The Bold Type (2017) s04e07 Episode Script

The Space Between

1 Previously on "The Bold Type" Make yourself more promotable.
Get a bunch of Instagram followers.
A fashion influencer? Sutton Brady, Fashion Influencer! I found out that I'm positive for the BRCA gene mutation.
If you have a mutation, your lifetime chance of getting breast cancer jumps to 80%.
Your "vagenda" speech caught the attention of "Forbes" magazine.
They are nominating you as a possible candidate for their "30 Under 30" issue.
Ian and I are hitting some bumps, and while he's away, we're separating.
"Scarlet" offered me a job as their new in-house photographer, and I said yes.
I think you look beautiful.
How do you feel? Powerful.
I had sex with a dude.
We connected.
I've never had that with a guy before.
It's like you said, you're a lover of people.
Maybe it's more than that.
I might be bisexual? - Hi, handsome.
- Good morning, beautiful.
Did you finish your run already? I hate being in bed without you, so yes.
Also, the sunrises here are amazing.
You're really loving it, aren't you? Feels pretty good helping out all these green tech startups.
How's work for you? Ooh, it's good.
You know, I'm not saving the world like you, but I'm trying.
I really miss you.
I know I'm not there, but video chatting really helps, right? I feel like I'm pressed up against you and it's so hot.
Wait, move the camera back a bit.
I wanna see your eyes.
- Um - I wanna see you.
- Oh, shit, shit.
- Kat, what's happened? Kat? It's so wet.
- Oh, yeah.
- Oh, no.
I can't see you, but I like where you're going.
- Oh, this is bad.
- Oh, so bad.
Where did I You're amazing.
So, Ms.
Sloan, as a candidate for "Forbes" "30 Under 30," what would you say has been your greatest accomplishment? Taking down Pamela Dolan was certainly a high, but pulling back the curtain on the wellness industry clearly struck a chord, so I guess it's hard to choose just one.
So good.
You're gonna crush your phone interview today.
And you are going to crush prepping your book pitches.
I hope so.
I just really can't stand the idea of being a one-hit wonder.
Uh, this is where you say, "Babe, you could never be a one-hit wonder.
You're brilliant.
" You okay? I think I feel a lump.
I wasn't expecting you to answer so quickly.
It's good to hear your voice.
Yeah, you, too.
- Um, did you - Um, how are Okay, you go first.
How are you doing? Good.
Um The South was bleak, but I was exposing the darkness, so it had its purpose.
Plus you can't beat Southern food.
And you? Uh, you know, I'm good.
Just saving the world one cause at a time.
- Classic Kat.
- Classic me.
I was calling because I'm returning to "Scarlet" today.
Yeah, Jacqueline assigned me the feature on honoring modern cultural fashions and their impact.
It's, um it's a cool idea.
Photographing women from different places - in their authentic styles.
- Yeah, it is.
You're perfect for it.
Thank you.
So I, uh, guess I will see you at the office.
Yeah, okay.
Or, um I don't know, if you want to meet before, I'm in the lobby now.
Maybe we could get a coffee or something? Set some ground rules for working together.
Yeah, I I like that idea.
Sounds good.
We have inspired looks from each model's culture, which will show how the styles developed.
Oh, and Alice Knight signed on this morning.
- She's a - A beauty influencer.
Her cheekbone highlighting tutorial literally saved my life.
Well, apparently, she also has over 2 million followers.
So she's kind of an important get for us.
Well, Instagram is powerful.
But, so is "Scarlet" and this brilliant shoot that you came up with.
Never stop paying me compliments.
You're very smart.
Very handsome.
- Thank you.
- Hey.
You should be in this shoot.
- Oh stop it.
- I'm serious.
Pay homage to your Jamaican roots.
It would be a proud moment for my grandmother.
Come on, do it! Think I just might.
Thanks, Red.
You're a great assistant.
I'm here to make a difference.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Hey, ladies.
- Ooh, Jane, where are you? The alabaster, the overhead lighting, what's happening? Wait, is that a hospital gown? Before you freak out, um, I'm at the doctor's office.
I found a lump in my breast this morning.
So, I just had an ultrasound, and I'm waiting for the results.
Okay, I'm I'm calling an Uber.
And I'm gonna go to Duane Reade and get candy.
No, it's fine, uh, the doctor's here.
- I gotta go, guys.
- Okay, we love you! Love you.
You are totally fine.
And, um, the lump A benign cyst.
Thank God.
Listen, you did the right thing coming in.
You should always call and see me no matter what the concern.
Better safe than sorry.
The thing about this specific kind of lump is that it can change in size based on monthly hormonal shifts.
It's harmless, but very common in someone with dense breasts.
Uh, which I have? Yes.
A cancerous lump, on the other hand, is immovable and painless.
Well, most of the time.
Well, I check myself every day.
That's good.
The more you get to know your breasts, the better.
Here is a list of maintenance actions you can take.
I like 10,000 IUs of Vitamin D.
Take it every day for a couple of months.
And maybe cut back on coffee.
Just keep up with your maintenance.
Warning checks, appointments every couple of months.
I know this is scary, but you are good right now.
Thank you.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- It was a false alarm.
- Oh, thank God.
- I'm so glad you're okay.
- Me, too.
I'm better than okay, I'm I'm perfect.
You wanna get out of here? I can walk you back to the office? Help you prep for your "30 Under 30" interview? Sure.
Actually, you know what? No.
No? I have a bunch of sick days I've never taken.
We can have like a "Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
" We could go see a parade or a museum.
- So, you're in? - I'm in.
Mindy, I don't even know how you graduated with us.
You skipped school for an entire week because you fell for that Parisian in Piazza San Marco.
- Yeah, well that was love.
- Oh, that was so not love.
But, I forgive you because anybody can be fooled by an accent.
Speaking of delicious men with delicious accents, how's Ian? Um We're separated.
What? - Yeah.
- When? A couple of weeks ago.
Oh, honey.
I think he resents my career.
And now he's in Ukraine on assignment, and doing God knows what.
And what are you doing? I'm working and - looking after the kids and - Okay.
I mean, that's great, but you're coming out with Lori and me.
Oh, that's that's very sweet, but I I really I don't have much time.
Oh, come on Jacques.
It's been ages since the three of us hung out.
- We used to be inseparable.
- Oh, I know.
Okay, I'll go.
It really is nice to see you.
Yeah, you, too.
And I think it's good that we're meeting like this first, you know.
We're gonna be working together.
We need to establish some rules.
How about - no mentioning the past.
- Mm.
And no touching, beyond a mutually consensual hug.
Yeah, also, neutral conversation overall.
- Mm-hmm, I like that.
- Yeah.
Before we start all that, I have something to tell you.
I'm seeing someone.
That's That's great.
Actually, we're going to a party tonight with some of the Wild Susan regulars.
- Oh.
- You should come.
Right, yeah.
Steph texted me about that.
I've just been working so much, I wasn't gonna go.
Well, you should.
All the lesbians of the West Village will be there.
You could bring someone.
We can meet each other's people.
- Oh, yeah.
- If you want.
No, well I I'm just not really dating anyone.
Not really, anyway.
Still in the "taking time for myself" phase.
I'm happy to hear that.
So friend, should we get going? Go to work? Yes.
Let's do it.
This is your day off.
What do you want to do first? Hmm.
I want to rent a bike.
What? - Really? Oh.
- Yeah.
I I just wasn't expecting you to say that.
Well, maybe you should stop expecting and just go along for the ride.
Oh, speaking of, there's only two bikes left, and that guy is eyeing one of them.
There's no way that dude's gonna steal our bikes.
Excuse me.
Excuse me, sir? - Hey.
- Hey.
Great for Jane, but didn't we stop saying, "diva," like, two years ago? Oh, we're back to saying it ironically.
- Our generation is exhausting.
- Mm.
How are you? How's it with Adena? Good.
Yeah, um I mean, there's still a lot of feelings there, obviously, but I think we might actually be able to be friends.
- That's great, Kat.
- Yeah.
We're gonna go to this party later.
All the gays are gonna be there.
- It should be fun.
- Yeah, and I wanted to be in.
Is that Alice Knight? Yeah, and that jacket is not working on its own.
- I'll be right back.
- Okay.
Yeah, I feel very, uh, me.
What's up? Uh, well, I was just looking at that jacket that Alice Knight is wearing, and I think it would be better with this chain.
It's bold but also feminine.
It would refocus the eyes to her makeup, you know? - I love it.
- Should I bring it to her? That's okay, I have to go over there anyway - for last looks.
- Oh.
- You're the best, Red.
- Mm.
Happy to help.
Dude, I'm so sick of this.
Richard's in San Francisco saving the planet, and I'm out here getting salads for Alice Knight.
Well, I did see you make her outfit look ten times better.
Thanks, but she doesn't know that.
I mean not that I expect Oliver to give me credit every time I come up with a good idea, but it just sucks being an assistant, and this Instagram thing is not working.
I think you need to cross-pollinate.
- Like a bee? - Mm-hmm.
You remember when I posted that picture of you from the sex party on the "Scarlet" account, and then you got like 5,000 new followers within a week.
You just need to find someone with a boatload of followers.
Get them to tag you.
- What about Brooke? - Oh.
The girl who tricked me into putting a bunch of cocaine on the company credit card.
- Yeah! - Yeah.
- No.
- Oh.
You wanna come eat with me and Adena? I would love to, but I think instead I'm gonna eat by myself and contemplate whether or not being an assistant can actually kill you.
Kay, well let me know what you come up with.
- Thanks.
- Love you.
- Love you, too, diva.
- Oh.
Chopped salad, no olives.
Some things never change.
You on the other hand I never pegged you to be a beer drinker.
That's funny.
What? What? Why is that funny? Nothing, it's just funny.
Oh, you've tried it.
Haven't you? You know, I actually did.
Oh, my God.
Wait, we're kind of breaking our own rules, aren't we? Maybe.
Okay, but this is fun.
Why did you never tell me that you pegged a guy? Well, I mean it just happened.
You were with a guy recently? Yeah, and honestly I'm probably more surprised than you are.
I was actually seeing this this girl from Jersey who was wrong for me in the best way possible.
And, um, this guy, he was bartending and Hmm.
Anyway, uh, maybe we should just stick to talking about work.
Yeah, I think that would be best.
Hey! I can take that for you.
Oh, is it weird that I wanna keep it? No, you look pretty bad-ass in it.
Thank you, and I'm not even a chain kind of girl.
Well, you should be.
'Cause it totally brings out your eyes and frames your face, sort of like the right eyeliner does.
The chain was your idea, wasn't it? Oliver and I work as a team.
We can pretty much fix anything.
In that case, uh, what would you do with this? Burn it.
Oh, sorry.
That was so unprofessional.
No, 'cause I would do the exact same thing.
But I have to wear it.
I have a photo shoot with Audi, and their new electric car, even though makeup and cars have nothing to do with each other.
I want their followers, and they definitely want mine.
So I'm wearing it.
Hey, you know, you could keep the professional look, but make it a little bit more cutting edge.
I mean, it's an electric car.
They're obviously forward thinkers.
Good point.
Yeah, I I could style you.
Bring a few looks that would satisfy their brand and yours.
Um, let me see.
I feel like a dress like this would look amazing on you.
We could couple it with a belt or something.
- What do you think? - Yeah.
I like it.
My photo shoot's in three hours.
How about I text you the address and you can come with a couple of styles? Great.
Yeah, just DM me.
It's @stylebysutton.
Style by Sutton.
- Looking forward to it.
- Me too.
"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.
" - Muhammad Ali? - I don't know.
But I am cross-pollinating, baby.
Ooh, let's see that selfie.
There's no selfie, just a full-blown styling gig for Audi with my old friend Alice Knight.
- Shut up.
- I will not.
You're gonna be styling Alice Knight? - Girl, that's so many followers! - Yeah.
So, I'm gonna go make some returns for Oliver next to this boutique I've been eyeing, in case anybody asks.
Go, go, go.
- So we've covered the zoo.
- Mm-hmm.
We ran the bases at six Central Park baseball diamonds.
What do you think? You wanna do some, uh, "30 under 30" prep? Mm.
You know what? I think I wanna dance.
Dance? We should find a silent rave.
There's not just a silent rave happening on a random Tuesday.
Well, then we should just have our own.
What's going on, Sloan? Dance with me.
Come on.
I just wanna dance with you.
Before the moment passes.
Should have had a couple drinks first.
Ooh! Okay.
Thank you.
Hey, you're heading out? Yeah, I was just gonna go home and change.
Okay, well, I'll see you later.
Actually, um I think it might be better if you didn't come.
Is this 'cause I overshared about my sex life? - 'Cause I I know it was a lot.
- No.
It wasn't about you oversharing.
Is it 'cause I was with a dude? Um, the lesbian community can be complicated.
- Wow.
- It's not right.
It's just some lesbians take issue with when other people infiltrate their spaces.
- Infiltrate? - It's not my word.
I'm just letting you know what I've heard other women say.
I feel like this has been my community for a while now.
I'm just telling you how how some lesbians see bisexuality.
Some women are triggered, um, by people who they view to be on the fence.
I'm just trying to protect you.
See you at work tomorrow.
Yeah, I'll see you at work.
I can't believe this shit.
Infiltrate? Are you okay? Hi, Oliver.
Sorry, I I thought I was alone.
Girl, you do not look like you should be alone.
- What's up? - Uh I just started seeing a a guy.
Like a dude guy.
And I haven't done that in a while.
Haven't done it since I met Adena.
And honesty, it's been really fun.
But I think I should end it.
Do you want to end it? Not really.
But, if I like men and women, then why not just pick a lane, you know? Choose the one that needs more representation.
You want to date women so the optics look good for Instagram? I just want it to be less complicated.
That's all.
And Adena invited me to this queer party tonight with all the people from Wild Susan.
But when she found out I was hooking up with a guy, she said that I shouldn't come.
That the lesbian community would have a hard time with it.
So bisexual erasure is still a thing.
That's what I said.
I'm just I'm so over trying to fit in, you know? I am never quite right.
I'm not black.
Not white.
Not gay and not straight.
It where's the space in between? You have to create it.
And you claim it as your own.
When I first came into the light of my own sexual being Hm.
I told people I was bi.
And everybody tried to shame me, and tell me that bi was just a pit stop on the way to being gay.
I mean, in my case, they were right.
But having other people define my experience was not right.
It was my journey and I needed to live it on my own authentic terms.
Yeah, see, I don't know how to define my experience.
Especially when there's no space that's specifically for people like me.
Any queer space is your space.
You should go tonight.
And tell them that you're proud of who you are, and that you deserve to be there just as much as they do.
Yeah, you're right.
You know, I haven't been out in a moment.
I could go with you.
Wait, you would really do that? Yeah, I love a good party.
- This is nice.
- Yeah.
Do you have to get that? No, just one more minute.
What time is it, anyway? - Oh, my God.
- What? It's my "30 Under 30" interview.
You know all the answers, right? - Yeah.
- Just pick up the phone.
Hi, this is Jane Sloan.
Hi, Jane.
This is Michaela Dawson.
Thank you so much for making the time.
Uh, yes.
Thank you.
It's it's an honor to be considered.
Well, clearly you're on our radar, as evidenced by this call, and we'd just love to learn a little bit more about you.
So should we get started? I'm ready when you are.
So, you're 26.
- Is that correct? - Yes.
And what would you say is your biggest accomplishment thus far? Well, taking down Pamela Dolan was certainly a high, uh, exploring millennial sex clubs was eye-opening, and pulling back the curtain on the wellness industry clearly struck a chord, so, I guess it's just hard So you know how to do it when it's your turn.
See how I'm controlling the boat? Jane? Are are you there? Hello? I guess it's just hard to think about my life before 30.
Uh, how do you mean? I mean, "30 Under 30," what is that? I mean, what about 31 and 32 and I don't understand.
Being on this list meant everything to me this morning.
But that was before I found a lump in my breast, and I thought I might have cancer.
See, I have the BRCA mutation, so my life isn't a given.
My mother passed away when she was 32 from cancer and I guess I hadn't realized until today that I always thought that could be my expiration date too.
So I'm sorry, but instead of focusing on what I've achieved before 30, I I want to live in the present and look toward my future.
And I understand if that's not what you're looking for.
But that's just where I am right now.
Thank you for your honesty.
Bye, Jane.
H he hello? So, how'd it go? Uh, well, I blew it.
I'm sure you didn't blow it.
No, I did.
I am seriously starting to worry about you.
No, don't.
I I'm good, I promise.
Come on.
Let's get some ice cream.
- Thank you.
- No problem.
- Hey, Alice.
- Hi.
I have everything here for you to try on when you're ready.
All right, perfect timing.
I'm ready now.
Yeah, let's do it.
- You okay? - Yeah, yeah.
- Kat, hi! - Hi.
It's so good to see you.
I didn't think you were coming.
Oh, well, you know.
You look great.
- Yoga four times a week.
- All right.
- I'm Steph.
- Oh, Oliver.
Let's get you two a cocktail.
- Oh.
- She seems nice.
She does.
I don't love the shirt, and I definitely don't like this jacket.
Okay, um.
Do you wanna try the black one? I don't like that one either.
You got anything else? - Did you try the culottes? - The culottes? This material's rough, and why are the tags on these? Oh, you can just tuck that in.
I already took the tag off.
Listen, what about some of that stuff from "Scarlet?" I I didn't bring any.
Why not? You had so many choices.
I know.
It's just, as an assistant, I don't really have access to all of that I'm sorry.
- You're an assistant? - Yes, I'm Oliver's assistant.
You said you were a stylist.
No, I never said that.
You did.
You pitched yourself to me at "Scarlet.
" You showed me your Instagram posts, Style by Sutton? Oh, yeah.
That's my personal page which I'm hoping to use as leverage to get a promotion to stylist.
I'm gonna tell Oliver about this.
Um, Alice, please let me explain.
He needs to know what his support staff is up to.
Alice, please.
You wasted my time.
Please don't waste anymore.
Next round is on you, fancy pants.
Oh, no.
Okay, that's fine, but I'm really not that fancy.
Oh, please, come on.
What? You're easily the most successful, the fanciest of the three of us.
Which is not a surprise.
I mean, you always were a workaholic.
That's true.
I was.
You were.
You were always in the library.
And I was always having sex with a French guy.
- So true.
- So true.
And apparently I still am, so.
Do you guys remember, um Do you remember Miles Shaw? Uh, yeah! Your super-hot ex-boyfriend.
Well, I've been texting with him.
- No.
- What? Yeah.
- - Why haven't you responded? I don't really know what to write.
- Okay, all right, so - I've been married for 20 years, okay? Okay, but you're separated now, and Miles was crazy hot in college.
- Yeah, he was.
- Yeah.
All right, um - Oh, yeah.
- Okay.
Mm-hmm, that's good.
- That's good.
- - Should I send that? - Yes! Yeah.
If you don't, I will.
Do it.
Uh - Do it! - Do it, do it, do it.
Okay, ah! - Very eclectic.
- I know.
Have you seen Adena's new girlfriend? Adena seems more uncomfortable that you're here - than anybody else.
- Wait.
Is the first time you've seen Adena since you guys broke up? Oh, no, I mean, I saw her today, actually.
She told me not to come.
Why? Said that you all wouldn't approve of, you know, me being bi, and That's bullshit.
So you don't have an issue with it? Half of my friends are bi.
So no, I don't a problem with that.
Why would Adena say that? I don't know.
Do you remember when you organized the bar crawl with binder tabs? Yes.
Oh, I can't even believe you remember that.
- Jacques was fun.
- Of course! The one who knew every dance move to "Push It" - when she was drunk.
- Okay, all right.
Oh, my God.
That was a good one.
That was amazing.
That was amazing.
I couldn't do that sober.
Well, I I didn't even realize how much I missed this.
I think we really need to plan a girl's weekend.
- Yeah.
- Yes, definitely.
As long as you bring old Jacques.
Old Jacques is gone.
She grew up and got all serious on us.
Oh, my God.
That was so much fun, wasn't it? What is she doing? - Where is she going? - I have no idea.
Oh, no, she isn't.
- Oh, yes.
- Yes, she is.
She's about to do it.
- Get up on this - Ah, push it Get up on this Salt and Pepa's here - Let's go dance with her.
Come on.
- Let's go! Want you to push it, babe Coolin' by day then at night Working up a sweat C'mon girls, let's go show the guys that we know How to become Number one in a hot Party show, now push it Yeah! Push it good Ah, push it - You okay? - Yeah.
She left.
So I'm sorry.
It's fine.
Drink? Sure.
It's Alice Knight.
You okay? Uh work emergency.
I I have to go.
Wanna leave too? No, actually.
I think I'm gonna stay.
- I'll see you tomorrow.
- Okay.
Thanks, Oliver.
Today was a really good day.
I mean, being with you, and dancing, and riding bikes.
I felt alive, you know? I think I do.
I wanna feel like that every day.
Like nothing can stop me.
I know why I was avoiding my "30 Under 30" interview.
Huh? Being recognized for all of my achievements before 30, it just I don't know.
It made me feel like my obituary was being written? I'm gonna get the double mastectomy.
I know my options, and it's either fear and maintenance, or remove the risk altogether.
At first I thought that I could never put my body through that, but I don't know, after feeling that lump today, I just I feel like living like this would be harder.
Like I would always be waiting for the other shoe to drop.
Look, what I'm gonna have to do is not gonna be pretty.
It's gonna be a lot of drains and expanders and it's gonna be a lot to deal with.
So I understand if you don't want to.
There's no way that this is where our story ends.
I'm in this.
Are you sure? Yeah, I'm sure.
It's gonna be hard.
I know.
There you are.
I know that Alice called you.
But I never told her that I was a stylist.
I just I want to be one so badly that when the opportunity presented itself for me to style Alice, I took it.
And you have every right to be angry with me, and I'm expecting you to yell at me.
I don't have any words for you, Sutton.
I'm so sorry.
- Hey, babe.
- You okay? Not really.
I've been trying so hard to prove myself to Oliver, and I just really messed it all up.
Sutton, Oliver loves you.
Not anymore, he doesn't.
He just opposite-yelled at me.
What does that mean? He just sat there and didn't say anything.
Yeah, maybe it's not as bad as you think it.
What happened? This big influencer that we work with, Alice Knight, I cross-pollinated with her.
And crossed a line with Oliver in doing so.
Because I wanted to get over 20,000 followers on Instagram.
It's so stupid.
Sutton, you are more than the number of followers, and Oliver knows that.
Yeah, I just feel really stuck right now, you know? Work's a mess, and Instagram's a mess, and I really love New York, but without you here, this is, like, really hard.
Wish I was there to give you a hug right now.
Me too.
You know what? I'm gonna come home.
- You are? - Yeah, yeah.
I'll move things around.
Take a couple days.
I wanna be there for you.
Plus, we have this whole wedding thing to plan.
Oh, yeah, that whole thing.
Call me when you get your flight? Yeah, of course.
It's gonna be okay.
Where'd you go last night? I wasn't in the mood, so I left.
It's a shame 'cause it was a really fun night, actually.
And I realized, uh, nobody there seemed to have an issue with the fact that I'm bisexual.
The only one who really had an issue with it was you.
I'm fine with bisexuals, Kat.
I just wasn't expecting you to be one of them.
Okay, well, I am.
And I shouldn't be made to feel less than because of it.
No, you shouldn't.
I'm I'm sorry I said those things.
I It just, the whole thing got me, like, really in my head, you know? I wasn't expecting that from you.
Because I was hurt, Kat.
And emotional.
You being with a man makes me wonder if what we had between us was just a phase for you.
If it was even real.
Adena, my feelings for you were very real.
They are very real.
I just I don't think that I don't think that it's a good idea for us to be friends.
I think, from now on, it's just best for us to keep things strictly professional.
Don't leave again.
Everything falls apart when you're gone.
Yeah, you're the glue that holds us together, Jane.
Hold on.
Why is she smiling? I don't know.
It's freaking me out.
Because I am not going to leave you.
- Ever.
- Okay.
I've decided to get a double mastectomy.
I wasn't sure about it before, but now I am.
Because of the glue thing? No.
Not because of the glue thing.
But That's part of it.
I mean, I wanna be around for a long time.
And I think a way to help my chances with that is to have surgery, so And plus, I wanna be in "Forbes" "40 Under 40," and "50 under 50," and is there a "60 Under 60?" Come on.

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