The Bold Type (2017) s02e09 Episode Script


1 Previously on "The Bold Type" Adena thinks I should try sleeping with other women.
She thinks I'm having a sexual awakening.
And I also remember you saying that Monday night was really Saturday nights for your mom.
Which ended Tuesday morning when the gin rickeys ran out.
And you had to pick up the pieces.
You're also a carrier of the BRCA gene.
If kids are in your future, you need to start thinking about it now.
I'm here to pick up the travel memo for the fashion department.
I'm holding a middle seat, back row for you.
I'm going to Paris for fashion week? Oh, my God! You're going away To the place where you came from Well, this is a disaster.
I'm still light - on daytime formal wear.
- This is why we practice pack.
Do you really need two bathing suits? You're going to Paris, not St.
- Yes, I need options.
- Or another suitcase.
Oliver was very clear.
He said, "Red, if you bring more than one suitcase", I'm leaving you at baggage claim.
" - Think you need these.
- I do.
A broad needs those big Marcanos.
[both grunting] Ah, it's like my skinny jeans when I'm on my period.
Ex-gymnast coming through.
- Oh, yah! - Nice, Jane.
- Possibly a second career.
- Thanks.
Okay, passport photo.
Whoa, oh, whoa, oh Whoa, oh-oh-oh - [exhales] - Hold on.
It's not just Paris.
She could be stuck with this photo for, like, ten years.
This is why they pay her the big bucks.
Well, I'm just relaunching our entire website today, so take your time.
Whenever you're ready.
Okay, tilt your chin down.
- Lipstick on the teeth.
- I'm taking it.
Wait, do we like this shirt with this backdrop? - Oh, my God, should I change? - No, I'm taking it.
We'll fix it in post.
Say, "Fromage.
" - Fromage! - [camera shutter clicks] [sighs] Take that.
We are the Annie Leibovitz of passport photos.
I can't believe I'm going to Paris.
I can.
You worked hard.
- Paid your dues.
- Well, there were some bumps - along the way.
- Some bumps on - your corporate card.
- Yeah, we all remember those.
Well, it just always seemed so out of reach, and now it won't be as soon as I drop my passport application off at the travel department.
What? What am I looking at? [gasps] Girls send you these? - Mm-hmm.
- And Adena's cool with this? - Uh-huh.
- Wow, you have cracked - the sexual matrix.
- You should start a cult.
I'd join.
Can't speak for Ben, though.
Aw, things still weird with you guys? [sighs] It's like him knowing exactly what I'm going through just compounds my anxiety.
I thought having a boyfriend was supposed to be easy.
No, you're thinking of emotional support dogs.
- See ya.
- Bye, honey.
- Whoa.
- Another vag pic? It's 10:00 a.
Where do you find these animals? This one's about Jacqueline.
[dramatic music] - - Happy website relaunch day, everyone.
You must have seen "New York Magazine" 's business feature.
"Decline of the Celebrity Editor.
" "With ad dollars down and fixtures like "Graydon Carter out, is Jacqueline Carlyle's time at 'Scarlet' coming to an end?" People I ducked sniper fire for six hours covering the coup in Panama, so this type of sniping phases me not in the least.
That said, with the heightened scrutiny, let's make sure the website relaunch goes smoothly.
Kat, I'm sure you have the rollout handled? Yeah, even have a special Snapchat filter - that goes live at 4:00 p.
- Fantastic.
One more thing, I have decided to eliminate comments - for all stories going forward.
- Really? - Why is that? - Well, they have value, but too often they're drowned out by trolls trying to derail the conversation.
I want our stories to speak for themselves.
We delete bad comments pretty quickly.
By which time, the damage is already done.
We have a vibrant community of users Of whom only 1% comment.
The negative outweighs the positive.
Let's move on to editorial.
I think the slate is on the heavy side, so I'm looking for some fun pitches.
Hello, Mr.
[chuckles] For someone who doesn't work on this floor, you seem to be down here a lot.
Well, the executive suite is nice, - but you guys have almond milk.
- I see.
- What's up? - Did you hear that Jacqueline wants to get rid of "Scarlet" 's comments? I think it's a big mistake.
Well, it's odd, but it's not my purview.
But she trusts you more than anyone.
And I trust her because her judgment is rarely off.
Look, Richard, between running digital and the magazine and the relaunch, I think she's spread a little thin, and if "New York Magazine" is right, can she really afford to make a mistake right now? [soft dramatic music] - Hi.
- Hey.
So the other night was kind of awkward.
We were both overwhelmed.
Look, I really like you, Jane, and I just wanna help make things easy for you.
I really like you too.
And one of the best ways I can do that is by helping you understand the options you have, so I hope you don't mind, but I researched some of the options you have on the table.
Hormone therapy.
Preventative surgery.
Egg freezing.
This is, um - exhaustive.
- I know, I know.
It's a lot but I just want you to be fully informed.
Can I help you? Yeah, totally.
[indistinct chatter] Oh, Jane, I am stockpiling some lighter fare for the dot com.
Any interest? [sighs] Lighter sounds great right now.
How about fun things to do when you just can't anymore.
Consider it yours.
[whispers] Why was that so easy? All of this needs to be packed before Oliver gets back.
- Sutton.
- Oh, hey, Leslie.
This is a copy of your birth certificate.
To secure a passport, we need the real thing.
I don't have the real thing.
If you wanna be in Paris next week, I suggest you get it by tomorrow morning.
Maybe I will file a complaint with the municipal clerk.
You're not welcome.
- No luck? - The hospital doesn't have it, and the best Vital Records can do is two weeks.
- How is this happening to me? - Not to state the obvious, but there is someone who might have it.
- Who? - Your mother.
- Babs? - Wha I know you don't want to call her, but maybe she can help.
Yeah, my mom is totally gonna wake up from whatever drunken stupor she's in, answer the phone, locate the birth certificate, and then drive to the nearest post office and pay $49 to have it overnighted.
- Yeah.
- You don't know Babs Brady.
[phone buzzes] Mm.
Oh, my God.
- What? - It's Andrew.
Jacqueline wants to see me.
Kat, I feel like I made my position regarding our comments crystal clear.
- You did.
- Then why is Richard Hunter - bringing it up to me? - I didn't mean - to go around you.
- This is a critical time for the "Scarlet" brand, and when I make decisions, - I expect them to be followed.
- Yes.
- I really am sorry.
- Kat just don't second-guess my judgment.
Hey, Alex, do you have a second? Kind of.
I'm organizing a dim sum walking tour.
I can't decide between - Chinatown or Flushing.
- So you do have a second.
I'm doing a list for the website.
Would you rather go to Iceland, go to Burning Man, or learn how to make pizza in Naples? Backpack in Iceland where I'd learn how to make pizza over an open flame.
Pizza walking tour.
[whispers] You're a genius.
What happened to dim sum? These aren't high stakes, Jane.
Lucky for you.
Have fun with that.
- - On that note, I have to go get coffee and do a deep dive into my fertility plan, so something almost as fun.
- Enjoy? - Literally impossible.
[indistinct chatter] [elevator dings] - Going down? - Seriously? [doors slide closed, elevator dings] So what are you doing here? Just riding the elevators on the off chance I would run into you.
I had a meeting in the building.
- What for? - I'd rather not talk about it.
Where you headed? I'd rather not talk about it.
- What are you doing right now? - I don't know.
Day's wide open.
Might grab a beer at J.
Do you want company? - [elevator dings] - Sure.
- [upbeat music] - - [exhales] - Let's go, Sloan.
Not only is she making a bad decision, but she's not willing to have a conversation about it, and I'm the one that's gonna get blamed - for trying to fix it.
- I'm sure Jacqueline knows you're just trying to do what's best for the magazine.
[sighs] I don't know.
Think she thinks I was trying to do an end run around her.
Well, now that you moved up the ladder, you need to be aware of the power dynamics around you.
How things look.
Be less impulsive.
- More - Strategic.
I gotta go back.
It's launch day.
I may go to MoMA and see the rest of the Hockney exhibit.
Oh, I didn't know you saw the beginning.
- Yep.
- I thought - we were going together.
- Oh? - I went last Tuesday.
- Ah.
I had a date that night.
It was fun, but I would have rather been with you.
Just tell me about it later, okay? Of course.
I'm in the studio tonight, - but soon.
- Okay.
[chuckles] - Bye.
- Bye.
Coachella, you know, pretty basic.
Skydiving worth it.
New York Marathon.
It's very long.
Don't go to Iceland.
- Why? - Because the world has seen enough photos of a beautiful girl eating moss in a crystal clear pool, you know? Okay.
[muffled] We've reached maximum olive capacity.
So what does this have to do with your fun things article? Oh, that's one way - to make tapenade.
- Why do I need a reason to do anything? Can't I just live in the moment? Isn't that what our 20s are for? Just existing without worrying what comes next.
Excuse me? Can we get two more, please? Is everything okay, Jane? I'm getting a bit of a weird vibe from you today.
Wow, I'm getting a bit of a weird vibe from you.
Since when do you call me Jane and not Sloan? When I'm serious.
Look, some days you wanna talk.
Other days you wanna get drunk and shove a bunch of olives in your mouth, and that's today.
But I appreciate your concern, Ryan.
Can I have, um, 14 olives please? I'm trying to break a world record.
[upbeat music] - - T-minus 12 minutes until we are live, people! [cheers and applause] Sorry I couldn't meet up earlier.
I was stuck in meetings all morning.
- Don't worry about it.
- So - work emergency.
- Yes, um supposed to be going to Paris next week with Oliver.
Oh, yeah, that's right.
I heard that's happening.
We always talked about doing that.
Yeah, I know.
Uh, the thing is I don't have a passport and I don't have my birth certificate to get a passport, so I wouldn't ask if it weren't dire, but I remember that your dad had a friend who worked at the State Department.
I don't know if there's anything you could do Ah, I'd love to help, but Glen retired last year.
Moved to Zurich.
[sighs] There's gotta be something you can do, right? Um Yeah.
Last resort.
- Go to Harrisburg.
- Oh.
Uh, does that mean you're gonna have to see your mom? No, I'm hoping to make it more of a surgical strike.
Seal Team Sutton.
- [chuckles] Yeah.
- Richard.
- I'm so glad you could join us.
- Thank you.
Oh, was my friend over at Douglas Elliman any help? Yes, yes.
He was great.
- We are having coffee tomorrow.
- Oh.
He helped sell Mary Kate and Ashley's West Village apartment, so I'm sure he can help you.
Jacqueline, we need you.
Excuse me.
[dramatic music] So you're moving? Yeah, I don't want to.
Jessica wants to stay downtown, so we're just - checking out our options.
- Mm.
All: Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one! - We are live! - [cheers and applause] Well, that was about as eventful as Y2K.
Hey, you ready to do this? Yes.
We are road tripping.
I have to go get my birth certificate - from my mom.
- Yep, we're gonna take my parent's car and we'll be back in 12 hours.
- Are you in? - Shotgun.
- Ooh, already called it.
- I didn't hear you.
I didn't have to call it.
It's my parent's car.
- That's not a rule.
- Yes, it is.
- Are you drunk? - What? You're so sitting in the back.
How'd that happen? Give it all I got [tires squealing, engine revving] - Show you yes I can - Yes I can - Yes, I can - Yes, yes, I can If you're looking at me right now I'm about to show you yes I can - Yes I can - Yes I can Yes, yes, I can Whoa, slow down.
What is that smell? New Jersey.
Or whatever Jane was drinking.
I'm very pleased with my decision to sit in the backseat.
I do have to pee, though.
- We're not stopping again.
- Well, I also have to throw up 'cause you suck at driving.
Who taught you how to drive? Vin Diesel? You can't even pass a breathalyzer test right now, and city slicker over here doesn't even have a license.
- So I'm driving.
- Hey.
Wanna put the phone down and, uh, be present? Just I'm trying to make sure that the launch goes well.
At least [sighs] until we lose cell reception.
Oh, my God, we're going to Pennsylvania.
This isn't "Deliverance.
" It's three hours - outside of Manhattan.
- Whoa, I'm sorry, what? We have two hours left? Why are you letting me drink this? Finish it and you can pee in it.
I do have really good aim.
If you're looking at me right now I'm about to show you yes I can - Yes I can - Yes I can Yes, yes, I can - Sandwich? - No.
- Bite? - Absolutely not.
More for me.
See, girls This is what your 20s are about, you know? Friends Sun setting on the open road.
Not fertility preservation for dummies or whatever Ben put in my folder.
He means well.
That's literally what you say about annoying people.
You know what I think it is? He acts like he knows what I need rather than just asking me.
So you'd rather he'd get day drunk with you and shove olives in his mouth, et cetera? Yes, I would.
I just sometimes think that Pinstripe gets me more.
Or enables you more.
Probably to get your pants off.
But I don't think that was what he was trying to do.
Maybe he just likes what he can't have.
- Come on, let's go.
- Shotgun! - [laughs] - Ha-ha.
- This is it - Ooh Think I found love, think I found love - Ooh - This is it - Ooh - This is it Think I found love, think I found love, yeah I think Richard and Jessica are gonna move in together.
- What? - I didn't want to say anything 'cause I wanted to sit with it and see how it made me feel.
And? Part of me is happy for him.
- But then also - Wow, she got her claws - in him so fast.
- I know.
Dude, they've been together for, like, a month.
See, this is what happens when you get old.
You just start making decisions based on logistics, which is why I think we should celebrate being young.
["New Rules" by Dua Lipa plays] Talking in my sleep at night Making myself crazy Out of my mind, out of my mind My love [burps] Oh, no.
Gas station roast beef was a bad choice, ladies.
I need gum.
But my love Or I need this.
- What? - Susan and Marcus vape.
- [stammers] - Of course they do.
- They're bougie therapists.
- [laughs] They're also my parents, though.
- Maybe it's an e-cig.
- Is it, though? - Nope.
- What? I got new rules, I count 'em I can't believe my parents vape.
I got new rules, I count 'em Hey, hey I gotta tell them to myself Hey, hey - I gotta - Whoa, whoa, careful.
[engine revving] I gotta tell them to myself Why do they have a washing machine in the yard? Ah, that's the Ricarte's.
They use it as a planter - to grow tomatoes.
- Oh, okay.
- How are the tomatoes? - Not bad.
Fresh taste.
Well, here we are, Casa Brady, aka Termite Tower.
Well, we made it.
How are we supposed to get in and out without seeing your mom? Are you kidding? It's thirsty Thursday.
If I know Babs, she's throwing back G&T's at bowling league before she goes to the bar.
We're gonna get the spare key, the certificate, and get the hell out of here.
Are you kidding me? The key's not here.
[pounding] Ugh! How is she still - ruining my life? - Sutton, babe, it's cool.
- We're just gonna break in.
- Break in? Yeah, it's a perfect crime.
Really, like, it's your birth certificate, and the last time I checked, you can't get arrested for stealing something from yourself.
So we're just gonna find something to break the window with, like, maybe a rock.
No, honey.
Wow, I was almost convinced by that.
Do you have a better idea? [indistinct chatter] [hip-hop music] - Sure your mom's here? - No, but I'm sure she will be at some point.
Just look for a haggard-looking woman with raccoon eyes and a hip flask.
Well, that could be a couple people in here.
Hi, excuse me, sorry.
Do you know a Babs Brady? - Of course.
- I thought you might.
She should be in at around 10:00.
Let's go get food - and come back later.
- [imitates buzzer] We can get food anywhere.
We can only get drunk right here.
Excuse me, could I get three tequila shots, please? - I'm driving.
- Okay.
Then two tequila shots and an agua for Buzz Killington over here.
Thank you.
To Sutton.
Going from Harrisburg to Paris-burg.
You're cut off.
Sutton, is it [chuckles] - Oh, my God, Billy, hi.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- How's it going? Yeah, yeah.
Oh, my gosh, what are you doing here? Are you coming to see the band? You know, I'm not actually.
- Sorry, this is - Billy Jeffries.
Yes, aka former Mr.
Sutton Brady.
- [laughs] - Heard a lot about you.
Really? I haven't seen this one since, what? Uh, summer, 20 2010? - Yeah.
- We had a lot of sweaty nights in the back of that van.
You know what I'm talking about, right? I bet it gets quite humid here in July.
- Yep.
- Both: Yeah.
- It's really - So I gotta do sound check.
There's a mic still open with your name on it.
- I wanna sing.
- What? Being a lead singer of a band is definitely on the list.
Let's do it.
Oh, we can do that too.
Your friends are awesome.
- Come on.
- I like him.
I like Jane when she gets drunk and high - to avoid dealing with things.
- Good on a road trip.
[upbeat music] I thought I saw a man brought to life He was warm, he came around like he was dignified He showed me what it was to cry Well, you couldn't be the man that I adored Hey.
It's gonna be okay.
Yeah, I know.
It's just the sooner she gets here, the sooner we can leave, - you know? - Mm-hmm.
Not sure Jane's ready to leave, though.
- Oh.
- Your friend can sing.
That's what's going on Nothing's right, I'm torn I love it when people from out of town come in.
- Really? - Really.
I'm cold and I am shamed, lying naked on the floor - Thank you.
- You're welcome.
You're a little late I'm already torn You're amazing.
There's nothing where he used to lie My inspiration has run dry - That's what's going on - Whoo.
Nothing's right I'm all out of faith Go, Jane! You're a rock star! I'm cold and I am shamed, lying naked on the floor You're a little late I'm already torn - Thank you, New York! - [applause] - Harrisburg.
- Harrisburg! - You're beautiful.
- Thank you so much, Jean.
- Great job.
- It's Jane.
Next up, Slipknot.
Hey, Barbara's here.
[hip-hop music] - Sutton.
- Hey, Mom.
She doesn't look like a raccoon to me.
What are you doing here? Uh, I need my birth certificate.
So when did you start working at Dicey Reilly's? - Few months ago.
- One way to get free drinks.
Come here, hi.
Oh, I'm so glad to see you.
You must be Jane and Kat.
I'm Barbara.
You probably know me as the terrible mother in all of Sutton's stories.
How does she know who we are? - It's really nice to meet you.
- You too.
- Oh, God.
- Barbara, let's go.
I'm coming.
My shift just started.
Why don't you guys just grab a table? Uh, Mom, I gotta grab that birth certificate and then hit the road, so Well, can't you stay and eat something before you go? I would love to catch up.
We kind of have to get back.
Please stay and have some chicken fingers on me.
Oh, chicken fingers sound so good.
Jane wants chicken fingers.
- I don't care what Jane wants.
- She offered.
And I really have the munchies.
I gotta be honest, I really expected more of a Ramona Singer Turtle Time kind of vibe.
Give it a couple hours.
It'll turn into a long day's journey into night.
- Well, clearly she's trying.
- And you're falling for it.
I'm just saying, she wants to spend time with you.
Yeah, that's kind of the problem.
[mellow music] Nice shot.
Sometimes the break goes my way.
- So what are you in town for? - Oh Just adventuring.
- Oh, my God.
- You're holding the cue wrong.
No, I'm just terrible at pool.
- Let me show you.
- Oh.
[clears throat] So it's like you're sliding through water, okay? Okay.
- That is a very slick move.
- [chuckles] Did you learn that in a '90s rom-com? Hey, it worked, didn't it? Yeah.
Still kind of tacky, though.
[buttons clicking] [CAPPA's "Tension"] Why don't we take the tension And break it down? Why don't you put my body On your mind? Take that pressure and work it out Don't keep it all inside You wanna get out of here? I still got 30 minutes - on my break.
- Uh, sure.
Just let me get my bag.
Let's break the tension Now we're here, face to face [phone chiming] Oh, no.
[sighs] You ready? Uh, just give me a second.
I saw the "Scarlet" comment stuff, wanted to know if you were okay.
I, uh, have to go go deal with some work stuff.
- Okay.
- Sorry.
[mellow music] [line trilling] You've reached Adena El-Amin.
Please leave a message.
[beep] These are so yummy.
Speaking of yummy, where's your hot townie? Wasn't in the mood.
[sighs] The relaunch is a mess.
All anyone can talk about is how we killed comments.
"Best part of the 'Scarlet' site was connecting "with other readers.
Thanks for taking that away.
Hash tag 'Scarlet doesn't get it.
'" - I'm confused.
- [sighs] How is sex with a hot stranger not the perfect distraction? It's not what I want right now.
I'm so sorry.
I'm still fairly new here.
I can't slack off when the boss is around.
I called you a few times.
- You didn't pick up.
- I've been pretty busy.
So why do you need your birth certificate? I could have mailed it, you know? Oh, it's time sensitive.
I'm going to Paris next week for work and I need to get a passport.
Oh, that's amazing.
What are you gonna be doing there? Probably eating croissants, wearing stripes, brooding.
Listen, I don't have a lot of time, so I know, I know.
It's just You always said you were gonna go to Paris one day.
I'm surprised you remember anything I said as a kid.
Look, Sutton, I know what you're thinking.
But it's fine.
I'm sober now Yeah, I don't need to see another 20-day chip, Mom.
And I am getting a nursing degree.
I need the key.
I've got so much I want to say to you.
If you could just stay a little longer, you would see - that things are different.
- Nothing has changed.
Mom, the bar is still playing My Chemical Romance.
Billy is still a flirt.
This place is exactly the way it was when I left it and so are you.
- That's not fair.
- What's not fair is that if you don't give me my birth certificate, I can't go to Paris.
So can you just give me the key, please? Well, I apologize for any rodents and/or old food that might be laying around.
Are the rodents you speak of the mice from "Cinderella"? Sometimes she cleans when a boyfriend's coming.
She keeps important papers in the junk drawer.
Oh, good.
No sign of my birth.
But if we want pizza.
[sighs] I can't believe I thought - I was going to Paris.
So stupid.
- Why don't you just call her? She might know where it is.
- Doubtful.
- Is it really so hard for you to believe that things might be different? Yeah, because they never are.
I spent my entire childhood watching her sober up for, like, two or three days at a time and thinking, "Wow, maybe I really have a mom now.
" But she always slid backwards.
In sixth grade she was sober for a week, so I signed us up for the mother/daughter Girl Scout camping weekend.
She bailed to go to Atlantic City with a guy that she picked up at a bar.
Why do you think I spent so many nights sleeping in Billy's disgusting van? I didn't know that, and I'm sorry.
I don't want to dwell on it.
I moved to New York - and I moved on.
- [phone buzzing] Here we go.
I have low expectations.
- Hello? - If you have to go, I get it.
The certificate's in a box under the couch.
Thank you.
She finally did something to make herself useful.
- Let's go.
- Are you sure you don't want to go back to the bar? Say good-bye? It's on the way.
I know you're thinking that I'm being really unreasonable, - but I have been through this.
- At least you have a mom.
I'm sorry, but it's true.
And I know you're really angry right now and you need to do what's best for you, but, as small as it may be, you have a chance to fix things with her.
Jane, I have tried so many times to fix things with my mother.
I I get it, but maybe you should try again.
Trust me.
Chances aren't things you should take for granted.
[soft, dramatic music] I just, um I just can't get my hopes up again, you know, because I just can't.
I think you can 'cause things are different now.
- How? - You got us.
[acoustic guitar strumming rapidly] [note plays, applause] Thank you, thank you.
We'll be back in 15.
- Go talk to her.
- Yeah, thanks, guys.
You'll be glad you did.
[indistinct chatter] You came back.
- I did.
- Thank you.
- Do you have a second to sit? - Yeah.
All right, Mom.
What is it that you want to say? [pensive music] Hmm.
Um seven months ago I woke up hung over from a classic Babs bender.
And as I was wasting the day away I saw a picture of you on Instagram.
You, Jane, and Kat, you were all having margaritas at a little Mexican restaurant on Houston Street.
And you looked so happy.
And I found myself wondering if you were happy because of your friends or something at work or a boy.
And then it hit me that if I didn't pull my life together, I would never know the answer to that question.
And I found that unbearable.
So I left the house, I went to an AA meeting, and I've been going every day since, twice a day.
So you stopped drinking because you saw a photo of me drinking? - [both chuckle] - Those margaritas - looked really good.
- They were.
So glad we don't muddle cucumber here.
I really want to be a part of your life again, Sutton.
You have every right to call bullshit, but I promise you something has changed in me.
Just, um all those years I really needed a mom you waited until I left to try to be one.
Timing never was really my thing.
But I am holding it together now, Sutton.
For you.
And I'm so sorry.
[exhales deeply] I really wanna believe you, but it's so hard.
All I'm asking is maybe you just check in on me now and then.
See if I'm good to my word.
I can do that.
Also it's "How-ston" Street.
[both laugh] - "How-ston" Street.
- Yeah.
See, I can change.
[gentle music] I'm so glad you came back.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Will you dance with me? Um, yes, stranger.
[both laughing] [sighs] You know, I keep wanting to pretend like I don't have BRCA and I want to be normal, but there is no normal.
I mean, Sutton spent her teenage years sleeping in a van.
I just need to face this and stop feeling sorry for myself.
Well, I'm proud of you.
Oh, a spin.
[chuckles] [phone buzzing] It's Jacqueline.
I'll be back.
- Hi.
- I'm sorry to call so late.
I'm assuming that you saw the backlash? - I did.
- I appreciate you - not responding.
- Didn't want to misrepresent your message.
I wanted to be strategic.
Well, clearly you were right about all of this.
So if you were in my position, what would you say to "Scarlet" readers? Removing comments cut "Scarlet" off from the people who interact with the brand the most.
I would acknowledge that.
Reopen the lines of communication.
Thank you, Kat.
Team meeting in the morning.
I'll see you there.
I'll be there.
Meet on the other side You remember I told you It's addictive Just one try 'Cause my love is real I think I'm done with the open relationship.
Where'd that come from? Just I miss Adena.
[sighs] I miss being able to talk to her whenever I want and I think I just underestimated how much the open thing would mess with our communication.
- Does she feel the same? - I don't know.
She has been going to the studio a lot, which could be code for seeing someone.
- Hmm.
- Just have to tell her how I feel I guess.
Whoa So does this mean that I'm the last person to rest my head on your boobs before Adena? - Hashtag blessed.
- [laughs] Oh, this is cute.
[sighs] - Can we go home now? - I'm ready.
- Me too.
- Hey, Sutton.
- You checking out? - Oh, hey, Bill.
Yeah, it's that time of night.
Bummer, you're gonna miss my wife.
- Your w-i-ife.
- Wow - Not insulted by that.
- No, I'm really happy for you.
Seems like you have everything together.
You too.
And if it's worth anything, you know, I see your mom around and she's different.
[upbeat music] - Super hot, B-T-dubs.
- Good night, Billy.
Yeah, okay, see you.
Let's go.
It's time to get comfortable I'm driving faster with the windows down Just to keep my mind off of you, mm How you doing? I'm leaving the light on for you Baby, won't you come I'm glad I went home.
Yeah, me too.
I think we all needed to get out of the city.
I'll make you stay There's just no way I'm leaving without your love, no [indistinct chatter] Hey, Les.
Here it is.
- Everything you need.
- Just under the wire.
Yep, that's me.
Wait, where's the photo? It's right here.
Oh, my God, where is it? - It must have fallen out.
- It's fine.
I'll take it for you.
Go stand by the wall.
[upbeat music] [exhales] How do I look? Like somebody going to Paris.
[camera shutter clicks] Oh, and, Kat, here's your ticket.
- Thanks.
- What? Hmm? - You're going to Paris? - Yeah, I was always going.
- Oh, my God.
- I was always going.
- Oh, my God! - [murmuring indistinctly] - Why didn't you tell me? - And Sutton's ex-boyfriend had a "Live free, ride hard" tattoo.
[laughs] It sounds like you guys had quite the trip.
Yeah, I had to write my story on my iPhone on the car ride home.
"Fun things to do when you just can't anymore.
" You mean "Fun things to do" "when you just can't read your boyfriend's boring medical research," right? There wasn't total direct causation there.
Uh-huh, you've just always been dying to visit the capital of Pennsylvania? - [both laugh] - Maybe I have.
But listen.
I'm sorry that I didn't fully appreciate what you were trying to do for me.
It's a lot to take in.
I get it.
But it is my life, and I have to deal, so I've decided to freeze my eggs.
Well, that's exciting.
I'm glad I could've been of help.
Me too.
I've got to head to work in a minute, but, um there's something I thought would always be fun to try.
Might be something for your list.
[upbeat music] What if we get caught? I think that's the fun.
I don't want any more missed connections with us.
I want to be with you and just you.
You do? Yeah.
I mean, I love that you gave me the space and the freedom to explore, but created too much distance between us.
I missed you, and I missed us.
Also, playing the field is very overrated.
I missed you too.
[gentle music] Looks so beautiful.
So "the studio" really was the studio.
What did you think it was? No, yeah, I mean, obvious obviously it was a studio, just - Hmm.
- [both chuckle] Okay, well, I am gonna take a shower.
- Mm-hmm.
- And then you want to grab breakfast? I would love to, but I have to keep the momentum going.
Uh, I'm going back to work.
Yeah, that's cool.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Mm.
I'll hit you up after.
Okay, sounds good.
[pensive music] [knocking] So the comments are back up.
I saw the letter An eloquent way to handle the situation.
I thought it was important to take ownership of it.
Well, that's what makes you you.
However, there is some concern.
No relaunch traffic bump.
Well, it's still early.
Some people out there think that you might not be in touch with what "Scarlet" needs, especially after the piece in "New York Magazine" and the no comments debacle.
Out there or up there? You know I will always have your back.
And I will let you know if I hear anything else.
Thank you.
Hey! You're not a nice man! - [grunts] - Well, now this is getting weird.
Well, I work in Midtown.
- What's your excuse? - Mm Oh, are you working as a messenger boy? [laughs] Actually I didn't want to say anything until it was official, but I submitted my book proposal to some editors at Safford Publications, and they responded.
Responded like they want to publish it? - Exactly like that.
- Oh, my God.
- That's amazing.
- Yeah.
You know, you pushed me to write it.
I actually couldn't have done it without you.
Oh, please.
Okay, fine, I won't include you - in the acknowledgements.
- Oh, no, do.
You know [sighs] What? Jane, what you said at the bar the other day, I thought you knew by now that I'm capable of being more than just your beer o'clock guy.
[chuckles] When you call me Jane, it makes it seem like you're actually serious about me.
Maybe I am.
I've been thinking 'bout you all night Like a pilot with a fear of heights You got me thinking like ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh I've been thinking 'bout you all night like Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh