The Boys (2019) s02e07 Episode Script

Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker

Holy shit!
We are going to hold hearings
on Vought and Compound V.
I'm the world's greatest superhero.
You're my greatest failure.
[STORMFRONT] I do like you.
You got spunk.
You'll be a big help to me.
What the hell does that mean?
That's Lamplighter.
These people are test subjects.
Trying to stabilise the V.
Anytime, you get a solid Supe.
- Why would Vought do that?
- We are in a war for the culture.
But we can fight back
with an army of supermen, millions strong.
Everyone I have ever loved
is in the ground.
And then I found you.
We found each other.
[MAN ON RADIO] Thirty percent
of the public is hardcore aware now,
and know how the system works.
And we don't do anything about it.
And that's why superterrorists
continue to invade America.
Illegal immigrants
pour into this country every day.
Any one of them
could be a superterrorist.
Many are calling for more superheroes,
in order to counter
the superterrorist threat
and protect Americans.
- I gotta go. I'm late for class.
- Thanks.
- Have a good day, hon.
- All of us need to stand up.
I'm sick of waiting
for some executive to finish racquet
We are going to hold hearings
on Vought and Compound V.
That's $1.45.
I'm gonna tell you something I shouldn't.
Something the government
doesn't want you
[MAN 1]
And they want more superterrorists.
[MAN 2] People are pointing out,
the rush to judgement by the left
- [MAN 1] Victoria Neuman's accusation
- [STORMFRONT] No offence
Have a good day, hon.
Why does it matter
what some supervillain-loving snowflake
Every minute we waste,
one superterrorist
has already gotten through.
- More will come.
- $12.45.
And, I mean, for all we know,
these maniacs
could've already flown over our borders.
- And be standing next to you.
- You all right, pal?
- Waiting for the chance to kill.
- Yeah.
Keep America safe again.
I am so glad that I was there this time.
- I am counting on you.
- [NANCY] Have a good day, hon.
- Every minute we wait
- No, it's up to us.
We have to make our voices heard
I am counting on you to show us the way.
Don't let me down.
I saw the light in your eyes.
Take the money.
You one of them?
Fucking supervillain?
- What?
- Are you bullet-proof?
No, please.
I have a family. Please.
What a wonderful world ♪
What a wonderful world ♪
Look, I told you. Stormfront
gave the orders. I just executed them.
It was, um
It wasn't easy.
We can all agree
that you're the real victim here.
Let's cut the shit.
Go over it again from the start.
[LAMPLIGHTER] I just left The Seven.
Mr Edgar invited me to his club.
[GRACE] Put away that petulant look
before you hurt someone with it.
I should be chuffed we're pissing away
the best asset we ever got.
- Your plan would be?
- Same as always.
Squeeze the cunt
till he gives up the next cunt.
Kill the fuck when we're done.
I've no doubt you'd be happy
with that unending cycle of brutality.
How can you
not want blood for what he done?
He's willing to speak
against Vought at the hearing.
We've never had Congress on our side.
Congress? Please.
What a bunch of corrupt cunts they are.
You're not the first person
to call me a cunt, Mr Butcher.
I'm starting to think
it's a badge of honour.
Term of endearment where I'm from.
Opposition will have a field day with him.
Disgruntled ex-Supe.
I'm sure he's fucked
half the Sacred Heart cheerleaders.
But, yeah, he'll be a good witness.
It's not enough, though.
Not enough? If torturing and burning
a bunch of mentals on Vought's say-so
ain't enough for you,
then what are you good for?
A strongly worded tweet?
You're a wanted felon. We don't need you.
Yes, we do, Lisa.
Mr Butcher has fought Vought
harder than we have.
But I would like a turn,
if we can trust each other.
[HUGHIE] I think we can.
- Trust each other.
- Hold still.
[GRACE] What do you need?
We know what they were doing
at Sage Grove, but we don't know why.
- Why test Compound V on patients?
What do they want?
I need the full picture.
If we take a shot at the king,
we can't fucking miss.
We know someone
who might know the full picture.
Well, that's fucking rich.
Who is it?
Like you said,
we're gonna have to trust each other.
Would you like a coffee?
Um, no, thanks.
How about a white chocolate unicorn frap?
They're really good.
- No.
- I'll get one to share.
Mom, I don't want
a fucking unicorn frappé.
Okay, sorry.
Just nervous.
When did you get to town?
I never left.
I'm staying at the Days Inn in Newark.
I'm not leaving until we talk this out.
I know what I've done to you.
Believe me, I know.
Mom, it's not just you.
Do you remember that
cross you gave me for confirmation?
Before every save that I went on,
I would touch it.
Like a football player
leaving a locker room.
I thought that God
was sending me on a mission.
I feel so stupid.
I gave my whole life to nothing.
- That's not true.
- Mom.
The good guys don't win.
The bad guys don't get punished.
What we do means nothing,
it's just all for money, and
I'm in the middle of all of it.
Honey, you're not alone.
You're not.
Let's go away. You and me.
Let's get away from all of this.
Get away from Vought.
Escape for a while.
I cleared it already.
You cleared what?
With Ashley at Vought.
You called them?
About an hour ago. Why?
They could be looking
Colonel, you think
the congresswoman is in danger?
She has her security detail.
Which will be useless if a Supe drops in.
She's our best chance to nail Vought,
but only
if you keep her alive until the hearing.
And Serge?
No abandoning your post this time.
I'm all right. I'm coming with you.
You're in no shape to go anywhere.
Besides, we got
a very important job for you.
We need you
to look after our star witness.
Hey, you guys wanna watch
Deep Does It in the Blowhole?
Ready to get wet?
- I don't wanna watch that film.
- Yeah, you are.
It's a classic. You'll love it.
[MILK] Butcher, let's go.
Hello, Mum.
[CONNIE] Hey, Billy,
you ain't been picking up.
We're in a meeting.
I'm in New York.
Look, I told Judy
to tell you not to fucking come.
- Language.
- It's a bleeding expensive plane ticket.
- I ain't got time to just
- Billy.
He's dead.
Your father's dead.
You there?
When did that happen?
Can I see you, please?
I need to see you right now.
Let me out!
Come on.
Please, let me out.
Please, let me out.
Come on, man, stop. It's not cool.
Guess you should've made
your wife cum, snowflake cuck.
You don't need the discs.
- You can download
- What do you wanna watch next?
Translucent the Invisible Cock.
Queen Maeve Pleasure Slave.
Big Black Noir.
Oh, Starlight Pulls an A-Train.
I'm good, I'm good, thank you.
Okay. Different strokes, man.
Don't say that in this context.
I should just get up and leave.
But you like watching
Homebanger fuck me, don't you?
Look, this isn't healthy, man.
You can't watch porn while the sun's out.
If I get up at that hearing, I'm dead.
What difference does it make?
Drop the remote,
or I'll burn your face off.
Fuck your wife like she deserves, cuck.
You know I was a prodigy?
A fucking prodigy.
I lit my first fire at 4,
burned my whole house down.
My dad,
he was so proud.
"My son's a Supe."
I was gonna do great things.
I almost did.
Now look at me.
I'm like the cuck in the porn,
sitting on the sidelines,
while the heroes are out there,
doing the fucking.
Know why they left me to babysit you?
Because you're useless?
My mom, she, uh
Never mind.
After she was gone,
I watched my dad
do nothing his whole life.
But, me, I thought
I'd finally found something.
I thought I found what I was meant to do.
But it turns out,
I'm shit at that as well.
You're not the cuck.
I'm the cuck.
Actually, you're worse.
You're the cuck-fluffer.
What's up?
How are you doing out there?
Good to see you.
All right.
Hey, do me a favour.
Who's the real heroes?
You are.
Heck, yeah. I want to be clear.
No one condones the tragic shooting
at the convenience store.
Our thoughts and prayers go out
to Kuldeep Singh's family.
We are making a donation
to Samaritan's Embrace in his name.
Thoughts and prayers.
But that doesn't change facts.
This used to be a beautiful country.
- Remember?
- [CROWD] Yeah.
- One nation under God, remember?
Right before these godless,
inhuman supervillains
started pouring across our borders,
and dragging us down into their mud.
What do SJWs,
like Victoria Neuman, want us to do?
Just let them in,
and give them a cup of iced tea?
- Then punish us for trying to stop them.
- Right.
Has there been anyone in history
more persecuted
just for trying to protect their own?
- [CROWD] No!
- That's right!
We are at war.
- [CROWD] Yeah!
- We need more Compound V.
- Absolutely.
- We need more Supes.
- More Supes.
- [HOMELANDER] We need more superheroes.
More Supes
Now, I've always been honest with you,
you know that.
I gotta be honest with you now.
Brings me no pleasure to tell you this,
but we also had a mole in The Seven.
- That's right. One of our own.
I know, I know. It's okay.
She's been apprehended
and she can't hurt anyone else.
I can't believe this.
Put them in. All of them.
I want all of them in at the same time.
Okay, this is insane.
- Hey.
- No.
Fuck, yeah.
Starlight has been conspiring
with the people
who murdered,
in cold blood, my brother.
- Your hero, Translucent.
- Oh, my God, fuck.
- [REPORTER] If you're just tuning in
- Okay.
I bet you she's in 42D.
You have reached the voicemail
Butcher, where are you?
- If she's still alive.
- Wait, what's 42D?
At the Tower. Supe-proof, mostly.
Steel walls, 6 feet thick.
How do I get in?
Into the Tower? You don't.
Sorry, man, but she's probably dead.
There's gotta be something.
A secret entrance?
Maybe one or two.
But forget it, man, it's crazy.
Show me. Come with me.
You're still fucked up.
- Exactly why I need your help.
- Get your friends.
Butcher isn't picking up.
The others are across the state.
We gotta go. Now.
Listen, Vought screwed you over, right?
They're trying
to do the same thing to her.
This shit is over for me.
My whole life is over, okay?
This is your last chance
to be a hero again.
Come on, do you wanna be the cuck,
or do you wanna be
the guy who fucks the wife?
Okay, yeah, yeah.
Let's go fuck the wife.
Consensually. Come on, come on.
Hello, Mum.
You come with me.
Now don't hate me.
Why would I hate you?
[CONNIE] I'm sorry. It was my idea.
But you wouldn't come any other way.
No, no, no, don't.
He hasn't got much time.
Not my problem, it's yours,
because you stayed with the cunt.
Have I ever asked you for anything, ever?
What, no hug?
You step one inch closer,
and I'll kill you quicker
than that fucking ass cancer.
I'll bet you would.
I seen on the news,
you topped that Stillwell slag.
It weren't me,
but thanks for your support.
Hey, please, please.
I just wanna talk.
Two minutes.
Been following the Ashes?
You wanna talk about fucking cricket?
You remember the '83 World Cup?
I took you to every match.
Leeds, Old Trafford.
You loved it.
Did you know why I loved it?
You'd get on the piss
with your loser mates.
I could fuck off for hours,
and you'd never know.
Let's not do this, then.
Yeah, let's not.
I know I was no perfect father.
I know I never got a chance
to say goodbye to Lenny.
I don't want that with you.
Didn't have a chance
to say goodbye to Lenny?
You're the reason he's dead.
Let me tell you something, William.
It's a shit world out there.
You can't rely on no one but yourself.
You either sink, or you swim.
And in Lenny's case, he chose to sink.
You don't have the fucking right
to mention his name.
I fucking loved Lenny.
But he wasn't hard like you.
That's why you're here, and he's dead.
You beat the fucking shit
out of the both of us.
Maybe I pushed you a bit hard.
But look at you.
- Get off.
- You afraid of anything? No?
Are you
the strongest bastard you know?
Tougher than I ever was.
Oh, you're welcome, asshole.
Lenny stuck that gun in his mouth
when you couldn't hack it anymore,
and you pissed off
to join the SAS, like a right cunt.
You're the one who abandoned him, not me.
You're a fucking monster.
- It takes one to know one.
- Billy, for Christ's sake.
Pack it in. Pack it in.
Jesus Christ.
What have you done?
Lenny could never have done that.
[CONNIE] Christ, Billy.
- Sorry, we gotta go.
- All right, guys.
Thanks very much.
Take care. God bless.
God bless.
- It's a mistake.
- What is?
Keeping fucking Starlight alive.
I underestimated her before.
I will not do it again.
"Starlight is a Traitor"
is trending number one.
We've got a million tweets
in support of Compound V.
A common enemy rallies the base.
Just trust me.
All right.
And if I can
get my hands on Hugh Campbell,
maybe pull his spine
out the back of his neck.
You okay?
Yeah, I just, um
[HOMELANDER] Your daughter?
Eighty years ago,
she looked exactly like that.
Sometimes it feels like yesterday.
I got something I want to show you.
Want to finish up the backyard?
Okay, I'm gonna put this person
Hey, guys.
This is Stormfront.
Stormfront, this is Rebecca.
Very nice to meet you.
And this, my son.
Hey, buddy. How you doing?
Listen, um
I know last time, I screwed up bigtime.
And I just want you to know,
I'm never gonna
push you that hard again, okay?
All right, Ryan,
I'd love you to meet my girlfriend.
- Wow, he looks just like you.
- [HOMELANDER] You think?
[STORMFRONT] Are you serious? Those eyes.
Hey, Ryan.
Your daddy told me all about you.
- You have superpowers, huh?
- [HOMEFRONT] Mm-hm.
That makes you very, very special.
You are the first natural-born superhero.
Can we not?
That's right. Um
Ryan does have powers,
but his mom doesn't like
to talk about them, or use them.
Can you also let me know
before you just pop by?
He's Ryan's father.
He has a right to see his son.
That's very true, but look.
We all just have
Ryan's best interests at heart, right?
Yes, we do.
I'm sorry I haven't been here enough.
Ryan, I'd really like you
to get to know Stormfront.
I would.
She's someone I care about very much.
And I think you will too.
So I think we'll be around more.
A lot more.
I want us to be a family.
Empire Wok.
That was a fraught "hi."
I'm going to my sister's for a while.
I have a plan.
You don't need
to be scared of Homelander
That little girl.
On the plane.
What she must have gone through
in those last few moments.
I lie awake every night
thinking about that.
Me too.
Then I start snowballing,
and wondering,
how many other people have you killed?
- What else have you done?
- I had no choice.
I'm not blaming you.
I'm not. It is not your fault.
Will you just?
Will you sit down?
It's not fair.
- Will you sit down?
- I wish I were as strong as you.
But I'm not.
I just need time.
Over and over
you said you wanted to see the real me.
This is the real me.
[SOBBING] I know.
I'm sorry.
[SONIA] Yes?
I'm here to see Jonah.
He's not taking any visitors.
Tell him it's Grace Mallory.
We're on the wrong team.
[VOGELBAUM] Moral compromise
does have its privileges.
Grace, I thought you retired.
Dr Vogelbaum. I thought you were taller.
Sonia, can you get some tea?
Thank you,
but we won't be staying long enough.
Ah, yes,
there's that Waspy patrician tone.
All business.
What do you know about Sage Grove Centre?
Never heard of it. Should I have?
Considering Vought's
been doing illegal tests there
since you were the CSO,
and they're still doing them to this day.
- Seems like you should've.
- Horrible.
Maybe it was
Sonnenshine's project over in R & D.
Prick always had a real God complex.
[GRACE] Do you recall the deal we made?
In exchange for me graciously dropping
certain involuntary manslaughter charges?
I recall it was a long time ago.
Doesn't expire
until the statute of limitations does.
Then I guess I'm turning myself in.
We don't have to do this dance anymore.
We're both out.
Just a couple of retirees,
shooting the shit on the back nine.
We both know Vought fucked you.
Probably put you in that chair.
Help us fuck them back.
Testify to Congress.
That's my daughter.
She took time off from her practise
to help a bitter old invalid.
I'm sorry to say this, Grace,
but you're the very last person
who should be asking me for help.
After what you lost?
Do what you like to me.
But some things
are more important than the right thing.
He's right, of course.
You should listen to him.
- Ma'am?
- Go back to your wife and daughter.
Nah, I'd just be putting them
in more danger.
Ah, yes, the self-martyring bullshit
of the special ops soldier.
I'll get you all on a flight to Nicaragua.
No one sees you again.
When this is done,
I'll take you up on that.
But that's the point, Marvin.
It's never done. You just let go.
No justice for your father,
no revenge against Vought.
You get nothing, except your family.
Go, and never come back.
I wish I had.
[REPORTER] An angry scene today outside of
Congresswoman Victoria Neuman's residence
as pro- and anti-Vought protesters clashed
just two days before
the House Judiciary Committee's
Another. And a pint of bitter.
Yeah, good.
How'd it go with Vogelbaum?
I'll take care of it.
[CROWD] Send her back.
Send her back. Send her back
Life has always been hard,
but I don't remember it
being quite this crude.
I get it.
What she's doing with her daughter.
My papa, when he lost his mind,
my mama,
she kept me cooking with her.
Cassoulet, confit de canard,
all the mother sauces.
Cooking, it has this way
of giving port in a storm.
Did your?
Your mama, she cook?
You know,
Irvin Yalom once said, you die twice.
Once when you stop breathing,
and again when somebody
utters your name for the last time.
I'd like to hear about your family,
keep them alive a bit longer.
If you'd ever like to teach me.
Point is taken. Never mind.
I'm saying "gun"?
Uh-huh, uh-huh ♪
That's the way, uh-huh, uh-huh ♪
I like it, uh-huh, uh-huh ♪
That's the way ♪
- You're so cute.
- You're so cute.
- Hey, man. Hey.
- Hey.
- How's it going?
- Good.
Look, I brought you something.
Just to make up
for all the shit I used to do to you.
- He knows my name.
- Yeah, okay.
Hey, meet my new bride, Cassandra.
- Hi, it's nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you too.
- Thanks, man. It means a lot.
- Yeah, of course.
A lot.
- Yeah, man.
- A lot.
- Hey, guys.
- [DEEP & A-TRAIN] Hey.
- Glad you came.
- Happy birthday.
Happy birthday.
- Happy birthday. Yeah, yeah.
- [ALASTAIR] Thank you.
So great news.
I've got a meeting
with Stan Edgar next week.
- Seriously?
- With Congress up their ass?
And all the shit with Starlight?
Vought needs trusted,
proven commodities right now.
- They need you two.
- Yeah.
Still got a few deal points
to talk through,
but let's just say,
they should be getting your rooms ready.
- For real?
- Honey, this is amazing.
Thank you so much.
- You're welcome.
- Awesome.
By the way, what do you guys think
of Eagle the Archer?
He's like a brother to me.
He was there for me
when I was at rock bottom.
The most kind, loving person
He's a toxic personality,
and no church members are
to have any contact with him whatsoever.
Right, yeah, no, now that you mention it,
he did seem pretty toxic, yeah.
What did he do?
Well, he claims
the programme had failed him.
But, actually, he failed the programme.
- He doesn't exist, understand?
- Of course.
Oh, come on.
I think they're gonna do the limbo.
- Come on.
- Oh, yeah?
I like it, uh-huh, uh-huh ♪
That's the way, uh-huh, uh-huh ♪
Me and Mr Marathon used
to sneak college girls in this way.
College girls? Really?
They were applying. Yeah.
That does not make it better.
[LAMPLIGHTER] All right, moment of truth.
I'm either still in the system,
or we'll be swarmed by guards with AKs.
Wait, what?
And boom, bitches.
All right, let's go.
What the fuck is this?
This is not lesbian.
This is not on-brand.
We need you ready for Congress,
with Elena sitting proudly behind you.
She's gone.
- What do you mean, she's gone?
- Elena's gone.
Okay, okay.
Elena will be back.
She will be back in your arms,
and you will be totally fine.
You're America's second-favourite
lesbian couple after all.
You know what?
Let's just take a deep breath, okay?
Let's just take a deep breath here, okay?
We curated a coming-out story
that America loves.
- It would be really good
- Ashley.
For once in your life,
be a fucking human being.
I'm really sorry, Maeve.
- [RYAN] Michael, that's holding.
We're in the middle
of practise, Leigh Anne.
Ooh! You can thank me later, Burt.
This team is your family.
Tony here is your quarterback.
You protect his blind side, okay?
When you look at him, you think of me.
How you have my back. How you have his.
Yes, ma'am.
That That's really something, Ryan.
I've done The Blind Side,
Dances With Wolves,
Terms of Endearment.
All my mom's favourites.
So are you into any things that,
you know, kids are into?
- Like NBA 2K.
What's that?
Or what about one of your dad's movies?
You're in movies?
I'm in a bunch of movies, man. Let's see.
There's Homelander: Origins.
Homelander: Rise of a Hero.
Homelander: Darkest Day.
Homelander: Brightest Night.
Oh, your dad is so good
- in Homelander: Brightest Night.
- [HOMELANDER] Thank you.
- [RYAN] Mom, can I see them?
- When you're old enough, we can talk.
Ah, they're PG. He can see them now.
You're old enough.
You're absolutely old enough.
For sleepovers, and baseball games,
and visits to Vought Land.
Did you know that
your dad has his own roller coaster?
- Mm-hm.
- Wanna ride your dad's roller coaster?
- Can I, Mom?
- We can talk about it.
Whenever you want.
I need to speak with you.
- We're having a good time here, right?
- Outside.
That's a great idea. You two, stay here.
- Get to know each other better.
- [RYAN] Okay.
I'll show you Dances With Wolves.
- I know what you're doing.
- Nope, you don't.
- Yes, I do. I can see
- No, you do not.
You could not possibly understand.
I was raised the same way as him.
That kid
doesn't know anything about anything.
When he sees the outside world,
he's going to panic.
That's gonna fuck him up.
I do not want my son to have
to go through what I went through.
His life is different.
He has a mother.
I know that
that means something to you.
If you take him away from me,
this world will feel
so confusing and frightening.
Yes, but, Rebecca,
you are lying to him.
Because I love him.
I know a part of you loves him too,
and you want what's best for him.
But what's best for him is
to be here with me, with his mother.
Look, we have this opportunity
to give him a childhood you never had.
We can do that if he's here with me.
Please. I'm begging you, please.
[SONIA] I'm sorry, he's very tired.
I understand
he's had a few surprise visitors today.
But you tell him he's got one more.
The name's William Butcher.
Mr Butcher, I can't apologise enough
for what I've done.
But I can't give you the information
But I can't give you the information
you or Grace came for either.
What was he like?
Homelander. Growing up as a lad.
What was he like?
I'm sure you
don't want to talk about this
There is nothing I wanna talk about more.
And who knows better than you?
When he was a little boy,
5 or 6, he was quite sweet.
He'd cuddle up to me.
He loved stories about
Davy Crockett, Teddy Roosevelt.
Loved the idea of the woods,
the forest, manifest destiny.
But I needed him
to be the strongest man in the world.
So I went to work on him.
He didn't even want it.
It was for me.
And that wasn't your only sin
was it?
It wasn't Homelander
who hid my wife away all them years.
It ever occur to you
the pain you cause sorry bastards like me?
At the time,
it was barely a blip on my radar.
Tell me, doctor.
What's your radar telling you now?
Do what you want to me,
but I can't help you.
My family would be in
Your family's already in trouble.
Because I'm about to go into
that room next door, to your daughter,
and I'm gonna bash her brains out.
And then I'm gonna find your two sons,
and their wives, and their little kiddies.
Your whole fucking family dies today.
you help me.
What's it gonna be, doc?
How can you be so?
Oh, look at this.
Thank you.
Do you know,
I can't remember the last time
I had a good cup of chai?
You're a doll.
Starting to bleed through.
[HUGHIE] Ah, shit.
This is it, 42D.
She's gonna be there?
Wait, wait, wait.
This is the conference room.
She's not here.
They moved my statue?
- I wanted to do it in front of my statue.
- Do what?
I just wanted to make my dad proud.
Oh, no, no. What the fuck?
What the fuck?
Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
[WOMAN OVER PA] Please, evacuate
to the main floor immediately.
Please, evacuate
to the main floor immediately.
[ANNIE] Mom?
Fuck you, man.
Please, evacuate
to the main floor immediately.
Shit, I need his hand.
Please, evacuate
to the main floor immediately.
Please, evacuate
to the main floor immediately
Come on, come on, come on.
Was that an Almond Joy?
He has a tree nut allergy.
Come with me.
to the main floor immediately.
[DONNA] Help! Is anybody there?
Where's Annie?
Aren't you
that sweaty young man from Believe?
Hi, Mrs January.
Is that a human hand?
Yes, it is. Come on. We gotta go.
Annie, Annie, Annie.
- Oh, Mom. Thank God.
- Annie.
What are you doing here?
How are we gonna get out of here?
I know a way.
All right, dinner's ready.
Hey, bud. You ready for dinner?
What's wrong?
You're a liar.
- You lied to me.
- What do you mean?
They flew me up and showed me.
This house is fake.
The neighbours are fake. You're fake.
Boy deserves to know the truth.
Hey, listen to me.
We can talk about this, okay?
You must feel confused.
There are reasons
No, just don't touch me. I hate you.
I think he just needs a little space.
Come here, son.
No. No.
All right, he needs his mother.
Don't worry, he'll still have a mother.
Hey, Ryan. Ryan!
Hey, Ryan, no.
Ryan, no!
Oh, my God, no, please.
[MILK] Kid, you are fucking unbelievable.
All you had to do was watch porn.
I didn't know he'd set himself on fire.
- Hey.
- What are we gonna do now?
Butcher? It's me.
No, I'm afraid Hugh let our star witness
burn himself to death.
Thank you.
[GRACE] Well, I don't know.
- What do you mean, no worries?
- I mean, I got it sorted.
You gonna stitch me up again?
He's at the airport.
I promise.
You got a right bloody nerve, you do.
I didn't mean for it to go so bad.
I'm sorry.
You won't have to see him again.
He ain't got much longer.
Couple of months.
Tell me when it happens.
I'll piss on his coffin.
I didn't do it for him.
He's a cunt.
I just thought,
when you saw how helpless he is now,
you'd let it go.
He wouldn't have this hold over you,
and you wouldn't become like
Yeah, well
I told him,
I wasn't gonna cut my mom out of my life.
That's it.
And then the Church
and their "Internal Research Bureau"
leaked all this fuck on me.
[REPORTER] Eagle contends
the Church released a home video,
where his partner was dressed as a deer
that Eagle hunted and mounted.
Church Spokeswoman Carol Mannheim
had this to say:
He's been spreading slanderous
and defamatory rumours about our religion
in a desperate attempt to stay relevant.
Yeah, fuck him.
Thought he was your friend.
Can we change the channel?
The hearing's almost on.
internal investigations,
but we also hired
Would everyone please take their seat?
- Starlight?
- Nothing. She's off the grid.
- Well, fucking find her.
- Okay.
[RICHARDSON] This bipartisan committee
is called to order.
Investigating Vought International,
and its production
and distribution of Compound V.
- I hereby present to the committee
- Okay, this is it.
Mr Chairman, if I may?
The testimony we'll hear today
will prove that Vought is guilty
of corporate malfeasance
and multiple felonies.
And it'll come from someone
that has witnessed these crimes directly.
The chair calls former CSO of Vought,
Dr Jonah Vogelbaum.
Okay, okay, quiet, everybody.
Gotcha, cunt.
Dr Vogelbaum,
thank you for joining us today.
Raise your right hand.
You swear that your testimony today
will be the truth,
the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth?
- I do.
- Thank you. You have five minutes
- Oh, God.
- Oh!
Do something. What the fuck?
Oh, shit.
What the fuck do we do now?
From sea to shining sea ♪
Fighting for our freedom ♪
Looking out for you and me ♪
We think of all you gave us ♪
How you were there to save us
So we'd see ♪
You risked your lives
So we could all live free ♪
But our heroes never die ♪
Your spirit fills the sky ♪
Your presence truly blesses
From the start ♪
And you'll never truly vanish
From our hearts ♪
And though my soul is aching ♪
Deep inside my heart is breaking ♪
Nothing is the same
Since you've been gone ♪
No, I don't think I can take it ♪
I don't know how I'll make it ♪
When I'm beaten down
And think I can't go on ♪
'Cause our heroes never die ♪
Your spirit fills the sky ♪
Your presence truly blesses
From the start ♪
You'll never truly vanish ♪
From our hearts. ♪
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