The Booth at the End (2011) s01e05 Episode Script

Our Deal Here is Done

Previously on The Booth at the End.
I told someone to protect the girl.
You what? I kidnapped her.
You kidnapped who? The girl, Elizabeth.
The girl you told me to protect.
So, we're together? So it appears.
I met someone.
He sketched me On canvas.
Protect your friend Terrance.
Don't let him get caught.
Don't let him know you're doing it.
I went to try and find The man who took that girl, Elizabeth.
Some of the bodies were found in shallow graves.
The bodies were dissolved in some sort of acid.
My son was in a shoot-out.
I'm sorry to hear that.
My son In a shoot-out at a bank, With that chick that he had at the house, Right there on the footage of the security cameras.
Finish the deal with me, And things with your son He's going to die before you can help me.
He might, but that's always been the case.
My captain's on my case about not paying Attention to my work.
There are no guarantees.
Some young wanna be girl detective thinks She's tracked down a serial killer posing As an agoraphobic loner.
Really, a serial killer? Listen, people come up with crazy theories And useless leads all the time.
Why? You know something? No.
Well, then what can we do about my son? What I've already told you.
Protect a corrupt detective in your Department and things with your son But what can I do? Let your pal Terrence know he needs To be careful.
Did you see the news about the bank robbery? I did.
Where's Jenny? She got shot in the arm.
Look, I want you to stop her from wanting what she wants.
I beg your pardon? She told me about the deal that she made with you.
She shouldn't have.
Yeah? Well, screw that.
Listen, she wants to be prettier, right? And you told her that she has to rob banks to get that? Yes.
Well, make it stop.
It's not up to me.
No, I mean, make her stop thinking about it.
I mean, she's already so pretty.
It's, like, she's always scared with me, you know? Like I'm always going to leave.
Richard, this Is this what you want? What? For her to stop wanting what she wants.
You mean make a deal? What about the deal I already have with my Father leaving me alone? One deal at a time.
All right.
Call your father, Richard.
What? Tell him that you love him.
Hell no.
This is the thing.
I'm not doing that.
You don't have to.
Look, give me something else.
You don't want to do the deal? I don't have to mean it? Just say the words.
You look a bit worn.
I haven't slept much.
How's the girl? I still have her.
Look, I can't stay long.
Something gone wrong? Everything's gone wrong.
The guy the guy who was sent to kill Elizabeth Saw me, chased me.
I lost him, but I can see him around where I'm staying.
I just look down from my window, I can see him down there.
He knows, he knows.
He's onto me.
He's getting closer.
When I saw him, I snuck around the back, I was just scared.
I didn't want him to spot me, but he did.
I saw him.
He just waited there.
He just walked under an awning, Stayed in the shadows of the awning just waiting, Watching, trying to see if he could see me.
Then he left, got in his car.
I chased him chased him fast, followed him.
I followed him home.
Home? To his home, yeah.
Mm mm.
I'm gonna kill him.
You're gonna kill him.
Mm mm.
You know, you only have to protect Elizabeth, Keep her safe for two more weeks.
- I can't wait.
- What choice do I have? Well, you're You have a lot of choices.
Here's a choice.
I kill the guy who was sent to kill Elizabeth, And then you don't win.
So I talked to the police about Ron.
And what did they say? I spoke to three detectives and they just Passed me from on to the next.
The last one, Detective Grenier, Just was thinking about anything but me.
They said that the police in Alabama had already Investigated Ron.
They found him innocent.
Ron claims to have been at his place for years, And nobody's seen him outside.
Well, maybe there's nothing to know.
Maybe he's not a killer.
He is a killer.
All right.
Your plan was to have the police pull the shut-in Out of the apartment.
I have a new plan.
It's to knock him out.
This kid at school sold it to me.
I'm going to knock him out.
I'm going to pull him out of his apartment.
That'll complete the deal, right? Yes.
Can you tell my dad something, In case something goes wrong? No, that's not a part of the deal.
I guess this is good-bye, I guess.
Thank you for the opportunity.
That man That man who saved the girl The one you think kidnapped her? He came for me.
When? In my home last night.
What happened? I killed him.
The kidnapper? He came at me with a knife My wife, my daughter, right there.
We fought, and I got the knife out of his hand and I plunged it into him.
I called the police.
I went through his pockets before they got there, And I found a rent check and keys.
I know where the girl is.
Detective, you all right? Miss, could I also get a piece of apple pie? Thank you.
My son called me.
Did he? Yeah, he called and he said that he loves me.
But he doesn't.
I could hear it.
He was lying.
Now, why would he say a thing like that if He didn't mean it? Because he wanted something manipulating, Lying to get what he wanted, like me.
Like I've done all my life.
My son's lying to me about loving me and I'm Thinking, "What kind of son does that?" And I'm thinking, "The son of a liar, a thief.
" I killed a man.
Yes, you did.
To get what I wanted.
You told me to find a dirty cop in my precinct.
To protect him.
Mm mm.
I'm the dirty cop.
And I've been protecting myself.
Remember that girl, the one who told me about The serial killer? Mm mm.
I blew her off.
Mm mm.
Know what happened to her? No.
What? What happened was I wasn't a cop.
I didn't do my job.
I'm turning myself in.
Are you? I'm confessing to the murder of Sharky.
I'll show them the grave.
Thank you.
For what? For helping me And my son.
You made the choices clear.
I - think I'm pregnant A kind of certainty I'm carrying a child.
The artist? Simon.
You and Simon.
Well, our deal was that you would hear God again.
Did you? Are you? Yes.
What are you hearing? That I'm going to have a child, And I'm hearing it now.
And now Then our deal here is done.
It worked.
It did? Yeah, the thing where I made the call And got what I wanted.
That's good.
So what now? Now we're skipping town.
Laying low.
We're not doing the bank robbery thing anymore.
I see.
I'm glad we met.
The feeling is mutual.
Really, thank you.
Your father, you know What about him? I hope it works out.
Whatever, man.
He's a douche, you know? I Mean, did your dad beat the crap out of you every Day just because the bottle said "Drink me"? No.
See? You don't know, then.
I want to thank you, I think.
You think? I painted a painting.
It's as good as I want it to be.
There's a woman.
Congratulations again.
Her name is Margaret.
Used to be Sister Carmel, but she's leaving her order.
Said she's pregnant With a boy, she thinks.
It's really too early to tell.
You think she's wrong? No.
And I don't want her to be wrong.
I want it to be true.
It's going to be true.
You know what I see? I see a painting of her and him, With her holding him.
I found the girl In an apartment, locked in a room with some candy and dolls.
She looked up at me scared and crying, But also you could tell, hoping I was there to help.
As I got closer, holding the cloth I bought Specifically for this to smother her As I stepped closed I thought about my boy.
And? And I picked her up and I took her out of there.
I told the police I found her.
What about your son? I went to the hospital to hold him, Thinking I couldn't be that kind of father.
Mm mm.
I was just going to hold him till he died.
And then they told me my son's cancer was gone.
Not in remission, gone.
That day.
A miracle.
Well, congratulations, James.
But I didn't do the thing.
I never said your son would die if you Didn't do the deed.
I almost killed a little girl for you.
You almost killed a little girl for you.
Remember that.
You're a monster.
You might say I I feed monsters.
I don't sleep well.
Excuse me? I'm telling you something about me.
I don't sleep well.
You don't.
I don't either, actually.
Thank you for meeting me.
My pleasure.
My, um My girl was doing something.
Things have been kind of tense at home money troubles.
I thought she was heading out just to catch a break.
My daughter is dead.
She was volunteering for this guy.
I mean, I don't know, some program for shut-ins.
She drugged the guy, tried to drag him down the Stairs of his apartment building.
Dragging the shut-in? She should have gone to the police.
But he wasn't knocked out.
He was only subdued.
He fought the whole way, clawing her.
She got him out onto the sidewalk, But she was already bleeding.
The police, when they showed up, They checked out his apartment.
The trophy room, they say bits of bone.
It's crazy.
You said you were having money troubles? They're gone.
An investment project I've been working on For months came through.
I was happy.
I was so happy.
It was like everything that I thought was a Problem was gone.
And then I got the call from the police.
That's why I'm here.
I was told you can help people with things.
You can make deals to give people what they want.
I can.
My daughter.
I want my daughter back.
Can you do that? Melody? You want Melody alive again? Yes.
That can happen.