The Bold Type (2017) s04e04 Episode Script

Babes In Toyland

Previously on "The Bold Type" Ryan and I haven't had sex since he got back from his book tour, and it's becoming a problem.
I'm okay, but you're not.
So Ryan couldn't get it up.
It happens.
I don't know.
It feels like we're broken.
Mark has a team going to Ukraine to cover the Russian invasion.
He wants me to join, and I said yes.
How unhappy are you with our marriage, Ian? I think about as unhappy as you, Jacqueline.
I've been looking for something to make me feel better about losing.
I learned a lot about myself and about what I wanted.
I think if I don't run from it, I can turn it into something really incredible.
I need to find myself again.
I really want to thank you for you you've embraced the new "Scarlet.
" Since I lost the election, it's a different way for me to help people.
Oliver did say that he wanted to promote you.
He just can't.
So make yourself more promotable.
Make yourself a brand.
Get a bunch of Instagram followers.
A fashion influencer? Sutton Brady, fashion influencer.
Oh, Jane, I think this is working.
I can see that.
Mm, we're definitely getting harder.
Well, that's the goal, isn't it? Yes, it is.
- Alex, is that you? - Yeah.
- Come in here, join us.
- Yeah, check this out, dude.
Ah, spa day again.
- Yep.
- And you're in luck.
I got a face mask just for you.
No, thanks, I'm good.
Come on.
Get over here.
Come on, roomie, you're gonna love this.
I'm a convert.
Okay, so hate to break it to you, but I've been noticing that you have some dry spots there, there, there, and there, and guess what.
I'm a good friend, so I'm gonna help you out.
- Oh.
- Got you this vitamin C mask.
It's gonna fix all your problems.
You are gonna be glowing.
We won't even need the sunshine, okay? Mm-hmm.
Just wait till it starts tingling.
- How long? - Eh, 45 minutes.
- Great.
- Okay, smile.
Have you talked to Jane recently? Is that a real question? Oh, I'm just a little concerned.
This is the second week in a row Ryan ditched a publishing party so he could stay at home in sweats and make face masks with Jane, which they were very eager for me to join.
Yes, we did see the Insta story, and your skin well, it looks fantastic.
- Hmm.
- I think we should talk to Jane.
Why? 'Cause they're into a little self-care? - I think it's fine.
- It's more than a little.
- It's all they do.
- Are they having sex? That's a tough question for a roommate to answer without seeming pervy.
- So what? - No, not going there.
Alex? Sage, hi.
- Hi.
- I tried the selfie stick last night.
- Uh-huh.
- I think I'm in love.
It's a vibrator.
- Oh, fun name.
- Mm.
Well, I have a lot more where that came from, and if you like them, you should give 'em a shout-out on your Insta story.
So your friends created this vibrator company? Yeah, five years ago from their apartment.
And they're launching with a huge billboard.
- Check it out.
- "Yes, yes, yes, I'm so good.
" Killer billboard.
You know, with a phone app, someone in, I don't know, San Francisco can control that one.
Thank you.
Hey, what are we looking at? State-of-the-art vibrators courtesy of Sage's friends.
- Hmm.
- Jane I'm good.
- What? - Excuse me? Did you just say no to a free vibrator? So? A vibrator.
And you could use it with Ryan.
And it's free.
I'm just not interested.
- So confusing to me.
- Oh, no.
- Think you were right.
- I was.
Right about what? Fashion closet.
Come on, Jane.
I have no idea.
- Come on, Jane.
- Oh, my G okay.
- Am I in trouble? - Yes.
Okay, what is this? Because this feels like an intervention.
Well, that's because it is.
- We saw your Instagram story with Alex.
- I know you saw it.
You commented that you wish you had been invited.
- Well - Indeed.
That was before we found out about all of the other sad spa dates.
Why is he talking to you about this? We know Ryan's been having a little trouble, you know - Pitching a tent.
- Taking it from six to noon.
You know, flying the flag at half-mast.
- Full salute.
- Getting an erection.
Yeah, no, I get it.
There's nothing wrong with having a chill night with your boyfriend and watching old movies and giving each other facials.
I think they're the wrong kind of facials, though.
Oh, it's like lesbian bed death, and you guys aren't even lesbians.
Okay, you guys, I really appreciate your concern, but there's not a problem.
Ryan and I are fine.
So bye.
- Mm.
- Hmm.
Well, that went well.
Hey, do you have any cute styling pics to show me? Yeah.
So I got that at a consignment shop in Williamsburg.
So cute.
I love these.
- But why aren't you in them? - Ooh, I'm not a model.
You know that your brand is, like, 10% your style and the other 90% is you.
- Hmm.
- You know? - Mm-hmm.
- I mean, think about it.
Selby Drummond, Erin Foster they're influencers you know because they're in their photos.
I don't know if I want to do that, though.
- In the clothes, in the photos.
- Right.
So that when the time comes for a promotion, everybody knows who Sutton Brady is, - and they can't say no, right? - Right.
Great, can't wait to see more photos with you in them.
Okay, small team, who's next? Alex.
I have an interview with Antoni from "Queer Eye" - set for next week.
- Fantastic.
- He's so hot.
- I know.
Also, I want to make "Ask Alex" "Ask Alex Live.
" - Live? - Yes.
Readers will send in questions, and then you will answer them on a live podcast format.
- Live? - You just said that.
And I think you're gonna do a great job.
- Sage - Mm-hmm.
How is your millennial sex-party piece coming? Well, I scored two tickets to the very exclusive high-end Bacchanal on Wednesday night, so, yay.
But I'm having a little herpes flare-up, so, morally, boo.
I applaud your restraint.
Jane, might be a nice follow-up to your tantric-sex marathon piece.
Uh, well, actually, I was thinking of pitching a beauty story about how face masks are the new Friday night.
Are they? So, um, actually, I have an idea.
Sage's friends just started a vibrator company.
They're called Broads.
They are very focused on female pleasure, run by women.
I would really like to promote them on social media, but - It's too close to advertorial.
- Yeah.
We walk that line all the time, Kat.
I will leave that up to you.
I know you'll do the right thing.
All right, that's it for now.
- Uh, Sage.
- Yeah.
Are these, uh, available for sampling? I'd like to try one.
Ian might be gone, but I'm not sitting at home in my sweats doing nothing.
Okay, uh - might I suggest Her Royal Vagesty? - Oh.
Um, I'll do it.
Uh, the the sex-club story.
I'll do it.
You know you have to go, right? Yeah, I know.
- Okay.
- Great.
I look forward to seeing what you come up with.
Oh, oh.
Hmm, very interesting.
This should be fun.
A live podcast isn't that just radio? Yeah, but it's you know, it's a podcast - with a livestream, you know.
- Wait.
Video? - Yeah.
- Oh, my God.
Hey, Tiny Jane.
Sex club? If you get a plus-one, I'm coming.
- Uh, it's already taken.
- How could you do this to me? I am inviting Ryan.
- Oh.
- Huh.
You guys are right.
Our sex life is a little dead right now, and maybe a sex party will fix it.
Yes, we fixed it.
Oh, my God.
What? Hello to you, too.
How are you? Oh, you know, honestly, I've been better.
I was, uh, closing in on an orgasm when you called.
- Why did you answer? - Don't know.
- Might hang up.
- No, no, no, no, don't, don't.
I need your help.
I have no idea what to wear to a sex club.
And you think I do? Well, to be fair, I did call Sutton first, - but she didn't answer.
- Really, Jane? That hurts.
But I also get it.
Are you sure this is a good idea, though? It's a pretty big swing.
Yeah, well, Ryan and I need a big swing.
I mean, tantric sex didn't work, and now he's in his head, and I just think I need something to shock his system, get him out of his sex slump.
No, that makes sense.
Okay, so what do we think, like, a little black dress? Uh, no, it's not a cocktail party, Jane.
- It's an orgy.
- You don't know that.
- I might.
- You've been to one? Okay, fine, so I've never been, but I feel like it's a pretty good guess.
Okay, so what do we think, like, a trench coat or something? Uh, yeah, yeah, and lingerie but sexy lingerie.
Do not show up in a plain black camisole.
Yeah, no, absolutely not.
Can I go now? I got to get back to this.
- All right, bye.
- Bye.
Hi, beautiful.
- Finished with work already? - Kind of.
Some investors are taking us for a sail in the marina.
Wow, that sounds fun.
Technically, it's still work.
Seems like people here are actually attempting this whole work-life-balance thing.
I have something to add to that balance.
I have a vibrator that you can operate through an app from San Francisco.
Really? Yeah, I'm gonna have the IT guy help me set it up.
No way an IT guy with a man bun is gonna help you set that up.
We'll figure it out later.
How's the fashion-influencer thing going? Honestly, it isn't.
Kat keeps telling me that I have to put myself in the photos and show the world who I am, but I don't want to walk around Manhattan snapping selfies.
So do it from our apartment.
Show them Sutton Brady in her cool, new home.
Yeah, maybe.
You can do it.
- Hey.
- Hi.
If Broads goes public, I've decided I'm buying stock.
You tried the Ex Machina.
Oh, yeah.
Ten out of ten.
Even Tiny Jane's tiny little face couldn't kill my buzz.
- Hmm? - That company is amazing.
I can't wait for their billboard to go up something that publicly says it's okay for a woman No, Kat to please herself and she doesn't need a partner.
No, the billboard company pulled the ad this morning.
What? Why? They said it was profane.
Profane? The ad said, "Yes, yes, yes, I'm so good.
" What is profane about that? I don't know, but it's City Billboard's call.
There's nothing my friends can do about it now.
That's bullshit.
Hey, I'm Alex, you must be the new tech.
You're Alex as in "Ask Alex"? You seem surprised.
I just kind of assumed you'd be, you know Older? A woman.
Well, I'm Alex, a man.
I'm Lisa, a tech.
I have some deodorant here.
You want a hit? You seem a little nervous.
No, I'm all right, thanks.
Oh, pit stains in front of 10,000 live viewers authentic, I like it.
10,000 viewers? Mm-hmm.
You know, maybe I'll take a hit of that.
You really didn't have to bring all this down.
It's my pleasure, Mrs.
Sutton, Roy, not married yet.
Well, you got to take it for a test-drive before you buy it.
How do you like living here? It's great, but I usually carry my own dresses.
You'll get used to it.
If you need anything, just buzz.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
I'm gonna count you down.
Headphones look dumb.
Five, four, three, two We're live.
Hey, I'm Alex Crawford from "Scarlet" magazine, and I write the "Ask Alex" column.
I'm gonna be answering questions in real time, so hit me up.
Here's one that we can all relate to.
"I'm stuck in the friend zone.
How do I take this relationship from platonic to romantic?" Okay, so the first step of getting out of the friend zone is making it clear you want out.
Uh, so you could just tell that person how you're feeling, which I did once twice, actually.
Different people.
Uh, "What happened to the first one?" We're just friends and Well, no, not exactly.
She's engaged now.
Getting back to it, alternatively, you could just take the plunge and go straight right in for a kiss.
If you have consent, because consent is the most important part of any physical advance though it kind of defeats the whole taking-the-plunge idea.
Uh, right.
So, "What happened to the second one?" You guys want to know about that.
She left me to go on "The Bachelor.
" Hmm, a lot of laughing emojis.
Uh, dating these days is a real minefield, which is, you know, why you asked my opinion, because this is "Ask Alex.
" Thanks for letting me shoot at my old digs.
Richard's was feeling too glamorous and decadent.
You know, this is more accessible.
I will try to take that as a compliment.
- It is.
- Hmm.
So you like these better? I think so.
I don't know.
I'm still trying to figure out what I want to put out there.
It's kind of weird.
You will, but you're gonna have to do it at Richard's, because Ryan's gonna be home any second and I have to invite him to a sex club.
Yes, and, of course, if he's not into the sex-club thing You will be my plus-one, yes.
Hello, ladies.
- Hello, Ryan.
- Hi.
Right on time.
- Hi.
- Did you win? Oh, man, it was a crazy game.
2-2 going into the third period Yes or no would have been good.
- See you.
- Okay, yep.
It was a yes, by the way.
- It really was a crazy game.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- Glad you went? Yeah, thanks for pushing me.
Felt good to get back on the ice again.
Well, uh, speaking of getting back out there, I had an idea.
Takeout from that new Malaysian place? I heard they make you sign a waiver if you get the ghost pepper curry.
Not exactly.
Um well, I was just wondering if maybe you wanted to go to a sex club with me tomorrow night.
Excuse me? Well, Jacqueline assigned me this story about how sex clubs are becoming more popular among millennials.
You want to go to a sex club? It's my job to go to a sex club and to write about it.
I just thought that it might be fun for us to go together, observe.
- Ah, I don't know.
- We've watched porn together.
What? Yeah, but that's different.
Just think of it like that, except just live.
Come on.
We've been in kind of a sex rut lately, and, I don't know, maybe this could snap us out of it.
Okay, okay.
If you want to go to a sex club, I will go with you.
Oh, hot date tonight? Nope.
I still don't get what they could possibly think is profane about this ad.
Maybe someone at City Billboards just doesn't want to promote sex toys.
Yeah, but have you seen the ads for that erectile dysfunction medication Rect? Ugh, the one with the corn on the cob - shaped like a penis? - Mm-hmm.
- That's profane.
- Exactly.
And they're all over Manhattan, including billboards, and pulling the ad is a full-on sexist double standard, and we have to do something about it.
Kat, my friends at Broads have made peace with it.
Well, I haven't.
Come on, Sage, this is the kind of thing Scarlet can fix.
Do you have plans tonight? I am going to order in and watch Trevor Noah.
So no? - No.
- Come on.
- Where are we going? - Oh, we're not gonna go anywhere.
We're gonna make tweets.
Yes, yes.
I love when you get like this.
- Okay.
- Let's burn it down.
All right, step away from the free sandwiches, and let's review your Instagram.
This one's good.
It's a little Kardashian, but You know what? You're owning it.
I literally don't own any of it.
Oh, right.
This one's cute.
Hey, why'd you take off your engagement ring? I don't know.
It just didn't feel right.
I mean, don't get me wrong.
I'm so happy to be engaged to Richard.
I just hoped that I would be in a different spot in my career when it happened.
I don't know.
I feel like I'm two Sutton Bradys the one who works as an assistant making 750 a week and the other one who wears a vintage diamond engagement ring and sleeps in a $4 million apartment, and neither of them really feel like me.
I'll pick one I just don't know which one yet.
Oh, Al, my sincerest condolences.
Oh, come on, I I personally didn't think the podcast was that bad.
It wasn't.
It was Mm, don't lie.
- It was pretty bad.
- Yeah.
But you should keep doing it.
Why? Do you remember the advice you gave me when I was trying to write my bio? I've given a lot of advice this year.
Jog my memory.
You have an opportunity to make a difference.
In my case, it was as a queer black woman, and in your case, it's as a straight black man working at an all-women's magazine.
I agree.
However, being on the spot, having to have all the answers right away - that's not me.
- Hmm.
I'm a writer.
I like to take my time with my ideas, craft them.
Okay, I get that, but just because it's called "Ask Alex" doesn't mean you have to have all the answers.
Maybe think of it as more of just listening and starting the conversation.
What do you think? Hmm.
I think I'm listening.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- He's got the first step.
- Thanks, Kat.
You got it.
Yeah, I will be home soon to help you with your homework.
See, I mean, I don't know why we're here.
I got held up.
I'm on my way.
All right, okay.
Do you know why I am running late? Because I had to talk Robbie Davis from Rect out of suing us because of your tweets.
But I mean, all all press is is good press, right? Uh, yeah, I, too, have heard that said.
Not when you are calling for men to boycott his product.
Technically, that wasn't us.
We were just trying to say, if Rect is allowed to advertise on City Billboards, then Broad should be allowed to do so as well.
Yeah, I recognize that, but you inspired boycott talk, and you did nothing to stop it.
Now, I understand that these are your friends, Sage.
Oh, I-I feel like I should take responsibility.
This was my idea.
But I do feel like we have every right to be mad, you know? I mean, this isn't even about the way that the Broads ad looks.
It's actually about an advertising outlet that doesn't want to promote a woman's desire to please herself despite not having a partner.
Broads is promoting sexual independence for women.
And I think it's really important for women to see that you can be alone and be sexually satisfied.
I understand, and I respect the message, just not the way which you were trying to get it across.
Got it.
We will change the messaging.
Thank you.
That said by all means, use our platform to promote women's pleasure.
- Wow.
- You like? Yeah, very much.
I just, um guess I feel a bit underdressed now? Overdressed? I don't really know what to It's fine as long as you're comfortable.
Do you think we need to bring anything? I what would we bring? I don't know.
It's my first sex party.
Do we bring hand sanitizer, uh, condoms, a cheese plate? Why would we need condoms? What do you mean? What do you mean? You said we were gonna just observe a sex party, right? Like watching live porn? Are you planning on us having sex at this club? I don't know, maybe.
Uh I don't know.
I'm just I'm just trying to Trying to what? You know, help you.
It's just it's kind of making things worse.
I don't expect you to forgive me for what I did with that woman.
But that's the thing I have forgiven you.
I know that you say you have.
Ryan, I'm telling you, I have forgiven you.
What do you want me to do? You want me to go to the sex club and kiss someone else? Will you feel better about yourself then? - Seriously? - I don't know.
Okay, wow.
I don't know, but maybe you should go without me.
I'm on it.
I mean, I'm not on it, but I'm on Wi-Fi.
Okay, let's give it a go.
Houston, we have contact.
Okay, I'm gonna try something.
- That work? - Yeah.
That should do it.
Listen, uh, call me in an hour and start slow so I can get into it.
Of course.
You know, people say that technology's making us all isolated.
Yeah, well, thankfully, it's bringing us together.
I-I'll keep my coat, thanks.
- Hey.
- Cavalry's here.
Oh, my gosh, thank you so much for coming.
Oh, yeah, of course.
We got you.
Tiny Jane dressed to slay the sex party.
So Ryan wants you to kiss somebody? Well, he didn't say that, but he didn't not say that.
Oh, maybe if you kiss someone, it'll help.
Yeah, you're in the right place for it.
Yeah, I don't know.
I just need to focus on my story, and I can think about Ryan later.
- Good idea.
- Yeah.
Welcome to Bacchanal.
Playpen to the right, bar and lounge to the left.
Those are warm-ups after that, the further you go, the sexier it gets.
Great, um, thanks.
We're all kind of new to this.
Just use protection, ladies.
Dental dams are still a thing.
- Oh.
- Oh.
And consent will always be a thing.
- Right.
- So have fun.
- Ready, Jane? - I'm gonna go into the playpen.
But, uh, I think I should do my interview alone.
Really? Yeah, knowing you're in the building really helps, though.
- Of course.
- Yeah, we'll be at the bar you know, if you need anything.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
Oh, man, I should have brought my swimsuit.
Well, it seems like you don't need it.
Look at these drinks.
Almost too cute to consume.
- Almost.
Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
That's a person.
Oh, no.
Do you know if we can use our phones in here? - Did they say anything about it? - I don't know.
It's not my phone.
Can you hold this? Yeah.
- Oh, no.
- Hmm? - I had a vibrator sex date with Richard.
- Ah.
And then Jane called, and I forgot to set this thing up, and I just stood up my fiancé - Here's your drink.
- Thanks, babe.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Um, this might be weird.
- We like weird.
- Uh, not that kind of weird.
Um, I'm a writer for "Scarlet" magazine, and I'm doing a piece on why sex parties are so popular with millennials.
You can ask my husband anything.
I'll be back soon.
So what do you want to know? Oh, I have so many questions.
Um, so she's kissing another man.
That isn't a problem for you? We like to mix it up.
As long as each of us gets a turn, it works.
Did you meet at one of these or? We did.
When we kept coming back to each other, we just realized - might as well.
- Wow.
- What a love story.
- Yeah.
What are you doing? Capturing the real Sutton Brady.
See this lady right here? - That's the real you, baby.
- I'm confused.
Come on, a Marc Jacobs sample sale bag, a free tampon from Orangetheory, a leftover sandwich from the kitchen, and a vibrator that you were supposed to use on your sex date with your fiancé, but then your best friend called and said, "Hey, do you want to come to a sex club?" And so you had to just book it.
Yeah, I mean, who wouldn't? You know, a lot of people wouldn't.
And I know you have that rock on your finger, and you live in a fancy apartment, but that's just part of who you are.
There's also your style, which is sophisticated but, you know, accessible.
Is it chic yet whimsical? Mm-hmm, it's also, um - messy.
- Mm-hmm.
But you're hella cute about it, honey.
- Mm, thank you.
- Yeah.
I feel like that should be your first Instagram post, you know? I think you can do it if you want it.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Um, I'm I'm Jane.
I'm doing a story about sex parties for "Scarlet.
" Uh, do you mind if I ask you a couple questions? Actually, I do mind.
Oh, uh, I'm sorry.
It's just I'm not here to talk.
Yeah, yeah, I get that.
You're right, Kat, it's perfect for Instagram, - and I think I can do it.
- Yeah.
I'm also pretty sure we can't have our phones.
Okay, don't look now, but, um, there are three women masturbating behind you.
- Mm, this way? - Mm-hmm.
Wow, that's kind of incredible, right? Mm-hmm.
I think this is the angle I need to promote female pleasure.
I mean, they could be having sex with anyone.
And they're choosing to please themselves.
- You should talk to them.
- Yeah.
Uh, maybe wait till they're finished.
- Probably.
- Probably, yes.
Mm, you're a wise lady, Sutton Brady.
Um Everything okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
I just, uh I have to go.
But thank you.
You guys, I'm so glad I found you.
I just kissed somebody, and it was terrible.
- Oh, that sucks.
- Oh, yeah, sorry, Jane.
No, no, no, no, this is great, 'cause now I get it.
I get why Ryan came back from his book tour to find me, because now all I want to do is go home and be with him.
Oh, Jane, that's so beautiful.
What about you, did you, uh, find a wife? Uh, no, but I did find a new work angle.
- Oh.
- And I got some great interviews.
You know what? I feel like this place is actually pretty dope.
Oh Wait, is that Richard is calling, so I'm gonna I'm gonna take it.
I think I'm gonna take it.
Take it.
I was afraid she was gonna tip over.
So should we wait for her by the naked lady? Sure.
- We need a little grape.
- Or a pear.
Mmm, lovely.
Well, look who's here.
Go get him, baby.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Can we can we get out of here, talk somewhere else? No, come with me.
Uh, Jane, we really should talk.
No more talking.
I'm done talking.
- Can we just hang on a second? - Shh.
Hang on.
Jane, listen to me.
I have to Mm.
Just hang on.
I kissed someone just now, and I hated it, and now I understand how bad you feel and how much you just want all of this to go away because I feel the same way.
I love you.
Now let's put this behind us for real.
- Hey.
- Hi.
You see them likes, baby? - Yeah.
- You see that engagement? I saw it, and I want to say thank you.
You're welcome.
- How's Ryan? - Good.
He gave me the other kind of facial last night.
- Oh.
- Your skin looks great.
- You into that? - No, I'm kidding.
But we're really good.
Oh, I got to go talk to Jacqueline.
- Jacqueline.
- Jane.
- Hi.
- I loved your piece, by the way.
"How Millennials Say Intimacy: Sex Party," - great title.
- Thank you.
It was a little out of my comfort zone, but I'm glad I did it.
Well, that's how we grow, right? - And right now we need to.
- Right.
Speaking of, I know you said that there was gonna be the possibility of more verticals, and I would really love that opportunity.
Okay, well, verticals are a huge commitment of resources from "Scarlet.
" You'd virtually be your own editor.
I understand, and I'm up for that challenge.
Well, that's good to know.
Let's see how your next piece does.
I grew up in a religious family, and I was raised to think my sexuality should be protected, a prize I saved for the right man, and when I met him, I could use it to win his love, and if I enjoyed it, that was good.
But for me, that wasn't good enough.
When I went to college, I realized that my sexual pleasure was a gift that God gave to me and that I should experience it any way I wanted to, be it alone, in a hot tub, at a sex party, or with the love of my life.
I control my own sexual pleasure.
- Kat.
- Hey.
I saw your piece about the ladies at the sex club, and it was great.
You have been working so hard lately early mornings, late nights.
Well, I mean, it's a good thing I like my job, right? You've done so much since you ran for city council.
Between getting Chloe to run in that marathon and trying to get that billboard company to change its mind about Broads, changing RJ's mind about me.
Well, that was easy 'cause I just wanted to make sure that you are taking time for you.
Life is about balance, Kat.
You can make a difference and have a personal life if you want one.
Thank you.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Now take your tea - Yeah.
- and get back to work.
- Yes.
Okay, thank you.
It's not always easy to put yourself out there, but taking risks is important.
Vulnerability can be a gift.
Yes, it can open us up to pain or embarrassment but can also bring us connection and acceptance.
I have to admit that vulnerability scares me, but it's necessary to ask the questions we're embarrassed to ask and to give the answers we're afraid to say aloud.
Ultimately, it's what allows us to grow, which is what I want to do along with you here on "Ask Alex Live.
" Though, from here on out, I'll be doing as much listening as I will be answering.
So each week I'm gonna pose a new question, invite guests ranging from experts and laymen to tell us what they know and what they don't and how we can bridge that gap together.
This week's topic is self-love.
And I've invited "Scarlet's" very own to weigh in Jane Sloan, Sutton Brady, Kat Edison, and Sage Aiello.
Happy to have you here.
- Glad to be here.
- Thanks for having us.
It's a pleasure to be on the show, Alex.
Are we gonna talk about sex or what? - Yes.
- Wow.
We're really excited.
Well, um, Jane, why don't you start? Um, I just went to a sex club.
- Get out.
- That's it.

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