The Bold Type (2017) s04e02 Episode Script


1 Previously on "The Bold Type" I'm gonna ask for that sabbatical.
This is great.
We're gonna be great.
We're so lucky to be alive in a time where we're making such incredible strides forward as a community.
This is your ship.
You do not need me to run it with you.
We were doing this together.
You can't mess up like this again, 'cause I'm giving you my heart and I really don't want you to break it.
- I love you, too, Sloan.
- I know.
You do have a gene mutation that increases your risk of getting breast cancer over the course of your life.
I'll guide you through everything.
It's pretty quick.
I'm just a little new at this.
Well, you'll get used to it.
It's like your first bra or tampon.
Just another thing we women have to do.
Those two plates are gonna compress and hold your breast so that we can get a clear picture, okay? Just lean forward and hold.
Is that machine gonna squish Jane's breast like a pancake? Okay, there's no way a woman invented that machine.
Yeah, I want to see how guys get their balls scanned.
Uh, I know you had to bend a lot of rules to get them in here, but they're like my family.
- You're doing great, Jane.
- We love you.
Try to relax.
- Oh, my God.
That looks painful.
- Ah! I'm really sorry I lost it there at the end.
It's fine.
But, uh, next time you go to the gyno, - I'm coming.
- Yes.
Um, so do I go out front or just wait here to get my results? We'll call you within 24 hours.
Oh, I-I, um I just thought that normally people get their results right away.
Braun isn't in till tomorrow.
So take your time, and you can leave when you're ready.
So what do you want to do tonight? - I want to go out.
- Out.
- Let's go out.
- Mm.
Let's get litty! Guys, I know the perfect place.
It just opened, like, two weeks ago, but we got to dress up.
I'm a little bit of everything All rolled into one I'm a bitch, I'm a lover I'm a child, I'm a mother - Ooh.
- Oh, my God.
I love it here.
I kind of want to feature it in the new "Scarlet," you know? - Oh! - Oh, yeah.
I, um I figured I'd let the puppies breathe - because they had a day.
- Mm-hmm, yeah.
I would buy them an ice cream cone.
A whiskey sour will do.
- Boobs first.
- Oh.
I'm a child, I'm a mother I'm a sinner, I'm a saint I do not feel ashamed I'm your hell, I'm your dream Can we get three whiskey sours, please? God, I just I love her presence, you know? How confident and powerful she is.
She's absolutely new "Scarlet," you know, - and with Jacqueline back - And Patrick gone - And an all-digital platform - Ooh! We could do a drag glam shoot.
- Yes.
- Ooh! We could use her as our model.
Who does she remind me of? You got me figured out Oh, my God.
- Hold on, is that - Andrew! I think it's cool you do what you Thank you, thank you.
Jacqueline Carmichael! The name Jacqueline Carmichael.
Oh, my God.
It's a tribute.
Andrew! Great legs.
Need a minute.
Need a minute.
Jacqueline! Prepare yourself for my frat boy frittata.
Also, I'm very happy to be back.
I'm happy, too.
- Hmm.
- What? My publicist just let me know that I made the party pages of "New York Magazine.
" Wow.
Not bad for a first-time author.
I told you I didn't need to be on a book tour.
I can do everything from here with you.
Well, this has been lovely, but - You going already? - Yeah.
You're not the only rock star.
I have to go to work.
Um, one more.
- You okay? - Yeah, I'm just a little sore.
If you need anything - I'm good.
- All right.
- Go be a rock star.
- You know it.
Okay, I can't even look at him without seeing the dress - and the wig.
- Mm.
He told me I could pitch "her" to Jacqueline.
Okay, I like the big strong men, but what is happening? I guess it's something to do with the dot-com.
Well, if they touch my fashion closet, they're gonna taste the bottom of my Fiorentini+Baker boots.
Tell 'em.
"Scarlet" digital is going to be a very different beast.
Faster turnarounds, shorter pieces, more writer POVs.
Also, we have room for verticals now.
The written content is not the only thing that's changing.
We're gonna have "Scarlet" podcasts.
We have our own video channel.
A TV studio is being set up out front.
Well, we could get a personality to take to the streets.
I was thinking maybe Andrew in drag - could conduct some interviews.
- Andrew, my assistant? Yeah.
We we saw him at a show recently, and it was so good, and online personalities are a big thing for digital magazines.
Oh, that would be different, yes.
A lot is going to change around here, but there is one thing that I want to keep that is iconic to "Scarlet," and that is the magazine cover and cover shoot.
Thank God.
Our first cover really needs to capture who we are.
Jacqueline, I'm sorry.
I have, uh, Ian on the line.
Oh, uh, let's reconvene in a bit.
All right.
Also, we launch digital with a party on Friday.
I'd like to reveal the first cover then, so No pressure.
Ian, they're beautiful.
Thank you.
You're welcome, but I don't know what you're talking about.
Oh, they're from RJ.
Honey, I called because I have that meeting with Mark at "States & Nations" tonight and I need you to get back home early for Connor's tutor.
- Right? - Yeah.
Um, Ian, it's really not a good time for me to be leaving the office early.
Honey, I thought we said that we would share the load.
I-I know, I know, but that was when I had Patrick to lean on Okay, I'll figure it out.
- What's with the new digs? - Um, these are my old digs.
Since Patrick's gone, I asked Jacqueline if I could have my old desk back, and she said yes.
I'm so excited do you know how long I've been waiting - for my own vertical? - I do.
It's why you took the job from me at "Incite.
" Well, that didn't go very well, did it? Well, you got media trained, which might come in handy now that we're getting a "Scarlet" channel.
Very true.
"When in Roaming," eh? Wow, Ryan is so big-time.
Yes, he is.
And he made me breakfast this morning.
- Cute.
- Terrible coffee, though.
- Am I right? - Not the point.
I'll give you a little privacy.
Wasn't that the doctor's office? Yeah, but I-I'll call them back later.
- I'm sure everything's fine.
- Yeah.
And you heard Jacqueline.
We have to get a cover.
Jacqueline, hey.
Hi, Richard.
Everything okay? Oh, just RJ gave me till Friday to launch digital, with a party.
I've seen you do a lot more with a lot less time.
Thank you.
Remember when RJ thought that Latinx was a nightclub? How could I forget? Or when you had to explain transitioning to him so you could put Laverne Cox on the cover? That was such a great cover.
They all were.
Mm, they were, weren't they? They deserve to be remembered.
I think I know what my first digital cover should be.
Thank you, Richard.
I don't know what I'd do without you.
Hey, we need to talk.
My almond butter's missing, and it's a problem.
Not a huge problem, relatively.
What's wrong? RJ denied my request for a sabbatical.
Why? He's given sabbaticals to people who've worked here half as long as you.
Apparently they've changed their policy.
I can still go, but I would have to quit Safford.
Oh, wow.
I thought this was gonna be more of, like, a trial thing, see how it goes.
If you don't think it's a good idea No, no, no, I'm the one that encouraged you to do this.
I mean, it's what you really want to do, right? Yeah, it is.
Then I think you should quit.
We'll figure it out.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
- You're amazing.
- Yeah.
Listen up, people.
I want our first digital cover to be a stylized collection of all of our past print covers and our first digital issue to celebrate 60 glorious years of print "Scarlet.
" Jane, Alex, reach out to Pam Sheard, the woman who founded the magazine.
She's from a different era and has a ton of fun, old "Scarlet" stories.
Oliver, why don't we do a fashion retrospective that covers six decades? And, Kat, I want to revisit celebrities that we interviewed before they were famous.
Let's get video testimonials from America Ferrera, Kerry Washington, Bella Diaz.
Oh, um, I don't really know if Bella Diaz is the right fit, but there are other people that I I like her, and she's coming out with a new album, so the timing is good.
Now, in here, we have "Scarlet" magazines dating back to 1972.
So be careful with them, but all of you should feel free to dig in and get inspired.
Okay, these old issues are incredible.
Do you remember the, uh, confessions page where people had to write in their deepest, darkest secrets? I have a confession.
I don't know why I told Richard to move to San Francisco.
I mean, who does that? Who tells the love of their life to move across the country for good? It's not for good.
It's for a sabbatical.
They don't give sabbaticals anymore, so Richard has to quit his job.
- Richard's leaving Safford? - It's gonna be fine.
I just have to focus on the time that we have left and accept that we are changing, like "Scarlet" and fashion.
Yeah, and fashion always comes back.
You know, motorcycle jackets, ripped jeans, these.
- Okay, Ozzy.
- Mm.
It's all coming back.
Richard will come back, too.
Yep, everything's back.
Now, when you say it like that I thought that you were excited about taking on digital.
Yeah, except we're not taking it on.
We're looking back.
And you know what? I don't want to look back.
I don't want to look back at how I didn't advocate for Bella Diaz.
What? We actually met, like, five years ago, when I was an assistant at this shoot, and for some reason, she trusted me, and she actually came out to me and asked if I'd help her come out in the magazine.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
Before I could do anything, her manager came to me.
He told me not to.
Said it would ruin her career.
Um So I just said nothing.
And she never came out.
That's heavy, but you can't put that on yourself.
Yeah, that's that's not your fault.
And I'm sure that Bella's okay.
Yeah, well, we'll find out, I guess.
He says I'm looking my best When I feel like a mess He pulls me in when I'm feeling needy Never felt this before Makes me want to explore He is the one that sees the real me What are you doing to me? 'Cause all I see It's you, you All I think about is you Ooh, all the time You, you With your arms around me I lose, lose all track of time Let's take five.
Congratulations, "Scarlet.
" Welcome to the digital age, bitch.
It's perfect.
I'll just cut it out before the "biotch.
" I figured you would.
Thank you.
We really appreciate you doing this.
Of course.
I mean, "Scarlet" was my first press coverage.
- Yeah, I remember.
- Mm-hmm.
Cool, so I'll see you at the party.
Yep, see you there.
- Good to see you.
- Yeah.
Uh, hey, um, I just - What happened five years ago - Oh, no.
No, it it's fine.
It's fine.
It's not, though.
I mean, your manager said I'd be ruining your career, and I just I was young and Well, I mean, I don't know.
Maybe it would have, but, hey, I have two hit songs on the radio, so can't complain about that.
- So you're good? - I'm good.
Well, truth is, coming out doesn't really matter to me like it used to, so Oh, why's that? I should go get back to recording.
- I'll see you at the party.
- Yeah.
- Good to see you.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Mm, hey.
- Hi.
I'm gonna need to forward my mail.
Um, I can do that.
To Dev's? Oh, yeah.
That'd be great.
And could you sit on the condo board while I'm gone? Ooh, I'm gonna be on the board? Uh-huh, you just got to fill out a couple forms before I leave on Saturday.
Saturday? I know it's it's fast, babe, but Dev scored a huge meeting with a potential investor, and I think I can close this guy.
Take your time.
You can leave when you're ready.
Oh, you guys, I can't stop thinking about what Bella said, that coming out doesn't matter to her like it used to.
I wonder what changed.
I don't know.
Okay, all right.
It's Richard we only ever talk about logistics, and we're not having sex or even dinner.
- I'm gonna invite him to dinner.
- Love it.
Well, I had a weird sex dream last night.
Do tell.
Please, let me live vicariously through you.
- It started out sexy.
- Mm-hmm.
We were doing it.
Ryan was on top.
Oh, go on.
But then I was alone, and he was watching me.
Still hot.
No, because he was standing by my door in scrubs, and when I looked at him, he said, "Take your time.
" You can leave when you're ready.
" Oh, wow.
I did not see that turn coming.
I know what it means.
- Shrink's kid.
- Mm.
So the scrubs and "take your time you can leave when you're ready," that's what the tech said at your mammogram.
I think you're just worried about your breasts, Jane.
The dream is telling you that you need to call your doctor.
I will, after the launch party.
Oh, crap.
This is Oliver's.
Love it.
Hate it.
- Miss it desperately.
- Mm.
- Mm.
- Ooh.
- Shoulder pads.
- Oh, God.
Oh, but, no.
Okay, if shoulder pads make a comeback, do not let me fall for it again.
I will not let that happen.
Parachute pants, on the other hand, I'm in.
Red, have you seen the Juicy Couture sweat suit? Or the drop crotch pants? Oh, hi! Red? Hello? Code red.
What are we looking at? Uh Richard's leaving Safford for a job in San Francisco.
I used to watch him like this when we first met.
Okay, well, it was probably weird then, but it's definitely weird now.
Come on.
He used to find excuses to come down here, and we would time our elevator rides so that we could stand next to each other, and sometimes when nobody else was paying attention Ah, yeah, it's probably better I don't know that.
Yeah, anyway, the point is, it was just us, and now there's no time left, not even for the Olive Garden.
Seriously? I just don't want us to forget who we are.
I need to remind him the way we used to Go and get breadsticks? Look, Sutton, if you want to remind Richard what he's missing, maybe you should pick something a tad more exciting.
Pam, it is such an honor to meet you.
When you started "Scarlet," you inspired an entire generation of women to embrace their sexuality.
And I also made Burt Reynolds strip down for a "Scarlet" centerfold.
Well, now, I didn't actually make him.
He was more than delighted to do it.
And you were also the first editor who wrote about birth control.
- What was that like? - Scandalous.
But not nearly as much as when I put abortion right on the cover of the magazine and told women where to get one.
Oh, God.
There were protestors lined up outside Safford, and they actually threw human blood on us.
Well, that must have been awful.
When I started this magazine, women were only just just beginning to find their own voices.
I mean, to to find that strength to be able to say, "My body is my body.
" - We've come a long way.
- Absolutely.
And there is no going back.
Knowledge is power.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Um, I think I'm ready to call the doctor.
That's good.
Will you come with me? - Of course.
- Okay.
- We don't need Sutton.
- Okay.
Whatever it is, we got you.
Hi, um, my name is Jane Sloan.
I-I came in the other day for a mammogram, and I was just calling to get my results.
Okay, thank you.
I'm okay.
- Mm.
- Yeah.
I think I was just a little more scared than I wanted to admit.
I'm so proud of you for being so brave.
You would do the same.
I'm gonna go call Ryan.
- Yeah, go.
- Mm-hmm.
- I'm gonna go find Richard.
- Okay.
Remember when we used to sneak around the office? The elevator, the fashion closet? Ah, I remember it well.
Well, I checked, and the boardroom is available.
What are you talking about? What's one thing we've always wanted to do? - Skydive? - No.
Have sex in the boardroom, and now is our chance.
- Sutton, that's crazy.
- Is it, though? The boardroom is available.
I'm available.
- Oh.
- We just go in and lock the door.
I have an appointment.
I can't be late.
You don't even work here.
You can't be ten minutes late? I will make it up to you.
I promise.
Ryan? I think I know why Bella wanted to come out five years ago.
Ooh, is it because being a lesbian is easier than being straight? Sorry.
Just tried to seduce Richard in the elevator, and he told me he had a meeting, so Did I mention where my hand was when he rejected me? - Right on the on switch.
- Oh, right there? It's like I keep telling myself, "We're fashion, we're 'Scarlet, we're evolving," but what if we're shoulder pads? Mm.
What does that mean? Shoulder pads were always a mistake, so You guys are not shoulder pads.
You guys, um, I had the same sex dream again, which I think means it's not about the mammogram.
Oh, it's probably just your subconscious catching up to your reality.
You think? I hope you're right.
Shrink's kid.
But what was it that you were saying about Bella? I went through some old photos today, and I think I could sense maybe there was, like, a vibe with her and her piano player.
You think that's why she wanted to come out? Maybe.
Mm, sometimes I wonder if I never met Adena, - would I have ever - Gone yodeling in the canyon? Excuse me? - You know, pearl diving? - Whispering to Venus? - Low-calorie snacking? - Dinner under the bridge? How long have you guys been coming up with this list? Smiling sideways.
Feel alive, feel alive Feeling bold Feeling bold Let me show you how I do this Feel alive, I feel so alive I feel so bold, feeling bold Let me show you how I do this Ooh, I'm so nice, you think Yet I must admit, I make the rules up as I'm going Oh, yeah Ooh, there's no other skin I'd rather be in And I want you all to know it Know it Let me here you say "oh, yeah" I got it all going on, and you know it's true Yeah, yeah, yeah Oh, hello, Jaqueline Carmichael.
Actually, it's Audrey Hepburn ala "Breakfast at Tiffany's" tonight.
- I'm so sorry.
- You're forgiven.
- Many apologies - Of course.
- You look beautiful.
- Thanks.
So do you, Kat in the hat.
I just want to say thank you for pitching me to Jacqueline.
Uh, being an online personality for "Scarlet," it's literally a dream come true.
Well, I think you're a dream, and I know you'll do great, so thanks for making me look so good.
- You know? - Should we get drunk? - Yes, definitely.
- Yeah.
But I just have to go find someone first.
- So hang tight.
- Yeah.
- Love you.
- Love you.
Now you're Audrey.
I just want to go back, back to 1999 - Hey.
- Yeah.
- Champs? - Oh.
Hey, thanks.
Good party.
Thank you.
Yeah, we're going for the, uh the whole old "Scarlet," new "Scarlet" thing, embrace the past, embrace the future.
I was in love.
- You asked me what changed.
- Oh.
Her name was Celeste, and she she played the piano better than anyone I had ever seen.
And when she looked at me I fell hard.
What happened? She split when I didn't come out.
You know what's crazy? I didn't know I was gay before we met.
Yeah, I-I had a kind of a similar thing.
- Really? - Yeah.
- Her name is Adena.
- Mm-hmm.
Uh, and and she's incredible.
- She's so much cooler than me.
- Mm-mm.
Uh, and when I was with her, I just I just felt like everything made more sense, you know? - Yeah.
- And I was more brave.
And then it ended, and, um I eventually realized that I can be brave without her, too.
Maybe we could do it tonight You know, you don't need Celeste to come out.
I appreciate that but not there yet.
But if you ever need to talk, you can call me.
I will.
Want to go back, want to go back To where I came from Playing air guitar on the roof In the kitchen up on the table - There he is.
- You should go talk to him.
Ryan will be here any minute.
- Go.
- Okay.
Back to 1999 - Hey, you made it.
- Wow, you look gorgeous.
I'm sorry about earlier.
That was not easy.
Trust me.
It's okay.
Just a lot is changing, and I don't want us to lose us.
We're not, but things are changing.
I know.
But, Sutton it's gonna be good.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
It is so wonderful to look out and see so many familiar faces, people who have really helped to make "Scarlet" the iconic platform that we are all so proud of.
Now, we are not the first magazine to transition to all digital, but I hope we are the best at honoring where we came from, which is why I am proud to reveal our first cover of "Scarlet Digital.
" And now a few words from some "Scarlet" friends.
Hi, "Scarlet.
" Billie Jean King here.
In 1981, I was outted and forced to make a difficult decision that put my professional tennis career at risk.
But then the phone rang.
It was "Scarlet.
" The boardroom's available.
Everyone's here.
- Are you serious? - Yeah.
We just have to find our window.
This is amazing.
You're so with the times, huh? But honestly, I wanted to talk about the magazine for a little bit, because as a teenager, it meant so much to me.
- Ready? - Yeah.
Hi, "Scarlet," this is Margaret Cho.
I want to say thank you so much for showing me that my vagina is normal.
Thank you so much, "Scarlet.
" Mm, mm, hold on, hold on.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
- Uh, no, thanks.
- No, no, no, hold on.
Let me just take my jacket off, okay? Are you kidding me with the jacket? Ooh.
All right.
Terrible ideas Thank you for this remembering me and all the things I did here.
- Oh, truly, it's been my pleasure.
- Oh.
You are the bedrock of this place, and we need that solid ground because "Scarlet" is changing.
But the important things all stay the same.
- Like what? - People.
You, your team.
I knew "Scarlet" was in good hands when you took over.
Thank you.
- RJ.
- Oh.
- I will intercept.
- Oh.
- You should not have to suffer him.
- Thank you.
- Great party.
- Oh, good.
It was the right move to honor "Scarlet" print.
I thought so.
But tomorrow we move forward.
No more looking back.
Terrible ideas Terrible ideas - This was fun.
- Yeah, it's pretty cool.
- You okay? - I-I just I really wanted to help Bella, and I didn't, but "Scarlet" magazine is a powerful place, and I'm not gonna take that for granted anymore.
- Well, true that.
- Yeah.
You got to give me credit.
I don't trust him.
I think that's what my dreams have been about.
What are you gonna do? This is the room where I saw you for the first time.
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm.
- With the sandwiches.
- Mm-hmm.
I was sitting right over there, you walked in, and you looked at me, and I was never the same.
We have the room for another half hour.
Oh, sorry.
Did you really reserve this room? Uh there's one thing I want to do before we leave here.
Richard Hunter, are you gonna go down on me in the boardroom? Oh.
Sutton Brady will you marry me? Yes.
- Yes? - Yes! Absolutely.
- I love you.
- I love you.
It's really beautiful.
It felt like you.
Oh, you had the ring in your jacket.
- Uh-huh, I did.
- That's why you were being so weird.
It is.
And in the elevator yesterday - Mm-hmm.
- The appointment? Was to pick up the ring, and I was not gonna miss that.
Oh, thank God.
I still got it.
Yeah, you do.
And that's never gonna happen again, right? - That will never happen again.
- Okay.
- I love you.
- I love you.
- Also - Yeah? I didn't really book this room, so we should probably get out of here.
Oh, okay.
Hey, Kat.
This is my first song about falling in love with a woman.
I'm not ready to release it, but I wanted to share it with you and say thanks.
I didn't know what I was looking for 'Cause I've always been afraid to fall She opened the door, now I can't ignore That she takes me higher She kissed all the pain away And said that love is gonna find its way What was us, what we found Through the ups and the downs now stay She makes me brave I'm no longer afraid To speak my truth, my youth, I've never felt this way She makes me safe In her hands I know I'll be okay Oh, and I love how she loves me - Well, that was a fun night.
- Yeah, it was.
Two rock star writers living in the City That Never Sleeps, hopping from party to party.
Well, you were hopping.
I was just at one.
True, yeah.
Is everything okay? Yeah.
'Cause you could tell me if it isn't? - Well, there is something.
- Okay.
Your coffee sucks.
- Really? - It really does.
Get me right where it hurts.
What's up? Are you are you still sore? Yeah, yeah.
Just a little.
It's Sutton.
She's asking me to meet her at Kat's.
I'm just I'm gonna see what this is about.
Thanks for getting the kids to bed.
Oh, and for tonight.
It was a big hit, but now that it's over Yeah, no, I mean, I-I was really scared at first, I have to admit, but then I realized, you know, it's still "Scarlet," and we have such an amazing platform.
With digital, the scope is so much greater.
I mean, we can reach out in ways that I never even allowed myself to imagine, you know what I mean? I do, not allowing yourself to imagine something.
I did that for the last ten years.
And I'm not doing it anymore.
Mark has a team going to Ukraine to cover the Russian invasion.
He wants me to join, and I said yes.
This better be good.
I had a really nice buzz going.
I did not, so I'm happy for the distraction.
- You didn't tell him, did you? - No.
- Tell him what? - I - Jane's dream.
- I just I think it's about Ryan, and I think I'm just having trust issues.
Yeah, well, that makes sense.
Just talk to him about him.
What's happening with this? Oh, yeah! - He did it? - You knew? Oh, my God! Of course we knew.
He asked for our blessing.
- That's so cute.
- We're engaged! - Wait, look at it more.
- Oh, my gosh.
Oh, my gosh, it's so pretty!
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