The Booth at the End (2011) s02e04 Episode Script

The Rules of the Game

1 Previously If I come back after missing three weeks I will accept it? You have to do a massacre.
22 dead.
Nobody wants to hear it from God.
You have to help someone.
I never implies.
What should I do? Give your life worth living.
This is what you wanted.
Be loved.
I thought a man when I made that wish.
The moment you pass stupor to pain.
This is the brand.
This lady is gone.
Her husband spoke on TV.
She was not found.
We went home.
To ensure its demise.
- We rang.
- The father opened.
He stood there.
We said we were sorry and wanted to help.
He left the door open, so we walked .
Y was a little girl.
She was wrong.
A belated.
- Be nice.
- It's weird, that's all.
Was made posters.
If people find her through this This account? It should.
There's got to be the most public possible.
In the street.
I am obliged that's a lot of people to kill.
- Twenty two.
- Exactly.
And then I need witnesses.
When will you be ready? All this, will it work? Normally.
- I hope they suffer.
- It's possible.
I can clarify my wish? Is repeated? New hope, new mission.
No, I've already started.
Until they disappear.
Perfect, then.
If I die - If I die - Before killing them.
If I open fire in the street - Sure.
- It could happen.
- Could someone - Yes, it's true.
But if you kill, or fatally injured 22 people The minute the 22nd dies your wish will come true.
I really have to plan everything.
Since it takes.
Move fast.
Pull quickly.
You are very enthusiastic.
If you could save your country If you could save the world By ridding the world of these people You gave me a gift.
I was dead.
I was there.
In My Skin I remember have been in that coffin.
And around, earth.
You've imagined.
Merge with the earth.
Train Climb What Melody? Sun.
What are you talking about? Flowers.
A burst of life rising towards the light.
This is serious.
I went to the funeral.
The coffin was open to the funeral home.
I spotted a boy.
A teenager.
The son of the deceased.
She looked serene in his coffin.
Worry not reached more.
But his son was wrong.
He ​​was devastated.
He was angry.
He stood beside the coffin.
You could go see the body.
He stood there.
Tense and motionless.
He ​​stared at.
- A challenge for you.
- Indeed.
You told me not to choose someone who already crying.
But nothing prevents me going to offer my condolences.
So I went.
I'm in front of the son.
He glares at me.
As if he knew what I was doing.
He said to me: "You will not know " You've never known " He ​​felt things with his grief So I!.
said: "No, I do not know.
" But when I saw the funeral, I decided to enter.
"My father has just died.
" My sister is in the process of being destroyed.
"And my mother is in mourning.
" He remained motionless.
Without stopping to look at me.
And he started to cry.
I do not know why he could not cry with me.
He cried on my shoulder for a long time.
That makes it an.
You started? Yes, indeed.
And what client you help? Cheryl .
- Which one? - The one with the sick child.
She left her family for three weeks.
It looks easy, Camera.
She thought so too.
She suffers? It has just begun.
- So what? - It is the lowest.
Have you seen? It occupies an abandoned building.
A deranged guard the place such a gargoyle.
- How do you help? - I brought him food.
Really? She talks to you, when you come? Talking Well She holds out.
She is very worried.
Especially for them.
And for her.
You talked to him? Yes, I tried.
To calm.
It worked? Who knows what effect may have the words? We met a woman.
A homeless sad.
- She lives in an abandoned building.
- Interesting.
She sat there.
The staring into space.
Is passing by.
With Bobby, were plastered posters.
We talked about him.
But she did not respond.
She stared at the floor of the eyes.
- Bobby called her crazy.
- Was she? It made me think.
Does she have any children? Finally, you see.
I see.
I miss my father.
What for? This is my father.
How was your father? We are not here to talk about me.
He loved you? In his own way.
That's good.
I shall go and see the lady.
- The Building? - Yes.
What for? She looked alone.
With Bobby? I think not.
Thanks for the soda.
A guy helps me with my garden.
He ​​works at the store where I bought my seeds.
He knows lots of things.
He ​​reads a lot.
It is sad.
Knowledge is not everything.
He's nice.
You hold your wish? I not stop thinking about her.
At this girl.
And you then? - Why are you here? - I know.
You want to tell me anything.
I can see how that will happen.
The massacre? No, after that.
The loss of these people.
From their faith.
Tell me.
The whole world will be ablaze.
When I'm finished.
I do not know how or why, but it's clear in my head.
It will start when I will fire.
Then everywhere, there will be more shootings.
Small, for starters.
No one will pay attention.
It happens every day.
Then it becomes something else.
We have never seen anything like it.
Really? You know what I mean.
This will be our little secret.
You are the messenger of God.
And you give me a chance.
I see it.
You are there to help me to save the world.
Notify me when you can uncover.
More than one! Before love.
I have a dilemma with my nephew.
I really want to stop everything.
But it's so full of love All I had to do was well worth , thanks to him.
But I want to stop.
So, stop.
I'm almost done.
This is well known, provide a last ditch effort, when the end is near, is the most difficult.
I do not like doing that.
I do not like that it makes me feel.
But I love what I wins.
I'm tired of making concessions.
And what would it be the opposite? Certainty.
I went out wandering.
In Search of God.
If you ask me, is that it is doable.
But I do not know what you mean by "God," "Him" or others.
What I need to serve.
This higher power.
So I went out.
Until a park.
There shops and restaurants.
I'm on a bench.
It's sunny.
There are trees, children.
I observe.
Parents, fathers, son of , mothers They walk in front of me.
And a guy sits next to me.
He observes people, too, except it's different.
His gaze is intense and sharp.
Compared to what? In mine.
The torpor.
The confusion in which I swim for almost 15 years.
This type sports a big smile.
And he looks at me, as if they were preparing a coup together.
"I am looking for God.
" I threw it to him.
And he says I'm almost there.
It is close.
What I have to just accept it.
I tell him I can not believe it.
He asks me if I am willing to believe and let go.
I answer no.
He ​​told me that this is the problem.
And he continues to look at me.
He watches me from top to bottom.
As if to determine my camp.
What camp? I know.
It was like in a spy movie.
Like I'm a double agent sent to down.
And I realize that this guy believes.
He really believes.
This is a believer.
A true believer.
So I decided to set me up.
You trap? That would work, right? If I find God and I decide to follow him.
Whether or not there.
But if I really believe If I act accordingly, it will work? You said: "In one way or another.
" Indeed.
A woman came to the store buy seeds.
She did not know what to take.
She just wanted flowers.
People are dipping nothing flowers.
They are pretty.
- They are not as pretty.
- No.
Flowers feed on death.
Rot is their fertilizer.
They bloom for everyone.
To spread pollen.
To give life.
For that death could come back.
I think I marked.
How so? I do not know.
This is an invisible thing.
Invisible As if, with flowers, I made him a precious gift.
Flowers, huh? You do not tell me everything.
I told him about my father.
I spoke of what I had felt it.
From funeral and my mother.
I do not even know how it happened.
It's like she encouraged me to tell me.
Just by being patient.
I told him important things.
And I marked.
It marked me.
I see it.
And the feeling is mutual.
I went to see the lady.
I stayed a long time with it.
To be less lonely.
It's not crazy? I do not know.
And it mitigates may not loneliness.
I looked at the upstairs window.
I saw something.
A movement.
So I declined.
I saw a face which was quickly hidden.
I went in and I went up.
It was empty.
Some walls were destroyed.
It was dusty.
I walked slowly.
I heard nothing, but I continued.
I found a frightened woman who was trying to hide.
This was the lady.
The posters.
- You found it.
- She made me sign.
I replied.
It was observed for a while.
She said: "Do not tell anyone I'm here.
" I asked: " Why abandon your little girl?" She replied: "I am looking for a way to accept it as it is.
" I sat on a bucket who was in the room.
And I said, .
"I will say nothing, as you will not be ready " But in exchange, I want to be the one that brings you back " And you 're gone No, we talked a long time.
We talked about my father.
According to her, they do not express being bad parents.
They are doing their best .
But sometimes Their best is to be awful.
We still spoken.
And I left.
I left there.
You have not told anyone where she was ? It was enough to make you to find your father.
She told me to wait.
So, I'll wait.
She could not keep her promise.
She wants to become a good mother.
I can not help it.
I wanted to talk to you.
Yes, what? My mother I know how to make her happy.
You cry four others? I tried.
I told him stories.
Really? I told him the story of a man who sits at the back of a restaurant.
And who can achieve all my wishes.
Looks like a scary story.
Not as I told.
This is to say? I told him that I went to the zoo, to make a child cry.
But it struck me.
What I caught a baby that cries for , but he smiled.
What I wanted heartbreaking a man who loved me, telling him that I no longer wanted to see him.
But he dumped me before.
I told him ten stories.
In my attempt to save the world by crying people, and that I had failed.
And my mother laughed.
So much.
She took my hand, she was happy.
She thinks you're the devil.
She may be right.
I got what I wanted.
I hope you get there too.
Why do you I want something? This is our reason for being.