The Bold Type (2017) s01e05 Episode Script

No Feminism in the Champagne Room

1 Let's catch up with these three darlings.
Jane's been finding her voice as a writer.
- Even if - Hang on, just let me finish.
And discovered people listen What you did say really resonated.
So she better be good.
Sutton got creative, going after a job in fashion Your opening move in our relationship was to lie to me.
When all she really had to do was be herself.
It's real.
Real is good.
Go tell Lauren I pushed her assistant.
And Kat had to throw her hat in the ring - and run a few red lights - [siren chirps] - [groans] - To get what she really wanted.
Just another night for "The Bold Type.
" [Band of Skulls' "Black Magic"] I am a living machine I like my competition clean I can't believe Kat didn't wanna come tonight.
- This is so up her alley.
- Seriously well, her loss.
And you didn't wanna invite Pinstripe? Uh, he's got an early flight he's covering, some nudist golf camp in Florida.
Anyways, tonight is about me, my ladies, and this new "Scarlet" hot off the presses.
- [giggles] - Ugh, I can't wait for Morgyn Stanley to read the profile I wrote on her.
Morgyn Stanley.
- With a Y.
- [chuckles] [gasps] Ooh, that's her.
That's the woman who left Wall Street to become a stripper? She says this is more empowering.
It's also incredibly intimidating.
She has a great take on feminism.
Okay, seriously, so intimidating.
Use your black magic over me Come on, I'll introduce you.
You're going to love her.
Morgyn, the article is out and I brought you some copies.
I already read it.
Her, out of here, now.
- All right, miss, let's go.
- What? Why? - Oh, oh, we can just walk out.
- Wha! - Oh, my God! - Jane? - What did you do? - Aah! [gentle instrumental music] Hey.
I, uh I didn't wanna interrupt.
That's okay.
Would you like a coffee? [giggles] Yes, thank you.
So do you pray every day? Uh, most days.
Some days I'm lazy and don't do all five salats.
But some days it feels, um more important than others.
- Today's one of those days? - Yes.
I'm feeling, um Yeah, me too.
I was going to say that I'm I'm feeling guilty.
I've never done that before.
I'm not a cheater.
I-I didn't think I was.
Well, I mean, we didn't You know, we didn't have sex, so [giggles] Is that how you delineate cheating? Just sex? If I'm being honest with myself, I have been cheating for a while, probably since I decided to pursue a friendship with you, knowing that my feelings were not entirely friendly.
[chuckles] I don't regret it.
I don't either.
But I have to talk to Coco today.
I owe her that.
So we'll, uh, talk later.
[elevator dings] I don't understand.
It was such a positive article.
It was very positive.
I mean, giving up a six-figure salary on Wall Street and finding true empowerment as a stripper, - that's inspiring.
- Yeah.
I painted her as a feminist hero.
Yeah, RBG, Oprah, Morgyn Stanley.
Look, not everybody's gonna love everything you write, besides me.
But forget Morgyn.
Can we talk about my new shoes? - Mew-mew.
- The new spring collection, and totally out of my price range, but I'm signing my official start papers with Oliver today, and I felt like I had to step up my fashion game, you know? Stop making excuses.
You rewarded yourself, which you totally deserve to do.
Hey, I have something major to tell you.
Where were you last night? Yeah, that's what I have to tell you.
Can it wait? 'Cause I have to go sign my start papers with Oliver.
I made out with Adena last night.
- [gasps] - And I'll be two minutes late.
[both laugh] - Wait, what? How? - And please be brief.
So I, uh I went to Adena's last night, and we kissed for, like, hours, and then I stayed the night - [gasps] - I know.
Uh, and she is currently breaking up with her girlfriend, like as we speak, which is, yes, I know, a little complicated, but I kissed a girl.
- And you liked it! - And you liked it.
- And I liked it.
- Yay! - That's great.
- [sighs] - [mumbles] - It's great, I love you.
Oliver's waiting.
Talk later.
- Good morning, Sutton.
- Hey.
Sutton Brady, so pleased that you're joining our ranks.
As you can see, we rolled out the "Scarlet" carpet, cleared the moth balls off your desk, which you're sharing with three other people.
All that's left to do is to fix your signature on this.
It's a term sheet for your job here.
Question? Um, the starting salary, it's just a little bit lower than I was expecting.
[indistinct chatter] [sighs] I don't know what I did to make Morgyn so mad at me.
Well, you're gonna make yourself crazy - trying to figure it out.
- I mean, look, "Strong, sensual, powerful, these are the adjectives "describing the Wall Street banker in front of me.
"But as I continue watching, another adjective buries them all: free.
" - It's beautiful.
- And inspiring.
Stop worrying about what she thought.
Jacqueline loved it, right? - Yeah.
- Jane! A moment, please? [tense music] You're being sued.
What? Or rather, the magazine is being sued, but you're named in the complaint, which was filed by a Ms.
Morgyn Stanley.
That cannot be her legal name.
She's suing me? - Breathe.
- Uh, why? - Why is she suing me? - For defamation.
It happens.
Welcome to the pros.
Jacqueline, I'm so sorry.
Don't say, "I'm sorry" when you have nothing to apologize for.
Okay, sorry.
Do not take this personally.
This is business.
Now you're gonna have to sit down with Legal, so gather your interview notes and research - for Richard to review.
- Richard? Richard Hunter.
He's very good.
You're in capable hands.
[sighs] It's less money than I make now.
- What, you didn't sign it? - No.
I asked if I could read it over and bring it back later.
My new job is actually a demotion.
I cannot believe that I turned down the ad sales job.
- No.
- You guys, nightmare.
Morgyn Stanley is suing me.
- What? - Yeah, and Steinem.
Apparently I defamed her in my article, and now I need to sit down with the Head of Legal, - AKA Sutton's boyfriend.
- Well, that's awkward.
- No, that's not awkward.
- Hm? He's just gonna do his job.
- Here's your coffee.
- Thank you.
What's with you two? Uh, I am waiting for Adena to call to tell me she broke up with Coco.
And I can't afford to take the assistant job.
I still win, but Sutton comes in second.
I hate conflict, and I don't want Oliver to think that I'm not grateful.
[phone rings] Lauren Park's office.
I don't have her at the moment, but we'll return, thank you.
Look, all I can do is tell you what I did.
I took a look at my assets, I assigned a value, and then I went in and asked for more than that.
Truth is, you're worth way more than what Oliver can afford.
Thanks, Alex.
Gonna have to break out the big guns.
[upbeat percussive music] Please don't take your shirt off.
Saw this in a TED Talk once.
- Is this a power pose? - Oh, yeah, - and I feel powerful.
- So embarrassing.
- Try it.
- No, you look really stupid.
- Try it.
- No.
Hands on the hips.
Okay, deep breath in - [inhales] - Chest up.
Ooh, see, this girl is terrifying.
I would give her anything she wants.
- Yeah? - Oh, yeah.
How about this girl? - Oh okay - [hisses] Okay, maybe just Maybe just go back down to the - Ooh, wow, okay.
- [laughs] Let's go back to that power pose.
It's not no, no, go back to the original Hello? Hi.
I reserved the conference room.
- Of course - Hm.
All yours.
According to the complaint, your article outed her identity.
[scoffs] I kept her anonymous.
She's claiming you used too many identifying details.
That's ridiculous.
She said I could do the article if I used her stage name.
I should just go talk to her, 'cause I'm sure I could No no, you don't wanna do that.
Why don't we just go through the recording of the interview? I don't have one.
The club wouldn't allow recording devices inside to protect the dancers, but I took handwritten notes.
There was a bachelor party nearby, and one of the guys spilt beer all over my notes, but I transcribed them when I got home.
Everything we discussed is here.
- I was thorough.
- I'll tell you what, I'm gonna take a look at these over lunch, and I'll get back to you, okay? [solemn music] Um - how big of a deal is this? - She's just chasing money.
She saw an opportunity, and she's going for it.
[exhales] [keyboard clacking] [computer whistles] Hey.
Did you talk to Oliver yet? Not till he gets back from his facial.
- Ooh, fancy.
- What's all this? Is this for the Soul Wheel event? - Yeah.
- Are there extras? [laughs] Hopefully not, once I get my numbers up.
I'm Twitter storming.
Yeah, I can feel the vibes over here.
- Like, very intense.
- [laughs] I already got a few whackos trickling in.
Okay, why must we assume that everybody who does Soul Wheel is a whacko? Uh, do we really need New Age philosophy screamed at us while we sweat? It's off-putting.
[phone jingles] Oh, it's Adena.
- I'll give you some space.
- Okay.
- Hi.
- Hello.
I didn't know when I'd hear from you.
I mean, I knew that I would hear from you.
I just wasn't sure.
How did it go? Um [sighs] I haven't told Coco, not yet.
[soft piano music] - Oh, okay.
- God, that was intense.
Shh, she's on with Adena.
- Why? What's happening? - I don't know.
I know I have to end things.
I should've ended them before we, um It's not easy, Kat.
Coco and I Yeah, I I mean, I I can't really imagine.
I just needed to hear your voice.
It reminds me why I'm doing this.
For us.
Hello? Uh, yeah.
Hi, sorry.
- Is everything okay? - Mm-hm.
Yeah, totally.
Kat, I need to know that I I'm not the only one who's feeling something.
I need to talk this out in person.
- Can I see you tonight? - Yeah, sure.
Uh, I think I I think I get off at around, like, uh [computer whistling] Oh oh, my God.
I'm sorry, Adena, I gotta go.
Did you just tweet that up from the "Scarlet" account? - Yes, because you guys were - I sorry.
All right, it's down.
- Do you think anyone saw it? - I don't know.
Kat! [tense music] - It's fine.
- It's all fine.
Uh, Jacqueline is apparently the only one in the world who saw my mildly homophobic tweet.
- Was she mad? - She was, um, concerned.
She said she's worried I'm having personal issues.
Totally not going through anything life-altering.
Uh, oh, I, uh, signed you both up for Soul Wheel.
Don't fight it.
It's happening.
I have never seen her this strung up by anybody before.
I know, are we excited for her or nervous? A little bit of both.
Soul Wheel? - Hard no.
- Yeah.
Power pose.
I saw that TED Talk.
- What's up? - Oh, um I came by to see if there was any room to negotiate your offer? While I know that being your assistant is an incredible opportunity, I feel like I bring something really special to the table.
I have three years of experience on "Scarlet's" busiest desk.
- And one of the most heinous.
- [chuckles] You should've led with that.
Right, so you can understand where I'm coming from.
Look, I know how to contact the entire editorial staff on the weekends.
I'm so good at expense reports, I'll have "Scarlet" paying for your sister's birthday gifts, and I'll have your travel upgraded every single time.
I already fly first, and my sister and I don't speak.
Uh Um, maybe I'm not doing this the right way Sutton, I'm sure you understand that every penny I pour into my assistant's salary is a penny less I have to spend on the image, which is what sells this magazine.
I understand.
Then you'll understand I have to consider my options.
- Absolutely.
- I'll think it over, and I'll let you know.
Thank you.
[gentle guitar music] No, that's fine.
I'll let her know you called.
Um Sorry, this is Can I help you? - Sutton.
- Yeah.
I hope you don't mind.
I thought I would start familiarizing myself with the phone system, but it's beyond basic.
I'm sorry, do you have an appointment or something? With you, I think.
HR told me you'd show me the ropes.
I'm Taylor Livingston.
I'm the new you.
She's young and resourceful and Lauren loves her.
It's deeply irritating.
I hate her already.
How's Pinstripe? He says I'm worried over nothing, that journalists get sued for defamation all the time.
He makes a good point.
[chill rock music] Do you think I could be a stripper? - [laughs] - They make really good money.
Yeah, but your boobs aren't big enough.
Damn it.
That's discrimination.
- So sue me.
- I'll get in line.
- Hm.
- [chuckles] Seriously, though, I don't what I'm gonna do - if Oliver says no.
- He says not gonna say no.
[phone jingling] It's the office.
- Hello? - Jane, hi.
It's Richard Hunter.
Richard, hi, how are you? We heard back from Ms.
Stanley's attorney.
She's open to a settlement conversation, which you will be required to attend.
So we're talking settlement? Uh, is this because of my notes? Well, without clear evidence, that's just where we're at.
Now, as the one named in the suit, you'll need to appear at the table, but you don't need to say anything.
- Leave that to us.
- Look, I've been thinking through the conversation that Morgyn and I had, and Jane, Josh Crenshaw here.
Look, we think we can get this thing good and wrapped up tomorrow.
She gets some money, we get her to sign a non-disclosure agreement.
It's the best possible outcome for both parties.
Does that mean I'm admitting guilt? The best thing for Steinem, for "Scarlet," and for you, is to put this behind us as quickly as possible.
Now, get some rest, and I'll come by and walk you through it tomorrow before the meeting.
Good night.
- [phone beeps] - Is everything okay? - No.
- They wanna settle.
My notes weren't good enough.
Is that what Richard said? Well, he didn't have to spell it out.
I had a clear conversation with Morgyn I know I did.
Okay, so maybe it's just easier to settle.
Easier for who? It makes me look like I don't know how to do my job.
I'm just gonna go to bed.
You're really good at your job.
[picked guitar music] Come closer - So did you have a nice - So how was your [laughs] You go first.
I want to say that I'm so happy that you're here, and that I told Coco.
It was time, and not just because of you.
But it was, uh, a harder conversation than I thought.
How long were you guys together? Three years, not all of them good.
Yeah, but not all of them bad.
But maybe we should just not talk about it? I'm actually a huge fan of not talking, so Mm-hm? [phone jingling] You can - [laughs] - Get it, and then we'll It's Coco, isn't it? It's 3:00 a.
in Paris.
Well, you know, you can take it.
No, no.
Um, have you tried this? Uh, no, I have not, but I have tried hummus.
- Oh.
- [phone jingling] [sighs] You know what, I feel like you should just take it.
Plus, it's later than I thought, - so - But Honestly, I have so much work to do, this huge event tomorrow, and - Kat, please, just sit.
- It'll I'm gonna go.
Coco [speaking French] - So basically you bolted.
- What? No.
Her ex-girlfriend called twice.
I was being emotionally mature.
- Noted.
- She just had this amazing thing with Coco.
You know, they cooked, they bought art, they went to Iceland, which I know, because I stalked Coco online until 2:00 a.
last night.
I just I feel like I ruined this amazing thing that I had.
Oh, no, Kat, Adena makes her own decisions.
She broke up with Coco, because she wanted to.
Ugh, it just got so intense so fast, you know.
This is why I like one-night stands and flings.
There's passion, but no expectations, because this is not fun.
But it's normal.
Romance in the beginning is all kissing and naughty daydreams, and then it gets real, then it gets complicated.
Yeah, but it's been less than 24 hours.
Women, man.
[soft instrumental music] Hi.
Yeah, I'm gonna go.
I'm down here prepping Jane for her settlement meeting.
Yeah, I know.
She's been freaking out about it all morning.
It's gonna be fine, though, right? Should be.
Hey, your deal memo hasn't come across my desk yet.
I'm still working on it.
Working on it? Hey, Richard, remember the first time that you kissed me and you told me that you turned on by my quiet determination and independence? - I do.
- Well, now is the time for you to let me be quietly determined and independent.
Um, the 2% and the skim are here, but the soy is in the fridge.
Ah, got it, thank you.
No problem.
So, I'll sit with you for the rest of the afternoon until you get the hang of it, but honestly, it seems like you don't really need me.
- [chuckles] - [phone rings] Oh.
Lauren Park's office.
You don't sound like Sutton.
It's Oliver Grayson.
Hi, Oliver, nice to meet you.
I'm Taylor.
- Lauren's latest victim? - [laughs] That's right, the new Sutton.
[chuckles] Speaking of, have you seen her? - I need a word.
- Yep, she's right here.
- Hi, Oliver.
- Sutton, hello.
Sounds like you've been replaced.
Brutal, yet efficient.
Very Lauren.
I wanted to let you know that I've considered your request.
Unfortunately, at this time, I'm not gonna be able to adjust the starting salary.
It may be lower than what you anticipated, but it is standard for this position.
I would've offered the same for anybody.
No, to totally.
I understand.
[solemn music] Where do you keep Lauren's stevia? You could've assigned an intern to do that.
Oh, yeah, I know.
It's kinda meditative, though.
Uh, hey, Jacqueline? About that tweet.
I'm so sorry.
- It was really irresponsible - Enough, Kat.
I know it won't happen again.
It won't.
How are you doing? Oh, yeah, no, I should be, um, finished in a second.
I mean, how are you doing? Uh, I'm good, except some of the water bottles, the the logo is faulty, so we had to send some of them back, but Okay.
Let me know how it goes.
Yeah, I will.
[solemn pop music] [phone beeping] [line trilling] Hello, salam, bonjour, it's Adena.
Leave a message and have a beautiful day.
Bring another round Gotta wash these tears away And I know I'd run away And I drink to hide the pain And we know we gotta wait We are fit for better days But I don't wanna talk no I don't wanna talk no more 'Cause it's getting me down Yeah it's getting me down 'Cause it's getting me down Yeah I just wanna move my wrist wrist Do a body roll 'Cause we don't give a sh Wanna move my wrist wrist Do a body roll 'Cause we don't give a sh Now, nobody here wants protracted litigation.
We were happy to hear that Steinem and Ms.
Sloan are acknowledging culpability in the matter.
To that end, the Steinem Publishing Group is offering what we consider an appropriate amount, in exchange for Ms.
Stanley agreeing not to pursue the matter further.
[scoffs] We believe the offer to be more than fair.
This number's insulting.
Your employee's carelessness subjected me to personal derision, not to mention the writing was amateur.
I described you as a feminist icon.
- Jane, that's enough.
- I trusted you with my privacy, and you exposed me.
[scoffs] You expose yourself on a nightly basis.
- You're a stripper.
- Jane.
[chuckles] Well, on second thought, I'm not settling, I'm suing.
We fall in love In a second you're out the door And I know I've seen better days In all fairness, Ms.
Stanley came in gunning for Jane.
- You didn't prep her? - I did.
You said, "You're a stripper"? I'm so sorry.
I know I'm not supposed to say sorry Oh, no, this time you can say it.
I mean, more than the expense of a court case, I'm deeply concerned about how "Scarlet" will be perceived - if this goes public.
- What should I do? - Both: Nothing.
- I'm serious, Jane, nothing.
I'm gonna reach out to Ms.
Stanley's attorney.
I know him socially.
Hopefully, I can get him to come back to table.
Thank you, Richard.
See if you can make this work.
The worst part of all of this is I feel like I failed you.
You did not fail me, Jane.
You just failed.
Sometimes you're just gonna fail.
That is what it means to be a professional writer.
Now go and write something else.
Okay, so you guys can head to the studio, and I'll, uh, meet you there in a couple hours.
- Okay.
- Great, thank you.
- No worries.
- See you later.
Kat Hey, uh, what are you doing here? What the hell was that? You send me a cowardly text, and then you disappear? I told you.
I don't wanna do this.
I don't believe you.
Talk to me.
Come on.
I think you should probably leave.
Where the hell is this coming from? Is it because I'm a woman? Because I know you don't have any experience being in a gay relationship, and I would never ask you to do anything you're not comfortable with.
Look, it's not you, okay? It's not a gay thing.
It Look, uh, you haven't known me for very long, but if you had, you'd know relationships just aren't my thing.
That was not the impression you gave me the other night.
[solemn music] I never meant to mislead you, but you should work it out with your beautiful, successful, certified lesbian girlfriend.
So I can walk you out.
No need.
[sniffles] Oh, hey, look, here's one.
It's cute, cheap.
How cheap is cheap? Oh, if you're interested in an unconventional lifestyle with a husband and wife and their live-in guru, that could be cute.
Who knows, maybe I'll move to Queens with you.
That way I'll never run into Adena ever.
I can't believe how quickly that imploded.
We just wanted different things, you know? It's fine.
What's worse is that the host for that Soul Wheel event just cancelled, so now I have to hype up all the fitness freaks.
- You're gonna be great at that.
- Mm.
Uh, babe? You're mad at Oliver, not the shoe.
I'm not mad at Oliver, I'm mad at myself.
I'm mad that I can't get this scuff out.
I'm mad that I can't keep these shoes.
- Look at this bow.
- Aww, honey.
[chuckles] Hey, look, if Oliver won't budge on salary, maybe there's something else you can ask for, - like perks.
- Mm, like, what, more time off, so I can take vacations I can't afford? - No.
No, you - [door opens] You have to figure out what else is important to you.
[groans] You guys Morgyn Stanley is taking me to court.
And now Jacqueline is mad at me.
- This day sucks.
- Hey join the party.
- Queens? Don't be dramatic.
- You're not moving to Queens.
- Is this all the wine? - I'm not being dramatic.
Oliver is exploring other options, and Taylor has my old job.
You know what, you just need to go Nora Ephron on his ass.
And what? Write a hit Meg Ryan Film? Uh, no.
Look, when Nora started at "Newsweek" in the 60s, they refused to give her due credit, so she just marched in there and demanded that they give it to her.
And they didn't, and she left.
That's not the point.
The point is, she kept the power.
She was willing to walk away.
Trust me, you wanna be the person at the table with the power, 'cause being the other person blows.
You know what, Jane's right.
You gotta go in there, tell Oliver that you are willing to walk away.
- Mm-hm.
- And go where? Nora Ephron had two really successful parents and was raised in Beverley Hills.
She could say no.
She had a safety net.
- I don't.
- Okay, calm down.
[chuckles] Don't be like that.
We're trying to help you.
Oh, you have a great record for helping people these days, - don't you? - What does that mean? Did you know that when you outed Morgyn, her son got kicked out of private school? - What? - Oh, wow.
What are you talking about A son? I didn't even know that she had kids.
Oh, maybe your research wasn't as thorough as you thought it was.
[solemn music] Why is Richard telling you this and not me? That's so not the point.
The point is, you think you're not judgemental, Jane, but you are.
Where are you going? I can't be here with you right now.
You guys aren't listening to anything I'm saying.
[sighs] Ms.
Stanley has agreed to come back to the table.
[exhales] Okay, good.
Richard - never mind.
- What? I didn't know she had a kid.
Sutton shouldn't have told you that.
Look, we really need you to keep your emotions in check - for this next meeting.
- How? - I feel terrible.
- Which is why you have a lawyer to take all the emotion out of the situation.
Look, I know this is awkward, but can you just talk to me not as my lawyer and just as the guy who's secretly dating my room-mate and whatever that makes you to me.
Do you think it's my fault that her kid got kicked out? [sighs] I think it's the school's fault.
It's a bullshit reason to kick a kid out of school, but since she doesn't have any legal recourse there, I think she's looking for a place to direct her anger, and it's unfortunate that it's at you, because you're not the one who's unfairly judging her.
But I did.
I unfairly judged her without getting the whole story.
I shouldn't have talked about this with Sutton.
I'm sorry.
I was hard on her too.
Well, I think we just have a few things to go over, and you can get out of here and get back to work.
[solemn music] [sighs] What is this? Some kind of intervention? About last night, um, we feel bad.
I feel terrible.
You said some things that were right and, honestly, deserved.
Thank you.
But you were wrong about one thing.
You said Nora Ephron had a safety net and that you don't, and that's just not true.
What are you talking about? Okay, if Oliver won't give you what you deserve, then you'll move in with me, rent-free, until you figure out the next step.
And I can't make the same offer, but I'll sublet your room month to month, until you can move back in.
Yeah, now you can march into Oliver's office and tell him you're willing to walk away.
That's really nice [whimpers] - But I can't - Ah-da-da-da.
Do not fight us, friend.
- You will lose.
- Yeah, because we're your safety net.
You got this.
[both chuckle] [chuckles] Thanks, guys.
- You shouldn't be here.
- I know.
I'm going against all legal advice.
Hear me out.
Just a minute, please.
Just one minute.
[exhales] I wrote that story, because you're inspiring.
I never meant to hurt you or your family.
I'm not supposed to say sorry.
Apparently it's an admission of guilt, but I feel guilty, not only about your son, but about what I said to you.
I judged you.
I did.
I wrote about you being this incredible feminist, because I truly believe that.
- And then I treated you like - A stripper.
I'm sorry.
I wanted you know that I'm so sorry.
Okay, I'm leaving.
Please don't lift me again.
[sighs] Look at all you fabulous, fearless athletes who came out today to get fit, get strong, and get your hands on a complimentary copy of "Scarlet's" hottest issue yet.
- Are you ready? - [all cheer] All right, now, I encourage you to take out your phones, start a live stream, snap a story, basically tweet your tight butts off, and don't forget to use the hashtag, #ScarletRides.
You guys got that? - All: Yeah! - All right.
Make sure you're looking sexy for the "Scarlet" Instagram.
Oh, my God, you guys are fabulous.
All right, let's get started.
Let's do this.
Take it away.
I'm going to ask everyone to close your eyes.
Embrace this moment.
Set your intention.
You are here for a reason.
Now open your eyes.
[Banners' "Someone to You"] Your journey toward your best self starts now.
I don't wanna die or fade away Let me do the talking.
Turn up that resistance! It's time to test what you're capable of.
Dive and disappear without a trace The journey is as important as the destination, so embrace the climb.
Well doesn't everyone? Find your inner strength.
Whatever that obstacle is, you need to push through it.
You are stronger than you think.
This isn't good, right? Well, it's not great.
You are here for a reason.
Now stand up for what you want.
Third position! You cannot change, unless you power through what is right in front of you.
In all my time on Lauren's desk, I learned more than how to answer phones and schedule meetings.
I learned how to speak up for what I want and need.
So if you can't budge on salary, then I'd like to discuss perks to offset living expenses.
[phone rings] Dean, are you Oh.
Okay, I'll let my client know.
Yeah, thanks.
They're not coming.
Morgyn Stanley has agreed to settle.
If we remove the article from the digital site, she'll accept the initial offer.
- What sort of perks? - Lunch.
- Lunch? - Three days a week, and it can come out of the "Scarlet" catering budget, which is in surplus.
I checked.
Let me Sorry, just a couple more things.
And Jane, you know that this in no way reflects on - the quality of your work.
- No, no, no, no.
I'm relieved.
I don't need a pep talk.
Um, this is what's right.
Morgyn should get the money, and I'll just go and write the next thing.
Thank you, Richard.
Yeah, no problem.
Can you feel yourself growing? You are almost there.
I would need guaranteed overtime and per diem when we travel.
And a date three months from now, where we can review my performance and adjust my pay accordingly, because I know I'm gonna be indispensable to you.
I feel these are reasonable requests that will little to no effect on your bottom line.
And if you can't meet me on most of them, then, respectfully, Oliver I'm gonna have to pass.
Five seconds before we release the resistance.
Three, two, one.
Now release the torque.
It doesn't matter what you start.
What matters is how you choose to finish.
I just wanna be somebody to someone [sobbing] If you can do this.
You can do anything.
This is your ride.
This is your life.
And if the sun starts to set and the sky goes cold And if the clouds get heavy and start to fall I really need somebody to call my own I wanna be somebody to someone Someone to you Ooh Someone to you Ooh Someone to you Ooh Someone to you someone to you How'd it go? I'm Nora Ephron, bitch.
[screams, laughs] I knew it, I knew it, I knew it, I knew it [knocking on door] Who is it? It's me.
Look, you were right.
I was a mess of a coward.
I was.
And I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
That was horrible.
Go on.
It's not that it's a gay relationship.
It's really not.
It's that it's any relationship.
I've never been in one before, and I can't promise that I won't mess it up, but I'm totally in.
I'm I booked a flight to Paris.
Coco and I are going to try to work things out.
I leave tonight.