The Blacklist s10e01 Episode Script

The Night Owl

No. No, no, no, no, no.
That's three in a row, Pops.
Maybe we should go back to Go Fish.
No. Shuffle up, deal again.
Just give me a minute.
I should grab this.
Aram, what a nice surprise.
- Mr. Cooper.
- Charlene was just asking about you,
and I couldn't tell her anything,
where you're living,
what you're up to these days.
I know, I know. I'm sorry.
I've been meaning to. I I just
I've been getting settled,
but I'm good. I'm really good.
- I'm great, actually.
- How's New York?
Uh, well, maybe I could
tell you in person.
You guys are here, aren't you?
The task force is in New York?
No, we're not even up and running.
Reddington took the sisters
home to Guatemala.
That was over six months ago.
We're just twiddling our thumbs
till he gets back.
Well, Mr. Reddington is here.
What? Where?
I just saw him.
Saw him? In Manhattan?
Yeah. Outside The Met.
Across the street from the museum.
He was, uh He was just walking.
- By himself?
- Yeah, no security. No car, either.
I called out to him, and he saw me,
and then he just got in a cab.
Aram, are you sure?
You're sure it was him?
Yeah, it was him.
He looked kind of different.
But it was It was definitely him.
Mr. Cooper? A-Are you still there?
Yes, I'm sorry. It's just
things were pretty good
with Reddington before he left.
We'd agreed to be more forthcoming
with each other. If he were back
He is.
Okay, but if you're right,
why was he there?
What was he doing?
It's a bomb!
Aram, are you all right?
Aram? Aram, are you all right?
Please tell me you're coming in to help.
You're still at it?
How much have you done?
About half.
I swear, it's taking me longer to
document Marvin Gerard's case
than it did to expose him
in the first place.
- Take a break.
- I can't.
Raymond won't be away forever.
We need to take advantage
of this downtime.
- You still haven't heard from him?
- Nothing.
There's a bed and breakfast
in Quezaltenango.
He's probably having a champurrado
on the terrace.
Aram just saw him in New York.
- Say that again?
- Apparently, Raymond's back.
And probably connected to
an explosion that happened
a few minutes ago at a
townhouse on the Upper East Side.
I'll give Chuck a call right away.
I just tried. No answer.
Which isn't surprising.
If he's blowing up townhouses,
he probably doesn't feel like
taking questions.
- No idea what it's about?
- No.
But it can't be good.
I'm coming in.
I have to admit, I was
getting used to the time off,
being home with Charlene and Agnes.
I feel old.
You got this, old man.
Well, I'm good.
I mean, the truth is,
every day's a struggle.
Not just recovery, um,
which so far, it's
Look. I-I'm okay.
It's just mostly, uh
I have a hard time
letting go of the past.
I mean, it's in my nature
to want to fix things and
Take your time, Donald.
It's just hard f-for me to accept.
I lost someone I loved, and
it can't be undone.
I mean, I
I became an addict.
I hit bottom.
I wish it didn't happen,
but it did.
And letting that go
and leaving that be
It's hard for me.
But, uh, here I am.
And today
I'm 311 days sober.
That's wonderful. Good for you.
You don't answer your phone?
I carried that Bureau phone
for two months
after Reddington left.
It didn't ring, I put it away.
- So, uh, is he back?
- Not exactly.
Come on. I'll explain
on the way to New York.
- Ed Pickford.
- Sergeant.
I'm Agent Ressler. This is Agent Zuma.
- Apologies for the big foot.
- Man, you FBI guys work fast.
My people were still clearing
the area when the Bureau
let us know a team was
coming up from DC to run point.
How are things looking?
A lot of damage.
Fire's saying a single device,
detonated in a room on the top floor.
- Anyone hurt?
- Unknown at this time.
Look, I'd love to be able to tell you
we know what happened here,
but to be honest,
our hands are tied.
Especially since we can't
enter the building.
Why not?
'Cause it belongs
to the Chinese government.
It's registered as an official
annex of the Consulate.
An annex?
We've got over 100
foreign missions in the city,
plenty with multiple locations.
No police inside without permission.
He blew up part of
the Chinese Consulate?
"He"? You fellas have a theory
on who might've done this?
No, not really,
but how do we find the person
- that can give us permission?
- You won't have to.
Something tells me
he's about to find you.
Excuse me. May I please speak
to whomever's in charge?
Agent Ressler, FBI.
My name in Chin Yao,
head of this Consular Post.
Mr. Chin, we're just beginning
our investigation,
but we believe this explosion
was a targeted attack.
I see. And who do you
believe was responsible?
Well, we don't know, but you can be sure
that the Bureau will keep you
informed of our progress.
I see the building has security cameras.
We'd appreciate you giving us
access to that footage.
I'm afraid that's not possible.
And why's that?
Because we are not requesting
an American investigation.
Someone set off a device
in one of your buildings,
and you don't want to know who or why?
If a crime was committed, my staff is
more than capable of handling
the matter on its own.
How? Your staff has no
law enforcement authority here.
I'm not here to debate
the matter, Agent Ressler.
I'm informing you.
- Eddie.
- Yeah, Billy?
- One down. This the Bureau?
- Yes.
Sir, you're gonna want to see this.
Agent Ressler, to be clear,
the FBI is not authorized
to enter the premises.
The property is inviolable.
By authority of the Vienna
Convention on Consular
Best we can tell, she was
the only one on the floor
at the time of the explosion,
but we'll keep looking.
With that much force,
why's the body still intact?
We think the device was sitting
on a mail cart in this area.
Looks like she got partial coverage
from the desk and this file cabinet.
And there's this.
Looks like a laptop under her right arm.
Can you identify this woman?
Your presence here is unlawful!
Yeah, we heard you, but you're not here
to debate the matter, remember?
At this point, you'll have to take
that up with the Attorney General.
Yeah, this is now a federal
homicide investigation.
Has the situation been contained?
No, Wujing, not at all.
The FBI is inside.
They have recovered
your associate's body.
You were supposed to prevent
them from gaining access.
Don't tell me what I was supposed to do.
You were supposed to keep a low profile.
The Ministry doesn't know I helped you.
Remember who you're talking to.
I took a risk out of respect
for our history.
But you're a fugitive.
If our government knew anything about-
Moores is dead.
We needed her help.
She told us enough.
Everything stays on schedule.
It was Reddington.
He'll do anything to keep me
from proving the truth.
But I will.
And he will suffer for what he has done.
Okay, you're not gonna believe this.
The body recovered
from the Chinese Consulate?
It was Jennifer Anne Moores.
Moores. How do I know that name?
Jennifer Moores
was once on The Blacklist.
She was a key member of a heist crew
known as The Fribourg Confidence.
Thieves who
specialized in robbing criminals.
Back then, Elizabeth
hired them to steal a flash drive
from one of Raymond's
safe deposit boxes.
I remember.
But we arrested them.
So why isn't she in prison?
Because she cooperated
with our investigation.
And it seems like that went a
long way with the US Attorney.
She did 19 months at Hazelton
and was paroled five months ago.
I don't get it. What's a former
Blacklister on parole
doing at an annex of the
Chinese Consulate in New York?
Moores was a master thief.
It's reasonable to assume
that she was hired to steal something.
By the Chinese?
Why would they look to her?
And how's all this connected
to Reddington?
I will say this, whatever she was doing,
clearly Reddington didn't want it done.
We do have a lead.
Problem is, we don't have Aram.
We could call the Lab,
have them send another tech,
but I don't like flying blind.
I'd prefer to keep this task force only
until we know what we're dealing with.
- You want to bring on a new agent?
- At least one.
Cynthia's having
Main Justice send a list.
Aram and Alina won't be easy to replace,
but we can't do this just us.
In the meantime,
I know someone who can help.
One of Reddington's people?
Believe me, if you
want to break into a computer,
this is the guy.
Go for Chuck.
Hey, Chuck. It's Dembe.
I need to speak to Raymond.
Dembe. Hey, buddy. It's been months.
You don't write. You don't call.
You were supposed to call me
when Raymond got back into the States.
And I will.
As soon as I hear,
you'll be the first to know.
Well, top five. Mmm, maybe ten.
So you're not with him?
Are you saying he's already back?
- How do you know?
- How do you not know?
Hey. It's Reddington.
I only know what he wants me to know.
Sent me a postcard a few months back.
- A postcard?
- With a picture of the Tower of London.
All it said was,
"Quick visit to the Tower."
"Invited to the Key Ceremony.
Super fun."
"Wimbledon tomorrow.
Legoland Friday. Red."
He went to London?
I guess so, but then the, uh,
card was postmarked in Uruguay,
and, uh, Dembe,
you understand he signed it "Red."
Yes, I heard.
What's going on?
Why so many public places?
And who's handling his security?
Chuck, make some calls, see if
anyone has heard from him.
I was gonna ask him for
permission to go see Tadashi.
Yeah, I can't help you with that,
but I'll get on the rest of it.
Hey, wish I could be more help,
but I don't know where
the big man is or what's doing.
You! You had my son and me arrested?
Ms. Ito, you're not under arrest.
- These agents were just
- These agents made us
wear blindfolds and ride
in the back of a van!
There are security protocols.
I'm very sorry.
Whoa! Mom, are you seeing this?
It's a War Room.
Do you have any idea
what kind of systems
must be powering a place like this?
Don't get excited. We're not staying.
Where's Raymond, hmm?
I want to have a word with that man.
Raymond doesn't know you're here.
Please. Let me explain.
You left Raymond?
- You don't work together anymore?
- No.
I became a federal agent
about two years ago.
And Raymond knows this?
There's nothing to worry about.
Nothing to worry about?
You're asking Tadashi to help the FBI!
The FBI shouldn't even know his name!
He's applying for business schools.
Oh, my God. All the things
he's done for Raymond.
You know about them? Oh, my God.
All the things Raymond has done for him!
Ms. Ito, we have a situation,
a situation involving Raymond,
and I need Tadashi's help to help him.
Please, Mother.
Stop worrying.
I can do what they're asking.
Look, we need
to move quickly. You have my word.
I promise. Nothing bad
will happen to your son.
Raymond usually pays in cash.
Hey. You looking for me?
How's it going
with Reddington's tech guy?
Good. Dembe just made a deal
with his rep,
who also happens to be his mother.
The guy's barely 19.
Nineteen and already as good as Aram?
Well, I hope so,
because he needs to work fast.
- Why? What's up?
- I just got off with Main Justice.
That man from the Consulate
you spoke with in New York?
He just filed a motion in District Court
to preclude us from
searching Moores' laptop.
At least we know we're looking
in the right place.
Judge Vance wants all parties
in Chambers in half an hour.
We drew Vance?
- If we lose
- No, we can't lose.
I think Reddington took out
Jennifer Moores, and right now
that laptop's the only lead
we have to tell us why.
I'll do my best, but on the merits,
this could go either way.
Let's just hope the kid cracks
it before we get shut down.
Tadashi, I don't mean
to add any pressure,
but it's possible
we're running out of time.
The drive's a disaster!
Any worse, and this would've
been impossible.
Does that mean you can read it?
It's not just the damage
from the explosion,
it's heat from the fire.
Expose a drive to over 300 Celsius,
and you get damage to the
platters and the ROM chip.
Add to that the water damage
from the sprinklers
and the Fire Department
hosing down the building?
You get oxidation
and a warped drive chassis!
Can you read them?
No, but I'm close,
so stop stressing me out.
Dude. Go hang with my mom.
All right. Why don't we get started?
Wendy Flynn for the United States.
I'm here with Assistant Director
Harold Cooper of the FBI.
Good afternoon, Your Honor.
Don't be so sure, Director Cooper.
I read Mr. Chin's motion.
This may not be
a "good afternoon"
for the Bureau after all.
Thank you, Your Honor.
For the record, Chin Yao,
on behalf of the Consulate.
- I'm listening.
- Your Honor,
this matter falls squarely
within the provisions
of the Vienna Convention
on Consular Relations,
a treaty to which
182 nation states are party,
including the United States and China.
As you know, the principle
of property inviolability
is well established and requires
that the consular state consent
to any entry by the receiving authority.
Not any entry, Mr. Chin.
They're allowed to enter
for an emergency
requiring prompt protective action.
I'm gonna guess that you're not
upset about the Fire Department
risking their lives
to protect your staff
and your precious annex?
No, and we're grateful
for their assistance.
But the FBI is another matter.
Your Honor, if I could be heard
No. Him.
Director Cooper, these were your agents
acting as part of a task force
that you oversee?
That's right, Your Honor.
And those agents were told,
in clear and unambiguous terms,
that their entry was not authorized?
- Yes.
- And they proceeded anyway.
And not only did they enter,
- they removed the laptop in question.
- They seized evidence.
- Which they had no right to do.
- Let him talk.
I'd refer Your Honor
to Article 55 of the VCCR.
Anyone enjoying consular
privileges has a duty
to respect the laws
of the receiving state.
Consular premises can't be used in a way
that's incompatible
with consular functions.
And this was? Incompatible?
Absolutely. The woman killed
at this "annex"
was a career criminal on parole.
An American with no official
consular mission.
Bottom line, we believe
she was there in furtherance of a crime.
You believe, but your agents had nothing
to even suggest as much at the time.
If Mr. Chin were operating
a drug lab on the premises,
we'd have a right to seize the drugs.
But this wasn't a drug lab,
Director Cooper.
Drugs are contraband on their face.
Your agents were investigating a crime,
not seizing proof of one.
I'll ask Mr. Chin point blank.
Why was Jennifer Moores
inside that building?
What was her legitimate purpose
for being there?
And I'm telling
Director Cooper point blank,
I do not have to answer your questions.
Yes, yes, yes! I'm in.
Looks like there were
five active files in use
when the drive was disabled.
Can you access them?
Not all of them. Three so far.
But I should be able
to get the other two.
We're close.
Close, but no cigar. It's over.
Vance just ordered us to stop any search
and return the laptop.
Tadashi, we have to stop.
Stop? Now?
I'm almost there.
I can get the other files.
No, you can't.
I know you're used to
working for Raymond,
but this is different.
I'm an agent now, and we have rules.
Okay, we may not have a full pictures,
but the files we recovered
before Vance's orders
tell us a lot about what was going on.
Apparently, Jennifer Moores
was casing Luxe International.
It's a private company that specializes
in fine-art storage and logistics.
According to their website,
they "store and transport expensive
and priceless works of art
for a global clientele."
They're headquartered on Montserrat,
a British overseas territories
in the Caribbean.
- So Moores was planning a heist?
- Definitely.
Luxe operates as a Freeport,
which means it's a tax haven
for the wealthy.
The stuff in there is worth billions.
Of course, nobody is supposed to know
what's in there,
because the list isn't public.
But Jennifer Moores had one,
and she was focused on
one item in particular,
a sculpture called The Night Owl.
By Picasso?
I'm no expert, but sculpture's
not the first thing I think
about when I hear that name.
He made over 1,000. And a lot of owls.
Some say he became obsessed over them
after he found a wounded owl
in his studio.
"The Night Owl."
Luxe just got the shipment.
It was part of a woman's estate,
and when she died,
they put it in storage.
Any idea what it's worth?
The Met just sold a Picasso sculpture
- for over $48 million.
- So, what are we saying?
That the Chinese hired Moores,
a former Blacklister,
to help them steal this Night Owl?
Maybe Reddington wants it for himself.
I mean, at this point, we have
three-fifths of the story.
So we stay on it. You two, get to Luxe.
Make sure they know
they've been targeted.
Richard Deever.
I'm head of security here at Luxe.
This is one of my associates,
Siya Malik.
Thanks for agreeing to see us.
Well, we're the ones saying thanks.
Our clients trust us with their
most treasured possessions,
so obviously, we take any
credible threat seriously.
In your call to corporate,
you said you think
- we've been targeted?
- We know you were.
By a career criminal and master thief.
This specific person
is no longer a danger,
but we don't know who else
she was working with.
From what we can tell,
she was targeting a specific sculpture.
A Picasso called The Night Owl.
Which we understand
was recently delivered here.
It was, but that
information was never made public.
Obviously, we keep the content
of all our shipments
strictly confidential.
The Night Owl'snot one of
Picasso's better-known works.
The fact that it even exists
was a closely-guarded secret.
Can I ask where you got this?
I'm sorry. I can't disclose that.
It's part of an ongoing
federal investigation.
We can't protect ourselves
if we don't understand what
Fine. Then I'd like to speak
to the agent in charge.
That "agent" is Harold Cooper,
the Assistant Director of the FBI.
You You work for Harold Cooper?
That's right.
Harold Cooper runs a secret task force.
So secret, most FBI agents
don't know about it.
And you do?
Yes, because my mother
used to work for Harold Cooper.
Her name was Meera Malik.
You're Meera's daughter?
You knew her?
We not only knew her.
She was a friend.
And a A very fine agent.
Perhaps you could give us a minute.
If we can verify what we just heard,
I think we should show them around.
Bad idea. We can handle this ourselves.
Thank them for the intel
and let them go.
Hmm. Let me guess.
Your boss says thanks for the tip,
but, uh, you should give us the brush.
A guy with Harold Cooper's connections
could change that with one phone call.
One "inter-agency" phone call.
You two don't take no for an answer.
Apparently, your boss made a phone call.
Follow us, please.
As you may have guessed,
this facility is a front.
It functions as a black site.
- International?
- Yes.
Used by a number of allied agencies.
High-end art storage is a strong cover.
It explains the heavy security,
shipments coming in and out,
and all interactions with the public
are by appointment only.
I'm with the Agency.
Most of the other operatives
on site are also CIA.
Agent Malik is with MI6.
You were right. We did just receive
The Night Owl, but it's not a sculpture.
It's a code name for a prisoner
we recently transported.
We brought him here to be interrogated.
It would seem that somehow
your thief found out.
- His name is Al
- Alban Veseli.
You know him?
We call him The Freelancer.
This just isn't gonna work.
I mean, all of this
would have to come out.
It's ridiculous.
It looks like a cruise ship.
Like, what's this? A balcony?
Yes, it's a balcony
on the mezzanine level.
Is that where the water slide
and the wave pool are?
On the mezzanine level?
Mr. Reddington, this place
checks a lot of your boxes.
Thirty thousand square feet,
no windows, high ceilings.
I don't need high ceilings, Andrea.
I need at least two stories,
not just a mezzanine.
They do fully catered events,
which means it has a working kitchen.
- I know you didn't request that
- You're right. I didn't.
A kitchen is nice, but I don't need it.
You need to work with me here.
Two or more stories
means stairs, elevators.
This is more efficient.
And it's a beautiful kitchen.
Oh, stop with the kitchen already.
There's nothing I love more
than a great kitchen.
We could get in your car right now
and I could take you to any
number of fabulous kitchens
and cook you a gorgeous meal.
A lovely roast chicken, a duck breast.
But for our purposes here,
what I'm looking for
I don't need a kitchen.
And this has been open to the public.
The place I need has to be discreet.
I need it to be invisible.
That doesn't exist.
You mean you haven't found it yet.
No, I mean it doesn't exist!
A vacant space that large in this area?
Remember, I can only
show you what's available.
Okay, well, don't take this
the wrong way, Andrea,
but that's the first
helpful thing you've said.
So it does exist.
It's just being used by somebody else.
Maybe. Yes.
Are you saying you want
to buy someone out?
How about I buy you lunch and
you tell me everything you know
about the companies that
have factories in the area?
About two years ago,
a natural-gas pipeline ruptured
just outside the town of Glennshire,
eighty miles north of London.
The blast leveled four blocks
and killed 17 people.
You're talking about the blast
that killed Randall Ames.
Yes, a member of Parliament
and the UK's Anti-Corruption Champion.
He was on holiday
in Glennshire with his wife.
At first, we thought
it was just a tragic accident,
but a closer look made us believe
the pipeline was sabotaged.
A mass accident designed
to cover up a single murder.
We're familiar with the M.O.
Veseli was briefly
out of prison around that time.
That's when Keen got him released.
MI6 made a request,
and the Agency brought him here
for questioning.
But to be honest,
we haven't had much luck.
He hasn't said a word.
- He'll talk to us.
- And why would he do that?
Let's just say, uh, we have a history.
I swear. Now I've seen everything.
You're telling me
the FBI gave you a badge?
Things change, Alban.
Although, you seem like the
exact same man you always were.
I should've known that pipeline
in Glennshire was you.
A little work I took on the side.
Agent Keen had no idea.
I was, uh I was sad to hear
about her passing.
Watch what you say about Keen.
What am I supposed to say?
She set me up, just like Reddington.
Got me out of prison,
sent me to crash a plane,
then warned the FBI so that
the Bureau could re-arrest me.
Well, we'll have to walk down
memory lane another time.
I want to know about
Jennifer Anne Moores.
Wow. Didn't see that coming.
Mostly because
I have no idea who that is.
She was working on a plan
to set you free.
Oh, I like her already.
What's your connection
to the Chinese Consulate?
Fellas. I'm willing to play.
But it would help if I at least
knew the game.
We're supposed to believe
that you don't?
Jennifer Moores
was tracking your movements,
casing the black site
where you were being sent,
and you're telling us that
you knew nothing about that?
Lock it down.
You were right.
Maybe that was the FBI outside.
In fact, maybe they're not just outside.
Maybe they're right here in this room.
Think hard before you
accuse anybody of anything.
Wujing. Two minutes out.
Tell our people to proceed.
Clear to proceed.
I think you'll be pleased.
Did you hear that?
Automatic rifle.
Hundred bucks it's an M-16.
We have to get him out of here.
Watch your back! Code four!
Alban Veseli is somewhere
in this building.
Find him.
- We have to go.
- Go?
We have full security on site,
with military training.
Well, whoever's coming knows that.
They wouldn't have attacked
the building unless they knew
that they had the manpower
to overrun your security.
Overrun? You mean
kill everyone in the building?
They want him,
and they won't leave without him.
There must be another way out of here.
Yes. Motor pool.
We have cars stationed there,
but on the other side of the building.
Get Veseli ready to move.
We have to assume
they know where to look,
and we need to be gone
when they get here.
Agent Ressler?
Cooper, we're under attack.
We're taking heavy fire.
How's that possible?
You're at an Agency black site.
It was Alban Veseli. "The Night Owl"?
The heist Jennifer Moores was planning,
it was a rescue op to recover Veseli.
Can you get out?
There's a motor pool.
If we can make it there,
maybe we can still get out!
So it's Veseli's people
behind the attack?
Look, whoever you called,
call them back!
Tell them their teams on the
ground need reinforcements now!
They're too close!
We'll try to keep them back!
You two keep going!
- Get him out of here!
- We can't just leave you!
Nobody's leaving anybody.
We'll be right behind you.
A tad optimistic. I want a hug goodbye.
- Go! Move!
- Go, go!
What are the chances of backup?
Getting here on time? Slim to none!
We're at a covert black site
on a Caribbean island.
- Then how do they know?
- What do you mean?
Whoever's doing this,
how did they get that intel?
We gotta get out of here!
Something's wrong.
They have too much info.
We gotta make a run for it! Come on!
Maybe they figured out
where Veseli was being taken,
but how did they know the code name?
And where'd they get
the list of the art?
It was someone on the inside.
Sorry, Malik. I'll take it from here.
I know. I didn't see it coming myself.
I'm a cliche.
A spy who turned for the money.
All I can tell you is
it is a whole lot of money.
I can't let you take him.
- Good for you.
- Drop the gun, Siya.
Believe me, this guy is
not worth dying for.
Drop it.
Go! Go! Come on!
Wujing's here! We gotta go now!
It was Deever. She was hit,
but she's wearing a vest.
Okay. Thank you.
Nothing yet.
We issued a BOLO on all three,
Wujing, Veseli, and Deever.
But they could be anywhere
in the world by now.
What about flights off the island?
Three private flights left Montserrat
within an hour of the attack.
We're checking manifests,
but Wujing knows better
than to leave a paper trail.
So Meera's daughter became an MI6 agent?
- Her name is Siya.
- I met her once.
After Meera was killed, I flew to London
to pay my respects to her family.
She couldn't have been older than 15.
That trip was one of the hardest things
I've ever had to do in this job.
Her husband and kids asking what
I couldn't tell them anything.
Well, she asked to see you.
- She insisted on flying back with us.
- I'd like that.
That bullet banged her up pretty good,
so we took her over to DC General first,
just to make sure she's okay.
There's a lot of names from the past.
Jennifer Moores, Alban Veseli,
and now Wujing.
The ministry has a plane waiting.
We'll be in Beijing this time tomorrow.
Oh, we're not going home.
Not until I find and kill
Raymond Reddington.
Reddington? Wujing,
we can't do that alone.
We won't have to.
I have a list of others
who will be glad to join the fight.
That's three former
Blacklisters connected to this case.
We were notified when Wujing escaped.
The Bureau's got a dozen agents on it,
but they never picked up a trail.
Apparently, he was working with
Moores to break Veseli out of custody.
Why? Wujing is an assassin.
What's the connection?
You've got to be kidding.
Guess who just cleared security.
Hmm. Reddington.
He's on his way down.
Ah. The gang's all here.
Well, not much of the gang.
More of a coffee klatch.
Raymond, we've been trying to reach you.
Yes? Well, apologies.
I've been busier than expected.
Busy? As in blowing up
former Blacklisters
at foreign consulates?
No, Donald. That didn't take
much time at all.
But if you know about Jennifer Moores,
then you know
a serious threat has arisen.
I didn't reach out, Harold,
because I thought
I hoped that I could contain
the matter myself,
but now, unfortunately,
that seems unlikely.
You're talking about Wujing.
He's the threat.
Wujing is the weapon
fired in my direction
as a last parting shot by Marvin Gerard.
Marvin's behind this?
They could have met at Coolidge.
They were both housed
on the same cellblock.
I'm aware, but Wujing's escape
happened after Marvin's death.
I didn't make the connection.
Wujing's been asking questions about me,
about any relationship with the FBI.
Marvin must have told him.
So Wujing knows about the task force.
Raymond is not your friend.
He's the reason you're in here.
What do you mean?
He's a confidential informant.
He has an immunity deal with the Feds.
He feeds them criminals like you,
and he keeps his freedom.
He knows whatever Marvin told him,
but, still, that isn't the same
as having proof, so
He doesn't just want to kill you.
He wants the criminal world
to know about us.
Jennifer Moores. Veseli.
Wujing's approaching Blacklisters,
criminals we sent to jail.
Some of our former
targets are now his targets.
You should increase their security.
This is only the beginning.
Well, that's all I have for you.
Where's Chuck?
I don't know.
Who's in charge of your security?
Weecha's not with you?
- No.
- Where are you living?
New York, mostly.
How did you get here?
Took the train.
What a nap. Slept the whole way.
Where are you going?
Is there a car waiting for you?
Dembe, I'm fine. I'll just grab a cab.
What's going on?
Well, nothing and everything.
Watch your head.
- She's here.
- Great.
Siya. Please, come in.
Blindfold. Black-out van.
You guys have more security
protocols than the White House.
We've had some issues.
We're being more careful these days.
- Harold Cooper.
- Siya Malik.
It's been a while.
It has.
Sorry for that.
I wish we'd kept in touch.
It's nice to see you.
You know, even all these years later,
I sometimes think of the day we met.
So do I.
But I'm guessing
we remember it differently.
- How do you mean?
- You may not realize it,
but you made a big impression
on the teenage me.
I've always been incredibly grateful
for how you spoke to us that day.
You couldn't tell us anything,
but we knew.
That was as hard for you to say
as it was for us to hear.
You became an agent.
I had no idea.
And MI6.
You're not just an agent. You're a spy.
- You sound surprised.
- I'm thinking about your father.
He must be the one who was surprised.
And terrified. But he's coming around.
I don't make a practice
of talking with him about my day-to-day.
What made you choose this kind of life?
Just too many secrets.
When my mother died,
you couldn't tell me
who she worked with, what she did,
or even how she was killed.
I think I decided right then and there,
I'd do whatever it took
to get in the room
where the secrets are revealed.
And you've done it.
Well, not completely.
That's why I'm here.
Maybe it wasn't an accident,
us crossing paths like this.
It wasn't?
Maybe it's time for me
to finally know more
about the work my mother did.
If it was that important,
maybe it's time for me to
continue what she started.
Siya, that's complicated.
Please, just hear me out.
I'm involved now, yeah?
I lost colleagues and friends
in that attack.
And Deever? I will find him.
The secrets you spoke of
are only shared with members
of this task force.
I'm in the same position now
as I was back then.
You are, but I'm not.
I can talk to my superiors at SIS.
They could loan me to your task force,
just until this case is done.
Let me think about it.
I don't know what this place is,
but something tells me
it only exists for the people
who work here.
I'll be in touch.
I hope so.
You need agents you can trust.
I'm one.
Mr. Deever.
You have lived up to your word.
If you give us a moment,
my associate will transfer your money
and discuss your next assignment.
Do I know you, friend?
My name is Wujing.
We're not friends, Mr. Veseli.
But we do have a common enemy.
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