The Brave (2017) s01e05 Episode Script

Enhanced Protection

1 Come in.
Thank you.
Sorry for your loss, ma'am.
[FAINT HAUNTING MUSIC] - [KNOCKS] - Deputy director? What is it, Noah? Chatter about an impending attack on the West Africa peace talks in Nigeria.
How much chatter? Enough I'm knocking on your door.
I ran a threat assessment based on the talk we're hearing.
This is the most likely target.
US Ambassador Charles Webb.
He's a rising star in the US Foreign Service and instrumental in brokering the fragile ceasefire between the Nigerian government and its various rebel groups.
Peace talks conclude in 72 hours.
If there's gonna be an attack, it will be in that window.
And Dalton and his team to be on the ground in Lagos before the talks resume in the morning.
- Sounds good.
- Let's make that happen.
Okay, yes, princess.
Yes, okay, but it's after your bedtime.
Kiss Mommy good night for me.
[HELICOPTER WHIRRING] [SIGHS] You know what it feels like to have three daughters? I have no idea.
It feels like being a cash register.
No, seriously.
Every time they call the phone, every time they walk through the door, I gotta prepare myself.
"Daddy, can we talk?" Ka-ching.
"Daddy, Stacey's got a new cell phone!" Ka-ching.
"Daddy, my jeans aren't cool.
They don't fit.
" Ka-ching.
Well, maybe if you weren't such a pushover, Preach, it wouldn't be an issue.
Oh, so you think you'd be different? Let's see you have a little girl and how you do against those doe eyes staring up at you.
You would fold like laundry.
You make a hell of an argument for remaining single, that's for sure.
- How about you, Jaz? - You think of doing - the family thing? - If I can get it in writing that it won't be anything like mine.
See? I'm not alone.
Alone is what both of your sorry asses is gonna be.
Gear up.
We need you in Nigeria.
We have evidence of an impending attack on US interests.
The prime target is US Ambassador Charles Webb.
Webb has been instrumental in negotiating a fragile peace in the region.
Anything happens to Webb, those talks will collapse.
You and your team will be running enhanced protection on Webb until the talks are concluded.
All right, Ambassador.
So you know the drill.
Once we get there, my team and I, we'll do a sweep and we'll take you inside.
You think there's anything to the rumors? About an attack? Well, we got you well-protected, sir.
Reassuring and yet evasive.
You could be a diplomat.
[LAUGHS] No thank you, sir.
I'll leave that to the pros.
[BRAKES SQUEAL] Screen left.
Turn right.
But you're a girl.
Maybe I'm tough because I'm a girl.
[WARM ORCHESTRAL MUSIC] I don't think she's read it yet.
It's just sitting there on her desk.
I had to write one of those letters once.
To think my parents almost received it.
What do you even say in something like that? Simple things.
How much you love them.
What a gift your life was.
Ambassador, we gotta get going.
It's my wife checking on me.
If I don't answer it, you're gonna have to protect me from her.
Hi, honey.
Do you think the girls would be mad if I brought them the same dress, but in two different colors? They're 13-year-old twins.
I think they'll be mad, no matter what we do.
- Sir, we really gotta go.
- Okay? That would be funny if it weren't true and if they weren't growing up so fast.
I'm fine.
Talks are going great.
Making progress.
I'm well-protected.
See you tonight, okay? See you tonight.
I love you.
[EXPLOSION] [PEOPLE SCREAMING] Guess intel got the attack right but the target wrong.
We got an IED detonation in the direction of the mall.
My wife is in that mall! All right, Jaz and McG are buttoning up the ambassador back at the consulate, but his wife's a high-value target.
Last report we got, she's still inside the mall.
We're en route now.
ETA: five mikes.
What do we know? An attacker sent a car bomb to the east entrance of the Palm Grove shopping mall.
Dear God.
We're looking at multiple civilian casualties.
Witnesses on the ground report seeing armed men inside firing on civilians.
How many armed men? - That's unclear.
- Can we get eyes inside? Mall security is closed-circuit.
It'll take a few minutes to hack in.
Dalton's gonna be there in a few minutes.
It would be nice to give him something to go on.
NRO has a satellite with thermal imaging in orbit over the Sudan.
It'd give us a bird's-eye view of what's going on inside.
Have them re-task it.
If they push back, tell them to send me the bill.
On it.
All right, I think we've got an ID on our attackers.
MEND just uploaded that.
They're on our watch list of radical groups in the region.
We have taken over the American-owned Palm Grove shopping center.
We demand the release of our general, David Ogu, from prison immediately.
We will speak only to General Ogu directly.
Ogu's MEND's leader.
So this isn't about the peace talks.
No, or the ambassador.
It's just about how many innocent people are in there.
We will kill one hostage for every other voice we hear.
Do not test us.
We are prepared to die.
We are prepared to take everyone with us.
This is bad.
Ogu is a war criminal.
The Nigerians are never gonna release him.
Ogu is dead.
He died in custody two days ago.
We have got armed militants demanding the release of a dead man.
What's the playbook for that? There is none.
[PEOPLE SCREAMING, CRYING] Car bomb to block the main entrance.
Oh my god! Oh my god! [GUNFIRE] Cover! Contact! Sniper on overwatch.
Even smarter.
All right.
Preach, you're with me.
[EXPLOSION] Amir I'm gonna need you to take out that sniper.
Top? You're my invisible man.
Yeah, I'm inconspicuous.
In a crowd, not alone on a rooftop.
It's gonna be great.
All right.
Get after him.
Ready? Cover! [GUNFIRE] Command, we're currently three on sight.
Things are pretty chaotic.
I got a line to the west entrance.
I think we can get inside.
Stand by.
We're getting IDs on the hostiles.
Talk to me.
Emmanuel Ade, AKA "The Leopard.
" This guy's trained.
He spent five years in the Nigerian special forces before he turned militant.
Suspected to be behind the attacks on the West African gas pipeline.
Killed 27 workers.
This guy's a true believer, boss.
What's the ETA on the Nigerians' response? Army is mobilizing out of Victoria.
20 minutes, ETA.
All the hostages could be dead in 20 minutes.
You are clear to enter the mall.
Rescue Louise Webb and all of the other hostages.
And, Dalton, we don't have time to go through the proper political channels, so no one can know you're in there, not even the Nigerian government.
Roger that! Zero profile! [GUNFIRE] Amir, you want to tell me why I'm still taking fire? [MUFFLED GUNSHOTS] Problem solved.
[BRAKES SQUEAL] All right.
McG and Jaz just landed.
Ambassador secure.
RSO has the whole consulate on lockdown.
All right, Preach, take us in.
Go, go, go, go, go! [EERIE MUSIC] All right, command, what's the status on those hostages? It's a ghost town in here.
We go up this escalator, we could be headed into a kill-box.
- Stand by, Dalton.
- We'll have heat signatures any second now.
Okay, it looks like the attackers have grouped the hostages in the south wing, second floor.
Roger that.
Jaz, take us up.
Cover down.
These guys could be anywhere.
Ambassador's security detail down.
No joy on the ambassador's wife.
Copy that.
If Ade finds out that Ogu is dead, he's gonna start shooting and not stop until everyone's dead.
So I want to upload a proof of life onto the same website that Ade used for his video.
Proof of life for a dead man.
Think you can do it? Yeah.
Just no idea how.
We're close enough to hear them, but we can't go any further without some kind of eyes-on.
Well, we tapped into the mall's closed-circuit loop.
Looks like half the cameras are down.
Well, we're gonna need something better than that if we have any chance at saving these people.
[FOREBODING MUSIC] Preach? Why does that sound like trouble? I'd call it a shot.
[DISTANT TALKING] [SIGHS] - Preach - Knows what he's doing.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [SPEAKING YORUBA] [IN NIGERIAN ACCENT] Don't shoot! Don't shoot! Don't shoot! Who are you? Who are you? Don't shoot.
[SPEAKING YORUBA] I am just here in the mall, only for 30 minutes.
Well, he's got 30 hostages.
I am only here to grab four things for my wife.
Four hostage-takers She's at she's at home, she's expecting me.
I'm sorry.
Please, I am going to go.
- Hey, hey! - I will go.
I don't have nothing.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] What were you shopping for? Baby things.
My wife, she is pregnant.
Why didn't you run? I said, why didn't you run? 'Cause I was afraid that if I run, you will shoot me in the back.
- Please.
- Over there.
With the others.
[HOSTAGES CRYING, BREATHING RAGGEDLY] He has eyes on the ambassador's wife.
Zoom in.
Confirmed alive.
It doesn't seem like they know who she is.
Well, it better stay that way.
All right.
Preach is in.
Define "interesting.
" Dalton, you have Nigerian special forces marshaling outside the western entrance.
Well, there's the problem with no one knowing we're in here.
Those guys come storming in here, we're gonna start to look an awful lot like the bad guys.
[SOLDIERS TALKING] Amir, I gotta know what's going on out there.
Already on it.
They're securing the perimeter.
Looks like you have some time.
[SPEAKING YORUBA] [FOREBODING MUSIC] No, not so sure about that.
- Ade's getting restless.
- You! All of you! You people shouldn't even be here.
Pumping money into the fists of America when our own countrymen go hungry.
Starving! [SPEAKING YORUBA] It's okay.
- Focus on me.
- Who said you could move? - Breathe deeply, okay? - Who? Who told you you could move? - I will kill you! - Nice and slow.
I am just trying to help this man.
He is not a threat.
I am not a threat.
- [SNAPS FINGERS] - You! [SPEAKS YORUBA] [SPEAKS YORUBA] What is your name, soldier? Come on, I know you have a name.
What is it? Addar.
Addar Yes, I know that name.
That is a strong name.
That is a Biblical name.
Addar was the sun of King Bela.
My daughter, her name is Leah.
That is also a Biblical name.
[SHOUTS ANGRILY IN YORUBA] [SPEAKS YORUBA] Now show them what happens when they forget.
Addar No [CRIES OUT] Command, in position.
Just waiting for a clean shot on all four.
I might be able to help with that clean shot.
Tell me you have proof of life.
I took footage from David Ogu's intake at Kirikiri Prison, flipped the direction he's walking, scrubbed out the guards, changed the date stamp.
Send it to Ade.
Dalton, stand by.
We're about to get all four of your hostage-takers grouped together.
I've got the tango on his left.
Tango right.
All right, Jaz.
I want you to sweep the outside guy with your second shot.
Preach, stand by in three, two [YELLING IN YORUBA] You monsters! Damn it.
Amir, I told you to keep those guys outside.
- It's not the army.
- They haven't moved.
Let my father go! It's a civilian, trying to help.
[GUNSHOT] [GROANS] You need to stay strong.
We can get out of here alive.
Excuse me.
Don't think you're a hero.
You are nothing but a woman.
I got eyes on our Charlie Bronson, top.
I can get to him.
Anyone puts eyes on you, and we lose our advantage.
I do nothing, and he dies.
[TENSE MUSIC] Go ahead.
Ah! [GROANS PAINFULLY] McG, shut him up or shut him down.
My dad I need to get to my father.
What's your name? What's your name? - Joseph.
- All right, Joseph.
You gotta keep your voice down or we're all dead here, all right? Shh.
Stay quiet, man.
Stay quiet.
Here, drink this.
That's for sick babies, but when you're losing blood, it's the best thing, and buddy, you're losing blood.
Wanna hear something funny? I'm Joseph too.
Everybody calls me "McGuire," or "McG.
" All right, Joseph.
You got shot in the femoral artery.
I'm gonna need to do surgery, all right? Hey, don't worry, man.
I'm ambidextrous.
Really? Actually, no, I'm not, but you know, it's all right.
I'll get her done.
[GROANING] Move! Move.
Move! Hurry up! Ade's moving the hostages.
That's because that guy almost walked in on him.
Ade was sloppy finding the first location, but he's not gonna be the second time.
Dalton, can you get a clean shot before we lose him? Negative.
There's too many hostages around.
We need a plan B.
All right, repositioning.
Jaz, you're with me.
So what was all that yammering about? You said something about your dad? - Is that why you came in here? - Yes.
He is my best friend.
[GROANS] Yeah? I never knew my old man.
It's nice that you guys got that.
Remember what I said about not making any noise? I need you to bite down on that real hard.
I'm gonna have to cauterize your wound, all right? [FLESH SEARING] [MUFFLED GROAN] Dalton, it looks like they've moved the hostages to an access corridor in the south wing.
A most valued guest.
[FOREBODING MUSIC] Which one of you is the American diplomat? Who is Louise Webb? You must be her.
- No.
No, please.
- Shut up.
It's you.
- I know it's you.
- My name is Avril.
I am French.
Please No So it must be her.
Oh, no.
You're not denying this.
It's you.
Stop! You leave her alone! I'm the one.
I'm the one that you're looking for.
I'm the one.
Damn it.
So, the hero.
Eh? Pleasure to meet you, Mrs.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] Okay, Dalton, you are entering the last store before the corridor Ade's holed up in.
He should be right on the other side.
Your husband.
The press.
They call him hero.
He is a fraud.
Claiming to bring progress, when all he's really doing is imposing American ideals of what the world should be.
You mean like equal rights for women? Protect [CRIES OUT] You don't think I'm serious, do you? Eh? Get up! Please! Don't! - Don't! - Daddy! I will show you how serious I am.
No, please! Watch her.
This way.
Don't shoot.
Please, don't shoot.
Don't shoot.
I am not armed.
They They gave me this.
Don't shoot, please.
They say they are going to kill one hostage every ten minutes until you meet those demands.
My daughter is in there.
[RADIO CHATTER] American mining companies out of the region; American oil companies turned over to Nigeria.
16 more political prisoners.
It's MEND's wish list.
Every item.
Ade has Louise Webb.
He thinks he hit the jackpot.
That means he's never going to back down.
You really think he'll start killing hostages? I know he will.
Hey, Dalton, Ade is going to start executing hostages.
My best guess is you have single-digit minutes.
You have got to get in there.
We can't.
Even if we could surprise him, he's still surrounded by dozens of hostages.
We're good, but we can't walk through walls.
Hang on.
[QUICKENING TECHNO MUSIC] Command, do you have CCTV at our location? Affirmative.
Yours and theirs, and the corridor.
Why? Because I think I just found our plan B.
He's gonna shoot through the wall.
Okay, so if Jaz and I were to paint the walls, you could see that, right? Affirmative.
So what just so I'm clear, Dalton wants us to spot for them from 5,000 miles away and have them fire through a wall into a room filled with hostages? 5.
56 penetrators at that range, through those cheap walls, won't deflect.
For all intents and purposes, it's like there is no wall.
Yeah, but there is a wall.
It's right there.
I'm lookin' at it.
It's a good plan with one flaw.
Dalton, you and Jaz can get two.
Preach has the third.
We need to get the fourth attacker out of there.
- Distraction? - Yeah.
Amir, it's time to have the Nigerians join our team.
I'm with the US Ambassador's security.
I have people inside right now.
We're minutes away from ending this.
But I need your help.
[SIGHS] Americans.
You're not supposed to be operating like this.
You're on Nigerian soil.
And the Foreign Legion wasn't supposed to be in Mali in 2012.
But that worked out.
All I need is a few of your men.
We're getting ready to make our play.
I'ma need you and Jaz to cover the corridors while Preach and I get the hostages out.
All right.
Copy that.
Joseph McGuire.
Thank you.
You can thank me when you see your pops.
[METALLIC SCREECHING] [SAW GRINDING] You realize they're never going to cut through this building? Realize it? I'm counting on it.
All right, Dalton.
It looks like the Nigerian distraction is working.
Stand by to execute.
Hannah? Okay.
Spot your targets.
Stand by to shoot.
Preach, if you can hear us, signal and stay down.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Okay, Dalton, you are aligned with tango three.
Jaz, you'll take tango one.
Preach, middle guy's all yours.
Stand by.
I'll remotely correct for parallax and mill.
Dalton, left, 23 degrees.
Jaz, right 18 degrees, up 6.
Hold that.
Okay, he's on the move.
Jaz, left, three degrees.
Ade's coming back.
Now or never, Hannah.
[GUNSHOTS] [PEOPLE EXCLAIMING] [GUNSHOTS] All right, Jaz, stay sharp.
Ade's on his way back.
You good? - Yeah, good.
- Okay.
Webb, you stay with me.
Wait, you need someone to lead these people out.
Don't you? Everyone follow Mrs.
Come on! Go! Get to the ex Oh, you get the general idea.
Preach! [DISQUIETING SYNTH MUSIC] All right, buddy.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on, come on.
All right, coming out! [GUNFIRE] [PEOPLE SCREAMING] Contact rear! [GUNFIRE] Set.
This way, everybody.
This way.
Let's go! Let me get a medic! Medic! Give them water! Keep moving! Give this woman some water! Come on, come on, come on.
Come on.
Move, move, move.
Get moving.
Keep moving! Let's go, let's go.
Let's move now.
All right, that's it.
We're good? Yeah, last man.
All right, all the hostages are out and Ade's still inside, so we're going to circle back while the Nigerians form a plan.
We're looking at two heat signatures.
I repeat, two heat signatures still inside the mall.
Are you sure you got everyone out of there? - Sir, sir! - You cannot go in, sir! - Wait, please! - Please, sir! Please.
My daughter, she was in a red dress.
Have you seen her? Have you seen her? Have you seen her? Please! Sir, sir, sir.
Command, command, correction.
There's a father here who says his daughter's still inside with Ade.
Copy that.
Go in and get her.
Look at that.
They got you Haunted by his past? all patched up, Joseph.
- Got a hell of a son, sir.
- Thank you.
I'll come back and check on you.
[HELICOPTER WHIRRING] Situation is stable outside the mall.
Dalton and Jaz are reengaging, doing a thorough S and R of the building.
Standing by with Louise Webb.
The ambassador and his detail are flying in from the consulate.
Oh, thank you.
Your husband is on his way, ma'am.
Listen, I got to tell you, it was very impressive to see you handle yourself the way you did in there.
Took a lot of courage.
Courage? No, you and your team are the courageous ones.
Thank you.
We're not done yet.
This way.
Two remaining heat signatures inside the mall.
Ade and the girl.
That's Jaz and Dalton approaching now.
[DESOLATE MUSIC] How could they have missed her? She must have run off during the gunfire.
You good on mags? Yep.
Don't worry.
We'll get her.
Right, there's one heat signature in the east wing, one in the south.
The girl was last seen in the south.
I'd try there first.
Ade's headed for the east wing.
He's headed right towards her.
Now he's right on top of her.
They're not going to get there in time.
Jaz, the girl moved in the electronics store, but we got interference.
Must be the mall's HVAC.
We've still got you guys on the GPS, but we can't see anything in there.
All right.
I'm in the store.
I'm heading down.
I got no sign of the girl.
I got her.
I got her.
[SIGHS] She's coming out.
Don't shoot.
Come on.
Coming in.
Don't move! I will kill her.
All right.
Punch right.
Looks like Jaz is flanking him.
Ade's a true believer.
This may have gotten away from him, but he still wants Ogu.
Let Dalton engage.
- If you're wrong - I'm not wrong.
Dalton, you're clear to approach.
[DIALING CELL PHONE] Emmanuel Ade! We don't want any problems with you.
Hey, I have David Ogu on the line right now, just out of prison.
Wants to talk with you.
You're lying! He's got his finger on the trigger.
It's gotta be a brainstem shot.
I need him forward.
Hey, you saw the video, okay? He keeps asking for you.
[EERIE MUSIC] A few more inches Look, don't take my word for it, okay? I'll let you talk to him yourself.
Okay, Jaz.
Stand by.
Stand by.
[MUFFLED GUNSHOT] [SCREAMS] Come on, come on.
Come on.
Right here, sweetie.
Hey, hey, hey, I got you.
[SIGHS] You're safe.
See? You're pretty tough, too.
[SIGHS] ["LINE OF FIRE" BY JUNIP PLAYING] What would you do If it all came back to you Each crest of each wave Bright as lightning What would you say If you had to leave "Dear Mom, "I really hope you never receive this, "because if you do, "it means I'm gone.
"I wish we had more time.
"More time for Terrapin football games.
"More late-night gin rummy around the kitchen table.
"And for that, I'm sorry.
"But it's important to me that you know everything I am, I am because of you.
" When you notice it matters "Any selflessness I show, "I show because of you.
"Any tenacity I have, "I have because of you.
"Any bravery: "I am brave "because of you.
"I know how hard it was "to balance being a single mom "while still accomplishing all that you have, "so I just want to tell you, "in case you have any doubts, "you are an extraordinary mom.
I feel very lucky to have had a mom like you.
" Hide from the world Your lack of confidence "I know I probably don't need to tell you these things, "but I still want to.
I love you, Mom.
" Dictates your rise or your fall With one else around you No one to understand you No one to hear your calls Look through all your dark corners When you're backed up against a wall Step back from the line of fire Ooh