The Boys (2019) s03e04 Episode Script

Glorious Five Year Plan

Me and the Boys,
we're all set up.

May I please have a green light?
No maiming or torture
or setting anyone on fire.

What the shit?!
You have restored a wholesome image.

The board wants to make
you co-captain of The Seven.

I am just a man who
fell for the wrong woman.

I am excited for everyone
to meet the real me.

I'm not just like the rest of you.

I am better! I'm the real hero.

White males in the Rust
Belt loved your speech.

Fuck yes!
He was just walking home from work.

Blue Hawk curb-stomped him so hard,
it cracked the pavement.

They need you to speak up.

I'm Michael Jordan.
I'm not Malcolm X.

I could bring good
people into The Seven.

You keep your distance.

She's my girl now.

He's lost his mind.

As long as I'm CEO, he's under control.

Neuman's the head popper.

Pretty much Stan Edgar's daughter, too.

I thought we could fight Vought
the right way, but we can't.

We have to do it your way.

I think I have something.

What's B.
Some kind of weapon.

If you believe the rumors,
it's the thing that killed Soldier Boy.

This is our best chance
to kill Homelander.

- What's this?
- Temp V.

Makes you a Supe for 24 hours.

- What killed Soldier Boy?
- Ask the fucking CIA!
You knew and you never
said a fucking word.

You said you'd always watch out for me!
I hate you.

Set up a meeting with Little Nina.

This is a very bad idea.

No, Frenchie, it's a
very fucking good idea.

We're going to Russia.

Solid Gold ♪
It's Solid Gold,
starring Marilyn McCoo.

With Solid Gold recording
stars Kim Carnes,
the Oak Ridge Boys,
Waylan Flowers and Madame,
the Solid Gold Dancers,
and very special guest Soldier Boy!
Fab Five ♪
Freddy told me everybody's fly ♪
DJ spinning, I said, "My, my" ♪
Flash is fast, Flash is cool ♪
François c'est pas,
Flash ain't no dude ♪
And you don't stop, sure shot ♪
Go out to the parking lot ♪
And you get in your car
and you drive real far ♪
And you drive all night
and then you see a light ♪
It comes right down
and lands on the ground ♪
And out comes a man from Mars ♪
And you try to run,
but he's got a gun ♪
And he shoots you dead,
and he eats your head ♪
And then you're in the man from Mars ♪
You go out at night, eating cars ♪
You eat Cadillacs, Lincolns, too ♪
You keep on eating cars ♪
Then when there's
no more cars, you go ♪
All right.
Keep your hair on.

You're on V.

Temporary V.

Barely lasts 24 hours.

Where'd you even get it?
One of them websites.

- Boners for days.

- No, no, no, no, no.

None of your smirky shit.

I only had one dose.
All right?
Gunpowder's dead.

We know what we need to know.
End of.

Wait, wait, you you you
you killed Gunpowder?
With powers? You
You had superpowers?
Oh, look, let's just
give it a rest, all right?
It's over.
I'm fine.

Wait, wait, d-d-do the others know?
No, they do not.

And if they find out, I'll
put you in a fucking coma.

Yeah, no, you're right.

You seem t-totally fine.

So, The New York Times viciously
attacked your birthday telecast,
saying, and I quote,
"It's scary to see a man
that strong that riled up.
Yeah, well, I am riled up.
I am.

I am sick and tired of the lies
peddled by the mainstream media.

Look, the real question here, Cam:
Who's behind these attacks?
Who is trying to silence me?
Maybe the rich and powerful
forces you mentioned
in your, I thought, courageous speech.

- Thank you.

- Who are they?
Well, look, for the most part,
they're people you've never heard of,
but they operate in the shadows,
and they are the ones
pulling the strings.

And unfortunately, they're everywhere.

Even inside of Vought.

Sorry, they were out of oat milk.

Uh, what are you doing here?
I can't drop by on a whim?
You never do anything on a whim.

You can't be serious.

We never go after Homelander.

It is practically federal policy.

No one is going after anyone.

Just a gentle reminder
of who's in charge.

I assume you saw him on
Cameron Coleman this morning?
He's testing boundaries.

And when that happens,
you have to discipline them
like, well, like a parent would.

Like with Zoe.

Zoe won't rip my spine out.

Let's not overreact.

He used foul language
during that birthday rant.

So you make a public statement.

A stern reprimand, some
FCC fines, nothing serious.

Just a reminder that he
can't get away with anything.

He's gonna love that.

You'll be perfectly safe.

And Zoe?
Especially Zoe.

Homelander might bark a
little, but he won't bite.

He's still afraid of me.

I would never let anything
happen to you or Zoe.

You know that, right?
Yeah, yes, of course.


Hello, hello.

You must be Nina.

William Butcher.

Sergei, why you not tell
me he's so delicious?
I am making some pelmeni if you want.

Of course, I cannot cook like my Sergei.

His cassoulet?
Made me come.

I'm still a bit upset
you stole him from me.

Well, we offered him a
better home, didn't we?
So, to what do I owe this pleasure?
I'm after a particular bit of tech.

A weapon, you'll not
be surprised to hear.

And I thought you and
your mates at the Kremlin
might be able to help.

That's giving me some credit.

Where it's due, love.

Way I heard it, you
filmed a couple of punters
from the Interior Ministry
having a right old frolic
under your golden shower.

That's to cover Cherie's debt.

Plus a hundred grand for your troubles.

Does your Bureau know
you're giving me their nice clean money?
Well, it's the U.
Government, love.

They'll just print more.


Yeah, the money is good for my trouble,
but what about my pain and suffering?
Then there is the time
spent and my stress.

I have been sleeping so poorly.

And what would ease your pain?

No way.

That is all I want.

You and I, we're just
getting started, dear love.

Don't tell me there ain't no, uh
wiggle room.

- M'sieu Charcutier
- Frenchie.

It's time we let the world know.

Starlight and I are in love.


- When's it air?
- Um, tonight.

You agreed to this?
It's like what you said, Hughie:
whatever it takes.

This is
This is what it takes.


It's gonna be okay.


Let me save you for once.


This has to work.

It'll work.

What'll work?
Uh, my VoughtSonic speaker setup.

I'm sorry, uh, how did you get in?
I have a key.

Yeah, I got to keep an
eye on my best girl, right?
By the way, you're a
sound sleeper, Starlight.

Oh, look at you two.

I'm kidding.

Come on, lighten up.

I'm joking.

But we got to go.
Running late.

Rolling Stone cover shoot.
Hot Issue.

We got "Hottest Ship.
Don't you worry, Hughie.

This little love affair is
strictly for the cameras.

Although that's how me
and Maeve started out,
and that got quite spicy.

Yeah, I'm not kidding, man.

Let's just say that Maeve
can bend a steel pipe
without using her hands.

What's she like?
She a good fuck?

Touch him or anyone he cares about,
and I'll walk.

And I'll take my
approval points with me.


I'm kidding.

You really need to lighten up, guys.

Come on, Starlight.

Mario's waiting.

I'll call you later.

Blue Hawk?
- Mm-hmm.

- Who cares about Blue Hawk?
He's way below your pay grade.

He's brutalizing Black
people in Trenton.

I think Vought has a
responsibility here.



Wait, you're serious?
- I just want to talk to him.

- Of course.

Social justice is so
important around here.

- Since when?
- A-Train,
"Black Lives Matter"
is my favorite hashtag.

My Insta? Nothing but black screens.

And look at you.
You look amazing!
This whole new thing you did,
that is exactly what
inspired this entire campaign.

To be silent is to be complicit.

So let's shoot the spot,
and we'll chat about Blue Hawk later.

When, Ashley?
Later, A-Train.

And action on Dolly.

Yes, sir!
We're here today for peace
and love and prosperity!
Where all those people going?
There's a protest down the street.

A-Train, where you going?
Almost ready to shoot.

This is important.

We got to listen to each other.

A-Train's Turbo Rush Energy Drink.

And cut!
Like, uh, four or five days maybe.

A hell of a week to
fall off your Peloton.

Look, I'm popping Vicodin
like they're Tic Tacs,
and my arm still kills.

Uh, I'm no good to you, Vicky.

- Really.

- Fine.

Just stay in bed, get
some rest, get better.

That's exactly what I'm doing.

Thanks, Vick.

First time flying private, kid?
First time out of the country.

Five years, I work
for Nina, 23 contracts.

Never she's giving anything away.

What is this?
Now she giving us the
plane, those shiny passports?
You think he promised her Cherie?
Fucking hell, Frenchie.

What kind of monster
do you think I am, eh?

Pretend you're on Entourage.


Entourage is but for the
stupid and the damned.


Can we talk?
- No.

- Maeve, please.

I heard that you stopped training.

You also hear that I wake
up six days a week hungover,
tits-deep in some random fuck pile?
People think what I want them to.

Okay, listen.

Have you ever heard of
something called "B.
You mean a weapon that
can kill Homelander,
if Butcher can find it?
You know?
Who do you think sent
them down the rabbit hole?
It's why I'm training.

Or haven't had a drink in
four awful, shit-eating months.

Maybe I can buy Butcher a second or two
to get a good shot.

At the very least, I'll
get a couple of licks in.


Okay, okay.
So there's you and me.

Maybe we can find some others.


I'm sure you and Duluth's Most Mighty
would really get the job done.

This is my problem.

I'm the one who was with the asshole.

you cannot do this alone.

He'll kill you.

You really care that
little about yourself?
I got it coming.

Good news.

Nina's had a word with
her Kremlin piss boys,
and she's located the lab.

- That's great.
Where is it?
- Before she tells us that,
we just got to do a little job for her.

Ain't nothing.

Just some local oligarch
who got in her bad books.

I don't do this anymore.

Definitely not for Nina.

Well, that's a good job, then, innit?
'Cause you're not the one doing it.

She is.

Sorry, love, victim of your own success.

Now, Nina's got you in.

You'll be the wanker's
pro girl for the night.

You just get in there,
give the cunt a good noose,
and get the fuck out.

I'm begging you, no.

Look, Frenchie, it was
this or Cherie's head.

Fucking hell.
No good deed.

That is exactly what you are.

And case you two forgot
I tell you what to do
and you fucking do it.

Baby, baby, baby ♪
Got your license to drive ♪
Oh, shit.
You're about to tell me
something awful again, aren't you?
Got your hands spread wide ♪
At ten and two ♪
- Ten and two ♪
- I'm gonna take you ♪
Just listen to me.

If it comes down to it
I mean, if we need
to fight him for real,
will you help me?
You serious?
With how he's been acting lately?
He's invincible.

There might be a way.
It's safer if you don't know how,
but we need your help.

There's me.
There's Maeve.

We probably need four or five more,
and we have a shot.

Show me your ride ♪
I'm so sorry, Alex.

I didn't want to have to ask you this,
but I don't know where else to go.

You're my teenage queen, oh, baby ♪
Okay, I'm in.

You're in?
Just like that?
You don't even want to think about it?
I'm good.

I don't understand.

Why are you so
nice to me?
Isn't it obvious?
You're the only girl I've
ever loved, Annie January.

Alex, I'm sorry.
No, it's just me and Hughie
I'm fucking with you.

Get over yourself.

You really think my grandmother
was gonna let me marry
the whitest girl in all of white?
You asshole.

Yes, that's what I am.
Listen to me.

Since you moved to New York,
you've gotten tough as shit.

The Annie I knew?
She saw the good in people.

Drive me crazy ♪
I'm gonna help you 'cause
it's the right thing to do.

License to drive ♪
That's all.

Drive me crazy ♪
Welcome aboard, Supersonic.

We're all so pleased to have you here.

Especially your former lover, Starlight.

So, in your honor,
got a little surprise.

Seriously, we have
the best taco bowls
right here in the building.

Should make you feel right at home, pal.

Bienvenidos, muchacho.

I, uh, I don't really
speak Spanish, sir.

This is muy delicioso.


Meeting is over.

And I need the room, so away we go.

Um, actually, Homelander,
I've got something.


By all means.

Floor's yours.

I wanted to talk about Blue Hawk.

Blue Hawk?
Out of Trenton.

He's been over-patrolling
Black neighborhoods.

It's a problem.

That's terrible.

Thank you, Starlight.
It is.

I thought, you know, since we got
some rebuilding to do in that demo,
maybe we could bench him for a while.

Could be a six-, seven-point bump
with African Americans, at least.

Wait, you want to bench him?
Don't we need more
superheroes, not less?
I mean, you share a lot of
the same base as Blue Hawk.

Can you really afford
to look soft on crime?
That's actually correct, Deep.

Good job.

There's your answer.
bad luck, A-Train, huh?
I do need the room.

Victoria Neuman is doing
a press conference tonight.

It's about you.

You're just finding out about it now?
I'm sure it's a nothingburger.

Hey, come here for a sec.

Is your idiot brain
getting fucked by stupid?
It's not rhetorical.

Answer me.


- My idiot brain is not getting fucked by stupid, sir.

- Well, then go
and do your only job and find out
what the fuck is going on, Ashley.

Yes, sir.


Who asked Excuse me.
Who asked you?
Back there.
Who the fuck
asked you for your opinion?
- I am a member of this team.

- Please.

Homelander's a great man,
but the way that you kiss his ass
is fucking gross.

Hey, man.
Look, I get it.

Okay? This is tough.

You know, me handpicked by Homelander
to come back and you
on your way out again.

And a rebrand.
this late in the game.

The new A-Train.

- Mm.

- How'd that work out for Eagle the Archer
when he became Eagle the
Rapper? Oh, that's right.

It fucking didn't.
It's just sad, man.

You're like if Ashton
Kutcher fucked a clown fish.

You're a joke, and you're so dumb
you don't even know it.

Oh, yeah? Well, how 'bout I
tell Homelander who really leaked
all that Nazi shit on Stormfront?
How 'bout I tell him you
fished the Flight 37 video
out of the Atlantic
and gave it to Maeve?
What? Come on.
Run at me, bro.

I forgot your legs don't fucking work.

Gill-punch me?
- Yeah.

- Motherfucker.

Boys, boys, boys.


Just stay there and rest
those useless fucking legs.

Hey, man.

- Don't do it.
Don't do it.
Don't do it.

- Get off of me!
You do not want to
do that.
Take it easy.

Calm down,
- all right? Take it easy, man.

- Fuck off.

Fuck him.

Fuck Home.


What if he hears you?
I'm supposed to take shit from the Deep?
The fucking Deep?
Homelander's gonna back him over me?
After everything that
I've done for that man.

I hit one little speed bump.

I'm fucking garbage.

What if
we could do something about it?
What do you have in mind?
Butcher, what the fuck
is wrong with you, man?
I'm sure you're gonna tell me.

That shit you pulled with Ryan
and now this coldhearted
shit you said to Kimiko?
How could anybody be
such a complete asshole?
- Practice.

- You knocked on my doorstep, motherfucker.

And I respect the chain
of command, but this?
I'm not gonna tolerate
your bullshit anymore, man.

Do you remember when we met?
Hard to forget.

Me and the colonel, we
had our pick of officers.

Some, uh
Some real haircuts.

Do you ever wonder
why we picked some grunt
Marine stuck in the brig?
Let's see.

I knocked out my racist
Sent him to the ICU
with one punch, so
you knew I was strong.

And you read my file,
so you knew I hated Vought.

Yeah, it weren't none of them.

I mean, they didn't hurt, mind, but no.

We spoke to the blokes
that you went through basic with.

And to the man, they said
that you were the one that
held that platoon together.

A natural-born leader.

You never told me that.

I'm under no illusions about who I am.

And that's why we brought you in.

'Cause no matter how hard I got to be
you're here to look after the Boys.

if I thought to do that, I
can't be a complete asshole,
can I?
Just mostly one.

Irina, yes?
You're late.

Come on.

And now, for the most delicious part.

These are contraband.

Homelander's "Star-spangled Banger.
The Deep "Flounder Pounder.
Black Noir's "Silent Screamer.


Come on.

Take off your dress.

On your hands and knees
and your friend will
- How do you feel?
- Like throwing up.

Just remember, he deserves this.

Good luck, sport.

Good afternoon.
you all for being here.

I'm Congresswoman Victoria
Neuman, the director of
- the Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs.

- What's going on?
- Oh, shit.

- For the last year, the Bureau has been working
- with Vought International under one guiding principle.

- That.

The most powerful among
us are not above the law,
including the most
powerful man at the company.

has bravely come
forward as a whistleblower
and provided evidence of
crimes committed within Vought
by CEO Stan Edgar.

And in the coming days,
the FBSA will be investigating
charges of blackmail,
perjury and obstruction of justice
against Mr.

Vought International must be held
to the highest ethical
and legal standards.

- What did you do?
- The people are entitled to the truth
- about their heroes
- Something I should've done a long time ago.

This is a superhero company.

Always has been.
Belongs to us, not him.

So I set things straight.

That's all.

Oh, and, uh,
anyone who's been hiding
behind his little apron?
That's over now, too.

It's a new day, people.

It's The Dawn of The Seven.

All these years, you
weren't protecting me.

I was protecting you.

- I have to look out for Zoe.

- We need to go,

So, from now on, the talking points
don't come from Suzanne.

They come from me.

I approve every single word of copy.

Are we clear?
- Crystal, ma'am.

- Jesus Christ.

It's like this script
was written by a roomful
of chapped-ass monkeys, am I right?
It's so bad.

I wrote it, ma'am.

I'm sorry.

Is your idiot brain
getting fucked by stupid?
No, that's not rhetorical.

Answer me.

What if I said yes?
Then I would have to punish you.

How would you punish me?
My idiot brain is getting
fucked by stupid, ma'am.

Well, how'd you get on?
Oh, Nina's gonna love this.

See? Told you.


I can't do this.

Mon cœur?
Those girls
The girls who shot you?
They were just scared.

I know, I don't blame them.

They were bought and sold
same as me.

sold me.

He doesn't treat any of us as people.

Shining Light
Little Nina.

They are the same.

We only have each other.

It's you
and me.

You're right.

Maybe it's time we leave.

- Really?
- Really.

Well, Butcher, he can, uh
Well, he can lick my asshole.

But Hughie
and, uh, and M.
, they need us.

So we do this job.

And then where do you want to go?

We go to Marseilles.


Heavy flow day?

Be honest.

You thinking of popping my melon?
Who knows? Give it a whirl?
Can we make this quick?
It's been a long day.

It has.

It can't have been easy
shanking the old man like that.

But, if it's any consolation,
he was ready to do
exactly the same to you.

What's this?
Just a little oppo research
that I borrowed from Edgar's office.

How do you think I found
out you were one of us?
This isn't his.
This is someone else's.


It's his.

You're not his daughter.

You're his weapon.

It's what they do.

They all do it.

All of them.

Look, the point is,
they have to do that to us.

They have to, because they know
- deep down when they lie awake at night
- Do you have it or not?
As promised.

Original recipe.
11 herbs and spices.


I'm glad you chose your own kind.

That was smart.

Butcher, can I, uh
What are you doing?

In case things go ass
over tit at the lab.

I want to try some.

Don't be daft.

This shit is poison, Hughie.

A lad like you don't want no part of it.

What, you mean like a loser?
A fuckup?
Sooner or later,
Homelander will find Ryan.

Okay? It's just a matter of time.

I have to do this, all right?
You don't.

Annie's in just as much danger.

Homelander almost lasered
me in half in front of her,
and it was like
it was like I was back
with every bully that I
ever had, just taking it.

And then she had to save me again.

Butcher, please.


Because right now, I am so
angry that I can't even breathe.

Oh, Hughie.

It's shittier.

It's not power.

It's punishment.

You don't deserve none of it.

What, and you do?
Get ready to go.

You do have a hell of
a view from up here.

I'll give you that.

You should see it from space.

Eighty over 60.

Your entire life is imploding,
and it's as if you're
reading fucking John Grisham.

I heard about your, uh,
temporary leave of absence, by the way.

Those things do have a nasty habit
of becoming permanent,
though, don't they?
- Don't blame Vicky.
- I don't.

If there's one thing I taught her,
it was to play all sides.

She's more like me than I ever imagined.

But I am curious.

What did you give her?
A little respect, Stan.

Something you should've given me.

What good would that do?
Where would it even go
but to the bottomless,
gaping pit of insecurity
you call a soul?
Oh, God.
You want to know something?
I used to be intimidated by you.

I did.

And now I look at you, I-I'm just
I-I have no idea why.

Y you're not even pathetic.

You're you're just nothing.

Then why are you still here,
looking for my approval
like I'm your daddy?
And even if I were, what
would there be to approve of?
The company is yours.

No one left to stand up to you.

But I think you'll come
to sorely regret that.

And why is that?
Because there's no one left
to cover for you, either.

Eventually, probably soon,
the world will recognize you
for the pitiful disappointment you are.

You are not worthy of my respect.

You are not a god.

You are simply bad product.

I'm scared.

I know.

You know, when I was little,
they did the same thing to me.

And I'm all right.

We have to, okay?
'Cause you know what?
It's gonna make you
so strong and safe.


- Okay?
- Okay.

Okay, turn around.
On your belly.

Just a pinch.

Come here,
come here, come here.

It's okay.

It's okay.
It's okay.

Shh, shh.
It's okay.

- Ow!
- It's gonna be okay.

Shh, shh.
It's okay.

I've got you.
I've got you.

That chick Nina didn't do us no favors.

That ain't a lab.
a military compound.

Russian military compound.

Be like storming a Baja Fresh.

Baja Fresh ain't shooting us
with AK-47s on full auto, motherfucker.

Red Dawn, motherfucker.

Rocky IV, motherfucker.

Come on.

We ain't got much time.

Any idea what this Supe gun is
- supposed to look like?
- Ain't the joy in the discovery, eh?
What is it?
Hey, there's something here.


Look, look.


What does it say?
Says his name is Jamie.



- Are you okay, Jamie?
- No, no, no, don't fuck with it.

Just leave him alone.


Who's a handsome, petite, little gerbil?
It's a hamster.

My daughter went through three of them.

Oh, shit.

Motherfucking V'd-up hamster.

I told you not to fuck
with him.
Goddamn it.

Look lively!
Merci, Jamie.

I'm out!
Evening, cunts.

Oh! Oh!
Oh, shit.
I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Your dick's out.

- Butcher?
- All right, all right, look, hang about.

You and Hughie both took Compound V?
What are you two, fucking Supes now?
Temporary V.

Oh, she say, "Why do you do
this to yourself on purpose?"
Only lasts 24 hours, all right?
Break glass in case of
emergencies, you know,
- like this one.

- And you give this to to Hughie?
I didn't give it to him.
thieving git must have broken
into the case and nicked it.

- Uh
- Let's just find this thing
and get the fuck out of here, all right?
You're better than this, kid.

Butcher, I'm Look
I'm s I'm sorry,
okay? It's just, I
Soldier Boy.

Ah It's okay.


It's okay.
It's okay.

She's not healing.

Why she's not healing?
Why does she not heal?
She's not healing!
Frenchie, fresh gauze.

- Oh, no, no, no
- Give me some fresh gauze.
Open your eyes.

Open your eyes.
her head up, Frenchie.

- Mon cœur.

- Open your eyes, Kimiko.

- Hey.

- Open your eyes.
Open your eyes.

- Mon cœur.

- Kimiko, there you go.

Look at Frenchie.

- Mon cœur? Mon cœur?
- Open your eyes, Kimiko,
- open your eyes.

- Soldier Boy was always an hard bastard,
- but not like that.

- Mon cœur.

They must have done something to him.

What you think?
Mon cœur.
Mon cœur.

- Kimiko
- It's over, Butcher.

There ain't no team for me
to hold together no more.

Mon cœur?
No, please, please, no, no, no, no, no.

You made sure of that.

Come on.
Come on.
Hold her head up, Frenchie.

- She's No.

- Kimiko, open your eyes.

- Mon cœur!
- Open your eyes.

Hey, you know what? I
think I want to fly home.

You want to fly?
Uh, the car's right here.

Um, next time?
No, no, no, no.
on, I'll-I'll carry you.

Who wants to see Starlight and me fly?
What, are you gonna disappoint them?
- Okay.

- Come on, up you go.

There you go.

I, uh, I have a view I
really want to show you.

It's gonna blow your mind.

Hold on tight.

This really is a beautiful city.

You know, you don't need to do this.

The cameras are gone.


But, see, that's the
thing about me, Starlight.

If I promise something, I deliver.

Now, that is the view of a lifetime.

Oh, my God.

You fucking psycho!
Stop it.
You know how that ends.

You know, besides,
this is your fault
as much as it is mine.

- What?
- A-Train told me about you two mutineers
and your little plot.

You just don't get it, do you?
I mean, you have no fucking grasp
of the situation
you're in at all, right?
I'm gonna break it down one more time,
and I'm gonna make it crystal clear
so that even you can
understand it, okay?
There will be no more plotting,
planning, playing around.

That is over, okay?
From here on out, there
is only my dutiful, loving
main squeeze Starlight,
worshiping me and me alone.

Because if you step
one inch out of line,
I mean, i-if you so much as
fucking blink the wrong way,
then that, my love, will be Hughie.

Do you understand this time?

Then say it, so I know.

"That'll be Hughie.
That'll be Hughie.

There it is.

Find your own way home.

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