The Blacklist s10e19 Episode Script

Room 417

4:00 a.m, really?
[REDDINGTON] Hope I haven't woken you.
No, I wish you'd woken me.
That would mean I would have
been sleeping,
but I don't remember sleep anymore.
Early even for you, Raymond.
Sorry to disturb you, Harold.
I'm afraid I have something
that just can't wait.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
This better be important.
It's very important.
How fast can you get here?
F-Fast. I'm kind of already dressed.
Although I think I
should probably change.
It's okay, I'm awake.
I'm studying algebra
so I can help Agnes with her homework.
Well, you'll have to put off
your middle-school studies
for now, Harold.
I need you to be here for this.
All of you.
What do you mean by "here"?
This better be good.
I assure you, I wouldn't have
disturbed you all
at this ungodly hour
if the circumstances weren't dire.
What's going on, Raymond?
[REDDINGTON] I just left
a meeting with a friend
who prefers his cocktails before dawn.
Something about keeping
the ghosts of his ex-wives at bay.
But his twilight tipples also
have the added advantage
of loosening the tongues
of his drinking companions
as alcohol's effects on the human brain
are two to three times
greater after midnight. [CHUCKLES]
So my friend hears many things,
some rumor, some not,
but this morning he put me
onto something truly sensational.
Anyone here heard
of the Friedman Report?
No, should we have?
[REDDINGTON] I wouldn't think so.
It's a top-secret Air Force
intelligence report
of great sensitivity.
My friend was told the Friedman
Report is going to be stolen.
He didn't know where,
only that it will happen today.
What is the Friedman Report?
Its subject is this country's
nuclear arsenal,
which has seen better days.
There are hundreds of
underground missile silos
scattered across the Midwest and west.
A lot of them neglected and unloved.
Some in such urgent need of repair
that they're susceptible to sabotage.
The Friedman Report outlines
the security faults
and weaknesses
of each decrepit silo in detail.
If it falls into the wrong hands
America's nukes could be
turned against us.
Theoretically speaking.
Who's trying to steal it?
I'm hoping you all can figure that out.
All good, Joker?
Same deal as in Santa Anita.
Sounds good.
- Do we have
- Right here.
What's our timing on this?
- In and out in 10 minutes.
- [JOKER] Let's go.
Where'd you get this tip?
From whom exactly?
I'm really not at liberty to say.
For once, why don't you just tell us
what's in it for you?
This is a win for the task force.
Nothing more.
So, the clock is already ticking.
I'll leave the situation
in your capable hands.
I wish you luck.
And, please, do keep me updated.
May I?
Take as many as you'd like.
Eh, just the one will do, thank you.
The shade of gray on these walls
I don't think I've ever seen
that precise shade
anywhere else.
It's called Anvil Gray.
I checked a color wheel. I get bored.
I feel like we don't say this enough,
but that man is just so strange.
That he is, but if his intel's for real,
we need to act fast.
Dembe, Ressler, get to the Office of
the Director of National Intelligence.
Let them know the
report is under threat.
- Find and secure it.
- [DEMBE] On our way.
But stay sharp.
Siya's right. Reddington seems off.
Well, he's always off.
Still, for safety's sake,
just expect the unexpected.
Jonathan, come on in.
I bought you a coffee.
New place on 13th, it'll change
your life. Have a seat. Come on.
I'm I'm I'm not your pal.
I'm not asking you to be.
But I do need your help.
Yet, by helping you,
I am betraying my friend.
I'd probably be dead by now
if it wasn't for Donald Ressler.
I'm sure he's an excellent sponsor.
He's working with Raymond Reddington
or else Reddington's working him.
I haven't quite figured it all out.
Which is why I need you.
I was right, wasn't I?
You found out Ressler
was connected to Elizabeth Keen,
- who went on the run with Reddington?
- It doesn't prove anything.
No, but it raises doubts and suspicions.
A federal judge has seen enough
to agree with me.
She granted a warrant
for a wiretap on Ressler's phone.
Well, if you do have a warrant,
then why do you need me?
Can't Can't the FBI
or some other law enforcement agency
tap Don's phone themselves?
It's not that simple.
Ressler's task force
operates under deep cover.
Nobody at the DOJ knows it exists,
except maybe the FBI Director
and the AG.
If we alert him to what's going on,
they may protect their people.
This has to be done surgically.
You mean by preying on the bond
between two recovering addicts.
There are two possibilities.
One, this is a terrible misunderstanding
and I'm chasing a decent guy.
I really hope that's true
because the other possibility
is that a decorated FBI agent
is secretly working
for the world's most wanted man.
We won't know either way
until you get me proof.
- What's this?
- That is millions in DARPA research funds
direct from the NSA.
Ressler will have an
FBI-issued cellphone,
un-tappable by conventional means.
But if you unlock Ressler's phone
and plug that in,
in seconds, it'll upload a software
that'll activate a tap.
You expect me to get my hands
on Don's cellphone and unlock it?
[SIGHS] You'll find a way.
If Ressler is in over his head
the way I think he is,
you'll be doing him a favor.
Jammer's up.
I'm afraid I'm not at liberty
to discuss the Friedman Report.
You don't have the clearance.
I'm sorry, there's no time to waste.
We know the report is about
vulnerable missile silos.
It could be used to facilitate an attack
against our nuclear arsenal.
How How did you
Tell us everything about this report.
We have information
that it's about to be stolen.
- Impossible.
- [DEMBE] An asset informed us
that the report is currently
exposed and under threat.
Would you please see
who last accessed the report?
[ANNIE] Yes, Madam Deputy Director.
[RUTHERFORD] You understand
that this report is a state secret.
That you've heard of it
General Friedman
checked out an encrypted
laptop last night.
The report's due to
the Joint Chiefs tomorrow,
and he wanted to do some
last-minute line editing.
He took a top-secret
report home with him?
I guess that's becoming
quite the thing these days.
[RUTHERFORD] He's a four-star
general in the Air Force.
We couldn't just chain him to his desk.
He likes to work at home,
and he's practically turned
his house into a fortress.
[DEMBE] That may not be enough
to protect him.
I suggest you call the general quickly.
His line is dead.
We need to secure the general.
My agents can handle that. Annie
Your agents can follow us to his house.
This is above your pay grade.
ODNI is more than capable.
No, I'm sorry.
The general's address, now.
Target's internal security feeds
will now loop
the previous 10 seconds of footage.
We're ready to breach.
[RESSLER] I can't believe
General Friedman
would take a top-secret
nuclear dossier home with him.
Reddington's intel was spot on.
It's still going straight
to Friedman's voicemail?
Yes. We have to assume the worst.
Perhaps a signal jammer?
[RESSLER] Which means that the
thieves are already in his house
or on their way in.
How else can we get an alert
to the general?
[DEMBE] Not all signal jammers
block Wi-Fi.
We could try a video chat.
Do it.
- General Friedman.
- Who are you?
Agent Dembe Zuma, FBI.
We have intel that a team of assailants
are trying to steal the Friedman Report.
- How do you know about that?
- There's no time.
Do you have a secure place
in your house?
- Of course.
- Take the laptop and get there now.
We are on our way.
He's going upstairs.
That'll be the panic room.
Go on! Get out!
The FBI are on their way.
You're gonna get yourself killed.
Reddington, your friend
was right about that report.
Wonderful, I'm just calling to check in.
A four-star general
took it home on a laptop.
We just made contact.
The thieves are inside,
but he has a panic room.
Ressler and Dembe are five minutes out.
Excellent work, Harold.
Since it's under control, I'll be off.
It's an abort.
- We're almost through.
- Doesn't matter.
Bogeys on route. Need to move now.
[BOTH] Heard.
You good on foot?
Don't worry about us. Gun it.
See you at the rendezvous point.
[FRIEDMAN] I'm alright.
I've been through worse, much worse.
But we should be worried
about the report.
Well, the laptop is secure.
But the assailants got away.
- Who were they?
- We don't know that yet, sir.
How did you know they were
going to try to steal it
if you don't know who they are?
- Our task force was tipped off.
- By whom?
By an asset I can't identify.
Are you really gonna make me
remind you of my clearance level
as a full general in the US Air Force?
I'm sorry, General Friedman,
but I work for a task force
that operates under special authority.
Now, what I want to know is
why these thieves made a break for it
halfway through the robbery.
Any luck with the security cameras?
They compromised the system.
No footage for the past half-hour.
There is good news.
We canvassed the neighborhood,
turns out the general's
next-door neighbors
have security cameras, too.
Believe it or not, they just
installed them two days ago.
They won some sweepstakes
from a home-security company.
- Really?
- Once in a while, things go our way.
My guys will send you the footage,
but I snapped a photo
of the feed, if it helps.
[RESSLER] What do we got?
One of the perpetrators.
That's a pretty clean shot. We
might be able to pull an ID from that.
The general said
our other suspect is a female,
- 20s, bleached-blonde hair.
Take that.
I'll coordinate with the search team.
Jonathan, what's up?
Uh, I I messed up, Don.
- Where are you?
- It It's not that.
I I haven't used. I
I just
I don't know what I'm gonna do.
Just relax.
I'm winding down at work,
but I can meet you
around noon for coffee.
Steinway Diner?
Yeah, I'll I'll be there.
[JONATHAN] When Jill said
I could move back,
I was over the moon.
But then, once I did,
I started to notice
that things were different.
She was acting differently around me,
you know, jumpier.
Yesterday, I caught her
hiding money from me.
And I I blew up.
I could I couldn't help it.
Clearly, she doesn't trust me,
and that triggered me.
I yelled. She cried.
Two days ago we were golden and today
Do you want to use?
I, uh, well,
it's the same old story, right?
Like, rationally, no,
but subconsciously,
I feel like I am a hair away
from being out of control.
This is a setback.
But these things happen.
The most important thing is
that you don't let this turn
into a backslide.
Okay? Look, I've been there.
I'm sorry. Can I get the check, please?
I've got to get back to work. Big case.
Yeah, no, I I I know how it is.
Um, b-b-before you go, uh, h-how do I
deal with Jill?
Let me give you some advice on women
Like I'm an expert.
All the cliches are true.
All you've got to do is talk to her.
Tell her how you feel, communicate.
The rest will take care of itself.
I should call her right now.
- That's the idea.
- She won't answer.
Not if she sees my number.
Well, use my phone.
You're gonna regret it if you don't.
Um, do you mind if I, uh, step outside,
for some, uh, privacy?
[RESSLER] I'll pay the check.
I'll be out in a few.
Hey, did you get ahold of her?
Uh, she didn't answer.
I I left a message.
You did the right thing.
- Sorry I'm late.
- Not a problem.
Where are we?
Forensics swept General
Friedman's house, but it was clean.
No DNA, no fingerprints.
So Reddington doesn't have
any leads on who we're after?
None. But we found one.
I cross-referenced this image
with all criminal databases, no luck.
Then I thought,
let's try state and federal employees,
because I don't know how
they treat any of you at the DMV,
but that is a criminal enterprise
if there ever was one.
In any case, I got a hit.
Seymour Jacobson.
Works at the Capitol Building.
I was hoping that it was a congressman.
That'd be a story,
but, no, he's a janitor.
So the person
who broke into Friedman's house
- works inside the US Capitol?
- [SIYA] That's right.
I sent a team to his home,
but he's not there.
The place has been
totally emptied, cleared out.
When was the last time
anyone saw Jacobson?
[SIYA] Yesterday at work.
I contacted Capitol maintenance,
and they gave me access
to their security feeds.
We were just about
to review the footage.
[COOPER] This is the Capitol?
There are miles of hallways
under the building.
It's a rabbit warren down there.
[DEMBE] There's a dead spot
in the camera footage.
He hasn't come back. Where is he?
Fast-forward the footage.
[RESSLER] Forty minutes.
Where did he go in all that time?
[ROSE] As Architect of the Capitol,
it's my job to conduct
comprehensive background checks
on everyone we hire to maintenance.
I find it highly unlikely
that any of my employees
could be a thief.
Believe it or don't.
the fact is,
Seymour Jacobson broke into the home
of an Air Force general this morning.
A video your security team
sent over suggests
he's up to something curious
right here at the Capitol.
With this kind of security,
what surprises me is that he disappeared
off-camera for 40 minutes.
The Capitol Building has 500
rooms and miles of corridors,
some dead spots are inevitable.
Whatever he was doing,
we'll soon find out.
- We're here now.
- Wait, that
That door isn't visible
to any of the security-camera angles.
- Huh.
- What do you mean, "Huh"?
I had no idea there was
a circuit-breaker room here.
I'm not down here much, nobody is.
Are you sure that's what it is?
- No.
- Do you have a key?
I've never noticed this door,
let alone opened it.
You better get somebody down here
who can open it.
[AMBASSADOR] will be very
important, Madame Speaker.
[SIYA] I know that woman.
That's the US Ambassador to the UK.
And she's talking to
the Speaker of the House.
And that's the Senate Majority Leader.
The Senate Majority Leader?
Is this live?
It sure looks that way.
They have surveillance on half
the politicians in Washington here.
Oh, my God, this is
I have to alert someone.
[COOPER] You're telling me
these people bugged
every room in the Capitol complex?
Maybe not every room but enough.
There are feeds coming out
of the offices
of every congressman, senator,
the Federal Judiciary Building.
Don't forget what appears to be
the deliberation room
for the Supreme Court.
It's a violation of the very heart
of American political power.
If this makes headlines,
it'll be the biggest thing since
It'll be the biggest thing.
[COOPER] Any idea who's behind this?
We may have a way to find out
if we can trace the phone line
to this fax machine.
Would you look at that?
Did you say "fax machine"?
[RESSLER] I don't know
whether it's part of their operation
or a museum exhibit,
but, yeah, they have a fax machine here.
The people behind the biggest
intelligence breach
in US history are communicating by fax?
That's dope.
The machine looks like
it's from the late '90s.
I'm guessing. I've never used one.
Does it have a button
labeled "last" or "memory"?
Yes, memory.
It worked.
The last fax sent was,
"Friedman Report will be
at Columbia Heights address tonight."
If that fax came from here,
then the intel
on the Friedman Report came from
one of these bugs within the Capitol.
Maybe Red intercepted the fax.
There were no twilight drinks
with a friend who fed him this case.
Raymond's not picking up.
[SIYA] The question is,
where was this message sent?
Whoever's on the other end of this fax
is clearly who Jacobson
and his band of merry thieves
are reporting to.
We've got to track down that number.
[RUTHERFORD] Thank you, Adam.
Good Lord.
Agent Ressler.
Deputy Director Rutherford,
we were just about to call you.
I'm sure you were.
Mr. Rose was quicker on the
uptake and reported to us right away.
The Office of the Director
of National Intelligence
will be taking point on this.
You can go.
- We have to determine
- Now.
As you've read in your briefings,
we're here today because of
an unprecedented act of treason
against the United States.
A spy ring operating
within our very halls of power
has been watching and recording
the every move of our leaders for
Well, we're not entirely sure how long.
Though the base of the spy ring
within the Capitol has been shut down,
the sole identified member of the ring,
Seymour Jacobson, is currently
a fugitive from justice.
We have no idea who instigated
this incursion,
nor what they've done with
the vitally sensitive intelligence
they've collected.
The question facing us is
how do we react?
One thing's for certain,
this cannot leave this room.
Finding out who's behind
this extraordinary breach
begins with establishing
how the FBI learned it was happening.
Assistant Director Cooper,
could you speak to that?
The information that led us
to room 417 originated with an asset.
And who exactly is this asset?
I can't reveal that information.
Harold, I respect your commitment
to protocol here, but really.
We're still working with our asset
to get to the bottom of this.
Revealing that asset's identity,
including to the people in this room,
would compromise
their ability to help us.
You have Seymour Jacobson
as a suspect to pursue.
My team is providing
you with this intel,
which you never would
have discovered on your own.
As you said,
it's up to the people at this table
to decide what to do with the intel.
For now,
my task force will do everything
that we can to find
out who's responsible.
How long has Cooper been in
with the panel?
Over an hour.
Looking for answers he doesn't have.
We need to help him find some.
Raymond still isn't answering.
Somebody's bugged the Capitol.
Whoever it is is connected
to the number at the top of this fax.
if we find out where that number is,
maybe we can find them.
if they're still communicating by fax,
we might try a Steely Dan concert.
Maybe they think fax machines
are still hard to trace.
It's certainly been tougher for us.
Herbie, have you contacted
the phone company
about the number on the last fax?
That's the thing.
The number the fax was sent to
isn't operated by the phone company.
In 2003, the company sold the number
to an electromechanical
switchboard exchange.
I'm sorry, a what?
They used to be a thing.
Manual telephone exchanges
operating on pre-digital technology.
Common in rural areas.
But when the Bell System
was broken up in the '80s,
almost all were shut down.
Phone company told me this exchange
was one of the last left in America.
The company that owns it
is called Evelyn Strategies Inc.
Evelyn Strategies?
That name sounds familiar.
Did you get an address?
I got one from when
they first incorporated,
but that was two decades ago.
It's in Rosslyn.
139 North Ode Street, Suite 602.
[SIYA] Looks like an office complex.
The switchboard could
be long gone by now.
It's the only lead we have.
Let's roll out.
Evelyn Strategies. 602.
It's still here.
Same building as a yoga studio.
[RESSLER] Why keep office space
for outdated technology?
[DEMBE] We'll soon find out.
This must be the switchboard exchange.
A little worse for the wear.
This one is still powered up.
This fax was sent from the Capitol.
Right after the Friedman fax.
The numbers are the same.
So this is where the Capitol spies
were sending their reports.
But all the other machines
Look at the dial-up codes.
Plus 44, this fax came from the UK.
Plus 49, that's Germany.
Plus 7, Russia.
Here's Belgium.
- And mainland China.
- But what does it mean?
Room 417 wasn't the only place
sending intel here.
There are dozens of other
intelligence networks
embedded all around the world.
How can you be sure?
Fax machines.
Analog, entirely below the radar.
The scale of this thing.
Wheels within wheels.
Don't you see?
Donald, what you are looking at
is Raymond Reddington's
intelligence empire.
Or it was.
- Jonathan.
- You're wrong about Don.
He's salt of the earth.
Did you do it?
He's a good man.
I hope you're right.
You probably think
you're a pretty good man, too.
This is Reddington's operation?
I don't believe it.
[DEMBE] I didn't want
to believe it either,
but it's clear now Raymond
has been bugging the Capitol
and multiple entities abroad.
I think we should assume
those entities are on par
with the Capitol.
This was a hub
for intel feeds from across the globe.
How could you not have known about this?
I only ever knew
what Raymond wanted me to know.
Some years ago, he gave me a peek
into the workings
of his intelligence network.
It was shortly before Elizabeth died.
Raymond flew us
to a command center in Latvia.
[REDDINGTON] This is where intelligence
from 17 outposts
around the world is gathered,
sorted, and analyzed.
Leaked documents,
intercepted communiques,
secrets from people
in positions of power.
Seventeen outposts,
outposts which I had never seen before
and knew nothing about.
But I heard Raymond talk about
his intelligence operation.
I knew this was a source
of his endless supply of secrets
about world leaders, corporations,
rogue states, and criminals.
The system is a living,
breathing apparatus
that powers many
of the decisions I make.
The source of The Blacklist.
One of the sources.
Raymond also relies heavily
on his personal contacts, as we know.
While most of his empire was digitized,
Raymond was always jumpy
about the computerization
of his intelligence network.
To avoid detection, he was emphatic
that it should be kept analog.
Analog, like a fax machine.
Or an electromechanical switchboard.
And you're suggesting
that exchange serviced
intelligence outposts around the world.
Each one embedded deep
inside highly secure targets.
[DEMBE] I believe
it's safe to assume that no one outpost
knew about the other one.
Raymond was the one linking them all.
There must have been many places
for him to access intel,
but when he was in D.C.,
he'd use Evelyn.
[RESSLER] Looks like
he shut it all down.
Thank you.
[COOPER] Reddington must have known
we'd get to all this information.
That's why he handed us this case.
[RESSLER] A case that's
been suspect all along.
We got security footage of Jacobson
leaving General Friedman's house
from the next-door neighbors.
These thieves who were good enough
to work for Reddington
went through the trouble
to shut down Friedman's security system
but just missed the one next door?
Hmm. The police told us
the next-door neighbors
had just won a security system
in a sweepstakes.
Who ever heard of a home-security
company running a sweepstakes?
Now, what do you want to bet
that this couple
has an angel investor
funding their new home-security cameras?
Hi! It's your lucky day.
[DEMBE] The only conclusion is
that Raymond wanted us
to expose his intelligence network
after he shut it down.
[SIYA] That's not all he shut down.
I knew Evelyn Strategies Inc.
sounded familiar,
so I looked through
the files from our raid
on the Morgana Logistics Corporation,
the one that creates fake companies
to cover up criminal activities.
Evelyn was one of their creations.
So Morgana is Raymond, too.
you didn't know about Morgana either?
I only knew a lot about Raymond
and very little about his empire.
But it makes sense.
No one was arrested at the Morgana raid
except for that one warehouse manager,
Gerome Kavanaugh.
And he skipped town
on a $3 million bail.
And who would we know
that has that kind of money?
So Reddington created
both Morgana and Evelyn
and then used us to shut them down.
Shipping and intelligence,
two of his biggest assets.
[COOPER] We helped Reddington
maintain his empire.
And now he's fooled us
into helping him tear it down, but why?
[HUDSON] I want to thank you
for doing this, Agent Galanter.
I'm glad NSA was able to spare you.
Understand I'm acting
as an agent of the court.
I'm only doing this in pursuance
of fulfilling the judge's warrant
to tap Donald Ressler's phone.
I don't have skin in the game here.
But if what I read in
the judge's ruling is true,
this could be quite a doozy.
Looks like Ressler's on a call now.
Is this gonna work?
I've gambled everything on this.
Well, just Just hang on.
- [RESSLER] does what he does.
- Bingo.
[COOPER] I've wondered for a long time
what would be my last straw.
This might be it.
Reddington's been our CI
for nearly 12 years.
We offered him
protection while he built out
and strengthened
a vast criminal network.
We've protected him while
he hardwired the US Capitol
and intercepted
a decade's worth of state secrets.
In a way, we've been
his partners in treason.
My God,
it's so much worse than I thought.
We told ourselves it was worth it
because he was
the most valuable CI the FBI ever had,
but now he's eliminated
the bulk of his capacity
to collect intel for us.
Whatever his reasons,
we've earned an explanation.
I just tried Raymond again.
He's still not picking up.
[RESSLER] If I had to put money on it,
I bet we never see him again.
What do we tell Rutherford
and the interagency panel?
[COOPER] The truth,
or part of it.
We tell them that
this intelligence network
stretches across the globe.
We give them details,
but we don't tell them
about Reddington's connection.
At least not yet.
There's too much in flux right now.
For now, everyone go home
until we have more information.
Personally I need a little time
to digest this.
Well, this seems a little different
from what the judge's ruling said.
Yeah, that's an understatement.
This isn't a case of Reddington
corrupting an FBI task force.
He's a CI.
That's all legally sanctioned
and approved from the top down.
Our own government
is protecting
the number one on its most-wanted list.
Our government is protecting a man
who's been spying on them for years.
Can you rewind the tape?
- I I want to hear
- Yeah.
I think I know the part you mean.
[HUDSON] Yeah.
We offered him protection
while he built out and strengthened
a vast criminal network.
We've protected him while
he hardwired the US Capitol
- and intercepted a decade's
- worth of state secrets.
In a way, we've been
his partners in treason.
That's the one.
I don't know why I'm not surprised.
A drink, Harold?
You look wrung out.
That's astute of you.
First things first.
This has been you all along, hasn't it?
You tricked us into
dismantling your empire
the very thing that
makes our work possible.
Morgana, room 417, Evelyn, all you.
Yes, it is.
But why have us shut you down?
In my experience,
when criminal organizations dissipate,
their employees tend to seek
work with other criminals.
But I wanted my people to be sent off
to the happy retirement
they so richly deserve.
But to convince them to leave this life,
they had to feel that
the FBI was on their tails.
Thus, you.
[COOPER] That's not what I asked you.
Why shut down at all?
This compromises your ability
to provide cases.
Don't you realize
that endangers your immunity agreement?
You and I both know
that's immaterial, Harold.
I deleted my immunity agreement
in its entirety when I tapped
into the Post Office archive.
The Attorney General doesn't know that.
The only reason we haven't
been directed to arrest you
is because the government
is still acting as if you're our CI.
That depends on you being
in a position to help us.
By tearing down your empire,
you're putting yourself
in the crosshairs.
Again, I ask you, why?
Are you familiar with the assassination
of James Garfield?
This country's 20th president,
of course.
Rather undervalued one in my view.
He was shot by a
crazy wannabe politician
just across town on Constitution Avenue,
in July 1881.
Garfield survived for two months.
As he lay slowly dying,
the greatest scientific minds in America
rushed to his side
to try to offer him succor.
Navy engineers created an early version
of the air conditioner
to keep his room cool.
Alexander Graham Bell
tested his new design
for a metal detector
to try to locate the bullet
which had become lodged somewhere
in the President's abdomen.
The doctors as well performed
a few experiments,
including an innovative drainage tube
to treat an abscess.
Garfield's temperature soared
to a daily average of 104 degrees.
The bullet was never found,
and the drainage tube
created an infection
that eventually killed him.
Historians speculate that
if these great men of science
had just left Garfield alone,
he might've lived.
Or at least died peacefully.
This is where you usually ask me
if I have a point.
- I'm tired of encouraging you.
After a decade of obfuscation
and misdirection,
even now when it matters most,
you still can't give
me a straight answer.
I wish I could articulate one.
Truly I do.
I guess, the simplest way
of putting it is
Things end,
sometimes despite our best
efforts and best intentions
or sometimes because
of that effort or intent.
Things end.
So something else can begin.
This is Jonathan Pritchard.
Leave your name and number, and
I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
Jonathan, I know how hard this has been,
and Ressler's done a lot to help you.
But thanks to you,
we now have definitive proof.
Agent Ressler is a threat
to national security.
He's endangering American lives.
You'll be a hero for
helping us stop him.
Compliments of Mr. Reddington.
To a wild ride, boys.
- Yeah, to a wild ride.
- Yeah, to a wild ride.
Hey, you coming?
Thought we'd try something new
instead of just,
you know, pouring more coffee
down our throats.
I found a new NA meeting just
a few blocks from here.
You want to go?
Yeah, sure, s-sounds good, man.
[COOPER] In a way, we've been
his partners in treason.
Partners in treason.
Partners in treason.
Partners in treason.
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