The Buccaneers (2023) s01e08 Episode Script

Wedding of the Season

For tomorrow. Your wedding day.
It's exquisite.
If you think I'm giving it to you
to underline the sense of occasion
and history tomorrow represents,
whilst also intimidating you,
you're entirely correct.
Well, the point has
been clearly underlined.
Theo is the main event tonight.
You can stand silently by his side.
Which is the job, of course.
To smile, to wave, perhaps.
To bestow your presence on the
odd agricultural prize-giving.
But decisions, even those
which affect you both,
from now on, aren't yours to make.
I'm not a monster, Nan.
I liked you very much when we met.
But you lied to us.
Your display at Christmas,
your determination to speak when
your opinion has not been asked.
- And your urging of Theo to disrespect
- I haven't urged Theo to do anything.
His father and I worked hard
for the family reputation.
And I am not trying
Theodore insists he won't
reconsider the marriage.
So, tomorrow, we host
the wedding of the season,
perhaps the decade.
If you were to change your mind now,
particularly now your
background is so well-known,
Theo would be a laughingstock.
And for my honest, loyal,
openhearted son to be a laughingstock
would break my heart.
But for it to happen
to the Duke of Tintagel,
would undermine his position
for the rest of his life.
An anxious bride is far
from a new phenomenon.
I gave you the opportunity to leave
on Christmas Day, and you refused.
you must work through
those pre-wedding nerves,
wear the tiara and
stand tall by his side.
Like a duchess.
[CONCHITA] Hmm. After you, my lady.
- [MABEL] Ooh.
- [LIZZY] Nan.
- [CHUCKLES] Open wide. Ah. [LAUGHS]
- Oh, come on! Come on!
Nan! Nan! Nan! Nan!
- [LIZZY] Whoo!
- Yes! Oh, my gosh.
That really hurt.
[CONCHITA] Tomorrow, it'll all be yours.
[NAN] We ought to stop
avoiding each other.
- [THEO] This.
None of it feels the way
the night before your wedding
is supposed to feel.
Well, I think that there's a lot
of nonsense talked about weddings.
- And how you're supposed to
- Are you in love with Guy?
Do you still want to marry me?
You will be asked
that question tomorrow.
You and I have put on
enough public performances.
And, Nan, I love you.
But I won't wait here tomorrow
with a packed church
and the world watching.
Not if you're not sure.
So, first thing in the morning,
let me know your decision.
Tomorrow I shall watch my son marry.
So, I shall step aside and no
longer be the Duchess of Tintagel.
I struggle to accept
my new title, of course,
as surely the Dowager Duchess
is my elderly mother-in-law.
accept the new role with pride,
because it means my son has
fulfilled the role he was born for.
Now, may I present the Duke.
My lords, ladies and gentlemen,
thank you all for coming.
And to my mother
for agreeing to share the title
of Most Important Woman In My Life.
- But tomorrow
[NAN] Excuse me. I'm so sorry.
Excuse me. Sorry, I'm so sorry.
Tomorrow Tintagel welcomes a new era.
And I welcome the woman
with whom I very much hope
to spend the rest of my days.
Whose strength, courage and
resilience we've already seen.
But who, I have no doubt,
will soon demonstrate her commitment,
loyalty and willingness to serve.
The new Duchess of Tintagel,
by my side, just as the last has been.
for you, Lady Marable.
Thank you.
[NAN] You know, I can just
stay in here until you leave.
[JINNY] I'm not leaving.
Nan, I wanted t
I really don't wanna hear you say sorry.
I'm happy for you.
Theo is a gentleman,
and he'll look after you.
Well, I don't need looking after.
Well, we all do. Sometimes.
Jinny, I'm sure it's cold
and lonely in your world.
All you ever do is look after
yourself, and that's the end of it.
The moment we got off that boat, all
you ever wanted was to find a man.
And the moment you did, you
became a completely new person.
Your whole face has changed.
And I can't bear to look at it.
We're going to Scotland, for good.
Tomorrow, as soon as the wedding's
over. The carriage is all packed.
And what difference will Scotland make?
You're already so far away.
Would you excuse me?
I looked in on Minnie and she was
sleeping with her hands like this.
- [CLICKS TONGUE] Aw, I love her so much.
Still there, is she? The baby.
Her name's Minnie. And
I was checking on her.
Babies are best left to
either sleep or cry it out.
[RICHARD] What about adults?
Honoria, would you like
to join us for a drink?
Honoria is happy to stand and
take in the room, thank you.
She doesn't believe in
drawing attention to herself.
[RICHARD] I'm sorry. Might
Honoria speak for herself?
And might you perhaps resist
making Conchita feel uncomfortable?
Your wife has a great deal to learn
about our ability in this country
- to stand upright in the face of
- [RICHARD] Upright?
I may never have stood upright,
except for a few months last
summer in New York with Conchita.
And in fact, sort of strange feeling
in the backs of my
shoulder blades right now.
What is this? Hmm?
Might almost feel like dignity.
Oh, come on.
For my entire life, Mother,
you've avoided checking on me.
You've chosen silence.
We're stepping back from all of this.
So, I am happy to now remove
every last shred of joy
and noise from your home.
My family and I will no
longer be part of yours.
[SCOFFS] Well, good luck,
entirely on your own.
[RICHARD] I am severing ties, Mother.
Full financial
independence on both sides.
I'm putting my family first.
Oh, and don't be tempted
to check on me later
as my wife and I
intend not to be upright
for much more of this evening.
Anything you'd like to add, my love?
I have never loved your son more.
- I'll get you a drink.
- Get me a drink now.
- [SEADOWN] Bedtime. The party's over.
- What? What's wrong?
[SEADOWN] Your friend
is causing a scene again.
- Please. Please, I just need to I just
- Virginia, come on. Stop Jinny?
From now on, it's just the three of us.
Yeah, we can buy our own house.
We can We can spend
long stretches in Europe.
Oh, Conchita, the feeling!
This feeling of having
no duty or expectation.
[SIGHS] Dicky
It's all gone. Everything.
- [STAMMERS] What do you mean?
There's a list of excuses here
from Daddy. But the fact is
[SIGHS] his big
investment [STAMMERS]
He made some mistakes. And
he lost all of his money.
Our money.
Breaking away from your family
is fine when we had money.
But now, how are we gonna live?
Well, it won't be easy.
But I love you. And
honestly, what else matters?
- And we can do anything.
- Yeah. [CHUCKLES]
We can start again. This
means we are properly free.
- Yes!
- Of all of them.
- No money, no ties, just us.
- [SIGHS] Oh. Oh! We can live.
- Just us and Minnie.
The three of us can just live.
She's sleeping.
Too much heat and noise, that's all.
It's common to find this
kind of event overwhelming.
And a woman in her condition
Congratulations to you both.
- I'd rather you didn't
- Oh, I quite understand.
It's your news to tell.
[TRACY] Sticking with this whole
made-up headache thing, are you?
Patti, we should be on top of the world.
Both daughters settled
with their titles.
And you and me, we are the Duke
and Duchess of Madison Avenue.
The whole world envies our family.
Our family no longer exists.
The girls will be in England.
And what will we do, Tracy?
Whatever the hell we want, Patti.
Well, I believe I'm the only
one who will find that a novelty.
Patti, if it is adventures you
want, then the moment we get back
- to New York, we'll have all the adve
- I don't belong in New York!
I've had my fill of being
your audience at parties.
I have never been enough for you.
But what has changed is you
are no longer enough for me.
I'm not scared of the
scandal of divorce.
As the mother of a duchess, I
will have options and invitations.
And I can have all
the adventures I want.
Patti, we have be
[NAN] I wanted to talk to you.
Yeah, I need a drink.
This country has put
ideas into her head.
You know, I've always
had ideas in my head.
It's only now I realize
people might wanna hear them.
[NAN] Do you regret marrying Daddy?
[PATTI] No, because I wouldn't
have had you girls, but now
I need to
refind my spark.
Do you understand?
I believe I can see that spark already.
Well, you gave me that gift.
You marrying Theo lets
me be myself again.
Even the scandal of divorce
won't shut out the mother
of a duchess from society.
Now, what did you come
here to talk to me about?
Oh, um
It's, um [CHUCKLES]
You're sure, are you?
Are you quite sure about tomorrow?
Because you mustn't feel with
with the grandness of it all,
you mustn't feel pressured.
No. No, of course not.
And I'm I-I am sure.
I just need some sleep.
I'll see you tomorrow. I love you.
- I love you.
To us being next.
- At some stage.
- Whatever comes after.
I mean, I guess for us
that's the joy of it.
After the wedding we
get to just be as we are.
Until the children
come along. [CHUCKLES]
I assume, we'll
Ev Even a convenient marriage
can continue the line and
[LIZZY] What are we
You look so frightened. What's happened?
This is how I am.
This is how I've always been underneath,
but I don't want to be anymore.
I feel broken.
What do you What
do you mean "broken"?
When we were little,
the way you and others looked
at boys and got butterflies,
like with Harry Hamilton.
- Do you remember the blushing you all did?
Harry Hamilton was the
fastest runner in town.
- Well, for me,
I know I should have had
butterflies about Harry Hamilton.
That's what's normal.
But I never did.
I had those feelings
I have those feelings about girls.
And I tried to be like
you, but I'm just not.
Mother walked in on me [SNIFFLES]
- in New York with a maid.
- Oh.
She looked at me like I was a monster.
Mabel, I'm so sorry.
What did she say?
She just walked back
out like I was nothing.
[SNIFFLES] Mabel, listen to me.
Listen, you're talking about
How can love ever be wrong?
If that's what gives you butterflies,
then you are exactly who
you're supposed to be.
You're Mabel. You're beautiful.
- You're not disgusted?
- [CHUCKLES] Darling.
You have to try and let that go.
- You're too lovely to be ruined.
Thank you for telling me.
Hold on.
- Which maid?
- Well, not Martha.
We agreed no more secrets.
I I wanted to tell you.
Yet you seem to delight in
separating yourself from me, Jinny.
- Stopping me looking after you.
- I didn't mean to keep it a secret.
- I just I didn't mean to keep it a se
- I expect Nan knows?
- No, she doesn't.
- About the baby?
- Nobody does. Nobody does.
- Is it mine?
- Of course. Of course.
- That's what I wonder.
Because why the secrets?
I'm so sorry. I should have
told you. Are you pleased?
Am I pleased?
That my wife tells me lies?
I think "ashamed" is a better word.
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry. [SIGHS]
- Guy.
- [GUY] Whew.
This was so much easier to
climb when I was 15. [PANTING]
Can we pretend I did that
in a more elegant way?
- Theo thinks you're ill.
- No, he doesn't.
No, he doesn't.
I've called it off with Jean.
She deserves better.
- Than you?
- Well, certainly. [CHUCKLES]
[STUTTERS] But mainly
than someone who's
overpoweringly in love with you.
Don't say that.
If I've learned anything
from you Americans,
it's that when you think something
you should say it out loud.
And we English have a cup of tea
then decide to keep it to ourselves.
But this?
I'd like to tell the entire world.
God, Nan,
I spend the entire time I'm not with you
trying to convince myself that
I must just be making it up.
The amount I love you.
The amount I-I-I actually
physically need you.
Then I'm with you and
I look at your face
and your skin
- and your neck
and your mouth.
What about Theo?
Listen, Nan.
I want Theo to be happy
more than anything.
Except maybe not quite as much,
not as desperately as I want you to be.
- So, I wanted to ask Why I came
- Please don't.
There's just been so
much talk about marriage.
- Oh, God. No, no. [CHUCKLES]
- That's not what I'm asking. [CHUCKLING]
And listen, Nan.
I think this is forever.
God, I feel it every minute.
It is all I feel.
But for now, I just I
just For now, I just
Let's just let it be for now.
I'm going away. Tomorrow.
Because the thought of you
both, I just shan't stand it.
So, Brazil at first and then
[CHUCKLES] who knows?
And those pins that I had in my globe,
I want to see it all. Come with me.
I feel miserable asking this. But
one thing I can't risk is not asking.
[CHUCKLES] And now
you're just looking at me.
I can't tell if you're
thinking that you'll never
To what?
Yes to all of it.
Someone's here.
Someone's here.
Just a moment.
Nan, I think I need your help.
[NAN] Oh, Jinny.
- Okay, well, I'll go get Mother.
- No, no, no.
She'll go straight to Seadown,
and she wouldn't be
able to help herself.
And then she'd tell Daddy. I
just can't I don't have long.
Any minute he's gonna
realize that I'm gone.
- Okay. It's okay, I'm here. I'm here.
He's not a bad person. [SNIFFLES]
He's not. He just [SNIFFLES]
He likes things in
in a particular way.
Like the way that I
talk and-and dress and,
I don't know, hold a
fork, or get undressed.
He just He likes me to be perfect.
And he just gets so angry. [SOBBING]
- [SNIFFLES] It's all my fault, probably
- It's not your fault, Jinny.
It is not your fault.
Nan, the fact is it's not just gonna
be two of us anymore. [SNIFFLES]
[SIGHS] Really?
He doesn't like me to
be near anyone. [CRYING]
What if I can't protect my baby?
- Well, we'll have to figure out
- [SOBS]
- We'll have to figure out We'll go
- No, Nan, I can't.
Wherever I go, he's gonna find
me. He's-He's always so close
Oh, it's it's all right.
It's all right. It's just
You can come out now.
You can trust him. It's
okay. Promise you, it's fine.
What can I do?
- [STUTTERING] Wait, the wedding
- Well, I'll talk to Theo.
- But none of that matters right now.
We need to get you out.
Nan. Nan, I don't think
I could survive on my own.
We're coming with you.
- [SEADOWN] What are you doing?
Why are you outside?
You weren't anywhere to be found.
So I came to check you hadn't wandered.
No, not at all.
Well, I know how you can be.
I was worried, that's all.
Jinny and I, we made up.
- Good news, my love.
I wanted to show her the chapel, but
we can just wait till the morning.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- [NAN] I'll send you word about tomorrow.
- You should go to bed.
- [SEADOWN] Mm-hmm.
And in the meantime, Jinny and
I will stick close together.
And I'll make sure
she's well looked after.
Good night.
Whose coat is this?
Oh. I'm not sure. Nan just
grabbed it on the way out.
Oh, Guy.
- I'll take that.
- [COURIER] Thanks, Miss.
Oh, sorry.
Lady Honoria Marable. [PANTING]
How big is this castle?
How big is this box?
I'd still like to see you.
Well, once you're married, we can
wave to each other from a distance.
I talked to Miles.
I'm not getting married.
I know you and I won't get any of this.
We won't get any of
their world. Not really.
Not in a way we deserve, but
perhaps if we can be brave,
we can make our own world.
And maybe
Maybe it'll be better.
They don't know who we
are, the rest of them.
But they don't need to, 'cause we do.
We do.
Do we?
We do.
- We do.
- We do. We do.
about apologizing to your mother.
- It's me. The doctors
- [RICHARD] Doctors?
I'm afraid it's bad.
[CHUCKLES] I've been married
to your mother long enough
to be able to withstand pain, but
They say weeks rather
than months. Damn them.
They're rolling out the old
"affairs should be in order" line.
Which means, of course, it's
time to step up, old boy.
The estate, all the workers
and so on, all down to you.
And of course, your mother, your
sister, they'll be counting on you.
It's time, Richard.
You'll be Lord Brightlingsea,
and Conchita will be Lady Brightlingsea.
I owe you an apology.
I hope you know that
wasn't me yesterday.
I should never have, uh
[SMACKS LIPS] And I have a surprise.
Might we put last night behind us?
- [NAN, JINNY] Mmm.
- [NAN] Aw.
Trust me.
- Um, where's Father?
- We don't need him.
[GUEST 1] No bride or groom yet.
[GUEST 2] Imagine if
they just don't turn up.
[GUEST 3] She's always
been a loose cannon.
Jinny, I'll be just
behind that door. [KISSES]
Go. You both have to go now.
[JINNY] Wh What is going on?
Nan, what is the plan? This
isn't What is going on?
Jinny, listen to me. This
isn't just about you anymore.
This is what mothers do. We have to go.
You have the time it takes for the
three of us to walk down the aisle
before he notices.
Never on time. Every one of
them marches to their own drum.
Your Grace, a word.
We love you. We love you both.
- We have to go.
- I'm so sorry, Lizzy.
Oh, all of you. For everything.
Essentially, we're always on our
own, don't you think, as mothers?
So we must stick together.
Who comes first, always?
- Always.
- [LIZZY] Always.
- We come first.
- [JINNY] Come first.
- Come here.
[JINNY] I love you guys.
And I can't let you watch your son
be humiliated without
some sort of warning.
Theo's a good man, and I would
hate to see him [SIGHS]
But Nan would never hurt anyone
unless it was the absolute
right thing to do.
Okay, Mabel, you go first.
[PATTI] This has all happened
very fast for Nan, Your Grace.
And she cares very deeply for Theo.
Since the news of her
father's indiscretion,
she's had a lot of growing up to do.
But she's really very young.
Better, I'm sure you will
agree for both of them,
to avoid the suffering of a
hollow marriage, a life sentence.
Nan, does Guy Thwarte
make your heart soar?
- And your head spin?
- Yes.
- Are you sure you wanna do this?
- Of course.
So I believe Nan is not coming.
Annabel is a strong-minded girl.
Yes, she is.
And her determination today,
it seems, is to save her sister.
Do you have the boat tickets?
- Come on. Get in. [SNIFFLES]
- [SIGHS] Jinny
[PANTING] shoulders back and
head high, okay? Go ahead, Jinny.
Wait, wh What do you
mean? What do you mean?
Guy's gonna look after
you, okay? I love you.
One daughter's sacrifice
for the other daughter's freedom.
No! Nan, you're coming with
me. You're coming with me, Nan.
And miss my own wedding? [CHUCKLES]
Nan, but you don't
even wanna get married.
You never have. And you love Guy.
I love you, and I will
choose you every time.
Nan. [CRIES]
- It's gonna be okay.
- [SIGHS] Nan!
- Nan, Nan. Listen.
- [NAN STAMMERING] There's no time.
You take my breath away.
I hope you know that.
Ever since that first day,
whenever I close my
eyes or open them even,
always, it'll always be you I see.
- I love you. [BREATHES HEAVILY]
- I love you too.
And love, deep, abiding love,
it has to win, doesn't it?
- [SIGHING] Okay, you have to go.
- Okay.
- [JINNY] Nan, please.
- I'll take care of her.
- And you
- I'll take care of myself, I promise.
Please, Nan. [SNIFFLING]
I'm so sorry. [CRIES]
I'm so sorry, Nan. [SNIFFLES] Nan.
a clever girl too, of course.
She understands the severity
of what Jinny is about to do.
And a young girl running
away from her husband,
taking his unborn child
[PATTI] A child?
She'd never make it.
It could never happen.
Nan and Jinny leaving together would
be just two powerless young girls.
But as a duchess
As a duchess, Nan has absolute
power to protect her sister
her whole family.
I believe we've a wedding to attend.
Don't you care,
as a mother, that your son will
marry someone who can't be happy?
How will they both live?
He deserves to know.
Yes, but I'm not only a mother.
I'm a duchess.
And as Nan will see, the
Institution always comes first.
Dearly beloved, we are gathered
here today in the presence of God
and in sight of this congregation
to join together this
man and this woman
[PATTI] You're too late.
She's here.
She's inside, Patti. Right now. Sh
She is inside the castle.
The mother.
Nan's mother.
Introducing the new Duchess of Tintagel.
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