The Buccaneers (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

It's Christmas

[THEO SIGHS] I'm calling us
the winners. Joint winners.
- Joint snowball champions.
- Look who's arrived.
- Yes. Here I am. [CHUCKLES]
Your Grace.
Delighted you could make it.
And did you arrive with
[CHUCKLES] Finally, the fun's
here. I see Guy's looking after you.
[JEAN] Oh, we're
looking after each other.
[THEO] Welcome, both of you.
Does Mother know you're here?
And thank you for taking
care of my best man.
Is that what I am?
Well, I hope so. [CHUCKLES]
Who else would do it?
My mother in a tailcoat?
Come here. [CHUCKLES] Thank you.
[THEO] Right. It's Christmas Eve.
Let's spend it with
the ones we love most.
Are any of them actually alive in there?
You know, Miles is funny and charming.
And he has that penniless
second-son-thing of having to marry money.
That's exactly what I look for.
You know, Mother will
haul us home next month
if you're still horrifyingly unmarried.
Oh, it's Christmas. It's
no time to think about home.
- And if you wanna stay so badly,
why don't you marry him?
I love you!
You know they're waiting to
see if we get into an argument?
Can nobody understand "amicably apart"?
Should we just pretend
to get into a fight,
- for the drama? [CHUCKLES]
I could grab your hair.
I'm sorry. I didn't I didn't
I didn't mean it like that.
I think we both know who likes
to have their hair pulled, Dicky.
- [MABEL] No!
I love you, Jinny.
I love you.
Sounds like Conchita.
I wish we could spend
Christmas on our own.
With your friends
sometimes you're not as easy to love.
Oh, I'm sorry. I
Only us.
- Only us. Always.
what are you gonna wear?
Round off the edges, and don't
leave yourself undefended.
Vital to have rules,
as so often in life.
If your gloves need drying
May I?
They say a glove
can be a useful tool for communication.
"I'm engaged."
"I wish I were with you."
"Would you pass me those nuts?"
[NAN] Yeah.
I prefer speaking plainly
rather than in code.
Take plenty.
Christmas is a time for
keeping our families tight
- and our corsets loose.
- I barely fasten mine.
What a pleasure to have
you with us this year.
Of course, Theodore is only truly
happy near his beach and studio,
in what I call "extravagant isolation."
Though somehow this year,
despite Scotland being a
very long way from Cornwall,
there's a smile on his face, which
I can only assume is down to you.
One Christmas, he set up his
new train set under his bed,
and we didn't see him for three days.
The servants had to leave plates
of food for him, like a cat.
He was 23.
Six or seven, I believe.
Best Christmas of his
life, he's always said.
Till this year, I suspect.
You've pleased him more than
I could ever have imagined.
Oh, he pleases me too.
I mean, we just We We
enjoy each other's company.
[MABEL] And what shall we
call our snow child? [CHUCKLES]
- Hmm. He looks like a lord.
- Lord Snowman.
- That's his name. [CHUCKLES]
I think we make a pretty
good team, you and I.
[LIZZY] Jinny! Come play with us!
- Faster. Come on. Giddyup. What is this?
- [LIZZY] I'm not weak. [CHUCKLES]
- Oh, come on.
- [CONCHITA] What is this, Lizzy?
- [LIZZY] I'm no [GRUNTS] I'm not weak.
- [CONCHITA] Come on. Faster!
Come on. Giddyup, Lizzy. Come on.
- Jinny, come play with us!
- [CONCHITA] Oh, Jinny's here.
Where have you been
hiding? Come on. [LAUGHING]
Oh, Lizzy. [LAUGHS]
Why don't you get on, and I'll pull you.
You've got the strength
of an ant. [GASPS]
- Oh! Are you okay?
- [LIZZY] Yeah. It's all right. I'm fine.
- I'm so sorry. Let me help you get up.
- I'm so sorry. Are you sure?
- [LIZZY] I said I'm fine, really. Yeah.
No, I don't need any any help. I'm
Look how big and strong your
husband is, Jinny. [CHUCKLES]
All that Jinny wants,
all we both want,
is to have a wonderful
first Christmas together.
And I know she'd feel very upset
if there was any kind of fuss.
Don't you think?
I was hoping to see you earlier.
Hmm. Yes, I thought during all
that snowballing and whooping
you were probably really looking for me.
That evening, after we'd been
at the boathouse, I was awful.
I'm so sorry. My mouth sometimes
I don't know anything about your mouth.
Well, I feel terrible.
- I-I shouldn't have
- It was entirely new for me.
What happened.
What we did.
What I felt.
All of it. It was all new.
And I'm so sorry that
I felt it too.
Happy Christmas.
It's a silly
The two of them, they reminded me of
I-I mean they do not do what we
did, those two. Not even slightly.
Which is bad luck for them, actually.
But that would be a
different kind of music box.
I just The way they
seemed to be together
Anyway, um
Lizzy and I will have to
go back to New York soon.
And actually, I've
thought of a way to stay,
but in case my plan doesn't work out
- Good luck, Honoria.
[LIZZY] You remember we were
playing sardines, looking for Mabel?
It was a time when Seadown was
He was very focused on me.
We went into a bedroom
to look, and I thought
You went into a bedroom?
He told me to undress.
So I did.
I was naked.
I lay on a bed.
I didn't know what I was supposed to do.
What did he do?
After a while, he left.
in a servant to tell me
that he wasn't coming back.
I was humiliated.
Which was the idea, I suppose.
To make me feel
worthless. And it worked.
I wanted to be alone with him, I think.
Perhaps, I even wanted to kiss him.
I was so ashamed.
- Why Why are you telling me this now?
I'm worried about you.
You said yourself that he sometimes
wants you to be
something that you're not.
- No, stop saying it. Stop it.
- I know. I know you wanted a husband.
- We were both told to want that endlessly.
- No. I love him.
- Okay, it's not just
- But I don't think
that he loves you the way
that you hope to be loved.
[INHALES SHARPLY] So you're not saying
that James forced you into that room?
Did he force you to
take your clothes off?
Did he rip off your dress?
Did he push you onto the bed?
That's not what I said.
He didn't make you do anything.
And when you undressed,
he left, like a gentleman.
Lizzy, if you regret debasing yourself,
well, that's hardly James's fault.
But he is my husband.
He chose me, and I
will always choose him.
[MISS TESTVALLEY] Wakey-wakey.
Who doesn't enjoy a Christmas nap?
Thank you.
For being here. And for
looking after everything.
Here's my girl. [GRUNTS]
Oh, my little treasure.
There's my girl. Hmm?
Wrong room?
I've been trying to learn
how to be less reserved.
You are not reserved.
Perhaps, I'm riddled
with secret shyness.
[CHUCKLES] I saw your knickers
before I saw your face.
Is there, perhaps, a man
who's caught your eye?
No, there's no man.
You know,
confidence is not just ribbons
or flowers in your hair.
There's a kind of glow that
comes with understanding yourself.
Which I believe you have.
And it's absolutely beautiful.
And underwear helps, of course, too.
- Fantastic underwear.
You know, Richard is unhappy
all the time without you.
Well, we're both entirely miserable.
But he could have me back in an
instant if only he chose to let go.
Of what?
Whatever's holding him back.
I was just eating a walnut.
I'm happy for you.
- And I've got mulled wine. Mmm.
- Mmm. Big day.
- I'm here with Theo.
- Your fiancé.
And you're here with Jean.
Have you brought me in
here to confirm the facts?
I don't wanna talk about
what happened when we
[GUY] Well, let's not then. Absolutely.
[NAN] Sometimes I feel
very panicked about the idea
of trying to fit the whole
world into one lifetime.
Do you know what I mean?
I had one of these. [SIGHS]
I put pins in every
place I wanted to visit.
And where do you wanna go now?
[GUY] A million places.
But recently, I can only
concentrate on one of them.
I want to make clear
before we met,
I did think, briefly, a rich
bride might be the answer.
To save the house.
Perhaps, like a fool, I
thought it might save my mother.
But that was before I met you.
Nan, when I met you, it was
immediately, entirely real.
In any case, our house is gone.
My mother's gone.
And the telegram? The lost telegram.
What did it say?
It said
"Enjoy your trip with your fiancé.
And, perhaps, I'll see
you one of these days."
Well, Jean seems really lovely.
[GUY] She really is, in fact.
Yeah, she's full of surprises.
And I hear her family has money.
So, perhaps, your wish
might come true after all.
Theo will be looking for me.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. [LAUGHS]
[RICHARD] Look how strong
you are. [EXCLAIMING]
- Oh, sorry. It's your turn. I-I can leave.
- [CHUCKLES] No, stay.
You know, Minnie adores this ball.
- Look.
What's that? What's that?
- She loves it. I don't know why.
- It's her favorite ball.
- It's her favorite ball. [LAUGHS]
- No, you can't eat it.
Minnie, Minnie. Minnie, careful.
- [CONCHITA] Good girl! [CHUCKLES]
- [RICHARD] Well done.
I like your flower, Lady Honoria.
It must feel strange, Miss Testvalley,
to spend every Christmas
with someone else's family.
Well, that's the job.
And I pride myself on
being more than simply
- Oh! You're indispensable.
You were the only governess
to attempt to teach me French.
Bien sûr. [CHUCKLES]
Not easy to find new
horizons in that house.
But Richard's married now.
He has a real chance at happiness.
And freedom.
Merry Christmas.
Why did you ask me to marry you?
You'd ignored me the previous night
when we were all playing games.
Then Then in the morning
you appeared with a ring.
Virginia, I don't find
it easy to show warmth.
You've met my family.
At Runnymede, I was
trying to win the hand
of the most beautiful woman in the room.
You make me nervous.
Only you.
to say this out loud.
Lizzy said that when we were all
playing games, the two of you
So, that's it? I'm nothing to you?
[GASPS] James, please.
I told her that I didn't wanna hear it.
I told her that you would never do it.
I told her that I would always
choose you ove over anyone.
- Mmm. Have you tried these?
Thank God you're here.
Oh, we'd be lost without each other.
The others just don't understand us.
We're free spirits. [CHUCKLES]
Not free for long.
My parents are planning to
marry me off to some rich bore.
If only we could both find spouses
who'd just let us do as we please.
Somebody who's a a woman.
- Florence Nightingale.
- Mm-mmm.
- [GUY] Waiter uh
- a chemist. A scientist. Uh
- uh, a doctor
- uh, bar bar barman.
- Cup of tea. Uh, me. I'm a window opener.
- [THEO] Honoria. Honoria, uh
- Honoria.
- Oh! It's Mr. James Bullman.
Mr. James Bullman, he delivers
the milk to my parents.
If we knew him,
- I'm sure it would have been very good.
- Oh, I just
I didn't know anybody.
He normally delivers
- [MILES] Everybody, can I just
- the milk to my parents.
Mabel Elmsworth, this
may be rather sudden.
But, sometimes,
something just comes along
that makes such complete sense.
Will you marry me?
[GASPS] And stay in
England as your wife?
That would I believe it
would be absolutely perfect.
Well done. Just right.
Mabel, what on Earth?
It works for us all. Now,
Mother can't drag us home.
Mabel, you don't actually
You don't love him.
No. I mean, no more than he loves me.
But which married couple can
honestly say they're in love?
[JEAN SIGHS] Could you bear it?
Waiting all that time.
I mean, it's practically
Boxing Day. [CHUCKLES]
Happy Christmas.
It's cheese.
- You are a very surprising woman.
I've been dreading Christmas this year.
You've made it so much
Would you like to go
for a ride tomorrow?
Miss Christmas lunch
and avoid the madness.
[SIGHS] I'd like that very much.
- Will you bring your cheese?
- Cheese is the main event.
[JINNY] James?
James, I'm so sorry.
What can I do?
All I ever do is make you quite
certain of my devotion to you.
I trust you. With everything in my life,
you are my life. I have no secrets.
Can you say the same?
It's hurtful that you never give
me cause to believe you trust me.
I do. I do trust you. I choose you.
Yet, you hang on to
these childish notions
of being a sister, and
a daughter, and a friend,
whispering with them
about God knows what.
How do I know you truly love me?
Without reservation. How do I
know you value me above all others?
Prove it to me.
This is how things should be.
I've been waiting for you.
[SIGHS] I'm going to be a better man.
I promise. I'll show you.
You just have to show yourself.
- Ugh.
- Don't answer it.
We have to. [CHUCKLES]
- Merry Christmas, Lady Marable.
- [CONCHITA] Merry Christmas.
- [MISS TESTVALLEY] Lord Marable.
I've come to say my goodbyes.
I've been offered a position in
Cornwall, which I've accepted.
You're leaving? But it's Christmas Day.
I'm afraid I'm required urgently.
My carriage is being prepared.
[CONCHITA] What can we do?
How can we persuade you
I'm afraid I'm quite
decided, Lady Marable.
I wish you both good luck,
and I should be glad
to have news of you all.
But I think it's time to move on.
For all of us.
Minnie will be dressed
and ready whenever you are.
Your Grace, Merry Christmas.
I hope you've had a
really wonderful s
I'm going to ask you to pack
your bags and leave immediately.
[CHUCKLES] Oh, is this Are you
I've recently been made
aware of your predicament.
Your being the product of
your father's indiscretion.
We'll make it public
your father is unwell,
and you had to return to America.
By next season, I'm quite sure
everyone will have forgotten
Wait, wait, wait. But how do you
[STAMMERING] Who told you?
Theo will be hurt, of course.
But he'll see entirely
your union isn't possible.
But only yesterday you said
how much he loved me and
how much I please him.
This is not about anything
as trivial as love, Annabel.
If you were to marry my son,
you'd destroy 500 years
of civility and sacrifice.
Heredity, I'm afraid, is not one
of those silly games you're fond of.
But no one knows. No one has to
know. We don't have to tell anyone.
as anyone that you lied, Annabel.
I know you come from a country
where people aren't burdened
by the rules of propriety,
but in this country, that kind
of behavior is quite inexcusable.
I fully expect not to see you again.
[RICHARD] Laura.
Please don't go. Stay.
You're doing a fine job of standing
on your own feet, Lord Richard.
Your own family.
No need for old attachments.
Minnie will miss you
terribly. So will Conchita.
Not a moment of this is about Conchita.
She's just the latest
in a long line of people
who will never understand us.
Did you tell her?
- Happy Christmas?
- No. No.
About me. About my mother.
Nan, of course not.
I told you I wouldn't.
But you're the only other person that
I may have wondered about telling once,
but when I said I wouldn't, I meant it.
And after everything All this
being pulled into rooms and
So, if the duchess
knows, does that mean
I'm not getting married. You
can be quite certain of that.
And how do you feel?
How do you feel about
not getting married?
I didn't expect to say that.
I have to go and tell him.
Jinny did what she
thought was best, Annabel.
As she always does.
I will never forgive you.
Not ever.
I will lose everything
just because you are
What Jinny wants most of all,
Nan, is to avoid embarrassment.
- So if you'd leave quietly
- Is that what you want? Honestly?
I'm sorry. Truly, I am. I
But, um, your shame
is is not my fault.
A marriage shouldn't be based
off of lies. You're right.
And nor should a life.
Who did you tell?
The duchess has been good enough to
welcome us for Christmas, my love.
It's absurd to think this
would've remained secret.
Better to play it out
quickly, without fuss.
If your sister doesn't
trust you to do what's best,
I'm afraid it's only further
proof that you've grown apart.
Annabel, as discussed, you won't
be joining us. Sit down, Theodore.
- Everybody, shall we?
- Please. Your Grace, I have wanted
I have had enough of being frightened,
and I have something
that I wanna say out loud.
I'm illegitimate.
My father was unfaithful
and Patricia St. George
is not my natural mother.
Although, I've come to believe that
motherhood is much more than blood.
And in these last few months,
I have felt a million things,
but what I refuse to feel any longer
is shame.
And that might be American,
and that might be brash.
And maybe I should've
signaled it with a glove
and hoped that no one would see.
But I am proud to have
survived the revelation.
I am proud of my mother.
And I am proud to be
I'm proud to be.
I'm really sorry for having lied to you.
I was afraid.
Sometimes the more desperate you
are to tell somebody something,
the harder it is to say.
But I'm really sorry for
having embarrassed you,
and I'm really sorry for
having ruined Christmas.
It looks like a lovely lunch.
[THEO] You're quite right, of course.
This entire display has
been incredibly American.
But I happen to be very much
in love with an American.
I know more than most that we
can't choose how we're born.
But we can choose who
we are and who we love.
I choose being a person who loves you.
I loved you the moment I saw you,
and I will never stop choosing you.
Annabel St. George, you are
the woman I want to marry.
That'll never change.
And if necessary, though I know
it can be crowded up
there on Christmas Day,
I will shout it from the rooftop.
I love you, Nan.
[JEAN] I was worried
you'd changed your mind.
I haven't. [SIGHS] Not a bit.
Let's make Christmas less complicated.
Theodore, we need to talk
about this in private.
[LIZZY] Whoo-hoo!
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