The Capture (2019) s01e06 Episode Script


They call it correction, when they take something they don't like and they change it.
Who? The Intelligence community has hurt a lot of people through correction, Shaun.
But not you.
So who did this, then? It's Hannah Roberts.
- The barrister that represented - Faisal Dahmani.
It's happening, Faisal.
So who is it? A volunteer? A soldier who murdered on the battlefield.
It fits a narrative.
I was out, Charlie.
I was about to see my kid.
And, because of you, my ex thinks I'm a murderer.
The security check? Everybody came back clean.
Even you? I still don't get why he's helping us.
I can't see the whistle-blower in him.
Listen! You're making a mistake.
Let me talk to Frank.
Eli says hello.
He sure gave you up in a heartbeat.
We are done trying to make this story disappear.
It's time to make it true.
A woman's life.
I told you because I trust you.
- Don't touch me.
- You've got to be careful, Rachel! - What are you going to do? - Please don't run.
I couldn't arrest you if I wanted to.
They've taken me off the case.
I am so tired of believing people.
You are innocent, I can prove it.
Find out which school his daughter goes to.
(HE PANTS) (HIS BREATHING GETS DEEPER) - (HELICOPTER WHIRS) - (GUNSHOT) (HE SIGHS) (JET PLANE ENGINES ROAR) Would you like me to call ahead, Ma'am? Make sure they're awake? No.
I'll wake them up.
When's the little bastard going to get caught? - We are trying.
- Won't take much longer.
The whole country's looking for him.
And once he remembers how it feels inside a remand cell He'll turn to us.
He has to.
We're the only ones with the real footage.
We're the only ones who can exonerate him.
The plan's going to work, Faisal.
That's what Hannah told me.
(PHONE LINE BEEPS) It's not for me, Rachel, it's for you.
I saw how unhappy you were last night.
That's the job.
But you need to talk, open up.
I'm your sister, I'm never going to judge you.
All right, Abi.
When this case is over, we'll talk.
I promise.
Where's the big man? DS Flynn's still on the investigation, officially.
So he has to turn up for work.
So what's the plan? Well, first off, I'm going to take this to the Office of Police Conduct and get you ruled out as a suspect.
I am going to need you to stay here till I get back.
What about your family? It's just my half-sister.
She won't bother you.
You have a nice home.
Oh, I don't live here.
Yeah, but, I mean, still your home, innit? Not really.
It's my step-mother's house.
We moved here when my mum passed.
What, your old man hedging his bets, or something? I don't know why I said that.
It's kind of true, actually.
It's just you and your grandad, is it? And my daughter.
And her mum.
They must be praying for this to be over, too.
One way or another.
The shit I've put them through.
None of it your fault.
I don't know.
As I made my approach to the music venue, I saw the suspect escape from the emergency exit.
Unfortunately, backup failed to locate the suspect.
They had difficulty locating you, as I understand it.
As many of you know, Detective Inspector Carey is no longer running the investigation.
Whilst I retain operational oversight, please report immediate concerns to DS Latif, who has been on the case since the outset.
So where were you? Congratulations.
She likes you.
Did you even think about running it past me before you fired her? I ran it past DCI Boyd.
You're not her boss any more.
You've made things a fuck of a lot worse for all of us.
Rachel Carey's not the sort to scurry away and hide.
What is she to you, exactly? She was your truffle hog on Sycamore, right? She has a lot more to offer than that.
Oh, Danny.
I really think you ought to call me "Sir," while you're here.
- I'm not sure I see it, myself.
- Or Guv.
She's rather green, don't you think? It's early, I know.
But I can't think of a better way to turn this problem into an opportunity.
Early, for what? Her recruitment.
(DOOR CLOSES) You look tired, Frank.
I do hope you're getting the support you need from the embassy.
Spare me the corporate care package, Jessica.
This is just me and you.
- The soldier fiasco? - Fiasco? - What would you call it? - Over.
It's on CNN! Whoever's orchestrating this is getting what they want! What they want is to have this programme exposed in a court of law, and that's not going to happen.
Plans are in motion to bring this folly to an end.
I know they sent you to keep an eye on me, Jessica, but, really, just take in a show, enjoy the city, and, by all means, take the credit for it when you get back to DC.
Who's the mole, Frank? With correction that good, someone inside the programme must be involved.
You know it, I know it.
You want an intelligence briefing? Have Langley schedule an authorised visit.
I don't need a rubber stamp from Langley.
I take my orders from the ODNI, and you know what they said? "Go change Frank's shitty diaper.
" That's verbatim.
The office is concerned by your conduct, the deputy is awaiting my verdict, and you will comply with this review.
Eli Jacobi.
Been in the programme seven years, two of them here.
Treasonous piece of shit.
But he's complying now? Well, he told us where to find Hannah Roberts, that's it.
As to who she was working with, where they got their funding? A big fat zero.
If there was ever a case for reintroducing water-boarding Have you considered there may be other actors here? In the unit? I'd like to speak to all of your technical operators individually.
Starting with him.
But first things first We need to find this soldier.
I have a feeling he's going to come crawling out of the woodwork very soon.
You're kind of famous.
But Rachel said it's all BS what they're saying about you, so I'm making avocado toast.
Would you like some? No.
I'm all right.
Aren't you starving? Bacon and eggs? Yeah.
Thank you.
REPORTER: The CCTV coverage shows exactly when six-year-old Jaycee was led away from the school, and by whom, the girl's father.
The wanted former soldier, Shaun Emery, who is the prime suspect in the abduction and murder of Hannah Roberts.
Police are appealing for any witnesses that may have seen the girl led away to please contact the authorities with any information.
(BACON SIZZLES, DOOR SLAMS SHUT) (PHONE VIBRATES) Abigail? What do you mean he's gone? Just gone.
One minute I was making him breakfast Well, did he say anything? No, but then I saw on the news.
Saw what? You haven't seen it? You'd better.
(THEY TALK OVER EACH OTHER) How did he get in? I thought this was meant to be a safe place.
Who buzzed him in? Who let him take her? We're in the process of asking those questions.
For now, our priority is Jaycee's safe return.
No shit! Really? Can you think of anywhere Shaun might have taken her? - I've told you ten times, I don't know.
- My girlfriend.
I can't believe it.
It's like a nightmare.
Something wrong with your phone? 17 missed calls.
You know I was working all night.
He's taken her! I needed you! Why don't you both sit down? We'll bring you a cup of tea.
If one more person offers me tea, I swear to God I'll drown them in it.
- Karen? DS Latif.
- Yes, I remember.
I'm now running the investigation into Shaun Emery.
Are you? Well, you're doing a fucking great job finding him! You will check under the carpet, won't you? 'Cos you never know, he might be playing hide and seek.
Mr Emery? What did you let him go for if he's so bleeding dangerous? Bear with me, Eddie.
We're just doing our job.
I'm hopeful this will all be resolved very soon.
He's innocent, and you know it, don't you? (PHONE RINGS) Rachel? Patrick tells me you're in charge now.
Garland's in charge, obviously.
Look I can't talk now.
Any eyewitnesses? (DS LATIF SIGHS) Thought not.
Did you check the CCTV surrounding the school? I'm just doing as I'm told.
This is the first time I've been given a role in an op like this.
I never had your fast-track privileges.
I'm just doing what I can to get ahead.
Surely you can understand that.
They're setting him up.
You know that.
Even if that's true, what the hell can any of us do about it? One ID match on target, W7717.
He's not hiding any more! Shall we put out the call, Ma'am? Wait.
DSU Garland.
Are you watching this? I'll send an arrest team.
Don't bother.
I have a feeling he's headed right where we want him.
- Blind Spot? - Sir.
Keep him there.
Run face-rec again.
I want certainty it's the target.
- Where is he now? - He's out of range, but he can't have gone far.
Next time he's flagged, run a full check, as I said.
(PHONE RINGS) Ma'am? Have you got that bus camera video to hand? What are you thinking, Ma'am? TECH OPERATIVE: Sir? Camera one.
Expecting somebody, Frank? Still feel like vouching for her? I seem to be misinformed.
I heard you were taken off the investigation.
I was.
Shortly after meeting you.
And yet, here you are again.
You've taken Shaun Emery's daughter.
What makes you think Shaun Emery didn't take the little girl? Because at the time of the abduction, he was with me.
You've taken Emery's daughter because you know he'll give himself up in exchange.
And he knows you're to blame because he's seen your work.
And what do you know about my work? He wasn't there.
General Grant.
At the siege of Petersburg.
Someone's taken his head and stuck it on the body of another general.
Of course he was there! Just nobody took the picture.
Send them in.
Have you got the time? - Somebody took my phone at the door.
- It's 12:10.
Thank you.
Well, well Look who decided to drop by.
What the hell are you doing? Shaun Emery is innocent.
I want him dropped as a suspect, I want his daughter found, and I want my suspension lifted.
Which, given it's invalid, should be pretty simple.
Come again? I can only be suspended by a police officer of two ranks higher.
I'm a DSU.
You're a DI.
I count two.
I have reason to believe that Gemma Garland is an officer of the Security Service, an MI5 plant, and, as such, has no authority to take disciplinary action.
- For Christ's sake! - I know the risks I'm taking.
I saw what happened to Hannah Roberts.
And Marcus Levy.
I know you didn't fake Emery's attack on Roberts, but you finished the job.
Except there's one thing you missed in the clean-up.
The CCTV was doctored, but not the footage from the bus.
This afternoon, at one o'clock, that video footage of Hannah Roberts stepping on board that bus and riding away at the time of the incident will be sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Office of Police Conduct.
Unless Shaun Emery's daughter is returned and I am reinstated as Senior Investigating Officer.
You've got, what, 45 minutes? Fucking Millenials.
She's got balls, I'll give you that.
Is she bluffing? - Ah.
This is - Jessica.
- She's - Here to help.
I don't think she's bluffing.
Then she's working with somebody.
I can imagine who that is.
I'd like to speak with her, alone.
I'd like a fucking house by the sea.
You mind telling us how she knows so much? She's a good detective.
And principled.
Judging by recent events, we could all do with some of that.
Danny wants to bring her into the fold.
Well, there's a challenge.
(DOOR OPENS) TECH OPERATIVE: Sir? We have Toy Soldier's location.
What's the problem? Frank I thought you had this.
Don't you have moles to interview? The target doesn't appear to be heading this way after all, sir.
Where the fuck's he going? Currently Pimlico, approaching Claypit Road.
Claypit Road? Midler and Hall.
(DOOR OPENS) - Shaun! - Shut up.
Charlie! Where is she? Where's my daughter? Where is she? - Where is she? - I don't know! - I'll call the police! - Call the fucking police, then! Where is she? Where the fuck is she? - It's not us! I swear to God.
- Where is she? It's not us! Fucking liar! You've lied to me from the beginning.
(BLOW LANDING) Shaun! I know where she is.
She's perfectly safe.
We're ready to do a straight swap.
You for Jaycee.
I want to see her.
Let him spend a little time with the girl.
It's the least we can do.
I'll call an ambulance.
How many times can you read the same headlines? "The bomber was known to MI5.
" "The attackers were on the radar.
" Look at the suspects in Sycamore.
Four men plotting mass murder on the streets of London.
And how do we know about it? Phone intercepts.
None of it admissible in court.
CCTV video evidence.
Admissible, popular with juries highly effective.
Because we believe it.
Correction turns intelligence into evidence.
And keeps extremists off the street.
The ends justify the means.
The torturer's defence.
Your time must be running out.
Top floor.
(HE KNOCKS) and all over Mowgli, too.
Shaun? You might want to (WOMAN CARRIES ON READING) (HELICOPTERS WHIR) Get fucking back! (GUNSHOT) All right.
I admit.
The programme has hit some bumps.
The murder of a British barrister.
The kidnapping of a child.
This hasn't been a typical week.
But the lives we've saved, Rachel.
You can't put a number on that.
(SHE SIGHS) Frank Napier is reckless.
He needs reining in.
The process needs constant review.
And new blood.
If you had a seat at the table, Rachel, you could really make a difference.
You expect me to join you? Always knew you had it in you.
You've got ambition.
God knows you can't get through the fast-track scheme fast enough.
You've the nous to question what you see.
You don't always take a conventional approach to moral issues either.
What the hell does that mean? (LAUGHING) Come on! Jeez.
This is exactly why you hit a blind spot when it came to Hannah Roberts.
You saw yourself in her.
Young, rising star.
You couldn't see her flaws then, and you can't face yours now.
Flaws? Speak for yourself, Danny.
I'm not the one that's married.
I'm not the one that was disloyal! Jesus, is that what you were doing? Scouting for recruits? - Is that why Garland knows about us? - No, Rachel! You think because I chose to fuck a married man I'd join in with your perversion of justice? That's not all it was.
- Well, what the hell, then? - What was it for you, Rachel? I'm not an idiot.
You'd never be with me if I wasn't where I am and I know it.
"Don't do me any favours", the whole thing was a fucking favour! For both of us! I got to be with you and you got a few steps closer to being in the room.
- Well, here you are.
- Fuck you! I liked you.
Look who it is, Jaycee.
Daddy's come to see you.
Where's Mummy? We'll see Mummy later.
Do you want Daddy to read the story? Maybe you can sit and listen.
The bees chased Baloo and Mowgli - all around the garden - Jayce.
I got something for you.
(IMITATES AIR RUSHING) You know, I saw a bear once.
Not in a zoo or nothing.
It was in a country on the other side of the world.
Francis has a house in Portugal.
Well, this was a lot further than Portugal.
This was in the Afghan mountains.
And it came down all the way to our camp after dark.
Do you know why? Because he could smell what we had for dinner! (SHE LAUGHS) - Do you want me to keep reading? - Yeah.
All right, where were we? From here? With one sticky paw, the bear prised open the beehive.
And there was honey all over Baloo's nose.
I can't get through to her.
It's nearly one o'clock.
Why don't you let me take it from here? (DOOR OPENS) DI Carey.
Sorry to have kept you.
Against my will.
- What time is it? - 2:05.
- Where's Danny Hart? - We'd like to show you something.
Not much point in hiding it from you.
Come, watch us land this beast from the cockpit.
Like all forward-thinking Ops, this is cross-agency.
Security Service, GCHQ.
Not to mention our friends here, of course.
(BEEPING, DOOR OPENS) As I'm sure you're aware, the Security Service are monitoring 3,000 POIs at any one time.
But the wider pool of suspects? Closer to 23,000.
Jihadists, white nationalists, Neo Nazis.
You can see where this is going.
You can't keep up.
We couldn't.
We're getting there.
We're compiling a database.
This their social media? Source material.
We're taking their online images and using them.
Gradually creating 3D models for each suspect.
A database of digital avatars.
So you can fake their crimes? All these people? That's a very reductive way of putting it.
This is what I wanted you to see.
What is this? Can we get sound? Live feed, please.
SHAUN: I left her at the bus stop.
She didn't want a lift.
I offered but She said no.
GARLAND: Suspect turned himself in.
Said he had something to tell us.
SHAUN: She had a boyfriend.
You've taken his voice.
SHAUN: That's where it all goes blank.
INTERVIEWING OFFICER: So you don't know what happened after that? You're faking his confession! GARLAND: I can assure you this is real.
Believe us.
SHAUN: It's coming back to me in fragments, you know? OFFICER: So you - got her in the car? - No.
SHAUN: I can't remember.
Let me out of here! Let her go.
(DOOR SLAMS SHUT) What did they do? Interview suspended.
What did they do to you? Rachel.
JAYCEE: There's 6,552.
SHAUN: 6,552? And she's the Queen? Yes.
- The Kingdom of Doggies.
- The Kingdom of all doggies? And how many doggies does she have? Um 8,000.
8,000 doggies? But she can be a king! She can be a king? Oh, yeah.
I think it's time for me to go and find Mummy.
Yes, come on, let's go find Mummy.
Daddy loves you very much.
Okay? We'll get her home safe.
Right now, Shaun I believe we are standing at the precipice of something truly remarkable.
The correction methods that you've experienced so far? Standard edition.
But if you could see what we are working on now you wouldn't believe your eyes.
Our most advanced techniques involve some more time.
And require a greater quantity of source material.
But the results 100% photo-real manipulation.
No face-mapping, no actors.
Just sheer, unbridled imagination.
Those recordings you're holding in your hand now, they're pure.
Untouched, if you will.
But if my guys decided to get creative? They can go in any direction they want.
I'm talking about images that'll haunt you the rest of your life.
And the lives of your family.
We'll make this real easy on you.
Hannah's killing was not premeditated.
You suffered an involuntary, violent episode.
A black-out.
The postmortem will find that there was no sexual impropriety.
Hannah wasn't raped.
You're not a degenerate.
You're a soldier with PTSD from risking your life for your country.
And, in a really important way by helping us silence those who plot against us you'll still be serving your country.
Your sentence will be lenient.
And for those of us in the know your sacrifice will not be forgotten.
To the charge of the manslaughter of Hannah Roberts, how do you plead? Guilty.
Courtrooms and public toilets.
The last two places in England with no cameras watching.
So, what's your next move? The evidence incriminates him.
The uploaded video suggests otherwise.
With your bus footage, you could have the casting vote.
If you hadn't corrupted the file.
Oh, I'm sure you made copies.
Can you actually imagine the impact? If correction was fully exposed? There wouldn't be one criminal caught on CCTV in the last 20 years who didn't demand a retrial, or claim they'd been set up.
And future crimes? The public would never believe video evidence again.
Kind of makes you wonder what the hell you were all thinking in the first place.
Don't blame us! China started it.
Russia followed.
How could the West compete without it? Correction is a fact.
The public are content in their ignorance.
And a lot better off that way.
If you join us, you'll learn how to use correction as a force for good in counter terrorism, counter espionage.
Danny Hart was right.
We need new recruits like you.
Help steer us along the right future path.
You know where we are, Rachel.
What if I don't? If I go to Police Conduct with the footage? Do I end up in the boot of a car like Hannah Roberts? I led that operation.
The one Roberts got so enraged about.
Faisal Dahmani.
Why do you think she couldn't prove his evidence wasn't real? Sycamore plotters, same thing.
Why did they all find it so difficult to deny? Because we only produce images we know happened.
We had solid intelligence Faisal Dahmani was gathering enough peroxide to blow up a major shopping centre.
- But we had - No admissible evidence.
Phone tracking and surveillance put him in the exact place and time the CCTV stated.
It may have been corrected, but the events in Dahmani's evidence were as real as you and I standing here today.
That man supplied bomb materials to terrorists! He denied it, of course.
Stood in the dock and lied through his teeth.
But I ask you, which is more accurate? His testimony or our footage? Correction is not fake evidence.
It's truth, re-enacted.
As to your question, I shouldn't worry.
You're a lot smarter than Hannah Roberts.
(DOOR SLAMS) (SHE BREATHES HEAVILY) Her Majesty done yet? I'm not certain, Sir.
Not certain? Still? Huh.
I mean, how many days do you need to interview this prick? (DOOR LOCK BEEPS) What the hell's going on? Where the hell's Eli? Huh? What the hell is this? I believe it's termed a soft rendition.
Drag his ass back inside! She's got documents, Sir.
I'm throwing the executive branch a bone.
It's diplomatic.
The executive branch.
You better sit down, Frank.
Before you fall.
I'm not obligated to explain anything, so consider this a favour.
For old time's sake.
We need plots like Eli's to half-succeed.
Why? It risks the whole operation! The operation relies on funding, Frank.
Who stands to gain when the public can no longer trust what they see? Anyone caught on camera doing something they shouldn't.
There are individuals An individual, far above your pay grade and mine, for whom I dare say that applies.
So you would expose the entire programme - just to protect that.
- Not expose.
We can't blow the lid off it, that way lies anarchy.
Correction should emerge as a a conspiracy theory.
A rumour.
An alternative fact.
Where there's doubt and confusion, there's deniability.
I have a plane waiting.
How many more moles? Hm? On my staff? Your tenure will continue, Frank, for now.
But while you're watching everybody else, don't ever assume there isn't somebody watching you.
(BUZZER) (DOOR UNLOCKS) I never took Jaycee.
I'm not pressing charges, am I? A detective came to the flat.
- White woman, young-looking.
- Carey.
She said you never done any of it.
Told me the other video's the real one, the one online.
She's been and told your grandad, too.
But if all that's true, what's this guilty by diminished responsibility? Shaun? It's catching up with me.
What? Justice.
You know, don't you? What happened in Helmand? You don't lie next to someone night after night while they're fretting in their sleep and not try to guess what's torturing them.
I told that story so many times I believed it.
But deep down I knew he wasn't reaching for his weapon.
Just a bloke, begging for his life.
Jaycee's been talking about you.
A lot.
Something about a bear eating your dinner? Yeah.
True story, that one.
Sausage and beans.
- He come halfway down the mountain - I believe you.
I know what you've done.
I know what you haven't done.
I've brought you something.
When can I start?