The Cape s01e10 Episode Script


Previously on The Cape Palm City needs a godfather.
- What's your answer? - I like it.
You haven't posted anything in four days.
Right now, you know, it really doesn't feel like Orwell is watching much of anything anymore.
If you can't function, you're a danger.
Get out of my head or find another partner.
What is this, an appetizer? We had some unforeseen difficulties.
That shouldn't change the weight of Ark's envelope.
"Orwell is watching" is about to get the exclusive of the decade.
- You okay? - Yes, Vince.
Everything's wonderful.
No, please.
Come here.
Stop! Please.
Tonight, shocking video footage has surfaced suggesting a massive city wide conspiracy between Ark Corporation and organized crime.
This could reach all the way to the top.
The recording, that's courtesy of the investigator and blogger Orwell.
You did it! Well, we did it.
Are you okay? .
with the private Ark's elite security team, now finds himself in the cross-hair of his own corruption investigation.
It's just migraines.
Orwell, talk to me.
Why do you want to know? - Why is it so interesting to you? - Because I'm your friend.
- What the hell is wrong with you? - Nothing, I'm just - The headaches come in waves.
- It will be over soon.
I'm sorry Vince.
It's ok.
The men in this video have been identified as Ark security captain Mick Reese and accused smuggler and organized crime boss Dominic Raoul and his associates "You throw Peter Fleming and our corporation 20%, and a few fish for the newspapers and Trolley Park, the boroughs, the port, they're all yours.
That's not only reasonable, that's charitable.
" Fleming's human after all.
I am shocked and concerned, over this investigation.
But it only confirms what I myself have just recently been made aware of, that high level Ark officials have been working in collusion with organized crime in Palm City for months.
I accept full responsibility.
I only ask the citizens of Palm City to give me a chance to complete my own internal investigations and to bring those responsible to justice.
In fact at this very moment I have Ark troops ready to make an arrest in the case.
Where, where are you going with this? - Buckle up, it's his counter move.
- Let's go.
- Mr.
- Mr.
Fleming! An announcement will be made shortly, in the meantime - Why aren't you there? - Fleming ordered us to stand down.
Well you're chief of police, you should be having your own press conference.
Woman, can you do me a favor and not tell me how to do my job? Job is tearing you up.
- I'm fine.
- Well it's tearing us up.
Babe, come on, you're a ghost in this house.
Resign, just do it, just quit Ark altogether.
I can't just quit Ark, doesn't work like that.
What did Dwight get? - Whoa.
- Get down on the floor.
Get down! What's going on? What is this? You can't do this! Chief Voyt, you're under arrest.
Stay back! C'mon, let's go.
Don't point that gun at my wife! Speedpad, ThreeSixes, Alex1969 You You.
Look at this as an opportunity Marty, you can finally earn your salary.
You come into my house, you terrify my kids, my wife, and you expect me to play ball? I expect you to shut up and listen.
First, there's not a judge in this town who will hear your case, I'll see to that.
Your own attorney won't take your cause, you can tell Susan to stop trying.
I filed an emergency court order to freeze your assets, you've got no money.
No, you can't do that.
No, but the district attorney can and I own the district attorney.
Your family will be provided for.
In return you take the fall, you do your time and you keep your mouth shut.
And if I don't? Then I kill anyone who tries to help you, including Susan, and Lela and little CJ.
If you even think about touching my family I will kill you.
You'll be found hanging in a cell by your bedsheets.
This is my house.
We have breaking news, in Palm City tonight and it's news that is Fleming's doing to Marty exactly what he did to me.
Except he's on the defensive.
We blind-sided him, Vince.
We can get ahead of him this time.
He's the only one who can prove Fleming is Chess, we get him to talk, know what that means? Marty proves Fleming is Chess, my name is cleared, and I go home.
Marty's got a public defender.
You can't be here, Dana.
I don't want your help.
You've been tried and convicted on the TV news, your life destroyed in a matter of hours, not a friend left in the world.
How does it feel? I'm telling you as a friend, - walk away.
- Are you guilty of this? You know I have evidence Vince was framed, now I think you're being framed, you tell me that that's a coincidence.
Just hear me out! I'm all you've got Marty.
You know too much, about Fleming, about Ark's link to organized crime, about Vince's murder.
can't you just let this go? - I know you're scared.
- Scared? Scared? This man threatened I've got to protect my family.
You tell the truth about Fleming, I'll work on a deal to get you, Susan and the kids into protective custody.
Dana, you are way out of your league, Fleming will never let you do this.
Marty if you cave to him, your kids grow up thinking that their dad was just some corrupt cop.
Trip deals with that.
I know you Marty, you were Vince's best man, I was there when Lela was born, you are family.
I won't walk away from you.
Let me give you the chance that Vince never got.
Will you at least think about it? I'll work on bail.
She's walking into a buzzsaw taking on Fleming, she must know that.
- She knows.
- So you're gonna try to talk her out of it? I couldn't get her to buy generic aspirin.
So what are you gonna do? I'm gonna get between my wife and the buzzsaw.
There you are.
Thought your men would have come to you, Peter.
Chao tailors presidents and kings.
He never leaves his shop.
The common touch, I respect that.
A bit dodgy meeting in a place like this, isn't it? People might get the wrong idea about us.
It was your mug on that tape Dominic, not mine.
Who's betrayed is the victim, mate.
Working class lad, gets the old shake down.
Nah, is your butt on the crapper with this one mate, not mine.
But if I go away what happens to you, hm? Without me, you're no longer the godfather of crime in Palm City.
No, not me.
Him, mate.
Really? Paid.
Thank you.
Very nice.
So what about Marty Voyt? You got him in hand? So far, but I fear this Faraday lawyer is on a bit of a crusade.
She can pull Voyt's heart strings, get him talking, then we have a problem.
You want me to send the boys around, give her a little message? I don't want to make a martyr of her, just shut her down.
And your chief? My people can handle them, it's enough we can rely on your continued discretion, Dominic.
But you know I'm worth a bit more than the price of a Sang Tan suit, don't you Chess? Made up my mind, Travis.
You don't have the authority to make up your mind.
I'm still your boss.
Remember me? Are you barring me from taking this case? This is about your husband, Dana.
It is.
And Fleming's raft of obscenely paid attorneys will go after you for that.
How's that gonna help chief Voyt's defense? This is why I need you as my co-counsel.
There is no way the chief is gonna get a fair deal in Palm City.
We get him out of town, he's got a shot.
Out of town? - I wanna do an end-run around the DA and go straight to the Feds.
Voyt turns state's evidence against Fleming, we get a federal commitment to witness protection.
Simple as that.
Well I have a friend at Justice, I can try to get the ball rolling.
In the meantime we need a real plan to defend this man.
I've got to get home to Trip.
Yeah, and I have a date with the vending machines.
I'm sure I'm forgetting something and I will call you in 5 minutes.
Why would tonight be any different? What did you forget? I hate to brake her pretty legs.
Talk some sense into her, counselor, or the kid is next.
You okay? I I think so.
Just a little scared.
This won't stop.
Fleming won't stop.
You have to think of your son.
My son? Why do you think I'm doing this? Dana! You alright? It's the first thing I grabbed.
Yeah, I'm fine.
Travis, the Cape was here.
Yeah, okay, good.
High profile case like this, you let her walk down here by herself? Listen, I didn't even want her on this thing.
You have no idea how hard-headed she can be.
Oh, and you do? And I'm explaining myself to you because why? Okay, we all agreed that I'm hard-headed.
Yeah, hi, listen, you're right, I need to be much more careful, I am now a target.
And why? Because until tonight, I only had a hunch that Marty knew something about my husband's death.
And now, there is not a doubt in my mind.
He has to testify against Fleming, and I don't expect either of you to understand, but to me, it's worth the risk.
You're not alone.
- Right? - Of course.
Look at me.
When things went down with Vince, I kept thinking, "thank God that's not us".
He got wrapped up in some bad things Marty.
Were you involved? Trying to help him with this job at Ark? Is that why Dana's helping us? No, no, no, no, no baby.
It's not what you're thinking.
That night she came to our house, she said your were keeping things from her about Vince.
Is it true? Yes.
Fleming was involved.
So if I if I make this deal and testify against Fleming, you're gonna you're gonna hear some horrible things about me.
Baby, I falsified evidence, I turned a blind eye to Flemming's cronies.
I took part of this.
You have been lying to me for months! Baby no.
Come on, no.
You knew.
He threatened you and the kids.
I gotta protect my own.
It doesn't make it right but, if I make this deal, we can start all over again.
New identity, new life.
Leave everything behind.
Yeah we'll lose a lot.
We'll be together.
You have got to stop this man.
Before he destroys someone else's family.
Look, I'll stand with you, but you have got to do the right thing.
Chief, you made bail.
Bringing it to you live, as police chief Marty Voyt is moments away from being released on bail.
Dana Faraday, public defender.
What the hell are you thinking? You are supposed to sit tight.
Whoa, whoa, Dana I thought you were the one who set this up.
No, no, we have nothing to do with this.
No I'm his attorney, there is a mob out there.
Whoa, whoa wait a minute guys wait a minute, wait Chief Voyt, Chief Voyt! Orwell, what do you got for me? Whoever posted a bail wants to stay anonymous.
This feels like a setup.
Get to Marty's house, get the kids out.
Anything happens, I want them safe.
Let's get you back inside, come on let's go.
She's got a gun.
Where did he go? Chief of police Marty Voyt, made a stunning disappearance on the courthouse steps by a wave of the cape, the masked individual, who we are trying to get a lead on.
Palm City is in lockdown.
Ark has closed off the 40th Street bridge and every major artery into the city I am Max Malini, and welcome to Illusione Velastigui.
Romeo Velastigui is a friend who kindly loaned us his shop.
For now, you and your family will be safe here.
Let me show you around.
Make yourself at home.
Is that really necessary? Where is your son? He is with my parents, there is no one I trust more.
I, I turned that off.
Why are you doing that? Fleming can remote-activate.
These things have GPS, you wanna send up a flare? Why are you angry at me? I'm not angry.
Why are you doing this for us? What do you get out of it? I'm not angry with you.
We working on a plan to get him out of Palm City.
Until then, we sit tight.
I've blockaded the bridges, the ports.
The bus lanes, the toll roads and airports.
Marty Voyt won't leave Palm City alive.
Neither should that moth-eaten Cape if you ask me.
Actually Dominic I am asking you.
I can't rely on my own people.
You are the only one I can trust to get the job done.
What about our business arrangement? Look into the future and all, I won't have to pay the juice anymore.
But you will be paying me.
That's only fair.
But I want them both.
The chief and the Cape.
Consider it done.
Base, this is Sexton.
We got anything on those cellphone tracers yet? We may have a live one.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
- Daddy.
You okay? I am now.
I was scared.
What's up champ? I like your boots.
Mm, I like your personal wheels.
- It's a backpack.
- I never had one.
You be a tough cookie, okay? They set up checkpoints.
Bridges, tunnels.
City's on lockdown.
We have a small freight train we sometimes use for the carnival.
We can have him meet us.
We can have one of our friends in the engine cab.
We get them across state lines.
Carnival's done it a dozen times.
Don't ask why.
But you're forgetting one thing.
We'd have to get them through Trolley Park to the freight yard alive.
We're running out of time.
How soon can you get this train here? - Dawn, maybe.
- Do it.
In case this whole thing goes south, there's something you need to know.
So, can we go talk somewhere? Okay listen, I know that this is this is gonna probably come out on the record but I just there is a part of it that I want you to hear from me, first.
Dana, Vince was innocent.
He was framed, and I helped frame him.
You came to me, you showed me evidence that Vince was Lies, they were all lies, he was clean.
He-he found weapons that Ark was shipping off, they were illegal weapons, and-and he was gonna blow the whistle.
That night I was I didn't want him to go.
You were there.
I couldn't stop him.
I tried.
I really did, I tried.
What were his last words, Marty? I don't know.
You tell me, you were there.
I don't know.
I don't know.
You broke his heart.
I'm sorry.
He was my best friend, I'm-I'm sorry.
Trip still wakes up at night screaming.
He watched his dad die on live TV, and I have no words for him.
You let them destroy his name.
You made me believe Look, I couldn't protect Vince, I couldn't protect him.
I tried, but I couldn't.
But I can protect you and Trip, and Susan and the kids.
From what? From Chess! The real Chess.
It's Peter Fleming, Dana.
Peter Fleming is Chess.
But you can never repeat that.
You understand me? Never repeat that, it would get you hurt! It'll get Trip hurt.
Peter Fleming, he doesn't care about who he destroys.
It's like that something inside of him, that he can't control.
It's something, some kind of sickness.
The man is sick, Dana! Save it.
Don't blow this thing up now.
I understand.
I understand! Max was right.
Dana put herself on Fleming's radar.
If you tell her, how do you not tell your son? That puts him in danger.
I'm not sure that I can take this.
I'm sure Ark's already tapping her phone.
The wireless.
Probably the whole apartment.
You're close, Vince.
You're closer than you've ever been to getting home.
Just give it a few more hours.
Are you okay? Someone's watching me.
Who? I don't know, it's just Your hands are shaking.
Let me help you.
You can't.
No one can.
I don't know why you're doing this for me, but Thank you.
I'm not like Peter Fleming.
I'm not I'm not-I'm not evil.
Everything I do is for those three people downstairs.
- Everything? - Yes.
Listen, I know I'm not no hero.
Trust me, I know that.
That night in the rail car, man, I had a plan.
I was gonna toss Vince my gun, take out one of the guards.
Oh, I thought it about a million times.
I could've saved him.
But when Fleming took off that mask and he handed it to me I froze.
Vince never froze.
If it would've been me in that chair, Vince would have done the right thing.
He would have saved me.
Now, I wake up in hell, every day.
Trying to hold on to some kind of life.
Ahhh! Ah! I don't know anything.
I don't know.
I'm looking for a black bird who wears a cape.
So where do I find him? But I don't know anything.
Shh! - I 'm sorry, I'm - Fine.
It's just a lot to absorb.
Who are you? Why do you care about us? Have you lost someone? You have.
That's why you're doing this.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You gave my son hope.
Why won't you look at me.
It's time.
Where did that come from? - How long it has been on? - I don't know, I turn it on.
- I just wanted to talk to my friend.
- Change of plans.
Ark's here.
Surrounding Trolley Park.
- Rollo? - Not good.
Okay, that signal's gonna lead them right to us.
We split up.
You and Rollo take Susan and the kids, we're meeting at the train.
They're after you both, you'll need backup.
We don't have time.
Rollo, are we clear? - Yeah we're good.
- Go.
Take Dana to Trip, wait for my call.
Yeah, they'll be fine, I promise.
I love you.
Okay, wait for us to get clear, and get Susan and the kids on the train.
I'll meet you there.
Max, thank you.
Nothing wows 'em like a good vanishing act.
- You ready for this? - Yeah, let's do it.
- No entrance here.
- There's gotta be.
We trace that signal right here.
Move out.
Cover every inch of this hell hole, they are not getting out of here.
Let's go.
Over here, ten o'clock! Come on! He'll be here.
No, my kids.
I gotta go.
Hey, Ark is after you, not them.
Don't draw attention, wait till they're on the train.
We don't know what's out there.
You're gonna be all right.
Hello, boys.
Stay back, I've got this.
Scales, on your knees, now! What the bloody hell? Where is Fleming? When he hears about this.
Pan out.
Find The Cape and Voyt.
Get him out.
What's going on? What's going on here? You gotta go, now! - What was that? - Rollo will stay with you.
- What about Marty? - Go.
I got you.
Hang on.
- I got you.
- This is cold.
Just get out of here.
I don't want any more blood on my hands.
- Go, what are you waiting for? - I'm not leaving.
Please, man.
Please, please just let me do this one thing right.
Just let me do this one thing Marty.
Marty! You didn't kill Vince Faraday.
You just saved him.
Vince! - Wait a minute.
- You did good, bro.
You did really good.
Take care of my kids, man.
- I will.
- Would you do that for me? I promise.
Chief of police Marty Voyt's death was not a hero's end.
He died fleeing laws He had sworn to uphold at the hands of a well known Palm City gangster.
We will never know the reason why Marty betrayed our trust.
But Ark will learn from this events.
Ark will be stronger.
And despite it all, today Palm City is safer because of us.
The gangster Dominic Raoul, also known as Scales, is behind bars at Owl Island prison because of Ark police work.
It is a new day in Palm City.
Fleming, can you comment on the masked vigilante called the Cape who attempted to stop The Cape is also a enemy of the law, and he too will be brought to justice.
Are you concerned the Cape may pose a threat to what's been called "the Ark agenda"? Ordinary citizens are coming forward with Cape's siding.
Can you explain that? Thank you.
Thank you, that's it.
Wait here.
What are you doing? Searching for wired and wireless cameras and bugs.
It picks up frequencies from 1MHz to 6500 MHz.
- Are you from Palm City? - No.
Army brat.
New Dehli, Singapore, boarding schools.
Moved a lot.
And hum, hum, the Cape.
- How did you guys - It's complicated.
I imagine.
You have beautiful family.
- Thank you.
- You had no warning.
That's better.
That's better than seeing it coming.
Seeing it coming and not being able to change it.
II don't understand.
When you read a book, do you read the ending first? I read the ending first.
Your husband loves you.
He did.
Good luck, Ms.
Vietnamese snake wine.
It was smuggled out of Vietnam during the war by an old compatriot of mine.
- Karma Daniels.
- Karma.
It's said to imbue the drinker with immortality.
- You believe that? - Karma did.
- Do I wanna know where Karma is now? - Probably not.
Nobody lives forever, Vincent.
To Karma.
To Marty.
Speedpad, ThreeSixes, Alex1969