The Blacklist s09e12 Episode Script

The Chairman (No. 171)

You know, the first stock exchange started in Belgium, 1531, and for the next five centuries, this flow of capital transformed the world more than politics, religion, war.
And like all markets, ours depends on rules.
The honest reporting of profit and loss.
You failed to do that.
You, uh You lied on your disclosure forms.
You raised $78 million to build a tunnel under the border that you never intended to build.
Five miles of road and rail, flatbeds, pallets, people, with entrances and exits located at warehouses that you control.
Instead, you invested the money in Miami real estate.
Now, on Wall Street, this kind of Ponzi scheme would get you a slap on the wrist and a Central Park co-op.
Your investors, however, the often unscrupulous people you ripped off I think you see where I'm going with this.
It's nowhere good.
They're very emotional people, and right now, their emotions are tending towards usury and murder.
Luckily for you, we have rules that we've all agreed to follow.
To wit.
You know, I have no idea what "to wit" means.
I just love the way that it sounds.
Let's see.
Section 42, subparagraph C.
To wit.
Punishments are for the Chairman to decide.
Now, your investors want you dead.
I'm thinking more walking dead.
Living, breathing examples of what happens when you break our rules.
These are the consent forms you each signed, consenting to abide by my decision.
And my decision is this.
Repayment in full, plus 20%.
And fingers.
Two from you.
Two from you.
Three from you.
From the hand you used to sign your consent form.
You see, this is a blood oath.
You broke it, so I get a piece of what you broke it with.
Beth, you're the ringleader.
Lead the ring.
No, please don't do this.
- Too late for that.
- No.
Oh! Uh, Joe, that's, uh, three from Beth.
Just, uh, work backwards from the pinkie.
No, please.
Oh, and, uh, Beth, feel free to tell anybody who asks If they're gonna cheat, cheat the stock market, not the night market.
You know, MPD has nothing on the bartender.
After a month.
It's like it never happened.
Well, he was hit by a pro.
Finding a clue trail's gonna take some time.
I don't have time.
What I have is some voicebox who keeps calling to remind me he's got a gun to my head.
Yeah, well, the next time he calls, you'll be able to record his voice, and we'll see if we can't unscramble the voicebox and get an ID.
What the hell are you looking for? Mimi's missing.
A stuffed bunny.
Yea big.
Charred feet.
A bunny? With charred feet? It's Agnes' transitional object.
At her age, isn't that called a smartphone? It belonged to her mother.
It played a key role in the breakup of the Soviet Union.
The bunny did? Thank you, by the way, for the phone and for reviewing the case file again.
Yeah, well, I've reviewed it three times.
Then thanks for reviewing it a fourth.
We have to find out what happened to the bartender, and if the cops can't help us, we have to help ourselves.
"Nick's Pizza.
" Maybe they have the bunny.
Reading your future? I don't know.
For me, it's just calming.
Is this about Elizabeth? Her body needs to be exhumed, Harold.
Aram told me about the tracker.
That whomever wanted her dead put it in her, not on her.
And yet you posted guards at her grave.
She's resting in peace.
I intend on keeping it that way.
Much of my world exists right alongside yours.
People and organizations in our two worlds have the same needs.
Medical care.
Air travel.
Corporate infrastructure.
Financial services.
Hence the night market, a stock market for criminals.
The Sinaloa Cartel issues stocks? Cartels, gangs, crime syndicates.
The Yakuza is no different than Google.
They both issue stock to raise money to pay for R&D, capital expenses, to expand their operations.
- Are you in the market? - Of course.
Capital markets are the key to explosive growth in your world.
The night market is no different in mine.
I'd be a fool not to take advantage of it.
But you want us to bring it down.
The man in charge is known as the Chairman.
I don't know his real name or where exactly to find him.
He moves around a lot.
What I do know is that he is a one-man SEC.
Judge, jury, and executioner.
These unfortunates misled their investors in advance of an IPO.
The Chairman did this? To send a message.
Quite literally.
They take a photo and disseminate it to the community.
You're wrong about Elizabeth.
She's not resting nor in peace.
She's dead.
She can't be disturbed because she doesn't exist.
We exist.
We hurt.
We are in pain.
And we need answers.
What you're looking at is a black market stock market.
The night market is made up of hundreds of companies raising billions in capital.
But what companies? What do the initials stand for? According to Reddington, they're a code that he doesn't have the key to.
Well, if this is an online trading platform, why don't we just pull the plug? Because the night market is hosted on a decentralized blockchain network, meaning it runs across 10,000 nodes all over the world.
Even if we could find one and shut it down, the other 9,999 would keep humming.
We'd basically have to disconnect the entire Internet to stop it.
The only company Reddington could identify is this one.
BKRC stands for Banda Korce.
Specializing in extortion and money laundering.
Casinos are their drug of choice.
A fact that Gaming Enforcement got wind of.
They opened up an investigation into Tremont Casinos.
That's the legitimate company that BKRC muscled in on.
And as a result, Tremont's stock on Wall Street went down 30%, and yet On the night market, BKRC's up 25%.
How's that possible? The investigation by Gaming Enforcement should be bad for both companies.
Markets price in information.
If BKRC's stock is going up, that means the criminal market knows something that the legitimate one doesn't.
Like that? They're gonna be able to stop the investigation? The night market is run by a man who does this to people who cross him.
He's known as the Chairman.
The only way to bring down the market is to get to him.
Maybe the way to do that is to get to BKRC first.
Dembe, Park, go to Gaming Enforcement, see what they know.
Did Reddington say anything about the guards posted at the cemetery? He did.
And he wasn't happy about it.
His concern is our need for closure, not hers for peace and tranquility.
His need or ours? If what you're asking is do the guards stay, the answer's yes.
Thank you.
Look, I want answers as much as Reddington, but not at the expense of disturbing Liz's remains.
Tremont's stock is in a nose dive because our investigation is rock solid.
We know they're in business with Banda Korce, that Banda Korce is run by Driton Abazi, and that he is using Tremont's casinos to launder money.
What's your timeline? When do you plan on arresting Abazi? He's smart.
But we finally got someone on the inside.
Your inside source, what's his name? If we tell you and you approach him, he might run scared, and everything we've worked on could be lost.
We want to make sure he's okay.
Why wouldn't he be? What aren't you telling us? It's conventional wisdom in the criminal world that your investigation is going nowhere.
Since it rests on this source, it stands to reason that his life may be in danger.
It's not a he.
It's a she.
And we have no case without her.
Thanks for the Dom, baby.
Lorik just gave it to me, but he didn't tell me what it was for.
It's a going-away present.
I like the sound of that.
Where are we going? A toast.
To stupidity.
That's a dumb toast.
Well, we are dumb people.
I'm stupid for thinking that you loved me, and you're stupid for thinking I wouldn't find out what you did.
What are you talking about? Don't talk.
If you have enough before he gets there, it might not hurt as much.
If this is a joke, it's not funny.
It's not a joke.
It's a going-away present.
Okay, I don't understand.
Where are we going? We are not going anywhere.
You are.
To a very painful place.
The champagne may numb it.
That's it.
My present.
To numb the pain.
Oh, it's the classic love story.
Boy meets girl, girl betrays boy, boy has psychopath dismember girl.
It's so cliched, it's almost boring.
I didn't betray anybody.
That would be hard to prove.
Gaming Enforcement encrypts all of its files.
Unfortunately, someone forgot to firewall the copy machine.
You don't believe him, right, baby? Look, please, I didn't You know, I love reading quarterly reports, examining financial disclosures, regulating the market.
The part of my job I detest is enforcement.
Lately, it seems like all I do.
Two years.
We've spent two years trying to turn Tsiona Stern.
And then we show up and she disappears.
Disappears? She's dead.
She didn't miss a check-in, not one, until you started asking around.
Stern put her life at risk to help expose Banda Korce.
That was very brave.
And we can honor that bravery by carrying on with her work.
You by going back to your office, reviewing your files, and seeing where the case stands without her.
We, by looking into her murder.
We can't do that without names.
Family, friends.
Who was closest to her? She had a sister.
Ressler, get a name and number.
Take Dembe.
See what she knows.
Did you find anything on the bartender? Maybe yes, maybe no.
The, uh, bartender was close with a woman he worked with.
Did the police talk with her? Well, they tried, but she wouldn't return their calls.
You know, the cops got busy, had other leads, and she fell through the cracks.
It turned out that she didn't return their calls because she disappeared.
She left her apartment the day after the murder and hasn't been seen since.
- Do you have a name? - I do.
That's about all I have.
Like I said, may be a lead, maybe not.
Hey, uh, by the way, did you ever find the bunny that solved the Cold War? That's a hell of a bedtime story.
Mimi belonged to Agnes' mother.
Holding on to it is like holding on to her.
And, yeah, it's a hell of a story.
One I'm not sure I should tell Agnes.
Her mother's part in it was complicated.
Agnes deserves the truth, even the parts that are complicated.
So you think that extends to how her mother died, which might be the most complicated part of all? Yeah, well, of all the parts of the story that you have to tell, that's the most important one.
Without it, she'll never get closure.
Thanks, Lew.
For the advice.
And for this.
Hey, did voicebox ever reach out? Not yet, but it's been a few weeks, so it's only a matter of time.
I'd like to meet.
At the cemetery.
I begged her not to cooperate with the cops.
I told her just to get out.
But she was stuck on the guy.
Well, if she cared for Abazi, why'd she inform on him? It was volatile, passionate.
The trifecta of the scorned lover.
So Abazi cheated on her.
He's a thug.
Hurting people, skimming off casino profits.
She might've gone against him anyway, but Felicia sure helped.
Felicia Dawson.
S-She's a dealer he moved into one of the suites at the casino.
Tsiona followed him there, expecting to catch him with Felicia, which she did, as well as finding him having some kind of business meeting.
You want to bug a suite at the casino? The informant's sister says that's where Abazi conducted a lot of his business.
The suite's rented in the name of his girlfriend.
His other girlfriend.
A Felicia Dawson.
Former casino employee.
Five-year-old daughter.
Who's now consorting with criminals, which should be enough for us to pull a warrant, hear what they talk about.
And hopefully hear enough from Abazi to get to the Chairman.
Getting a warrant might not be the problem, but installing the bug is.
I do not envy the guy who has to slip in and out of the love nest of an Albanian mobster.
Room service.
Hands out.
- I'm not doing it.
- Doing what? I'm asking you to meet some people.
I know what you're asking me to do, and the answer is no.
Call me back when you're alone.
What are you looking at? Oh.
Uh, nothing.
I will just put things out.
Very good.
I'm guessing the hot dog is for you.
You wanna eat it down here? Okay.
One hot dog coming up.
There you go.
What's wrong? Parents fighting? They're not my parents.
He's not.
What's that? I saw you put it there.
That? Oh, um, that's part of a magic trick.
And if it's done right, Mr.
Abazi will disappear.
People can't disappear.
Not normally, no.
But, uh, this This is a very special trick.
But for it to work, you can't tell anyone.
Not even your mom.
Think you can do that? But if he goes, will he ever come back? Of course not.
It's magic.
Agnes is doing well.
At school, she's getting mostly A's.
A B+ in math.
She doesn't really like math.
Neither do I.
She's got lots of friends.
At the moment, her biggest concern is that we have misplaced Mimi.
I'm sure she'll turn up, but for now, the house is being turned upside down.
When my father died, I kept a little painting of his.
He always wished he'd been a real painter.
But at least there was the one.
He took terrible care of it, so it's faded and torn.
But it reminded me of him, so I kept it in the bathroom.
Every morning, he and I would have a little chat.
Why do we do that, talk to the dead? They're gone.
Why do we talk to them? But they're not gone.
As long as we're here, they're here with us.
Where are the guards? I dismissed them.
If Elizabeth is watching over us, I think she'd want Agnes to know the truth, at least as much of it as we can give her.
Thank you.
I'll get a court order.
If we're gonna do this, we're gonna do it the right way.
Hello, Elizabeth.
Where did you find it? It was under the seat.
Agnes fell asleep on the way back from the opera.
She must've dropped it.
I've been looking everywhere.
You have no idea what a relief this is.
Of course I do.
Elizabeth couldn't sleep.
But more often than not, when she scrunched that bunny against her cheek, she was calm, quiet.
You should've taken her to the opera.
That'll put anyone to sleep.
Harold, please instruct the medical examiner to be as respectful as possible.
Why? Because I'm terrified for my daughter.
Yes, names, dates.
That's fine.
Roger's Park, 3:00.
The meeting's set with King and McVay.
You did good.
Even I believed you betrayed me.
When I was there, I heard Abazi and Felicia arguing.
This could be why.
He's using her to set up King and McVay.
This is how it's gonna go.
Lorik drives.
You get out, enter the park.
When they approach, you drop your sunglasses, bend down to pick them up.
Lorik does the rest.
Meaning he kills them.
Meaning that whatever it is, you don't have to worry about it.
All right, Dembe and I will go to the park.
You let King and McVay know they're walking into a trap.
Does Abazi actually think killing the two people investigating him will stop the investigation? He's not thinking.
He's reacting.
Like a cornered animal lashing out.
Mommy! Mommy's gonna go run an errand.
Driton's coming over to be with you while I'm gone, okay? Don't worry, kid.
We'll have a good time.
Please make him disappear.
Please make him disappear.
Please make him disappear.
Oh, sir, sir, about, uh, Driton Abazi Not now, okay? Is everything all right? I'm sure it will be.
It's just The exhumation.
I ordered it.
Pursuant to an order issued by Superior Court Judge Victoria Shapiro, we are conducting an exhumation autopsy on Elizabeth Keen.
The purpose of the autopsy is to determine whether Agent Keen ingested a tracking device which remains inside her postmortem.
All right.
Thank you.
Where are we on King and McVay? That was their supervisor.
They're not picking up his calls or mine.
I'm not surprised.
After what happened to their last informant, they don't trust anybody, especially us.
All right.
This could be the agents arriving.
Here comes King and McVay.
I'll keep eyes on the driver.
Thanks for coming.
We want to start by saying we will protect you.
I wish you could, but you can't even protect yourselves.
It's a hit.
FBI! Stand back! - Are you all right? - Get away from the car! Donald Ressler, FBI.
You need to come with us.
No, I can't.
My daughter - We know about your daughter.
- Is she all right? She will be.
If you come with us, now.
It's done.
But Lorik was shot.
I don't know.
One of the agents, I think, before they were killed.
I-I don't know.
It all happened so fast.
I just Baby, I'm scared.
I need you to come and get me.
And I need you to bring Lily.
Yeah, yeah.
I know where that is.
He's coming for me.
But you can't do anything until I have my daughter.
Where did Abazi tell you to meet? - Hi, baby! - Mommy! I did what you asked me to do.
What else would I do? You had Lily.
Driton, please.
You're okay.
Mm! FBI! Hands! Hands! FBI! You're under arrest.
Hands! Let's see 'em! Turn around.
And clear.
Everyone, stand down.
Told you he'd disappear.
Good job.
I'll update Cooper on Abazi's arrest.
Has he talked to you about Elizabeth yet? No.
Why? What about her? The ME found the tracker.
I'll get there as soon as we can.
We should discuss what comes next.
Is it true about Liz? That you pulled the guards? That you dug her up? I know you feel, but I decided it was the right thing to do.
You decided? Yes.
Reddington put you up to this.
- They found the tracker.
- All you did was desecrate her grave.
Elizabeth would've wanted us to do this.
She would want us to know who's responsible for her death.
You wanna know who's responsible for killing her? It was Reddington.
Contact Pilken.
Tell him we're done with Abazi, have him delist Banda Korce.
The stockholders won't be happy.
We have rules.
When a company is in legal trouble, they're sacrificed to protect the market.
I want you to clean the place.
Collect every flash drive, every file, every Post-it Note.
If it so much as mentions the night market, I want it destroyed.
What about Abazi? Will he talk? Oh, he's seen how we deal with informants.
He won't say a word.
- He won't talk.
- Did he lawyer up? No.
He's terrified of the Chairman.
We said we'd protect him.
He laughed.
- What about Felicia? - I think she would cooperate if it meant protecting her daughter.
But I don't think she knows anything.
So we're nowhere on connecting Abazi to the night market.
Oh, hey.
Uh, so I, uh, I've been looking into the tracker.
And I-I don't suppose you're interested in an update.
You supposed right.
It is incredibly cool.
I mean, uh, well, not the way it was used, of course, but big picture, this thing is insane.
It has a power supply and a microprocessor that is only activated to transmit data when it comes into contact with the target's digestive enzymes.
I must say, I've, uh, had my fill of analyzing the contents of people's stomachs of late.
Oh, that's understandable.
Is there a signature of any kind, something to identify where it was made or by whom? I don't know yet.
I need to keep looking.
Then that's what I want you to do.
There can't be that many people in the world capable of making something this advanced.
I'm confident we'll find him, more confident than I am that we'll find the Chairman.
Abazi won't talk.
Of course not.
But you don't really need him to.
He's our connection to the Chairman.
A connection we can't make unless he talks.
So just say that he talked.
Tell the world that you've been investigating the night market and are preparing to shut it down.
None of which is true.
Well, what is true, Harold, is that rumor can drive the market.
That's why Banda Korce's stock went up, on the rumor that they'd found the government informant.
You want to flush out the Chairman? Spread the rumor that Abazi sang like a canary.
Which no one can contradict because he's in custody.
You want me to lie through my teeth at a press conference? I want you to apply situational ethics.
Which I find to be immensely enjoyable and ruthlessly effective.
And would make for a fantastic board game.
We got everything.
There's nothing left that can hurt us.
Yeah, it's me.
We need a circuit breaker.
Level Three.
Yes, now.
Before the market drops another 20%.
What's going on? That's what I'm trying to find out.
Abazi is wanted in connection with extortion and money laundering.
His company also trades on a criminal stock market known as the night market.
Abazi has agreed to cooperate fully.
Call a meeting.
All the board members.
I can't believe he talked.
Because he didn't.
It's a trick.
I need to make sure nobody else falls for it.
Chum's in the water.
Our shark won't be able to resist.
- I hope you're right.
- Take the win, Harold.
You did well.
Andrew Kennison.
I don't know who that is.
I need him to go away.
- "Go away"? - Disappear.
New identity.
New life.
- Why? - Because I said so.
Lew, I'm glad you got a lead, but the bartender's friend's gonna have to wait.
He called with a demand.
I can't talk about it now.
Just get here as soon as you can.
- Any word from Ressler? - No.
I reached out to him, but he didn't answer.
- I'm worried about him.
- He's upset.
But he'll be fine.
Sir, your bluff worked.
Check it out.
It is a huge sell-off.
The rumor you spread about Abazi telling us about the night market spooked investors.
The market was down 20% before trading was halted.
Hang on.
Can you stop it? Every other stock is down except that one.
An interesting anomaly, but I don't see how one company bucking the market is relevant to our case.
Maybe not, but that is a company I wish I could invest in.
In a way you do.
COC stands for Concierge of Crime.
It's his company.
You told your investors it was a bluff.
That's why your stock's going up and everybody else's is tanking.
You traded on insider information.
I didn't.
But not on principle, mind you.
I'd do it if it were in my interest, but in this case, it's not.
You didn't bring us this case to take down the night market.
You brought it us to drive up your share price.
Actually, I was aiming for bankruptcy.
And all the freedom that that implies.
You know what? Between the exhumation and other things I'm dealing with, I don't have the bandwidth for your nonsense.
Other things? Do tell.
Why? You never do.
Harold, the market is teetering, but it will recover, unless you move on the Chairman.
Thanks to your bluff, I know how you can do that.
- How? - He's called a meeting.
- I'm on my way to it now.
- Where? I'll tell you, but first, you'll have to give me time to say my piece and go.
Some of you are new to the market.
Others have been listed for years.
But this is the first time any of us have met in person.
That should give you an idea of how important I feel this meeting is.
Now, together, your companies represent 15% of our market cap.
What you do matters.
You panic, others panic.
If you don't, we can weather any storm.
Yeah, but can we weather the FBI? Well, if they have something on us, maybe not.
But they don't.
Abazi didn't talk.
Now, the FBI said that he did because they want to scare investors, get them to panic.
If they could hurt us, they would, but they can't.
So they started a rumor hoping we'll hurt ourselves, and that is exactly what we're doing.
$25 million.
I'll put that in the market by close of business tomorrow, a leadership investment to calm some obviously frayed nerves.
Thank you.
See, that's exactly what we need.
Send a signal to the other investors that the FBI is all sizzle, no steak.
- I do have one condition.
- Which is? The name of the lead investor in my company.
Well, I'm afraid I can't do that.
$30 million.
Reddington, I talked about privacy.
We have rules.
Bend them.
Give me a number.
- You must have one.
- But I don't.
You're willing to risk the market to protect the identity of a single investor? I designed the market interface to protect against this kind of bribe, or was that a threat? I anticipated the need to keep men like you from hanging me off the side of a building every time they felt cheated by a short sale.
So I made sure the identity of each and every investor was shielded, even from me.
Well, I'm sure you all have more to discuss, but I've said what I came to say and heard what I care to hear.
So please excuse me.
Andrew Kennison.
Who is he? An MIT grad student.
What his connection is to any of this, I have no idea.
And voicebox wants him disappeared.
A new ID.
A new life.
So that's what you do.
- Kidnap a grad student? - Buy time.
Keep voicebox happy until we've had a chance to talk to the bartender's friend.
I've got a line on her.
I know that she headed down south.
Maybe she could tell us who put him up to doping you, which would prove your innocence.
Not a good time.
Then I'll be brief.
3726 Sheridan Road.
They have backup.
So come heavy.
What can we tell Kennison to convince him to come with me? My vote, the truth.
I need to speak with my team, give them an assignment.
Then I'll pay Mr.
Kennison a visit.
So, yes, while a leveraged buyback will increase the debit on your balance sheet, we have a number of offshore FBI! Hands! - Hands! - Hands! All right, all right.
Abazi did talk.
Sang like a bird.
And the melody it was all about you.
Andrew Kennison.
Harold Cooper, FBI.
What's this about? We have reason to believe your life is in danger.
An agent with the Bureau has been compromised.
He's being blackmailed, and for some reason, the blackmailer wants him to abduct you.
That's insane.
Why? I was hoping you could tell me.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
It this some kind of joke? I can assure you, this is deadly serious.
I've contacted the Marshal Service.
They're prepared to move you somewhere safe until the danger's passed.
Move Move me? Move me where? I'll explain it all in the car.
The codes.
How do you decrypt them? We have rules.
I don't break them.
Name the companies that trade on the night market and you can help yourself.
Perhaps save yourself.
I'm here because you lied.
Now you want me to break my word? And you're the good guys? You created a market that channeled billions into criminal enterprises.
Freddie Mac.
Who channeled billions to them? Have you arrested anyone on Wall Street who financed their crimes? Hey, how about credit default swaps? Sub-prime lending.
In 2008, those markets crashed the world economy, wiped out over $10 trillion worth of wealth, cost 8 million people their jobs.
Did you arrest anyone for that? Oh, yeah.
One guy.
I may lose my freedom.
But if it's all the same to you I'll keep my integrity.
Harold, come in.
Have a seat.
Can I get you anything? No, I'm fine.
After Elizabeth died, I let things go.
Lot of things.
People, businesses, trade routes, landing rights.
Streams of income.
When I came back, I was illiquid.
So I incorporated and sold stock on the night market and got what I needed.
And something I didn't.
A hostile takeover.
By whom, I don't know.
But someone courted my shareholders in secret and bought a controlling interest in my Company.
That's why you wanted to drive down the share price.
- To force them out.
- Yes.
But they refused to sell.
Whoever it is has a stranglehold on me and they won't let go.
That's what you wanted from the Chairman A name.
The tracking device.
Where are we on it? According to Aram, there's nothing in DARPA's files or the NSF.
He's still looking, but we haven't traced it to anyone yet.
You think they're connected.
Or had someone give it to her.
Does it work? To calm you down.
And if so, can you teach me how to do it? The "other things" you're dealing with.
I'm down a path.
It's dark and taking me to places I don't want to go.
I wanna turn back, but I don't know how.
I was born to a dark path.
It's the only path I know.
I've learned how to recognize light when I see it.
To stop and stare.
I reach for it.
In the hope that it'll Shed its light on me.
And every once in a while, I'm able to bask in its warmth for a moment before moving on in the dark.
That's my life.
Don't make it yours.
Go home to your wife and kid.
You okay? I'm told they're bringing her back.
Are you okay? I didn't fall off the wagon, if that's what you're asking.
I thought about it.
These last few weeks, I felt so good.
But this I'm not gonna lie.
This was a real gut punch.
Of course it was.
But you need to find a way to take life's punches without slipping.
And we're here to help you do that.
We? I was worried.
I didn't know where you'd gone, so I told them.
Told them what? Everything.
Back to the pee test.
I get it if you're mad, but they care for you and wanna help.
It's all good.
None of us are perfect.
Look, I appreciate what you're doing, but we're not in the same boat.
Okay, I walked away from a multimillion-dollar start-up, after blowing my life savings and the life savings of one of my closest friend's parents.
I lied to my husband about being a field agent.
You also lied about being a paid assassin.
He offered blind loyalty to the most wanted fugitive in the world.
I wake up in strange rooms.
Covered in vomit.
You're right.
That's a That's a different boat.
It's a different ocean.
Which is why we're here.
You can't slay demons alone.
None of us can.
Look, if you don't want to do this for us, then let us do it for her.
It's what she'd expect us to do.
Look who I found.
Meems! Where was she? In Pinky's car.
You left her there after the opera.
You know you can ask me anything About your mom, your grandparents.
Whatever questions you have, I'll tell you what I know.
About Mimi, too.
Mimi? She's a very special bunny.
You see this scar? She got it after your grandfather hid a flash drive inside of her that contained a very important secret.
What kind of secret? A secret that changed the course of world history.
The entire world is the way it is because of a secret hidden inside that bunny.
By my grandfather? Yes.
Raymond Reddington.
That's Pinky's name.
Yes, well, it's a long story.
But it's my story.
Yes, I guess it is.
Tell it.
Once upon a time, a woman named Katarina met a man named Raymond.
One was Russian, one was American.
And they spied for their countries and on each other, and they didn't agree on anything except that they loved their daughter your mother more than life itself.
They weren't alone in that, by the way.
A lot of people loved your mother.

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