The Borgias s03e01 Episode Script

The Face of Death

NARRATOR: Previously on The Borgias: RODRIGO: Now is the time of reckoning.
The vultures are circling our family.
Our Rome.
We must remove him from the chair of St.
Peter's and from this world.
Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord.
Vengeance will be ours.
[] CATHERINA: No! RODRIGO: Catherina Sforza.
If she does not kiss the papal ring, we will drag her in chains through the streets of Rome.
You would have me kneel to him? Bow? I only kneel when it suits me.
CESARE: Catherina Sforza shared her bed with me.
Did she beg to be friends with us? CESARE: She remains an enemy.
Now we're in need of another alliance.
I will not marry.
It is a daughter's duty to marry her father's choice.
Surrender to my forces! Journey to Rome! I will never bend my knee to the whore master of Rome.
CAPTAIN: Fire! HERNANDO: We're under attack! What should have been a glorious victory is an ignominious defeat.
CESARE: Father, we must discuss our brother.
He is hurtling towards ruin.
He will drag this whole family with him.
Sleep well.
[SCREAMS] DELLA ROVERE: The pope is surrounded by a ring of steel.
I propose we use the weapon the Borgia family uses: Cantarella.
I would gladly die to rid the world of the Borgia pope.
LUCREZIA: The thought of marriage turns my stomach.
The warm touch of a lover might ease the pain.
We grow weary of this game.
It is no game.
You are marrying for all of us, Lucrezia.
For family! LUCREZIA: Who are you? I'm Prince Alfonso d'Aragona, suitor to the Lady Lucrezia.
Yes, I will marry him.
He has all the sweetness of an apple on the tree.
JUAN: You want to inhabit my shoes, carry my sword.
You must resign yourself, Cesare.
You'll realise I've done everything for your own good.
Leave my baby.
Juan, leave my baby alone.
I will not have this family torn apart.
Help him through his dark night.
Come to beg forgiveness for your insult? You're already forgiven.
[GRUNTING] CESARE: We're Borgias.
We never forgive.
RODRIGO: Your brother murdered in cold blood.
Who would do such a thing? Many people, Father.
I have wished him dead a thousand times.
Find his murderer.
Scour all Italy.
There will be no need of that.
Do you know who did this? CESARE: I have taken upon my head the act that none other would dare commit.
If I cannot have your affection, can you at least grant me your forgiveness? RODRIGO: We realise now that we have brought this upon ourselves.
[GASPS] Father! Help! [] MAN 1: Come with me! Hurry! [] CESARE: Help! Father! MAN 2: Summon the physician! MAN 3: Is he dead? Stand back! Make way, I say! MAN 4: Physician, hurry! GUARD: Make way! PHYSICIAN: Move! Move aside! CAPTAIN: Seal the city! Close the gates! PHYSICIAN: Make way! Make way, make way.
What can you do? PHYSICIAN: Nothing.
His soul is already departing this world.
His soul does not depart until I give it leave.
There is nothing.
No remedy, no antidote, nothing to cure such a case.
LUCREZIA: No, there is.
There is something.
But I have only read of it, never seen it done.
I need water, water.
Open his mouth.
[CROWD CHATTERING] Get this down.
Come on, help me! Force it in until he can bear no more.
If he vomits, force more.
Understand? But this is witchcraft.
This is physic.
Get to it.
Do what she says, every detail.
And if his soul departs, I shall ensure it does not do so alone.
MAN: Yes, eminence.
Hand me water.
LUCREZIA: Push this down his throat.
CAPTAIN: Get these people out of here.
I want this room clear.
ALFONSO: Will he live? I found this in the boy's cell.
CESARE: A Dominican salter in a Franciscan cell? ASCANIO: I have closed the city.
I must leave.
Do what you can.
CESARE: Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! LUCREZIA: Keep going.
The last words I spoke to him, Shh.
they tore him apart.
It's not yet too late.
[POUNDING ON DOOR] MONK 1: Who's there, Brother? MONK 2: Stop! This is the house of God.
And God is angry.
[GRUNTING] [GROANS] [GRUNTING] CESARE: Whose room is this? MONK 3: Cardinal Della Rovere's.
CESARE: Where is he? Where is Della Rovere? CAPTAIN: My lord.
CESARE: Cantarella.
You, where is he? Tell me where you have hidden Della Rovere or your life is forfeit.
Show me or I will gut you like a fish.
You threaten me? We are men of God.
Men of God who have conspired to murder my father.
Your father.
Did you really think I would not find you out? Look at me.
Look at me! Show me.
Show him.
[WOMEN SOBBING] [PHYSICIAN PANTING] There is nothing more I know to do.
Well, we cannot leave him here.
We've lost him.
[GRUNTS] [YELLS] COLONNA: It seems our prayers may not be answered.
ASCANIO: That depends on the nature of your prayers.
COLONNA: God forbid he should die.
But should he die, there will be opportunity.
There will be mayhem.
God wants an Italian.
The Holy Spirit wants a Roman.
We should decide amongst ourselves.
Find the safest Italian hands, bless the martyr who brought about this outcome.
Of one of the great Italian families.
Colonna, De Luca, Piccolimini, Sforza, Versucci, Orsini.
[] He could be anywhere.
PHYSICIAN: His arm, lift his arm.
ORSINI: I would need to know where you consider me.
DELLA ROVERE: Cardinal Orsini.
Cardinal De Luca.
Cardinal Colonna.
Cardinal Sforza.
My brothers, I came as soon as I heard.
As soon as you heard? Of the pope's death.
Cardinal Della Rovere, your information somewhat pre-empts the matter.
PRIEST 2: Amen.
The life has not left him yet, Eminence.
[] Cesare.
Your blade! Cesare, put up your blade! CARDINALS: No, no, no! Cesare.
The least disturbance may tip the balance.
Cesare, please! Now, think! Think of what? Of what happens next.
Of what becomes of us if he dies.
You, me, Lucrezia.
Do you think we've made friends here? Do you think we can turn to our allies? Where are these allies, Cesare? Who are our friends? I'm not pope.
Neither are you.
Without him, what becomes of us? Will he die? It hangs in the balance.
Then we must wait to see which way the balance falls.
Meanwhile, look to me for your safety.
[CARDINALS MURMURING] PICCOLOMINI: We should align ourselves now to reap what we can.
VERSUCCI: There's nothing else.
ORSINI: There are the Borgia estates.
PICCOLOMINI: Are we agreed? An Italian, then? ORSINI: And a Roman.
VERSUCCI: Della Rovere is both.
He has long been in the wilderness.
ORSINI: But far too long.
How long will any of the Borgias survive once he is gone? I want the treasury.
And I want land.
Take him back to the villa.
Put him in his bed there.
We'll join you as soon as we know his grandfather's fate.
Thank you.
Be safe.
Yes, my lady.
You go too.
It's not safe here.
If it's not safe for me, how can it be for you? It's not, but I'm a Borgia and my place is here.
I'm to be your husband.
Yes, but you are not yet.
Go back to your villa, and when this is over, one way or the other, I will send for you, never fear.
I would protect you, you know.
A time may come, but not now.
[] [SIGHS] VANOZZA: Christ the Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou amongst women, blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for our sins.
[SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY] Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee SOLDIER 1: Positions! CAPTAIN: Form up! Take positions! SOLDIER 3: In place! CAPTAIN: Papal guard! Cardinal.
Tell me, um where are the lines of allegiance? Hmm? Please, do not tell me that my father did not have you with your ear pressed to the wall on such matters.
I wish to know.
Which cardinals owe favour to which other cardinals? Who is in whose pocket? Who seeks the papacy and who merely wishes an easy life? You know all this, do you not? CAPTAIN: Stand fast.
ASCANIO: Yes, your father encouraged me to know all of this.
CESARE: And? ASCANIO: I have a list in my private apartments.
Names and notes.
CAPTAIN: Halt! CESARE: Get it.
[] [DOOR CREAKS] Did my cousin Catherina send you? You are not welcome here.
This is a dagger's tip upon which all events turn, cardinal.
We are at the fork in the road.
Rome must not be allowed to take the wrong path here.
Did you do this? No, it took us by surprise.
But it was our intention, at the proper moment.
Preparations have been made for some time now, certain matters arranged.
All this has done is move things along a little faster than we'd anticipated.
You've always known this day would come, Ascanio.
All that has changed is that now I require your assistance in the matter.
By what right dare you require anything of me? By right of blood, of family, kinsmen.
And by right of what is good for Rome.
And if I refuse-- ? You should not refuse.
If he dies-- When he dies.
What comes after? Are you here to dangle the papacy of Rome in front of me like a carrot in front of a hungry mule? Are you saying you would refuse if it were offered? Understand me clearly.
Your cousin Catherina will not be denied this chance.
He will die.
As will they all die.
All? The whole brood of bastards die tonight.
So you should give thought to where you want to be come the dawn.
One step closer to the throne of Rome, or confronting a pope whose family just died at Sforza hands.
Come home, Ascanio.
You've been too long away.
[CARDINALS MURMURING] [] DELLA ROVERE: It would be good if we could count on your support.
CARDINAL 1: Of course.
DELLA ROVERE: Thank you.
You believe that one of you can beat him.
You can't.
Sforza knows too well your strengths and weaknesses, your little corridor politics.
He'll set you against one another, let you vie for position, and then take down the winner without breaking a sweat.
But I can beat him if you lend your strength to mine.
None of you wants to be pope in any case.
What you want is power.
And that I will give you, all that you could eat of it.
Dottore, water, now! SERVANT: Yes, my lord.
[] CARDINAL 3: Your Holiness.
Rodrigo? CESARE: You can leave us.
Don't try to speak.
Your throat will be torn from the charcoal.
It's safe.
It's safe.
It's safe.
[SIGHS] I saw the face of death.
CESARE: Well, you're not dead, Father.
You live.
For how long? A day and a night.
By who? Della Rovere.
The Dominicans were hiding him right here in Rome.
But we have him.
And I will know how many others.
Their names, their families.
He will tell everything before I'm done with him.
And then he will beg for death.
They settled like crows around me.
I heard them, praying for my death.
I heard them.
They're gone now.
I have disappointed them.
How come I did not die? You owe your life to Lucrezia.
And the grace of God.
Yes, and that.
No, not God.
Where is he? Who, Father? Juan.
Where is Juan? [] [SIGHS] Juan.
[SIGHS] Look at me.
Look at me.
You have us.
We are here.
One day and a night.
So much has changed.
[GRUNTING] [DOOR CLOSES] [] CAPTAIN: Every staircase.
SOLDIER 1: Yes, captain.
SOLDIER 2: Yes, captain.
SOLDIER 3: Hey there.
CAPTAIN: Any strangers? SOLDIER 4: Nothing to report, sir.
CAPTAIN: Keep watch.
Nobody leaves their post.
SOLDIER 5: Yes, captain.
[CHATTERING] MAN 1: Three for the meat.
MAN 2: Instructions, sir? MAN 3: Get your instructions over there.
MAN 4: Make way.
Well? What of my family? SOLDIER: Make way.
They're well so far.
And whether they remain so depends on your answer.
There are five guards inside the villa, and I don't know how many outside.
Where placed? The main doors.
Two in the garden.
The others move around upstairs mostly.
I'm not sure of more.
MAN 5: You there.
MAN 6: Sir.
That's good enough.
And the family? They will return when the pope is well.
Or when he dies.
The window in the washing room leads outside? When the family returns, leave the window unlatched and walk away.
But you must promise me.
Please, spare the child.
He's done nothing.
Of course, you have my word.
No harm to the child.
Let's go.
RUFIO: Okay, go ahead.
MAN 1: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
That's it.
Hit him.
Hit him.
MAN 2: Come on.
RUFIO: Peck his eyes out.
Yeah, get him.
Yeah, that's it.
Call it off.
What's happened? He's alive.
[ROOSTERS SQUAWKING] You're certain? When I left, he was calling for water.
By now he's probably fucking some servant girl with a wine jug in one hand and a swan's leg in the other.
It's over.
Don't be a fool.
Are you deaf? He's alive.
So make him die.
The others die tonight in any case.
I've already given the word.
Dear God.
There's no backing down now.
Within the month, Rome will have a new pope.
MAN 3: Bring in the next pair! Better for all that it is a man of moderation and wisdom such as yourself.
You're insane.
He trusts you.
Toledo steel.
MAN 3: Ready.
Let them loose! It's one of a pair.
What have you done with the other? I told you preparations had been made.
In the pope's chamber.
Concealed in the crucifix upon his offering table.
You know what to do.
My father lives.
You've failed.
What say you to that? Today he lives.
One day he will not.
And on that day, where will you be? You do know what awaits you? Hmm? What we did to Savonarola will seem like the merest whimsy compared to what I will inflict on you.
What I said, I meant.
Give thought to it.
Where will you be when he's gone? They will tear you down like jackals.
I can help you.
I have no need of your help.
I can pave the way.
Every word from your lips is a lie.
I'm beaten.
I have failed.
I know that.
What use am I to you dead? [CHUCKLES] I do not mean for you to be dead.
Not for a long, long time.
[KNOCKS ON DOOR] [] I saw the face of death.
I know.
You said.
And I was afraid.
I am so afraid.
Don't be.
It would take more than cantarella to fell an ox like you.
No, you don't understand.
I didn't see the face of God.
He was not there.
Why did he not show himself to me? But I heard the others.
I heard them.
Colonna, Versucci, DeLuca, Della Rovere.
How they prayed for my death.
And swore to see me buried and never again a Spaniard on the papal throne.
Carrion crows pecking away.
And where was God to protect me? You must rest.
Now close your eyes and sleep.
He sleeps? He frets, as if in fever.
You've done such work today.
Take Mother home.
Stay with her.
Take some sleep for tomorrow.
I'll stay with him.
Look after him.
[GRUNTS] I heard that voice.
In the room, before the poison took hold and darkness dragged me down.
I heard you call out to me.
" And you held me in your arms.
Come here.
There was something before the darkness.
[] Something you said, something you told me that the world must never know.
Your brother's murder was a terrible crime.
And every crime must be seen to have a punishment.
So we must find the person who is to be punished.
You understand? And I? You have to find your own peace.
[CHATTERING] [] CAPTAIN: Papal guard.
ORSINI: I will speak with the prisoner.
You are relieved.
GUARD: Yes, Your Eminence.
What is this? ORSINI: This is your freedom.
Don't forget who put it in your hands.
But why? Others may succeed where you have not.
And then Rome will have need of you.
I will not forget this.
Go with them.
They will show you the way.
God be with you.
And with you.
[] Is this necessary? My Lord Cesare's orders.
Guards! Della Rovere.
Find him.
Follow me.
Yes, my lord.
CESARE: Search everywhere.
[] [GIOVANNI CRYING] Oh, you scared me.
What is it? Do you not hear the child crying? Look at me.
I said, look at me.
I had no choice.
You had every choice.
[GRUNTING] GUARD: Who's there? [GRUNTS THEN SCREAMS] [PANTING] Della Rovere is free.
What? There are dead men strewn through my father's house and Della Rovere is free.
All is well here? No.
No, all is not well here.
Just tell me.
There is a plot to kill your family.
It is my cousin Catherina Sforza's doing.
When? Tonight.
[] CESARE: Get in there.
Do not leave his side.
Do not let anyone else in.
[YELLS] CESARE: Where are they? Your sister's bedroom.
Thank God.
They were warned.
Ascanio betrayed us.
Then we will have to find another way.
That will be difficult.
They will be watching for assassination.
No more assassination.
What, then? Those they have dispossessed.
Those they have made enemies of.
Those upon whom they have trodden in their ascent to power.
Let us gather them to us.
The cardinals? No.
If our own cousin fails us, why look to the rest of the Consistory? Go to their families.
The young bloods, blades for hire.
Second sons.
Roberto and Paolo Orsini.
Vitelezzo Vitelli.
Prospero Colonna.
Gian Paolo Baglioni.
The families of Bologna, Umbria, Siena.
An alliance.
You think they would fall in? For the most part, they hate each other.
They hate the Borgias more.
[CHUCKLES] Bring them to us.
Marshal them under our banner.
And then let us see where we stand.
[] What's this? MAN 1: Let me see inside.
This is murder.
Taken out of the Borgia palace, so we heard.
Run through and through with swords.
MAN 2: What do you have? Seems there's treason afoot.
Best you keep your eyes open.
[CHOIR SINGING IN LATIN] Were you in time? Yes.
I thank God for it.
Two men were sent in the night to wipe my family from the face of the Earth and came within a blade's breadth of doing so.
The maid's family is dead.
The maid too, I'm sure, would have been disposed of had we not finished her first.
There is someone thinking far ahead, tying up loose ends.
Who? [PRIEST SPEAKING IN LATIN] His name is Rufio.
He is a man of my cousin Catherina Sforza's household.
I have known him since he was a boy.
He's the most deadly, the most lethal-- We will find him.
No, you will not.
He's not a mere assassin.
He has made himself a student of the art of death.
You will not find him unless he wishes it.
And so he found you.
He came to me and told me to choose my allegiance.
And you chose Rome.
Yes, of course I chose Rome.
What do you take me for, a traitor? Why should I be surprised at one more when there are so many? Where is Della Rovere? [] Gone.
Who knows where? He had friends.
Friends within the Vatican.
I knew nothing of this, I swear it.
I knew nothing before tonight.
You did well enough.
[GASPS] They came for our family? CESARE: It has passed.
Everyone is well.
Who was it? Della Rovere? Perhaps.
More likely, this past night, your poisoning, has rattled the grass and all the snakes in Rome have slid forth.
Della Rovere may not be the worst of it.
Well, then who? Who did it? Catherina Sforza.
That bitch.
And you knew nothing of this until it was upon us? Who is to protect this family if not you? VANOZZA: Rodrigo.
RODRIGO: You are truly safe.
And little Giovanni? He's safe.
I told you, Father, he's safe.
We're all safe.
[] VANOZZA: This night is done.
It is daylight.
Open your eyes.
We're not safe.
We are at war.