The Blacklist s09e09 Episode Script

Boukman Baptiste

(SIGHS) I can't do it.
That's all right.
I don't want to.
I understand.
No! Raymond, we have to go.
Raymond, we must.
I'm sorry.
(ENGINE REVS) (TIRES SCREECH) We have company.
It's Ressler.
Lose him.
(TIRES SCREECH) (HORN HONKS) COOPER: (OVER PHONE) I know what you want to do, but killing him will only make it worse.
Donald, listen to me.
You're in no condition to drive.
(TIRES SCREECH) - (HORN HONKS) - Don't do this.
Not on your floricultural skills, I hope.
(CHUCKLES) My mental state.
Weecha's sister, Mierce, is a shaman.
She reads the flowers for insight into my mood.
I see dried-out and dark.
Bad blood and betrayal.
Is this still about Dembe joining the FBI? Because that wasn't about betrayal.
It was about upward mobility.
What happened to Elizabeth, Dembe shares a significant responsibility for that.
What are you talking about? Townsend is responsible.
He sent Vandyke, Vandyke pulled the trigger.
I thought you were with the sister.
I am.
Weecha and I are roommates.
The bed is much more comfortable than the couch.
I, being a gentleman, I offered her the bed.
She being a lady, she invited me to join her.
Marvin, you said you had news.
Let's hope it's decidedly less dry and considerably more light.
Hess, Ray, Colby.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.
Three days, three hits.
No who, no why, only the what, which is a disaster.
The only thing worse is the fact that I am the first one telling you this.
Hess was hit on Tuesday.
How could this possibly be news to you? You're out of touch.
You need to get your ducks in a row, Raymond.
AGNES: Pinky! Oh, my goodness! Aren't you a bundle of energy this morning? I've got orchestra practice before school, then a math quiz and an English presentation.
Then I'm trying out for the play.
And then you're reading me some Pippi Longstocking.
You're weeks behind on that, by the way.
- (HORN HONKS) - That's Sadie.
Total frenemy.
Got to go.
Hi, Weecha.
Bye! - (CHUCKLES) - (DOOR CLOSES) I'd like to think I had that much energy once.
On the other hand, if I did, it's depressing to think about where it all went.
Perhaps this will give you a jolt.
It seems I'm under attack.
In the past week, a strike team has taken out three key members of my organization.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Thank you, but I'm not here for your sympathy.
Good, because officially, you don't have it.
On the record, the Bureau would be thrilled to know the Reddington organization is under siege, but I'm guessing you're not here for my official response.
As a rule, I police my own business.
In this case, I need help, and if you want the blacklist to continue, - you'll give it.
- It's that bad? The attacks were surgical and strategic, requiring an insightful knowledge of my organization.
And I don't really know from which direction this assault is coming.
And there's one more thing.
Dembe I won't work with him again.
- Why not? - All that matters is that I won't.
He'll have to be replaced.
I won't do that, certainly not without knowing why.
Ask him.
He's an honest fellow.
Who knows? After he tells you, you may not want to work with him either.
(KEYS CLACKING) (BEEPING) COOPER: Reddington's worried.
His organization's under attack, and he wants our help to fend it off.
He doesn't have a name or a motive.
Only this, three victims in three days.
RESSLER: Who are they? Ricki Hess.
Jack Ray.
Budge Colby.
Friends of yours? They were, once.
Good people.
What did they do for Reddington? Operations.
Each was responsible for a different port.
New Jersey, Norfolk, Miami.
These were top people.
But yet someone got to all three.
No wonder Reddington's worried.
I've asked our field offices in the relevant cities to forward us the crime-scene information.
If there's a clue in there about who did this, we need to find it.
We already have a clue.
- You know who did this? - No.
Just what they're going to do next.
How happy is Reddington that you're on the task force? Not very.
In fact, he wants me to kick you off it.
What? Why would he want that? He said I should ask you.
If I was doing my job even a little bit that day, that night, I would've seen him long before he shot Elizabeth.
I could've stopped him.
And Reddington blames you because you didn't.
No more than I blame myself.
RESSLER: You shouldn't.
I don't.
And, believe me, I tried.
Raymond has Vandyke's phone.
He had someone pull the GPS data points from the day Elizabeth was killed.
I met Elizabeth at a diner hours before she was shot.
The GPS data points and photos on the phone show that Vandyke was watching us.
If I was paying attention at all, I would have noticed him.
How did he know you'd be there? I assume he was following me, but I'm not sure.
Which is why I had the phone data sent to me.
I hope that by tracking it, I'll find out.
I could use your help plotting the data points.
- Of course.
- So what's the clue? I thought I was being kicked off.
That's my call, not Red's.
He thought I would agree with him once you had explained yourself.
You have, and I don't.
So the clue, let's hear it.
This is a macro look at Raymond's operations in the Atlantic.
Does he have that many operations in the Pacific? DEMBE: And the Indian, Baltic, and the Mediterranean.
- Nothing in the Arctic? - DEMBE: No.
Other than a compound on the Faroe Islands.
It's official.
Our lives suck.
For shipping in the Atlantic, he uses accounts in Hamburg, Belfast, and the Caymans.
Funds are routed through the hawala network to Morocco.
He then ships from Gibraltar, Benin or Dakar.
You really know everything, don't you? I guess I assumed you did, but you actually do.
I didn't always.
Everything with Raymond is need-to-know, but after Elizabeth, he couldn't function.
So I had to function for him.
You took over.
- I did.
- ARAM: What was that like, going from the man in front of the man to the man behind him? (TIRES SCREECH) Down! (TIRES SCREECH) A nightmare.
So, Benin, Dakar, Gibraltar.
Goods ship from there to New Jersey, Norfolk, Miami.
Raymond is a middle man.
He has clients.
They have goods.
If the port of entry is choked off and they can't take delivery, that costs them money, which Raymond has to cover.
This is all very educational, but where's the clue? Right here.
The port of Baltimore.
(SHIP HORN BLARES IN DISTANCE) (BIRDS CALLING) (DOOR OPENS) That you, Joe? I know, I know, no smoking on site.
Don't tell her royal pain in the (SILENCED GUNSHOT) What the Joe? (SILENCED GUNSHOT) Baltimore is Raymond's only remaining port of entry on the eastern seaboard.
Whoever's doing this took out three of his port managers.
It's safe to assume he'll try to take out a fourth.
(SILENCED GUNSHOT) Do you know his name? Reginald Lawler.
Let's go get him, and hope we're not too late.
MAN: Hands in the air! I won't talk.
(SCREAMS) Oh, I think you will.
Let's start with the same question I asked the others, huh? This man, where is he? MARVIN: What do you mean Lawler's not answering? Then go there.
- I don't care that you just gave birth.
- (CELL PHONE DIALING) That is not my problem.
My problem - is $106 million worth of goods - (LINE RINGING) we rerouted to Baltimore that now can't land in Baltimore unless you get Lawler to land them.
And until he lands them, we are out 5% a day in insurance and carrying charges.
So I suggest you wrap Junior in a binky, shove him onto your mammilla, and go find Lawler.
Lawler's out of pocket.
Did you hear me? Lawler is AWOL, which means the East Coast is shut down.
Mierce read the flowers.
The shaman? She's optimistic.
Is she? That's great.
The shaman is optimistic.
I mean, it doesn't mean there aren't problems.
It just means we'll figure them out.
Do you value my counsel? - I do.
- Good.
'Cause here it is.
You've lost your mind.
The world is falling apart around you, and you're all beatific because your ex-lover looked at a photograph of some dead flowers and said Kumbaya.
She's not my ex.
We're just pausing until I resolve the issues surrounding Elizabeth's death.
That is another thing.
You blame Dembe for something he didn't do.
Elizabeth's death has been resolved.
As is the reason we are in this mess.
(SIGHS) Look, I know this is third-rail stuff, but you're the one getting your flowers read, so what the hell You never should've designated Elizabeth as your successor.
She wasn't qualified.
And when she passed and you went away, there was no one to keep all hell from breaking loose.
(SIGHS) Seven days, seven countries.
I am done looking.
I told you we wouldn't find him.
Oh, well, forgive me for hoping he might not want his entire life's work burned to the ground.
His life's work was Elizabeth.
Well, my life's work was him.
And right now, it is under siege.
Chin in Taipei.
Madrzyk in Dubrovnik.
Baptiste in Haiti.
They're all moving against us.
And if we don't put them down, others will follow.
And when I say "we," I mean you.
Me? Starting with Baptiste, who's in Texas, meeting with other turncoats.
Red may have picked Elizabeth, but we both know that you are his natural successor.
(SIGHS) Now that they're gone, the organization is yours to run.
(SIGHS) And if I don't want to? Then it gets sliced and diced.
We weren't equipped for what came, least of all Dembe.
My point, my counsel, is this.
You left us in the lurch once, don't do it again.
Call Marybeth.
Tell her to stay home with her newborn.
If Lawler's not answering, it's because he's been captured, if not killed.
If that's the case, we got no play.
Of course we do.
And I'm sure Dembe's playing it.
Dembe? I thought you want him off the task force.
I do.
But I have no illusions that Harold will abide by my request.
And you're wrong about Dembe's abilities.
His not wanting to run my empire doesn't mean he couldn't.
Believe me, if you and I are realizing that Lawler's been targeted now, Dembe's already realized it.
How can you be sure? I told you.
Mierce's optimistic.
We're in.
Agent Park reports two guards down at the perimeter.
She's waiting on EMTs.
We have no intel on the number of mercs or where they are in the building.
A TAC unit is on the way.
Do not engage until we know what we're dealing with.
DEMBE: I see movement.
I don't know who or how many.
I need to get closer.
I'm going to give you one more chance.
Dembe Zuma, where is he? I don't know.
That can't be.
Where What is it? What can't be? Not what.
Boukman Baptiste.
We don't know who that is.
A man I killed.
Daniel! Daniel! (BREATHING QUICKLY) DEMBE: Recon said his boy would be at home.
- This isn't about hurting Raymond.
- (INDISTINCT SHOUTING) This is about killing me.
(SCREAMING) If that's true, I want you out of there.
Is that clear? Pull back.
Agent Zuma, do you copy? Agent Zuma! Ressler, we lost contact with Dembe.
RESSLER: Yeah, we split up.
I don't have eyes on him.
Circle back, then report.
I have your agent.
I assume there are others.
Tell them to stand down.
This is Harold Cooper with the FBI.
- Who am I speaking to? - Tell them.
I will, as soon as I hear that my agent is all right.
Your agent killed my son.
I just need to know that he's okay.
He was 10, sitting in the back of a car, when your agent murdered him.
That's a tragedy, but killing other people will only make it worse.
Did you know that when you hired him, that he murdered children? I'll help you, but you have to help me.
We have to work together.
I am not a religious man.
But sometimes even a sinner's prayers are answered.
Was that Dembe? Was he hit? Sir, I don't know.
(GRUNTING) This does not make us even! Only your daughter does that.
A child for a child! Aah! (GASPING) (WHIMPERS) RESSLER: Drop it! Don't move! Unclip it.
Face the wall.
(BREATHING HEAVILY) - Baptiste? - Gone.
Who is he, and why was he so interested in finding you? To avenge the death of his son.
- (GRUNTS) - I'm sorry you got hurt in this.
Look, you gotta go warn Isabella.
He said he was after his daughter.
Right, I got this.
Call her.
She needs to be called, just not by me.
- Why not? - It's complicated.
I can't explain.
Please, just do it.
- 202-555-0144.
- (CELL PHONE DIALING) I thought you and Isabella got past the tough times.
We did.
Until we didn't.
Aah! ISABELLA: I don't understand.
You worked for one white guy, and now you want to work for white guys with badges? I told you, I haven't decided yet.
That's why I'm here, to get your opinion.
My opinion is that I don't want my father to be a Judas to his community.
Isabella, I know these agents.
They're good people.
I never criticized you for working for Reddington.
I hated it.
My child almost died because of it.
But I told myself that's what you do, it's not who you are.
It's what I did.
Elizabeth is dead.
Raymond is gone.
I'm alone, looking for a purpose.
Is this really who you are? A Black man who wants to be a cop? I'm a man that wants to helps people and a man who's also proud to be Black.
I think I can do both.
Reddington is one man.
The cops are part of a system of oppression.
You do this, people will see you as a sellout and a traitor.
I don't care what other people see.
I only care what you see.
You wanna know what I see? George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Philando Castile - I see them, too.
- Freddie Gray, - Eric Garner, Michael Brown - I see them, too, and I know that any day what happened to them - could happen to me - Atatiana Jefferson, Botham Jean, Alton Sterling Isabella, I see them.
I know there is injustice.
But I also know justice can be done.
I've seen it done, and I think I'd find purpose in doing it.
Leave a message at the beep.
- Thanks.
- (BEEPS) It's Agent Ressler, again.
I know we keep calling, but it's incredibly important that you call me as soon as you get this message.
- Thank you.
- (CELL PHONE BEEPS) Look, we sent agents.
She's gonna be fine.
He got to Hess, Ray and Colby.
- (GUN COCKS) - Inside, quietly.
(DOOR CREAKS) Isabella! Isabella! Isabella! Hey, check it out.
(DIALING) (CELL PHONE RINGS, BEEPS) BAPTISTE: Consider yourself lucky.
I'm going to let you have the opportunity I never got with my boy.
I'm going to let you say goodbye.
Papa? Papa? Papa! Don't do this.
Don't hurt her.
I have no interest in hurting her.
Only you.
Daniel died because you wanted his business.
I can help you get some of that.
Ray, Hess, Colby, they're middle management.
Essential, but not important.
I can get you people who are irreplaceable.
Take them down and Reddington follows.
I'm listening.
I need two hours.
You've got one.
- (CELL PHONE BEEPS) - You think he believes that you're gonna really help him take down Reddington? He should.
Because it's true.
as quickly as you can.
Yes, Marvin, that's what I want to talk to you about.
I'll be right there.
ARAM: Hey.
So I plotted the rest of the GPS data points.
Uh - What's going on? - Baptiste has his daughter.
- What? - Yeah, he's gonna sell out Reddington to get her back.
- That's a joke, right? - Not to him.
- Uh, what can we do? - Got to issue a BOLO on Baptiste, a silver alert on Isabella, and let's try to keep him from getting Reddington killed.
Dembe blamed himself for what happened to Liz.
- He shouldn't.
- What the hell are you talking about? Let's get out the alerts, then I'll show you.
Did you know? Did you know, when you gave us the case, that it was Baptiste? That I would be going in blind against a man who wants me dead? I didn't.
In fact, I didn't know for sure you were even on the case, or the task force, for that matter.
I don't want you to get hurt, Dembe.
I just want you out of my life.
He has Isabella.
What? Has he reached out, made any kind of demand? He has.
And we've come to an understanding.
I'm very sorry.
Is there anything I can do? You think I betrayed you.
That Elizabeth died because I let down my guard.
I admit that.
But if you want to do something for me, admit that you let down your guard, too.
That night, and after, you abandoned your business, and people died.
That man's son.
I didn't ask you to carry on.
You just vanished.
I killed that boy trying to protect your empire.
I was doing it for you, because you didn't do it for yourself.
Elizabeth was dead.
I was gone.
And you killed that boy.
Do those dots really connect? It seems a little simplistic.
Excuse me.
I have to make a phone call.
I don't think he has any idea what you were left with after he disappeared.
But I do.
I know all too well.
Isabella won't speak to me.
She says if I do this, I'll be a traitor to my community.
She won't be the only one that tells you that.
That joining the FBI makes you a cog in the machine of institutional racism.
You might remind her there was a time when a Black man or woman wasn't allowed to wear a badge or carry a gun.
But thanks to trailblazers like Bass Reeves, Big Sam Battle who paved the way for us, we have the privilege of serving our community and fellow man.
In fact, scratch that.
It's not a privilege, it's a responsibility.
(LIQUID POURING) I understand where Isabella's coming from, but our people built this country, died for it.
We deserve justice as much as anyone, if not more.
I think this is precisely the place where people who look like you and me need to be.
Our people need us here, fighting for them, fighting for everyone.
Here, in the system, boots on the ground, because sometimes we're the only ones standing between them and the wolves at the door.
In my experience, there are wolves on both sides.
Where does Reddington fit into all of this? He doesn't, and I can't ask him.
Because you know what he'll say? Because I don't know where he is.
He disappeared one night without even saying goodbye.
I'm not sure I'm staying with the Bureau.
After everything that's happened, I may need to step away, but before I do that, if you want this, I promise you, I'll make it happen.
With Baptiste, you said you'd come to an understanding.
- That's right.
- Tell me about it.
Perhaps I can help you come up with an even better one.
I would before.
Not now.
I mean it.
I don't want to see you hurt.
You or anyone you care about.
It was an honor protecting you.
But now I have to protect myself.
RESSLER: Any word on Isabella? I know what I need to do.
Yeah, but does Reddington? ARAM: Look, you're gonna do what you have to do, but if what you have to do has anything to do with what's going on between you and Mr.
Reddington Look, he's finally finished mapping the data points on Vandyke's cell phone.
Right, and you're gonna wanna hear what I found.
Will it help me find Isabella? Well, uh, no.
Then it will have to wait.
I wish this could help.
Maybe it can.
How? We didn't get to tell him what we found.
No, but there's someone else we could.
Dembe, come in.
I am so glad you called.
This business between you and Raymond, I want you to know I think he is completely overreacting.
I appreciate you saying that.
I mean, the suggestion that you are in any way responsible for what happened to Elizabeth is preposterous.
I agree.
But the reason I'm Tell me, what can I do to help set things right between you two? I will do anything.
I need the names of his banker in the Caymans, his arbitrage trader in Beijing, and the arms dealer he uses in Zagreb.
I knew them before, but he has other ones now.
Yes, he does.
But, uh, how would me giving you the names help patch things up between you two? Yeah, about that I'm not interested in patching anything up.
All right.
Uh, that's, uh That's unexpected.
My daughter's life depends on you giving me the names.
(CHUCKLES) Well, that's unfortunate, because I am, uh, pretty confident that my life depends on me not giving them to you.
You know Raymond.
He's a stickler for things like, oh, I don't know, say, uh, not giving the names of his top three lieutenants to a guy like Boukman Baptiste.
I need the names, Marvin.
I see that, and I would give them to you if I could.
I met Isabella.
She's amazing.
(SIGHS) I need the names.
And this is all of them? ARAM: Dembe plotted most of the GPS data points.
I finished mapping them, then double-checked what he'd done.
This is every place Vandyke was the day he shot Elizabeth, from 12:01 a.
until he, and his phone, - ended up in the morgue.
- Given everything that was happening, how in God's name did you think to have Vandyke's phone stolen from the morgue? Muscle memory.
It was completely involuntary, like breathing.
Or an innate desire for revenge.
In order to get his daughter back, Dembe's gonna give Baptiste damaging information about you.
What information? I don't know, but I heard him talking on the phone.
Something about getting it from Marvin Gerard.
Dembe told us what you thought happened that day.
This This tells a different story.
- Not entirely, but, yes.
- (CELL PHONE DIALING) He won't help you.
Are you calling to gloat? Put Marvin on.
Whatever you're looking for, he won't give you without my permission.
Why would you give it? We can discuss that later.
There's no time now.
Put him on.
He wants tier-one names in the Caymans, Beijing and Damascus.
Give them to him.
I'll get Chuck and Morgan on him.
Baptiste can have the names if it means freeing Isabella.
But if he acts on the intel, I'm bleeding, so I need to get eyes on this.
CHUCK: It's a parking facility.
Deming and Clark.
REDDINGTON: Sit tight.
She's on her way with Santiago.
Nothing happens until Isabella is safe.
What about the task force? You can't go in with them.
I don't trust anyone else to go in for me anyway, so you're on your own.
He's here, and he's clean.
Car stays, you go.
Level three.
I wouldn't.
Papa Everything's going to be okay.
Did you bring the names? Let her go, please.
After I have the names.
Tell me, where do you feel it, knowing you are helpless to save your child? I know where I felt it.
I'm curious if you feel it there, too.
My back.
As if the pain has a weight you can't bear.
Look at us.
So much hatred, and now so much in common.
You said you'd let her go.
I need to verify the names.
That can't be done.
If I couldn't do it, I wouldn't have asked you to bring them.
(CAR DOOR OPENS) Man, the lot's closed.
(SPEAKING SPANISH) I don't speak Spanish.
Chuck said Dembe went up.
We're going down.
(TIRES SCREECH) Why is this happening? Did you kill his son? Did you do it? After Elizabeth died, I had to make decisions for Raymond.
Baptiste was taking territory.
We had to stop him.
I led a team that found him and tried to take him out.
But you took out his son instead.
Is that what happened? Yes.
And after that, you became a cop? Yes.
TOGETHER: I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same.
Congratulations, Special Agent.
Thank you.
It wouldn't have happened without you.
Isabella didn't come.
I'm sorry.
The names are correct.
You have what you want.
Let her go.
Nothing you do here will bring Daniel back.
(GASPS) The French take billions from our poor country every year.
- (GUN COCKS) - Corrupt politicians take from the poor and open our ports to people like Reddington.
This is about more than revenge.
This is about power.
- This is about taking what I am owed.
- (ISABELLA SNIFFLES) What my countrymen are owed.
(ELECTRICITY CRACKLES) There are two kinds of people in the world, wolves and sheep.
The wolves take.
The sheep get taken.
(ELECTRICITY CRACKLES) Unfortunately for you, I am a wolf.
(TIRES SCREECH) Whoever you are, you're a little late! Somebody's about to get shot.
I wouldn't have picked a wolf.
Who asked you? It may be an alpha predator, but they only travel in packs.
And something tells me you're not dealing with sheep here.
(GASPING) A wolf would put me out of my misery.
But I'm an FBI agent, so you're under arrest.
The names you gave them, were they able to confirm the identities? Yes.
(GASPS, GAGS) Trace the last call and take care of it.
Raymond has something he wants to show you.
As soon as you can.
It's good to see you, Dembe.
You, too.
(CRIES) (BEEPING) This is the complete mapping of Vandyke's whereabouts on the day Elizabeth was killed.
I know we've talked about my lack of awareness and that I should have seen Vandyke watching us at the coffee shop.
But I wanted to plot this because I've also been agonizing over the fact that maybe I was the reason Vandyke was there in the first place, that I led him to Elizabeth.
Well, as it turns out, you didn't.
He was nowhere near you that day, not before the coffee shop.
Which means he didn't follow you there.
And we know where Elizabeth was? Yes, I've plotted her day more times than I care to remember.
So if Vandyke didn't follow either of you to the coffee shop, how did he know where to go? Someone obviously told him.
Yeah, but who could have known? I mean, I'm as big a conspiracy theorist as the next guy, but this sounds like some classic Third Man stuff.
REDDINGTON: Yeah, that night, I couldn't sleep.
I felt like if I stayed, I would implode, that I'd collapse into myself like a black hole and cease to exist.
So I left.
I walked away and And kept walking.
Until I found Weecha and Mierce.
And they helped me.
And I helped them.
I'm sorry that I abandoned you.
Whatever happened, I shouldn't have done that.
And I'm sorry that I did.
I know you're upset that I gave Elizabeth the letter.
It's done.
And perhaps it did bring her some peace.
But we can't be fighting each other when we have a real enemy to fight, to find.
You'll have to forgive Marvin.
He's a professional skeptic.
But someone led Elizabeth's killer to her that night.
And we need to work together to find who that was.
But that's a quest that will have to wait another day.
I'm late to a very important engagement.
More important than finding out who killed Elizabeth? I think so.
"Pippi was sure that her mother was now up in Heaven, "watching her little girl through a peephole in the sky, "and Pippi often waved up at her "and called, 'Don't you worry about me.
"'I'll always come out on top.
'" That was so awful.
It was my fault.
It's all my fault.
I want to protect you, but all I do is seem to put you in harm's way.
Can you promise me it's over? With Baptiste, yes.
With everything.
With what you've done with Reddington.
Is it done coming back to us? To me? I don't know.
I'm going away.
With Elle.
Not forever, but for now.
Where will you go? I don't think I should tell you that.
This isn't a punishment.
It's not about you being a cop.
I know.
No, really, it's not.
I was upset with you about that.
And I'd be lying if I said I still wasn't upset.
But you can be a police officer and a man who's proud to be Black.
I know that because I know that's who you are.
I want you to feel safe.
And I want us to be together.
I've missed you.
Yeah, I've missed you, too.
Can I see Elle before you go? Of course.
I was reading her a story.
I'm sure she'd love for you to finish it.
"'You have plenty of courage, I am sure, ' answered Oz.
"'All you need is confidence in yourself.
"'There is no living thing that is not afraid "'when it faces danger.
'" "Her father, Pippi had not forgotten, "he was a sea captain who sailed on the great ocean, "and Pippi had sailed with him in his ship "until one day, her father blew overboard "in a storm and disappeared.
" "'True courage is in facing danger when you are afraid, "'and that kind of courage you have in plenty.
' "'Perhaps I have, "'but I'm scared just the same, ' said the Lion.
" "But Pippi was absolutely certain that he would come back.
"She would never believe that he had drowned.
"She was sure he had floated "until he landed on an island inhabited by cannibals.
"And she thought he had become the king of all the cannibals "and went around with a golden crown "on his head all day long.
"'My papa is a cannibal king, "'it certainly isn't every child who has such a stylish'"
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