The Blacklist: Redemption (2017) s01e04 Episode Script

Operation Devenport

1 MAN: We have a breach Sector 3, code red.
Repeat breach in Sector 3.
We need guards and all personnel to report.
We need guards and all personnel to report.
(BLARING CONTINUES) We have a breach Sector 3, code red.
(BLARING CONTINUES) Hey! (BLARING CONTINUES) My gun he has my gun! Ohh! Aah! (KNOCK ON DOOR) Hi.
Kat Carlson.
I work for Scottie Scottie yeah, I know.
We met.
We did.
Anyway, there was an emergency, and Ms.
Hargrave can't make your appointment.
She asked me to apologize and to bring you breakfast.
Um, do all your clients bring you stuff? Yeah.
what did you think it was about just sex? Oh, okay.
(CHUCKLES) Well, I should really - Wait, come on.
- Uh, have breakfast with me.
That's Thank you, but, uh, I should go.
But did, uh, did Scottie give you my number? Yes, she gave it to me.
Why? I mean, you could've called or sent over breakfast, but here you are.
Come on, just have breakfast with me.
Okay, but (CHUCKLES) but just breakfast.
It's authorized personnel only.
Bishop: She's with me.
Southbound big rig swerved to avoid an accident.
Jumped the rail, did a face-plant, and perforated the base of the tower column around 4:15 a.
Driver's stable at New York Presbyterian.
Since when does the CIA work traffic duty? You didn't call me down here for a truck crash, Dan.
And we got two prison guards in ICU.
Guards? What have you boys gotten yourselves into? (HORNS HONK) (MACHINERY WHIRRING) (MAN SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) Operation Davenport it's an off-book site used by the Agency to interrogate enemy combatants.
We had 32, but now 5 are missing.
We need you to find them.
Last I checked, black-site prisons are illegal on U.
Scottie, thank God.
Jack, good to see you.
What's your part in all this? BISHOP: Jack's company runs cybersecurity for Davenport.
How do you plan on keeping this quiet? Well, we're striking the facility now.
Cameras, servers all the incident data will be relocated to a level-four command center in Queens.
I'm gonna need that footage.
Y-You're not cleared for that.
Your job's to focus on the manhunt.
Look, Dan.
Do you want the prisoners rounded up? Call the U.
If you want the mess you created handled covertly, we do this my way.
And I'll need access to everything.
So, tell Jack to shut up and listen, or I walk.
So, how do you want to handle it? NEZ: We have five fugitives loose in Manhattan.
Andre Zidane bombed a French embassy in Algeria.
Brian Mayhew cyber-hacktivist who leaked a cache of top-secret U.
intelligence data.
Jared Rourke founder of Aryan Freedom Force, the Montana-based "white nationalist" movement.
Chechen separatist Leonid Dudin.
And Alex Kota, a British national part of a cell that killed an American diplomat in Pakistan last month.
Some of the world's deadliest terrorists, and you want us to hunt 'em down all by ourselves? Operation Davenport's black ops.
The NYPD, the Bureau, and the public don't know about it or the breakout.
If we're going to avoid mass hysteria, we need to keep it that way.
If the goal was to avoid mass hysteria, a freaking black site shouldn't have been put in Manhattan.
But it was, and now we need to find these men.
I want the CCTV feeds from every bridge and tunnel routed through to Halcyon.
Nez, get to the scene.
See if you can pick up a trail.
Tom, tell Homeland we've got a credible threat and you want NYPD to choke the city's exfil points.
Say the threat is imminent, but not specific.
Woman: All units, be advised.
(POLICE SIRENS BLARING) We have a level-one mobilization.
Implement shutdown of all Manhattan bridges and tunnels until further notice from a patrol supervisor.
I wanna re-up.
(CHUCKLING) That will get you half.
But maybe we can come to an arrangement.
I have a sense you're plugged into law enforcement.
Yeah, and? And you might have access to information that could benefit me business-wise who the DEA might be targeting, which of my competitors might be hit? I'm good with the half.
You're sure about this? It's the official adoption report.
"Christopher, aged 4, last name unknown.
" Same Christopher who was brought into Child Services a week after your son went missing.
"Judge approves change in legal status, conferring all parental rights to Frank and Eva Phelps.
" Contact information's in the file.
You're a call away from finding your boy.
(KNOCK AT DOOR, DOOR OPENS) Sorry to interrupt, but there's something you need to see.
It's about the truck.
NEZ: Someone welded reinforced steel bars on the front end.
This isn't a big rig it's a battering ram.
Whoever launched it knew exactly what was on the other side of that wall.
This wasn't an accident it was a prison break.
Go to the hospital.
Get to the driver.
Bring him back here and lean on him.
It's been five hours, and we're nowhere on the escapees.
He's our best hope of finding them.
(SIREN BLARING) Special Doug McCarty, and this is Officer Lynch.
As I'm sure that your doctor's told you They didn't tell me nothing.
Am I in some kind of trouble? Well, we're not authorized to release those details at this time, but we do have a credible threat.
"Credible threat"? What the hell does that mean? What is going on here? Tom: Homeland Security believes you may be a target in an ongoing case.
Is this about the accident? I told the police already, I don't We're moving you to a secure location where we can guarantee your safety until the threat is under control.
What threats? You keep saying that.
If you'd just come this way Hey! (CAR HORN HONKS, TIRES SCREECH) - Hey! No! Stop! - Hey! Stop! (CAR HORN HONKS, TIRES SCREECH) (BREATHES SHARPLY) Our truck driver was born in Queens no criminal record, nor ties to any known terror groups.
(CELLPHONE BEEPS) Uh, still no word on the prisoners.
Nothing at the airports or the, uh, train stations and the checkpoints.
Well, breaking out of a black-site prison requires planning and manpower and a ton of network support.
Well, it did for me.
So, in addition to your charming personality, you're also an enemy combatant.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wrong place, wrong time.
Whatever you got to tell yourself.
Rourke and Mayhew operate alone they have no network.
So that leaves Dudin, Zidane, and Kota.
A Russian bomber, British militant, and an African nationalist.
What aren't we seeing? Ramadi a truck bomb killed 133 Marines.
And three months ago, intel named Dudin, Zidane, and Kota as key players in the attack.
And now they're loose in a city with 34,000 cops, and none of them can help us 'cause our government threw these guys in a hole and deprived them of their rights.
DUMONT: Hey, I may have a line on one of the fugitives.
Just intercepted a 911 call from an apartment in Chelsea on 31st.
Check this out.
(BEEPS) MAN: There's someone a man in in my apartment.
I can hear him.
Operator: Can you describe him? I-I don't know in his 20s, gray jumpsuit like a a convict.
Hey, our prisoners are wearing dark jump suits.
We're on our way.
So are the cops.
I'm looking at their system.
Dispatch was just notified.
Solomon: Optics, please.
DUMONT: Apartment 502, two bedrooms Windows on the east-west axis.
Fire escape faces 30th.
(LOCK DISENGAGES) (GUNS COCK) (CREAKS LIGHTLY) Guys, whatever's going on in there, you need to move.
Police are 90 seconds out.
Okay, don't Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Don't do anything stupid.
The police are on their way, okay? (SHOUTING IN ARABIC) And I'm right behind you.
(SHOUTING IN ARABIC) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
(BOTH SHOUTING IN ARABIC) Back up, relax! Relax! (SHOUTING IN ARABIC) We're here to help you.
Take it easy.
- (SHOUTING IN ARABIC) - Calm down.
60 seconds, boys.
Get out of there.
(GRUNTING) Ohh! Aah! (THUDS) (BREATHING HEAVILY) (MUFFLED WHIMPERING) Okay, we officially have a problem.
Pollack? NYPD.
Open the door.
(KNOCK ON DOOR) - Open the door.
- Coming.
(MUFFLED GRUNTING) - Officers, good afternoon.
- (POLICE RADIO CHATTER) We got a call about an intruder? Intruder? Yes, yes, I did make a call, yeah.
But I thought I saw something, and I don't think I did, and I think I'm okay.
I got the door locked now, so, thank you.
The door wasn't locked.
Was it not? God, I get a little tired on, uh Me and my partner would feel better if we can come in and take a look.
Okay, great.
You want to tell me what he looked like? Yeah.
He's 6'1", uh, black, um, very tall, slender build.
You told dispatch he was wearing a prison jumpsuit of some kind.
Yeah, you know, I don't really remember.
But I might I think at the station would probably be better to I'd feel better.
What's going on here? Excuse me.
Who are you? I'm the plumber came back to fix y'all's sink.
W-Why the police here? (CHUCKLES) I'm so s this is the man I saw in my apartment.
What you called the police 'cause you saw a black man in your apartment? Hey, whoa, that is not accurate.
Go ahead, lock me up right here, right now! What's the maximum sentence for fixing a racist man's sink? Oh, come on! I'm not a racist.
- I want you to know I am not a racist.
- Of course you're a racist.
Back me up.
- Take it easy! - All right, take it easy! I am not a racist.
Call me over here Come You - Of course - Is it racist to want my sink fixed? - Come on, man! - It's racist! - Give me a break.
- Of course you're racist! - Hold on, come on.
- Girl, he Look at that! - Look, I am not a ra I am not a racist.
- Take it easy! - How you gonna call the police - No, no, no, no.
- I seen your artwork.
- Yeah.
You ain't got no black artists.
I've got great taste, okay? Have a good night, fellas.
- Oh, taste? - Yeah.
Oh, so a white artist got good taste.
I like all the colors of the rainbow black, red, blue Okay, what's Tupac middle name? (DOOR CLOSES) (MUFFLED GRUNTING) - We should deal with that.
- (MUFFLED GRUNT) Woman: Manhattan remains on lockdown with a heavy police presence throughout the city.
- (CAMERA SHUTTERS CLICKING) - Officials are tight-lipped about why the lockdown was ordered.
The good news is, three of the five prisoners are back in custody.
Bad news is, whoever organized the breakout is still at large.
How can you know that? The breakout was meticulous.
Those involved would be given food and shelter.
They wouldn't be caught breaking into an apartment looking for track suits.
Where are we on the driver? Still nothing to connect him to the prisoners.
Look again.
Cross-reference everything against Mayhew and Rourke mother's maiden name, distant relatives, distant step-relatives.
Start at the beginning.
There has to be a connection.
How many cabs did you take? She knows.
The private investigator you hired to find me she she got to him, and he's working for her now.
Stay focused on Whitehall.
Has she said anything about Whitehall? She found the family who adopted me.
I figured out how they're communicating the code.
But I can't find any mention of Whitehall.
Are you listening to me? She's gonna meet my adoptive parents.
They'll tell her I survived, show her pictures.
I was with them until I was 14.
She's gonna recognize me.
Brian Mayhew he's the one who orchestrated the breakout.
What? Who orchestrated the breakout.
How could you know that? The black site Hey, where you been? Working a source.
He says Mayhew organized the breakout.
(SCOFFS) Well, he's well-informed.
We found an offshore transaction linking the truck driver to Mayhew.
He was paid to drive through that wall.
Mayhew is behind this whole thing.
The source who who is he? Someone who insists on anonymity.
I hope you can respect that.
Of course.
Solomon? I got a job for you.
No, forget the breakout.
This is more important.
(DOOR CREAKS LIGHTLY) (SIGHS) Mayhew, you scared me.
- (DOOR CLOSES) - Everything on track? Uh, uh, see for yourself.
(CHUCKLES) Is that him? Yeah, that's him.
Time to get to work.
(COMPUTER KEYS CLACKING) MAN: Authorities now say the citywide lockdown - is due to a possible terror threat.
- (SIRENS WAILING) No details yet on the nature of this threat or when the lockdown might be lifted.
Four notorious terrorists escape, and you're asking me to believe Brian Mayhew is the reason why? Whoever located that black site accessed government intelligence to do it.
That's Mayhew's speciality.
That's why you had him in there.
He founded Hacktivism United angry Millennials intent on exposing corporate corruption.
- (COMPUTER KEYS CLACKING) - What's the latest? He's still at his hotel.
Meeting's in less than three hours.
(SIGHS) Then we're still on.
NEZ: It started innocently enough, shutting down meat-processing plants - to protest animal cruelty - Uh.
leaking embassy cables.
Good luck, Brian.
SCOTTIE: Leaking was one thing, but Mayhew didn't stop there.
He infiltrated a top-secret NSA mainframe, stole identities of operatives, the schematics of the C34 ICBM.
BISHOP: Okay, okay.
Assuming you're right, what's Mayhew gonna do next? He could be just looking for his freedom, but something tells me he's got bigger plans.
The other inmates still at large? We're tracking them, but Mayhew's our priority.
We're running down every lead.
I may know an angry Millennial who used to run in those circles.
And we're only learning this now? We don't talk much.
Haven't gotten along in years.
How long have you known him? Forever.
The scumbag's my brother.
- (ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) - And he might have intel on Mayhew.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) Yes? Guest services I was told you're having trouble getting Internet access.
That was fast.
It just went out a few minutes ago.
I mean, I'm pretty good at this stuff.
Wait! Don't! What are you doing?! (GRUNTING) (CAR DOOR CLOSES) Man on radio: A City Hall source claims that the threat level has been raised in Manhattan.
The official says the city is working to assess the credibility of the threat (SCOFFS) You look like crap.
Radicalism doesn't suit you.
I'd invite you to stay for lunch, but, clearly, you've already eaten.
I wouldn't have come if it wasn't important.
I have business.
(SCOFFS) My big brother, the corporate shill, marionette who just loves to dance for the Man wants to talk business with me.
The Man is the government.
Halcyon's a private company.
The Man is whoever's holding the almighty dollar.
Hacktivist United.
You used to code with those guys.
And you used to be Mom's favorite.
Things change.
Mayhew broke out of prison.
I need your help finding him.
He's planning something major.
People could get hurt.
People do get hurt by the police state.
Mayhew fights Big Brother.
Naturally, I side with him.
Sorry, bro.
No gold star from your boss on this one.
Can't help you.
You know, your dad was right you're useless.
(DOOR OPENS) - How'd it go? - (CAR DOOR CLOSES) He won't help not willingly.
What's that? - It's my spin on the pen recorder.
- (BEEPS) Tells you what number's being dialed from any targeted phone.
I told my brother we're looking for Mayhew.
If I'm right, he's gonna call and send up a warning flag.
Once we have Mayhew's number, it's a short walk to getting his address.
He'd betray you like that? Y-Your own brother? (SCOFFS) - Come on, Flynn.
- (BEEPING) Outsmart me one more time.
(CELLPHONE DIALS) (RAPID BEEPING) (CHUCKLES) Are you sure that's Mayhew's number? - Oh, yeah.
- (BEEPING) My little brother's nothing if not predictable.
(WEAPONS COCKING) Brian Mayhew, on the ground! (WEAPONS COCKING) We're clear.
(MEN SHOUTING INDISTINCTLY) Somebody's been here recently.
- All right.
Set up outside.
- MAN: Back room clear! Make sure we grab anyone coming in.
Check out this setup.
He's got multiple cameras up on a hotel room.
- Hang on.
- It's not just one room.
He's tapped into the surveillance feeds for the entire hotel.
Hey, that's the Warwick on 39th.
What's that file? - (COMPUTER KEYS CLICKING) - (BEEPING) I don't know.
Mayhew was recording something.
Or someone.
He's Mayhew's target.
Can I help you? Room 1521 it's an emergency.
Yes, we know.
Adler's already on his way to the hospital.
Uh, w-which hospital? Is he okay? Bellevue.
Apparently, he had some sort of cardiac event.
Is this a family member, or Target's name is Adler, but we might be too late.
- Mrs.
Adler? - Yes.
Detectives Woodbridge and McKay.
If it's okay, we'd like to ask you a few questions about your husband.
We have reason to believe he was attacked.
Attacked? No, I found him unconscious in our hotel room.
He had a medical emergency.
We don't think so.
We believe that he was targeted.
Have you seen this man before? No.
My God, is this because of the Key Ceremony? The what ceremony? My husband is one of the Seven.
He holds one of the keys to the Internet the secret keys.
That's why we came here.
Max was supposed to be part of the Root Key Signing Ceremony.
And now he's not? No, the Association has already arranged for a replacement.
Well, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that's not a coincidence.
Exactly what part of the Internet do these secret keys control? All of it.
Seven keys control the Internet? That can't be possible.
Well, they don't control what's on it just how to secure it.
All domain names have an assigned number, but who assigns the numbers? The key holders.
Seven security experts, randomly selected by ICANN the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.
Max Adler's wife talked about a key ceremony.
Four times a year, the key holders meet to generate a master key and to assign new numbers to make life difficult for hackers who want to direct folks to malicious sites or steal their credit-card information.
But by being at the Key Ceremony, Mayhew gets around those precautions.
Oh, he does more than that.
He can route any domain name to him.
You make a wire transfer he could get it.
A diplomat sends a secure cable it could go directly to him.
So he's a hacker who's figured out a way - around having to hack anything.
- (CHUCKLES) You said the new master key's only generated at the special ceremony.
When's the next one? Today.
That's why Max Adler was in town.
It's this afternoon on West 50th Street.
Nez, Tom, get there now.
This ceremony walk me through how it works.
They pull out all the stops pin codes, smart cards, biometric hand scans.
That is not an easy room to get yourself into.
Steps are divided up amongst a bunch of people to prevent anyone from compromising the process.
And the whole thing's recorded for public transparency to a live stream on their website.
Yahtzee! How do we get through to them? We can't.
They're in a Faraday Cage no electronic devices allowed, no signals go through.
There's something we're not seeing.
Mayhew found a way in that room.
Maybe he used Adler's I.
But he still can't beat the biometric scans.
Everyone at that ceremony's supposed to be there.
First off, I'd like to thank alternate Jeremy Wallace for making himself available - after Max Adler fell ill this morning.
- Yes.
Wallace, the alternate he's got to be the connection to Mayhew.
We got to stop this before that master key gets cut.
Tom and Nez are 60 seconds out.
Unfriendlies? The two guards at the front desk probably won't like you much.
How do you wanna play it? Okay.
Let's proceed.
(GUNS COCK) NEZ: Turn around.
For what it's worth, we're the good guys.
I wish I had time to explain.
Be smart.
Okay, get over there.
Get down! Get down! Get on your knees! Face the cage! Give me the key! - (ELECTRICITY POWERING DOWN) - WOMAN: Oh, oh! What the hell was that? Okay, uh, just turn around! Turn around! WOMAN: Aah! Aah! Dumont, can you override the building's security controls? Power's down.
It's their emergency protocol.
Someone must have tripped it on the inside.
Do you have eyes on Mayhew? NEZ: Not yet.
My key's worthless.
They'll change it once you leave here.
Who said I was leaving? (AX THUMPING) (WOOD SPLINTERING) Brian, we need to go now.
There's nowhere to go.
- (GUNS COCK) - Drop it! Put it down.
Brian Mayhew? There's no way out.
Jeremy, put your weapon down.
You haven't done anything wrong.
The mission This is the mission.
It doesn't involve you getting killed for me.
Brian, don't do anything you're gonna regret.
The only thing I regret is the time I spent wasting away in that hole in the ground.
(BEEPS) Slow.
Whatever's on this must be pretty important for you to risk another lifetime in that hole in the ground.
I'm innocent.
The domain names which ones did he access? Only one acssecuredb.
That's our unlisted URL.
Yours? What would he want with The NSA backs up their databases to our servers.
Mayhew was trying to steal the NSA backup.
The last escaped prisoner was just found trying to stow away on a Staten Island Ferry.
- With Mayhew - That's five.
Call Homeland.
Give them the all-clear.
And have my car pulled around.
We will update you when we have further information.
I, uh, I assume you think my seeing Trevor is I don't think anything.
I just don't understand it.
I mean, you're Scottie Hargrave.
Exactly I'm a powerful corporate executive looking for a man who isn't intimidated by me.
You'd be amazed how few men that describes.
Of course I know Trevor isn't real.
I'm sure it's not even his real name.
But he's hot, he listens well, and he's easy to talk to.
I, um, I wanted to talk to him tonight, but he's busy.
Can it wait until tomorrow? I think I found Christopher.
(CHUCKLING) What? I mean, that's incredible.
Well, I'm not sure, and I'm trying not to get my hopes up.
Right, but but if it's true, then But if it's true, (CHUCKLING) I'm going to scream and laugh and cry and and dance in fountains and howl at the moon and celebrate! I mean, preferably, with a man who loves me.
But in the absence of that, Trevor would be great.
So, yes, it can wait till tomorrow.
I just wish it didn't have to.
Phelps, I'm Scottie Hargrave.
I'm here to talk about my son.
I understand you adopted him.
You're making a mistake.
I told you I'm innocent.
Funny how it's always the guys in handcuffs saying that.
I read your bio.
You stole U.
missile plans and tried to sell them to Iran.
WALLACE: Brian's a patriot, all right? He He would never betray his country.
When the NSA abuses its power and spies on innocent Americans, Brian holds 'em accountable.
MAYHEW: That's why I was in a black site.
I downloaded data from an NSA surveillance program to see if they were targeting Americans.
I got the missile plans by mistake.
By the time I realized what I had, it was too late.
My job is not to clear your name.
It's to bring you in.
I'm not even supposed to exist anymore.
Do you really think they're gonna let you "bring me in"? What is this? (TIRES SCREECH) Nez, get us out of here! (TIRES SCREECHING) NEZ: I got eight long guns on this side.
I got three coming this way.
- All right! - All right, all right.
- Yeah.
- Easy, easy, easy.
- Get out! - Okay, okay! - Okay.
- Easy, easy, okay? - Get out! Get out! - Okay.
Hey, that intel you hacked I'm here to get it back.
What do you work for? We were contracted to bring him in.
I get the intel, or everyone gets a bullet.
Brian, run! (GRUNTING) (GUNSHOTS) MAYHEW: Jeremy! (GUNFIRE) NEZ: Come on! Move, move! EVA: You have to understand what a surprise this is after all these years.
Believe me, it's a surprise for me, too.
See, I didn't put Christopher up for adoption.
Christopher? Um, I'm sorry Jacob.
I-I know that's his name.
Hargrave, uh, I don't want to be rude, but we were told that, when we adopted Jacob, that his mother was an addict who abandoned him.
And I believe that's a made-up story.
I understand how this might sound and and that it comes out of the blue and that you have no reason to believe me.
But I, uh I've had a private investigator searching for my son.
This is the report he gave me.
I brought it so you can see for yourself.
There's very little chance that the boy you raised is not my son.
He has your eyes.
He does? I see it now.
(CHUCKLES, SNIFFLES) (BREATHES SHARPLY) Would you like to see a photo of him? Oh, yes, please! That would be great.
Uh, I-I'm sorry, but (SNIFFLES) this the the mark.
H-How did he get that? It's a birthmark.
He was born with it.
It's been a long time.
You probably don't remember.
Oh, no.
(SNIFFLES) No, I-I remember everything about my son, and this boy is - (TAPS LIGHTLY) - It's not him.
Give me a three-block perimeter.
And they're gonna stay away from any CCTV cameras.
Who the hell are these guys? I told you the same people who made me disappear the first time.
Now they want to finish the job.
You got to tell me right now what's on this.
Well, you read my file about how I sent an e-mail to a contact in the Iranian Defense Organization from an Internet café here in New York.
Attached were the design specs for the C34 long-range missile system.
- That you supposedly never sent.
- I didn't.
I was in the cafe that day, but I was there every day.
I think the NSA placed someone there to clone my location and IP address and set me up.
That flash drive has their surveillance backups on it.
If I can go through the café Intel for that day, I can find proof of who else was there.
What makes you think the NSA has info on everyone in that café? Because that's what they do.
The NSA sucks up data from everywhere.
Going through that flash drive is the only chance that I have.
I got two rounds.
(CLICKING) I got three.
We need to call in for backup.
MAYHEW: No, they have ears everywhere.
You make that call, they will know exactly where we are.
That's a chance we got to take.
(BEEPS, CELLPHONE DIALS) Dumont, we need an extraction.
Warehouse, southeast corner, Vernon Boulevard.
- (CELLPHONE BEEPS) - You just signed our death warrants.
They'll be on us any second.
I'm counting on it.
Don't fire unless you have to.
And if you do, don't miss.
Send all assets to the warehouse on Vernon.
Breach on my command.
Okay, move in.
Follow his cell signal.
- This one's clear.
- Clear.
(BREATHING QUICKLY) Hunter's Point station is four blocks away.
- We'll - We'll never make it that far, not if they're watching.
(SCOFFS) Stay put.
I'll find us a car.
That cleared 'em off the street.
Oh, where is she? We can't wait not here.
We got to keep moving.
Come on.
It should be up ahead.
Stay sharp.
The phone it's it's a diversion.
(GUN CLICKING) Drop your weapon.
(GUN CLATTERS LIGHTLY) - (GUNSHOT) - (GRUNTS) Nez: Guys, you got to move! SCOTTIE: This is all the footage from December 13th inside the Internet café Cyber Villa.
The NSA was all over Mayhew.
They were siphoning images from everyone in the place phones, laptops, iPads.
TOM: Then, these were collected around the time Mayhew's accused of e-mailing Iran specs to the C34 missile system? - Stop.
- (BEEPING) Back it up.
(BEEPING) Right there, in the corner.
Now hit "play.
" Zoom in.
You recognize him? It's the guy I just shot.
He must've sent the e-mail to Iran.
Mayhew was telling the truth.
The government framed him.
Someone framed Mayhew, but it wasn't the government.
You got Mayhew? Recognize anybody, Jack? (BEEPS) Should I? 14 months ago, our firms liaised on a protection detail in Riyadh.
The point man of your company was named Zachary O'Neill the same man in that photo.
Odd that he stopped for a cappuccino right in the middle of one of the worst acts of espionage in U.
(SIGHS) Do you have any idea how many employees work for my company? I don't keep tabs on all their whereabouts.
You knew why Mayhew went to that key ceremony.
You knew what he was looking for proof of his innocence.
And when you found out that he accessed your URL, you sent your hit squad after us to get him back.
Brian Mayhew's a criminal.
Actually, he's a hero one who you framed in order to set off a firestorm in the U.
intelligence community.
Leaving them no choice but to hand a billion-dollar cybersecurity contract to your company.
How much did you make on that deal? What price did your honor go for? I don't have to stand here and take this.
You have no proof.
Stand down.
Well, he can't stand down because he's dead.
So, what you think I'm going to apologize now? Hmm? For what? I'm the real patriot here.
Mayhew was no patriot.
Let me tell you something.
The next war won't be fought with bullets or on a battlefield it'll be a cyber war.
And our power grids and our weapons systems and our nuclear reactors were all vulnerable to cyber attack, but no one took the threat seriously.
Well sacrificing Mayhew woke everybody up.
And if that security contract is my reward for keeping this country safer, then so be it.
You're going to prison, Jack.
SCOTTIE: Give him Mayhew's old cell at the black site.
Hear it's the prime spot for traitors.
(SCOFFS) (HANDCUFFS CLICKING) (METAL DOOR OPENS) MAN: Brian Mayhew, you're free to go.
If the Intel you hacked got out, would national security be compromised? No, but the spy state would be.
Thank you for everything.
(CELLPHONE VIBRATES) MAN: Authorities have reopened the Lincoln and Holland tunnels and all major bridges.
This after DHS determined that rumors of a possible security threat were unfounded.
Please tell me you found him.
NYPD officials say they will remain vigilant over the coming days and continue to work closely with the Department of Homeland Security.
(SIGHS) I am so sorry.
Despite the heightened alert Is there anything I can do? Do you want to talk about it? Trevor had a cancellation.
While the mayor It's better than therapy.
to stay alert, He also stressed the importance of people continuing to go about their daily lives.
I knew I shouldn't get my hopes up, but I swore I'd never put myself in that position again, but that boy found so close to where we lost him.
It just I'm a very practical person.
I know bad things happen to good people, and I don't believe in miracles.
But I I thought, for a moment, that I might find him.
(SIGHS) (SIGHS) (BRAKES SQUEAL LIGHTLY) (CELLPHONE BEEPS) (RINGING) What'd you find? That Tom Keen's being extra careful.
You lost him.
Not yet.
But whatever he's up to, he doesn't want anybody to know.
He works for you? Always has, always will.
Howard's told me a lot about you.
You're the one who told Scottie how to contact my adoptive parents.
Which is why Scottie now believes that her son is dead.
Which is what the people that we hired to play Mr.
and Mrs.
Phelps led her to believe.
For the moment.
(SIGHS) Scottie's resourceful.
She'll figure out the truth in time.
I just hope she's confided in you about Whitehall by then.
Whitehall you said that before.
She's been exchanging coded messages with someone.
So far, I haven't been able to decrypt them, but they should shed some light on On On what? What is Whitehall? A line item.
I noticed it in the Halcyon budget a few years ago a warehouse in a remote part of South Africa, assigned to a covert project with that name.
I never heard of it, which means that, whatever it was, it wasn't an official company op.
A black op in your own organization? I asked a few questions.
I sent a team to check it out, but by the time they got there, the warehouse was clean.
They knew we were coming.
So I investigated further.
I hired a former intelligence agent, one of the best, to find out the truth.
Two weeks later, he calls me, middle of the night, and he says we have to talk.
He never shows, and I never see him again.
I believe Scottie ordered him disappeared.
How do you know it was her? We have our reasons.
For starters, that's when she began her campaign to marginalize me push me out of my own company, convince the board that I was unstable and had to be sidelined.
And when that didn't work, she tried to have me killed all to keep me from learning the truth about Whitehall.
And you think she's gonna tell me? Why would she do that? She will.
When she trusts you enough, she will.
And when she does, we're gonna blow the lid off whatever it is she's hiding.