The Blue Rose (2013) s01e09 Episode Script

Suffer Little Children

The man in this photo he's of interest to me.
Is this another one of your secret missions? - Yes.
- Sexy.
The bad, they prey on the good.
Bad man, suit man.
The tattoo - it's Japanese.
Katana - it's a samurai sword.
Hello? So, Simon's mad wife did all of it? The tyres, cutting up your clothes? Everything.
Do we know where Simon's wife was the night Rose died? No.
We need to find out.
But if you know what is good for you, you will never interfere in my business ever again.
Huge thanks to everyone who donated.
You saw my memo about this weekend's charity ride? Yes, I did.
You haven't volunteered.
Well, I've been a bit busy, and if it's voluntary Given that Mosely and Loveridge are major sponsors and it involves one of our biggest clients, Derek Peterson Derek Peterson does charity work? He cares a lot about the community.
And riding motorbikes and drinking.
That's a little bit cynical.
What Krystle really means when she says 'volunteer' is be there or get drummed out of the firm.
You should both be proud to support the Ride for Life for little children with leukaemia.
Oh, I'm choking up already.
OK, I'll be there.
Really? Yeah.
As you say, it's for a good cause, and Derek Peterson is our biggest client.
And I don't have much on this weekend.
Now you're single.
So I'll put you down, shall I? That is what I said.
Could be a good place to pick up a hot young lawyer.
You mean you? I know I don't meet your, uh, income requirements, Krystle, but you could be in.
I'll pour you a free wine.
Except you'll be on the sausage sizzle.
You could join me.
I suppose but there's also Portaloos and rubbish.
Any problem with that? None at all.
Make sure you're on time and wear your lanyard.
Portaloos? Mm, but an excellent class of Portaloo, where the shit smells like roses.
It's all just a shameless PR stunt.
What do you except? Peterson's a prick.
He does it to make himself look good.
It makes my blood boil.
At least it's another chance to get another look at him.
Uh, yeah, if you'd want to.
Peterson is still a major suspect.
At least you get invited.
IT never gets invited to anything.
I'll just be cleaning Portaloos.
Really nice Portaloos.
And cooking sausages.
Really nice sausages.
You can come along if you want to.
Bags not.
Well, I've been looking into our latest lead.
The Bunny Boiler? I made a little call to my friend at the Ministry of Justice, and it turns out Felicity has a conviction.
Assault? She was DIC'ed.
So? She was DIC'ed on the night of Rose's death.
Where? What time? I don't know I just have the conviction date, no details.
You could ask him.
Who? Your mate, Simon.
Uh, that's not really something I can just drop into conversation.
There'd be a report on her arrest with the police.
Oh, no.
No way.
Oh, come on.
Varsha's been so helpful.
- You can't keep doing this to me.
- Ganesh.
You know how demanding she can be.
Ganesh, this is important.
I am not a male prostitute.
Quit your whining.
At least you're getting some sex.
You are vital to the mission.
Like James Bond.
Which Bond? Connery, obviously.
Daniel Craig is hotter.
Can we get on with this? All right.
I'll seduce Varsha and be back in time for Battlestar Galactica.
So, how is the wine? Notes of chocolate and pencil shavings.
That's good? Of course.
For $14 a glass, it should be.
Oh, you're not going cheap on me again, are you? No, I wouldn't dream of it.
Before you make a move or ask me for a favour, I think you need to know that I am off men.
What? Entirely? Completely.
You've turned into a lesbian? Oh, because I'm off men, I'm a dyke? Honestly, Ganesh, you are so shallow.
If it's something I did or said It's not you, you idiot.
It's my friend Monique.
Monique? My BFF from high school.
Monique, the skinny vegan? Oh, just give it up, Ganesh.
You never listen to a thing I tell you.
Monique who failed Weight Watchers and got dumped by her fiance? Now she's found someone new who loves and adores her.
Well, that's good, isn't it, given her issues? She met him on the internet.
Some men on the internet are genuine.
What if I told you that he is impossibly good-looking and rich and lives on a beach in Hawaii? That's probably a scam.
He has short-term financial problems and he's looking for Monique to help fund his plane ticket to visit.
You should warn her.
She won't listen.
She's so in love with a conniving bastard who made her feel special when he's clearly just out to use her.
Men are such bastards.
What if we could prove he was a fraud? You could do that? You get me five minutes with her computer and I'll get you the proof you need to blow this thing wide open.
Only five minutes? I'm good with my hands.
I'm ignoring that.
And if I do this, then perhaps you could help me.
What are you looking for? Arrest details on a person of interest.
Only if you help me first.
Smiles, please.
It's for a good cause.
Oh, thank you, Sally.
Did you have to do that? Oh, sorry.
Let's try that again, shall we? Lovely.
You'd better get busy.
Peterson will be here any minute.
Sausages now.
- I'm with you, apparently.
- Ah, finally you admit your destiny.
What do we have to do? Uh, stick these on a tray and hand them round.
Is it always like this? They made 50 grand last year through pledges.
It's all about giving back.
Or pretending to.
You're good at that.
Yeah, you're not a real bloke if you can't handle a barbie - what my dad always said.
Seriously? They are on the guest list? Oh, we're all friends of Peterson, and all roads lead to Peterson.
And here is the man himself.
Bowing down is optional.
Oh well, time to earn all the money we're not being paid.
Thank you.
See you on the other side.
- Sausage? - Line 'em up, Jenny.
You nearly caned me, but I got you on the corner.
You like that? Mmm.
Brad can't wait to taste my cooking when he comes.
He's coming? He will.
It's just about timing, with the investments that I told you about.
But he never complains.
How did he make his money? Hmm, stocks and shares.
But he's very modest about that stuff and so gorgeous.
Between you and me, I think he might propose.
Really? I know you've had your doubts, but he really is a wonderful man.
He sounds unbelievably wonderful.
I know.
Would you like to see a picture? Um, where's your bathroom? - Just down the hall, on the left.
- Mm.
Excuse me.
As if that's what you really look like.
- Would you like a sausage? - Great.
Help yourself to onions and sauce.
Don't know what you've done here.
Just get it sorted, mate.
Oh, so S-Sorry.
All good.
Jane? I've seen him.
He's here at the charity thing at Falcon Park.
Who? Peterson? The Bad Man with the tattoos.
He's there? I think so.
And he knows Grant.
Well, at least he was talking to him.
Grant's there too? Yeah.
Linda? What are you doing? Get busy.
Oh, hello.
You look busy.
Oh, all hands on deck, you know.
Uh, Jane, hi.
All going well? Mm-hm.
Holly had a friend's birthday party, so we're a bit late.
Well, I suppose we should circulate.
Excuse us.
How's Felicity? She's She's fine.
I tried to give her a bubbles, but she only wanted juice.
Is that a bad thing? Well, usually at these things we take a sweep on how long until she gets trollied and throws a hissy.
Really? Mm.
Last year she got totally plastered and had a go at Rose.
It was really quite spectacular.
Oh my God.
It's the mental girl.
Who invited her? Um Excuse me! Excuse me! Excuse me! Stop right there.
What? I'm sorry, but are you on the guest list? Does it matter? This is a private function.
If you haven't contributed and if you haven't got a lanyard, then you shouldn't be here.
Piss off.
I'm afraid I might have to call security.
It's a park.
Anyone can come here.
The lady does have a point.
But this is a private function.
Oh, come on, the more the merrier.
If you say so.
I do, because it's my party, so you can run along now, girlie.
You're very welcome to join us.
Can I get you a drink? No.
Where is he? Would you like a sausage? I don't want a sausage.
Actually, you need a sausage.
Because no one will ask why we're talking if you take a sausage.
Would you like any condiments? So, where is he? He's gone.
He left just before you arrived.
And you should go too.
Because I don't have a lanyard? Because there's nothing you can do here.
Thanks for the sausage.
Oh, come on, you piece of shit.
Ganesh is taking an awful long time.
He's fine.
He's just not great with gluten.
It affects him like a hot vindaloo.
But he's eaten three lamingtons.
Maybe we should check on him.
Are you all right? Me? Great.
Are you sure that's a good idea? Oh, these are outstanding.
What are you doing here? I could ask you the same thing.
Well, they're rich bikers.
It's good for business.
Do you know a guy with a tat on his neck? I know a lot of guys with tats.
There was a guy that was here before with a katana tat on his neck.
Why do you want to know? Do you know him? He's a customer.
What's his name? Karl.
Karl Villiers.
You know how I can get hold of him? You don't want to go anywhere near Karl Villiers.
Why not? You just don't.
I'm here on business, so if you don't mind - Can you just answer the? - Piss off, Linda.
How are you going, mate? Ladies and gentlemen, welcome here today.
Thank you all so much for contributing to this important event.
And a personal thank you from Mosely and Loveridge we are proud to have an ongoing association with the Ride for Life.
But we wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for the drive and generosity of one man.
Please welcome Mr Derek Peterson.
Thanks, Helen.
It's great to support a wonderful cause.
It's also a good excuse so dust off the Harley, eh? But today is about supporting the people who need it most.
People like Mike and Sina and their brave son Thomas, who is undergoing treatment for leukaemia.
Come on up.
Thomas, you're a little battler with great courage.
I salute you.
And I'm proud to present you with a cheque for $60,000 to help you and other kids in your fight to win.
So, we have a name for our bad man Karl Villiers.
Oh, thank God.
Yeah, we know who he is.
And we don't have to call him the Bad Man any more.
So? Well, it's a bit lame.
But the point is how is he connected? He knows Grant, but the prick didn't want to talk about it.
He also knows Helen from Mosely's.
Yeah, she's certainly a nasty piece of work.
And everyone there seemed to know Peterson.
What if Grant hired him? Karl? To do what? Off Rose to get the house and Nina.
I thought you guys were over all that.
When I asked him about Karl, he went really weird.
Oh, I think it's a bit out there.
But he knows the Bad Man.
He admitted it.
Yeah, yeah.
Can we call him Karl or Villiers? Grant is the clearest connection.
I think it's got to lead back to Peterson and Mosley's, and there's a clear link there too.
This Helen person? Yeah.
She's a staff partner at Mosely's, so how would she know Karl? Or what if she hired him to do her dirty work? Can I ask why we're discounting Felicity all of a sudden? We're not.
Was she at the thing? I bumped into her, yes.
And? She seemed quite nice and normal.
Well, that doesn't prove anything.
And how are you going with our police report? Yeah, did you do the business? There's been a slight hitch with that.
Couldn't perform? She wants us to do something for her first.
An internet scammer is targeting her friend.
I've traced his IP address, and he's right here in NZ.
Where? The address is somewhere in Takapuna.
I suppose we could look into it.
It's the only way to get the police report.
I would have thought that Villiers and Mosely's was slighty more important.
Yeah, I'll get on to Grant.
Well, we split up, then.
I'll pick you up first thing.
I-I can get away at lunchtime.
You are bowling me over with the dedicaton! Early lunch, then.
The updated version of the contract is on the server, you have a 10 o'clock with Franks and Hosking, and your car is due in for a warrant.
Thank you.
How did you enjoy the do? It was interesting.
The Peterson show is always a sight to behold.
We had to leave early.
Felicity seems really good.
Yes, she's, uh she's much better.
And Peterson has some interesting friends.
What? You mean the leather-clad biker department? Yes.
Oh, he thinks he can mix it with anyone.
A man of the people, pulled up by his bootstraps.
And Helen seemed quite at home.
How do you mean? Oh, I saw her talking to some of those people.
Oh, she's probably represented half of them.
Through Mosely's? Oh, before she was here, she was a criminal lawyer.
A bit of a hotshot.
So why did she give that up? Maybe she got sick of broke criminals or being paid in drugs.
- Really? - I'm kidding.
I think they headhunted her gave her an offer she couldn't refuse.
You notice everything, don't you? No, not everything.
Would you like a coffee? I'd love one.
Coming up.
So, this is it? I guess so.
I thought it'd be his house.
Me too.
He's smarter than I thought.
It's gonna make it a little more difficult.
Look on the bright side we could have flown all the way to Hawaii and found out the same thing.
Yes, but then we'd be in Hawaii, not Takapuna.
What are you doing? No sense in driving all this way and not having a look.
Is he here? I don't know.
You know what he looks like.
If you're an internet-dating scammer, you wouldn't use your real picture.
Probably not.
Especially if you're ugly.
Well, we could at least have some lunch.
You packed lunch.
You think of everything.
You did say it had to be your lunch break.
It's lamb.
But with what? My spicy piccalilli with whole spices.
It's amazing.
Oh my God.
- Did you get a whole spice? - No, it's him.
- But you said you didn't - No, it's him.
Oh my God.
He is rather gorgeous.
Like a young Richard Chamberlain.
- Richard Chamberlain? - Mm.
What a heart-throb.
When he was Dr Kildare and in the Thorn Birds, oh.
Uh, let's get to it.
But how do we get him out of the shop? I think I might have just the thing.
Wow, Sonya, this is impressive.
I thought we should be prepared for emergencies.
You need to get on to that computer.
You don't want to be late back from lunch.
Tell you what if nothing else, it's an investment you never-Linda.
Take a hike, mate.
Don't listen to her.
Jesus, Linda, what is your problem? - You wouldn't talk to me yesterday.
- I was busy yesterday.
You're not busy now.
OK, what is this shit? Your mate Karl Villiers.
I told you he's a customer.
Why shouldn't I talk to him? He's a bastard who doesn't like people asking questions.
He's a bikie.
Not any more; but he does still have his fingers in a few pies.
What kind of pies? Business, you know? Used to be a go-to guy if you needed some stand over.
Why all the questions? Karl Villiers was with Rose the night she died.
You didn't introduce them, by any chance? No.
Why would you think that? Hmm, the big apology, the caring-dad routine, but you know the bastard that might have killed her.
Rose fell off a wharf.
Nah, she didn't.
This is insane, Linda.
Who would stand to gain, Grant, if she wasn't around? What planet are you living on? This is fantasy land.
Rose took this picture the night she was killed.
He's there, see? Can't see anything.
You can see the tattoo.
And he was stalking her; there was a witness.
Want to tell me all that's bullshit? What are you saying? You know what I'm saying.
How dare you? You are a crazy, messed-up bitch.
Now get the hell out of my shop.
I said get out now! Excuse me.
Does anyone in here own a black bicycle? Yeah? Someone just took off with it.
I'm so sorry.
I did try to stop him.
I was just parking my car when he cut the lock, bold as brass.
Oh, where'd he go? Oh, he went that way and around the corner.
Yeah, but if you're quick, you might catch him.
Hey, thanks, lady.
No problem.
Shit! OK.
Bugger! Did you find anything? He's worse than we thought.
He's got a whole heap of women on the go.
Well, he is rather good-looking.
And you did your computery things? We now have full access to all his emails.
I'm looking forward to finding out a bit more about him.
Because he's rather good-looking? Nothing wrong with a bit of eye candy.
Why are you looking at criminal cases? Um Let me guess, you're sick of being a PA and you're secretly training to be a lawyer? No.
Uh I should warn you you're probably getting paid more than me.
No, I'm just doing some research for Simon.
Anything sexy? No, not really.
So did you feel fulfilled helping with Peterson's great cause? I didn't realise that you knew him so well.
I-I saw you two talking.
Peterson's been helping with my fathers appeal on sentence a bit of cash to pay for the exorbitant lawyer.
We just got knocked back.
I'm sorry.
Well, it's worse for my dad.
Oh, come on.
I'm on a bit of a time trial.
So, any progress on Helen? Yes.
She did represent Villiers, but it was back in 1998.
Well, I did a little research this afternoon with my friend from Justice, and he did get a few convictions in the '90s for assault.
But after that, nothing.
And what does he do now? He's listed as a sole trader.
Though at one stage, he did own a hairdressing salon.
He's gay? Actually, it's a very good way to launder money.
How did you get on with Grant? Don't think he did it.
How do you know it for a fact? I asked him.
What? You asked him outright? Yeah.
He was being a prick.
What did you say? Well, he didn't believe that Rose was killed or that Karl was even there, so I showed him the photo.
You did what? Linda! Well, there was no other way to prove it to him.
What if Grant is in on it? You said he wasn't! We need a rule about not going around and confronting the suspects.
- It's a bit too late for that now.
- Well, at least I tried.
And your actions were very ill-considered.
Oh yeah, no shit! Linda! W What do you want? You come into my shop, accuse me of murder I think that's something we should talk about, don't you? All right.
So, what have we got? Our friend Brad from Hawaii is really Mark Columbine, self-employed of Mairangi Bay.
Employed as what? Not a hell of a lot, as far as I can tell from the IRD.
But he does have at least 18 women on the go, from six separate counties.
My God.
He goes to quite a bit of trouble to woo them.
And I must say apart from some questionable punctuation, he's really quite romantic.
You're not meant to like him.
No, I don't.
Especially when he starts to take their money.
I so knew it.
Monique hasn't handed over the airfare? No, not according to her latest email, but she's about to.
She really does adore him.
Gosh, this is lovely.
Isn't it? Yeah, it's almost a bit, um, well, chocolatey.
I know! Here.
This is everything you need to convince Monique that she's been had.
I don't know.
But we've done it.
If I tell her this, it will break her heart.
Better than breaking her bank balance.
She's only just recovered from her fiance.
Did he leave her because she hadn't lost five kilos? He was an arsehole.
I did try to tell her that No, but it never helps, does it? No.
Guys, what's going on? Varsha's right.
We can't destroy poor Monique.
But the whole point was to break them up.
But there are ways and ways.
Like the people who never call or text you back.
No, we can do a lot better than that.
Get him to change his ways once and for all.
How? Well, I'm thinking we set a trap a honeytrap.
It was the last picture she took on the night she died.
She sent it to you? No.
I found it.
Why haven't you gone to the cops? It's a photo of a guy in a bar; it's not exactly evidence.
You said there was a witness.
He's dead.
How? He killed himself.
Oh Jesus, Linda, do you have any proof? Rose was doing some things things that didn't make her popular.
What kind of things? Trying to help people.
It's rather fun to be someone else for a while.
Who are you now? I'm Chloe, a lonely widow, with a fortune from her dairy farm.
She just wishes she could share it, because love is more important than money.
And she wishes that she could meet Brad if he's ever in NZ.
You're evil.
Thank you.
Now we just have to see whether Brad goes for it.
Well, I might leave you to it.
Just let yourselves out.
Night, night.
Goodnight, Sonya.
Uh, Elizabeth.
Sleep tight.
How you going there? You can't rush the creative process.
Come on, hit me.
OK, but it's a work in progress.
Yeah, yeah.
'My darling Monique' Not all that original.
'words cannot express how much I love you, 'how much I hoped to be with you.
But there is something I cannot keep from you any longer, 'because I have too much respect for your integrity.
Not bad.
'I am married, you see.
But for the last six years, my wife has been on life support in a coma.
'I've been lonely for many years, but meeting you online 'you gave me back the joy, the hope that had gone from my life.
'Yesterday the doctors called to say there were signs my wife might regain consciousness.
'So now I find myself torn between love and painful duty.
'I know my wife will need me, 'but it breaks my heart to think I must give up on the most caring woman in the world, my soulmate, 'the maker of excellent cakes and slices, which I will now never taste.
'My darling, I hope you can understand, move on with your life, 'because no one deserves happiness more than you, 'my beautiful, 'wonderful Monique.
' Well? It was OK.
You're taking the piss.
I never cry not even when I'm chopping onions.
I had no idea you knew anything about romance.
I-I was just getting into character.
Well, I'm very impressed.
Excellent, Sonya.
Uh, talk to you later.
Brad took the bait.
Sonya's meeting him today.
I thought Brad lived in Hawaii.
Brad is happy to be on business in Auckland for the right kind of woman.
Lovely talking to you.
Have a good day.
You too.
Do we have the meeting with O'Rourke? I think so.
I'll make sure there are biscuits.
You're on to it.
The dishwasher is already on.
Oh, no, it's about the mental girl.
Who? The blonde at the party with no lanyard? You wouldn't happen to have her contact details? Um, didn't she work for a courier company? Which one? I could I could try to find out.
Do you mind if I ask why? Well, it's kind of weird and a little bit creepy, but Derek Peterson wants to talk to her.
Why? About a motorbike, or so he says.
God, poor Amy.
Are they still together? Off and on, but she's seeing someone in Marketing.
I know.
But, anyway, Peterson wanted me to contact the mental girl and pass on his private number.
As if I would want to talk to her.
She is rude and violent and also crazy.
I could do it.
Well, Peterson is your client.
I was only organising the event.
And you did such a great job.
I know.
He wants me to call him? Why? About a bike.
Or he fancies you.
I hardly spoke to him.
Maybe he does really want to ask you about motorbikes.
It would be a good way to find out more about Karl Villiers.
It could be, but I do not think it is a very good idea at the moment.
How else are we gonna find out? Sonya's looking into it, and subtlety is not really your speciality.
I'm not a complete moron.
You went too far with Grant.
Imagine what you could you say to Peterson.
Believe me, he is not a nice person.
Oh, fair enough.
I thought you weren't gonna do it.
Oh, I'm just keeping it in case we need it.
Hey, Grant.
Got a message.
The parts you ordered have come in.
About bloody time.
Didn't know you're a family man.
One kid, Nina.
You ever meet my ex, Rose? Can't say I did.
She drowned a while back, down at the waterfront.
Sorry to hear that.
Someone said they might have seen you that night some bar down at the waterfront.
Not me, mate.
That place is for show ponies and wankers.
You're not wrong there.
Why do you ask? It's hard, you know, when someone dies that suddenly.
You have all these questions.
Who said they saw me? Can't remember.
Well, if it comes back, maybe you could give me a call.
Why would you talk to that prick? What did you except me to do? What did he say? He denied being anywhere near the waterfront or Rose, so he's lying.
Did you say anything about me? I'm not that stupid.
Look, if Karl is involved, you need to watch your back.
I gotta go.
I'll talk to you later, eh? Have you seen Nina? No, sorry.
Oh shit.
Is Nina here? Yes.
She was waiting on the doorstep when I got home.
Thank God.
I thought you were picking her up.
I went to the school.
She wasn't there.
Your friend dropped her off.
Friend? That's what she said.
How did you get home, love? Your friend said you were busy.
Uh which friend was this? Karl.
OK, honey, you don't take rides from strangers, OK? But he said you were his friend.
Just don't do that again.
- Are we still going to your place? - Sure.
I've got to take this, OK? - Hello? - Hey, Grant.
How's it going? Bastard.
Oh, we had a good old chat on the way home, me and Nina.
She's a lovely kid, really into her netball.
You stay away from her.
Look, I'm just a bit upset because of these rumours about me and your missus.
Who said that? No one.
Must have been someone.
I got it wrong.
I think you might have.
But I'd still like to know who's been going around sullying my good name.
Well? Look, this is all a misunderstanding.
It seems pretty clear from where I'm standing.
You got a lovely girl there, Grant.
Come in.
Sorry, I I must have the wrong room.
Were you looking for Chloe? You know her? Rather well, actually.
Do take a seat.
Um, don't think I will.
I wouldn't walk out that door if I were you, Mark.
Mark Roderick Columbine of 285 Shackleton Rd, Mairangi Bay.
Who the hell are you? I'm just a rich young widow.
You can be anyone over the internet, can't you? Piss off.
You should be ashamed of yourself, Mark.
Taking money from lonely women.
I don't have to answer to you.
Oh, I agree.
What about your wife? How does she feel about your advances, your love letters? It was It's just a joke.
Embezzling money, breaking people's hearts, it's all a bit of a laugh, is it? What do you want? What I demand is this: you will stop what you've been doing, you will pay those women back, break it off with them, and you will never go near a dating site ever again.
And if you don't do this, we will know.
We will contact the police, and we'll forward all of this to your wife.
Why would you do all this? I'm just a concerned citizen.
Oh, take your time.
The room's in your name.
I gave them your credit card details.
It is really sad, but he did really love me.
Oh, I know, honey.
That's not what you said before.
I didn't know the full picture, and you so deserve happiness.
That's exactly what he said.
Do you want another one? Just the house red is fine.
The Merlot's a bit steep.
Oh, you're so thoughtful.
Well done, you.
It was nothing.
You have persuasive powers, and you are far more romantic than you appear.
I think you deserve a reward.
You got it? Was there ever any doubt? How'd you go? I'd be surprised if our lothario went online again.
Though, he is rather handsome.
Help yourself to a tipple.
Shall we do this? Yes.
Shouldn't we wait for Linda? Would she wait for us? What does it say? Felicity was picked up at 8pm near Crossditch Rd.
Oh, that's near Rose's house.
Was she taken home? No, she was taken into custody.
Really? She was being abusive, but those charges were dropped.
What time did she get out? 6am.
So she couldn't have done it.
But the person who picked her up at 6 in the morning had around nine hours unaccounted for.
I've just got a couple more emails to send.
I'll see you soon.
What's going on? I'm going away with Nina.
What? Karl picked her up from school today.
He wants to know who saw him with Rose, and he's not gonna let it go.
You didn't tell him? 'Course not.
Linda, whatever you've started, it can't impact on Nina.
You can't just go.
I have to.
What about school? What about Margie? You'll have to explain it, not me.
Where are you going? I'm not telling you.
Can I speak to Linda? Sure.
Nina wants to speak to you.
Did you know we're going on holiday? You have a fantastic time.
Love you, Linda.
I love you too, ratbag.
Go jump in the car, OK? Do one thing for me.
I will call you as soon as this is sorted.
But if this is true and Karl did something to Rose, you are in serious shit, so stay away from him.
See ya, Linda.
You made it.
One of those for me? Help yourself.
Huge thanks to everyone who donated.