The Book of Boba Fett (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

Chapter 1: Stranger in a Strange Land

I can't.
Do you want me to cut your bonds? Quiet.
Wake up, boss.
Healing session suspended.
The dreams are back.
Time to go.
They're lined up to pay respects.
I'll let them know you're on your way.
Did you catch any of that? Something about friendship? We really need a protocol droid.
Presenting Dokk Strassi, leader of the Trandoshan family, protectors of the city center and its business territories.
That's weird.
I used to work for him.
It's even weirder for him.
A thousand tidings to the new Daimyo.
It's an honor to be welcomed to Mos Espa by you, Dokk Strassi.
May you never leave Mos Espa.
Even when a Trandoshan pays you a compliment, it sounds like a threat.
Presenting His Excellency, Mok Shaiz, Mayor of Mos Espa and its surrounding plateaus.
The Mayor's Majordomo, actually.
We were told the Mayor was coming to pay tribute.
Ah, indeed yes.
With apologies.
I understand how one might draw such a conclusion from the correspondence.
Very well.
Extend my greetings and appreciation for the Mayor's tribute.
Another understandable misunderstanding.
The, uh, only tribute I bear is the Mayor's heartfelt welcome, which I express in his stead.
So you bring no tribute? The Mayor's heartfelt welcome and regrets that he's been drawn away by pressing matters, milady.
If you had spoken such insolence to Jabba, he'd have fed you to his menagerie.
Ap Apologies.
Tell the Mayor I'm here now.
He knows.
Yes, he knows.
Perhaps another time.
Actually, there is one other matter, if I may.
What is it? The matter of tribute.
I'm confused.
He wants you to pay him.
What? I'm the crime lord.
He's supposed to pay me.
Shall I kill him? He works for the Mayor.
Is that a no? That's a no.
Lord Fett offers the gift of your leave unmolested.
Apologies and appreciation.
The Mayor may take it differently, but I shall indeed convey your sentiment.
I would not be surprised if you receive another delegation in the near future.
- Keep an eye on that one.
- I keep an eye on everyone.
These two Gamorreans were once bodyguards to Jabba the Hutt, and later, Bib Fortuna.
They did not surrender even after their patron was killed.
They were captured alive as a tribute to you, Lord Fett.
Their tortured squeals will send a piercing message to all potential challengers to your throne.
I do not torture.
Well, respectfully, Lord Fett, on Tatooine you must project strength if you are to be accepted as a Daimyo.
You were loyal to both your bosses.
Would you be loyal to me if I were to spare you? This is a bad idea.
You should have let them carry you on a litter.
I'm not being carried around the streets like a useless noble.
It is a sign of power to the people of Mos Espa.
They're used to seeing the Hutts paraded around the streets.
Things would go a lot smoother if you accepted their ways.
No, we're not here for drinks.
We have business with Garsa Fwip.
Looks like business is good.
Would you like your helmet serviced and cleaned - while you wait for Madam Garsa? - No.
Here, take both of ours.
"Things will go a lot smoother if you accept their ways".
Welcome to the Sanctuary.
Would you care to partake in any of our sundry offerings? Maybe another time.
I'm here to talk business.
Oh, then business it is.
Would you like your Gamorreans hosed down and fed while we are sequestered? No, no, no, it's fine.
This won't take long.
We can do it right here.
This is Master Assassin Fennec Shand.
I'm Boba Fett.
I have replaced Bib Fortuna.
I didn't see your litter.
I wasn't carried on a litter.
I walk on my own two feet.
I'm just here to introduce myself and assure you that your business will continue to thrive under my watchful eye.
Well, thank you, Lord Fett.
And thank you for the gracious introduction and for making the long journey to visit our establishment.
It is our little slice of paradise.
And you are always welcome, as it is yours now.
Yours look shinier than mine.
Jabba had many vassals.
We've got a lot of ground to cover if we are to keep his empire intact.
I can make the rounds without you.
Jabba rarely left his chambers.
Jabba ruled with fear.
I intend to rule with respect.
If I may Speak freely.
In difficult times, fear is a surer bet.
Huh? Fennec! Alive.
Get me to the bacta pod.
What? Uh, what do you want me to do? Dig? Dig for that? Oh, you want me to dig for that.
You want me to dig for water.
No hard feelings, mate.
Easy, youngling.
I need some water.
I would like a drink.
We could have both escaped if you didn't sound the alarm.
If you kept your snout closed, if we can get to Anchorhead, I can get us off world.
I could also strangle you with this ankle chain and feed your leg to the watchdog.
Oh, that you understand, huh? Keep it down.
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