The Bold Type (2017) s01e08 Episode Script

The End of the Beginning

1 Listen up, lovelies.
Things have been breaking loose for our "Scarlet" women.
Jane found herself in an awkward position.
- Jane, you're single, right? - Single.
Um Yeah.
Well, I'm It's a yes or no question.
- And discovered - I want love.
Just not with Pinstripe Guy.
Kat's career has been in fast forward.
How do you think you'd do presenting to the board? - I'd do great.
- And sometimes that means leaving certain people behind.
- I have to fire her.
- And Sutton also walked her own path, which had highs - Thank you.
- It's pot! and lows.
This isn't gonna work, is it? And ended with her alone, sort of.
So, calling all the single ladies on "The Bold Type.
" [energetic music.]
[knocking on door.]
Hello? Come on, you guys.
I know you're in there.
Open the door.
Is there like a secret password, or Really? Strip, please.
You are welcome.
Your friends are not.
A little overkill, don't you think? - You can never be too sure.
- They're bed bugs.
They're on my bed, not on my clothes.
Actually, I've been doing some reading.
- They travel.
- Here.
Okay, what is this? Do you remember that brief and terrible fling I had with the bond trader? - Uh yeah.
- That's gonna be a no for me.
Come in naked or don't come in at all.
All of Central Park has seen my nipples.
You think I care? [energetic music.]
Hey, what's up? Hey.
Okay, ready.
- [laughter.]
- [camera clicking.]
I'll be deleting those.
Hey, toss this for me, would ya? Thanks.
[upbeat music.]
Okay, guests first.
- Mmm, all right.
- [giggles.]
I'm really happy your place got infested.
- Oh, thank you.
- Yeah, me too.
I'm really starting to feel like myself again.
You know, this is the first time in a while that we've all been single at the same time.
And do you remember what you promised me at Monkey Bar like a year and a half ago? - Definitely not.
- No, I don't remember that.
Oh, come on.
Yes, you do.
It was after Eric dumped me.
You were dating that weird guy in Queens.
- Let's not call that dating.
- Whatever.
But you guys said that if we were ever single at the same time, you would do group Tinder with me.
That was after like five Midori Sours.
There's no way that's legally binding.
We're doing it! So Kat, dude or a lady? Okay, I'm a one-woman kinda gal.
If I can't have Adena, I think I'd like to get back on the peen.
Okay, well, I can make that happen.
- Thumb.
- I don't want to.
- Yep.
- Ooh.
- Thank you.
- All right.
Okay, Kat's phone's all set.
Now, you.
- Mmm, I don't know.
- Oh, come on.
I did it.
We need this.
I need this.
Pinstripe Guy was fun, but I need somebody who's gonna be more than just fun.
On a group dating app? Thumb, please.
Thank you.
Hi, Alex.
You have five minutes before Andrew starts rolling calls, and when he starts, he doesn't stop, so this is your window.
Okay, well, I wanted to see you because I thought you should know I've been approached - by another publication.
- Oh? An editor from "Incite" reached out to me.
It's purely digital, aggressive journalism.
I'm aware of the site.
And? She wanted to know if I was interested in interviewing.
Are you? I'm extremely happy at "Scarlet.
" But? I figure it's always smart to take the meeting.
Absolutely, and I appreciate your transparency.
Please keep me posted.
- Hey, Cassie.
- That was Oliver.
- Oh.
Good or bad? - So good.
He's stuck in Cuba, crazy weather, flight delays.
- Awesome? - It means I'm in charge of the Favorite Coats for Fall photo shoot.
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God! This is gonna be my first time styling solo.
Favorite Fall Coats is my favorite! I'm gonna be such a good Number Two! [both scream.]
[mellow rock.]
We're supposed to meet in my office in about ten minutes.
I'll just tell you here.
How serious is this? You've seen the end of quarter reports.
We can't put it off any longer.
Friday's meeting is to discuss changes.
You mean layoffs? So the rumors are true.
Even though "Scarlet" makes more money than any other book in this tower.
Which is why we're not talking about closing your doors.
You're kidding me.
We are shutting down two titles entirely.
- Wow.
- Things will be a little different at "Scarlet" too.
Print side only.
Digital's still strong.
You've always been immune to the reorgs of the past, and I still believe in your vision, but Got it.
I need to come in - prepared for a fight.
- Any ammo you can bring with you.
I appreciate the heads up, Richard.
[energetic music.]
Jane, walk with me.
You've been pretty focused on the political beat.
- Is that a problem? - No.
Your last couple stories have been very well received, but by a small audience.
And your likes and shares are low.
Okay, um should I be writing something different? Well, let's talk more later, but the political vertical is still trying to find its audience, and I want to make sure you're getting traction in the meantime.
Kat, could you [phone buzzes.]
Close the door, please.
And sit.
Okay, I am close on analytics for last quarter, still crunching the numbers on the digital response, but Great, thank you.
That will all be very, very helpful.
I also need you to host a readers night.
Round up some girls in our demo, book the conference room for Thursday.
Thursday? You have other plans? No.
Thursday's great.
I know you've been stretched since Natalie was let go.
Yeah, I was wondering if you had the chance to look at any of the resumes I sent you.
I found some pretty good candidates Who will have to wait.
There is a company-wide hiring freeze.
I need this to stay between us.
Only department heads and directors know - what I'm about to tell you.
- Okay.
Print sales are down.
Across the board, which is hardly news.
And likely you've heard about layoffs elsewhere in the building.
Your job is safe.
Digital and social media has not even been discussed.
But, print I'm fighting to keep everyone.
But it is going to be a fight.
That's why I need you to find girls in our demo not just New Yorkers, but a cross section.
Okay, I can hit up Time Square, - the Sex in the City bus tour.
- Magnolia Bakery.
- Mm-hmm.
- You need to put together a series of questions.
I want to know what they like about this magazine, what they're connecting with.
I want ammo when I go upstairs to the board this Friday, which is the reason for the rush.
I see.
I want to reiterate: this is privileged information.
This is going to get ugly.
I understand.
[energetic music.]
Uh "Game of Thrones"? Winter is coming? Fire and Ice.
For my readers night.
Oh, sorry! We really need to get you a new assistant.
- Yeah - Uh, so Jacqueline came to talk to me this morning.
Apparently my political stories aren't tracking hot.
Oh, yeah.
I'm sorry.
That's okay.
It stung at first, but I like what I'm writing.
And the people who are reading it are really connecting.
That's great.
But you know, never hurts to boost your numbers.
There are certain areas that always track well, so if you need some suggestions My audience will find me.
I don't want to chase shares and likes.
Okay, well, if you change your mind, - love and sex are always sticky.
- Eww.
Oh, yeah, it's a marketing term.
Yeah, well love and sex are two things that definitely aren't a part of my life right now.
Oh, speaking of, I found a tempting trio for a group Tinder date tonight.
- Oh, yeah.
- You're still in, right? Yes, I'm in.
Oh, my God, I can't wait.
- It's gonna be so great.
- Great.
Have fun with this.
I'll see you soon.
All right.
[soulful pop music.]
I still need to see bombers, cropped motos, and fur coats.
- Ten options for each minimum.
- I'm on it.
Hey, I gotta cancel lunch.
Oh, it's okay.
I'm knee deep in coats anyway.
Is everything okay? Where are the peacoats? Sutton! - Getting delivered at 1:00.
- And you selected Ten options.
Oh, my God! Someone's enjoying boss mode.
She's just under a lot of pressure.
I get it.
I'm sure that when it's my shot, I'll feel the same way.
But you'll be less dickish about it.
Oh, no, I'm going full dick.
Can't wait.
Yeah, what's up? Why are you canceling? I got approached for this job at "Incite.
" What? No.
You're not leaving me.
Well, I wasn't planning on it, until Jacqueline told me to take the meeting.
Why did you tell Jacqueline? Well, the editor from "Incite" said that there are layoff rumors here.
- At "Scarlet?" - Yeah, so I started digging.
- And? - Jacqueline told me to take the meeting.
[line ringing.]
- Bonjour.
- Hey, I saw you called.
Yeah, I just felt like talking.
- You okay? - I had a bit of a hard day, but I'm okay.
Well, why don't you go first? You can tell me about your crappy day, and then I'll tell you about my crappy day.
I had the worst photo shoot.
I still feel like I can't get into a creative groove here.
Adena, you're the most talented person I know.
Inspiration will come.
I'm not even a little bit worried.
Well, I'm glad you're not.
Okay, you tell me about your hard day.
Uh Jacqueline told me there are going to be layoffs.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
You love your job.
My job is safe, but my friends Anyway, they don't know.
Jacqueline only told me, which makes things How do you say super complicated in French? Trés compliqué.
Hey, you ready? Um look, I have to go.
I'm kind of running late for this thing.
Okay, no problem.
What thing? Um it's a date, actually.
Really? Boy or girl? [laughs.]
Bye, Adena.
How often are you speaking to her? Not that much.
Just like daily, and twice a day sometimes.
At least tell me you're getting phone sex out of it.
- That is not the takeaway here.
- 100% is.
Kat, she is in Paris with her girlfriend.
And I'm in a bar waiting for three dudes.
Can we talk about something else? Anyone else heard layoff rumors? Layoff rumors? I heard it from Alex.
I'm sure it's nothing, but he's taking it pretty seriously.
He's going out for a job at "Incite.
" - "Incite?" - Yeah.
- Wow.
- Well, you heard about "Catch and Release.
" And "Porch and Garden" laid off a bunch of people too.
Well, nobody likes roses and fish anyway.
Wait, do you guys think that that's why Jacqueline was asking me about my tracking numbers? I don't know.
Hey, is that them? Oh, yeah.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Sutton.
- Trevor.
- David.
Trevor, nice to meet you.
I mean the whole Russia thing's like a liberal smokescreen.
- I think it's just - I know what - you're gonna say.
- I don't I know what you're gonna say.
No, I don't think you know what I'm gonna say.
I just graduated from Law School.
- You're a lawyer.
- Yep.
My ex-boyfriend's a lawyer.
We just broke up.
Shouldn't be talking about that.
- Congratulations, though.
- Thanks.
Okay, so you're a sports agent.
What about you? What's your I am Social Media Director at "Scarlet.
" - Really? - Mm-hmm.
- At 25? - Yes.
- That's impressive.
- Oh, thank you.
Do you like it? Yeah sometimes.
Uh Right now, all of my attention is kind of on this focus group.
Focus group? I thought you said it was a readers night.
- Yeah, it is.
- Then why did you call it - a focus group? - What focus group? There's no focus group.
There's no focus group.
Kat, do you know something? Ladies, we're off the clock.
Let's not talk about work, all right? Maybe we should get more drinks.
Next round's on me.
- Ohhh - Hey! Thank you, Walt.
[dance music in background.]
Okay, is your date as terrible as mine? No, I'm the terrible date.
I can't stop talking about Richard.
I can't stop.
Well, we should swap guys then, because mine won't let you speak.
Can we just declare this experiment a disaster - and just get out of here? - Yes! Which one of us is gonna have a medical emergency? [gasps.]
I have five missed calls from Cassie.
Hey, I'm so sorry.
I have a work emergency.
- What? - That involves me too.
- Hey.
- Kat.
You don't have to leave right now too, do you? No, I'm good.
You guys go.
You sure? Mm-hmm.
Well, gentlemen, it's been Well, Walt, you already know what I'm gonna say.
So good night.
- Should we order more drinks? - Yes, more drinks.
I feel like we haven't had enough.
- More, please.
- Yeah.
I think I got it.
Walt is the lovable but pretentious prick.
David is the guy you are all banking on.
- Yep, pretty much.
- And you are - I'm the fun one.
- [gasps.]
I'm the fun one too! - Let's drink to that.
- Oh, no way! [both chuckling.]
Oh, my God.
God, I miss this, drinking outside.
Breaking laws.
Uncomplicated heterosexuality.
Wait, you were with a woman? - Uh - Okay, no.
Okay, I'm gonna need more details.
I don't know.
The only details you are getting is that it was a lot of talking and a lot of drama.
Well, I am drama-free.
[violin playing.]
- Oh, my God! - Hmm? Oh, my God, I've heard this guy before.
Look how cute he is with his hat! - Look how cute he is.
- [laughing.]
He's terrible.
He's not terrible.
He's not.
[melancholy melody.]
Play "Freebird"! [laughs.]
Yeah, come on.
Let's go back to my place.
You know what, Trevor? Um I'm not really feeling it.
What? [solemn music.]
["Nighttime Hunger" by Overcoats plays.]
Nighttime hunger Eats at me Like I'm supposed to be alone [sighs.]
Wish that he could Fill me up so that I could feel whole [phone ringing.]
Now, there's something Keeping me Hi.
I think you mean bonne nuit.
It's very late there, isn't it? Yeah, but it's morning where you are.
And it's the only French I know.
Other than voulez-vous coucher avec moi.
Ce soir.
How was your date? Eh it was all right.
All the fears that it brings I saw our violinist.
The man by the water? I loved him.
Me too.
A new me, but still It made me miss you.
A lot.
- Kat - Uh, but anyway The night was just kind of a disaster, you know? I just feel like I'm in such a hard position, you know? Like I hate that I know that my best friends might get fired.
That must be very difficult.
It is.
W-w-when the darkness comes [door clicks.]
Uh, yeah.
Adena, I gotta go.
J-Jane? So, we might get fired.
She wouldn't tell me a thing.
Layoffs? My God.
Well, I mean, you'll be okay.
They're not gonna cut the fashion department.
Not the whole thing.
But last hired, first fired.
That's me.
Yeah, well, my stories aren't tracking well.
Oh, my God.
Kat was basically warning me.
I'm on the chopping block.
I was just gonna grab a mango, then you can go on talking about whoever you were talking about.
We have to tell him.
I'm not the one keeping secrets.
Tell me what? Okay, we could've just done this in the fashion closet? No, I didn't want anyone in the office to hear.
Okay, so what now? What do we do? Well, we start lookin' for new jobs.
Actually, can I put you down as a reference at "Incite?" What? Hang on.
Are we seriously talking about this? Shouldn't we be taking a deep breath and seeing what happens? That's exactly what I thought when there were layoff rumors at the "Journal.
" And I am not making that mistake again.
I haven't been here for that long.
- I don't have a resume.
- Yeah, but that doesn't matter.
You can start putting out feelers.
No! No feelers.
Nobody's feeling anything.
We should be strategizing on how to keep the jobs we already have.
- It's out of our hands.
- No, not entirely.
I could still get my clicks up, even if that means I have to write sticky for a few weeks, then I'll do it.
I'll write sticky.
I'm going to go back upstairs.
- Jane, I really - I'm not going down without a fight.
- Should we - No, she's fueled by challenge.
Come on, I'll buy you a coffee while I still have an income.
So do you really think I should be putting feelers out there? Yeah, I do.
I finally have this job that I love.
I can't believe this is happening.
Thank you.
May I help you, sir? I hate to bring this up, but he has to know how many people are getting canned.
What departments.
- Couldn't you just ask him? - I really couldn't.
Yeah, it's probably awkward.
Particularly because we broke up.
- Are you - I'm fine.
- You sure? - It's fine.
Jacqueline, do you have a second? - Uh yeah.
- I took your advice, and I diversified some of my pitches.
- Well, fire away.
- "Sex Sessions That Ended in a Trip to the ER.
" "The Boobgasm: Not Your Mother's Motor Boating.
" And "Introducing the Butt Facial," and for that one, I would actually get a butt facial and write about the experience.
- That interests you? - Yes, I'm very interested - in a butt facial.
- Jacqueline.
The board's ready for you upstairs.
Right, tell them I will be right there.
[object clatters.]
Jacqueline, I really want to give you what this magazine needs.
Well, let's get you going on the butt facial, and keep it fun and light.
I feel good about the peacoats.
You should feel great about the peacoats.
- The peacoats are awesome.
- But maybe I should have - also grabbed the wool - Cassie, the shoot's gonna be amazing.
[upbeat music.]
[elevator bell dings.]
You've heard the layoff rumors, right? She was from "Porch and Garden," wasn't she? I guess they started layoffs too.
- I want to go back for the wool.
- Cassie.
We're gonna be fine.
I know I've been tough.
You're under a lot of pressure.
- I love this job, Sutton.
- Yeah, so do I.
But we got this.
We should go back for the wool.
That's a great idea.
[upbeat music.]
Cassie's completely imploding.
I'm completely imploding.
You know what? I'm texting Pinstripe Guy, just to ask if they've had layoffs.
Jane, come on.
Okay, fine.
Text him.
Is it terrible that I wish I was still with Richard so I could just ask him? No, not terrible.
It's the not knowing.
- It's making me crazy.
- Yeah, me too.
Which is why I don't understand why Kat isn't saying anything.
[door closes.]
I have been to every major tourist spot, rounding up basic bitches in our demo for this readers night.
What? Nothing.
Okay well, I'm exhausted.
So should we order food and put on "RuPaul's Drag Race"? No.
We don't want to watch "RuPaul's Drag Race.
" We're sitting here freaking out about our jobs, Kat.
Yeah, I I know.
Then why won't you say anything? Because I don't know anything.
You know something.
Everybody is talking about these layoffs, so it's not like it's not out there.
So if you know something that could calm us down, then Jane, please don't ask me this.
Come on.
We're best friends.
Are you serious? I know we're best friends.
I know we're best friends because I got us cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery and these hats from the "Sex in the City" bus tour, because while I was running around the city on my basic bitch roundup, I was thinking about you guys.
And freaking out about the fact that you both might get fired.
So that's what I know.
My job is safe and yours aren't.
Does it make you feel better to know that? Because it really doesn't make me feel better to tell you.
And I don't have a room to storm off into.
Take mine.
Thank you.
[door slams.]
[low chatter.]
Let us help you, you're working without an assistant.
And we are making an effort to not be a-holes.
- Yeah.
- Oh, no, - you're definitely a-holes.
- [both laughing.]
So does this mean we're friends again? - Yeah.
- Okay cool, 'cause I really want to be helpful, but I have to get to the coat shoot.
Oh, yes.
- Love you guys.
- Love you.
Hey, Sutton.
I don't have specifics, I don't know where the cuts are gonna happen, but they are happening.
So do whatever you gotta do to make sure it's not you, okay? Thanks.
Come on.
[bright, percussive music.]
This should work, right? No, Sutton hand me the Yeah.
No, maybe the first one was better.
We don't have all day.
Cassie, forget about the pressure.
You know what you're doing.
Cassie, I need you to sign off on the overages.
We're $2,500 over? Sutton, how did this happen? These are normal overages.
Just sign it so we can keep going.
Do you even understand what is happening right now? Every single magazine is making cuts.
- I know.
- If we want to save our jobs, we have to come in under, not over.
Oliver can't find out about these overages.
This is unacceptable! The overages are because you couldn't make up your mind.
And you asked me to go out and buy a bunch of extra looks.
I need to take this phone call.
Your phone's not ringing.
- Cassie.
- Hello? Cassie, don't leave.
[anticipatory music.]
Okay, let's do this.
Take off the peacoat, and the scarf.
Let me see the shoes.
Great, keep the shoes, try the moto jacket.
- There you go.
- Thank you.
You're welcome.
Excuse me.
Yes, so fierce.
Let's step you in.
Can we get the wind going please? And can somebody turn up the music? Thank you.
[energetic pop music.]
Could you just turn so we can see the back? - Looks good.
- Wow, awesome.
[lighter clicks.]
Oh, my God.
- Hey.
- I have great news.
Could you pour me a roadie? I killed it at the photo shoot today.
It was amazing.
You would've been so proud.
Oh, okay.
I was sort of kidding.
But I will accept this gift.
[phone buzzes.]
What are you doing, Kat? - We're just talking.
- No, you're not.
You're playing with fire.
Which is ironic, given the theme of this party.
I'm just not ready to let her go yet.
I get it.
Every time I see Richard, it sets me back.
But I have to see him.
You don't have to answer your phone.
I think you need this more than I do.
- [phone ringing.]
- Ohh! Jane Sloan.
Hi, it's Victoria Johnson from "Incite.
" Oh, yes, you must be calling about a reference for Alex.
Actually, I'm calling for you.
I make it my job to stay on top of new voices, and yours caught my attention.
Thank you.
I liked your piece on Congresswoman Wolff.
You found an unexpected angle, and that is not easy.
I'd love to bring you in for a meeting.
Wow, um, I'm flattered, but I'm very happy here.
You seem to have carved a great spot out for yourself at "Scarlet.
" You're obviously a large part of their expanding political coverage.
- How's that going? - Good.
We're getting a very positive response.
That's great.
Can't wait to see what you're working on next.
You know what, on second thought, it wouldn't hurt to take a meeting.
If you could just e-mail me over the details, that would be great.
I'm kind of in the middle of this deadline, so Absolutely.
I look forward to meeting you, Jane.
Yeah, you too.
Thanks so much.
Oh God, what? More layoff rumors? No, just a thing for my article.
[rap music.]
Bang, bang, like a sniper on a scope You can take a ride on my white buffalo Boom, boom box, throw the radio - I just moved to New York.
- Oh my God, me too.
I've never even lived in a city.
I literally know like one person here.
- [laughter.]
- Same.
All right, take a look at the magazine and you know, grab some food, some more drinks, whatever.
Just have fun, I'll be back in a few minutes - to ask you a few questions.
- Thanks.
What is that? That is 30 women that Kat picked up from Sephora in Times Square, and they are deciding our fate.
You do know that's not exactly how downsizing decisions are made, right? Yeah, but it's part of it.
- Well, guess what.
- What? I met with "Incite" today.
Yeah? How was it? Interesting.
She called "Scarlet" a dinosaur.
What a bitch.
Okay, what do you think? Does this say "Incite"? Nah, and that fedora needs to be burned.
Okay, this is really hard to watch.
What? It's not that bad.
- Not the outfit.
- The outfit is bad.
You love "Scarlet.
" It's your dream job, you should get to keep it.
You're just having survivor's guilt, which makes me love you even more.
Nobody's dead yet.
You know, Alex said the last time he got downsized, it took him two years to find a new job? Oh yeah, by the way I haven't told him that I'm going up against him.
So if we could just keep this between us.
Two years, huh? I don't have two years.
I have like two weeks max.
What would you do if we got fired tomorrow? I would probably go to the bar on Fifth and Broadway.
The one you guys took me to after the first time Lauren yelled at me, and the 70th.
And then I would look for a job at a fashion house.
I guess if I didn't get the job at "Incite," I would freelance for a while until something else comes up.
You know what I'd do? You don't have to do anything.
You're safe.
Yeah, but I like the idea that there are other things out there.
Bigger things.
I don't.
I like "Scarlet.
" I like having healthcare and access to free beauty stuff.
Yeah, which you will continue gifting us if we get canned.
Oh yeah, "dolfinitely.
" [laughter.]
Excellent work, ladies.
I know the circumstances were not easy with Oliver away, but these are times we really test what we're capable of, and you two really kicked ass.
Thank you, Jacqueline.
Yeah, thank you.
I especially like this look, with the moto jacket.
Yeah, that really captures "Scarlet" in a very unexpected way.
What made you think to pair the scarf with the jacket? - Well actually - It just spoke to me in the moment.
Well, I am very impressed.
- Good work, Cassie.
- Thank you.
Thank you for your work yesterday, Sutton.
- You were a great number two.
- I wasn't a number two.
I ran that set when you left.
I did all the prep, I pulled all the wardrobe.
I appreciate your hard work when I had to step away, but don't oversell what you did.
[phone ringing.]
Kat, hi.
How are you? I'm okay.
Everyone here is thinking about what they'd do if they got laid off.
Where they'd go, and I know it sounds terrible, but getting laid off just seems like a good excuse to do something different.
Like what? I don't know.
I never even really thought about it.
I mean, I got the job at "Scarlet" three days after graduation, and it wasn't like my plan, or anything.
I'm not Jane.
I just kind of fell into it.
Okay, yes my dad knew a guy who made a call.
But I am good at it.
Really good.
But if I got laid off, I could move to San Francisco, or Chicago, or somewhere in Europe.
I don't know.
Something crazy.
You can do that regardless.
But? But I won't.
I know myself.
I know you too.
Things aren't going well with Coco, are they? No.
I can tell.
But you know, if I was getting laid off, I would do something crazy.
Buy a ticket to Paris.
But I'm not, so Of course you'd have your own column.
Our audience is small, but targeted, so your stories could be more niche.
Can I say something? And I hope I'm not out of line, but I get the sense from your writing that you have a lot more to say.
I don't know about that.
But I feel like I've had some great opportunities - with "Scarlet.
" - Absolutely, absolutely.
But it's all very "Scarlet.
" I would be curious to hear what you have to say when it's just you talking.
Okay, okay I'm backing off.
Let me sell you on who we are.
Aren't I supposed to be selling you? In a minute, I can tell you're reluctant.
When we start this interview for real, I want you to want this job.
You'll be more likely to dazzle me.
Fair enough.
"Incite" is a place where we encourage you to follow your instincts.
Take your time exploring unexpected paths.
We've just acquired a new investor, and we're launching a premium cable tie-in.
Have you ever considered embedding yourself to get a long form story? It sounds cool, right? Yeah.
Uh wow.
I feel like I want to dazzle you.
Because we don't want you to just be an "Incite" writer.
We want you to be Jane Sloan.
"Incite" was fine.
It's a decent backup that I hopefully won't need.
Hey Sutton, Jacqueline needs to see you right away.
Okay, I'll be right there.
Jacqueline, you wanted to see me? Yes.
Come in and close the door behind you.
I thought you wanted this job.
- I do, more than anything.
- Well then, in the future - There's a future? - Yes.
And in it, you cannot let anyone take credit for your work.
The photographer told me that you had to run the set.
That does not help me or Oliver to think we can rely on Cassie when we can't.
You need to start speaking up for yourself.
I will.
We're done here.
- Okay.
- Please send Kat in here, after you tell her that your job is safe.
I will do that.
She wants to see you.
- You wanted to see me? - Yes, come in.
I have news.
Now I know everyone is nervous.
I hear the gossip too.
So I'm just going to get right to it.
There will be a memo going out to the entire staff shortly, but I am speaking to the directors first.
There will be more layoffs at Steinem.
We're keeping as many people as we can.
Fashion and editorial are safe, and we're going to be ramping up digital.
Uh, wow.
That's You.
So the hiring freeze is over.
You can bring on your new assistant.
And we're gonna be giving you two more people for your team, so you can start fielding resumes.
Congratulations, Kat.
You are about to take on a lot more responsibility.
Oh my God, um Thank you, Jacqueline.
[soft music.]
You've reached the voicemail for Richard Hunter.
Please leave a message.
Hey, it's me.
It's been a crazy week.
I'm sure it's been crazy for you too with the layoffs and everything, so I just wanted you to know Oh, crap this is hard.
Um I'm having a really hard time with this.
And I guess I just wanted to know if you were too.
If you are satisfied with your message, press one.
Are you freaking kidding me? If you would like to hear your message, press two.
To erase and rerecord, press three.
[phone ringing.]
Adena, hey.
Isn't it like super late there? I can't stop thinking about what you said earlier.
If only you were a little more brave.
Yeah, well.
I'm not, so But what if I was? What if I were to book a ticket to return to New York? What? Yeah.
Yeah, you should do that.
You should be brave.
["Our City" by TRX feat.
Emilie Adams plays.]
Baby, this is our city So are we cheersing to Adena coming back, Kat's promotion, or to Jane and I not getting fired? I say we don't limit ourselves.
Thank you.
First round, we can drink to me, and then second round, you guys? Thank you.
Wow, already drunk on power.
Well, given that I wept on Richard's answering machine tonight, I would like to get drunk on something.
- Can we start drinking? - Well, you deleted it.
To the three of us.
I'm glad we're still working together.
Me too.
Now let's talk about what's really important.
Oh, yeah.
Somebody at this table had the most liked story of the week.
Oh, no, we are not doing this.
Ohh, yes yes.
We are doing this.
I'm reading it out loud.
- Sutton.
- Sutton.
"Every Booty Could Use a Butt Facial" by Jane Sloan.
- I will leave the table.
- You will not.
"Whether you've heard it for the first time today, or know a little thanks to Sunday brunch chats" [fades under music.]
This is our city This is our city [phone ringing.]
Hello? Jane, it's Victoria from "Incite.
" - Hi, how are you? - Good, thanks.
I loved meeting with you, and I would like to offer you the job.