The Blacklist s10e04 Episode Script

The Hyena (No. 200)

Thank you.
How’s the evening so far, sir?
Very good. Having a nice meal.
How many clues have you solved?
What’s that?
The clues.
To the hidden treasure.
How many have you solved?
I think you have the wrong person.
I know exactly who you are,
Mr. Browning,
and as you are the executor
of Warren Bostwick’s estate,
I know what you have access to.
How many clues have you solved?
Excuse me.
How. Many. Clues.
None. I swear.
I-I wasn’t allowed in the room
when the will was read!
I-I tried to listen,
but I didn’t hear anything!
I believe you.
- Harold.
- Excuse me.
Why are you in my home at this hour?
This is not okay.
You’re right. It’s not.
I understand that.
And under any other circumstances,
I wouldn’t have imposed.
Did you sleep here?
A ver quick catnap.
Just on the bench over there.
Truly, a half-hour at most,
and then the time it took
to put together breakfast.
You see, I was at Mount Vernon,
playing a very small part
in a Revolutionary War reenactment,
when I got to drinking quite late
with the 1st Delaware Regiment.
One thing led to another.
Those Blue Hen boys really know
how to hold their whiskey.
What is going on with you?
Do you even have a home anymore?
Please. Sit down, Harold.
Have some coffee.
We’ve got business to discuss.
Like Robert Vesco?
Tell me that wasn’t you
that broke him out of prison.
I read he escaped from a hospital.
Just as well.
Prison’s no place for a man
of Robert Vesco’s stature
or advanced age.
You realize that we have to track
him down now now and arrest him.
Well, you could do that,
but you’ll be leaving
three young women in mortal danger.
The Hyena is on the hunt.
A Blacklister?
Of the lowest order.
Are you familiar with Warren Bostwick?
New York hedge-fund titan.
Died a couple years back.
They say they never
recovered his fortune.
Ah. Last week, Bostwick’s attorney
was found dead in the
men’s room at Benneker’s.
What looked like a slip and fall
was really the work of the Hyena.
When professional thieves
or white-collar criminals
are imprisoned,
their stolen goods are rarely recovered.
Do you know why?
They’re too well-hidden.
Waiting for the felon’s
jail sentence to end
so they can be reclaimed.
And that’s when the Hyena strikes.
A scavenger by nature,
he sniffs out the hidden spoils
by shaking down family members
and associates,
torturing them, murdering them.
Warren Bostwick may have played it
fast and loose in the market,
but he was not a criminal.
No, but old Warren did
leave behind a hidden fortune
worth hundreds of millions,
and the Hyena has caught the scent.
His real name is Sean Bane.
He uses extreme violence to
hunt down what he’s looking for,
and right now he’s hunting
the lost fortune of this man.
One week before his death,
Warren Bostwick liquidated his portfolio
and transferred his massive
wealth into an unknown account.
To date, those funds
haven’t been recovered.
Bane is deviating from his usual M.O.
by targeting an innocent man’s fortune.
Last week, he killed
Bostwick’s attorney.
His next logical target
would be Bostwick’s
three surviving daughters.
Yes, and protecting them won’t be easy.
Cordelia’s in a remote village
in Bolivia doing relief work
Alex went off the grid
eight months ago
and Kendall’s the only one
we have a location on.
She was CFO of her
father’s company until his death.
She’s now living in
his Westchester mansion.
Sorry, but Wujing is amassing
Blacklisters as we speak
to take down Reddington.
I mean, why would he divert us
to babysit a bunch of rich women?
It doesn’t matter. They’re in danger.
Ressler, Dembe, meet with Kendall.
Agent Malik, I want you to reach out
to some of your international contacts,
see if you can track down
the other two sisters.
Hello, Robert.
Hmm! I’m limper than a drunk jellyfish.
I haven’t had
a Turkish massage like that
since that hammam in Antalya.
Well, after a year in lockup,
you deserve it.
Lunch from Mama’s TOO!
will be here within the hour.
Hmm. Raymond
I love the hospitality here,
but I feel like I’m being
fattened up for a slaughter.
When does the axe fall?
There’s no axe.
So, what gives?
First you bust me out of prison.
Now you’re treating me
like a hairy princess.
I’ve lost a lot of people, Robert.
If my circle of friends
gets any smaller,
it won’t be a circle.
I just want to fill my world
with people I care about.
What a crock of crap.
You need me for a job or what?
I need you for a job.
Don Browning didn’t
trip and fall in that bathroom.
Your father’s attorney was murdered.
We have strong reason to believe
there’s a violent criminal
chasing his fortune,
which puts you and your sisters
in danger.
Forgive me, gentlemen,
but you’re beginning
to sound like the conspiracy nuts.
I mean, there are entire subreddits
devoted to the mystery
of why Warren Bostwick
liquidated all of his holdings.
And what can you tell us about that?
How about I let my father tell you?
In my dwindling days here on Earth,
I’ve made a bleak discovery.
I may be a market genius,
but I’m a lousy parent.
My three adult daughters
are just waiting for me to die
so they can cash out.
I can feel that every time you visit me.
You three are strangers to me
and barely sisters to each other.
That’s why I’m leaving this video,
in hopes that I may do in death
what I failed to do in life
teach you to work hard
and to work together.
It’s the only way
you’ll ever see my money.
As part of his effort to make
them earn their inheritance,
old Warren consolidated
his assets into Bitcoin.
Some financial wizard.
He took a bath there, huh?
On the contrary.
Even after the market crash,
Warren’s fortune has doubled
since his death.
But more importantly,
all his crypto funds
are stored in one location.
An anonymous digital wallet.
I’ve created a passcode for that wallet,
which I’ve split into three pieces.
At the end of this message,
I’m going to read you a poem I wrote.
The poem is a treasure map,
its lines filled with hidden clues
drawn from his personal life.
Solve the clues to reveal the passcodes
and access ungodly riches.
Have the three of you been able
to solve any of the clues together?
Together was never an option. No.
I mean, I love my sisters,
but they’re free spirits.
They don’t know how to hold onto money.
But when I find the funds,
I’ll provide for them.
As the eldest sister, it’s my job.
Wait. The eldest? You’re triplets.
And I’m the eldest by 12 minutes.
Who knows about the existence
of the clues and the hidden passcodes?
As far as I know, now that
Don Browning is dead,
just myself and my sisters.
Can we get a copy of the poem?
Why? So you can become
weekend treasure hunters?
I’m sorry, but I need to
get back to work, agents.
Thank you for warning me of the danger.
Sorry, but w-we’ve been
authorized to provide you
with a full-time FBI detail.
And I appreciate that offer, I do,
but I’m sure my security team
can handle any threats
that find their way here.
Thank you.
For two years, Warren’s own daughters
haven’t figured it out.
What makes you think we can?
Well, we’re men of a certain age
who tippled with Warren
on many a balmy night in Mustique.
Robert, I’d venture to say
that you and I know far more details
of Warren’s personal life
than even his own daughters.
Well, what the hell?
The girls had their chance.
Shall I read the first stanza
of the poem?
You have it?
"To find the answer that you seek
you’ll need to sit with Hemingway.
To Have or Have Not your desire.
Just stay until the sun’s last ray."
How did you get ahold of that?
"To Have or Have Not."
Warren’s daughter Kendall
secretly paid a cryptanalyst
to comb thorough the entire
book for hidden cyphers.
That’s how this whole affair
came to my attention.
The cryptanalyst is one of
my better-paid resources.
Oh. Hemingway.
W-Warren always struck me
as more of a Faulkner guy.
You were struck correctly.
I once heard Warren call
Hemingway "a drunk Neanderthal
who couldn’t string six words together."
So he hated Hemingway.
But he loved his
Arturo Fuente Hemingway cigars.
Ooh. Hand-rolled in the Dominican.
Always kept a box
in the humidor in his study.
Robert, did you just solve a clue?
Well, maybe half a clue.
To figure out the rest,
we need to find a way
into Warren’s study.
FBI. For Miss Bostwick.
Go up and see her if you want.
Miss Bostwick told you.
She doesn’t require
any FBI protect
Good evening, Miss Bostwick.
It’s time you and I had a friendly chat.
I arrived at 7:00 a.m. for my shift,
and her body was cold
when I found it hanging here,
and I called you straight away.
- Was there a night guard here?
- Jimmy.
He’s always here when I check in,
but this morning,
there was no sign of him.
I guess Kendall sent him out
so she could, uh
Look, why don’t you write down
his cellphone number
and address for me, huh?
M.E. says he can’t determine
a cause of death
until after the autopsy.
Don’t need an M.E.
to tell me what happened here.
This wasn’t a suicide.
The Hyena is working his way
through the sisters.
Yeah, well, we need
to find the other two,
and their protection’s a priority now.
Malik’s reaching out
to the relief organization
that Cordelia works for.
They’re getting word to her.
What about Alex?
The one who’s off the grid?
- We have any info on her?
- I know where Alex lives.
I’ve driven Kendall to
her building in Hoboken
lots of times.
A rich Bostwick daughter lives here?
Urban off-the-grid living. It’s a thing.
Well, if she’s here,
she knows we’re here.
- Who are you?
- Alex Bostwick?
I said, who are you?
Agent Ressler, FBI. This is Agent Zuma.
We need to speak to you
about your sister Kendall.
They got to Kendall?
Her body was found hanging in the study.
We have cause to believe
she was murdered.
I’m sorry.
You said "they." Who are "they"?
I don’t know! I don’t know!
They I mean,
I’m trying to find them, too.
They hide in the Internet of Things.
I-It’s my father’s fortune that
they want, so they hunt me down.
Just buzzing bugs in the machine
and in my my mics, my
my webcams, my brain.
I thought
I thought Siri was my friend,
but, no, I mean, wherever I go,
they find me,
and now, what, they got
they got to Kendall.
We don’t want to cause you alarm,
but the man who got to your sister,
he’s coming after you, too.
We want to offer you some protection.
Can we come inside?
I’m sure you’d love to come inside
and find out what I know, huh?
You You are just like them.
Or m-maybe you even are them.
That’s it. That’s it.
Oh, what the Feds would love to do
with Daddy’s money.
She’s really not well.
We need to put surveillance
on this building immediately.
Whether she wants it or not.
Ahh. Almost there.
Now, if I recall, Warren’s lair
is to the right here.
Robert, you called it.
So, now what?
"To find the answer that you seek,
you’ll need to sit with Hemingway."
Don’t have to ask me twice.
Well, it’s kind of batty, isn’t it?
I mean, sending your own kids
on a scavenger hunt
to claim their inheritance.
I don’t know, Robert.
Who’s to say how one might feel
at the time of their death?
Warren may have felt
amused, mischievous,
or maybe just hopeful.
Better that than fear or pain or regret.
At the moment of my death,
I just want to feel alive.
Agent Malik. Hi.
This is Cordelia Bostwick.
Thank you for getting
back to me, Ms. Bostwick.
First of all, I’m so sorry
about your sister.
They told me you got
the news this morning?
Yeah. It’s been a challenging
day, that’s for sure.
But, uh, you know, this is just
gonna take some time to process.
Of course, and I don’t want
to make that any harder,
but I need to let you know
that your safety is in jeopardy.
There’s a dangerous man
after you and your sister,
and he will find his way to you.
In In Bolivia?
He’s chasing your father’s money.
So, you you want me to
come to where a killer is?
We have no way to
keep you safe if you don’t.
If you’re here, we can assign you
a full-time protective detail
in an FBI safe house.
Okay. Um, yeah, I mean, I’m
I’m planning to come back
for the funeral, anyway,
so just just give me the details.
Well, the Hemingway’s almost dead.
I’m nubbing it here, bud.
How is this supposed to solve a clue?
Trust the poem.
"To Have or Have Not your desire,
just stay until the sun’s last ray."
- It’s still light out.
- Yeah. Barely.
If we’re gonna do more cigars,
I need better light to see.
Does that look like
"the sun’s last ray" to you?
I’ll bet that’s a Handel lamp.
Take a look under the rim.
Oh, there’s a model number, too.
6160. W.R. What’s that?
That’s the craftsman’s initials.
Put it all together
It’s a hidden passcode!
I’ll be damned.
So, you sit with the Hemingway
cigar until the sun goes down,
prompting you to turn on the lamp,
revealing the hidden passcode.
Not bad.
Not bad?
Come on. Read the next clue.
I’m feeling lucky!
"You can’t define its radiance.
You love it irresistibly.
So find the stone I speak of.
And whisper to it softly."
A radiant stone.
Irresistible. Uh
Like a gemstone?
Warren wasn’t impressed
by precious gems.
Terrible investments.
Too easy to lose or steal.
In fact, he once told me
the only diamond he ever bought
was the one he put on Marilyn’s finger.
Right there!
And immediately after buying it,
Warren had the diamond itself
laser-engraved with
a miniature code so small,
it can only be seen by microscope,
so if the ring were ever stolen,
he could prove it was hers.
That’s vintage Warren.
He engraved everything
he owned. Remember?
Fountain pens. Golf clubs.
Even his racehorse. Tattooed its ear.
What are the chances
that invisible engraving
in Marilyn’s diamond ring
is the next piece of the passcode?
Fits the clue.
But where’s the stone?
Marilyn died in childbirth.
Hope he didn’t bury it with her.
He didn’t. Look here.
I’ll be.
I believe that’s Alex,
the oddest duck in the brood.
Warren must have passed
the ring down to her.
This young woman
is wearing the answer to our next clue.
I love a diamond heist.
We got a hit from one of the area motels
where I circulated photos of Bane.
He checked out 40 minutes ago,
driving a white Chevy van
with stolen tags,
carrying what looked like a tool belt.
- Was that the only sighting?
- For the moment.
We just issued a BOLO
and added the plate
to the ALPR hot list.
If we get an alert, we’ll let you know.
I’m leaving for JFK now
to meet the third sister
and escort her to the safe house.
Be careful out there. All of you.
Tadashi, any luck finding her address?
Luck? No.
Skill? Ya boy!
Before Alex Bostwick went off the grid,
she was a heavy social-media user,
but last year,
she went full digital detox,
with one exception.
Two weeks ago, she accidentally posted
to one of her dormant accounts.
She wrote to a user named MadlRC.
I located him in an obscure chat room,
where I lurked until Alex joined
under the user name OptimisticPanda.
That gave me her IP address,
and from there,
it was a hop skip to her geodata.
What’d he just say?
We have her address.
But Alex won’t just
open her door for us.
If we want to get inside
and find her mother’s diamond ring,
we need an angle.
- Hmm.
- That’s easy.
Alex has devolved
into a conspiracy freak.
Based on her discussions
in the chat room,
she’s convinced
that she’s being monitored
by ultrasonic listening devices.
She’s just paranoid.
She’s been chasing that fortune
for two years!
Alex contacted MadlRC because
he claims to have invented
an Exotic Modulation Detector
to sniff out ultrasonic surveillance.
- Did he?
- No way!
Well, whether he’s invented
anything real or not,
MadlRC has invented an alter ego.
Perhaps we can employ
the ingenious MadlRC
for our purposes anyway.
MadlRC is just an archetype
for a character,
waiting for the right actor
to step inside
and breathe life into the role.
You don’t know anything
about ultrasonic surveillance.
I have Tadashi here to coach me.
We’ll see.
Tadashi, can you send
a private message to Alex
and make it look like it’s from MadlRC?
We should set up a meeting.
Ugh. Yeah.
I was afraid something like
this would happen. Eventually.
I mean, with all that
hidden money out there,
you know, it was only
a matter of time before
word got out that we were
given clues to find it.
What about you?
Did you try finding it?
Sure. I mean, after
we watched his video,
I-I wanted the three of us
to work together.
It’s It’s what my father intended
by writing that stupid poem,
and I thought it would give us
the best shot at solving it.
I gather that’s not what happened.
Oh, no. The claws came out. Like always.
Kendall tried to take control of us.
I guess I don’t know.
She thought it was her role
as CFO in the company.
Poor Alex just started showing strain
under the pressure of it all
right away and just
crawled into her own shell.
So you walked away?
That’s right.
My father left each of us
modest trust funds,
and it was enough to get by on.
But I really don’t want
any part of his wealth now.
I’ve just seen what it does to people.
Well, we’ve got a couple
leads on our target,
so hopefully we can get you
back to your relief work soon.
We’re driving to
a safe house in Flatbush,
where two agents will provide
full-time protection.
Oh. I’m starving. What took so long?
Ehh. Long lines, long lines.
Here you go.
Wait. These are french fries.
I ordered onion rings.
Well, I told them onion rings.
They must’ve made a mistake
on the order.
Yeah, but you have onion rings.
Yes. They got my order right.
Somebody’s coming.
I knew it! Reddington
just gave us this case
to take out the competition.
I’m not standing by this time.
I’m going to arrest Vesco.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
If the Hyena is out there right now,
watching this building,
you’ll just alert him to our presence.
Keeping the sisters safe
is what matters.
I have some bad news for you.
The Feds are sitting on Alex’s building.
We have a new player in the game.
Raymond Reddington,
the FBI’s Most Wanted man,
just walked inside.
Ahh. Okay. Um, excuse me, gentlemen.
Yeah. How did this happen?
I don’t know.
Okay, well, um, we only have
two parts of the passcode,
so we need to find out what Alex knows.
Can you, um
Can you get her out of there?
I’ll figure something out.
Uh, without killing her this time?
Hey! I did you a favor
by taking out Kendall.
She suspected you.
Just get Alex out and bring her to me.
You keep Alex interested,
and I’ll look for
her mother’s diamond ring.
Hopefully it’s still on Alex’s finger.
Have you stopped to consider
that if we find this fortune,
we’ll be robbing three young
ladies of their inheritance?
Pish posh. I told you
Warren thought his daughters
were a disaster.
Hey. Do you remember
the password exchange?
I wrote the password exchange.
I have no mouth and I must scream.
Great souls suffer in silence.
MadlRC. Hi. Hi.
Uh, come in. Come in.
Come in.
Hi. Um, I’m I’m Alex
Oh, shh, child. No birth names.
It’s safer that way.
Ah, yes. No, yes.
You’re right. Of course.
Our Our personal data is all we have.
It must be protected at all costs.
Precisely why I invented the EMD.
The Exotic Modulation Detector.
Yeah. I know. And
Here Here, come in.
Um, you know, I need
additional security solutions.
The standard sweep tools aren’t enough.
And now that they can turn
all of our technology,
even our lights,
into audio transmitters,
it’s just nobody’s safe.
Slow down, OptimisticPanda.
Uh, one step at a time.
First, I’d like you
to meet my associate.
Oh. Yes. Uh, CosmicMuffin.
To determine whether my EMD
can detect emanating light fields here,
CosmicMuffin needs to conduct
a search first.
- Sorry. What
- Eh, purely visual.
Okay. Okay. Uh, yeah, what
what what’s he looking for?
Oh, any objects that might interfere
with the EMD’s signal reception.
- Like what?
- Certain metals. Alloys.
But the worst are crystals.
You can’t have any crystals with
a mineral base inside your home,
like rubies, emeralds diamonds.
I don’t I don’t own any gemstones.
You sure about that?
Most women have at least one
piece of jewelry lying around.
An old necklace. A diamond ring.
Yeah, I mean, I used to own jewelry,
but, yeah, I sold it all
to finance a personal project.
I even had to sell
my mother’s wedding ring.
So no diamonds?
Hello, you.
Yeah, Diamond was, um,
my father’s best friend,
and he knew how much I loved her.
I can get a little, um,
activated sometimes,
and so my shrink says
that a service animal can help.
She used to say that, but I fired her
because she had something
pretty suspicious
hiding in her Prada glasses.
I’m just gonna finish my search.
So, as I was saying,
the EMD is a very special thing
because without it
We were looking for the
wrong Diamond, weren’t we?
Old Warren tagged his racehorse.
Why not you, too?
I’m supposed to "whisper to you softly."
Look at that.
entitlements are nothing more
than socialism in action.
Uh, anyone want more coffee?
We all live in America. We all
We rely on a steady flow
of coffee for this job.
Yeah. I bet you do.
- Thank you.
- You’re welcome!
Well, I’d say after
a cursory glance around
that we’re done here.
- I’ve seen everything I need to see.
- Ah.
Uh, okay. What What
What does that mean?
C-Can you still sell me the EMD?
I have money.
I wanted to pay you for it.
There’s something
I’ve been keeping from you.
We’re not the only ones
hunting this fortune.
What?! You’re loo
You’re looking for the money?!
Ugh! I cannot believe I let you in.
I mean, who who are you?
How did you even find me?!
She’ll be okay, but we can’t be here.
- I’ll meet you downstairs.
- Okay.
Power’s been cut. The Hyena is here.
She needs protection. Hurry.
Did Bane get here first?
I don’t believe so.
Take a look at this.
Looks like an old garbage chute.
Your sister Cordelia told me
about your little escape route.
Very eager to hear what you’ve
learned about the treasure.
We lost Alex.
We think the Hyena has her.
- Unless Reddington has her.
- Reddington?
Yeah, he was here,
along with Vesco, too.
You know those two frauds are
chasing the missing fortune, too?
- Sir!
- Hold on, Agent Ressler.
NYC DOT just got a traffic-cam
hit on Bane’s white van.
It’s moving east on Avenue D
toward Flatbush.
That’s the neighborhood
where I dropped off Cordelia.
It’s where the safe house is.
The Hyena’s got one sister.
Now he’s going after the other.
Did you call her protective detail?
Yes, and no one’s answering.
Agent Ressler, you and Agent
Zuma get to that safe house.
I’ll try and reach Reddington.
You didn’t think
that I might want to know
that there’s a homicidal maniac
on the same treasure hunt as us?
I didn’t want to make you anxious.
Well, I’m anxious now.
What about Alex? You think she got away?
I sent in reinforcements.
And since when are you worried
about a mark, anyway?
You’ve made a life of preying
on impressionable minds.
Yeah, sure, when
they’re functional minds.
But Alex I don’t know.
I mean, this poor kid.
She’s not dealing from a full deck.
Here. Read this. The last stanza.
Let’s stay focused here.
"Every story much reach an end.
Such sadness that it doth impart.
To finish mine, drop to a knee
and read what’s carved upon my heart."
- Well, that’s grim.
- Indeed.
"Read what’s carved upon my heart"?
You don’t think Warren
literally, you know
What, carved the passcode
onto his heart?
Robert, please stay with me here.
Though I wouldn’t be survived
if one of those sisters
had exhumed his body by now to check.
No, I have a feeling the true hint
lies in the first half of the stanza.
I’m certain of it.
We need to locate Warren’s grave.
What is happening?
Why Why are we here?
Oh, my God.
Ah. It’s been a while, sis. I’m, um
I’m really sorry we pulled you
out of your shelter.
I know how safe you feel there,
but, um
Forces are closing in around us.
I need to know if you’ve
solved any of the clues.
You? Did you kill Kendall?
That wasn’t supposed to happen.
- Okay, but it did.
- I tried, okay?
I-I am the one who wanted us
all to work together
to do this the way
that our father asked,
but Kendall insisted on doing it
her way, and you just
Alex, you just crawled into a hole.
Okay, well, now we’re doing it my way.
You’ll want to leave the room
in this next part.
Well, if you want it so badly
that you’d kill Kendall,
what’s the point?
It was tattooed inside Diamond’s ear.
The stone was the dog. Of course.
"You can’t define its radiance.
You love it irresistibly."
That’s exactly how Daddy felt
about that dumb animal.
- She’s not dumb.
- I know. I know, Alex.
I know you love her
as much as Daddy did.
And Daddy tailored each of
these clues to each one of us.
I mean, our best chance
at solving the poem
was for us to work together.
Yeah, well, that’s a little
hard to do with a dead sister.
We’re done here, right?
We have all three clues.
Time to cash out.
No. No, no, no. Not yet.
If Raymond Reddington is as much
of a threat as you say he is,
then I need to destroy
the answer to the third clue
before he finds it.
Oh, and, um, you know
I’m, uh, coming around to
what you said about Kendall.
We just We really can’t afford
to leave any witnesses behind.
Cordelia. Don’t. Cordelia.
Which, uh Which one of you
is Reddington?
- He is.
- He is.
It doesn’t matter.
You’re too late.
I destroyed the answer
to the third clue.
It would appear you and the Hyena
make quite a formidable pair.
You know he’s still
going to kill you, right?
The moment you withdraw those funds.
I wouldn’t count on that.
He’s still alive.
But Bane’s not.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
- Where’s your sister?
- I-I don’t know. She
She told me to wait here
until she gets back.
She says we’re gonna be a family again.
You, uh, figured it out, huh?
The epitaph on my father’s grave.
The final piece of the passcode.
I mean, I knew the answer
because he ordered his tomb
before he died
and I paid all of his bills.
The final stanza said drop to a knee
and "read what’s carved upon my heart."
This inlay on his monument
is made of rose quartz.
It’s one of the heart chakras.
Your interpretation of the clue.
A bit simplistic, don’t you think?
Why? What What
What are you talking about?
You’re conveniently neglecting
the first half of the stanza.
"Every story must reach an end.
Such sadness that it doth impart."
Do you know what made your father sad?
My father was not a feeling man.
On the contrary.
One afternoon, he and I were
anchored off Carriacou,
sitting on the bow of his yacht,
when he shared with me the key
to his financial success.
It was the sadness he felt
over the loss of your mother.
What drove him to make
all that money you’re so desperate for
was a desire to dull
the pain deep inside.
But all the riches in the world
couldn’t fill the hole that
your mother left in his life.
She was his heart,
not some silly chakra.
Your mother’s body lies
right here beside your father,
beneath a simple grave marker,
because he wasn’t a wealthy man
when she passed.
Ah! Look.
What do you know? There’s an epitaph.
The answer to your father’s clue.
What does it say?
Ow! You shot me in the foot!
We’ve got what we need here.
You ready to go?
Hold on. We can’t just leave her here
- with the final piece of the puzzle.
- Don’t worry.
I have a cleanup crew on standby
to pick up the trash.
Okay, I’ve strung together
the three passcodes
and entered them into the login page
for Bostwick’s digital wallet.
Ta-da! Shi.
Well done, Tadashi.
That’s a healthy balance.
Wait. There’s something else
in his wallet.
It’s an NFT.
Non-fungible token.
This one’s a video file.
Is that what the kids call a TikTok?
- I think that’s a Chatsnap.
- Huh.
Stop. I-I’m gonna open the file.
Congratulations, girls.
In solving all three clues,
you’ve taken a journey
into your old man’s heart.
A fine cigar.
A faithful pet.
And the love of a good woman.
Your mother.
That’s what sustained me
in life, even after her death.
I’m sorry I wasn’t there more
for you girls.
It’s a great failing,
and I do regret it.
But in earning your inheritance,
you overcame your differences
and pulled together,
just as I knew you would.
Hopefully, if this experience
has taught you one thing,
it’s what’s really important.
The meaning of family.
Enjoy your money, girls.
You deserve everything you got.
A tragic tale, no doubt.
But at least it brought us
together, my friend.
Yeah. I’m still waiting
for that axe to fall.
There is no axe, Robert.
Tadashi, transfer half
of Warren’s cryptocurrency
into Robert’s account.
Eh, actually, I was thinking
that one-third might be more
appropriate for the situation.
Why, Robert, you do have
a heartbeat after all.
Do I need to buy a blow-up mattress?
I know you have questions, Harold,
about jailbreaks and Robert Vesco,
hidden fortunes.
Fire away.
Actually, no.
I don’t have any questions.
At this point in our relationship,
after 200-some-odd Blacklisters,
I’m aware of your games,
and nothing you do surprises me anymore.
If that’s the case, perhaps
you’ll honor my request
to stay away from Robert Vesco.
Why’s that?
I can’t be certain,
but I may need some help.
The sort of help the
task force cannot provide.
I’ll consider the request.
By the way, who walked away the winner?
What’s that?
Bostwick’s riches. You and Vesco.
Who screwed over who this time?
Oh, that’s all behind us, Harold.
We’ve had our ups and downs,
Robert and I,
but he’s an old friend,
and our days of betrayal are
thankfully a thing of the past.
Robert Vesco.
I already placed my annual order
for Girl Scout cookies.
Tell your story walking.
I represent Mr. Wujing.
He was given your information
by Marvin Gerard,
the late attorney
for Raymond Reddington.
What if I told you
your arrest by the FBI last year
wasn’t bad luck?
It was a plan.
Formulated and executed
by Raymond Reddington.
You walked into his trap.
Why would Reddington do that?
If you want to learn more,
call this number when you’re ready,
and we’ll send a car.
Mr. Wujing looks forward to discussing
your shared interests.
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