The Blacklist s08e17 Episode Script

Ivan Stepanov

1 Previously on "The Blacklist" Who's Priya Laghari? Only a world renowned thief.
I know who you are.
One job.
That's all I need.
If Townsend knew that we were even talking, I doubt that he'd be so understanding.
We're aligned against Reddington.
We're all aligned against Reddington.
I'd say she and the feds are aligned against us.
That's not what I heard.
Our friend he's been taken.
Do you know who I am? Because I know who you are.
You're the one who created the archive that destroyed my family.
What do I have to steal? I want you to infiltrate Neville Townsend's organization.
Priya Laghari.
I have a lot of "whys.
" Let's hope you're prepared to offer some answers.
The fancy term for what you and I are experiencing is hypnagogia.
A state of threshold consciousness, when you've been awake too long, where you experience lucid dreams.
Some people call them hypnagogic hallucinations.
I call them an acid trip without the acid.
I'm having one just looking at you.
Daddy! Daddy! Stop! No! Stop.
Please! The Vory needs you to know what happens to traitors.
Ugh! Gah! Stop! Please! You're incredibly tired, and yet i-insanely alive.
Y-Your sensations are on fire.
You experience synesthesia, where a sound takes you to a memory.
No! Stop! Please! I'm begging you! Don't do this! Not the gun.
She gets the knife.
Don't do this! You don't have to do this! Please! Please! Please! No! No! No! No! No! Why?! Why?! Why?! You know who I am why my family was killed and what Raymond Reddington had to do with it.
I have nothing to say to you.
Not yet.
Hypnagogic cognition leads to suggestibility.
Sooner or later, when I suggest you tell me everything you know about Raymond Reddington, you're going to do it.
It's none of your business where I am, but suffice it to say, I'm not in Moscow, so if the general's in a meeting, pull him out.
Have you spoken with Klebanov? Yes.
And Dragic.
They think there may be a purge in the ranks.
This isn't about that.
Stepanov has enemies.
What? He can't be reached.
When he can be, tell him he's off the payroll.
- This may be a domestic dispute.
- It's not.
It could be an It's not! We both know who did this.
Elizabeth or Townsend.
Have you heard from Laghari? - I need to speak to him.
- No.
You speak with me, and I speak with him.
Townsend is a stickler for chain of command.
He can spare five minutes.
Or he can find someone else to do this job.
I'm a stickler, too.
She can't get too close to Townsend.
She's only there to get close to Townsend.
She can't kill him with a thought bubble.
It's Harold.
He's here.
Involving the Task Force is a mistake.
If Townsend has Ivan, Ivan will talk.
And if Harold gets him, he won't? What Stepanov has to say you don't want anyone to hear, which is why we should extract him ourselves.
We should, but I'm not convinced we can.
And given what's at stake, we need all the help we can get.
Thank you for coming quickly, Harold.
You made it sound urgent.
An urgent opportunity.
To acquire a treasure trove of Russian intelligence.
Has someone been turned? Abducted.
Ivan Stepanov.
Who's that? Stepanov is Zaslon.
The most elite, most secretive, most lethal branch of the SVR.
Ivan Stepanov knows where all the bodies are buried because he's the one who buried them.
You said he was abducted.
Do you have any leads? I know where he was taken from and when he was taken.
Everything else is suspicion.
I don't know anything more.
Nothing? How about a healthy sense of irony? You know the irony of irony? It's a word you understand but can't possibly define.
I can: You asking me to find a missing Russian spymaster.
Or perhaps you letting a wildly inaccurate assessment of me get in the way of finding a man who can divulge secrets of one of this country's principal adversaries.
- The ironies abound.
- They do.
The question is, what are we gonna do about them? We're gonna do nothing.
You told him that? I told him we'd look into it, which we will As soon as Elizabeth gets the answers she's looking for.
Reddington really acted as if he and Stepanov didn't know each other? He did, and I acted as if I didn't know that Stepanov was his handler.
Okay, let's say Liz gets Stepanov to admit he works with Mr.
What exactly does that prove? Besides that he's a traitor? He's a facilitator.
The concierge of crime.
He's built an empire by not taking sides.
Look, I know he's probably N-13, which means he traffics in stolen intel, but I also know it's a safe bet that he's used some of that intel to give us over 150 Blacklisters, most of whom were committing crimes either in this country or against it.
This is Park.
Are we talking about arresting him or giving him a medal? Right now, neither.
Our next move depends entirely on Keen.
She's on line one.
The operator patched her through.
We're here.
Do you have Stepanov? Us? We sent you.
I thought you got cold feet, decided I couldn't be trusted, got him yourself.
Are you saying that you don't have him? I sent a team.
By the time they got there, he was gone.
Did Townsend take him? I don't know how he could have.
I never said anything to him.
Stepanov's a Zaslon agent.
I mean, he has enemies, but it's hard to believe that one of them happened to abduct him right out from under us.
The intel we shared with you about how to find Stepanov You didn't share that with Townsend? - You told me not to.
- I did, but these days, when I say "stop," you usually go.
I didn't say anything to him, and if he hacked the information, it wasn't from me.
- I'm offline.
- You're talking on a cell.
On a burner that I change out every day.
Even if he wanted to hack my phone, he couldn't.
This line has NSA-approved end-to-end encryption.
You didn't share the information any other way? Yeah, to me.
But that was on my Bureau cell.
There's gotta be a different explanation.
For Townsend to hack into my phone, it means he knows who I am and was either able to access it or have someone in Tech Services issue me a phone with malware already installed.
Pretty hard to believe.
Well, Mr.
Ripley believe it or not.
That means Townsend has Stepanov.
Call the CIA station chief in Moscow.
See what she knows about the abduction.
So much for doing nothing about Reddington's case.
He wants us to get Stepanov.
If we can do that, the last thing he wants is for us to interrogate him about their relationship.
Which is exactly what we're gonna do.
Miss Laghari, I'm terribly sorry.
You're a busy man.
I am, and I-I'm afraid something has come up.
It's, uh It's It's unavoidable.
Is this what it's like? Come again? Working for you.
You come, you go.
You summon, I wait.
Is this what it's like? As I explained Seems neglectful, don't you think? Especially on our first date.
I told Miss Laghari that five minutes was all Five minutes, yes.
That's how long you said I had, and the truth is, I won't need nearly that long to tell that this isn't going to work if this is how it works.
Is that right? You find me, you summon me, you have your people escort me through secret tunnels to get to wherever it is that you are, then you send me away.
Feels discourteous.
Miss Laghari, I want you to work for me.
I want to pay you an absurd amount of money to work for me.
But with that money comes the understanding that we work on my schedule, and not yours.
If that's acceptable, you're enormously rich as of this moment.
If that offer somehow feels "discourteous" you see the door.
So how rich am I? I'm all yours.
Just let me know when you need me.
- You have Stepanov! - Elizabeth.
You were spying on me so you could grab him and what Bring him here? I'm not sure what you're referring to, but Agent Ressler's phone.
The malware! He found it! You've been recording me! Yes! The calls you've made to the FBI behind my back.
A lot of people, including Vandyke here, thought I should have put a bullet in your head for the effort.
We had an agreement! It's really him.
I'll be seeing him soon.
Perhaps you'd like to join.
Find out what he knows about Reddington and N-13? In the meantime, no more phone calls to the FBI.
I'm sorry.
Say that again, Priya.
I said I wasn't able to fulfill the contract.
He's still alive.
The other part About the woman.
She stormed in, knocked the poison right out of his hand.
She was angry about a man Some Someone he'd abducted.
Stepanov? - She said that name Stepanov? - Yes.
- Were you able to see him? - No.
But you were inside Townsend's office.
- They took you there.
- I was.
I don't know what floor, but I'm looking at the building now.
Priya, as soon as we hang up, I need you to text that address to Dembe.
You heard what I said, right? I I failed.
Townsend's not dead.
Forget Townsend.
Right now all I need you to worry about is getting us that address.
- Yeah, but I thought - The address.
And keep an eye on that building until I call you back.
Is Stepanov on-site? I can't be sure, but Townsend has him, and Elizabeth is there.
It's on Park Avenue.
You want me to assemble a team? We can't conduct a raid of that size on Park Avenue.
But Harold can.
If they do and Stepanov is there, they'll take him into custody.
The risk is well worth the reward of getting Ivan away from Townsend.
Unfortunately, getting Harold to act quickly will require reading him in on certain facts I had hoped to navigate around.
If this is about the case, we've gotten nowhere.
The Russians aren't cooperating.
Harold, um I haven't told you everything about why I want your help finding this asset.
The truth is, Ivan Stepanov is more than just a Russian intelligence officer.
Despite what he does, despite what I do, he's one of my oldest and c-closest friends.
But as of this moment, he is in terrible danger, and I need your help trying to save him.
What kind of danger? I believe that Townsend has him at a facility in Manhattan, and if that's the case, he'd be well into an interrogation that could put me and Elizabeth and anyone in our sphere of influence in very real jeopardy.
Wait, hold on.
What does Stepanov have to do with Liz? Ivan has knowledge About me, my business, my relationships, things I hold close, including things I keep from Elizabeth.
It's at a building on Park Avenue.
We can worry about how Townsend found him later, but right now, I just I need to get him out.
Townsend found Stepanov by tapping Ressler's phone and listening as we helped Keen locate him.
You've been in communication.
We have.
We shared an objective.
You have no idea of the harm you've done.
By my count, it would appear you're the one causing harm by feeding us half-truths, keeping secrets from Elizabeth, making an enemy of Neville Townsend, and now by coming to the FBI to help save your oldest and closest friend who just happens to be a Russian spy.
Harold, I need you to extract him.
What's really going on? Please.
This is about more than you being N-13, isn't it? About more than your relationship with the Russians.
He's my oldest friend.
This is about why you came into her life in the first place.
Notify the New York Field Office.
Tell them we have a situation.
Have NYPD put eyes on the address, but keep covert.
I don't want to draw attention.
Park, see if you can round up a list of the occupants.
Aram, reach out to the city of New York.
See if you can pull whatever schematics they have on the building.
It's Priya.
Priya, what is it? I think he is leaving.
Who's leaving? Townsend.
And not through the front.
It's some kind of gated entrance.
They've got, like, a caravan.
And you're sure it's him? Yeah, I'm sure.
And she's with him The woman.
Dembe, you were right.
We need a team in New York.
Priya, listen to me.
- I need you to follow them.
- Follow how? I don't care, just do not let them out of your sight.
Do you hear me? You need to follow them.
Sir, I ran the list of occupants in the building Mr.
Reddington gave us.
Fancy law firms, a terrifying number of data-mining companies, and this.
Bunning & Flecker? A small accounting firm.
Townsend's accountants? Maybe.
"Maybe" doesn't get us a warrant.
Two of their clients are shell companies.
The owner is disguised.
Now, it could be Townsend.
Does "could be" get us a warrant? We'll soon find out.
Sir, if, uh if we do go in, I'd like to be a part of this.
Whatever Stepanov knows, we gotta make it right.
Cynthia, Harold, I need you to help me get a warrant.
Donald Ressler, FBI.
We have a warrant for the arrest of a Neville Townsend.
I need you to back away from your computers.
Keep your hands where we can see them and listen carefully.
Neville Townsend.
Elizabeth Keen.
Ivan Stepanov.
Ring any bells? Anyone? T-They're not clients, if that's what you're asking.
Or employees.
Stepanov is Russian.
We believe he was abducted and, uh, brought here for interrogation.
Look at this place.
Would you bring anyone here for interrogation? Well, if he's not here, then someone here knows where he is, as well as Townsend.
I told you We don't know who that is.
Tear the place apart if you want.
You're not gonna find anything because there's nothing to find.
Thanks for your permission, but we've got a warrant for that, too.
Your hard drives are coming with us.
We have a problem.
We're gonna bring you into the conference room one by one.
Be honest and you'll be good.
Lie to us about Townsend, and when we find him, you're gonna be charged as accessories to his many crimes.
When were the hard drives last backed up to the offsite server? Two hours ago, ten and two And downstairs is walled off? - You know the protocol - Yes or no? Yes.
I want everything on-site deleted, digital files erased, analogue shredded, and I want it done now.
You first.
The address is 330 West Webster.
330 West Webster.
And you saw Townsend go inside? Yes, Townsend and the woman.
Should I notify Cooper? No, call Chuck.
Miss Laghari, I need you to listen very carefully.
I believe the man that Townsend grabbed Ivan Stepanov Is being held in that building.
That's why they're there.
Townsend went there to interrogate him.
You must prevent that from happening.
Me? Stepanov knows things.
If he talks if Townsend learns certain things The woman who is with him will die.
She's with him.
She and Townsend went inside together.
She doesn't know what Stepanov is going to say, but I promise you, when he says it, the first thing Townsend will do is kill her.
You must get Stepanov out before Townsend can break him.
I steal jewels, not people.
I wouldn't ask you to do this if I could get there in time, but I can't, which means her life depends on you.
I need you to do this.
I'll give you a fortune.
I am begging you to do this.
Normally, I wait for hypnagogia to loosen the tongue, but then I had the naughtiest idea.
Why not give you a taste of your own medicine? I know genius.
The IV solution was developed by S Directorate in the SVR.
Was SP-117 how you got Yurchenko to talk? And Rybkin? Personally, I think that using a-a truth serum is cheating.
But, you know, sauce for the goose and all that.
B-Between the SVR cocktail and the sleep deprivation, once you start talking, you may never shut up.
Raymond Reddington.
Tell me about your relationship with him.
I know, I'm late.
And, yes, I should have taken an Uber, not a cab.
But my favorite uncle drives a cab, so Anyway, my point is, I'm here.
I I made it for the audition.
What audition? Aaaah! Ugh! How long? - 14 minutes.
- Too long.
It's Masha.
Masha Rostova.
Your mother was my friend.
She was more than that.
I looked into you.
She was your asset before you betrayed her.
I can't believe it's you.
Is it true you betrayed my mother for Reddington? Let the world believe she was N-13? That she was responsible for taking the documents that led to the death of my family, when it was him.
When he was really N-13.
You helped Reddington kill Rostova, didn't you? You hoped the truth would die with her.
You're both responsible for what happened to my family.
Give that to me.
I'm here to help you.
You have a funny way of showing it.
Come on, come on.
Reddington sent me.
Tell me, was it Katarina Rostova? Or Raymond Reddington? He told me to keep Stepanov from telling Townsend the truth.
Rostova or Reddington? He said if Townsend learns the truth, he'll kill you.
The SEC filings are being pulled as we speak.
I mean, ld you.
Like it or not, the paper trail's gonna tell the story.
What story? I told you I don't know what you're talking about.
You know more than you're saying.
No, I don't, and I've certainly never heard of a Neville Townsend.
You're implying he's my boss.
I'm just asking the question.
And I'm telling you, there's nothing illegal going on here.
I don't believe you.
It doesn't matter if you believe me.
There's nothing illegal about offshore banking unless it's done for purposes of tax evasion.
Which this is not.
- Are you sure about that? - Positive.
And you know what else I'm sure about? I want my lawyer.
I want a lawyer.
Come on, quicker! Say I did know something.
What if I cooperated? What then? Depends on what you know.
What do you mean, Reddington hired you? I was contracted.
You were contracted by Obenrader to perform a service.
I set up the pick-up myself.
Which got me inside the company and close to Townsend.
Vandyke, we got a situation.
You're saying Reddington sent you to kill Townsend? There's been a change of plans.
- What's going on? - Got a floater, south entry.
So, Reddington got rid of the guy who runs heists for Townsend so he could put you in his place, so he could place you inside the organization.
He said you're in danger.
He said that if Stepanov talks Wait, how do you know about Stepanov? I don't.
All I know is that whatever Stepanov says, it's going to put you in danger.
You need to come with me.
I don't think so.
Hello, Priya.
It's funny seeing you here.
What's going on, ladies? That's exactly what I'm trying to figure out.
What? Take Miss Laghari away.
What's going on? Why are you looking at me like that? What are you gonna do to her? Nothing compared to what I'm going to do to you.
Where you wanna take her? I don't know yet, but we need to move her.
If Laghari knows we're here, Reddington does, too.
Take Laghari to see our friend Mr.
Have him get her to talk.
Find out exactly what she knows.
What about the Russian? Put a bullet in his head, for all I care.
Just make sure nobody finds the body.
Watching you suffer is going to positively destroy him.
The truck! Get to the truck! The woman They have her! Keen! She's here! Ah.
Cut him free, Chuck.
Raymond! Elizabeth is here! Raymond, do you copy? Yes, Dembe.
Sir, we have to go.
I'm not leaving him here.
The guard There's too many! Ringo, I need you to plug it up! - How is she? - She'll be fine.
You gonna lawyer up, too? You got nothin' to say.
Give me a minute.
Senior Account Manager just rolled.
Claims Townsend keeps a residence in a proxy office on the top two floors.
Yeah, but there's nothing on the plans.
No call button on the elevator.
It's a private, keyed entry.
Come on.
Aram, I need a trace on a satellite feed.
You came.
Yes, of course I came.
Now we just gotta get out of here.
What do we know? They took cover, barricaded themselves inside the cooler, and jammed the door from the inside.
We know who's in there? Reddington, the Russian, two of his people maybe more.
Keen? Elizabeth? You in there? I do hope you're in there, Elizabeth, 'cause I'm gonna need you for this next part, which promises to be rather awful.
While you have a moment, I suggest that you and Raymond reflect upon the concept of loss.
I know it well.
I feel it in every breath I take, every moment that that I sleep.
Loss became a part of me when I watched my wife and children die before my very eyes! But today, Raymond, I'm gonna give you that burden! I'm gonna show you loss! Today, I'm going to kill Elizabeth while you watch.
I don't care what you have to do to get them out of there.
Just make sure that Reddington and Keen are alive.
We got a problem.
That was Magnus.
Feds raided Park Avenue.
They found the penthouse and the proxy office.
How long ago was this? Dunno, but we should assume that No, no, no, no.
Never assume.
The fact is, it won't take long for them to find us here, so your timeline has moved up.
But I still want them both alive.
What did you tell him? What could you possibly say to suddenly make me his enemy? Let him rest.
What did you say? Masha.
Don't call me that.
Elizabeth, please.
I know who you are, Ivan.
You were my grandfather's protégé, my mother's and Reddington's friend.
He needs to rest.
Is this really what she would have wanted? Your mother only ever wanted to keep you safe.
He's bleeding.
It's from the abdomen.
I can't feel an exit wound.
He needs a doctor right away.
Hold this.
Ivan, hold this tight.
We can't stay here.
We need to go.
Go where? We're surrounded.
I need a cube at King's County.
No, it's not for Raymond.
It's for an associate.
We're gonna need an escort.
And an escort.
Heavy arms.
Chuck, what do we have for weapons? Got my M4, Dembe's SIG, your Glock, your Browning.
I also have two flash-bangs.
Some sort of electric shock collar.
Is that your armored truck outside? Ringo is in place standing by.
What do you have in mind? I have a couple of ideas.
Chuck, your knife.
It's not gonna be long before they come down through that vent.
What do we have? Whatever's left in the Browning.
We got two magazines for the pistols.
My M4's got about a half a mag.
Fellas, we got movement down here.
Be advised, we need to extract.
Copy that.
We're moving as fast as we can.
They're getting close.
I need you to give me a weapon.
I can help you.
Okay, ready.
I think.
Go! Ugh! Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go! Okay, then.
I think we're done now.
Raymond, I'd like you and Elizabeth to step out of the vehicle.
Elizabeth, do not go out there.
I have the second flash-bang.
I can detonate it and give Dembe a chance - to get in the driver's seat.
- Elizabeth, he He's not gonna hurt me if you can't see it.
He's insane.
You have no idea what he'll do.
Let's find out.
Eliz Not so fast.
Hand it over.
FBI! No one move! Go, Dembe! Go! Put the gun down! Keen, do it now! Show me your hands.
Put it down! We got one vehicle southbound.
It's all right.
Just relax, hold on.
We lost Townsend and Keen? And Stepanov.
Reddington squirreled him away.
Aram's piecing together a CCTV trail, see if he can track where they went.
Wherever Townsend and Keen went, - it wasn't together.
- All right, I lost an SUV headed west through the Lincoln Tunnel.
Would have been Townsend.
I mean, Reddington's team They extracted Stepanov and went south.
Keen was on foot.
All right, I got a southbound vehicle crossed into Brooklyn over the Manhattan Bridge before pulling into a building at 703 Hudson.
All right, we're on our way.
I'll meet you there.
Jax, hey.
It's me.
Where are you? What's going on? Jax, stop.
Listen to me.
I need you to reach out.
Tell everyone Tell the team to go dark.
Call Skip.
Have him burn everything.
Liz, what's happening? I'll call you when I know more.
I didn't get there in time.
I asked you to do something I had no business asking you to do, and you tried to do it.
Not many would.
I have no idea what this is all about, but I can tell how much it matters to you What happens to him and to Elizabeth.
I hope it works out.
I'm gonna give you a number.
You'll ask for Marvin Gerard.
He knows to give you what you're owed.
I got what I'm owed And, uh, then some.
Oh, my goodness.
Serves him right for having a safe at home.
Priya, I miss you already.
I know.
How is he? Tired, but stable.
We removed the bullet.
He's lucky.
Most people would be in agony, but he'd been pumped so full of barbiturates that he barely felt anything.
Doctor says you're gonna be okay.
I let you down.
No, you didn't.
He knows.
I am to blame for that.
If you insist on taking blame, take it for something you're actually responsible for me.
What I am, I am because of you.
You can take the blame for that.
She's so beautiful.
I waited 35 years to meet her.
And when I did I painted a target on her back.
You have a lot of sleep to catch up on.
The FBI is here.
Take very, very good care of him.
We're taking Stepanov into custody.
You'll be taking him to the morgue unless you let my team finish working on him first.
There's an ambulance on the way.
When it gets here, he's coming with us.
In the meantime, what should we talk about? How about the Russian Knot? My communications with Stepanov? You worked with Elizabeth to decrypt them.
You helped her find Ivan.
You mean your Russian handler.
Agent Park, I look forward to the day when you're as wise as you are aggressive.
Until then, I suggest you protect yourself from further embarrassment by saying nothing.
We've decrypted your messages.
We know you worked together.
But you don't know how, so you guess.
In my world, that's what comes of guesswork.
Well, we wouldn't have to guess if you were honest with us.
I am honest with you, Donald All of you.
I told you I was withholding that information because sharing it would put Elizabeth's life in danger.
I asked you not to pursue that information, but you went behind my back and pursued it anyway, without being honest with me.
And the result of your dishonesty? My oldest friend was shot, Elizabeth is on the run, and Neville Townsend is after her.
I make no apologies about tracking down Stepanov.
He may be your oldest friend, but he's also a Russian intelligence agent who we're about to question.
And when he tells us what I think he's gonna tell us about the damage you've done to this country, well, since you insist on honesty, we're gonna arrest you on the spot.
Get out! I'm told the Feds got nothing but shredded paper.
And about $36 million in precious gems.
Issue a new directive for Elizabeth Keen, Donald Ressler, and her whole FBI crew.
Laghari, too.
Forget Stepanov.
He's a distraction.
Focus on Townsend.
He's turned on Elizabeth.
As well as anyone else I care about.
Which believe it or not, includes you, Harold.
We're all in his crosshairs now.
And the only way out is to work together.
I'm willing to do that.
Are you?
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