The Burning Girls (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

[JACK BROOKS] Two young girls
were burnt at the stake here.
[FLO BROOKS] Where people
now make creepy old twig dolls
to celebrate them.
I'm Simon Harper. Who the hell are you?
It wouldn't do to be on the
wrong side of that family.
- And your husband, is he a vicar too?
- He was.
He died when Flo was very young.
- I'm Flo.
- Wrigley.
There was a box left outside
your house this morning.
[JACK] It's an exorcism kit.
[JOAN] Merry Joanne Lane and Joy Harris
disappeared without
a trace 30 years ago.
Please be seated.
Hear me, oh Lord.
And have mercy upon
me and hear my prayer.
When he maketh inquisition
for blood
he rememerbeth them.
He forgeteth not the cry of the humble.
Have mercy upon me, oh Lord,
consider my trouble, which I suffer,
of them that hate me.
Thou that lifteth me up
from the gates of death.
This isn't some inner city shit hole!
[JOAN] If you see the burning girls
Something bad will befall you.
If you see the burning girls,
something bad will befall you!
[FLO] Mum! Mum!
Mum! Mum, wake up!
Oh, my God.
- You were shouting.
- I'm sorry.
It's alright. Why are you on the sofa?
There was a light on in the chapel
and I went to check it out.
And what was it?
It was just dodgy electrics.
That doesn't really explain
why you're sleeping on the sofa.
Oh, I just must have fell asleep.
I'm sorry.
You okay, Mum?
I'll make you breakfast.
[GASPS] Shit, I'm late.
Sorry I'm late.
No, no, no, no.
We've only just got here ourselves.
Right, a quick round up here
then we're off to the coffee morning.
So, may I introduce you to Clara.
It's so nice to meet you.
- Hello.
- Jack?
What's that short for?
A lovely name.
Both of them.
Clara's helping on a voluntary basis.
An angel sent from the heavens.
He has to say that. I'm his wife.
[LAUGHS] So, small team, as you see.
And we divide our time between
four churches in the parish.
We're so happy you're here.
We're ready for a fresh start
after, well, you know.
Yeah, I was sorry to hear
about Reverend Fletcher.
Yeah, we just all wish we'd
known what he was going through.
Well, you mustn't blame yourselves.
You'd never see it coming.
He was a coward, leaving
us just like that.
You don't do that. It is a sin.
Life is a gift from God.
Only he has the power to take it away.
Well, there's there's
actually no explicit
condemnation of suicide in the Bible.
And whilst I'm the vicar here,
I'd prefer to not hear
such talk in the chapel.
So, um, shall we proceed
with this week's business?
Is anyone coming to
fix the chapel floor?
I'm still waiting on the stonemason.
So Reverend Fletcher, he,
he didn't have any family, no?
Sadly not.
Is he buried here? I'd
like to pay my respects.
No, no. Tunbridge
Wells, near his mother.
He didn't want to be buried here.
He said the chapel had become corrupted.
Well, he had been under a lot of stress.
He wanted it to be exorcised.
And that was just before he
- Aaron!
- No, she should know.
Know what?
[RUSHTON] Just before his
death, Reverend Fletcher
tried to burn the chapel down.
Fortunately, Aaron intervened
before the fire could really take hold.
He told me that he saw them.
The burning girls.
As I said, he had been
under a lot of stress.
You're the new vicar's daughter?
I'm Rosie Harper.
And that's Tom, my cousin.
And do you have a name?
There was a girl at
our school called Flo.
She died.
I'm just kidding.
- What's that antique shit?
- Oh
It's a camera, stupid.
I take photographs.
So, we'll probably be
going to the same school.
- We should be friends.
- Yeah. Yeah, maybe.
Do you have other friends then?
You need friends around here.
I've gotta go actually, so
No, stay.
We can hang out. Have fun.
- Let's have a look.
- No.
- What's your problem?
- Well, what's yours?
Let me have a look at your camera
I said no!
- What the fuck are you doing?!
- Oh my God, I am so sorry.
We tried to be your
friends, you psycho bitch.
I was going to tell you about Fletcher.
I just didn't want to burden
you with it all at once.
He was a good man,
but he became unstable.
In what way?
He became extremely paranoid.
Said someone was threatening him.
Well, who would want to threaten him?
No one. He had been the vicar here
for almost three years,
and was well liked.
Are they sure it was suicide?
You've been speaking to Joan Hartman.
No need to confirm or deny.
She's a bit bonkers, and
addicted to crime novels.
Oh yes, please. Thank you.
She said something
about Reverend Fletcher
being interested in missing
girls from the '90s or
Merry and Joy.
- Yes.
- Mmm.
He became completely obsessed
with what happened to those two girls.
Jack, can I offer some advice?
Don't let the past suck you in.
Your arrival is a fresh start.
A chance to lay some ghosts to rest.
[WOMAN'S VOICE] Where is she?
- Where is she?
Where is she?
Where is she?
Where is she?
Where is she?
Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh.
Oh, my goodness. Are you hurt?
- Are you okay?
- Where is she?
Tell me, where is she?
I'm sorry. I, I don't understand.
It's okay, she gets confused sometimes.
Hi, Pauline.
You've had a bit of a tumble.
You're in the village
hall. Are you okay?
- Okay.
- That's it.
- On to your feet.
- You're okay.
She can barely look after herself.
She shouldn't be out.
I'll take her home.
Thank you.
We need to leave this place.
God, Mom would have a heart attack.
Don't tell her, stupid.
Unless you don't want to anymore.
Where would we go?
Mmm, I don't know.
And then?
As far away as we can.
Shit, I've got to go.
I've got Bible lessons.
Ah, bunk it.
I've got booze.
You're crazy. I don't want to skip it.
Are you in love?
You are.
Joy Grady.
It's got a nice ring to it.
No wonder you don't
want to leave anymore.
Thank you, dear.
Do you need a hand?
Do you have a carer?
I have a daughter, Joy.
We called her Joy
because she was such a happy baby.
But she went away.
- Oh?
- But she's coming home
any day now.
That'll be nice.
You want to see her room?
Where is Joy?
Do you know where she went?
She's a good girl.
Not like that other one.
Merry Joanne Lane.
I forgot the kettle.
[MAN, GRUNTS] Come on.
Oh, bloody hell
Do you need a hand?
Uh, could you pray for me to
get better at changing a tire?
Well, that's not how
it works, unfortunately.
But I could give you a lift.
Oh, thank you.
I'm just in the village.
You, uh, crossed over to the dark side?
Oh, a welcome message
from some kids thinking
they were being clever.
Very welcoming.
- It's open.
- Oh, thanks. I'm Mike, by the way.
You enjoying being here?
Too early to say.
Reserving judgment.
You know, it's different
but, um, change can be good.
Yeah. Yeah, I know.
I've been here a while now.
Sometimes I wish I could move,
but I have my son
Noah, he likes it here.
Uh, he lives in a village
nearby with his mum.
We're separated.
- I'm sorry to hear that.
- No, it's better.
For everyone.
I hope you'll like it here.
It's a small village.
Some say it's cursed.
But the people are nice.
Uh, this is my number.
Uh, if there's anything you'd
like to know as a newcomer.
You're a reporter.
Oh, yeah.
Cake bakes and jumble sales mostly.
Occasionally we get a bit of excitement
when someone steals a lawnmower.
Hey, uh, you know, if you
fancy doing an interview,
a female take on being our new vicar?
So that's why you came
to the service yesterday?
See if you could get a scoop on me?
Actually, I, I come to
the chapel every Sunday.
Yes. For my daughter.
Thought you had a son.
I do.
Izzy's buried at the chapel.
I'm sorry. I, I didn't realize.
Thanks for the lift, but, uh,
maybe work on that whole
reserving judgment thing?
Nice one, Jack.
Oh, I thought that we could
clear out the cellar for your dark room.
What, now? I was gonna
go out, take some photos.
Oh, do you want some company?
Uh, actually, I'm not going alone.
Oh, have you got a new friend?
Yeah, just just some
boy from the village.
Hmm. And when did you meet this boy?
Yesterday in the graveyard.
He, he draws pictures
of the graves actually,
it's really good.
He draws pictures of graves.
Well, I take photos of them.
You two made for each other then.
How old is he?
My age.
And does this boy have a name?
- Wrigley.
- Wrigley.
Where you going?
He said he found this sick place.
Really photogenic, what
what's with all the questions?
I don't know.
Just don't know how comfortable I feel
about you going to "a really sick place"
- with a boy you hardly know.
- What, you want me
wandering around on my own like a saddo?
No, I want you to make new friends here.
I do, I just just be careful.
Yeah, always. And we'll get
the old vicar's stuff out the cellar.
I'll help you when I get back.
- Mm?
- Love you.
I love you too, Mum.
- Be careful.
- Bye.
Did you see what happened to,
uh, our Dave the other day?
His stuff took, got beat up.
- Do you know what I mean, and I just
- Yeah, mate, mate, watch your stuff.
- Do you know him?
- Never seen him before ever.
Hey! What are you doing?
That's mine, that!
Give it!
- You came.
- Why wouldn't I?
Thought you changed your mind about
meeting the village weirdo.
Yeah, don't give
yourself too much credit.
So, where are we going?
Into the woods.
Come on. You won't be disappointed.
[FLO] So, how long have you lived here?
One year.
I tried to burn down my last school,
so we had to move.
That'll do it. Why'd you do that?
Um, shit happens.
Mm. What about your parents?
Well, it's just just me and my mom.
Yeah, same.
My dad was murdered when I was one.
Happened at his church.
- Shit really happened.
- Yeah.
What's your favorite film?
Um, I'm into like a lot
of '80s and '90s stuff.
- Oh, me too.
- So like, "Lost Boys," that sort of thing.
- Ah. Have you seen "Heathers?"
- Yeah, it's one of my favorites .
Okay, and what about,
uh, "The Usual Suspects?"
- Keyser Söze.
- Yeah.
[BOTH] "The greatest
trick the devil ever pulled
was convincing the
world he didn't exist."
Here it is.
I told you it was.
Chapel Cross' very own Bates Motel.
Ha, right, what, so
you work here do you?
[GASPS] What are you doing!?
- The well!
- What?
You almost fell into the well.
W-what did you think I was trying to do?
- Nothing. I don't know.
- Murder you?
Look, look, if I wanted to murder you,
I would've would've
pushed you down into there.
Uh, yeah, hah.
So who lived here?
This mad kid called Merry.
They reckon she was possessed.
Ah, what happened?
Ran off with her best mate.
I've packed.
I'm ready to leave.
I can't go.
Things have changed.
Are you serious?
He's ten fucking years
older than you, Joy.
You know, I could go to
the police, you're underage.
You're just jealous because
he's shagging me and not you.
Yeah, right. He's a fucking asshole.
You're an asshole.
Well, don't come crying to
me when he gets bored of you.
He won't.
This whole village says
you're a fucking bitch.
You really are evil.
Fuck you, Joy.
[WRIGLEY] The whole family gone.
Off to the gates of hell.
Never seen again.
And this house was left to rot.
What, the whole family just disappeared?
People say it's cursed.
They reckon it's haunted.
Are you ready?
Oh, hey, Aaron, how can I help?
Reverend Rushton forgot
to give you these.
They're minutes from our
parish council meetings
over the last year so
you can see how we work.
Hm, thank you.
Was there anything else?
Would you like to come in for a coffee?
Thank you.
Uh, I don't drink caffeine,
but green tea is fine.
Some of my happiest
times were in this house.
My father was the vicar
here for over 30 years.
Reverend Marsh.
Oh, so this is your family home.
My mother died in this kitchen.
Not one of the happy times.
Of course.
I'm sorry.
And your father?
Um, Huntington's.
I care for him at home,
and there's nothing
the hospitals can do for him, so
[JACK] Are you his sole carer?
Um, there are nurses who
come in, but mostly, yes.
I'm very grateful for your help
and dedication to the chapel,
especially with so much on your plate.
Thank you.
Uh, it's always been an
important part of my life.
What was in that box outside your door?
An exorcism kit.
Can I see it?
I've never seen one.
Can you smell burning?
Come on.
Loads of people say
they've seen ghosts in here.
You ready for upstairs?
Is it much different from downstairs?
Way better.
Benjamin fucking Grady.
Get up here!
You've been drinking.
You're fucking mad, aren't you?
- You're drunk!
- It's not my fucking fault!
Stay in your room.
In there! Go on!
Thy Kingdom Come, deliver us from evil.
Demon! Demon!
Leave my daughter alone.
[WRIGLEY] "Forever and ever. Amen."
I guess your mom would
feel at home here.
She doesn't really like to
take her work home with her.
Fancy a bath?
Wash away your sins.
Smells like shit.
This is the best.
Are you ready?
Holy fuck.
Who did this?
Was it you?
Bit of casual satanic worship?
Come up here and sacrifice goats?
No, I quite like goats.
No, I, uh, I, I come up
here to draw my pictures.
Do you ever think that
some places are just rotten?
Black spots.
You know, bad stuff
just keeps happening.
So, are you done?
Uh, yeah.
my daughter alone!
[WRIGLEY] What the fuck are
you doing, you sick fucks?
What is it?
[BOY] Oh, Wrigley!
Hello?! Oh, Wrigley?
- [GASPS] Wrigley! Oh
Oh, let's go, come on.
Oh, hey, guys.
Do you like killing animals for fun?
Is this your little shag pad, Wrigley?
What's it got to do with you?
Well, seeing as my dad
just bought this house,
quite a lot, actually.
You're trespassing.
I don't give a shit. Come on.
Give me your camera, then you can go.
No fucking way.
L leave her alone.
Stay out of it, you freak.
I said, give me your camera.
And I said no.
Got any idea who might
have sent it to me?
But somebody obviously
wanted you to have it.
Can you think of a reason why?
You're the vicar.
Have you mentioned it
to Reverend Rushton?
No, not yet.
Well, he knows all the church business.
He's been the vicar at Warbler's
Green for almost 30 years.
My father trained him as curate after
After what?
After the previous curate,
Benjamin Grady, left suddenly.
Why did he leave suddenly?
I don't know.
Some family business.
[AARON] Thank you.
I understand that Reverend Fletcher
was interested in the chapel's history.
Yes. Yeah, the martyrs mainly.
He spoke about them a lot,
especially towards the end.
- Were you close?
- We were colleagues.
Did he ever mention the names
Merry and Joy to you?
The girls who disappeared?
My relationship with Matthew
was purely professional,
and we only ever spoke
of church matters.
I'm sorry. Yes, of course.
I, I just, you know, I'm curious,
and it seems as if he was too.
I'm really the wrong person to ask.
You should speak to Saffron Winter.
- The writer?
- Matthew got
quite close with her in
the months before he died.
She was also fascinated by the girls.
Mum? Go on.
Don't be angry.
- Someone shot at you?
- It was an air gun.
Still, someone shot at you.
I mean, where were you, anyway?
- Huh?
- Uh, in the woods.
And did you see who did it?
No, they were too far away.
Gonna have to report this to the police.
What? Why? It was an accident.
- Ow!
- Sorry.
You're done.
Thanks, Reverend. I, I,
I really appreciate it.
My mom's not as, not as cool
with this sort of stuff as you.
- I am not cool about this.
- Yeah, but we're fine.
You know?
That's not the point,
Flo. Look at the camera.
That could've been your eye.
He wasn't aiming for my eye.
I thought you said you
didn't see who did it?
W we, like, y turn of phrase.
Please, Mum?
Alright, come on. I'll
give you a lift home.
We can explain to your
parents what's happened.
Um, I, no, I'll, I'll walk.
Like, my mum's away.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Okay, come on then.
Just get her to give me a
bell when she's back, yeah?
- Sure.
- Bye.
See ya.
Thanks again, Reverend.
There's, there's something
I, I want you to know that
No, actually, there's
something I want you to know.
Don't let the fact that
I'm a priest fool you
First and foremost, I'm a mother.
And if anything happens
to Flo because of you,
I'll fuck up your life beyond belief.
Have I made myself clear?
I'm sorry, Mum.
Me too.
Come on, then.
I hate this place.
I wish we'd never moved here.
We've only been here a few days.
Things will get better, I promise.
Just, Dad's camera's broken.
It's fixable. Unlike you.
It's gonna cost a fortune.
I will sort it. Don't worry.
Do you want to watch a film?
- Yeah.
- You choose.
Okay, go on. Put it on.
Oh, Mum, I forgot the
post has finally arrived.
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