The Burning Girls (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

- What are you doing here?
- Well, let's see
what God can do.
First and foremost, I'm a mother,
and if anything happens
to Flo because of you,
I'll fuck up your life beyond belief.
We need to leave this place.
Meet me here tomorrow
night at 9:00 and we'll go.
I hate this place.
I wish we'd never moved here.
Please hurry.
Please, please let me go.
Please, please untie me, please.
I'll be better, I promise.
Oh, I wish I could believe you.
- This is heavy stuff.
- Sorry.
- It's alright.
Flo? Flo, what's wrong?
- [MIKE] I'll drive you.
- Flo, what's wrong?
Please, please, please
[LUCAS] Flo?
No, no, no, watch out, watch out!
Don't go further, don't go
No, no, no, no, Wrigley, stop!
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Just give me the knife.
Give me the knife.
- It's okay, it's okay.
- Okay.
It's okay, it's okay.
Look, everything's gonna be fine.
Look, I promise, you just
have to be be calm.
My leg, my leg, it just
Right, try now.
- What were you doing here?
- I don't know, I thought
I thought I saw someone, so
I just I followed them in.
Oh, Mum!
What's happened?
I saw someone.
I fell in that fucking hole.
What were you doing in
the chapel anyway, eh?
I don't know, I thought I saw a light,
but it was probably just nothing.
Probably just
the electrics, like you said.
And what were you doing in the chapel?
Well, I, I, I, I ca I came
to see Flo, and I heard her
screaming from inside the chapel.
Mum, he helped me.
It was lucky you were here, Lucas.
Let's get you inside, eh?
Listen, I'm sorry, but I
think you'd better go home.
- Mum Mum
- Yeah, it's fine.
I'll I'll call.
I'll give you a lift.
Will you be alright?
- Yeah.
- Call me if you need anything.
Thank you.
Come on.
- You alright?
- Yeah.
Are you okay?
I'll be alright.
You saw them, didn't you?
I saw them too.
A few days ago.
We don't believe in ghosts.
Wrigley couldn't see them.
So why can we?
I don't know, baby.
They scared the shit out of me, Mum.
they're just lost,
they're just lost souls.
Well, can you help them?
I don't know.
But I'll try.
I'm gonna stay here with
you till you fall asleep.
All night, if necessary.
- Thank you.
- Come on.
- You want a cuddle?
- [CRIES] Yeah.
Come on.
Come on, my baby.
Good morning, Reverend.
A single to Chapel Croft, please.
The nearest station is Henfield,
single to Henfield then.
Uh, sorry, sorry
Um, here, just, just, just, thank you.
Thank you.
Morning, babe.
How's the leg?
Yeah, it's just a bit sore.
Do you want any paracetamol?
No, no. I'll be fine.
Have any bad dreams?
All of yesterday feels like a bad dream.
Okay, I made you a coffee.
Oh, we've got Wi-Fi.
Oh, it's about time.
It's Bishop Durkin.
I've got to get this.
Bishop Durkin?
[DURKIN] Good morning, Reverend Brooks.
How are you settling in at Chapel Croft?
Um, fine, thanks, yeah.
I have some news.
It's rather, uh, upsetting.
Your replacement at St,
Anne's, Reverend Bradley,
he was attacked last
night outside the church.
Is he okay?
He didn't make it, Jack.
And do they know who killed him?
Well, thank you for letting me know.
Goodbye, Reverend Brooks.
Take care of yourself.
Okay, bye, Bishop Durkin. Thank you.
What did Durkin want?
Oh, just boring church stuff.
Listen, I'll be back in a minute.
Listen to this. "Abigail and Maggie,
eight years old, burned at the stake."
I am never going in that chapel again.
The knife from the exorcism kit
it's missing from my room.
You said you were gonna get
rid of that fucking thing.
Well, I didn't.
I just wanted to know who
sent it to me first and why.
You think Wrigley took it.
- I didn't say that.
- That box,
I don't know who sent it,
yeah, but I do know why.
And it's because of that
fucking cursed chapel.
Oh, fuck.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Who are you, eh?
"Andrew John Harper, 1533-1575."
Oh, my God.
"Anne Harper, 1512-1570."
"James Oswald Harper, 1505-1560."
You're not martyrs, you're not martyrs.
Oh, my God
What do you want, eh?
What do you want?
Trying to tell me something?
Don't go.
I'm here.
You can talk to me.
What is it, huh?
What were you trying to tell me?
It's here.
It's here.
What's here?
What's here, huh?
What what is it?
Oh, okay.
Thank you, Officer.
- Careful.
- Is it true?
You found Benjamin Grady?
It looks that way, yeah.
How the hell did he end up down there?
Someone from the church
must've been involved.
I had no idea.
This is terrible news, Jack.
They'll find out about the vault.
Did you know?
Did you know about the vault?
I made a vow.
A promise not to tell anyone.
You promised who?
Simon Harper.
I mean, do you do anything
without clearing it
with Simon Harper first?
You are still new here.
You don't understand just
how important the Harpers are.
They make a sizable
donation to this church.
So you've told me.
But what I don't understand
is why you would agree
to cover up the truth
about their ancestors
I agreed to not uncover it.
Who else knew?
Who else knew about the vault?
Well, until recently, only myself,
Reverend Marsh, and Simon Harper.
Reverend Fletcher knew, didn't he?
Mm, yes, he did.
But he wouldn't have known
anything about Benjamin Grady,
or he would've told me.
Do you think Reverend Fletcher
told Simon Harper that he knew
about the coffins
before he killed himself?
I don't like the way this
conversation is heading,
Reverend Brooks.
Detective Sergeant Jackson.
You found the body?
Are you sure it's Benjamin Grady?
Oh, we found a wallet
in his pocket with an ID,
but we'll need a full
forensic analysis to be sure.
So, who was the residing
vicar here 30 years ago?
Uh, it was Reverend Marsh,
he was here from the '80s
until five years ago.
He told us that Benjamin
Grady had left Chapel Croft
because of a family matter.
Reverend Marsh,
I'm Detective Sergeant Jackson.
We've got some questions about
a previous curate of yours.
Benjamin Grady.
His body was found today
in a vault under the chapel.
You knew about the vault.
And you told people that
Benjamin Grady was away on
family business when he
disappeared 30 years ago.
You lied.
Why did you lie, Reverend Marsh?
Can he understand what I'm saying?
I'm not sure.
Is there a better way
to communicate with him,
yes or no questions?
I, I don't even know if he can hear you.
Did he talk to you about the vault?
- No, never.
- Benjamin Grady?
I was just a child when he left.
Oh, he didn't leave. He was murdered.
I need to take a DNA
sample, if that's okay.
I'm sorry, do you think that
my father had something
I need to take a DNA
sample. Is that alright?
We'll be in touch.
[SIMON] You haven't called.
I was, uh, just about to.
So, um,
Benjamin Grady in my vault.
Did you know he was buried there?
Of course I didn't know, did you?
No, absolutely no idea.
So, how did it happen?
Jack's daughter stepped
through the damaged floor.
Oh, for fuck's sake.
Brian, I I paid you to
fix the damn floor weeks ago.
I haven't had the time.
Well, seal it back up.
I can't now.
It's a crime scene.
And there may be another problem.
I doubt Reverend Brooks will
agree to seal it up again.
I'll, uh, I'll I'll talk to her.
Just seal the bloody vault.
Did you know?
Where have you been?
Just out.
I don't think we should be here anymore.
I want to go back to Nottingham.
Well, you remember why we left?
Mum, you just found
a murdered curate under the chapel.
The last vicar hung himself.
That chapel is fucking cursed.
Why do you want to stay here?
It's not that I want to be here, Flo.
I I need to be here.
- Why?
- Just
I believe I was sent here for a reason.
So what your God wants
is more important than me?
No, no, that that's
not what I'm saying.
I never wanted any of this shit.
I never wanted to be here.
I was happy where I was.
Yeah, but we had to move here.
Yeah, because you fucked up.
- Flo?
- I just want you to fucking care!
[SIMON] My donations are
the backbone of this church.
They pay for the repairs,
for the coffee mornings,
the youth club,
excursions for the elderly.
And all that goes away if I
don't seal the vault back up,
I mean, is that it?
I didn't say that, no.
No, I just want you to understand
how close this church is to my heart.
When was the last time you
didn't get what you wanted, eh?
Can you even remember?
See, I've met your kind before.
Powerful man who think they can do
what they want and get away with it.
What's in this for you?
What do you gain from
from ruining our reputation?
Oh, it's not about me.
"The getting of treasures.
The lying tongue is a fleeting vapor."
But withholding information's not lying.
You should head into politics.
Look, I just want us to
work together, Reverend,
to find compromises,
to to save the church.
Maybe it's not worth saving.
I mean, if its existence
is built on a lie.
Okay, so, let's say that
the vault stays open.
We both know that the
truth can be very painful,
and it and it would be a shame to let
this fine chapel go to rot.
Think about it.
This fine chapel that
you talk so fondly of,
you should try and visit it someday.
See, we become better
people with God's guidance.
You know where to find me, Reverend.
Dear Lord, help me.
Grady had disappeared around
the same time as Merry and Joy.
That can't be a coincidence.
And you thought he ran away with Joy.
Oh, that was before you found
him dead under your chapel.
So, you think Reverend
Fletcher was murdered.
He dug deep into the history
of the village and this church.
Maybe too deep.
I wonder what he found out.
Maybe he found out who killed Grady,
and why.
All of his stuff, it's
still in the basement.
Have you looked through it all?
No, not all of it.
Well, look again, Jack,
it's all connected.
I must go.
two vicars have been murdered.
Take care.
"He inferred that his soul was God,
and his faith was opinion.
A reasonable payment was received,
500 gold sovereigns in our accounts.
Deed to the Harper farm."
Also 500 sovereigns.
[FLO] Did you find that knife?
You think Wrigley's stolen it?
He was hanging about here last night.
Why don't you like him?
Call it a mother's instincts.
Something bad always happens
to you when you're with him.
- It isn't his fault.
- Well, it's never his fault.
Once is a coincidence,
twice is a pattern.
I'm not quite sure that's
how that saying goes.
I'll be careful.
I know you will.
Sometimes I forget that you're only 15.
And then I remember
what I was like at 15.
Mmm, what were you like at 15?
I will never ever tell you about it
Oh, really? That bad?
You're so beautiful.
Thank you.
Mum? Mum, Mum, shh, shh, shh.
- Please wake up!
You were just having another nightmare.
I'm so sorry.
No, it's fine.
Hey, budge up. I'll get in.
Oh, baby, I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I'm sorry
Come here, I'm sorry.
- I'm so sorry
- It's okay, shh.
It's all good.
What's going on?
Uh, I talked to the police.
Uh, they said they're finished here.
- So?
- Simon said
you'd come to an
agreement about the vault.
No, the vault stays open.
- Get rid of him.
- Jack, Jack,
let's not get ahead of ourselves here.
The vault stays open, Brian.
- Hi.
- Hey.
How's your leg?
Yeah, it's alright.
Good, good.
I heard they found a
dead body in the chapel.
- Yeah.
- Sick.
What you up to?
Just, um, developing some photos.
Can I watch?
Or am I not allowed 'cause of your mum?
No, no. No, she's not here.
Just don't touch anything.
- Nice.
- Thanks.
It's only temporary.
Aren't you supposed to do
this, like in, in total dark?
Mmm, but I'm printing
on black and white,
so it's actually fine
just using a red light.
Oh! Fuck!
- No, no, no, no, no! Don't turn that on.
Man, my photos are ruined.
I'm sorry.
I'm real I'm really
sorry, I shouldn't have
No, it's fine.
Let me make it up to you?
Meet me tomorrow night?
Usual place.
I've got to go home.
- Okay.
- But I'll see you tomorrow.
Hey, Poppy.
Are they your favorite mice?
Do you have any other
friends, sweetheart?
Why is that, eh?
In case they die, like Izzy did.
Oh, darling.
[EMMA] Reverend Brooks?
Emma, hi.
Can I help you?
I'm actually here to see Simon.
Is he about?
He's up in the top barn.
You can go and find him.
Bye, Poppy.
[MUTTERING] Not again, Jesus.
When did your family
rewrite history, eh?
What the hell are you talking about?
This farm.
Your life is all built on
the blood of the real martyrs,
two little girls named
Abigail and Maggie.
And do you know about
James Oswald Harper, huh?
Did Fletcher tell you?
You see, he told Queen Mary's men
that Abigail and Maggie
were hiding in the church.
And he was paid very
well for that information.
This is utter bullshit.
Wh what? You're you're lying.
No, it's not, Fletcher found
it all neatly written down.
Name, date, amount.
And do you know what
he did with that money?
He bought this land.
Okay, don't you dare tell anyone.
Don't you fucking dare.
I know who you are.
I know all about Ruby.
- Oh, do you?
- Yeah.
Well, that's not hard to find
if you know where to look.
Whereas this
oh, and I'm not gonna seal up the vault.
I'll destroy you.
I'll destroy your church.
If you tell anyone,
the whole fucking
village will turn on you.
I always knew you had a
reason for me coming here.
You see, that's what I love
best about working for you,
is that I get to help
people that really need me.
And I think I can do that now.
I will set things right.
I will say what I know.
But there will be consequences.
And I might be wrong,
so please, dear Lord,
stay by my side.
Help me, guide me.
I'm afraid.
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