The Blacklist s10e13 Episode Script

The Sicilian Error of Color

The Chechens? Seriously, Nigel.
Of all the gangsters
you could be wrapped up with,
you choose the criminal organization
that scares the living wits out of
every other criminal organization?
Relax, all right?
I I know what I'm doing.
Remember Moscow?
Two dozen Russian Mafia bosses
meet with a handful of rising
Chechen gang members
to broker peace over dinner.
No weapons allowed.
By dessert, all the Russians were dead,
slaughtered with their own cutlery.
Maybe the Russians shouldn't
have picked a steakhouse
for the meetup.
This isn't funny, Nige.
We're meant to be agency partners.
Look, I don't know how it works at MI6,
but if my gaffer at the CIA
heard even one whisper
about your other
And how exactly
would that happen, partner?
Word always gets around, Nigel.
Secrets never stay secret.
You better hope that's not true.
Ooh ♪
Can't anybody see ♪
Get up, you're going home.
Never find our way ♪
Regardless ♪
closer to getting our man.
Nice work, Officer Sutton.
Wouldn't want to do it
with anyone else
Agent Malik.
This woman ♪
What are you doing in there?
[SIYA] Mm.
Herbie! Hello! What are you doing here?
I just came from watching
Holly's band play a gig downtown.
She killed it, as usual.
There were even some reviewers there.
One from Punk Planet,
and I think she said
someone from Rolling Stone.
- Impressive.
- Totally.
But I I thought
I would check in on you
while Holly was putting Sue
to bed at the hotel.
I'll meet up with her later
for some room service,
maybe some kissing.
Are you wearing eyeliner?
Yeah, it's, um, de rigeur
in the hard-core Klezmer scene.
Ah. I'm sure I wouldn't know.
Anyway, how is your little
Reddington Rear Window stakeout going?
[SIYA] Far as I can tell,
he's been inside for the last
two and a half days.
I keep watching his shadow
walking back and forth
across the windows.
Well, at least we know where he is.
That's not nothing.
Oh, before I go,
I wanted to update you
on the DNA research
I've been doing since,
you know, you found out
that you and Meera Malik
aren't biologically related.
Did you find a match for my profile?
Unfortunately, nothing pinged
in any of the law-enforcement databases
that I have access to.
Even now, after I've had time
to digest the revelation,
Meera still feels like my mother.
I mean [SCOFFS] look at me.
I followed her footsteps
into a career in intelligence.
Why wouldn't she tell me
where I came from?
Now it feels like
I'm never gonna get any answers
to any of it.
Have you thought about
asking Raymond for help?
Knowing what I know about Red,
I'd bet he knew Meera better
than she knew he knew.
When I started on this task force,
the first thing Agent Ressler warned me
was not to get in debt to Reddington.
It feels like a slippery slope
I'm not sure
I want to start sliding down.
Well, all I know is that
Red has been a huge help to me.
On a lot of things.
I should get back to the hotel.
I don't want Holly
to just fall asleep with Sue.
Well, good luck with the kissing.
I'll be here
with my binoculars and BO.
Yeah, you might want to crack a window.
Anything back from Senator Panabaker
about Task Force 836?
The Senator still isn't returning, sir.
- I'll try her office again.
- No, no. Don't bother.
Panabaker's stonewalling.
Let's go around her.
Reach out and schedule an appointment
with Senator Dorf
on the Appropriations Committee.
Tell his aide it's a matter
of some urgency.
No task force should be operating
with seemingly zero checks and balances.
Where are you?
Senator Dorf wasn't in.
They're going to call back,
but they have nothing open
for at least a month.
Let's do some research
into Clayton Dorf.
Maybe there's another way
to court his favor.
Any security breaches
I should know about?
You almost gave me a heart attack.
I thought you were in there.
Where'd you come from?
For you.
Carrot-apple-ginger. Extra ginger.
I'm just back from
Aguascalientes, Mexico.
But the lights were going on and off.
I saw shadows.
Oh, that's just a part-time
employee of mine.
What's with the antlers?
Why don't you join me inside?
I'll whip up a little something
for you to eat,
and I'll tell you all about them.
[MEERA] So, thanks to our
exchange the other day,
we finally secured an address
for that sleazebag Minkov.
He hasn't just been funding
the Tamil Tigers.
It looks like a second temple bombing
is being planned in a couple weeks.
I feel like our next step should be
I'm not here to talk
about next steps, Meera.
Damn it. They got to you, didn't they?
I warned you that you were
playing with fire, Nigel.
Score one for Agent Malik.
Maybe when you
take a break from gloating,
you can hear me out.
I need a favor.
I just
I need some money to cover what I can't.
I don't have that kind of money.
But you can get it.
You're smart and resourceful.
You see something you want,
you find a way to take it. Am I right?
I can't believe you're doing this.
I wish I could find another way
to get the money, but
I've exhausted all the means
available to me.
My director at MI6
didn't entirely buy the story
I fed him about how I got injured.
Now he's asking questions,
watching my every move like
I'm a bleeding cricket match.
I need your help to get the Chechens
off my back so this all goes away.
I'm I'm not gonna lose my job,
my house, my family
over a few bad calls, Meera.
Sort of the way you wouldn't
want your bad calls
affecting your job
and family security, either.
Because that
That'd be a real shame
at this stage in your career.
How soon do you need the money?
Forty-eight hours.
I'll be in touch.
Shh. Siya.
Oh, Mommy's sweet Siya.
Hi, baby.
It's okay. Hi.
That was the best frittata
I've ever tasted,
and you made it with a
hot plate and a toaster oven.
Yes, well, thank you,
but you're only saying that
because it's the first real meal
you've had in a couple of days.
So why are you toting around
an enormous set of
Well, I guess they're actually horns.
[REDDINGTON] They're bull horns.
Not just any bull.
Those belong to the legendary Islero.
The Miura bull that killed Manolete.
I'm not familiar.
The matador? Manolete?
Perhaps the most mesmerizing
bullfighter of all time?
Sober in approach, if not in life,
the man was a long-faced,
heavy-hearted hero for the ages.
What draws a person
to such an incredibly dangerous pursuit?
You're no stranger to
dangerous living, Agent Malik.
Perhaps, but you'll not see me
dancing with a murderous,
500-kilo beast,
poking it with sharp sticks.
Manolete was a stoic guardian
of tradition in the bullring.
His father had been a matador.
His uncle.
A month before he died,
Manolete told an interviewer,
"They're asking
for more than I can give.
Always more and more."
He longed to retire from the ring.
But he returned.
He went again to do the thing
that he did better than anyone.
And in the instant
that he killed Islero,
balancing on his toes,
arching up and over the hot,
steaming breath of ferocious death,
the surgically precise plunge
of his blade to the hilt,
in that instant
Islero thrust his massive head
just centimeters to the right
and gored him.
The closer a matador
fights to the horns,
the closer he is to his grave.
I suppose in the end,
Manolete found it easier
to risk his life
than to live a life without risk.
So he died following
his father's ambitions.
Some people do that.
Agent Zuma told me
you did a deep-dive
into my mother's background
when she joined the Task Force
all those years ago.
As I do with anybody
I'm going to work with.
I did one for you.
Does that mean you know
more about my mother
than what's in the heavily
redacted files I've seen?
Maybe what matters most, Siya,
is what you already know.
That you were loved
and cared for by Meera
and your stepfather.
Un-redacting the past
won't change any of that.
Maybe not.
But I've learned something
I can't un-learn.
Meera wasn't my biological mother.
A fact she hid from me. Why?
Now look who's dancing
with a murderous beast,
poking it with sharp sticks.
Are you saying you won't help me?
Is that what you want?
My help?
It's Cooper.
Hello, sir.
[COOPER] How are things
going in New York?
Have you been able to glean anything
about what Reddington's been up to?
I'm with Reddington now, sir.
- Has he mentioned re-engaging with us?
- Not yet.
He went to Mexico to
retrieve some famous bull skull.
Islero? I don't know.
Maybe it means something.
It could mean something.
Or it could simply be
vintage Reddington.
Stay with him and report back anything
we might be able to use.
We need to mind every P and Q
until we put this situation
with Congressman Hudson to bed.
I don't know if this is the
sort of information you're after,
but I found this story
in DC Monthly from last summer.
It's an interview tracking a
day in the life of Clayton Dorf.
Turns out he loves Korean barbecue.
Who knew?
Atkins, you're a genius.
The indomitable Ms. Mallet!
You're looking particularly well.
- What's your secret?
- Oh, thank you.
Mwah. Mwah.
It's the edibles.
They take all the edges off.
Care to try one?
I think I have a sour watermelon gummy
here in my bag.
No. You save that for later, love.
So, what have you got for me?
I brought all of the items
you requested.
I can't tell you how much I appreciate
you keeping everything safe
for me all these years.
Are you joking?
It's been an honor to protect
these little slices of world history.
The Senet gaming board.
Left with corpses
to entertain the dead.
From Amenhotep's tomb.
Discovered in one of
his wives' side chambers.
Of course, none of his wives
were actually buried with him.
[CHUCKLES] Good call.
Speaking of things
going missing
Why are you unloading
all of these treasures now?
Has something changed in your world?
Everything and nothing, my dear.
No cause for concern.
I just feel the need to be
more discerning from here on out.
Now, that I understand.
The older I get, the less I desire.
And the things you desire,
you can't live without.
Sappho's "Tithonus" poem.
"My heart grows heavy
My knees Too weary to stand upon
Though once They could lift me and dance
And could leap As light as a fawn"
I feel seen all the way
from the 3rd century BC.
It's just exquisite!
Keep it.
Wha What?
Over the decades,
you've been nothing
but unfailingly loyal
and gracious and funny.
Oh, my lamb!
I will cherish this.
Every single day.
- Twice a day.
- I know you will.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I'm over the moon!
I may need that gummy now to calm down.
Cynthia, before I forget,
the item we discussed on the phone.
You reached out
via the appropriate channels?
Oh, yes.
My connections assured me
that the elusive buyer you have in mind
will be alerted
to the piece's availability,
and hopefully,
they'll be unable to resist
coming to see it in person.
From your lips to their ears.
- Mm-hmm!
- Grab that gummy.
Oh, right away.
Three for you?
Where's the nearest tube station?
[IN BRITISH ACCENT] You can walk,
luv, but it's about 15 blocks.
That's okay. I could use the exercise.
I got a letter from The
government The other day ♪
Opened it and read it
It said they were suckers ♪
They wanted me
For their army or whatever ♪
Picture me giving a damn
I said never ♪
Here is a land
That never gave a damn ♪
About a brother like myself
Because they never did ♪
I wasn't with it
But just that very minute ♪
It occurred to me ♪
That suckers Had authority ♪
Thanks, Johnno.
Just grabbing those headsets.
How long has it been? ♪
They got me sitting In the state pen ♪
I gotta get out But that
thought Was thought before ♪
I contemplated a plan
On the cell floor ♪
I'm not a fugitive On the run ♪
But a brother like me
Begun to be another one ♪
Public enemy serving time ♪
They drew the line, y'all ♪
They criticize me For some crime ♪
[MEERA] Damn it!
- [JOHNNO] You all right?
- Yeah. Just a bit of a bungle.
It's fine. I've got it sorted.
It occurred to me ♪
The suckers had authority ♪
See you next time. Go, Newcastle!
[REDDINGTON] Do you have
your service weapon on you?
Always. Why?
Give it to me.
There is zero chance of me being unarmed
while whatever it is we're doing.
Who said anything about being unarmed?
See anything you like?
Trust me, where we're going,
if things go sideways,
you don't want to discharge
your government-issued firearm.
By the way, on this journey
your name will be Janet Grimm,
like the fairy tales, if anyone asks.
Good choice.
[NIGEL] I don't know what to say.
The Chechens want more.
"Interest" on the loan, apparently.
Of course they want more, Nigel.
That's how they operate.
You of all people should know.
This won't be the last of it, either.
Yes. Yes, it will.
One final payment, and I'm certain
all this will be behind me. Behind us.
There is no "us," Nigel.
I can't help you anymore.
You need to go to your MI6 supervisor.
Come clean. End this now.
I could do that, certainly, but it won't
just be my mess
I come clean about.
You can't prove I took that money.
Never mind the money. Remember
your little side-op in Kolkata? I do.
Pretty significant breach of CIA ethics,
wouldn't you say?
Put you at severe risk of compromise.
The bosses would be none-too-pleased
You've made your point.
Like it or not, Meera,
we're in this together.
You have as much to lose as I do.
Maybe more.
Choose your next step wisely.
My advice to you.
I won't be a minute.
What am I supposed to do?
Wait here. Shoot anybody who runs out.
Yeah, I'm not gonna do that.
Suit yourself.
Look alive!
Get a wiggle on, Janet!
Are you gonna tell me
how I came to be
in the line of fire back there?
Liam can be very disagreeable.
But the fact is,
he took my saber years ago.
It was long past time
for me to take it back.
We flew to Scotland for a sword?
It belonged to Captain Lewis Nolan,
who died in the
Charge of the Light Brigade
during the Crimean War.
Stormed at with shot and shell
Boldly they rode and well
Into the jaws of death
Into the mouth of hell
So you're a fan of Tennyson.
My mother
Meera loved him.
Well, maybe she loved
what knowing his work said about her.
I suspect your mother
came by her love of Tennyson
quite sincerely.
What do you mean?
I think
Meera was very familiar
with the feeling of melancholy
that also plagued Tennyson.
She certainly felt the isolation
of inhabiting a world
she knew to be cruel.
The lives of children in such a world.
It takes tremendous fortitude
to carry on
when you can see what others cannot.
And to find light within the shadows.
[REGINA] Our investigation is
getting much closer to the money
the Minkov crime organization
is funneling into the
Tamils' terrorism in Sri Lanka.
That's in large part to your solid work.
- You should feel good about that.
- Thank you, ma'am.
We now know where Minkov
is holed up for the time being.
I'd like you to set up a Black
Bag job as soon as possible.
Minkov has a standing
massage appointment
at Happy Feet in Kensington,
every Tuesday at 2:00.
No problem. I'll start
putting that together now.
A quick word before you go.
I've been hearing from
my counterparts at MI6
that your partner Officer
Sutton's performance has been
erratic lately.
Should we be concerned?
Uh No, ma'am.
You haven't noticed anything?
I think maybe he's tired.
Long hours and such.
Even so, Nigel's a surveillance expert.
There's no one I'd trust more
on the Minkov job
given our tight deadline.
Much ado about nothing then.
Seems so.
That said, it couldn't hurt
to have my MI6 counterparts
do some digging.
Of course.
I'll let you know what, if anything,
we discover about Officer Sutton.
[HEINRICH] Raymond Reddington.
It's been such a long time.
I thought I'd never hear from you again.
You won't. Not after today.
Get the round ones,
with the jelly in the middle.
Anything for the dog?
[HEINRICH] Like what?
[LIESL] I don't know, a biscuit?
[HEINRICH] Whatever.
But hurry back, dear,
the medication is going to
start to take effect quickly
So, Raymond,
it's not like you
to travel with a side dish.
Raymond, who is this sublime specimen?
[REDDINGTON] Never mind who she is.
Do you have what I came for?
Yeah. Yeah, of course.
On second thought,
perhaps I accept her instead,
if that suits?
- [REDDINGTON] It doesn't.
- [HEINRICH] What a shame.
I would kill to get my hands
on that bone structure.
We have to get back to New York now.
Heinrich, when I leave here,
I'm going to give Freddy a call,
and he's gonna come by and get that dog.
It should be in a proper home.
I'm sure Freddy
will be here within the hour.
And if you or the dog
aren't here at that time,
Freddy will go to the house
and sit with your mother
until you return.
Now, considering
there is nothing on Earth
badder than Freddy,
certainly not you,
and not that poor dog,
not even your miserable,
horrible mother.
please, please
don't make Freddy lose his patience.
Don't worry about me.
Though I can't speak for my mother.
All right. Ah! Look!
First customer of the day.
Is there anything in particular
you're looking for?
- I love that lamp!
My Gran had one just like it!
Is it expensive?
Make me an offer.
I can do $75 if it's cash,
or, at most,
$125 if it's a check.
I don't think I can let it go at that,
especially this early in the day.
Can you bring it up a little,
say, another hundred bucks?
[WOMAN] That's a lot of money
for a table lamp.
I'm just looking for a little
extra light in my crafting room.
This lamp would be perfect for that.
Yeah, but I could get
a really nice, practical one
at Cost Cutters
for a quarter of the price.
Not stained glass, though.
[WOMAN] Well, yeah.
Probably not. Yeah.
And it works, right?
Um. Hmm.
- Will you do $200?
- Sold.
Can I, uh,
pick it up at the end of the day?
Happy crafting!
You just sold an authentic
Tiffany lamp for $200?
I did.
Even $20,000 is a steal.
Why didn't you tell her what it is?
Maybe she'll discover it on her own.
Imagine her delight then.
The story she'll tell
for the rest of her life
about finding a Tiffany lamp
in some dusty garage sale in Bushwick,
snagging it for a song.
Yeah, but what if she never
learns where it came from?
Its true provenance?
What if
Senator Dorf.
Ah. Congressman
- Hudson, sir.
- Right, right.
Are you meeting someone
here for lunch, Hudson?
This place is well off the beaten path.
I mean, it's private.
I'm surprised you even know it.
[LAUGHS] I did my research.
I was hoping to have a quick word
on a matter of some importance.
It's about FBI Task Force number 836.
May I sit?
I sure wish you wouldn't.
This Task Force
is burning through budget,
but I I can't seem to find anybody
who knows anything about it.
Who's on it, what they're doing,
what their practices are.
I mean, are you familiar with it?
I don't know, Hudson.
I mean, I trust the FBI knows what
they need better than you or I do.
I mean, people don't give
a pig's poke about budgets.
People care about safety.
And they're happy to pay for the
the perception of being kept safe,
whether they realize it not.
Oh, I believe the taxpayer would care.
It's not part of ATF, DEA.
Their numbers are astronomical
and only getting bigger.
Frankly, I'd like to find out
what the hell we're paying for, sir.
Are you married, Hudson?
- Mm.
- Well, I am.
And on advice of my wife,
I don't sweat the small stuff.
And this sounds to me
to be very, very small.
So if you feel you must,
set up something with my office,
and we'll talk about it then.
But right now, I need to
get back to this bulgogi
before it goes cold.
I've tried your office.
You're booked pretty tight.
Look, nobody wins when power's
abused in the shadows.
Good Lord. I
Why don't we just cut the crap?
Okay, what you're really after
are headlines.
You want me to help you
make a lot of noise
about diddly-squat in a hearing
so that you can suddenly come in
and be the Boy Scout
who rescues the Republic.
I can assure you
this isn't about optics, sir.
It's purely accountability I'm after.
Well, haven't you heard?
Accountability went out
with the Macarena.
Aren't you even a little curious
about where all that money
is going, Senator?
[HERBIE] Where in the world are you now?
Watching Reddington unload
centuries of invaluable history
at his own personal Antiques Roadshow.
Just promise me you'll tell me
if he's selling
a Rocket-Firing Boba Fett.
It's not that kind of garage sale.
Cooper sends me
to keep tabs on Reddington,
and what happens?
I find myself
on an impromptu world tour,
intersecting with
some truly dodgy characters.
Have you ever heard
of Heinrich Wittelsbach?
Mm, no. What did Red want with him?
No clue. They swapped envelopes.
Well, I know Red wouldn't
involve some dodgy guy
unless there was some good reason.
And, as for you,
you're doing the best you can.
You're supposed to stick
with him, and you are.
What happens while you do
is no fault of yours.
Anyway, got to go. See ya, Siya.
Hard to believe a guy like that
likes foot massages.
Everybody likes foot massages, Nige.
I'll be on comms.
Anything happens,
I'll send up the usual flare.
You do the same.
Thirty. And there's the five.
Excuse me, sir. I was told to
say that Ms. Mallet sent me.
Yes! I
I have something
I believe you're looking for.
"The Sicilian Error of Color."
[CHUCKLING] I almost
can't believe my eyes.
You know, I was stunned
when my collector friend
called to tell me
the stamp had surfaced.
Here it is before my very eyes.
One of only two in the world.
Imagine the Italian printer, 1859,
who runs off a couple of postage stamps
in blue ink
instead of orange, and, boom,
160-something years later,
one of the most lucrative
printing errors in history.
Oh, my husband was obsessed
with this stamp.
It was his white whale.
Or I suppose his blue whale.
God rest his soul.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Oh, it was a while back now,
but it still feels like
yesterday that I lost him.
My husband always said
that stamps were humble and everyday
but then also these tiny works of art
that could last forever.
Kind of like marriages.
Oh. Forgive me.
You didn't ask to hear our life story.
Not at all. Not at all.
Anyway, I, uh
I know I can't afford
what this stamp is worth.
I just really wanted to see it in person
after all this time.
Oh. Perhaps I could take a photo of it?
Oh, no, you should have more
than a photograph of this.
I'm prepared to offer it to you
for a fraction of what it's worth.
Oh, no, don't.
I couldn't even afford
a fraction of a fraction.
Could you afford, say, two?
Two million? Ha! No.
How about $2,000?
Last time it transacted,
this stamp went for over
a thousand times that.
It did.
Well, I can't imagine anybody else
appreciating this stamp more than you.
Buy it.
Buy it.
In honor of your husband.
Radio check?
[NIGEL] Read you loud and clear.
Copy. You already in?
Nigel, do you copy?
- Nigel!
- Copy. I'm here.
Meera? Did you say something?
Meera? Am I still clear?
All right.
Well, one more turn of the screw.
- [NIGEL] Meera!
My pretty little cell ♪
My cell ♪
My pretty little cell ♪
That's him there.
Handsome fellow.
Oh. A true rogue.
Gave me a lot of grief
with the stunts he pulled
over the years. But
I wouldn't have traded him
for a dozen Gregory Pecks.
My cell ♪
My pretty little cell ♪
[WOMAN] Dispatch. What's your status?
[MEERA] We have an emergency
at 24 Grand Regent Circle.
MI6 Officer Nigel Sutton is down,
presumed gunshot wound.
I repeat, my partner
Nigel Sutton is down,
and I've lost communication.
Copy. Code 471.
Assistance on the way.
All alone, all alone
All alone, all alone ♪
What a wonderful,
if somewhat expected surprise!
Agnes and I have a date with
the Natural History Museum.
And while we're in New York,
it only made sense to stop by
and pay you a visit.
Agent Malik no doubt
providing the address.
I have something.
So, this is the ball that Pele used
to score his very first World Cup goal.
For you.
Cool! Thanks, Pinky! Want to play?
Siya, you're up.
Maybe a little of the Pele magic
will rub off on Agnes in her next game.
We need to talk.
Hold on. I almost forgot.
I hope this has something
to do with a new case.
Far better than that, Harold.
This has to do with your
history as a Naval officer.
I thought this might speak to you.
An original plan
for the USS Constellation,
one of the six original frigates
commissioned for the US Navy, 1794.
Are you okay, Raymond?
You don't like the gift?
Oh, I like the gift.
Very much. Thank you.
But Agent Malik says that you've
been traipsing around the globe
collecting and then
practically giving away
some of your irreplaceable possessions.
Is there something I should know?
Just having a little fun,
Harold. Remember fun?
You get older, and you realize
we make life so complicated
when it doesn't need to be.
We complicate ourselves to death.
That may be, but right now my world,
the world of the Blacklist,
is complicated.
Made more so by your absence.
Fret not, Harold.
We'll get back to business
soon enough, I promise.
In the meantime, rest easy.
Agent Malik is here to keep watch.
Senator Dorf is here.
Should I show him in?
Thank you, young lady.
No, don't get up. Don't get up.
I'm not gonna be here long.
I just dropped by to say I kind
of like your style, Hudson.
Unlike you, I am interested in optics.
And hearings that expose
government waste,
they tend to play well in the media.
They poll well, too, I'm told.
Does this mean you're going to
raise my concerns to your committee?
Oh, it means I'm gonna think
about partnering with you
and your little abacus of justice.
So just send over everything you think
I need to take a gander at,
and we'll get started.
- Thank you. Thank you, sir.
- All right.
There's no doubt
something rotten's going on
around that task force.
We're gonna root it out.
Happiness, more or less ♪
It's just a change in me
Something in my liberty ♪
Oh, my, my ♪
[REDDINGTON] And here you go.
Happiness Coming and going ♪
And watch my fever grow ♪
And I know Just where I am ♪
Here's your percentage of today's sales.
You know I can't accept this.
I'm here doing a job. My job.
Consider it a bonus
for putting up with me.
A bonus in more ways than one.
What do you mean?
From what I've gathered,
you're dead set on pursuing this search
into Meera Malik's past
and your own beginnings.
Come what may, that check
you're holding in your hand
will help open the door,
should you choose to step through it.
I can't believe this didn't sell.
[REGINA] We spent months
isolating Minkov,
and now we're blown
and he's in the wind again.
We have no idea when the attack
on the temple will be.
All because a simple
surveillance plant went off the rails?
As soon as I saw the car,
I tried to alert Officer Sutton
that Minkov's bodyguard
had returned unexpectedly.
I thought he heard me.
- He had to have.
But he didn't answer.
Or maybe you were right.
Maybe he was too distracted for the job.
It's my fault for insisting
he could handle it.
I should have done more.
I should have gone in.
I'm so sorry.
His poor wife.
Happiness Coming and going ♪
I'm recommending
you take a leave for 21 days.
Spend some quality time
with that sweet baby Siya.
Talk to someone.
The department will launch
the requisite inquiry,
but as far as I can tell,
I doubt we will find anything
you could have done
to prevent the death of Nigel Sutton.
I'm gonna need to keep you
on Reddington detail a bit longer.
I figured.
You don't necessarily have to go
through every door he goes through.
But you do have to be there
when he comes out.
For what it's worth, he seems to
have a genuine respect for you.
It feels protective, almost.
Can't say I felt especially
protected in Edinburgh.
Well, like I said,
your safety comes first.
Just do what you can
to keep eyes on him.
I will.
Give my best to the team.
Oh, my, my ♪
It's just a change in me
Something in my liberty ♪
Oh, my, my, my, my ♪
Yeah, yeah ♪
Oh, my, my, my, my, my ♪
Who are you, Mrs. Kathleen Sutton?
And what on earth
do you have to do with me?
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