The Castaways (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

[singer vocalizing]

- Once upon a time,
in a far-off land,
there was an enchanted
[birds chirping]
This forest was
a special place
full of magic and wonder.

Deep in the heart
of the forest
lived a beautiful princess.

[distorted scream]
Nothing could harm
the princess
in the enchanted forest.

[music turns ominous]

[soft music]
[indistinct chatter
on television]

[keys clacking]
- Are you ready to get
your minds blown?
Because I've got
a little secret to tell you
about Skyline Pacific 281.
See, one of the passengers
is a killer with a dark past.
And not only that, yeah?
But his dirty secret
was covered up
by some powerful people.
But why?
And who am I talking about?
Felix Vatubua--
yeah, who slipped
under the rug
of this whole entire story,
'cause no one's even
talking about the fact
that Felix Vatubua served
in the British military.
Yeah, bet you didn't even
know Fijians could do that.
[scoffs] So Vatubua
is deployed to Afghanistan
as part of ISAF, I-S-A-F,
the International
Security Assistance Force.
But here is the bombshell.
[computer chimes]
Felix Vatubua,
certificate of service,
check out what it says--
or doesn't say.
Look, right here, right here.
No reason,
which is kind of odd
but maybe explainable
until Felix's final mission--
Operation Deadstock.
Nine men go in,
one man comes out alive.
[knock at door]
Felix Vatubua.
[key clacks]
- Piss off, Zoe.
- It's me.
- If she sent you, can you tell
her to stop staring at me?
My rights are being violated.
Why are you dressed like that?
- [sighs]
You've forgotten.
- No, I haven't.
- The settlement conference.
The insurance company
have made a new offer
now that wreckage
has been found.
- It proves nothing.
- Well, they obviously think
that it does.
- I'm on the trail
of the real story behind this.
- Another one.
- Felix Vatubua, look.
- Felix, of course.
It's been staring us
in the face this whole time.
- The same guy just happens
to be on a plane
that disappears off the face--
- It didn't disappear.
It's tragic,
but the plane crashed
into the South Pacific.
And because that is
a vast expanse of water,
they can't find it, okay?
T-t-there is no other story.
It's time to move on
for all of us.
- I'm pretty sure
you already moved on.
In fact, you moved on
before my sister even--

[line trilling]
This is Erin.
If it's worth it,
leave a message.
[line beeps]
- [sighs]
Where are you?
[indistinct chatter]


[PA chimes]
- Skyline Pacific flight 281
will shortly be ready
for boarding.
- Oh, shit.
[line trilling]
- This is Erin.
If it's worth it,
leave a message.
[line beeps]
- The plane's about to leave.
Where the hell are you?
I can't believe you are
pulling this bullshit.
[exhales sharply]

- Thanks to you all
for joining us.
I know it's not easy
to find a mutually convenient
time zone.
We are convened today,
because after
the 300-mile-squared,
multi-agency search,
we finally have
a significant development
which you'll find
in these information packs.
This piece of wreckage
bearing the serial number
of the missing flight,
Skyline Pacific 281,
washed up
on the island of Yasawa,
which is about equidistant
between the flight's origin
on Nadi
and its destination, Limaji.
The air accident
investigation department
have determined
that the aircraft incurred
a mechanical failure
and subsequent impact
with the ocean surface.
It then tragically sank.
As a result,
the insurance company
have issued
a fresh offer to settle,
which you'll find on page 10.
- It's fair.
- While the headline figure
may appear generous,
we believe a counteroffer
could prove lucrative.
- Well, there's a surprise.
We go back with a number
they'll never agree to,
this offer gets revoked.
Only remaining option
is a painful trial
that drags on for years.
Ka-ching, law firm.
- I can assure you,
Mrs. Eldridge,
our only concern is the fair--
- Your concern is noted.
Our only move is to accept.
Yes, we could fight, end up
with more money, perhaps.
But at what cost?
- It's not about the money.
- [chuckles] You're not paying
the lawyers.
- A plane carrying
14 human beings
vanishes into vapor.
It just happens
to have no black box.
After months of searching,
there isn't a single sighting.
But now that the insurance
companies want to wrap this up,
a piece of the wreckage
just suddenly appears
which happens to contain
the plane's serial number,
make, and model?
- It's no less plausible
than your previous theories
of hijacking and sabotage.
Wasn't it a flight attendant
at one point?
- Look, if we give up
on them now,
we're giving up
on them forever.
I'm not ready to
let go of my sister.
- Because
we've accepted reality.
Maybe you should, too.
- Do you not want to find
your husband?
- Oh, for crying
out loud, Erin.
I apologize.
[somber music]

- [sighs]

- Is that unanimous?
- Uh
can we have five minutes?
- Of course.
- Flight 281 is now ready
for boarding.
Please have your passport
and boarding passes ready.
[PA chimes]
[indistinct chatter]

Thank you.
[indistinct chatter]
Thank you.

- Charming.
- [chuckles]

- Hi, ma'am.
[door closes]
[device beeps]
[speaking Fijian]
Passport and boarding pass,
- So sorry.
- Nervous flyer?
- Uh, my sister
was supposed to be here,
but I think she's overslept.
- Oh.
- Actually, would you mind
if I try her one more time?
- Yes, of course.
- Thank you.
[exhales sharply]
[line trilling]
- This is Erin.
If it's worth it,
leave a message.
[line beeps]
- I can't believe
you didn't have the balls
to show your face--coward.
How have you made
this about you?
[exhales sharply]
[indistinct chatter]
- Oh, this is our pilot.
- Morning, madam.
- Morning.
- Everything seems
to be in order.
- Let's do this.
[ominous music]

- [speaking Fijian]
- Thank you.

- Are you okay?
- [exhales deeply]
I know everyone
thinks I'm crazy.
- Uh-uh.
I don't.
- No, neither of us do.
We want to believe you
more than anything.
It's just your theories
don't go anywhere.
- I don't have the answers.
I just--I know that plane
is out there.
My sister's alive.
I can feel it.
- It's a lot of money
to turn down for a feeling.
- Yeah, but if we take
the money,
we're saying that they're dead.
And if we give them up,
so does everybody else.
- Exactly what
I've been saying.
- You had two relatives
on that plane, didn't you?
- Yes.
Our daughter and our grandson.
- Fuck the money.
- [chuckles]
[dramatic music]
- Hi, there.
Yes, just over there.
- Say hello to Grandma
and Grandad.
Los queremos.
Love you.
[baby fussing]

[bag thunks]
- [breathes deeply]

[door closes]
- You know, I can't--
Conning those poor people
into believing
your little fairy story--
how do you sleep at night?
- I don't.
- You know, and not only have
you cost them
life-changing money
b-but a chance to--to move on.
- Can I say something?
I cannot believe you signed,
you fucking coward.
- You know what?
I can't do this anymore, Erin.
- Do what, Peter?
- You, us, this--
this ridiculous arrangement.
I-it ends now.
- Say it, then.
You can't, can you?
And we both know why.
- I refuse to bear the guilt
of a freak aviation tragedy.
- It's time for you to go,
if that helps
move the conversation along.
- And Bellatrix
has entered the chat.
- Isn't it time you got
your own place,
you know, being a grown woman
and everything?
- Yeah, or I could steal
someone else's.
- You're not well, Erin.
You've got no job.
[scoffs] You're--you're
squatting at the bottom
of your ex brother-in-law's
garden, living off his money.
- Hers, actually.
- No, we're--we're not
doing this, okay?
Don't you want to get
away from us?
- Fuck, yes.
It's just I've been
a teensy, tiny bit preoccupied
with trying to find
my missing sister,
but, you know, cool.
I'll put out some feelers.
- Today.
- Where do you want me to go?
- I'll pay
for a short-term let.
Best hire a van, too,
for all of Lori's stuff
that you no longer want.
- Oh, don't worry.
I gave all those boxes
to the charity shop.

- Erin, wait.
- Yeah, that's them.
Several boxes of, um, clothes
and--and stuff.
[person on phone
speaks indistinctly]
Well, the thing is,
my acquaintance donated them
in error, and I need them back.
[person on phone
speaks indistinctly]
Well, what if I bought them?
- It would have to be
a sizable donation.
- Yeah, a sizable donation.
Yeah, ready for the details
when you are.
[person on phone
speaks indistinctly]

Her card's been used.
Praise God.
- Excuse me.
Did you make contact
with your sister?
They're just pushing me
to lock the cabin door,
but I can hold
five minutes or--
- Don't worry.
She's not coming.
- Oh, but, you know,
there's a flight
to Limaji tomorrow, so
- I'll have more fun
without her.
[indistinct chatter]
[engine humming]
[door closes, humming stops]
- Our flight time today
is approximately
1 hour and 45 minutes.
It's looking like we've got
a touch of weather
coming in from the northeast.
[baby crying] So it might get
a little bumpy
along the way.
Please remain seated
and keep your seat belts
securely fastened.
You're in the capable hands
of our flight crew,
Kaali Halle, who'll be
taking care of you today.
All that remains
is to thank you
for choosing to fly
Skyline Pacific
and for you to sit back
and enjoy the ride.
[PA chimes]
- Uh, excuse me, stewardess?
- Yes.
- Um, what are the chances
of possibly getting a drink?
- I'm sure
that can be arranged.
- Wonderful. What selection
of gins do you have?
- I'd have to check,
but just gin, more or less.
- [sighs]
Uh, fine.
Double, tonic,
ice, twist of lime.
Much obliged.
- Of course.

Madame, seat belt, please.
- Excuse me. Uh, c-could we get
some champagne?
- Of course.
- Celebrating?
- Don't ask her that.
- My 10-game winning streak
and our 40th wedding
anniversary, but, um, mostly
- Oh, congratulations.
- Are you traveling alone?
- Yeah.
- Lucky you.
- [scoffs]
- [chuckles]
- Hello, and welcome aboard
this flight
from Nadi, Fiji, to Limaji.
Before we take off,
I'd like to run
through a few important
safety procedures with you all.
[plane rattling]
[suspenseful music]

[baby crying]
- Shh. [speaks indistinctly]

[music ends]
- [sighs]
[dynamic music]

[computer beeps]
[keys clacking, computer beeps]

[computer chimes]

[keys clacking, computer beeps]

[line trilling]
- Hello.
- Bula.
- Bula.
Uh, I'm wondering if you can
help me with something.
- [speaking Fijian]
- Uh, it's about a transaction
that took place in your store
a-a couple of weeks ago.
I'm wondering if you've
got security cameras.
- [speaking Fijian]
- Does anyone there
speak English?
It's important.
[computer beeps]
- Oh, here she comes.
[door opens, closes]
Well, I've tried
doing it the nice way.
- Lori's alive.
- What are you talking about?
- She's alive,
and she's in Fiji.
She used her card
in a shop there.
- [sighs] You mean her card
was used by someone.
I-it washed up on the shore.
And, I don't know,
some kid's chanced his arm,
or it was an old transac--
It's three weeks old.
- Yeah, I-I might have known.
- What?
- Well, it wouldn't
exactly be convenient
if she showed up alive now.
- Oh, for fuck's sake--
Okay, so what do we do
with this information?
- I make them listen.
I get a plane to Fiji.
- What?
You're going to fly to Fiji?
You had to get sedated
to get on the plane back.
Panic attacks
on the flight, remember?
- I go to the shop, and I trace
her steps and find my sister.
- [chuckles] I'm sorry.
You just--you know, you sound
like a crazy person.
- Who asked you?
- What are you going to find
that this exhaustive search
has missed?
What does Erin know
that no other relatives do?
- Look, I understand
your bond with Lori
better than anyone
in this world.
I know what you went
through together.
But, please,
for your own well-being,
you have to move on.
And that means
forgiving yourself
for not getting on that plane.
[somber music]

- Pay for my flight,
and I move out.
- Erin, no one survived.
- Do you want me out
of your life, Zoe?
- More than anything.
- Well, then buy me
a flight to Fiji,
and you never have
to see me ever again.
[dramatic music]

[thunder rumbles]
- Me and my sister--
we are always at it.
And when we argue,
you better stand back.
Even now, and she's nearly 80.
- [chuckles]
- Do you two fight a lot?
- We're as close
as anything, but--
Well, we're very different.
There's a nine-year age gap.
My parents had me up north and
Erin when we moved down south.
She even went to a posh school.
- You're sisters.
You're going to find
a way to make it up.
- [sighs]
This was a bad one.
But thank you.
[breathes deeply]
- "'Your Inner Goddess
"Learn to harness
your innate feminine energy
to create positive change
in your life."
Or I could gouge my eyes out.
[both chuckle]
How many of these
have you read now?
- Well, let's see--
uh, "The Mindful Glow,"
"Pathway to Radiant Living,"
"The Divine Feminine."
- Oh, which obviously works.
- As you can see.
- [chuckles]
- Oh, give me that vit D,
you sexy bitch, you.
This is what we needed.
- Is it?
He's taking his sweet time
with our drinks.
- Why don't we always do this?
- I'm still waiting to find out
why we're here now.
- Why do I need a reason
to spontaneously book
an all-expenses holiday
on the other side of the world?
- Because you're you.
- Touché.
- Do you think I can just go
get them myself?
- Wait till we get
to the island--
a tropical paradise
where the only sound
is the gentle waves
lapping against the shore.
- And you droning on
about them.
[both laugh]
- Ah, ooh.
- One Fijian sunset.
- Thank you.
- One beer.
- And could you take
a photo of us, please?
- No, you don't have
to do that.
- Please, thank you.
- [chuckles] Oh.
- Come on.
[soft music]
Holme sisters!

- Cabin crew, positions
for takeoff.
[PA chimes]
- [sighs]
Where are you, Lori?
[engine rumbling,
plane rattles]
[phone vibrating]
[suspenseful music]

- Yes, ma'am.
- Wi-Fi's not working.
- Yes. I have to apologize,
but it's down.
- I just paid 18 pounds.
- You can claim it back
with the airline.
Would you like
something to drink?
A soda or something?
- Mm-mm.
- Okay.
[phone clicks]
[dramatic music]

[indistinct chatter]
[thud, plane rattles]
- Oh, come on.
[PA chimes]
- This is your captain
I'm just skirting us around
this band of heavy weather.
- Yeah, cheers to that, mate.
- We may experience a couple
of bumps in the road.
[PA chimes]

- [speaks indistinctly]

- [chuckles]
He's called Sonny.
- Solid name.
[both chuckle]
[baby fussing]
- Longest I've gone
without holding him.
- Sorry.
[muffled conversation]
- You are not reporting
- Mike, no, okay?
I'm calling--
- [sighs]

[plane rattling]
[knock at door]
- Ma'am, please take your seat.
[thud, plane rattling]
- What the fuck?
[bell dings]
- Miss Holme.
We'll work tirelessly
with local authorities
and international partners
to gather any information
as to the whereabouts
of the aircraft.
We at the
British High Commission
here in Suva offer our
full support and assistance,
counseling services,
anything you need.
We did have just one question.
Weren't you supposed to be
traveling with your sister?
Why weren't you
on the plane
Erin Holme?
In fact, shouldn't it
have been you instead?
Miss Holme?
- [snorts]
- Miss, your hotel.
[soft music]

- Hello.
[indistinct chatter]

- [speaking Fijian]

- Thank you.
Nice to have you again
with us, Miss Holme.
- Could I have
the same room as before?
Um, room 118.

[keys clacking]
- It's available.
[phone chimes]

[dramatic music]

Welcome back, Miss Holme.
- Thank you.

[thunder rumbles]
[concerned chatter]
- Ma'am, please, sit down.
[PA chimes]
- Ladies and gentlemen,
I apologize
for the severe turbulence.
I kindly request that you
remain seated
with your seat belt
securely fastened.
I assure you that we are
doing everything in our
to minimize
any further discomfort.
Once again, thank you
for your patience,
and we apologize
for any inconvenience caused.
[PA chimes]
- [breathing sharply]
- Are you okay, dear?
- I'm telling you now,
this resort better be worth it.
- [chuckles] Looks like
your sister was the lucky one.

- [sighs]
[easygoing island music]

- [speaking Fijian]
What's so important?
- Uh, the Internet.
- Thought we could have a chat,
you know, as we're on holiday.
- I'm not stopping you.
- [sighs]

Pete's having an affair.
- What?
- I'm sorry. That's the first
time I've said it out loud.
[sniffles, exhales deeply]
- What--how--when did you--
Who with?
- [sighs]
I don't know.
- Well, then how
can you be certain?
- Trust me.
I'm pretty damn certain.
- And that's why we're here?
Oh, Lori, I'm sorry.
What an absolute piece of shit.
Fuckhead, fuckhead twat.
I'm--I'm going to tear
his doughy face off.
- No, he doesn't know.
- [scoffs]
What do you mean?
- I couldn't face
the confrontation.
I just got my sister and ran.
I'm sorry to just drop it
on you like this,
but things are going
to be changing.
- Well, maybe
they don't have to
if you haven't spoken to him.
You know,
maybe it's salvageable.
- [breathes deeply]
- What am I looking at?
- A positive pregnancy test.
Not mine--
hers, the other woman.
I found it in our car.
Bitch must have left it there
I mean, this has obviously
been going on for months,
and Pete's not had
the balls to tell me.
- He got her pregnant?
- Yeah, like I said,
things are going to change.
We need to start thinking
about moving out.
- No.
- Darling,
I know this is upsetting,
but, well, we still have
each other,
just like always.
- Lori, why are you
in this position?
- Me?
- 20 years you've been
and you haven't had any kids--
who does that?
- You know I want children.
- What do you actually do
about it?
- Well, it's always been
on Pete's terms.
After we're financially secure
or once the business
is up and running,
after this project
is out of the way.
- But you never push him,
because you're weak,
and that's your problem.
You're a fucking pushover,
and now look.
- How fucking dare you?
What's going on here?
- What do you mean?
- Oh, God, no.
- What?
- [crying]
Oh, God.

- Everything's fine.
Please keep
your seat belts fastened.

- Any chance of another
gin and tonic?
[light laughter]

[thud, plane rattling]
[all screaming]
[engine whirring loudly]
[plane rattling]

[indistinct panicked chatter]

- [grunts]
- Ladies and gentlemen,
for the sudden descent.
It was a necessary maneuver
to evade the thunderstorm,
which is a little nastier
than we first thought.
From now on, we'll proceed
at this lower altitude.
I ask that you remain seated
and keep
your seat belts fastened.
- Yeah, no shit.
Oh, my God.
[somber music]

[upbeat electronic music
playing through headphones]

- [speaking Fijian]

[engine turning over]

[plane rattling]
- [sighs]
Come on, diazepam,
don't fail me now,
after all we've been through.
[thunder booms,
passengers gasp]
Did anyone else see that?
- There's smoke.
I can see smoke.
Something's on fire.
I'm telling the pilot.
[passengers scream]
- Sit down.
- How can you just sit there?
- I do smell burning.
- Is that--is that
what I think it is?
[all screaming]
[suspenseful music]

Oh, God, I can't believe
I'm saying this.
This plane is going down,
nosedive straight
into the ocean.
My fucking God. I need you
to do something for me.
Swear to me, Pete.
If you and me were ever worth
shit, you keep Erin close.
Do you hear me?
You keep her close.
Look after her.
Swear to me, Pete.
Oh, my God.
[screaming continues]

[singer vocalizing]

[plane rattles,
engine whirring loudly]
[wind whistling]
[baby crying]
[indistinct chatter over PA]
[people screaming, sobbing]
[breathing deeply]
[no audio]

- Go on, then.
Run away.
No one needs you, little Erin.
Just go fuck yourself.

[soft music]

- Bula.
[speaking Fijian]
- Bula.
[speaking Fijian poorly]
[speaking Fijian poorly]
[chuckles] You speak English.
- Better than your Fijian.
- Yeah, well, I called
and spoke to someone,
and they didn't understand me.
- Ah, that'd be the old man.
What you after?
- Please tell me that works.
- It better.
Installed it myself.
[engine whirring loudly,
wind whistling]
[plane rattling]
- Okay, pause there.
Okay, forward.
[wind whistling]
[somber music]

[keys clacks]
- Guessing that's not your sis.
- [gasps]
[singer vocalizing]
It's the pilot.

[breathing heavily]
- Once upon a time,
in a far off land,
there was an enchanted
[passengers scream]
- The forest
was a special place
full of magic and wonder.
Deep in the heart of the forest
lived a beautiful princess.
Nothing could harm you
in the enchanted forest.
The enchanted forest.
- [echoing] Nothing could
harm you in the enchanted
- [breathing heavily]
- What the fuck is going
on here, Captain?
- This isn't Limaji.
- It's uninhabited.
No evidence of human existence.
- [gasps]
Oh, God.
- Do I scare you?
I should.
- What the hell are you doing
in my dad's house?
- I'm going to find my sister.
I'm coming.
- Boat. Boat!
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