The Brothers Sun (2024) s01e07 Episode Script


["Risky Business" by Zhu playing]
[Mama] Last night,
the Boxers made their move.
In a coordinated attack,
they hit the six remaining heads
of the Taipei Triads.
The ghosts.
[child, in Mandarin] Suck on my toes,
old head! You suck so bad!
[blade rings]
[music continues]
[door slams]
[Mama, in English]
But the Boxers were in for a surprise.
[in Mandarin] The riddance of evil
must be thorough.
[blade slashes]
[Mama, in English] I warned the ghosts
that the Boxers would attack.
And when they did, I let the old men
deal with the attackers in their own way.
One asked for assistance,
and I sent him June
and told her to handle it gently.
Wait, y-you went to Taiwan,
did all that,
then just came back?
I also brought
Spring Mountain green tea!
[Charles] How did the Boxers know
who to attack?
You and Bruce are the only ones
that know the names of the ghosts.
Did you tell anyone?
[tense music playing]
[dog barking outside]
No! How would I have done that?
Unless they were with us
at John Cho's house, which they weren't.
Of course.
How they found out is not important.
What's important is,
I've curried favor with the ghosts,
while simultaneously taking out
the Boxers' best assassins.
Oh my God.
The head of the Boxers
must be so pissed right now.
Let's celebrate the plate
of good fortune in front of us.
The ghosts are safe,
and they're all coming to Los Angeles.
Are you serious?
I can't remember
the last time all the ghosts gathered.
It was 41 years ago,
when they elected a new Dragon Head.
Uh, w-what's a Dragon Head?
The supreme leader of all the Triads.
The boss of all bosses.
He's responsible for
carving out territory, settling disputes,
keeping the peace, and declaring war.
But there hasn't been one
since the last one died 20 years ago.
Ba fought against electing a new one
because he could never guarantee
it would be him.
I guarantee that won't be a problem,
because I'm gonna make them elect
Mom, what are you saying?
You wanna get more involved in all this?
My time in the shadow is over.
Shit, you go, girl!
Get what's yours.
Or or don't go, girl!
Stop, girl!
Or at least pause, girl,
so we can discuss this as a family?
The ghosts will never go for it.
Several have already agreed
to support my bid.
The ones who know me,
and the ones
who aren't afraid of listening to a woman.
And the others?
[sighs] Convincing them will be difficult.
But [clears throat]
If Charles Sun,
the firstborn of Da Sun,
recognizes me
as the head of the Sun family
and a worthy Dragon Head,
then the others will fall in line.
[in Mandarin] My son,
it's all in your hands.
I will support you.
[ominous music playing]
[in English] Hey, hey! You cannot put
Curly-Haired Zhou next to Noodle Lips Xu.
Too much bad blood.
Why? Did a woman get in the way?
No, Zhou lost Noodle Lips' cat.
Move him down to the end,
but not the seat facing east, huh?
That honor is reserved for Frank Ma.
And remember to strain his tea.
If he finds a single tea leaf in there,
he will tell the endless, boring story
about eating boiled leaves.
- [sighs]
- [TK] Dude!
You do realize your family is
about to become the ghost of all ghosts?
I mean, when you step in the room,
Casper, the green dude from Ghostbusters,
all those fuckers from the Christmas movie
are gonna be like,
"Step aside.
The true ghosts have arrived."
I was actually hoping
we'd be doing less of this.
Listen, Bruce, I've been thinking.
Maybe you can, like, put in
a good word for me with your family.
I I have earned some cred with you guys.
And, look, I know I'm not Chinese,
but you're still like a brother to me.
We could form our own crew.
I can bring in
my boy Jonathan when he's out of jail.
We'll be like you and Charles,
except Korean and better-looking.
- Why do you even want any of this?
- Who wouldn't?
Someone who sucks at it?
Speak for yourself.
I'm the Elton John of gangsters, yo.
A true survivor.
I'm still standing.
In the past ten days,
you have blabbed to the cops,
broken under torture,
gotten your fuckin' thumbs busted,
and had golf balls
driven at you until you pissed yourself.
Granted, I haven't trafficked
in the criminal world for very long,
but I am 100% certain
that you are the worst gangster
who is somehow
lucky enough to still be alive!
Put a word in for you?
What word? Coward?
[scoffs] I think that's the one.
[Charles] Bruce.
Back off.
If this family is going to be stepping up,
there will be no room for loser dipshits
hanging around, making us look bad,
and putting our lives at risk.
Time for you to leave, little man.
Get out.
We'll call you
if we need something done horribly.
I said, get out!
[TK sighs]
[door opens]
[door closes]
Hey, Bruce.
You're a good friend to him,
but he's gonna hate you for it.
At least one of us
can survive all this.
I don't want him to get hurt anymore.
It's very important
we start exactly at 8:00 p.m.
You're worried about your brother.
I'm worried about what happens to him
when you go to Taipei to run things,
and he's here all on his own.
No harm will come to him.
Maybe I should hang back.
Protect our interests in L.A.
Protect Bruce.
kind of like it here.
[emotional music playing]
You know,
a bakery is
an excellent way to launder money.
[eerie music playing]
What's happening?
Is it the Boxers? Oh God.
[banging at door]
[dramatic music playing]
[door closes]
[music fades]
- [Charles speaks Mandarin]
- [laughing]
[man] Oh, man! Ah!
- [men laughing]
- What is happening?
- [both] Aaaah!
- My man!
Charles. You you know these guys?
These are my xiong di from Taiwan.
The Wang Bros.
Lance, Justin, and JC Wang.
No relation to each other.
I had no idea they were here.
- Wait, why are you guys here?
- We were ordered to come.
Ordered by who?
[dramatic music playing]
[door closes]
[in Mandarin] Dad
Bullet went right through.
- Few days in the hospital. No big deal.
- I thought you were in a coma.
[Big Sun scoffs]
Sometimes you must see
how your enemies will react
when they think you are weak.
[loudly] And I've learned so much
about my enemies.
Also, I've heard about every one of you.
Xing has been keeping me well-informed.
[in English] You knew he was all right
this whole time?
[in Mandarin] She was ordered
not to say anything.
[tense music playing]
For one of my most loyal soldiers,
a small token of thanks.
Thank you, Boss.
And to my beloved wife.
No words
can express the feelings
I have for you right now.
[in English] So beautiful.
[in Mandarin] You're so tall now!
I remember you were this big.
[laughs] You're taller than I remember.
I've waited for this day for 15 years.
[in English] We have
so much catching up to do!
[laughs loudly]
[in Mandarin] Okay, everyone,
pack your bags.
We're upgrading.
[in English] Bruce,
would you please drive us?
Uh, oh Uh, sure! Yeah. Uh, um
My car only seats four.
Actually, your car only seats two!
["Going Off" by P-Lo playing]
[in Mandarin] A small gesture.
[in English] This this is for me?
[Big Sun laughs]
[Bruce] It's the car!
This is, like, my dream car!
Why don't you take me for a spin?
Uh okay! Yeah.
Yeah, let me see some, go ahead ♪
- [engine starts]
- [Bruce] All right!
Like a speed bump
Eemy, meeny, miney, mo ♪
I bounced out a broke
Then hit the store ♪
Throw up my turf so everybody know
I'm too sauced ♪
- I can bounce back from a loss ♪
- [engine screeches]
I'm just tryna get my point across
Yeah, I'm too sauced ♪
- What the hell was that?
- I can bounce back from a loss ♪
Oh, there you are.
I wasn't sure if you still worked here.
Why's that?
Well, I just spoke with the lead detective
investigating the Triad murders,
and he informed me that you instructed him
not to have Charles Sun arrested?
That is, after I gave you explicit
instructions to have Charles Sun arrested.
[chuckles] So I assumed that was
your way of telling me to fuck off,
that you'd quit and moved to Mexico.
Arresting him now is premature.
This case isn't ready. If we
Contrary to what your facial expressions
usually indicate, I'm not stupid.
I know Charles Sun called you
while you were watching him.
You two are closer
than you've been lettin' on.
- It's not what you think.
- I just hope you know what you're doing.
- I want this guy just as much as anyone.
- Then what is the holdup?
Something big is happening, Eric.
Based off the information
we gathered from Charles Sun,
I was able to develop
this profile of Triad bosses.
There are several suspects
I cross-referenced with Interpol.
It appears that they're all
making their way to Los Angeles.
I'll back off, for now.
But just know, leaving Charles Sun
out on the street is a risk.
- I know.
- Do you?
'Cause if something happens,
and civilians get hurt, or worse,
and this blows back on us
that we knowingly left him out there?
I will sure as shit
make sure you eat all of it.
[intriguing music playing]
Oh my God. This fabric feels like
angels are kissing me all over.
Back home, this is how we roll.
Only the best.
Clothes, food,
[Big Sun, in Mandarin]
You must always give good face.
It shows the world that you are the best.
Most powerful.
Let the suit do the work for you.
[in English] Yeah. [chuckles]
You know, the most expensive
piece of clothing I ever had
was a sweater from Banana Republic.
The factory store.
- Oh.
- And and I got it on on sale.
- It was a beautiful sweater.
- No, I know. I didn't say it wasn't.
- It was it was nice.
- You have earned this.
- Hmm?
- A real natural, I heard.
Just doing what I can to
uh, protect the family.
[Big Sun chuckles]
[in Mandarin] Look at the amazing job
your mother has done.
So thorough.
She was always so good
at seeing the big picture.
I can't think of
a single thing I would change except
for the part where
she gets elected Dragon Head.
Of course, that will never happen.
So they can elect you instead?
You are exactly what
the Triads don't need right now.
Antiquated. With tired ideas.
You're right
as always, my dear.
It shouldn't be me.
It should be
Charles doesn't want to be Dragon Head.
Of course he does.
He has been raised for it
and nothing else.
And my recent health scare
has offered me clarity.
It's time for new blood.
New blood that is still Sun's blood.
I'm honored.
This is not what I was expecting.
You have gained
an affection for your mother.
It's to be expected.
But this is what I want.
Do you understand?
[Big Sun] Good.
Then it's settled.
And once elected,
Charles will return to Taiwan.
You will make a great Dragon Head.
[in English] Um Dad?
Big S Ow! Okay, okay, sorry.
I don't wanna speak for Charles,
but I don't think he really
[in Mandarin] Bruce.
[in English] You may be a second son,
but so was I.
You will return to Taipei with us.
The Jade Dragons are very involved
with the movie business back home.
[Mama] No.
Bruce stays in the U.S.
and finishes his studies.
You can't have both of them.
[Big Sun chuckles]
[in Mandarin] That is up to Bruce.
[Mama] No.
That is up to me.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm tired.
I'm going to rest.
- [door opens and closes]
- [whispers] Hey, uh
[in English] Charles, can I
Can I just, uh
Don't you wanna, like,
back away from all of this?
I mean, do you even
wanna be the Grand Dragon?
That doesn't matter.
[Wang Bros laughing]
[Justin] Oh shit.
Badass, dude. This is so badass.
Ah fuck!
Look, the piggies! [squeals]
[Lance] It's just like him!
It's like him!
What the hell is this, anyway?
It's Gymkata.
Only the greatest action movie
of all time.
That's Cabot. He's an operative
who joins this game to the death
that no one has ever won.
He does this insane pommel horse kick
that takes out, like, 20 dudes at once.
- It's the coolest thing I've ever seen.
- Yeah. Mm-hmm.
- That shit.
- I've been trying to do it ever since.
- Oh shit, here it comes. Shut up!
- Oh shit! Yeah!
- [screaming and whooping]
- It's so sick!
He's, like "Ah-goo-goo-goo!
- Sick! [laughing]
- [Justin] Dude!
The '80s was just better, you know?
So much better.
Wait, how come I've never seen this actor
in anything else?
That's 'cause he's not an actor,
you fuckin' moron.
[all laughing]
He's Olympic gymnast Kurt Thomas.
Fuckin' legend, bro. And this is literally
the role he was born to play, get it?
"Gym" as in, like, gymnastics,
and "kata" as in, like
like, like, karate, you know?
[all grunting]
Shouldn't it be Gym-rate? Gymrate?
Kar Karnastics?
Makes more sense, right?
- [in Mandarin] Pig head!
- [yelps]
- [in English] What the fuck?
- [all laughing and yelling]
Hey, it's Gymkata!
[laughing and cheering]
- Ooh-hoo-hoo!
- Aah!
- Ooh-hoo-hoo! Aaah!
- Haaaah!
[all laughing]
- [Lance] Just
- [Justin] I remember, man!
Hey, Charles.
Wouldn't you rather
watch the cooking channel?
Fuck, no.
Gymkata's on.
- Hey!
- [all laugh]
- [JC] Yes, bro!
- [Lance] Yeah!
I know y'all related and everything,
but [scoffs]
Bruce here is a little bitch!
- [all laughing]
- [JC] Ooh!
- [Lance] Let's go, baby!
- [Justin groaning mockingly] Ooh!
You know what, Justin?
You're a giant bitch.
The fuck did you just say?
You heard me.
- Bitch.
- [JC laughs] Ooh!
You know, I haven't killed
anyone in a hot minute, motherfucker.
So let's fucking do this shit,
you little cock stain.
Take a swing.
No, no, no, no.
Eyes over here, bitch.
This between me and you, right?
Let's fucking go.
- Get the fuck out.
- [Charles] All right.
- That's enough.
- [Justin and Lance cackling]
- [Justin] Pussy-ass bitch.
- [Lance] Come on!
- Come on, don't cry!
- Fuck outta here. Bitch-ass.
- They're such assholes.
- [JC laughing mockingly]
Are all the assholes in Taiwan that bad,
or do these guys even stand out here?
They've saved my life
more times than I can remember.
They always get like this
before a big event.
- It helps them get focused and locked in.
- [JC] Come on. Come on!
Well, they're fully locked in
on being colossal douchebags.
[JC] No! No!
Okay, maybe they went a little too far.
Just give it some time, okay?
You'll learn to love them too.
They suck.
And you know what else sucks?
The way you act around them.
[somber music playing]
[Justin] Hey, get back over here,
dragon dick!
[all laughing raucously]
- [Lance] It's huge!
- [JC] Dragon dick!
[Charles] I got Bruce some food.
Figured he might be hungry.
You can't beat him.
Are you sure this is what you want?
I am his son.
It's what he wants.
[Bruce] But that's not what you want.
We've known each other for two minutes.
Don't act like you know me.
I know you enough to know
that you've changed since you got here.
I've seen it.
People change over the course
of years or over the course of days.
The first kind sticks,
the second is what
it feels like to be on vacation.
Charles. I'm begging both of you.
If we stay on this path,
we are all going to die.
We don't need the suits or the cars.
It's not what we want!
- Not really!
- "We"?
You've been in the game for what? A week?
Not long enough to know shit.
Clearly not long enough
to know that "want" is a useless word.
You do what needs to be done
for family.
Ba has given us orders.
Whether we like it or not,
that is what we're gonna do.
[emotional music playing]
This is for the best, Mom.
At least now, maybe,
you and I can
go back to our normal, regular lives.
We're not cut out for this world.
We're nothing alike.
I am responsible for all of this.
The plan to elect a new Dragon Head,
every little detail.
Even the Boxers attacking the ghosts
were orchestrated by me.
Wait, you knew that
the Boxers were going to attack?
- How?
- [chuckles]
Why would I have
even given you those names?
I knew the Boxers would approach you,
and you would
ultimately give everything up.
you think
[scoffs]I am so weak.
Not weak, just good.
- And good makes you predictable.
- [sighs]
Please! Okay
Let's just leave right now
and and go back home, okay?
I'll I'll stop doing improv.
I'll focus only on school.
Anything you want.
- Please.
- Always so sweet, Bruce.
I understand, but I'm sorry.
It's just not up to you.
[in Mandarin] It's just a setback.
He doesn't have the support.
I know.
We can still
[Big Sun] Admit it.
You lost.
You may be two steps ahead of the world,
but I will always be
one step ahead of you.
Because you never had
my tolerance for pain, to not react.
To not react
even when stabbed by a needle.
My ability to feel nothing.
[sighs] I never would have
abandoned my family.
My home.
Left my only sister to die alone.
[Big Sun sniffs]
You were a privileged, spoiled brat.
And I convinced you that you were
sacrificing for a larger purpose.
But the only purpose
you were serving was me.
[toilet flushes]
Not so bad for a country boy, eh?
[Mama snorts]
You're right,
about all of it.
I've lost
and you have won.
I have only one favor to ask.
I want to get my hair done.
Of course!
No problem.
You will keep your beauty.
You are welcome
in our home if you can behave.
You are too good to me.
Oh shi
Mind if I play through?
Hey, Grace.
It's, um it's good to see you.
Honestly, I'm surprised you had the nerve
to show your face in public ever again.
You do know we're gonna kill you, right?
That's why I made sure
you'd only find me in a big, public place.
- With a lot of people around.
- [chuckles]
Do you really think I give
two dicks about killing you in public?
[ominous music playing]
Now that you mention it, I am realizing
it probably wasn't the smartest move.
I mean, I I was kidnapped
from here last week.
But I
I needed to see you.
I know of a way
you can still take out the Triads.
The only thing I want from you,
Bruce, is to die.
Preferably in lots of pain.
It was it was my mom, I swear.
She double-crossed you. And and me!
I know you know me better than this!
I don't have it in me to betray someone.
Please, we want the same things.
Just hear me out.
You have 20 seconds.
All the ghosts are here in Los Angeles
as we speak.
They are having
a once-in-a-generation meeting tonight
to elect a new Dragon King.
You mean Dragon Head?
Yes! Dragon Head.
I can give you
the location of this meeting.
You wanna wipe out the Triads.
I want my family out.
Best way to achieve both
is to wipe out this meeting.
Why should I believe you this time?
My brother once said
I needed to step up for the family,
so I'm trying to protect them
from themselves.
I need them to see that there's
another way to live their lives,
and clearly, I'm the only person
who thinks this is the right thing to do.
[sighs] But,
one way or another,
this has to end.
But no more of that "ensure Mama Sun
and Charles' safety" bullshit.
Okay? We're gonna attack that meeting
and come hard. No mercy.
Everyone's fair game. You okay with that?
Doesn't matter with my mom.
She's not gonna be there.
And Charles?
He can take care of himself.
- You sure?
- Of course I'm not sure.
At least this way,
there's a chance he makes it out.
But if I don't do it, then it's
a certainty that I'll lose him forever.
[somber music playing]
[energetic percussive music playing]
We're up and running.
[Mark sighs] Wow.
We have FBI, DEA, LAPD, Interpol.
I don't know what's more impressive,
that you pulled a full,
interagency task force together so quickly
or that you've got them
all staring at a dot,
waiting for some Triad meeting to happen,
all based on your hunch.
It's not a hunch.
FBI confirmed there's several
alleged Triad heads in Los Angeles.
They're here for a reason.
This many capital letters,
they expect results.
Who do you think they'll blame
if it all goes south?
So, why are you so certain
this meeting's gonna happen today?
Because today's the 8th.
It's a lucky number in Chinese culture.
- We're here because of numerology?
- Yes, absolutely.
Everything about this meeting
the day, time, location
it'll all be planned
around lucky numerology.
It's also why I know this thing
is starting at exactly 8:00.
This meeting is happening today.
The only question is where.
And how do we find it? Tarot cards?
[scoffs] We could.
Or we could find it using the GPS tracker
I put in Charles Sun's phone.
Now, he's still at the Langham Hotel.
But as soon as he leaves for that meeting,
we track him,
have SWAT teams descend on the location
and arrest everybody there.
But until that dot moves,
we wait.
I'm sorry you can't come tonight.
Let's go get churros instead.
- You and me. Let's just go.
- [sighs]
You're joking, right?
What's goin' on?
Something you need to tell me?
[door closes]
[in Mandarin] We must not be late.
The ceremony starts
at eight o'clock sharp.
Let's go.
[door opens]
[Bruce, in English] Good luck tonight.
I won't let the Wangs
mess with you anymore.
Don't worry.
After tonight, everything's gonna be fine.
You can be a doctor, or do improv,
or fuck off all day.
I'll be able to send you so much money,
you can live like
John Cho married Joe Tsai.
This is it, little brother.
You and me?
We're gonna have it all.
[door opens]
[door closes]
["Esther" by Tzusing playing]
["Hourglass" by S U R V I V E playing]
[in Mandarin] Where's Charles?
[in English] Hey. Get in here.
They're starting.
[man] and X-ray it
[woman 1] Hotel is your premier
Southern California resort experience
[woman 2] affected by the second
water main break in two months.
We might try.
Cheers, Paul.
[Paul] Mark's been great,
and he's been on the biggest journey
of all the bakers in the tent this year.
He started off pretty badly,
and then, as each week has passed by,
he's got better, and better, and better.
[slowing] Better and better
[echoing] and better better better
- It's a shame to see him go.
- [Noel] survive
[tense music playing]
[ringing tone]
[Bruce] Uh, hello?
[clears throat] Uh, this is, uh
Bruce Sun.
Uh, yeah, no. I'm I'm sorry. Um
Listen, I know this is gonna sound weird,
but can you come meet me
at the Langham Hotel, like, immediately?
Oh, and, uh
bring whatever weapons you have.
["Future Starts Slow"
by The Kills playing]
[in Mandarin] Let's eat!
You can swing, you can flail ♪
You can blow
What's left of my right mind ♪
I don't mind ♪
You can blow
What's left of my right mind ♪
You can holler, you can wail ♪
You can blow
What's left of my right mind ♪
[song ends]
[gentle traditional music playing]
[dramatic music playing]
[sighs] You got a plan B?
["Cost" by boler mani playing]
Whoa, where to go ♪
Hold my breath, I'm cold ♪
What's the cost? ♪
Guess that now I know ♪
Where to go ♪
I done did you wrong ♪
- Check reflection ♪
- Check reflection ♪
- Whoa, whoa ♪
- Reflection, yo ♪
Ignored ♪
Learned that from afar ♪
[knocking at door]
- Hey!
- What is this?
I am super jet-lagged.
Do you want some coffee
or something? You good?
Okay, uh a bad thing has happened.
Um, nobody's fault, really,
but we need to do something
or else Charles is probably going to die.
Grace is the head of the Boxers,
and I kind of told her about
the big Triad meeting that's going on,
and they're going to kill everyone there.
We've been chasing
the assholes who killed my sister,
and all this time
you've been fucking their boss?
Well, we haven't
actually, like, gone that far yet,
and I guess that's definitely
not happening now.
- Okay. Let's go.
- Wh
Just like that?
Yeah, if it means
I get to kill your girlfriend.
I assume that opportunity will arise.
That's not the only reason.
You guys are the only family I have.
[suspenseful music playing]
- Let's go.
- Stop!
What the hell?
Out of the way, TK!
I gotta be somewhere right now!
No! You're gonna hear me out.
Bruce, I know why you did
what you did earlier, okay?
Everyone looks down on me
because of my brother.
And because I get scared
and I cry sometimes.
But don't forget, I'm the one
that introduced you to all of this.
And yet, somehow,
I'm the one that ends up with jack shit?
I know I can help.
What I'm about to do
is way too dangerous, TK.
I can't!
I'm not movin'!
If the guy wants to be cannon fodder,
why stop him?
That's exactly my point!
[TK] You can't protect me, bro!
I smoke a ton of weed, I eat like shit,
and I text and drive all the time.
I'mma die how I die.
[horns blaring]
- [man] Asshole, go!
- Just go.
Okay, fine! Fine!
Wait, I I can come?
Well, I obviously can't go anywhere
with your fat ass blocking the car!
- If you're coming, hurry the fuck up!
- [giggles]
- Well, get on top of me. Just sit on me.
- Come on.
Really, get Ouch.
- Get in.
- [Bruce] Not on me!
- Let's go. Let's go!
- [TK] Okay.
[tires screeching]
He's on the move.
- [man 1] All right. He's on the move.
- [man 2] Let's go, let's go!
[man 3] Let's go, let's go!
[tires screeching]
[gentle traditional music playing]
[in Mandarin] I shall not disclose
the secrets of the society.
Not even to my parents, brothers, or wife.
I shall never disclose
the secrets for money.
I shall be killed
by a myriad of swords if I do so.
I shall never betray my sworn brothers.
If I have caused
the arrest of one of my brothers,
I must get him released immediately.
If I break this oath,
I will be killed by thunderbolts.
[June, in English] Damn,
I can't see anything.
- [door opens]
- [Charles] Bruce!
- What are you all doing?
- Charles.
- Thank God I found you.
- [Charles] You cannot be here.
You were right.
I need to tell you something.
- You need to get
- Come back. It's time for the vote.
- No
- Whatever it is, it has to wait.
- Go!
- You need to get out!
[in Mandarin] Brothers.
For so long,
each of us has walked our own paths,
chasing our own selfish goals.
As a result,
today we find ourselves
in fractured, turbulent times.
For man's schemes are inferior
to those made by heaven
I'm reminded of our forefathers
who stood against emperors.
They drove back armies
with wisdom and daring.
Their only advantage?
They were united.
Now is the time to learn from
our mistakes, honor our forefathers,
and unify.
We must elect a new Dragon Head.
And, lucky for us,
fate has provided us
with the perfect candidate.
Yi Jian.
Everyone thinks he is
just a violent fighter.
But he was forged through violence
for one purpose.
To lead us. And he will proudly
give his life in our service.
Yi Jian
is the one and only choice!
If there are no objections,
I move
we vote to make it official.
[Mama] I object.
[dramatic music playing]
Because you should elect me instead.
[in English] What the hell's
she doing here?
[in Mandarin]
You have no right to speak here.
[man] Give her a chance.
[in English] I just wanna hear
what she has to say.
[in Mandarin] Frank Ma is one
of our most distinguished guests.
As such, he should be given deference.
But this is a traditional gathering.
Only society members
have the right to speak.
[Frank] What a coincidence.
[in English] Then it's most fortuitous
that I met with Sun Tai Tai
before the meeting
and made her
a White Paper Fan to my organization,
giving her honorary membership,
and the right to address all of us.
[in Mandarin] Mrs. Sun.
[in English] Yi Jian is not
the right choice to lead us.
[door opens]
Yi Jian is the most capable soldier,
but he will always only be that.
A soldier, forever bound by duty.
Electing him
is the same as electing Da Sun.
And you all know
Da Sun serves only one person.
[Charles sighs]
[Mama sighs]
Who would you rather guide your future?
Someone who thwarted
the most vicious attack
on each and every one of you,
or a self-centered dinosaur,
who cowered in the shadows,
faking a coma when you were under attack?
[murmurs in Mandarin]
[Frank] Well.
I think we should put this to a vote.
- Mmm.
- [murmurs of agreement in Mandarin]
But first,
- let me tell you a story.
- [all sigh]
Seeing these leaves in my tea
reminds me of when I was a child.
[dramatic music playing]
It's about to go down. I can feel it.
We need to get your mom's and Charles'
attention and get 'em outta here.
[TK] Ow!
[device whirring]
- But I digress.
- [gentle music playing]
[sighs heavily]
Those times
[in Mandarin] They were hard times.
[dramatic music resumes]
[Frank, in English]
We know what real hardship is.
There was no money for food,
so sometimes, my brothers
and sisters and I
would eat boiled leaves.
[in Mandarin] Boiled leaves.
It's a bomb!
It's a
- Get the fuck out of here!
- [TK] Yo!
[Mama] Bruce!
- What the hell are you doing here?
- The fuck
There's a a bomb?
[Mama] Bruce! Bruce!
[all clamoring]
Everybody drop their weapons!
[all shouting]
[Bruce whimpers]
[cop] Put your hands up!
Get back! Get back! Move back!
Move! Move, move, move!
I said, drop your weapons!
Get down! Drop it now!
Get down! Get down on the floor!
Nobody move!
- Drop it!
- [Grace] Please don't hurt me, okay?
- Please don't hurt me. I just wanna leave!
- Stop moving!
[in Mandarin]
The riddance of evil must be thorough.
- [in English] Hey! Stay where you are!
- No!
- [gunshots]
- [cop grunts]
[all shouting, grunting]
- [cop 1] Stand down!
- [cop 2] Let them shoot each other!
[Mama] Bruce!
Go, boys!
Xing! Xing!
That guy killed Blood Boots!
[epic music playing]
[in Mandarin] I did it!
[in English] I fucking did the move! I
[Mama] Come on, quick! Go, go, go!
Go! Go! Go!
- Come on!
- Be careful!
- [man yells]
- [Bruce gasps]
[Mama] Go! Go!
There! That's the exit!
This is for May.
Bring it.
It doesn't matter.
We did it.
We defeated the Triads.
Congrats. You're dead.
- [grunts]
- [Grace yelps]
[Bruce] Go. Go, go.
Okay. Right there.
I got two suspects. West exit.
[radio chatter]
You two, get on the ground!
- [TK yells]
- [dramatic music playing]
[engine revs]
[tires squeal]
[Mark] We're still counting up
dead and wounded,
but this is definitely gonna be
the largest bust of Triad gangs
outside of Asia.
This is big.
Or should I say big for you?
Let's just focus on our dead
and wounded for now, all right?
What do you think happened to Charles?
No way he survived, right?
[dramatic music playing]
[Big Sun, in Mandarin]
What the fuck happened?
There were Boxers. And cops.
How did they know?
He tried to warn me.
[ominous music playing]
Your mother betrayed us.
It must not go unpunished.
You know what you need to do.
I'm not going to kill my mother.
She crossed the line!
Death would be sparing her!
Your mother deserves
a fate much worse than death.
She will live with the pain
of unbearable loss.
I want you
to kill Bruce.
[ominous music playing]
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