The Cape s01e07 Episode Script

The Lich, Part 1

Um, can I help you? We're just about closed.
- Need a truck.
- Okay.
Uh, license please.
With a tank on the back.
A nozz.
Sprayer? Um, can I ask what use you intend for the vehicle? - Agriculture.
- Okay.
[Dramatic percussion] Okay, can I see some real I.
? 'Cause this one says that you're dead.
- I am.
- What? Dead.
[Eerie music] [Coughs] Rejoice, my lamb.
He's risen.
[Heroic music] The Cape 1x07 The Lich, Part 1 Hey, don't--don't skip my turn.
- Who wants popcorn? - Me.
I do.
Dude, you just--you just skipped my turn again.
You need any help? Dana.
Dana? Trip.
Buddy? This--this is-- this isn't funny.
Trip, your fingers are going to be glued to that thing.
Dana, look at me.
You never pay attention to me when you're playing that.
Dana, look at me.
I'm still here.
I'm still alive.
[Banging on door] Look at me! Let's go, Goldilocks.
[Banging on door] - Vincent.
- Yeah.
We need you to see something.
Leave The Cape.
We need the cop.
- Who's Janet Peck? - Rollo knew her.
We dated two months back.
Real sweet girl.
They found her body a couple days ago up by where she worked.
We think she was strangled.
But the family's real religious so they didn't do an autopsy.
- The funeral was yesterday.
- And someone dug her up today.
She did that herself.
That's scratch marks on the inside of the box.
Broken fingernail.
She's clawed her way out.
That's impossible.
That's what the evidence is telling me.
[Cell phone rings] - They found Janet.
- Alive or dead? We're talking about half the developable waterfront in Palm City.
Underlying the largest port in the Western hemisphere.
That's why I'm paying you $7 billion for it.
The price is not what we're worried about.
- What Patrick is saying-- - What is Patrick saying? In fact, why is Patrick saying anything? I am not, to the best of my knowledge, buying a prison.
The ports fall into the jurisdiction of the port authority.
That's my bailiwick.
Ark transports weapons, I want to know who's gonna inspect the ships.
- The customs police.
- Ark is the customs police.
So let me just get this straight.
You're gonna check your own passports and then set sail? Do I have that right? Maybe I'll just take my money to a more welcoming city like Kyoto.
Well, Japan is 17 hours ahead.
Would you like to use my phone? Come off the horse, Patrick.
Live down here with the rest of us.
We're done here.
In 48 hours, I pull the offer.
You, Mr.
mayor, better decide if you work for your constituents or for your secretary.
Believe me when I tell you I will kill this deal.
Are you--? Take a bite of your sandwich.
We've got an audience.
I asked for Orwell.
The man himself.
Orwell didn't save you from red dart frog toxin.
I did.
Start talking.
These are Fleming's clients.
He wants to find a cheaper way to send the stuff he's producing-- a chemical, biological, God knows what--overseas.
His solution, he wants to buy his own port.
Turn Palm City into a narco-terrorist way station.
So I've been combing the statutes.
You know, looking for anything to throw a wrench into his application.
Environmental hazards.
There's nothing.
It's spotless.
But then I looked at chain of title.
The Chandler family owned this land, but they were all killed in a plane crash in 1976.
No heirs.
The city set up shop without ever actually purchasing the land.
And hidden in the back of the title insurance file, I found this.
Conrad Chandler? Who's that? No one.
Legally speaking, he doesn't exist.
No birth certificate.
No social security number.
But then I found this.
Look at this.
Just before the plane crash, Chandler's wife was eight months pregnant.
And then all of the sudden, there's no baby.
Papers are speculating she had a miscarriage.
Uh, the baby had a terrible disease.
He was kidnapped and held for ransom.
So what am I thinking? What if there was a kid? What if out there somewhere, as we speak, there is an heir? Find Conrad Chandler.
Give him his rightful inheritance.
Kills Fleming's bid to buy the port.
We'll post this live on the site in an hour.
No, wait.
Hold on.
Just--really? Is that--is that-- is that necessary? A loud public call is the best way to find him if he's out there.
I get your concern for your safety.
Fleming sees this, you'll have reason to be.
Am I posting this or not? Oh, man.
Oh, man, it's her.
What did she do? What did she do? Easy.
I can talk to her.
Baby, it's Rollo.
The last time I saw you, you were singing karaoke at 2:00 a.
Total Eclipse of the Heart.
Remember? Does this bus go to the parade? The what? No.
No parade.
Come on.
No! He's calling me.
Who's calling you, Janet? He's calling me To where the water Meets the land.
No! No! No! Get off me! Get off me! Let me go! Janet, who's calling you? Janet, who's calling you? The Lich.
I serve him! You will all serve with me! No! Max, what are you doing? She'll sleep.
Just sleep.
What the hell? They turned her into a freaking zombie.
That name.
I know that name.
- What name? - The Lich.
What's his address? 'Cause I'm gonna hurt that son of a bitch.
The boogeyman doesn't have an address.
I'm not getting much of a pulse.
She's cursed, man.
It's witchcraft.
No witchcraft.
She's been drugged.
She was dead, Max.
We put her in a coffin.
She wasn't dead, Rollo.
I've seen this before.
In sub-saharan Africa.
Especially in Haiti.
It's a mix of a synthetic neurotoxin and a more natural component like the venom of a puffer fish.
It causes paralysis and a deep, suggestive state.
You could tell the victim of a neurotoxin to jump off a bridge and they'd say "yes, sir.
Where would you like me to land?" Initially, it slows the vital signs so completely that to the outside eye, well, you might as well be dead.
I know that feeling.
The name she said.
You said you knew it.
Every precinct in Palm City has a file called "The Lich.
" It's kind of like having a file called "the boogeyman.
" If there was ever a particularly awful, unsolved murder, a ritual killing, a kidnapping that was so strange it seemed supernatural, it landed in that file.
And there were rumors-- scary rumors of a cult.
A bunch of fanatical followers.
Like I said, it's just the boogeyman.
Ain't no boogeyman.
Two cons from owl island told me about some psycho with a face like a corpse.
He hired them to rob some hospital or something.
They struck out.
He took a finger off each of their hands.
I don't like this, Max.
Voodoo is not my speed.
She needs a doctor, Max.
What she needs is a surgeon.
A surgeon? What kind of surgeon? Surgeon of the mind.
Neurotoxin's a blunt tool.
The girl is trapped inside her own psyche.
We have to get in and get her out.
Come get a drink with us.
Thanks, guys, but I think the vortex has me tonight.
Uh, if you'll allow me, your honor.
Oh, proceed, counselor.
I heard deputy Faraday say earlier today that her son was sleeping over at a friend's house.
No compelling reason to get home early.
Duly noted.
Come on, Faraday.
Come on.
TV and ice cream ain't going anywhere.
- Okay.
- Yes.
Okay, okay, show her your Judge Kertesz.
You got to do it.
Come on.
- Yes.
- Come on.
Yes, you do.
- Come on.
- All right.
Excuse me.
We will now take a short recess for lunch.
Berger, where is my egg salad? [Laughter] Is it-- is it in my chambers? Secure my egg salad and take it into custody.
You really missed your calling.
UmI'm sorry.
Hey, Dana.
- Faraday.
- I'm actually really tired.
- No.
- I've got to go.
[Computer beeping] I'm trying to reach Orwell.
This is in response to your blog post about Conrad Chandler.
I'm Netta Stilton, nurse at the Orchard Sanitarium in Palm Ridge.
I'm contacting you because an injustice has been done.
This is Conrad Chandler's admission form.
They just left him here.
It's not right.
And I won't keep quiet about it anymore.
Please come.
Room 237.
Be very careful though.
They watch him.
Please come.
[Dialing] Vince, I've got a lead on the Chandler heir.
Call me.
[Hangs up] [Typing] Janet.
I need you to answer me, Janet.
I serve the Lich.
I know.
Listen carefully, Janet.
The Lich wants you to cooperate with me.
You are safe.
Take my hand.
We're going to go for a walk together, Janet, into your memories.
Into the night at your rental shop.
Tell me what you see.
[Dramatic music] I'm being dragged somewhere.
I'm afraid.
Why, Janet? Why are you afraid? Someone else is here.
Is it the man who attacked you? They're bowing to him.
They're calling him The Lich.
[Gasps] No! Help me! No! Come back, Janet.
[Slaps table] No! He's reaching for me! It's just a picture, Janet.
It can't hurt you.
No! No! [Screaming] Hold on! Look! Look around the room, Janet.
Tell me exactly what you see.
They're--they're-- they're-- they're putting-- they're putting something on--on a truck.
Where are you? Trolley Route 12.
I know it.
It's an abandoned tunnel near the depot.
I'll stay with her.
Hail Mary full of Grace.
Hail Mary full of Grace.
What's the rest? Shhh.
[Door shuts] Wait.
Hey! Vince! [Horn blares] Rollo, look out! [Horn blares] - Rollo! - Rollo! Rollo.
- Rollo, hey.
- Rollo.
[Laughs] We thought we lost you there, buddy.
No way, man.
I got a higher power looking out for me.
[Chuckles] Come on.
They've been here.
Look where this "X" is marked.
That's tomorrow.
Founder's day.
This is the parade route for the founder's day parade floats.
That's 40,000 people on the street.
That truck back there, it had sprayers on the back, right? Yeah.
My guess is to take the same neurotoxin that iced your friend Janet and spray it on the crowd.
[Eerie music] This is the staging area for a terrorist attack.
Terrorist zombies? Now that's a bad combination.
Well, while we're out there looking for this Lich or whoever it is, someone better call off this parade.
I know someone.
[Beep] Hands! Now! Put the gun down.
Show me your hands.
I will blow another hole into that mask.
I got evidence of a homegrown terrorist threat to Palm City.
I need you to cancel the founder's day parade.
Off your say-so? No.
Not likely.
The Lich is real.
All over Palm City, people are getting dosed with a psychoactive neurotoxin that gives the appearance of death.
They're targeting the parade.
Families are gonna be there.
Your family.
Your kids.
So you want to worry about me or the Lich? Because I can't do this alone.
I'm asking for your help.
I wasn't flirting.
It was just an impulse.
It was just a friendly impulse.
I'm sorry.
You were always so damn jealous.
And I just--I feel you.
I feel you around me.
I feel you Judging me.
My parenting.
The way I'm handling him.
I'm trying, Vince, but this is so hard.
It's so--it's so hard.
[Crying] You're a woman.
I'm Carrie Woodhouse.
"Orwell is watching" sent me.
I just wasn't expecting a woman, that's all.
The claim you made.
Is it true? Course it's true.
- Ronald Recchand? - It's an anagram.
I hope he'll speak to you.
Room 237.
You have to be very quiet though.
He's not permitted any visitors.
[Door creaks] I'm Carrie.
I work for "Orwell is watching.
" I'm looking for Conrad Chandler.
You've got the wrong room.
Well, maybe you could at least help me find him.
I'm sweating.
I've started sweating now.
Would you like me to open the window? - No.
I--well Okay.
My legs don't work too well.
That window has a breeze.
It's not really a breeze.
It's just a small shift in air pressure.
How long have you been here? Ronald, is it? Uh, yes.
Not--not so long I'm getting out soon.
- Lindbergh baby.
- Charles, Jr.
He was 20 months old when he was taken from his family.
Time enough to crawl, then walk.
Know your mother's face.
Your father's voice.
I don't understand why they call it a tragedy.
20 months with the people that love you.
That wouldn't be so bad.
That wouldn't be so bad at all.
I have it on good authority that Conrad Chandler is here.
That this is his room number.
No, please! It took me a long time-- to collect those.
They're--they're stacked like that for a reason.
You are Conrad.
Aren't you? You need to leave.
You do not know what they can do.
They could punish me.
They could punish Netta.
I won't let them hurt her or you.
This is my private room! This is my room! No one else's! I didn't invite you here! This is a prison.
But if you won't stand up and walk out the cell door, there's nothing I can do for you.
What was the name of the person you were looking for? Was it Conrad? Gotta admit all this talk about zombies kind of gives me the creeps.
Why? You got any dead people mad at you? Man, do you ever let up? What the hell is your problem anyway? What does Ark have on the Lich? Not much.
Just the old Palm City police files.
The Lich has been underground for years.
The police have known about this guy for a long time.
Why is he popping up now? I don't know.
I don't know.
But I do need to find that truck.
I have to find the truck.
You have to get the parade called off.
Hey, hey, that's premature.
It's not gonna happen.
Oh, yeah, why would it? You're only the Chief of Police, right? I suggest you grow a pair and make it happen.
A lot of lives are at stake.
Pretend you're a cop.
Why don't I kick your little skinny ass all over this tunnel then drag you downtown! You want a piece of me? Any time.
But not right now.
You go and speak to Fleming.
I'll work on motive and the truck.
She's okay.
In and out.
Whoever made that toxin really knows his stuff.
But in a few days with luck, she'll be okay.
- Thanks, Ruvi.
- Any time, brother.
Baby, it's me.
- Rollo - You're gonna be okay.
Ghost stories are true, Rollo.
Sometimes The dead do walk among us.
I saw him.
He's not human.
The dead will rise.
Whether you want them to or not.
They've got drawings of the parade route in this place.
They have a stolen truck with an agricultural sprayer attachment at the back.
We have no other choice.
We have to cancel the founder's day parade.
We are the founders.
We are the founders of the new Palm City.
This is our celebration.
Do you understand the symbolism here? We are a security organization.
What? What are you not telling me? Nothing, sir.
I-I-I will take care of it.
This attack you're on about, what is the source of your information? We had a tip from The Cape, sir.
The omnipresent cape.
Has it occurred to you, Chief Voyt, that The Cape is the terrorist? Instead of trying to shut down my parade, you should be properly protecting it by arresting The Cape.
And I'm open to that, sir.
But you have to recognize that this threat is real.
You are "open to it"? No.
You will do it.
Or you can leave your gun and badge on the table.
- Kill him.
- Go away.
Kill them all.
[Laughter] [Door creaks] - I don't mean to stare.
- That's all right.
- This is a strange day.
- This is a good day.
I make plans.
I make a lot of plans in my mind.
I rely on my plans.
You are not in my plan.
And I'm--I'm staring at you because everyone in here looks so broken and you look so strong.
Looks can be deceiving.
Are these yours? No.
Please don't look at those.
I'd really prefer you didn't.
They're beautiful.
You really understand how Palm City's changed over the years.
Anyone can see how it's changed 'cause of him.
- Because of who? - Peter Fleming.
He's a criminal.
He's dismantling everything my father created.
Fleming wants the ports to move drugs and bombs and the people just let him do it.
Blind like sheep.
They'll follow anyone with a loud enough voice.
You have a voice too, Conrad.
You could stop him.
You could turn these blueprints into real places.
Now that--that's unkind.
I have spinal degeneration from the beatings.
I have tremors from the restraints they put me in at night.
I have bad vision, two charcoal pencils, and one torn hospital bracelet.
But I have no delusions.
To be an heir, one has to be born.
According to the law, I wasn't.
There's a record of birth.
It just needs to be registered with the city clerk's office.
If your hospital bracelet number matches the number on the record, gets you in the door.
DNA tests will be conclusive.
You know that feeling when you're on a train, you see the train next to you start moving, but it's not moving, you're the one that's moving? You're the one in motion.
I didn't plan for this.
Have you been on a train? It's a passage from tolstoy.
Why are you doing this for me? Because you're not the only one who's an orphan.
[Cell phone dials] Orwell, it's me.
I need you to tell me about this Conrad Chandler thing.
I got some questions of my own.
So, uh, get me back, okay? - Bad energy everywhere.
- [Coughs] Dude, it's like a forest fire in here.
It's sage.
Breathe it in.
The ancient Aztecs did.
Look what happened to them.
He represented the Chandler estate.
He was their lawyer.
Who was? Henry Dawson.
He's one of the unsolved murders that ended up in the Lich file.
He was the estate lawyer for the Chandler family.
That's the city founders.
Now, the Lich is targeting the founder's day parade.
There's a connection here.
But what? [Vibrating] What the hell was that? Dude, relax.
That's my phone.
[Beep] Yeah.
It's Chief Voyt.
We found the truck.
Freeze! Move, move, move! Go ahead, now! All right, show me your hands! You're under arrest.
Cuff him in the front.
I want to see his hands.
Fleming wants me to deliver him personally.
Why am I not surprised? I want you to haul this truck in, dust it for prints.
I want a toxicology on the tank.
Take him to the car.
Get down.
Go ahead.
Lose the cuffs.
You're welcome.
What do you want, a "thank you"? For what? For wasting time? For giving the suspect an hour head start so you can show off to your boys? Hey, I got a lot of eyeballs on me.
Dealing with all kinds of things you couldn't begin to understand.
I understand the parade starts in two hours.
I've got every unit on the ground.
Got three layers of checkpoints at every intersection.
It's like the damn green zone in there.
Nothing that isn't supposed to be there is getting in there.
Look, they knew we saw the truck.
They've obviously changed their plans.
It could be a gardening truck or backpacks-- wait.
Go back.
You said nothing that isn't supposed to be there.
- Yeah.
So? - Turn the car around.
Trust me.
[Tires screech] [Footsteps] Join us.
Watch his hands.
[Handcuffs fasten] Conrad.
Are you all right? I'm perfect.
Kidnappers didn't bring me to this place.
My mother did.
Why the Chandler family? You hit their parade.
You kill their lawyer.
Why? The dead will rise.
The, uh, specialists call it morgellons leiche.
Which means the, uh, skin of the dead.
But I'll let you in on a little secret.
The dead can rise.
He has risen to punish the traitors.
To claim his birthright.
This guy's dosed.
Look at his eyes.
Who? Who has risen? Conrad Chandler.
The Lich? She dumped me here.
Gave me two orderlies who strapped me to the bed, burned me with cigarettes.
They gave me a new name.
They call me the Lich.
But a smart boy knows how to wait.
A smart boy knows where they keep the drugs.
Makes potions.
The employees here regret their behavior now.
They're atoning for their sins.
Especially the medical director, Preston Holloway.
We've missed it.
We've missed everything.
They said when my mother first laid eyes on me, she didn't stop screaming for two days.
When will you stop screaming, my darling?