The Blacklist s10e11 Episode Script

The Man in the Hat

What's up, fam? I'm back to help you
with all your smoking needs
in the birthplace of America,
City of Brotherly Love,
the city that loves you back.
[CHUCKLES] Like me. Sammy D.
And I'm live at the Quick Stop
in Crum Lynne
shopping for a decent blunt wrap.
Let's take a look
at the inventory, shall we?
Oh, wow! Check this out.
This is like your OG
smoker paradise right here.
You got your basic hemp leaf,
organic wraps.
Shoot, flavors galore.
You can't go wrong.
- Rose petal wraps.
[SNIFFS] If you want to
feel boujee, I guess.
- Hands in the air!
Everyone! Now!
You, with the phone! Drop that phone!
Harold Cooper.
Harold, I sent you a news link.
We're following breaking news
as we come to you live this morning.
Local police are working
a hostage situation
at a convenience store
outside Philadelphia.
Why am I watching this?
A young man was live-streaming
when the gunman entered.
The footage went viral.
I think I saw Raymond inside.
I'm on my way to pick up Ressler.
Wait. Reddington is
holding up a food mart?
He appears to be a hostage.
Why is he in Philadelphia?
I don't know.
I tried calling him,
but he wouldn't answer.
[REPORTER] This video contains
threats of violence
Hold on, Dembe.
and may be disturbing
to some viewers.
Two hundred and sixty-eight followers!
[MAN] Hands in the air! Everyone! Now!
You, with the phone! Drop that phone!
It does look like him, doesn't it?
You really think that's Reddington?
Can we take a chance it's not?
If Raymond is arrested in front
of TV cameras, we can't help him.
This task force is already
hanging by a threat.
Cynthia Panabaker is coming
in to the Post Office today.
She wants a briefing
on the status of Wujing
- and the Troll Farmer.
- You haven't told her?
That Reddington executed Wujing
and recruited the Troll Farmer?
No, I haven't figured out
how to explain that yet.
This is not the day
to be behind the curve,
so let's get ahead of
this hostage situation.
I'm sorry to barge in,
but there's a viral video out there,
and I swear it looks
just like Reddington.
Reddington. I know.
Ressler and Dembe are on their way.
- What can I do?
- We have a separate fire to put out.
I need you to conduct
an inventory of our case files.
Seriously? W-Why?
Senator Panabaker is
on her way here right now.
She doesn't know Reddington
used the HexRoot program
to tamper with our database.
If Main Justice learns the truth,
I need to find out exactly
what damage he's done.
I'll do whatever you need,
but my security clearance
doesn't give me access
to all of your cases.
Oh, you've tried to open them?
I was curious about some
of my mother's old cases,
specifically her last case.
You want to know why she was killed.
It's why I joined this task force.
I've asked around,
but nobody can tell me anything
because it's above my clearance level.
Not anymore.
I received approval for
your interim TS/SCI clearance
a couple of days ago.
Our entire system is open to you,
but today I need you to stay on task.
Conduct a damage assessment
and report to me.
Look at this. This is not good.
I just hope Raymond isn't inside.
There's a Zoomer Car. Isn't that how
he's been getting around these days?
One of the ways.
- How do we explain our presence here?
- Lie.
Ah. Agent Ressler, FBI.
This is Agent Zuma.
The suspect inside that store
fits the profile
of a man we've been chasing
for multiple armed robberies
across state lines.
Thank God.
We've been doing out best here
till the big guns arrive.
We'll take it from here.
What's the situation inside?
Subject is armed and barricaded
with an unknown number of hostages.
We're maintaining a perimeter
with six uniforms,
two covering the back exit.
Have you attempted to make contact?
No. I mean, sort of.
I was the first responder.
When I pulled up, the assailant
saw me through the window
and shouted to stay back
or he'd start killing hostages.
We're just
We're a small borough, you know?
We don't get these kinds
of situations out here.
Did anyone make it out of the
store when the gunman entered?
No, but there was a woman
inside right before.
County sent over
this mobile command truck.
- She's waiting in there.
- Thank you.
Okay, so, I had just bought
my little morning coffee,
and I was heading to the car,
when I saw the devil himself
walking my way, right?
Like, I'll never forget those dark eyes.
He was strung out
like a research monkey.
I knew he was up to no good
even before I got a look
at that revolver.
Are you sure it was a revolver?
Yes, sir. I saw the cylinder.
Look, my daddy always said
he's rather have six absolutes
than 15 maybes.
You know, on account
of semi-automatic misfires.
We sure could use your help
identifying those hostages.
Uh, can you tell us who was
inside the store when you left?
I Let's see.
There was, um There was Ji-Min.
She's this real nice Korean lady.
She sells me my Powerball tickets.
And there was, uh,
the stoner kid with, like, his iPhone,
and, um, an old woman.
Oh, and I saw an older man, too.
Was that the man wearing the fedora?
The man had a fedora, definitely.
I love those hats.
They're so stylish, right?
So, a total of four hostages, then?
Wait. I
There might have been somebody
wearing a Phillies hat, as well?
I remember the hat.
So maybe five hostages?
Harold Cooper.
Lot of signs point to Reddington
as a hostage inside the store.
Look. We've tried texting him,
but no luck.
This is Reddington we're talking about.
I can't believe he hasn't
pumped the gunman
full of bullets by now.
Well, maybe he's waiting
for us to take control
of the situation out here so
he can avoid public exposure.
- Can you control the scene?
- Not without help.
I'd like authorization to call in
a TAC team, one of our own.
We got to clear out this
local PD and the news media,
- take complete command out here.
- Excellent idea.
Make sure the TAC team
includes a hostage negotiator.
Get those people out safely.
Cynthia. It's good to see you.
You say that now.
Is there someplace we can talk, Harold?
Cooper signed off on a TAC team.
I'll make sure they get here fast.
[DEMBE] It won't happen fast enough.
You gotta be kidding me. SWAT?
Philly's best. I told you the
big guns were on their way.
They were the first ones I called.
Sergeant McGinley,
we appreciate your presence here,
but a federal HRT team
will be here within the hour.
I'm sure the armed suspect inside
will show the courtesy to wait.
Powers, set up an inner perimeter
and find a wall
to snake a camera through.
I want to see what
we're up against in there.
You have building schematics yet?
I don't think you heard me.
I'm part of an FBI unit
that reports directly
to the Attorney General.
You make any intrusion
into that building,
you're gonna face Main Justice.
I know how to follow orders,
but the second this turns into
an active-shooter situation,
this is my show.
I don't know how we're
gonna sneak Reddington
out of this circus,
even with our own TAC team.
The DSL line into the building was cut.
Local PD just reconnected it for me.
I'm calling inside now.
Well, I just hope
our gunman's trigger finger
isn't as itchy as our
SWAT friend out there.
[JI-MIN] Quick Stop. Can I help you?
This is Agent Zuma with the FBI.
Everything is under control out here.
Is everyone okay inside there?
He wants to know if everyone's okay.
No! Nothing is okay in here!
If anyone comes close to this store,
I start shooting people!
Please, let him know that
no one is coming inside.
Hang up the phone!
- Now!
[MCGINLEY] That boy in there
is gonna start shooting
before your HRT team gets here.
You know that, right?
Last week, you walked
a notorious criminal
into my office, one Mr. Bo Chang.
Why? Because he had
just stolen a dangerous
cyber weapon from the NSA.
You then allowed Mr. Chang
to escape from your custody.
Why? Because unknown to him,
he was actually escaping from
an exact replica of this building
that was painstakingly recreated
by Raymond Reddington.
Why? To lure Wujing,
an even more notorious criminal,
to his unwitting arrest.
If ever there was a story
whose ending I wanted to find out more,
I can't think of it, but, Harold,
since our last meeting,
you've been more mute
than a mime at mass.
Our plan ran into complications.
We waited at the duplicate Post Office,
- but Wujing never showed.
- How come?
He went to the real Post Office instead.
When we returned, we found his body
and the body of his associate.
Both had been shot.
Where are the bodies now?
In cold storage.
Why am I only learning of this now?
We're still investigating to
determine exactly what happened.
The cameras were wiped.
I'm gonna save you some time
and tell you what happened.
Reddington happened.
He didn't build a Post Office
to fool Wujing.
He built it to fool you,
and you played right into his hands.
Standing guard for an attack
that was never gonna come.
How did Wujing get the real address?
I have to believe Reddington
fed it to him somehow
so he could execute Wujing himself
instead of allowing us to arrest him.
Executing a man
inside a federal facility.
It's gonna spell the end of us, Harold.
Reddington's days
of going unchecked are over.
Where is he now?
Choppers are 20 minutes out.
Twenty minutes?
This could be over in five.
I need details on what kind of threat
we're dealing with inside there.
What's our gunman's name?
Any criminal record?
We're not authorized
to share that information.
Look, I am sick and tired of getting
jerked around by the two of you.
Active shooter.
All teams, breacher up on my go!
[RESSLER] Stand down, Sergeant!
No. Blind intrusions
only puts hostages at risk.
- So do bullets.
- One bullet.
And we don't know
if anyone inside is hurt.
- I'm calling inside.
This is a mistake. You're gonna
get everyone in that store killed.
If we have a chance to
deescalate the situation,
then that's what we'll do.
- That's it. We're going in.
- No, you will not!
This is Agent Ressler with the FBI.
We need to know if anyone's hurt inside.
Please, answer the phone.
- All teams, on my go!
- No!
Don't shoot! You can come in now!
Crazy man dead!
Alright. We'll take point.
You hold your team back.
Do not enter unless
I give you clearance.
Stand down.
[DEMBE] Soon as we get inside,
we have to get Raymond out of sight.
FBI agents. Everyone stay calm.
He's dead.
Is anyone else in here?
Just us.
Let's check the back, just in case.
- [MAN] Go, go!
[SWAT LEADER] Contact!
Give me a two! Back room!
Hold that order.
[OFFICER] Keep your hands up!
All clear. Nobody in back.
Let's get medical help in here.
Good news. Sue just had
her 12-month doctor visit,
and she is on target with all of her
developmental milestones.
Except finger pointing,
which I always thought was rude.
You alright?
I don't know. I
Cooper asked me to
sort through the files
Reddington tampered with,
and I couldn't help but take a peek
at my mother's personnel file.
Yeah, well, human nature.
I totally get it.
There's a reference to me
in her FBI name check
as "adopted child."
So I pulled my birth certificate,
which I've never read,
because, I mean, who has?
And it shows that I was born
at a health clinic in Kolkata.
I take it this is all news to you?
My mother told me I was born in the UK.
And to make matters worse,
I did some research,
and I don't think that
health clinic ever existed.
Maybe it's time to call your Pops?
No, I don't want to drag him
into all this, or my brother,
not until I know what's up, if anything.
She was always
so straightforward with me.
If I was adopted,
she would have told me.
It has to be a mistake, right?
I mean, I have my grandmother's feet.
I mean, there is one way to find out.
This personnel file includes a copy
of Meera Malik's DNA profile.
I could run a DNA test against yours.
If you want.
What I want is not
to have seen any of this.
[JI-MIN] The crazy man
came to rob the safe,
hit me with his gun.
Sammy tried to stop him. Brave boy.
They fought for gun like this.
And then boom!
Why did he hit you? What set him off?
You. Not you. All you people out there.
I told him,
"Put down the gun before you hurt us."
That's when he hit me.
Excuse me.
I ran our assailant's ID.
His name's Jack Davis from Philly.
Some minor drug offenses,
assault charges.
[DEMBE] A nobody, in other words.
Yeah, I say we let the locals
close this one out.
I don't see any reason for
us to stick around, do you?
[DEMBE] Yes, I do.
The witness inside the store
before the robbery
saw a gunman with a revolver.
She was very clear about that.
Look at the weapon
that was recovered here.
[RESSLER] That is
definitely not a revolver.
A Browning High Power. Wooden grips.
I'd recognize it anywhere.
That's Raymond's gun.
And those are his clothes.
We need to interview
these hostages, all of them.
I want to know exactly
what went down in here
and where the hell Reddington went.
Alright, we're gonna go through
this from the very beginning, okay?
So, where were you when
the suspect entered the store?
Behind the counter. Yelling at Sammy.
Uh, then I heard a loud voice.
Hands in the air! Everyone! Now!
You, with the phone! Drop that phone!
You! Hands!
Where were you standing at the time?
[SAMMY] Right here. Right in
front of the smoking accessories.
Quick Stop has a fine selection,
if you're in the market.
[DEMBE] And the gentleman in the fedora,
where was he when the assailant entered?
It's just a Peanut Chew.
No cause for alarm.
Move! Move over there!
All of you! Where I can see you!
You were saying that you
were wearing both that coat
and the hat at that time?
Yeah. I love this coat.
It's very slimming. And, uh, the hat.
You get to be my age,
you do what you can.
My wife, Maxy, she loves the look.
Humphrey Bogart.
When I saw you in the viral video,
you were standing alone.
I didn't see your wife.
She was in the back.
Picking out a yogurt.
And who screamed back there?
Who else is in this store?
Please, don't shoot.
Get your ass over there now!
Now, you.
Open the safe.
No keys. Manager has the keys.
- Here.
Take the money and go!
I'm not here for pocket change!
I want the safe!
- What time's the manager get in?
- 8:30.
Well, we'll wait.
Turn that sign around
and shut the blinds!
This is a bad plan.
You see the camera?
You got a security camera, lady.
And I bet you pushed
the silent alarm, too.
But I cut the data line outside.
I thought this out.
And you're positive that you four
were the only ones inside this store,
other than the gunman?
I didn't see anyone else.
A customer who was here
could have sworn she remembered
seeing someone wearing a Phillies cap.
You mean those?
That could have been what she saw.
Tell us more about
this gunshot we heard.
Oh. That was terrifying.
Damn it. Damn it!
How did they know?
One of you must have called!
- Who called?
- You took my phone, man.
My phone's on the charger in the car.
Hey. This is over.
You put the gun down now
before people get hurt.
Are you telling me what to do?
I give the orders here!
What am I supposed to do, Harold?
We have a task force
built around an asset
you can't control or reach
on a cellphone apparently.
Reddington's been more of
a free spirit than usual lately.
I can't deny it.
I've lied to the AG so many
times to hide his indiscretions,
but this time, it's just too
big to sweep under the rug.
We'll find a path forward,
Cynthia. We always do.
I know my path.
I'm gonna meet with the AG tomorrow
and advise that he launch
a full DOJ investigation
into the execution of Wujing
and his associate
inside a federal facility,
interviews, forensics,
autopsies, the works.
You know that will spell
the end of this task force.
You also know the good work we do here.
What can I do to change your mind?
Get Reddington's ass in
front of me to explain himself.
By the end of the day.
Anything less, I'm going
to the Attorney General.
[COOPER] Ressler.
I need a status report.
Well, we're about to head out.
None of the hostages
put Reddington at the scene.
He's not here physically now, so
Do you believe he was there?
Honestly, I don't know what to believe.
We got a coat and a hat and a gun
here just like his,
but no Reddington.
I suppose it could all be a coincidence.
Look, the good news is
there's no hard proof either way,
- so we dodged a bullet.
- I'm sorry to report
there's an even bigger bullet
headed our way
unless we can get Reddington
to Panabaker today.
So, Agent Ressler, I'll ask you again.
Do you believe that Reddington
was a hostage inside that store?
Yeah, I do.
Then you and Dembe get back
there and break those witnesses
and find Reddington.
[RESSLER] I know you're all
ready to go home
and, you know, leave
this nightmare behind you,
but first I feel like we could all use
a little, um, sharing time.
How about I go first?
See, as an FBI agent,
I'm not in the business of responding
to, uh, armed robberies,
uh, by strung-out junkies
at roadside food marts.
If I'm being honest with you,
what brought me here today
is my pursuit of the FBI's
Most Wanted criminal,
Raymond Reddington.
But, then, I think
you already knew that.
That is a fine hat.
You mind if I take a closer look?
A Borsa lino?
- Is that Italian?
- I guess.
Hmm. Sounds Italian.
What about this coat? Huh? Oh.
Loro Piana.
Why, this is the same brand
that's favored by our fugitive.
Huh. I don't know much about fashion,
but my partner over here,
he sure follows the trends.
Agent Zuma, what would you say
this, um, ensemble costs?
About $5,000.
Five thousand dollars?
That's a lot of money for a
truck driver on disability, Ron.
Now, Maxy, did you approve
this extravagant purchase?
Bogart. I love Bogart.
[DEMBE] Look, we know you're all scared,
and we know the gun left
behind belonged to our fugitive.
What did he do? Did he threaten you?
Did he promise you money?
We know he did something to convince you
to wear his clothes.
And you to make up a story.
And you to be a hero.
Alright. No more lies!
Alright, you tell me exactly
what went down inside this store,
or we're arresting all of you
for aiding and abetting a wanted killer!
Do you understand me?
Okay, okay.
There was a man here. It's true.
- This man?
- [JI-MIN] Yes, that's him.
He walked into the store
right before the crazy guy.
Wanted Peanut Chews.
[SAMMY] Check it out.
You got your basic hemp leaf,
organic wraps.
Man, flavors galore.
Rose petal wraps.
If you want to feel boujee,
I guess. [CHUCKLES]
Excuse me. Do you sell
Goldenberg's Peanut Chews?
I can never resist the
temptation when in Philadelphia.
Uh, second aisle on your right.
Ah. Thank you.
I think the yogurt cups
are in the back cooler.
Oh, thank heaven.
I need my morning Go-Gurt.
Hey. You open, you buy!
[SAMMY] Oh, I can see
you're very agitated, but listen.
I'm giving you free publicity.
Yo, I got like 268 followers.
Hands in the air! Everyone! Now!
You, with the phone! Drop that phone!
You! Hands!
Just a Peanut Chew. No cause for alarm.
So, the man standing here in the video,
that was Reddington.
Most definitely, Officer.
- We're agents.
- My bad.
So I'm guessing you weren't
the one who shot the assailant.
No, sir. Agent, sir.
Why don't you tell us how
this gunshot really went down?
Damn it! Damn it!
How did they know?
One of you must've called!
Who called? You took my phone.
My phone's on the charger in the car.
Hey. This is over.
Put gun down now before people get hurt.
Are you telling me what to do?
- I give the orders here!
Hey, pistol whip.
What did Reddington do next?
He told us he was a wanted man.
He said he's someone
we don't want to cross.
He was holding a gun when he said it.
He made me swap hats and coats.
You were wearing a Phillies cap.
He knew the FBI would come for him.
But what if he comes after us?
We'll provide federal
protection if necessary.
But where is Reddington?
How did he get out of the building?
[CLEARS THROAT] Back door.
He went through the back
when you came to the front.
Did he say where he was going?
He asked if there was a bus station.
I told him two blocks east.
You buy their story?
It's not like Raymond
to threaten civilians,
but he was cornered.
Don't know how he could've
made it out without being seen.
I mean, SWAT had this exit covered.
The cashier said the gunman was dead.
McGinley and his team must've regrouped
before they followed us inside.
[SIGHS] It's like Brussels
all over again.
I spent years hunting Reddington,
and he was always just one step ahead.
We have a lead this time.
The bus station.
Maybe we'll get one step
ahead of him this time.
Done. I ran a rapid analysis on
the DNA profiles in the system
for you and your mother.
Uh, and
And I printed out the results
and put it in this envelope.
I didn't read it.
I didn't want to violate,
you know, your privacy
or open myself up to any HR complaints.
- Oh.
- You don't have to open that.
I could tear that up right now
in teeny, tiny, little pieces,
and we can forget this ever happened.
What would you do if you found out today
that you might be adopted?
Oh, I'd be fine. I would celebrate.
Boy, that would be a doozy of
a phone call with Mom and Dad.
- I might make that call anyway.
Look, did you like your childhood?
Did you feel loved?
Right up until the point
when my mother was killed.
If your world view is working for you,
why take a risk in fixing
something that isn't broken?
Because I need to know.
That world view?
It's broken now.
Any leads on Reddington?
We're running out of time
if we're gonna get him
in front of Panabaker.
[DEMBE] We just left the bus station.
A bus bound for DC departed
shortly after Raymond escaped.
We figure that that's where he's going
since the convenience store
is south of Philly.
Excellent. Give me the bus number,
and we'll take over from here.
[RESSLER] We're gonna
check out his warehouse,
see if he found another way into town.
[DISPATCHER] Bus 2250,
I've got an FBI agent on the line,
- needs to talk to you.
- FBI?
I'm gonna transfer.
Margo, you're on the line
- with FBI Agent Siya Malik.
- [SIYA] Margo, hello.
I need to know if you have
a passenger on board.
White male, 60s, ample build.
May be wearing a gray jacket
and a Phillies cap.
Sounds like half the men
who ride my bus.
Hold on.
I see a guy like that.
Back seat. He's either
asleep or faking it.
What do you want me to do?
We're We're about to
pull out of Baltimore.
Stay on your route and act normal.
I'm gonna meet you at your
last scheduled stop in DC.
- You coming?
- Isn't that a bit excessive?
It's just Raymond.
What are you gonna do, shoot him?
Just wait here.
- Hey.
- What the
Oh. Sorry.
[MANAGER] When can I open my store?
People are gonna be dying to shop here
after the shootout today.
Look, the crime scene is released,
but you can't reopen until you
hire a cleanup crew, alright?
That's a lot of blood.
Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, oh ♪
Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, uh-huh ♪
That was fast thinking.
"The back door." Good one.
You really think that
one dude bought it?
I hope so.
If our new friend makes good
on all the stuff he promised us,
I'll never have to work
another day in my life.
You're already on disability, dear.
What if we went through
all this and he blows us off?
No. He's an honorable man.
He saved our lives.
He will do as he says. Hmm?
Show me your wild side ♪
Well, that was unpleasant.
We don't have much time.
I'm a wanted criminal.
The worst of the worst,
if you believe the FBI's list.
Of course, I'm not much
of a list person myself.
I prefer to rely on my instincts
when it comes to judging
someone's character.
- Ignore that.
Okay. So, here's what happened.
The bad guy here, he
What's your name, dear?
He struck Ji-Min with his gun.
Our young Internet-er rushed to her aid,
fought over the weapon, and it went off.
Sir, if you don't mind,
your jacket, please.
Wait. You want us to lie to the cops?
Well, I could
frighten you all and tell you
that I'll have my people do their worst,
but what's the point
when it's so much easier
to make you happy?
Or at least make you rich.
[RESSLER] This is Agent Ressler
with the FBI.
We need to know
if anyone inside is hurt,
so please answer the phone.
- How rich?
Jackpot rich. Wish-come-true rich.
Rich enough to pay all your bills
and start something new,
something exciting.
Ji-Min, do you have a favorite bar?
Chikin Ba.
Chikin Ba?
I'll send a representative to
meet all of you there tonight.
He'll have your money.
All I need now is a way
to get out of here.
Oh, dear.
[SIYA] I made it through the case files.
As expected,
Reddington used the HexRoot program
to scrub himself from the records.
Any references to him
or the intel he provided
are missing or redacted.
- What about his immunity agreement?
- Gone.
It's like he was
never part of this team.
I don't understand Raymond's play here.
He's left himself completely unprotected
from prosecution by the US government.
What happens tomorrow when
Panabaker turns us over to the DOJ?
I mean, we're the ones
who are gonna take
the full blame for Wujing's murder.
Panabaker will do what she does.
If we have to face Main Justice,
we'll mount the best defense possible,
but we can't do anything
until we locate our asset,
who's becoming more erratic by the hour.
Once we find him, I'll need someone
who can keep eyes on him at all times.
I'll do it. I don't have a life.
The assignment is yours.
Everyone, go home,
get a good night's sleep.
Tomorrow, we'll discuss the
best strategy to handle the DOJ.
Agent Malik, a moment.
I'm just checking in. Are you okay?
Are you sure you want to do this?
I went through the case files today.
All the case files.
You read how your mother died.
Among other things.
The file said that she was
attacked in a nightclub
from behind and her throat was slit.
I'm sorry.
It's okay. I expected the worst.
What I didn't expect was
I joined this team
because I wanted to know
what happened to her.
And why.
This task force had the answers,
so I wanted to be one of you,
find out if her death meant something.
She was my mother.
Then you read the case file.
And it read like many other case files.
No logic to the crime.
No reason. No answers.
When something important
in your life is unknown,
it can lead to a feeling
of helplessness.
You took a job in intelligence
so you could take control
of your life with knowledge.
But in this job,
the only real knowledge to be had
is that most questions
never find a satisfying answer.
But if you need to know
if your mother's death
meant something more
than what it meant to you,
I can tell you
Meera Malik was a good
woman and a fine agent.
She saved lives.
And her loss was immeasurable.
I received a voicemail
message from Harold today
that you have urgent business
to discuss with me.
You missed my deadline.
I did.
But I'm here now.
Doesn't matter.
I can't cover for you anymore, Raymond,
waiting for your casual
disregard for human life
to destroy my career
and the careers of others.
I set a meeting with
the Attorney General tomorrow
to tell him everything I know,
starting with your execution of Wujing
and his associate Zhang Wei
inside the Post Office.
I don't care what it'll cost me.
And I know what it'll cost me.
You must be referring to this.
My casual disregard for humanity
served you well enough when you needed
someone interrogated to
save a member of your family.
I still have the recording, of course.
Send it to The New York Times.
I don't care.
I'm ready to pay for my mistakes.
Do your worst.
Cynthia, I'm trying to do my best.
It's in nobody's interest if
you're only helping the task force
because I'm forcing you to.
Help them because the world
is a better place with them in it.
Wujing and the Blacklisters
that he broke out of prison,
that mess was created
by my former associate, Marvin Gerard.
It was my mess to clean up.
Anyway, that's my two cents.
Spend it how you will.
Lorelei, cancel my meeting with
the Attorney General tomorrow.
The Barnes Foundation?
Where'd you get that?
It's from Pinky.
When did he give that to you?
[CHUCKLES] Pinky works
in mysterious ways.
I-I was upstairs
and came down for a snack,
and these were sitting on
the kitchen table with a note.
You mind if I read the note?
[REDDINGTON] "Dear Agnes,
last we visited,
I was so pleased to hear
your exciting stories
about your field trip to
the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
But upon reflection,
I was a little disappointed
that you didn't have a chance
to experience
the amazing artworks
of the Barnes Foundation.
So I rented a car yesterday
and drove there to buy
a catalogue for you.
Looks like Reddington's not here.
He was here.
[REDDINGTON] I would've gotten
the catalogue to you sooner,
but I ran into a little trouble
when I stopped on the way home
to buy some world-famous
Goldenberg's Peanut Chews.
Anyway, I wanted you to see
how the Barnes Collection
integrates art and objects
from across cultures and time periods
to reveal the universal impulse
to create wonder.
The kind of wonder
that exists within each of us
and makes life worth living.
So enjoy the catalogue.
Hopefully we can go
to the Barnes together one day.
I love you. Pinky."
Sweet of him. Right?
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