The Boss Baby: Back in Business (2018) s02e06 Episode Script

Fugitive's Day Out

Hold all my calls.
Somebody talked.
Somehow, Baby Corp's biggest secret, the existence of Stinkless Serum, got leaked to our old enemies, Puppy Co.
Heroically, my team and I managed to fend off their agent and save the serum.
But one loose end keeps taunting me like a deranged squeaky toy.
Who told Puppy Co? That's where my team comes in.
We are in the process of "borrowing" a very special key.
One that will allow us to access the Chewpie Tracker.
Little-known fact, Baby Corp keeps a log of every chewpie transport taken by anyone in the company, which means whichever filthy traitor baby visited Puppy Co, the Chewpie Tracker knows.
And very soon I'm going to know, too.
Outstanding slide show, Double B.
Now, why am I involved in this corporate sneak-a-doo? Welcome to Chewpie Tracker! Because you're the only one in this office who types 150 shapes per minute.
A hundred and 57.
Searching! Searching! Everything's clockwork here, Templeton.
In less than five minutes, I will ID our corporate spy, turn him over to Turtleneck Superstar, and seize the inside track to becoming this company's next CEO.
No hurry.
It's all clear at home.
Lazy Saturdays are the best.
Wouldn't you agree, Football Mike? Can't talk now, Tim! This touchdown is for the Time Travelers' Championship of the Past, Present and Future! Tim! It's errand day! Okay! You and Mom have fun! I'll keep an eye on the baby! No, sweetie, we're all going together! - What? - What? Do the baby and I have to come? It'll be fun! And you have to be there to try on new church slacks at Junior Fancy's! Church slacks? Leg prison? Whoo! Church slacks! Out the door in two, Timbo! Two minutes? We just got an accelerated deadline, Hendershot.
Where's my traitor? Searching! Searching! Not showing any transports to Puppy Co yet.
Hydrate me! Templeton, I need more time.
You have to stall them.
If it keeps me from shopping for church slacks, oh, I will stall them.
I'll stall them to heck! Mom, Dad, it's Saturday.
What if I miss an important cartoon and they ask me about it at school, but I don't know, so I don't get into college, and now I can't grow up to be a space fireman? Who puts out fires in space then? I dunno.
Robots, probably? Dang it! They'd be great at it.
Still not getting church slacks! - Hey! - Yes, you are! Sir, the deadline's too short.
There's no way! Upper management always finds a way.
Jimbo! Throw more bodies at the problem.
- Did we just get promoted? - Sure.
Yeah! Dad, I can't find any clean underwear! Did you check your drawer? Yes! Ten-13! Ten-13! It's raining underwear! The witch's curse came true! - Boop! - Beep! Computer! - Almost there, Double B! - Boss Baby! Ahh! Out of time, Hendershot! Tim, are you ready? Tag, you're it! It's time for hide-and-go-seek! Go! Timothy, it is time to leave! Security Baby Phil, retrieve my key.
Ha-ha! Ma'am, if you'll just give me a few more seconds.
Were you granted Chewpie Tracker access? No.
Explain yourself, using vocabulary words of at least five syllables.
Search complete! The following babies made unauthorized recent transports to Puppy Co! - The source of our leaks.
- Kick it to the big board! Compliments of your highest-qualified CEO candidate Boss Baby! - Huh? - End of list! Detain the conspirator.
Get him! Peg! They won't give me pepper spray.
Totally innocent, by the way, ma'am.
Talk soon! Timothy Templeton! Come on, open up! - No more stalling, young man! - Come on, Timbo, open up! It's errand day, come on! We have to get off the grid, maybe go foreign.
How many languages do you speak? - I can say "Who farted?" in seven.
- Good! It's a start.
Errand day, now! Who farted? - He went that way! - Check the coordinates.
Boss Baby is a traitor? This world doesn't make sense anymore.
I believe in nothing.
I'm gonna go listen to music about sadness and black eye shadow.
No! Beebs would never betray Baby Corp.
This has to be a setup.
You guys work on finding proof the boss is innocent.
I'm gonna try to buy him some getaway time.
How? By sabotaging the pursuit.
Ma'am, I volunteer to head up the fugitive baby hunt.
Qualifications? Well, this one time when I was in daycare, the classroom turtle ran away, and everyone figured it was But did I give up? No! I didn't sleep for five days until I found that turtle! And made him pay.
Efficient, frightening.
I commend you, but I've already recruited a tracking party leader.
Recruited? Who? Boss Baby is now an outlaw from Baby Corp.
How do you catch an outlaw? Well, if it's anything like catching turtles, you just need a crossbow and the will to use it.
You send an outlaw.
Oh, why don't everybody snap? Rewind, it's a comeback! Hello! I miss everybody! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Take it, Ted.
I can't believe they think you sold out to Puppy Co.
This day is just one unfair after another.
It just got worse, boss.
Guess who's in charge of hunting you.
- Not guessing.
- Fair enough.
It's Mega Fat-Not-the-CEO Just-Regular-Baby-Now, I guess.
Smart play, Turtleneck.
Any progress on proving my innocence? - Mmmm Mnh-mnh.
- Keep at it.
Whatever happens, I swear one thing: I will not take the fall for this! And I swear one more thing: I will not be getting new church slacks from Junior Fancy's! Not.
Church slacks.
Junior Fancy's.
See you there.
With my bossy posse.
Woop! - Gah! - What do you think, Tim? Get the worst done first? Ooh, good call, honey.
First stop on this errand day, fat stacks of fine slacks! Now more than ever, we cannot go there.
- Junior Fancy's, here we - I have to pee right now! Whizzing.
Don't have to tell you, right? Restrooms are for customers only, man.
Fruit pie? Mega Fat Regular Baby.
No? We're just doing this now, without the pie? Fine.
Goo-gah kai? The baby martial art.
Thought you'd be with your posse at Junior Fancy's.
How'd you find me? You're not the only one who knows his way around a Chewpie Tracker console.
Gah! Betrayer! - Your form is exquisite.
- Well, I needed a hobby.
It's amazing, all the free time you have once you give up being a professional naughty boy.
And thank you.
I can't tell you how delicious it tastes in my mouth to say I'm bringing Boss Baby to justice.
This isn't justice! You know I was framed! Baby, I don't know nothing but these sweet moves.
Boom boom, fall-down dropkick! So, how about those politics? I don't like small talk either, man.
We can just do this.
Oh, thank goodness.
You're not taking me in.
Take you in, take you out.
I just love being the good guy for once.
What a satisfying Huh? Back in the car! I'm buying potato chips.
Why do I have to show ID? It makes me feel powerful.
Dad, come on, let's go.
Oh, we bought snacks.
No one escapes me forever, Boss Baby.
Isn't that right, Mr.
Fruit Pie? No! Mmm-mmm-mmm.
Hello, evidence! Let's go clear the boss's name! All clear.
Okay, first stop, slightly delayed, church slacks! Umm After I just ate all those snacks? They'll be the wrong size if we shop now.
You want me to walk around church with slacks falling to my ankles like some kind of holy circus clown? I suppose we could drop off our water and power bill first.
Re-routing! Interesting.
You found someone else's fingerprints on there? Hmm? Oh, no.
Just Boss Baby's.
Nobody tampered with his chewpie.
- Then why did you say "interesting"? - I just like my work! Enjoyable! Darn it! Come on, think, you guys! The boss is counting on us.
Water and power bill dropped off.
One errand finally done.
And in record time, for slowness.
But a record, nonetheless.
Celebratory rock! What was that? - Mom, let's go! - That's the errand day spirit, Timbo! Uhh How long have you known me? When have I ever done anything against Baby Corp? I'm a company man! Babies change, Boss Backstabber.
Look at me.
Magnus has me doing daily meditations.
I am at peace with the entire universe.
But I'm still going to crush you, for justice.
I was set up! "Oh, I'm an excuse baby!" Set up by who? It's ridicu-cray-cray! Can we do some doughnuts? - That's unsafe driving, Tim.
- But the parking lot's empty! Whoa! That stopped being fun seconds ago! Whoo! Kiss me.
Right now.
Ohh! - You okay? - Fine.
Just thinking about what Mega Fat said.
Set up by who? Staci, forget looking for evidence I'm innocent.
We need to focus on finding who's guilty.
Way ahead of you, Boss.
Confess! Sometimes I eat crayons just to feel alive! Not him.
Next! Confess! I never understood what's so great about patty-cake! It's the camaraderie of it! Not her.
Next! Confess! I enjoy sitting in chairs and getting yelled at.
Pretty big office, though.
Probably gonna take a while.
Just stay mobile.
Way ahead of you.
Church slacks, ahoy! Can we make our library run first? We can check out new books for the baby so he won't be bored while we shop.
Honey, that's so sweet.
Looks like Junior Fancy's is our next closest stop.
Doesn't the bank close early on Saturdays? Ice cream truck! Follow it, follow it, follow it, follow it! Sometimes I have nightmares that our house is on fire.
Anyway, hope you guys remembered to turn off the coffee pot.
Just to confirm.
You wanted me to wear no underwear, right? I have to pee again.
Grab a cup.
Church slacks! Church slacks! Church slacks.
4:30 p.
High noon.
Welcome! Junior Fancy, incredibly handsome.
- Mwah! - Oh! How'd you like to be, too? No, thank you.
Everything here looks like poop.
Timothy! We're here for new church slacks.
Right on.
Gotta look fly for the Sky Guy.
My man, hope that church has room for one dapper devil.
Gonna need your savvy eye for fashion here, too, Daddy-O.
Well, if you really need me.
I just want to talk, Boss Baby.
We can still end this business peacefully.
Then, what are these? Oh.
Must be my "Going Out of Business Sale.
" They're too tight! Let me go while you find bigger ones! We can try a bigger pair.
Just hold still! My dude, looking good has to start from within.
It hurts my feelings that you make me do this! I'm so bored.
Will you please just surrender, already? Never! These ones are even tighter.
They're choking my butt, and my butt is going to die! They're two sizes bigger! Oh, my goodness.
That looks shaky-wobbly dangerous up there.
You should probably jump to safety into my arms.
Come on, jumpy-jump! Everything will be fine! Why don't you trust me? You're joking, right? Mad Dog will bring the traitor down, sir.
Don't need those.
Boss Baby is innocent.
What? Wow! Twist! But I mean, great, yay, finally.
But when did you realize? After our happy fun doughnut time at the power plant.
Then why didn't you say something before you trapped me on a dangerously high stack of shoeboxes? Because it was hilarious! Oh, you should have seen your face when you thought you were going to prison.
Oh, man, I love being a good guy.
Oh, you miserable - Whoa! - No! - Tim! - My slacks! Whoa! Gotcha! I guess they were too tight, huh? - You're still paying for those.
- But we didn't budget for two new pairs.
His old church slacks are fine.
Yes! I mean, amen.
I told you to trust me.
Anywaysies, you seemed so golly-gee sincere, I thought, "Well, who even could have set Boss Baby up?" - Besides you? - That's what I'm saying, patsy man! The Chewpie Tracker system can be altered, but only by one baby.
The CEO.
But you're not the CEO anymore.
Yes, thank you, I love to remember that.
That would mean it was Turtleneck Superstar CEO Baby! Did I set you up? Yes.
Reason? Nollaun Wigi.
The Korean leadership technique, also known as "Surprise Crisis"? I went to a seminar.
I had to know if my top candidate for the next CEO could handle the most stressful circumstances.
To be clear, you did just say "top candidate for CEO"? Yes.
You passed.
Uh, ma'am, I'm pretty sure all he did was run away all day.
But who was back at the office trying to prove his innocence? An entire team of allies.
Boss, we got it! There's a back door to the Chewpie Tracker, but it's only accessible by one person! Guess who? Dang it.
You can still guess.
Loyalty, inspiring, priceless.
You even won the trust of a former enemy.
That's leadership! So Rewind.
You slipped a tippy-top secret to Puppy Co, dibble-dabbled with computer files to make an underling look guilty, and all this shenaniganning was just to test - if Boss Baby plays well with others? - Yes.
Ooh-wee! New CEO Lady, you are even more twisted than I was.
And I love it! Call me! Magnus, let's bounce.
You impress me, Boss Baby.
This ends my praise.
We get promotions when you're in charge, right? Private offices with gold-plated potties.
All good? Do you see me in baby jail or you in church slacks? No, I do not.
Lazy Saturday.