track of time.
My nanny has to go.
Why don't you just call her, ask her to stay? Wouldn't make any difference.
She's really got to go.
How's Agnes? Out like a light.
After what you told me on the phone, I needed something to steady my nerves.
The men in the park.
Tell me about them.
I'll tell you in a minute.
I just want to check in on her first.
The men Why in the world would they be interested in Agnes? They weren't interested in her.
That's a relief.
They were interested in you.
In me? You said you were here to reconnect with your daughter.
That's true.
That Agnes reminded you of your granddaughter.
The men went to the park to kill you, and you killed one of them first.
You think I killed someone? Not Maddy Tolliver.
Maddy Tolliver was a s-sweet, unassuming woman you had murdered so you could steal her identity.
Maddy Tolliver would never kill anyone.
But Katarina Rostova would.
Katarina Rostova's a natural born killer.
Of enemies, friends, family.
I can explain.
I knew it.
A part of me knew who you were.
I just didn't want to admit it because I knew it would have to end this way.
With you pointing a gun at me? [SCOFFS.]
You shot your father.
You put your granddaughter in harm's way.
You lied your way into my life.
You've caused pain and suffering for everyone I've ever cared about.
Give me one good reason I shouldn't end this right now.
You already know the reason, Masha.
And it should be reason enough.
I'm your mother.

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