The Blacklist s08e08 Episode Script

Ogden Greeley

1 [choral music playing over headphones.]
[inaudible dialogue.]
Take a breath and start over.
You need to see this, captain.
One of our radar satellites picked it up.
It's a ship, a large one.
Over 1000 feet.
- Is it transmitting? - Negative.
Its transponder seems to be off.
It won't respond to our requests.
- Could be a Kuznetsov.
- That close to shore undetected? Aircraft carriers don't just appear out of nowhere.
[monitor beeps.]
And they sure as hell don't disappear into thin air.
I've got another one, same size, bearing 183 degrees, traveling 22 knots, no active transponder, 26 miles east of the last one.
- Has to be a technical issue, right? - We're not taking any chances.
Scramble a Hornet.
I want a pilot to tell me what he sees.
Captain, radar satellites are picking up an incoming projectile mid-flight.
Looks like a cruise missile inbound.
Our warning satellites didn't pick up the launch.
We can try to confirm with ground-based radar.
How fast is it traveling? Bearing 179 degrees at Mach 5.
Get StratCom on the line.
Call Space Command, see what they know.
At that distance, we have 52 seconds to impact.
StratCom on line 5, captain.
This is Captain Ridge.
We got warning of a missile but no indication of launch.
- You guys seeing anything? - [man 1.]
That's a negative, sir.
Stand by.
Nineteen seconds to impact.
[man 2.]
Space Command reports all systems nominal, sir.
No solar flares or weather events.
Close the blast doors.
Everybody take cover, blast positions! [man 3.]
Ten seconds.
Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.
[suspenseful music playing.]
Ladies and gentlemen, this concludes our demonstration.
The bidding will be open for 36 hours beginning now.
I was surprised by your call.
I've never met Governor Nance.
I didn't realize he knew anything about me.
A handful of people know what I'm about to tell you, so whatever happens here, we're assuming your discretion.
After 41 years of service, Senator Warwick has decided to retire.
Sorry to hear that, but I'm not sure how that connects to the governor's legislative director asking me to breakfast.
Once Senator Warwick steps down, the governor will have the authority to appoint his replacement.
- Your name came up.
- Me? You've had a distinguished military career, followed by a long and, from what I hear, exemplary run at the bureau.
You're serious? The governor is considering this? He's a good man, Harold.
He's looking for the right person.
Whatever good you're doing, think about how much you could accomplish in the Senate.
Real change on a national level.
You earned this opportunity.
The people of Virginia need you.
- What do you need? - Permission.
To consider you for the position.
I need to know you'll say yes if we go in your direction.
[cell phone ringing.]
Senator? I wasn't aware you had political ambitions.
I don't.
But, apparently, the governor thinks I should.
What does Charlene think? I haven't told her yet.
You're telling me before telling your wife? Harold, please tell me there's no trouble in paradise.
I value your opinion.
I already know what she thinks.
The governor's got an ulterior motive.
I've always said you married up.
So he's interested in me for more than my undeniable charm.
I'm Black.
I'm law enforcement.
I check some boxes.
Is that so bad? Not those boxes, no.
But I'm in one of your boxes, Harold.
And if the governor knows that, he may be under the false impression that you are prone to moral ambiguity.
- Because I work with you.
- Mmm.
Because you put up with me, who I am, what I do.
Because at times you look the other way.
- I choose the greater good.
- Which I see as admirable and the governor may see as situational.
Clamayto, Clamato, tornado, typhoon.
Let's talk about why I called.
What do you know about the National Reconnaissance Office? I know it took over 30 years for the government to admit it exists.
Ogden Greeley works with them as a defense contractor.
Or he did.
Five days ago, he went missing.
Greeley has SAP-level clearance.
Everything there is to know about this country's satellite technology, he knows it.
The CIA assumed he was abducted, possibly by the Iranians or the Russians.
- That would be an act of war.
- If it had happened.
The truth, I'm afraid, is even more disturbing.
Associates of mine in the Middle East forwarded me a communiqué, one that I'm sure your intelligence community will hear about in short order if they haven't already.
I am a patriot.
I've tried and failed to convince those charged with keeping America safe to act responsibly.
As a result, I have come to believe that the only way to address our security issues is to exploit them.
To show the bureaucrats, through military defeat, the flaws they are too blind to see on paper.
I have decided to sell my knowledge of the vulnerabilities present in our satellite systems to the highest bidder.
Greeley said he's taking bids.
Who from? Well, there's the rub.
North Korea, Russia and Iran? [Cooper.]
Those are the countries Reddington knows about.
We have to assume there are others, as well as a number of individual actors.
The National Reconnaissance Office? Never heard of them.
For good reason.
They design, build, launch, and maintain all of America's spy satellites.
They're the backbone of U.
national security.
Radar, radio, military cell transmissions, the intel every Pentagon general and soldier depends on to defend this country.
Greeley's former NSA, got a wife and kids in Bethesda.
Lifers like him don't just wake up and decide to betray their country.
Find the wife, see what she knows.
Agent Mojtabai and I will reach out to the NRO and CIA.
Warn them.
How much time do we have? Reddington says bidding ends in 13 hours.
Sorry, it's a bit of a war zone in here today.
No problem, Mrs.
We're sorry to take more of your time.
Agents from the bureau were here and some other people from the NRO.
We know.
We're with a specialized task force.
Look, I want to help.
But Ogden didn't talk about his work.
Whoever has him, the Russians or If he tells them what they want, there's no reason to hurt him, right? - They'll let him go? - We believe he wasn't taken, that he chose to disappear and he's selling classified intelligence.
Ogden? That's not possible.
Why do you believe that? Did you see or hear anything that might help us? Anywhere he might be hiding? [Alice.]
He's not hiding.
If he's not here, it's because he can't be.
Ogden is a good man.
I know it's hard to imagine he would betray his country Not just his country, his family.
Ogden loves us.
I know my husband.
He's a good man.
Is it done? Mm-hm.
[playful music playing.]
You're back.
The Cape May warbler.
Anna, right? Anne.
Meeting your friends again? [Raymond.]
Escaping friends, actually.
And work.
Escaping it all for today.
You picked the right place for that.
You're an artist.
Heavens, no.
I'm not fast enough to finish most.
Sometimes I just draw the nests.
I like their nests.
Funny how they go through all that work, building a home, raising a brood, and then leave it.
It's kind of sad.
But they're fun to sketch.
May I? Oh, I like these an awful lot.
What is your name again? Raymond.
Who's this little fella? Fox sparrow.
Becoming quite rare in this part of the country.
Lives just up the way here.
Where? I could show you.
How long were the two of you married? Almost 25 years.
Cal died of lung cancer a month before our anniversary.
Big smoker.
Some people like to live dangerously.
Some do.
What do you do? I'm a fugitive.
Number one on the FBI's Most Wanted List.
One, huh? - I would've gone with fourth.
- [chuckles.]
You're not just a stranger, you're a stranger with delusions of grandeur.
Do you live near the park? I live in Kansas.
Little town north of Wichita.
- Wichita? Famous for their linemen.
- Mmm.
What brings you to New York City? Surely, not just the birds.
Show-tune trip.
Cal and I were real big theater folks.
Anyway, after he passed, I promised myself I'd go see some real theater on Broadway.
So I clip my coupons.
Save up all year.
Get myself a place at the Sheraton and see as many shows as I can in a week.
What a delightful idea.
Seeing Dear Evan Hansen tonight.
Last show of the trip.
Is this it? The residence of our fox sparrow? It's where he was last time.
I wonder what it is about bird-watching.
I find it so calming.
An escape from all the rest of it, I suppose.
I imagine a man with your profession must be quite good at escaping.
Raymond, may I ask you a personal question? Anything.
Would you be interested in half a chicken salad sandwich? I think I would.
[both chuckle.]
[cell phone chimes.]
- Oh.
That's my Uber.
- Oh.
Ah It was so nice to see you again, Anne.
I hope you enjoy the show tonight.
Oh, I will.
Sorry we couldn't find that fox sparrow.
Well, I'll be back in a month.
Maybe I can find him then.
Wait, you don't live here? Sometimes.
Seems like I'm always on the move.
Well, aren't I the heel? I realize I know nothing about you.
I've been doing all the talking.
I think it's been just divine.
- [cell phone ringing.]
- Oh.
I have to take this.
I'm sorry.
Did you speak with Marvin? Yes.
We can cover the retainer.
Talk to Zurich.
I want to fund the balance without compromising any liquidity.
You said you needed one hour.
It's been three.
Has it? Oh, my goodness.
I feel like a different person.
You're unguarded, Raymond.
It's not safe.
A moment's peace and an afternoon of freedom are rewards that far outweigh the risk.
Just call Zurich.
Don't worry about me, I'm fine.
I canceled it.
Curtain time isn't till 8, and I can get a cab anytime.
- What do you have in mind? - You helping me finding a souvenir for my sister.
I know an extraordinary, tiny, tiny, barely-enough-room-for-the-both- of-us chocolate shop about - seven or eight blocks from here.
- Ooh.
Agents Park and Ressler, come in.
Jim Halloran, director of the NRO.
- Paul Thorn, DNI's Office.
- Thanks for agreeing to meet.
We've seen the recording Cooper sent.
You believe Greeley has the intel he's trying to sell? [Halloran.]
No question.
He didn't just work on our satellites, he designed the software.
- Wrote the code himself.
- [Thorn.]
Our national defense is dependent on satellite technology.
You realize what kind of threat we're dealing with? We fire a missile, it's guided by satellites.
Someone fires at us, we detect it the same way.
We use them to track every jet, ship, Humvee, and soldier we have.
- Greeley can shut them down? - [Halloran.]
It's worse than that.
He knows enough to damage the satellites irreparably.
Greeley's code is on dozens of our critical systems.
What if he designed a backdoor? Every asset he touched could be infiltrated.
He could be handing our enemies control.
All our data would be sent to them, our drones could be landed at their airfields.
They'll make us think we have accurate intel when we don't.
Drones and aircraft can't be effective if they're seeing targets that don't exist.
Or not seeing targets that do.
If an enemy of the United States buys that intel and uses it, we're looking at a war we can't win.
[dramatic music playing.]
I found him.
We asked allied agencies for intel on Greeley.
They sent us this.
- [Park.]
Five months ago in a Berlin hotel.
- What was he doing there? Uh, whatever it was, it, um wasn't with his wife.
[keyboard clacking.]
So much for the family man.
Who is she? The BND doesn't know.
I'm running it through NSA databases.
We'll move on this as soon as we get an ID.
- Is Mr.
Cooper coming down? - He went out.
Personal business.
When we're trying to stop a war in space? - That's melodramatic.
- What would you say this is? An attempt to gain control of our space-based communications which could cripple our defense network, rendering us powerless against any number of adversaries.
So, like I said, how could he leave us at a time like this? "Senator Cooper.
" I like the sound of that.
I was hoping you'd think it sounded ridiculous.
Why, honey? I can't think of a better man for the job.
Well, there are.
Which makes me wonder why they want me.
There has to be a reason.
I can think of at least three reasons.
You're decent, honest, caring.
Reddington says it is because I'm morally flexible.
That I can be counted on to look the other way.
Raymond Reddington is a bad person and a worse judge of character.
It makes me want to bust, a man like that judging a man like you.
Hey, how about you don't bust and focus on what we'll say to the governor? Yeah.
"Governor Cooper.
" I like the sound of that too.
Almost as much as "President Cooper.
" Now, I love the sound of that.
Senator, may I introduce Assistant Director Cooper and his wife, Charlene? My pleasure to meet you both.
You made a wise choice.
She's as biased as she is blunt.
As she should be.
But you're not here to lobby.
I'm already a fan.
- Please, sit, sit, sit.
- Thank you.
Thank you, dear.
I'm sorry to start this way, but I'm working a case.
If it breaks, I'll have to step away.
- Sounds serious.
- It is.
Unfortunately, I can't discuss any of the details.
Marvelous! You're one of the few people whose access to classified intel may be less when you become a senator.
We were surprised to hear you were stepping down.
Well, don't tell anyone, but I'm 68, and I think it's time to make way for fresh blood, new ideas.
- But let's talk about you.
- Well, that's my favorite subject, so [all laughing.]
[jazz music playing over speakers.]
It's so counterintuitive, I never would've considered the lack of - Oh, no, no, no! - Please, please.
I insist.
If I'd known you were paying, I'd have picked a much more expensive bottle.
Well, I loved it.
What's it called again? I don't know, some French red that's just old enough to go perfectly with chocolate.
I think we've successfully polished off all the champagne truffles.
- You try the lavender ones? - I did.
I must say, I found the lavender to be a little too much lavender.
- Yes.
- Right? It was.
There's not much left here.
You're gonna need to get something else for your sister.
Maybe an "I heart New York" T-shirt? Or a Statue of Liberty.
Or an Eiffel Tower.
They also sell those here.
So tell me more about your work.
You said you were in the Navy.
That was a lifetime ago.
Now I have my own business.
What do you do? I consult.
Data profiling, operational guidance, client relocation, financial services.
That sounds mysterious.
Who do you consult for? All sorts.
The past few years, I've had a government contract.
Threat assessment for the government.
That sounds like more fun than Cottonwood Falls.
I don't know, Anne.
I think your life sounds rather balanced.
Thank you.
I like to think it is.
Do you like Alfred Hitchcock? Rear Window? Strangers on a Train? I saw The Birds.
I didn't like it.
You're a bird-watcher.
Of course you didn't like a movie about gangs of murderous birds.
What about North by Northwest? It's playing at the Village East tomorrow, midnight screening.
- I fly out tomorrow morning.
- Change your flight.
- Is that someone you know? - Yes.
He's a colleague.
Work always seems to find me.
Terribly sorry, Anne.
This has been the most wonderful afternoon.
But I need to go.
- And you have curtain time to make.
- Yes.
May we offer you a ride back to the Sheraton? Oh, no, no, no.
I think I'm gonna walk.
But promise me one thing.
That you'll at least consider changing your flight.
If you do, you'll find me waiting for you under the marquee at the Village East, tomorrow at midnight with two tickets for North by Northwest.
I will certainly think about that.
Well, it's a sincere offer.
Hitch and I will be tickled pink if you decide to join us.
Thank you for the delicious wine and chocolates.
Oh, my pleasure.
I'll get our coats.
- Did you speak with Zurich? - The assets are available.
Then let's make a deal.
Thank you.
Task force has done yeoman's work.
You are to be commended.
Appointing him senator is commendation enough.
If I'm sworn in, I'll need an incredible amount of guidance.
I'll do whatever I can.
I'm sure you feel the same.
Of course.
Good to know because, within two weeks of your being sworn in, you'll vote on the Black Budget.
That's appropriations for everything from the CIA to the NSA.
The National Reconnaissance Office.
These agencies are vital to our national security.
What they do, I'm not sure that even you - are classified to know about.
- I know enough to know their value.
When we vote on the Black Budget, we vote on a total number.
We don't get to see the line items, where the money goes, what programs it pays for.
We're given a total number.
We are told to vote yea or nay.
The number this year is 80 billion.
So I'm asking for your promise that you will vote yea.
Well, I'm sure I will, but having Selecting my replacement is up to the governor.
But he's agreed not to pick anybody over my objection.
[cell phone ringing.]
I'm so sorry.
No, go.
It'll give me time to get to know your lovely wife better.
Tell me.
We picked up footage of Greeley canoodling with a Russian spy named Nina Kurylenko.
Does the Russia desk have anything? They have Kurylenko landing in London hours ago.
I want you and Agent Park there ASAP.
How are we on time? - Bidding closes in seven hours.
- Go.
See if Kurylenko knows anything.
- Uh I have to go.
- [Warwick.]
No problem.
As long as Charlene stays.
I promised myself a two-martini lunch.
I'm halfway toward my goal.
- I'll call you later.
- All right.
Thank you.
Harold, about what I asked for, I hope you'll agree to it.
I do so want this to work.
Sir, uh, here's what you asked for.
That's it? Just the total amount? No itemized allocations? It's called a Black Budget for a reason, sir.
Thank you, Aram.
The NRO gets its funding this way.
Is this about Greeley? Close the door on your way out.
I need you to do me a favor.
Shedding light on the Black Budget? That'll be fun.
Send Dembe what you have.
I'll give it a read and make some calls.
As I was saying You weren't.
You were raining all over my parade.
I understand what she means to you what she represents, but you walked away from an ordinary life a long time ago.
Dembe, it's a movie.
She doesn't know who you are.
She'll get hurt, Raymond.
You don't want that.
The only person who'll get hurt by our going to see North by Northwest is Martin Landau when he falls off Mount Rushmore.
Now, this damn deal, let's review the finer points.
[electronic music playing over speakers.]
- [Cooper.]
You're sure it's Kurylenko? - Sure as we can be.
I don't want to get too close, but I'm telling you, it's her.
We're already out of time.
The bidding closed an hour ago.
Move now.
If it's her, get her back to the safe house as quickly as possible.
Don't look now.
A woman who's been watching you, she's headed our way now.
- You got a visual? - Can't see.
Give me a minute.
She's on the move.
[suspenseful music playing.]
She's running! Headed toward the alley.
Nina Kurylenko.
Nice to meet you.
I've no idea what you're talking about.
My name is Marjorie Ellis.
- A British national.
- You're from England.
And you're from America.
You have no jurisdiction here.
We know about you and Greeley, the hookups in Berlin.
You're FSB, you turned him, convinced him to steal classified intel.
So, do us all a favor, drop the act.
[in Russian accent.]
I have nothing to say.
We're not the people you stiff.
We're people you talk to.
Because if you don't, we'll just hand you over to the CIA.
They'll drop you into a hole that doesn't exist.
Telling us what you know is the only thing that stands between you and a deep, dark hole.
I'm supposed to believe you want to help me? I don't want to, but I will if it gets us to Greeley before he sells that intel.
Now, if you help us stop him in time, I'll escort you to the Russian embassy.
You have my word.
We're not releasing her.
- She's not our priority.
- She's an enemy.
You don't decide when to apply the law and when to ignore it.
Greeley is about to compromise national security.
It's worth letting her go to protect that.
You clearly think so.
I doubt Main Justice will agree.
[suspenseful music playing.]
In ten minutes, the CIA will come through that door.
Tell me where he is, I'll handle it.
- Why should I trust you? - You were assigned to Greeley, to convince him to betray his country.
Talk to me.
You don't have much time.
The intel he stole, has he sold it to you? To Russia? He told me what it was so I could assist my government in making a bid.
Whether they bid the most or not, you brought me here before I could find out.
So you don't know who, but do you know when or where? To save yourself, give up Greeley.
I can't help him, but I can help you, if you help me.
The meeting to sell the intel, where's it gonna be? [Cooper.]
Mongolia? [Ressler.]
In four hours, outside Ulaanbaatar.
- Kurylenko.
You believe her? - I do.
We have to get Greeley before he enters the country.
He's already there.
- The buyer? - Kurylenko doesn't know.
Mongolia sits between Russia and China.
My money's on one of them.
Mongolians won't let us roll in and make arrests.
We can't get there in time anyway.
If we tell the Mongolian government, we have to reveal that Greeley's carrying classified intel.
How do we know they won't read it or copy it? We can't stop him ourselves and we can't ask for help.
We're out of options.
- What about the Disposition Matrix? - [Park.]
The what? The federal kill list.
- We should assassinate him? - We could scramble a drone from Kandahar.
There's a difference between assassination and targeted killing by the military.
We'd still be executing an American citizen without due process.
Due process takes time.
If this is an act of war - Is that what this is? - Are we gonna risk national security to ask court for permission? Yes, we are.
I haven't seen the kill list used like this.
Is it possible? No, but we have to present the facts to the NSC while there's still time.
Guys, you can't be okay with this.
Look, Aram, we're out of options.
Call the White House.
Let them know I'm on the way.
[dramatic music playing.]
Who's in there? The president's on the line, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, principals from the National Security Council, that includes the secretary of state and defense by remote link.
- Is the president ordering a strike? - They're discussing his authority.
Assistant Director Cooper.
Thanks for your patience.
- We have a few questions.
- Of course.
The targeted killings carried out in the last 20 years were connected to the global war on terror.
- Yes.
- The president's authority derives from the Authorization to Use Military Force, passed after 9/11.
Our concern is that authority doesn't apply.
Greeley is not a known terrorist.
He has no link to al Qaeda, or ISIS, or any terrorist organization.
He's acting as an individual for financial gain.
That complicates the matter.
Under Article Il of the Constitution, the president has the power to defend from imminent attack.
We don't know how imminent the attack might be.
Greeley's not selling a weapon.
He's selling intelligence that may be used as a weapon.
We're not at war with the buyers.
We haven't declared war.
That doesn't mean an enemy hasn't declared war on us.
If they're buying our intelligence, we have to assume they intend to use it.
Are we supposed to wait until North Korea or Iran has attacked us with our own technology before we defend ourselves? [Hatch.]
Greeley's an American citizen.
He has a right to due process.
That right's not absolute.
If he were in D.
, we'd arrest him.
But he made that impossible.
Our people can't get there in time.
The UN Charter requires us to notify the Mongolians before executing a strike.
We didn't notify the Pakistanis before we went after bin Laden.
Notification isn't needed if the country involved is unwilling and unable to intervene.
We can't notify the Mongolians, Diane.
We can't let anyone know that intel's in play.
We also have no extradition treaty.
President, we have less than three hours, sir.
If you intend to act, we need to know now.
- [Ressler.]
Where are you? - Outside the conference room.
It's almost time.
The Reaper should be in position Director Cooper, screen's up.
[dramatic music playing.]
That's Greeley's car.
He's en route to the meeting.
How sure are we? We have confirmation from cameras.
Centcom Command, this is Ames, chairman of the Joint Chiefs.
How long to the target? [commander.]
Four mikes out.
We have an RQ-180 conducting surveillance and an MQ-9 moving into position.
We will not go weapons-free until we have a visual on the target and the buyer.
If someone's moving against us, I want to know who it is.
Roger that.
Target appears to be arriving now.
- [Ames.]
Command, how close can you get us? - [commander.]
Target confirmed.
What do we know about the buildings? We may have collateral damage.
We're working to identify the occupants.
Any strike needs to happen outside.
We won't kill civilians or government workers.
Stand by.
Two unknown subjects moving toward Greeley.
Repositioning for visual.
Oh, my God.
Is that? Raymond Reddington.
Or Ogden.
Do you prefer "Ogden"? [commander.]
Centcom Command, standing by.
We're in position.
Awaiting your orders.
[line ringing.]
- You can't do this.
- Say that again.
- Raymond Reddington is a criminal.
- So? So the president's decision to authorize this strike was clearly to protect against a rival power.
An enemy nation-state intent on using our technology against us.
Reddington doesn't have an army.
He can't take military action.
Maybe not but he can sell it to a country that can.
I have to say, Mr.
Reddington, I never imagined you could raise this kind of capital.
I'm rather surprised myself.
Apparently, I have a phenomenally high criminal credit score.
Let's not talk here.
Why don't we move inside? There's a strong argument that Reddington's presence - alters our authorization to proceed.
- [Ames.]
So we do nothing? We let our intel fall into the hands of the world's most wanted fugitive? [commander.]
General Ames, sir, they're on the move.
We need a decision, sir.
They're moving out of our sight.
Damn it! Get the president on the line now! [commander.]
We have no clear shot.
We've lost visual.
Find them.
We have no assets on the ground, sir.
There's no way to track them.
You just put every American in danger.
We'll find them, sir.
You have my word.
We'll do everything to bring them in.
[dramatic music playing.]
The Black Budget.
Here are the results you're looking for.
I know Reddington acquired Greeley's intel.
I could've prevented that, but it would've required killing you both.
Are you wondering if you made the right decision? How does he do it? Find out about things that are impossible to find out about.
He is a resourceful man.
You are a good one.
Whatever is in there, I hope it doesn't prevent you from accepting the governor's offer.
This country needs a man like you.
Or should I say "senator"? - Would you give us a moment? - Well, good news enjoys company.
Then you should definitely go.
- What's this? - The reason you wanted my promise and the reason I can't give it.
Then you won't be appointed.
When no one can see how money gets spent, it can get spent anywhere, including a no-bid, $100 million contract to a company in which your son is a principal owner.
- My son? - This isn't about him.
This is about you using public money for private gain.
Whatever you think you have here, you have because you broke the law.
Earmarks in the Black Budget are classified.
- Is that a threat? - It's advice.
Friendly advice that we forget that we ever met, for your sake.
I thought I had the right man for the job, but clearly I was mistaken.
Warwick is a piece of gum on the bottom of your shoe, and the Senate, a wind tunnel of self-indulgence.
What we do is far more important.
The intel Greeley stole.
I turned out to be the highest bidder.
If your plan was to buy it, why give us the case? Don't sell yourself short.
The bureau, on occasion, can be somewhat helpful.
In this case, as a resale market.
You want to sell us our own intel? Yes, for 200 million.
One seventy-five.
Friends and family discount.
What did you pay for it? One fifty.
What's a small markup between family and friends? I'll see if I can get you 155 for the intel and a thank-you.
We knew Greeley was selling the intel in Mongolia.
To prevent it, I got the president to order a drone strike on him and whoever he was selling to.
- You invoked the federal kill list? - Yes.
Because you kept your endgame secret, you were nearly vaporized.
One fifty-five it is.
And I thank you.
I'm sorry about the Senate.
He was right.
Because of our relationship, Warwick assumed I'd be morally ambiguous.
- He assumed wrong.
- Did he? I'm not so sure.
You accept that the world is gray.
That's a virtue, not a vice.
I know the task force does good work.
People like Greeley are a threat to the country and we keep them off the street.
Then I think about what else I do.
Ordering a drone strike on an American citizen without due process.
Not reporting Agent Keen's criminal activities.
You've taken calculated risks, which have been amply rewarded.
Whether that's true, only time will tell.
What I know now is that working with you has changed me.
It's changed all of us.
None of us are the same people we were when this began.
I'm not the same either.
I'm better.
I think you are the reason why.
You could've said yes to Warwick, told him you'd vote his way, then go back on your word once you'd been sworn in.
That's what some people would've done.
Hell, that's what most people I know would've done.
But not you, Harold.
You could have made a promise that you never intended to keep and become a United States senator.
But you didn't.
Because your word is your bond.
Very few people can say that.
When you put it like that, I'm almost glad I didn't drop a Reaper on your head.
["River Dreams" playing.]
What will Charlene do when you tell her you turned down Warwick? She'll be sad for about ten minutes.
Then she'll shrug, make some popcorn, and we'll fall asleep watching an episode of The Chi.
That's it? That's it.
That's what ordinary people do.
You should try it sometime, an ordinary life.
It's really quite extraordinary.
[cell phone ringing.]
Raymond? [Raymond.]
Anne, I am so terribly sorry.
- Is everything okay? - No.
It's not.
It's work.
I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to make it tonight.
It's not a big deal.
Yes, it is.
I asked you to stay, to change your plans.
Raymond, don't worry.
It's okay.
I didn't change my plans.
I just got home a few hours ago.
Oh, I see.
I had such a lovely time together.
Oh, I did too.
Perhaps we'll meet up again sometime.
In the park.
I'll be sure to look for that fox sparrow for you.
You do that.
- Let me know if you find him.
- I will.
Goodbye, Anne.
[closing theme playing.]

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