The Brokenwood Mysteries (2014) s06e03 Episode Script

Dead Men Don't Shoot Ducks

(OVER LOUDHAILER) Good morning, my little duckies! Rise and shine! (DUCKS QUACK, GUNFIRE) Don't shoot! Don't shoot! (GUNFIRE ECHOES) (SINISTER MUSIC) So, what have we got? Well, victim is Leslie Garrett- 43, married; as the sign suggests, a prominent wildlife activist.
Seemingly placed herself between the ducks and the guns.
(HAUNTING GUITAR MUSIC) Leslie, my name is Mike Shepherd.
What were you thinking? I have never approved of this duck hunting.
It's like shooting whales in a barrel.
Oh, on that we can agree.
Although it's fish.
Whales are endangered.
Yes, but they just don't fit in a barrel.
So save the ducks but not the whales? Sometimes I don’t understand you.
Gina, you can get underway.
So, all these folk were in the area? Yeah.
Tony Canetti.
Bloodsportz Hunting and Guns.
DSS Mike Shepherd.
Yeah, yeah.
I've helped you before with my expertise.
Bit of an expert on all things lethal.
Look, can I get my boys home? It's their first day out, and it's not really a good start to a love of hunting.
This was their first time shooting? Yeah, yeah, fully supervised.
I mean, I run a gun store; I know the rules.
They aimed high.
There's no chance in hell they hit poor Leslie.
DC Breen will be by later for a chat.
OK, boys.
Come on, let's go.
And that's Jenny Lyons, Leslie's sister.
She made the ID.
Mrs Lyons, hello, I’m Mike Shepherd.
I'm sorry for your loss.
It's 'Ms', but thank you.
Jenny, I’m so sorry.
Don't touch me.
Hey, don't be like that.
For God's sake, I just lost my sister.
My sister! How the hell did that happen, Don? Hey, come on, now! Let's just stick to the facts, eh? Mr Ducker, can I speak with you over here? She's crazy.
Can I get you something? I just need a moment.
Jared, I hear you jumped in and pulled the victim ashore.
I didn't know you were a duck shooter.
I'm not.
Just here helping out my Uncle Walter.
Supposed to be his last season.
Frodo's almost catatonic.
Keeps muttering something about his mate Hayden.
The one who was shot at his stag do? Yeah.
I'll give him some time.
Uniform branch have secured all firearms in the area.
(ENGINE BUZZES) OK, maybe not all of them.
And it's a convertible.
(ROOF BANGS) The art of surprise.
(CHUCKLES) So, who was where? Well, Frodo was there.
That maimai belongs to his dead mate's family.
Jenny Lyons' maimai is over there.
That's Don Ducker's, and Tony Canetti and his kids were down there.
Anyone on that old one there? Nah.
Hasn't been for decades.
LOUDLY: Guess ifs your lucky day.
Yeah, nah, it won't be able to hear you, Mike.
It's, um- It's a decoy.
Hm! (CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING) (DELANEY DAVIDSON'S 'DARK HORSES') # Moving at night # over the plains.
# Stand in the doorway, # the night remains.
# All the dark horses # leave in the night.
# Nobody's owners, living for flight.
Nice camo look.
Yeah, nothing wrong with a bit of stealth.
Lance Gifford, right'? DC Breen.
Yeah, I remember.
Been shooting this morning? Couple of shots to see in the new season.
Misty conditions, I understand.
I've seen worse.
Hit anything? No, there was too much commotion on the river.
The ducks made themselves scarce.
Is this about Leslie Garrett? lt's a hell of a way to start a season.
How'd you know about Leslie? I passed by, saw her dinghy, saw you cops.
That's her trailer over there, so I just put two and two together.
So you knew her? Oh, I saw her here this morning.
I warned her.
Are you trying to get yourself killed? Is that a threat? And was it? If it was, do you think I'd be telling you? So that was it? No, then she said some greenie liberal remark and went on her way.
Where on the waterway were you shooting? Well, I have a floating maimai, so I was drifting further down the inlet from them.
Can you be specific? Sorry, no.
We'll need to examine your firearm.
Oh, you're joking.
Seriously? You were in the vicinity.
ifs part of an elimination process.
Yeah, all right.
But I'd appreciate it back ASAP.
Of course.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) Ollie Garrett? Yes.
Detective Kristin Sims.
Um, can we go inside? Why, is there a problem? It's your wife, Leslie.
Would you like to sit down? What about her? What's happened? Uh, I'm afraid there's been an incident.
We're yet to find out what happened, but she was killed.
I'm so sorry.
Uh, would you like to go inside.
ls there someone I can call? SHAKILY: Nah, this can't this can't This can't be happening.
(EXHALES HEAVILY) (SOBS) In this job you never get used to the heartbreak.
I think it's nice.
Russian men cry only over their mothers and spilt vodka.
Kiwi men are more sensitive.
Especially when their spouse has been murdered.
Well, we don't know it was a murder.
It could've been accidental.
So naive.
He wants some time alone.
OK, but not too long.
I need to get started.
She's Russian.
Ms Lyons, you said to Don Ducker this morning, 'How did that happen?' It was I was out of line.
Emotions just got the better of me.
That poor, sweet man.
(MOODY COUNTRY MUSIC) Walter Elliot was shooting with his cousin Tamati Taylor and nephew Jared Morehu, though Jared wasn't using a firearm.
Tamati recalls a gun blast coming from Jenny Lyons' maimai here.
Jenny Lyons went first.
(GUNSHOT) LESLIE: Don't shoot! Don't shoot! Pull! And then we all went.
(GUNSHOT) It was foggy.
Pea soup.
Didn't see what happened.
Didn't get any ducks.
OK, thanks.
Uh, Mr Elliot.
Walter, can you tell me what-? Uncle didn't get anything either.
That'd be right, eh, Uncle? Pretty much.
It was a wasted opportunity, thanks to that lunatic Leslie Garrett.
Are you saying she had mental health issues? She put herself in a boat between a bunch of hunters and a flight of ducks.
What do you think? Well, clearly she was protesting and- And so no one can be held accountable for what happened.
Reckon that'd be it.
It's been a difficult morning.
It's Don Ducker.
And you're the head of the Duck Stalkers' Association? Is there something you want to say? No.
No, that's good (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) A little ironic.
What is? Nothing.
Uh w-what happened? All hell broke loose.
Everyone fired like trigger-happy maniacs.
(GUNSHOTS ECHO) Can I take it from that that you didn't fire? No, no.
I fired too.
Obviously someone didn't aim high enough, took out poor Leslie.
And I spoke with Tony Canetti.
They were positioned here.
Tony was supervising, being the holder of the firearms licence.
Hence, he wasn't using a gun himself.
And you spoke with Frodo? Yeah, for what it was worth.
I was just doing my thing, you know? (DUCK WHISTLE QUACKS) (GUNSHOT) Don't shoot! Don't shoot! You fired? Didn't hit nothing, though.
Of the seven people that went hunting, everyone discharged their guns.
Once Gina's finished the post mortem, it should be reasonably easy to trace the type of shot to the matching shell case, to the specific gun.
There were eight.
Lance Gifford was on the inlet somewhere during the time frame.
So eight people went hunting.
One protester was killed.
And no ducks fell from the sky.
Hardly feels accidental, does it? I have identified two impact zones - about the left side of the face and the right side of the chest.
Any idea which came first? There are wounds on her left knuckles and damage to the microphone, so I think she was holding the microphone as such.
She was hit.
Six pellets - two on the hand, four on the face, one entering behind the eye.
Then The second blast caught her midriff with eight pellets.
Perhaps not so bad, but unfortunately two of them tore through her heart.
Death in seconds.
So she was hit from two opposing sides? It looks that way.
But not necessarily? I think it's safe to say that the ducks were the winners on the day.
We should consider both possibilities.
Any idea what range she was hit from? From experience, given the penetration depth, 20m to 40m.
But I will conduct some tests.
Get those pellets to ESR, and the armoury, too.
MAN: So, what's the low down on this protester business? The victim took 14 pellets in two blasts.
Misty conditions.
Bloody amateurs.
Steel? Would it be anything else? Shouldn't be.
Lead shot was phased out years ago.
Is the ammunition much of a muchness? Well, like anything, all manufacturers like to believe their brand has a point of difference and therefore an edge.
So all hunters have their preference for gauge and shot.
It won't be difficult to tie your pellets to a certain brand of shell.
That's what I was hoping.
(TU IS CALL) Oh, we're out of luck, Detective.
And I was so looking forward to my almond macchiato.
This will be due to the Leslie Garrett business, no doubt.
Foul play? W- You know I can't say.
Oh dear.
Well, poor Frodo.
He really does have bad luck.
I knew things were going to go badly when Leslie Garrett turned up at the Duck Stalkers' Club.
When was this? The night before she died.
You were there? Oh yes.
I've been a member for years.
Not that I shoot, mind you.
I make tea and cheese rolls for the meetings.
But my late husband, Rufus, now, he was a stalker.
I was more of a plucker.
Plucking ducks is quite a skill, you know.
And when your husband is as successful as Rufus was, you need to know the art of a quick pluck to get through them all.
Mm, I imagine so.
I had a little ditty I used to sing when I was plucking - How many ducks does a duck plucker pluck when a duck plucker does pluck ducks? How many clucks can a plucked duck cluck when a plucked duck does cluck, cluck? (CHUCKLES) Tell me- I used to get through an entire bird in eight verses - all of them different.
Well, that's very impressive.
But can you tell me about Leslie Garrett's visit to the club? She wasn't invited, of course.
(PEOPLE CHATTER) So, let's remind ourselves of quota.
It's eight ducks to a bag.
Yeah, got that, Lance? Yeah, yeah, it was one year! It was a miscalculation.
It's club rules, so no firing before 7am.
Now, the conditions are forecast as foggy, so let's all just be careful out there, eh? (DOOR CREAKS) Oh, for Christ's sakes, Leslie.
You're in no way welcome here.
But I'm a lifelong member, Don.
You know that.
Mrs Marlowe, would you care to come with me to the station? It's much warmer, and I can make you a coffee there.
Oh! That would be lovely.
Thank you.
Here we go.
Thank you.
Now, you said that Leslie Garrett claimed to be a lifelong member of the Duck Stalkers' Association.
Well, she was.
Because her great-grandfather was a founding member.
Oh dear.
What? Nothing.
Did you wibble? Wibbling is the art of bringing the crema to the surface.
Now, before you plunge, you must wibble until two small stationary waves start jiggling.
Oh, OK, so sort of like, um- Nipples, yes.
Wibble, wobble, double nipple.
And then - and then only - do you plunge.
So Leslie was entitled to be at the meeting because she was an active member? An active troublemaker, really.
We don't want your rantings here, Leslie.
Consider your membership revoked.
You have no right to shoot innocent ducks.
What I do or this club does on my land is none of your business.
Really? I think that's about to change.
Read it and weep, Walter.
And until that takes effect, I will do whatever it takes to protect those ducks because birds' lives matter too! That's enough, Leslie.
(PEOPLE JEER, CLAP) What did it say? Don't know.
Let's just say I'm confident it wasn't a love letter.
This is a really good coffee.
That's the art of wibbling, my dear.
Double mocha, rig ht? Yeah, sure.
But I'm actually looking for Frodo.
I tried your house.
He was there for a bit.
Totally freaked about what happened.
Do you know where he is now? No.
He had a bit of a cry, muttered something about 'ghosts from the past', asked if I'd look after the cart, and then just disappeared.
If he makes contact can you get him to call us? We really need to speak with him.
Is he in trouble? Just tell him to call me.
Why are you here exactly? I have a few questions, if that's OK? Some of them are a little delicate.
Did Leslie have any life insurance? No.
We didn't buy into that stuff.
We sourced everything from the land.
That was our insurance.
I have some tucked away.
Things will be OK, Ollie.
I don't want your pity.
I just want her back.
It's not pity.
We're family, hon.
I'm off to see Reverend Greene.
We'll get Leslie a nice send-off, I promise.
Goodbye, Detective.
You have my number? Yes.
Thank you for the tea.
Urn, were you aware that Leslie visited the Duck Stalkers' Club the night before she was killed? Yeah.
It's quite a provocative thing to do.
I told her not to go, but she was a stubborn person.
Always looking for a way to make her point.
And when I came to tell you about Leslie, you were arriving home.
I'm just wondering where you'd been.
Why? We're just trying to get a picture of where everyone was when Leslie died.
I was delivering eggs - organic duck eggs.
That's what I do.
At 8.
30 in the morning? People like fresh eggs for their Saturday morning omelettes.
And finally, do you have any firearms on the property? We're animal lovers.
What use would we have for a gun? OK.
Oh, and do you have the list of deliveries you make? Can I send it through? That'd be helpful.
DSS Mike Shepherd.
It's been a while since we met through the tragedy at the golf club.
Angela Stone was no friend of mine.
I understand Leslie Garrett wasn't, either.
Nothing personal.
I just didn't like her politics.
That being? The bandwagon type.
I'm not a fan of greenies trying to tell me how to look after my land.
Maori have looked after the whenua for over 600 years and done a bloody good job of it.
Except for the moa.
They went extinct.
Because they're bloody stupid, that's why.
Body the size of a car, brain the size of a pea.
What do you expect? (CHUCKLES) Anyway we won't have our customary rights threatened.
Though mallard ducks aren't native.
No, but the kereru is.
Wood pigeon.
Not that we shoot them.
Or those.
Yeah, OK, we shoot them.
Bloody nuisance.
The point is I’m a farmer.
It's in my interest to look after the land.
I understand Leslie Garrett gave you a document of some kind at the clubhouse.
I tore it up.
It was a threat.
I don't take too kindly to threats.
Yeah, Leslie Garrett was trying to take control of Uncle's land by putting a protected species caveat over it.
What species? The whio.
The blue duck.
It would prevent the Duck Stalkers' Association from renewing their lease and getting access to the waterway.
Not that there's any whio around these parts.
You're more likely to find hen's teeth.
She was making it up? Anything to shut us down.
Why would you bother to belong to a club only to shoot on your own land? Without members, the club would close down.
And not renew its lease.
Something like that.
Plus they were handing out free boxes of shells.
To mark the opening of the season, the Brokenwood Duck Stalkers' Association is gifting each shooter a box of a new brand of 12 gauge shells.
(PEOPLE EXCLAIM) This is to say thank you for your continuing loyalty.
So please come up, grab a box, tell me how they perform, and then I'll feedback to the company.
Everyone that night took a box of shells? Mm-hm.
Yeah, compliments of Tony Canetti and Don Ducker.
Guess he'll do anything to keep the club alive.
Have you still got the box? Jared? Oh yeah, I'll grab it.
How are you coping with the Parkinson's? Some days are good.
Other days are good, too.
Today's a good day.
Yeah, boss.
ESR came back with a match on those BBs in the victim.
They match with a brand called Triple X Steel? How'd you know? Just had a feeling.
So the fatal pellets could have come from any of these.
Uh, from any of the 12 gauge.
Walter, Don.
And Frodo.
Still no sign of Frodo.
I'm yet to get a formal statement.
Tony Canetti's kids and Jenny Lyons were using .
410 gauge.
We need to find out for sure whether the .
410 uses steel shot.
My understanding is that it doesn't.
And we need to find out why Don Ducker was so keen on everyone using identical ammunition.
(SLOW-PACED COUNTRY MUSIC) It's good to have old Bessie back.
Bessie? Named after my great-grandmother.
She was known to give you a good blast when you did something wrong.
Mr Ducker, we have a few questions.
It's a terrible business.
Detectives Sims and Breen.
Breen, yeah.
This is my wife, Marion.
Everything all right? 100%.
Is this about"? Listen, why don't you go and whip us all up a cup of tea, eh, love? Of course.
Come on through.
So, my great-grandfather, Don, here, he started the club in 1922.
So you're Don Ducker the Fourth? l am, indeed.
Proud to carry the family name.
So, um, this would be Don Ducker the First? Yes, well, Donald.
Donald Ducker? Donald Duck.
(WHEEZES) Everything alright there, Detective? Mm, yeah.
Just the Louise slice.
It's unbelievable.
It is, isn't it? Marion is a whiz in the kitchen.
So, my great-grandfather was born in 1901.
Christened Donald Duck.
There's nothing unusual in that.
Until, of course, Walt Disney created a friend for Mickey Mouse in 1934.
And by then my grandfather, Don Jnr was ten years old.
Well, you can imagine the teasing.
So Don Senior decided to change their names.
It's interesting he didn't choose Smith or Brown.
Why should he? The Ducks were a proud family - big in the linoleum business.
Don Ducker was a compromise.
But as you can see, duck shooting, that's the true family legacy.
Do you partake in the sport, Marion? Sadly, no.
Not my thing.
But if you like her baking, you wait til you try her roast duck.
I knew it was a passion of Don's when I married him.
And as the saying goes, 'If you can't shoot 'em, pluck 'emf Can you tell me about Leslie Garrett? I didn't really know her that well.
Even though she was a lifelong member? Well, in name only.
It was her great-grandfather and mine that started the Duck Stalkers' Association together.
Hence, she was a lifelong member.
But then she went all stridently greenie, tried to pull the club down.
So you had her expelled? As chairman, I felt I had to pull rank.
I'd rather die than see this club fail.
Just out of interest, do you always shoot alone? Yes.
I thought it might be more social, perhaps even safer.
Oh, no, no, I prefer to shoot alone.
There's nothing unusual in that.
I find it meditative.
You know, some people do yoga; I shoot ducks.
So, you stayed at home? Yes.
I was here.
In the kitchen.
Donald Duck, eh? And proud of it.
I nearly choked.
You did choke.
Which is why you're not supposed to eat on the job.
Would've been rude not to.
Her baking - next level.
Some sort of secret ingredient.
Well regardless, she's a reluctant plucker who is no doubt relieved that the duck shooting season only lasts six weeks.
Who's next? Tony Canetti.
Bloodsportz Hunting and Guns.
Tony, how long have you been a member of the Duck Stalkers' Association? Oh, years.
Been like a second family.
But you didn't take a box of the shells that Don Ducker was dishing out? Well, I supplied them - at cost.
Selling then taking, be a bit weird.
And my kids shoot the smaller .
410, so they wouldn't fit.
Why dispense only the 12 gauge? It's the most popular.
Most of the club shoot 12.
Personally I'm a 20 gauge guy.
You know, I picked that.
Really? Hm, how about that.
Must be the hat.
Anyway, the 20 gauge gives me more manoeuverability.
But each to their own.
Like I always say, the best gun to have in a gunfight is the one you have, not the one you wish you had.
Not that I've ever been in a gunfight.
Strictly animals for me.
Wild animals; nothing caged.
That wouldn't be sporting.
Nor legal, I suspect.
Is it possible to get steel pellets in a .
410 shotgun shell? Not yet.
The manufacturers are slow to fill the demand for the lesser used gauge.
Was Leslie hit with steel? She was.
You're pretty happy about that? Well, yeah.
No, no.
Only that I told my kids it couldn't have been them.
I mean, I knew it couldn't - I was there; they aimed high.
But now it's definite, it's a relief.
For them; not for Leslie, obviously, but OK.
Was it your idea to hand out the Triple X Steel? No, no.
Don Ducker came by and hit me up, and I said yeah.
Thanks, Tony.
You shouldn't have.
They're for Ollie.
I'm sorry again for your loss.
I have a sister.
I can't imagine what it feels like.
Are you close to her? In that 'don't need to call but always there' kind of way.
Call her, Mr Shepherd.
Don't take anything for granted.
We were told a gun for learners.
Let me guess.
Tony Canetti.
(CHUCKLES) Possibly.
I've been scoffed at by men with their 12 gauges all my life.
But there's more sport in a .
410, in my view.
I noted there was a shell still in the chamber.
You only fired once? It was a pot shot.
I knew I'd misjudged the range, and a second would be a waste.
And you fired first? Then everyone followed.
But the ducks were well out of range.
I'm guessing they all got a little trigger-happy, being the first day of the season.
And that's when we saw Leslie.
410 only uses lead shot? I know it's not best on the environment, but there's no choice at the moment.
How did Leslie feel about that? Leslie was a crack shot in her day.
She left a fair few kilos of lead in those waterways as a youngster.
And the .
410's the only gun you own? I've never shot ducks with anything else.
I'm slowly getting the peculiarities of duck shooting.
I won't hold you up.
Better get this back in the safe.
It's almost the same as Walter's and about 2m closer than Frodo's.
You will have to add 3 degrees, which will change the hypotenuse.
Why? To allow for the tide.
I don't know how to do that.
It is easy.
C equals A squared plus B squared.
Then divided by pi.
If in doubt, always divide by pi.
And finally, Jenny Lyons- (ENGINE BUZZES IN DISTANCE) Can you hear that? (ENGINE BUZZES SOFTLY) (ENGINE REVS, WATER SPLASHES) Eco Tours'? That's right.
Is it electric? No.
What, bio fuel? No.
So what's eco about it? Well, it's nature.
That's what the tourists want.
With the quad bikes out in the forest, the eco barge out on the inlet, I've got all my bases covered.
It's the maiden voyage tomorrow.
I need to know if you took a box of the Triple X Steel shells from the DSA the other night.
Well, as a matter of fact, I did; I took two.
Bad luck for the .
410'ers, eh? Would you mind if I grabbed yours as well? Yeah, help yourself cheapskate.
Waste not, want not, Jenny.
They were going to waste.
What's not to like? Ka pai.
Thanks for this.
You said on the phone Walter wanted a word? Yeah Nah.
Not really.
He's struggling a bit today, so prob- WALTER: What's the hold-up? Uh, nothing, cuz.
The detective's just leaving.
Yeah, yeah, he's just leaving.
Why'? Doesn't he want to know? Know what? Stop interfering, Tamati.
I'll say what I want to say.
You know, he's not in the best health.
Physically, yes.
But if he's got something to say, I want to hear it.
I know I should have mentioned this earlier, but the morning in question was chaotic.
And I didn't want to accept it was true.
But in the cold light of day I know it happened.
Are you sure you want to say this, cuz? Don't patronise me.
I saw what I saw.
What did you see, Walter? Leslie Garrett was shot by Wild Bill Baker.
Wild Bill Baker? He seemed pretty definite.
So what? We just bring in this Bill Baker and we're done? Could be a bit tricky.
Hey, Mike.
Look, I know Uncle believes he saw what he saw, but, well, the thing is, is that Wild Bill Baker died in 1987.
It says here William Hemi Baker died in a hunting accident, though his body was never found.
Technically, it remains a cold case.
Walter reckons it was him.
So I guess we've just got to figure out if dead men shoot live rounds.
Walter Elliot's maimai is almost directly opposite that abandoned hut there.
According to Walter (GUNSHOT) Working on the reasonably solid theory that it wasn't a ghost, are we looking for a ninth shooter? How'd you get on with Lance Gifford? Lance is expanding his business.
And he still can't be specific about where he was on the waterway, but supposedly somewhere south of here.
Could he have been on Bill Baker's maimai? Maybe.
We need to look into any possible motive.
We can park the Canetti kids, as their ammunition doesn't match.
Nor, for that matter, does Jenny Lyons'.
Plus she only expended one round.
And I'm yet to verify Ollie Garrett's movements that morning.
Don Ducker has no one to verify his position.
And I'm still yet to receive a statement from Frodo.
Tamati Taylor is covering for something.
And his uncle saw a ghost.
Plus we're yet to determine whether the victim was hit by one shooter twice or two shooters once.
All I know is that his nickname was Grey Mallard Bandero.
He always shot from the same maimai, and every year he took out the club's leader board.
Then, legend has it, he went shooting on his own one day and disappeared under mysterious circumstances.
Our records have him as missing, presumed drowned.
Well, then I guess that's what happened.
It was all before my time.
Did you see what Walter saw? Nah, it all happened pretty quick.
LESLIE: Don't shoot! Don't shoot! Pull! (GUNSHOTS) (EERIE MUSIC) Holy shit! Are you sure Jenny Lyons shot first? Yeah, a fraction before 7am.
(GUNSHOT) That's why everyone got a bit jumpy - got caught off guard.
And then Leslie called, 'Don't shoot'? Was the last thing she ever said.
Pity no one listened.
Glad to see you taking this incident seriously.
Tell me more about Wild Bill Baker.
He was a legend.
Total legend.
Hands down.
Renowned for his bag count each season.
He held the top tally year after year.
No one could get near him.
He could get two birds with a barrel each, then reload and get two more off the same flight.
Of course, he had the best spot, but even so.
Then one day he was taking his final shot.
(GUNSHOT, DUCK QUACKS) Perhaps it wanted to have the final say.
Some kind of utu, maybe.
(DUCK QUACKS, THUD!) That's what happened.
Just like that.
(SPLASH!) Were there any witnesses? All that was found was his gun, a full bag of ducks and a thermos of tea - cold by the time the alarm was raised.
By then, the tide had taken him.
At least he died with his boots on, doing what he loved.
If there were no witnesses, how do you know that's what happened? Because he's a legend.
What other way could he have gone? Are you sure it was Bill Baker that you saw in that maimai? Wouldn't be anyone else.
His maimai's been derelict for years.
No one uses it out of respect.
Even though it's the best spot? Yeah.
Birds tend to fly from east to west, and Bill's rnaimai is angled in such a way that he gets first look as they come over the ridge-line.
So why wouldn't someone use it? Be a brave man who did.
He died there.
A rahui was put on it; it's tapu.
Could it have been someone else? Nope.
So you're asking me to believe that Leslie Garrett was shot by a ghost.
I don't believe in ghosts.
But I do believe in spirits.
And if Bill Baker's spirit decided to manifest itself as a ghost You're right handed.
That would be your trigger finger.
I know what you're implying.
It's my left arm that does all the work.
With my left, I aim.
See? Steady as a rock.
Are you an accurate shooter? One of the best in the club.
Tamati? Straight and true.
What about Don Ducker? Between you and me'? Don's a great chairman, but he has trouble getting his eye in.
Most days he comes away empty-handed, so one of us throws him a duck to take home.
God loves a trier.
Walter could be saying this to deflect blame.
Let's say he accidentally shot Leslie, given his physical state.
Out of panic, he decides he saw Bill Baker.
He may even truly believe he saw Bill Baker.
Tamati plays along in support.
Yeah, but why blame a ghost? He must know that won't stack up.
Why not say it was someone real? Because ghosts can't be proven or disproven.
It is kind of a grey area.
What? No, I'd say it was pretty black and white.
They don't exist, and they certainly don't run around discharging firearms.
If someone was there, they were really there.
So we are looking for a ninth shooter.
You know, this whole rahui, tapu thing makes me kind of nervous.
We're investigating; we're not using it.
I think it's OK.
(CELL PHONE RINGS) The sound of nature.
Yes? OK, thanks.
Frodo's at the Toad and Lion.
Apparently, he's in a bit of a state.
Suss him out.
I'm good here.
(CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS) (BIRDS CALL SOFTLY) Frankie Oades has been on a bender for a couple of days.
He's been here the whole time? Well, no.
I mean, we don't offer accommodation, but he's been coming and going.
As you know, the Toad and Lion is an aspirational establishment.
We try to encourage happy drinkers.
When a punter gets morose, it's a bit of a downer.
But he won't leave.
How you doing there, Frodo? He won't give me beer.
I can't serve him any more.
I think that's a good thing.
Is it? Beer helps me forget.
Forget what? The first time I picked up a gun after Hayden died - the first time, man - and this happens.
I'm jinxed.
I doubt that.
But you are drunk.
How about I take you home? You can sleep it off and we can talk about that statement.
There's no beer at home.
Yeah, you don't need more beer, Frodo.
You're killing my buzz.
To be honest, it doesn't seem like a good time.
What if I refuse to go? Then I'll have to arrest you for being drunk and disorderly.
(SIGHS) Think I'm feeling the depressions.
Yeah, I can see that, mate.
Let's go, eh? Come on.
(BOTH GRUNT) There you go.
One almond and turmeric macchiato.
Thank you, Kimberley.
No sign of Frodo? He's at the cop shop sleeping off a bender.
Always sorted me out in my youth.
Oh, not tired of wibbling so soon, Detective? I'm still getting the hang of it.
But why wibble when I can have the real thing? Coconut milk flat white? Thank you.
Oh, urn, Jean, did you get your usual delivery from Ollie Garrett on Saturday? The duck egg man? Oh, they're very underrated, you know.
Yes, so I hear.
They're fattier, you see, so they provide fluff and lightness and general oomph to cakes and pastries.
And flavour too.
So you did get your delivery? Alas, no.
Well, the deal is first in first served, and I've never missed out before, so I can't complain.
But my Saturday Genoise cake had to wait.
So if Mrs Marlowe missed out, being sixth on the list, does that mean nearly half of your clients on Saturday didn't get deliveries? Yeah, I didn't make it through all of them.
Ran out.
The girls, they weren't laying well that week.
My thoughts have been like jelly.
You say you ran out, but when you arrived home I saw eggs still in your ute.
Must've been the cracked ones.
So, do you remember your last delivery? Uh, yeah.
Um, I got to Mrs Campbell.
Before you ran out of good eggs? Only the best for my clients.
OK, thanks.
Are, um, you doing all right? Not really.
But what can you do? Well, at least you've got support.
Jenny? Yeah, I guess that helps.
Well, we'll keep you updated.
(SLOW, MOODY COUNTRY MUSIC) Good day for it, Detective.
Is Lance Gifford taking Triple X Steels in bulk now? What? By the box.
Oh, no, no, just picking up some new T-shirts.
One for each day of the year? No, they're for fundraising.
Do you want one? Uh, I'll pass.
I'm interested in Bill Baker.
Why? Been dead for 30 years.
I know.
Technically, it's a cold case, but Well, he was the greatest shooter this club's ever had.
I don't see your name up there.
Well, as chairperson it might be a bad look if I was hogging the limelight.
Have you ever known anyone to use Bill Baker's maimai? Nah, never.
It sits there as a monument to his greatness.
Even though it's the best spot? Well, that's a matter of opinion.
Walter Elliot believes that anyone wanting an advantage would opt for that spot.
That'd be disrespectful.
Well, someone's been there recently.
We found two shell cases.
At first glance, they seem to be 12 gauge Triple X Steels.
I didn't see anyone.
Were you wearing your glasses? Of course.
Well, the shells are being fingerprinted.
We'll know more soon.
This here? That's my great-grandfather.
Don Ducker Senior.
He's with Henry Lyons - Leslie and Jenny's great-grandfather.
The original stalkers? First day of the season 1935.
They built this club from nothing.
I still use that gun as a sign of respect.
Kicks like an old mule.
Jenny still has her great-grandfather's, too.
See, they're a matching pair.
There's something timeless about their simplicity.
Jenny Lyons still owns that gun? Well, Leslie inherited it, and then she passed it on when she went all greenie.
But that's not a .
410? Oh God, no.
Those men did not muck around.
12 gauge all the way.
Everyone squeeze in a little bit closer.
Don't be shy.
We all know each other, don't we? Cheese, everybody.
(CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS) Righto, everybody take your 100% pure New Zealand coffees back into the van and off we go.
OK? You've got a good smile.
All rig ht.
Look, I'd love to stop and chat, Detective.
I've just got a busy day, OK? Sir, this is your camera.
He's such a charlatan.
Double mocha? Yeah, as relieved as I am to see you open, Kimberley, hold that thought.
I didn't mention it cos it isn't used.
Shouldn't it be in a safe? When Leslie gave it to me, it was decommissioned.
It's an heirloom.
It's the gun my great-grandfather owned when he set up the club.
With Don Ducker Senior? Mm-hm.
He fought in the Great War'? Gallipoli.
My great-grandfather served, too.
Charles William Shepherd, Auckland Mounted Rifles, Gallipoli, wounded off at Chunuk Bair.
Who knows? Maybe they were trench buddies.
Auckland 6th Battalion, arrived after Chunuk Bair, fought til the end.
The Great War - such an ironic name.
At least it's great that they both came home, otherwise we wouldn't be talking.
(CHUCKLES) Nice way of looking at it.
Well, if that's all, I should get back to dear Ollie.
So much to organise to farewell Leslie.
Of course.
I will need to take the gun to be examined.
I told you it's decommissioned.
It's merely an heirloom.
I understand.
But all the same.
Hey- How'd I get in here? Well, Breen was taking you home when you jumped out of the moving vehicle and started taking your clothes off at the traffic lights.
Oh man.
That was the Tequila, I bet.
Shouldn't drink that stuff.
Hm, perhaps not in such volume.
How's the head? Bad.
I want my one phone call.
Frodo, you can have as many as you like.
We're letting you go with a pre-charge warning.
But we do need that statement.
But I want a lawyer.
Well, you don't need one.
But if you so wish Yeah, nah, I totally need a lawyer.
In the unlikely event of an emergency, follow your crew.
They know what to do.
Crew? No, I'm the crew, Mr Chan.
Now everyone test your whistles.
Lance! All right, all right, stop.
Stop, please.
This had better be good.
I got a bunch of happy campers here about to experience the tranquil waterways of Brokenwood.
Interested in the local bird life, are they? Indeed.
And what do we do, people? We take only photographs, and we leave only ALL: Fingerprints! Footprints.
We leave only footprints, Mr Chan.
These T-shirts.
Are they members of the Duck Stalkers' Association? (SIGHS) Look, what is this? I'm trying to run a legitimate business here, and police harassment looks bloody bad on Trip Advisor.
What's going on, Lance? It's nothing.
Everyone gets a free T-shirt with a ticket.
And they don't even know what it says.
WOMAN: Excuse me.
Photo? Ah, no.
Lovely red hair.
Oh yes, go for it.
No, please, stop.
We love Kiwi ducks.
(CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS) ALL: Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! (CELL PHONE RINGS) Hello, Marion speaking.
Marion Ducker, ifs Detective Kristin Sims.
Hi, I'm just wondering if you received a delivery of duck eggs from Ollie Garrett on Saturday.
Ah, no.
Why? It's just a routine enquiry.
Uh, yes, sorry.
Yes, I did.
Urn, I was confused.
I thought you meant last weekend, when I missed out.
Yes, I did.
Well, that's all I need.
OK, bye.
Hi, Ollie.
It's Detective Sims.
It seems you made a delivery to Marion Ducker after Mrs Campbell.
Do you remember delivering to her the week before as well? I can't actually remember.
Well, Mrs Marlowe received her order that week and she's further down the list.
Does that help? Then I must've.
Yes, I did.
I'm here for the Hobbit.
What? Frodo.
He called me.
All that's required is a statement of facts, you got it'? Yeah.
That's all.
Nothing more.
That's all you have to give them.
You've got nothing to hide.
You've got nothing to hide, right'? I don't want to hide anything.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) I'll lead you through it.
Are we ready? Well, as you know, Detective Sims, I've had limited time to be briefed by my client, but Mr Oades is very happy to furnish you with a simple account from his point of view as an innocent witness to this tragic accident.
In other words, he's prepared to give a statement.
So, Frodo, can you tell me about the events leading up-? My client recalls very little other than- I killed that Garrett woman.
Steady on there.
Nah, I did.
Frodo, I don't think that's accurate.
If my client and I could have a further moment alone? Why? I killed the lady.
My client is clearly hungover, possibly still under the influence.
Both barrels, man.
Totally wasted her.
It was real misty.
I was calling the birds in, thinking about my mate.
(DUCK WHISTLE QUACKS) Just like old times, eh, bro? 'It was supposed to be a day of remembrance; you know, of celebration.
'I'd just gained the confidence to get back out there.
But then 'that's when I saw Hayden - over the other side.
' LESLIE: Don't shoot! Don't shoot! (GUNSHOT) Next thing, the lady is slumped in her boat, dead as.
Frodo, where exactly was Hayden? On this old maimai that this dead Maori fulla used to shoot from.
Can you indicate it from this map? It's that one.
And do you recall what Hayden's ghost was wearing? Some weird hat and bandana thing.
His face was covered in camo paint.
So how could you be sure it was him? No one else uses that maimai.
I was thinking about him real hard.
I summonsed his ghost, man, and then it all turned to crap.
I know what I did.
I gotta own it.
I know what I saw! Or do you? You're my lawyer.
I thought you were supposed to believe me.
Gentlemen, can you give me a moment? What happened to me doing all the talking? I told you I wasn't going to hide anything.
And you proved that, Frodo, in spectacular style.
The Brokenwood Duck Stalkers' Association is nothing without its exclusive lease to shoot on Walter Elliot's property.
That's nothing to do with me.
You're a member.
So? You and Don Ducker got together to create a quid pro quo scenario whereby you guarantee increased membership to the DSA in exchange for him guaranteeing access to the waterways.
The fly in the ointment - Leslie Garrett and her plan to shut down duck shooting in the area.
If Walter had to revoke his lease, Don would lose his club and you'd lose your business.
If you're suggesting that I shot Leslie, then how do you explain the fact that I wasn't even there? See, I don't know that.
Because you've never been clear exactly where you were.
How can I can't prove that I was nowhere in particular? You know what, this is complete bullshit.
Are you denying an arrangement between you and Don Ducker exists? Cos Don's on his way here now to talk to my boss, give his version of events.
I want to call my lawyer.
(CLEARS THROAT) Thank you for your honesty, Frodo.
I know that must have been hard to talk about.
We're not going to charge you at this stage with manslaughter, although, given your statement we may need to enforce 'careless use of a firearm'.
Please! ls that it? You have no evidence.
We have a confession, Dennis.
Made under the duress of post-traumatic stress! Not to mention a three-day bender.
Where? Right, well, I won't be charging for travel time, will I? Say nothing.
I'm on my way.
Well done, Detective.
You are quite right.
My client, Gifford Eco Tours, does have a special arrangement with the Duck Stalkers' Association whereby a ticket bought entitles the holder to a free T-shirt, which purchases a temporary membership of the aforementioned association.
Now, this is all completely legitimate under Section 21.
1 of the Incorporated Societies Act 1908.
In other words, Detective, as the old saying goes, it seems pretty legal to me.
And to which my client admits, right, Lance? That's right, I do.
Which is bloody refreshing, given I've got another client right next door is admitting to something he, in all likelihood, didn't do.
Frodo? Yes, foolish Frodo.
Yet, on the other hand, Mr Gifford here is admitting to something he did do that is completely immaterial to the event in question, which is the inadvertent and tragic death of a woman who, by all accounts, was an accident waiting to happen, given she sailed willingly into what can only be described as a war zone.
So unless you have any actual evidence of any actual wrongdoing, then this fishing expedition must end.
You all right there, Detective? Detective Sims, please.
My message said to call; I didn't mean for you to come in.
That's OK.
Probably easier in person.
I'm hereto see Detective Shepherd.
I'm, uh I'm so sorry for your loss, mate.
You doing OK'? Moving through it.
Could we go somewhere quieter? As I mentioned, these two shells were found on Bill Baker's maimai.
The only fingerprints on them are a match to yours.
Can you explain that? No, that's impossible.
Don, they're a match.
They're not mine.
I mean, perhaps birds carried them from mine.
I mean, it's only a few yards.
Or perhaps you shot from that maimai and have been reluctant to admit it, given it's a breach of code amongst the other shooters.
We have three witnesses who saw someone on that maimai.
They all described him the same way.
Yet, curiously, you didn't see anyone at all.
And this is you on the morning in question.
As you can see, the similarities are hard to avoid.
Look, I never set foot on Wild Bill Baker's maimai.
You see, the reason why the deliveries were incomplete is, um Oh man When I got to the Ducker house, to Marion's Hi.
Do you want to come in? 'Her kids were away, and we both just had this feeling that we wanted to' Like we couldn't help it.
And that was the only time, the one time.
And then Leslie I just feel so bad.
Well, I understand now why you wanted to be away from the station.
I take it Don is not aware.
(SCOFFS) You think he would have shaken my hand'? I just can't believe that happened.
That was surreal.
Look, I will need to corroborate this.
My husband is more interested in his damn club than he is about me.
Over the years, it wears you down.
You have no idea how much I despise all things duck.
But not the eggs.
That was just an excuse to get to know Ollie.
Our paths had crossed and I liked him.
He'd come by each week and we'd talk, each time a little longer.
And, well, then finally last Saturday- Between 7am and 8am on Saturday morning, were you anywhere near the duck shooters' cove? No.
Can you prove it'? (UPBEAT COUNTRY MUSIC) You're not suggesting we killed Leslie? Oh my God.
Seriously? We look at all the possibilities.
I never liked Leslie, but I never wished her any ill.
God, no.
With Ollie, it was what it was, but if Leslie hadn't Well, I’m sure everyone would be none the wiser.
I don't suppose we can keep this between us, can we? I don't think Don will handle it very well.
I can't make any promises.
Will you be all right? What's going on? Yeah.
Sorry to bother you.
It's fine.
I've just been at the church.
Funeral arrangements? I've had to organise everything.
Ollie's still so distracted.
Were you aware of any frictions between Ollie and Leslie? In what way? Lingering resentments, domestic violence issues.
Heavens, no.
They were married 10 years.
Perfectly happy.
It's come to light that Ollie was had an affair.
So perhaps not so perfect.
Are you sure? Yes.
Who with? Marion Ducker.
They've both admitted to it.
Well I didn't see that coming.
We're yet to verify the exact whereabouts of both Ollie and Marion when Leslie was killed.
Wait, they were? That morning'? No, no.
Ollie would never hurt Leslie.
He might have stumbled, but he wouldn't fall that far.
As for Marion, I don't really know her.
And, you know, I'm sure she drove him to it.
Ollie claims it was a mutual decision.
Not Marion, Leslie.
She was so absorbed in her causes.
Poor man.
The other issue is the tests carried out on your great-grandfather's shotgun reveal that it was fired recently.
Well, that's not possible.
It was decommissioned.
Leslie told me when she passed it on.
You never checked? No, I told you I'd never shoot with a 12 gauge.
They have a kick like a mule.
Will I be getting it back? After a few more tests.
How many ducks would a duck plucker pluck, if a duck plucker BOTH: would pluck ducks.
And how many mother's pluck ducks with their brothers DC Breen.
Hard at work, I see.
Ah, Mrs Marlowe was just dropping off some food.
For Frodo.
He's in the slammer.
I remember Frodo.
Mrs Marlowe, this is Area Commandeer Hughes.
Oh! Well, hello.
Mrs Marlowe.
Oh, Jean, please.
SOFTLY: Are you undercover? Uh, day off.
But you know what they say - no rest for the wicked.
(CHUCKLES) (DOOR BEEPS) Please, don't let me stop you.
Now, shall we try it a little faster? I should probably carry on.
What's this? A bent piece of wire.
Haven't found any significance.
These shells here correspond to what was found in Frankie Oades' maimai? Yeah.
They're Triple X Steels.
It's what all the 12 gauge shooters were using.
It's our main lead.
Except they're not.
Pull Frodo from the 'slammer' and get me the key to the evidence room.
These shells were found on the floor of your maimai.
They're of the Triple X brand.
Confirming they're yours? Yeah, they're mine.
I already admitted it.
They're over 15 years old.
So? They belonged to my mate who got killed.
I was having a shot for him.
Hunting just meant so much to him.
Even though you had access to a fresh box of Triple X Steels? I wanted to get a duck with his ammo - for old times.
Before it all turned into this nightmare.
See, this cartridge has the logo of Triple X running down the length.
And this one says Triple X here See the difference? Yeah.
That tells me that these cartridges - yours - housed lead pellets.
They're Triple X Lead, banned over 10 years ago after a law change.
Oh The victim was killed using steel pellets.
You know what that means? They were dodgy.
No, Frodo.
It means that you didn't fire the fatal blast - or any blast that made contact.
So I (EXHALES) I didn't do it? You couldn't have.
(BREATHES SHAKILY) I don't know what to say.
How about, 'I won't use lead shot any more'? Bugger that.
I'm not shooting nothing no more.
I was over it before.
I'm totally over it, again.
Frodo, if you were always going to use Hayden's old shells, why did you take the Triple X's from the meeting? (CHUCKLES) Cos they were free.
I'm never gonna use them, though.
Do you want them? Uh, no, thanks.
You've still got it.
Didn't get any ducks, though.
Crafty buggers were staying on the water.
Perhaps they're getting smarter.
Always next year.
I am a sight for your sore eyes.
Any chance you could translate this for us? The impact of the first blast was on the victim's left hand and side of her face.
It would have knocked her around.
Oh, did you say please? How can I refuse? When I realised, of course, it was very simple.
For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.
When Leslie Garrett was hit with the first blast, one of two things happened.
Boom! The force would have knocked her to her right and off balance.
She would have dropped the megaphone, her left leg traveling across in front of the right to keep balance.
But this is a boat, so the motion was continuous, spinning her around, presenting her right side when Boom! The second blast hit.
That's why she was hit on both, the left and right.
So both shots came from the left-hand side of the cove? Correct.
If the blasts only came from the left bank, then it can only have been Don Ducker or Bill Baker.
Or Jenny Lyons? No, she was shooting lead.
And given Bill Baker is an apparition, he and Don are probably one and the same.
Don? Don, are you out here? (GASPS) (GUNSHOT) (INTENSE MUSIC) Marion Ducker is in a critical condition, and we have an eyewitness who saw a figure in a long dark coat leaving the scene.
But Dogs say the scent went cold.
Don Ducker's phone still off? Yeah, Breen picked him up at the clubhouse.
He took him to hospital.
Don's gun was found across the road from his house, and his gun safe's been jimmied open.
Horne invasion? There's no sign of forced entry on either exterior door.
Staged? Feels that way.
His fingerprints were found on the shell casing at Bill Baker's maimai.
He was the only one on that side of the cove using a 12 gauge.
Motive? To get Leslie Garrett out of the way to ensure his beloved Duck Stalkers stayed viable.
He said, quote, 'I would rather die than see this club fail.
' Substitute 'die' with 'kill', you think? Yeah, and if he's messed up enough to do that, then he could have probably shot his wife, devastated at her betrayal.
Bring him in.
Marion's parents have picked up the kids, drove them to the city.
We didn't want them around as we you know, tried to work through things.
And did you work through things? (CHUCKLES WRYLY) I said I needed some space.
So you decided to bed down at the club? Yeah.
Big mistake.
Because? Because I wasn't there when Marion was attacked.
If l had been, I could've stopped it.
Would've shot the intruder myself! Look, what I mean is I I should have been there to protect her.
There was no sign of forced entry into your house.
Marion probably left a door open.
She wasn't thinking straight, what with all the- Yet the gun safe was broken into.
Yeah, well, there you go.
It's a burglary gone wrong.
I mean, have you talked to that bastard Garrett? Ollie wasn't angry with Marion.
(SCOFFS) Oh, I see.
What, and I am? Your gun was found dumped across the road.
The only prints on it were yours.
The expended shell cartridges have your prints on them too.
OK, if they were taken from my box, then they're probably the unused ones that I put back the morning I went shooting.
The morning Leslie Garrett was shot with shells, again, bearing only your prints, Don.
I've got kids, for God's sake.
Do you seriously think that I would shoot my own wife? But how angry were you? Yeah, OK, I was angry.
But not like that.
Did you shoot Leslie Garrett? No! I've already told you.
You were desperate to keep the DSA afloat.
Did you pose as Bill Baker? No.
Well, someone did.
Yeah, well, it wasn't me! Well, he's not saying anything else without his lawyer.
Tell me it's not Dennis Buchanan.
No, thank God.
Some big shot from the city.
He'll be here in the morning.
Should we charge him with something just to hold him? Not yet.
He needs to be there for his kids when they get back.
He's not going anywhere.
His house is a crime scene.
Should I book him a motel? And get Uniform to keep an eye on him.
It's late.
Get some sleep.
Another big day tomorrow.
You know the difference between myths and legends? Try me.
Well, a myth isn't necessarily true; it grows into a legend.
Whereas a person can grow into a legend with mythical status.
But they were definitely real in the first place.
Yeah, myths and legends, Mike, ifs what our world's made up of.
It's how we explain everything we can't explain.
Your Uncle Walter and Tamati - they didn't see Bill Baker or his ghost.
Yeah, but they're not porangi.
They seen someone.
They did.
Yeah, well, any ideas? (SIGHS) We have a prime suspect.
Yeah, I heard about Don Ducker's wife.
Things are getting pretty weird, eh? Here's what I don't understand - Jenny Lyons fired first and once (GUNSHOT) and then everyone else fired twice.
(GUNSHOTS ECHO) I mean, why did everyone else fire twice? It seems very arbitrary.
Well, it's like any other hunting, you shoot to kill.
What? Anzac Cove.
You OK there, Mike? Uh-huh.
All right, since reading ain't much of a great spectator sport, I might just get a move on.
Jared, I need you to accompany me to the station.
Somewhere in here Ah.
See this bent piece of wire? What do you see? In my expert opinion, Mike, a bent piece of wire.
It is.
And maybe so much more.
Arrived after Chunuk Bair.
Fought till the end.
You've got a shotgun, right? Yeah, a .
A bird scarer.
Grab it.
And in the implement shed at mine by the mower is a dead rat.
Can you bring that? A dead rat.
Why? We've got some building to do.
I thought you said to get a good night's sleep.
In December 1915, ANZAC troops needed to evacuate the doomed campaign on the Gallipoli peninsula.
They were hemmed in under constant fire from the Turkish army.
So they set their rifles to fire intermittently from the trenches while they slipped down the hill and on to boats, ferried away to safety on the island of Lemnos.
The Turks believed that they were in their trenches for several days when in fact they were 30 miles off the coast.
Ha! And this is how they did it.
The drip gun.
A cunning decoy.
The troops were evacuated without loss.
And Jenny Lyons' great-grandfather was one of them.
Let Don Ducker know that he won't need his lawyer.
That's why Jenny's shotgun only fired once, not twice.
She only needed one blast to set off a chain reaction.
So Jenny created the illusion of being in her maimai.
(GUNSHOT) When really she was here dressed as Bill Baker's ghost? Hat, bandana, trench coat, camo paint.
It was a gift.
(GUNSHOT) But the shells had Don's prints on them.
The two he held up at the meeting the night before.
So please grab a box, see how they perform, and I'll feedback to the company.
'And then while everyone else was getting their free boxes of Triple X's' She had access to a 12 gauge that we didn't know about, hiding it in plain sight above the mantelpiece.
Hang on a minute, Jenny was seen moments after the shooting, coming out of her maimai.
Jared saw her running, screaming.
How was she not seen going from Bill's maimai back to her own? Good point.
I'm not sure.
But I am sure that the dead rat in the corridor needs to be dealt with.
The? Oh, sweet God.
That is huge.
Not to mention disgusting.
We have a real vermin problem.
If there's one rat That's a real Health and Safety issue.
“There's, like, hundreds.
I promise you the station is rat free.
I got Jared to bring it in to help me prove a point.
How did you? The art of distraction is how a person can move between two points, in plain sight, without being noticed.
Where were all eyes focused when the mist cleared? Bugger.
Holy shit! 'Giving Jenny time to decamp back to her maimai.
' No, no! (CLATTERING) (GUN UNCOCKS) We only have a bent piece of wire as evidence.
That's not going to stand up in court.
I'm sure she'll cough.
About why she might want to kill her sister? Well, as the good book says, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife - nor thy sister's husband.
(LOW, TENSE MUSIC) Jenny, it's Mike Shepherd.
Try around the back.
Sorry, I was just putting something in the oven.
Jenny, we need you to come down to the station.
Oh yes? Why's that? We have a few more questions about Leslie.
And Marion Ducker.
As I said, I didn't know her.
And I've got baking on the go for the wake this afternoon.
We'll bear that in mind.
It must be important.
It is, Jenny.
Can I wash my hands? I really hope this doesn't take long.
The service is at 1 pm, and I've got a lot to do.
We'll be as quick as possible.
Good, cos it really doesn't leave much time.
I'll grab my coat.
In fact, to be honest, it doesn't leave enough time at all.
Mike, there's no baking.
So I won't be coming.
Easy there, Jenny.
I have no interest in coming to the station.
Mr Shepherd, you are to stay.
You - get out.
Get out.
Get out! Sims, do as she says.
Mike, I can't I'm pulling rank here, Sims.
That's an order.
Oh shit.
I would like to say it was a difficult thing killing my sister, but it wasn't.
She had it all and she disrespected everything.
What about the wildlife? Birds Lives Matter? It's pathetic.
Our great-grandfather, grandfather and father would all turn in their graves.
And to subject lovely Ollie to all that righteousness.
He deserved so much better.
By that you mean he deserved you? Leslie was more interested in birdlife than loving her beautiful husband.
It's little wonder he strayed.
You shot Marion Ducker? It wasn't hard.
I was angry.
Hands! She shouldn't have used Ollie for her own problems.
I want to see him.
That's not going to happen, Jenny.
I'm sure you want things to end peacefully, Detective.
I'm sure we all do.
So get him brought to the house.
Then you can leave.
We have AOS getting in position, but the curtains are drawn, so we have no direct visual.
The Area Police Negotiator is involved in another situation in Tahuna Point.
For now it's up to you to keep things stable.
In other words, conduct hostage negotiations? You up for this, Sims? Of course.
Keep this line open and we'll work it out together.
I'm traveling to you as we speak.
(PHONE RINGS) We have Mike calling out on another line.
Let me listen, but we reply with only one voice - yours.
Understand? Yeah, got it.
Yeah, OK, I'm putting Kristin on now.
Mike, it's Kristin.
Are you OK? I am OK.
I imagine there's some activity out there.
As you might expect.
Tell the boys not to get too enthusiastic.
I don't want any damage to the paintwork on the Kingswood.
Top of mind, Mike.
Top of mind.
Now, Jenny assures me that nothing bad will happen on the condition that she gets to see Ollie Garrett.
Copy that.
Can I speak to Jenny? Negative.
She's not keen on that idea.
Just Ollie, here, in 10 minutes.
It's a matter of some urgency.
Jenny says if she sees Ollie, then things will end well.
Send for him, but under no circumstances will he be allowed inside or anywhere near a line of fire.
Understood? Copy that, Mike.
Tell Jenny we want a peaceful resolution and we're doing our best to find Ollie.
That wasn't so hard after all, was it? Oi! Detective.
Not now, guys.
Jenny Lyons has your boss at gunpoint? Yeah.
So she was the Grey Mallard Bandero.
Hey, Detective.
She's a crack shot.
Just so you know.
Thanks for that.
Did you call your sister? No.
You were keeping me busy.
What's her name? Susan.
She has a son, Theo.
No other family? No wife? Not currently.
Marriage has never been a strong point.
Why is it taking so long? Maybe they're having trouble locating him.
He only lives across town.
They're stalling, thinking they can wear me down.
Well, there's plenty of food, there's enough food for a week.
They'll cut the water off and then the power.
Then they should know that that won't end well.
How do you see this ending, Jenny? When Ollie looks me in the eyes and declares his love.
And then? Then I'll be satisfied, knowing that he'll be there for me.
Doing time won't be hard knowing that he's waiting.
Do you think he feels the same way? Deep down.
But he hasn't had the opportunity to express it.
With Leslie gone, he can think for himself.
They won't let you see him, Jenny.
They will.
I promise you they won't.
It's a simple request.
It's not like I'm asking for a million dollars and a helicopter.
I'm sure they value their senior officer enough to allow me that.
Let's hope so.
It wasn't easy.
Thanks for coming.
I don't want to see her.
It won't come to that.
Then why am I here? Your presence will help us talk her down.
She's sick in the head, and you can't talk sense to someone like that.
I appreciate that, but we have a colleague in there and we need to get him out in one piece.
If needed, can you talk to her via phone? Are you serious? I wouldn't ask if I wasn't.
How much can one man take? (CELL PHONE RINGS) Sims? We have Ollie here.
Here's what's going to happen.
Jenny needs to come through the front door and put the gun down.
An officer will approach and secure it, then she can come out and speak with Ollie.
No, he needs to come in here where we can talk in private.
That can't happen, Jenny.
It's a simple request.
I’m not going to hurt him! Sims, give us a minute.
Ollie might want to come in here to help you, but he won't be allowed to.
The only way you have of seeing him is by giving yourself up.
You need to tell your people to make an exception.
Tell them there are two shells in this gun - one for you and one for me if I don't see Ollie in person in one minute.
Sims, is Ollie still with you? Yes.
He's ready to talk - out here.
Jenny needs him to come inside.
Can we make this happen? Negative.
She needs to come out.
Really? There are two of us in here, and it's a sweaty situation.
It's like that feeling before a tropical rainstorm.
You know that feeling, Sims? He's warning us the offender has deadly intent for both of them.
Mike, can you tell Jenny Ollie is out here waiting.
He wants her to come out so they can talk.
That's what he wants.
OK, here's the deal, all right? They're using Ollie as bait to bring you out.
Demand to talk to him on the phone.
Look, I'm trying to help you to at least talk to him.
Jenny needs to talk to Ollie on the phone to make sure he's there.
Then she'll come out.
I need to know that if that happens, she'll throw out her gun and surrender.
Do we have a deal? That's a deal.
OK, we're putting him on now.
OLLIE: Hello? Ollie.
You need to come out, Jenny.
How nice to hear your voice.
No one else needs to get hurt.
I wanted you to know how much I love you.
I've always loved you and cared for you.
And I forgive you for what happened with that Ducker woman.
I know Leslie drove you to it.
If only I'd been more forthcoming with showing you a way out, a true happiness.
Everything's gonna be all right.
Do you love me? I do.
You're a special person.
I love you, Jenny.
I guess I just I didn't realise it.
Do you think there's still time for us? I do.
Thank you, Ollie.
Thank you for your honesty.
We need to head out there now.
(LOW, TENSE MUSIC) (CELL PHONE RINGS) Don't answer that! Are we OK, Jenny? We had a deal.
Jenny? Why won't he answer? I need to answer it.
D-Decline it! Do what I say - now! OK, OK.
OK, that's not good.
Can you get him back on? SOFTLY: The liar.
After everything that I've done for him.
Well, I was lying too when I said there were two shells in this gun.
There's only one.
No! (GUNSHOT) MAN: Shots fired.
Shots fired! Armed police! SOBS: How could he lie to me? Enough, Jenny! Enough! Just stop! Just stop! Just stop.
Mike, you good? Yeah.
Jenny Lyons, you're under arrest for the murder of Leslie Garrett and the attempted murder of Marion Ducker.
You have the right to remain silent, but anything you say can be used against you in the court of law.
Looks like I missed the fun part.
Trust me, it's overrated.
You were in good hands.
You OK? Yeah.
YOU? Yeah, all the better for that being over.
Fancy a beer? Susan, it's Mike.
No, no, nothing's wrong.
You know, same old, same old.
(FABLES' "WE COULD BE ALL") Just felt like a catch up.
# Unfair track races.
# I was unaware of the ones who cared # that I put my right foot first.
# We could be all, # we could be nothing.
# And I will wait for you to say # we should just leave it all behind.
We're all out of our minds.