The Castaways (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

- This isn't Limaji.
- It's uninhabited.
No evidence of human existence.
- What the hell are you doing
in my dad's house?
- I want to find my sister.
I'm coming.
- [gasps]
Oh, God.
- Do I scare you? I should.
You've gone viral.
- Don't take another step.
[engine rumbling]
- Boat. Boat!
I can't find the lighter.
Someone took it.
[dramatic music]
[tense music]
Oh, come on, you bastard.
- Lori, please.
- No, I can do this.
- Let it go.
- Ah.
- Never put me
through that again.
- Come on, you can't deny
it was worth it.
Well, what if there
isn't any fruit left?
What do we do then?
There's still a good half.
- I'm good.
- You didn't have
your ration this morning.
- I said I'm okay.
- What the hell is that?
- Well?
- I don't know.
- Betrayal.
Pure and simple.
Somebody here
has betrayed the rest of us.
So come on, who was it?
We're starving, there's no
Amber can't produce milk
to feed her baby,
and somebody's been having
a bloody picnic.
Get the Pimm's out,
why don't we?
- Don't you dare look at me.
- No need to get defensive,
Captain Crash.
Unless you got something
to hide.
- Oh, come on, guys.
We don't need to do this.
- I presume
this is the same traitor
that stole Lori's lighter,
the one that killed us.
We're stranded here
with not so much
as a passing pedalo,
let alone a boat.
- We're not going to die here.
- So I want to know.
Who's the Judas?
- Looking at me?
There's a shock.
It's getting boring, you know?
- No one's accusing you, Felix.
- Aren't they?
- If someone did hide food,
I can't say I blame them.
I mean, human nature
is a powerful thing
when there's not enough
to go around.
- That someone being me?
- That's not what I meant.
- Why can't it be you,
Mr. Holier-Than-Thou?
Why are you so untouchable?
- Hey, back off.
Why don't you accuse me?
I'm the one who found them,
a bit convenient.
- Stop arguing, please.
- Amber's right.
For the sake of keeping
that precious child alive,
I call an amnesty.
Whatever any of us have done,
we forgive.
This group, this is all we
And at least today's rations
are a little more exciting
than usual.
- Thank you.
- Right?
- I suppose so.
- I'm not hungry.
- Don't give me that shit.
- It was me.
Felix is right.
They're my chocolates.
Well, Heather's, and I kept
sneaking off to eat them.
I apologize unreservedly
to each of you.
And I don't deserve this.
- That was bullshit back there.
- Lori.
- [sighs]
You want us to stick together,
so you're taking the blame.
Oh, God.
No one's coming, are they?
- You're gonna survive this.
You're stronger
than you think, Lori Holme.
- Even my own sister
called me weak.
- I thought you supported her
as a child,
raised her yourself.
- I had no choice.
- Not overflowing
with options now.
They need you.
- [chuckles]
Oh, yeah.
Felix definitely needs
survival advice off me.
- He is just as scared
as the rest of us.
They need you for who you
To lead them.
- [chuckles]
That's your department.
- Mm.
- There's a bus to Suva
every two hours.
You can wait here.
- Where's Lori?
My sister,
she was on the plane with you.
What happened?
- The flap actuator
the lightning strike.
Total mechanical failure.
- But they said it landed
in the middle of the ocean,
and it can't have, 'cause
otherwise you wouldn't be here.
Why haven't you told anyone
that you're back?
- I think you just saw why.
- Who is she?
Why is she trying to kill you?
- For this.
I think it's best you go home,
It's not safe,
you being here with me now.
- So what?
You're gonna disappear again?
- Correct.
- Fine, I'll go to the police.
I'll tell them that you're
and you'll be looking
over your shoulder
for the rest of your life.
- What's new?
- Mike, please, please, please.
I'm begging you.
- Get out of my way.
- I see that you're not
telling me something.
I know you.
I spoke to you that night.
You're just like me. You're not
telling me the truth.
- Lori's dead, okay?
Your sister's dead.
Everyone died
on that plane crash but me.
I was the only survivor.
I was trying to spare you
the gory details,
but there you have it.
I hope you're fucking happy.
- You're lying.
I know she's alive.
I can fucking feel it.
[phone ringing]
- Don't answer that call.
If you tell anyone
you're with me, I swear I'll--
- Hello.
It's for you.
It's your daughter.
[apprehensive music]
- Mike? Are you there?
- Yeah, he's here.
- Dad?
[engine shuts off]
- Tash? You okay, darling?
- There's a woman in my
She says you need
to come here now.
She's got a fucking gun,
What did you do this time?
[tense music]
- [shouts]
The hell with this bloody raft.
- Like that's going anywhere.
[baby fussing]
What do you think?
- What do I think?
I think I'm a mother
who can't feed her baby.
- It's okay.
What a surprise,
Daniel's checking out Amber.
- What are you talking about?
- You don't have to keep it
a secret, you know?
- It'scomplicated.
He's married.
- Had that ever stopped anyone?
But, what,
you have talked about it?
- Maybe.
- [chuckles]
[baby cries]
- Oh, please, Sonny.
He's giving up.
[somber music]
My baby's giving up.
- How's it looking out there?
- Same.
- We're super grateful
for all the fish you caught.
Without you, we wouldn't
have made it this far.
The thing is,
Amber isn't producing milk,
so Sonny's starving,
like really properly starving.
- Mm-hmm.
- Right, and I understand
what you said about
the whole riptide
current problem,
but I was wondering
if there's any way--
- Don't you think I'd be out
there fishing if I thought
that I could feed that boy?
- Surely it's worth a try.
[soft tense music]
- Head right out there
and try your luck.
- But I--
- Hey!
Hey, guys!
You got to come and see this.
Come on!
I saw it whilst I was foraging
for those repulsive berries.
- Where did it come from?
- It must have fallen
off a cargo ship.
- It has to be food.
We manifested this.
- Can we swim to it?
- Not if you fancy
making it back.
You'd be pushing
against the current.
Fatigue will kill you.
- How about climbing down?
- It's pretty sheer.
Could abseil it,
but then you need some rope.
And if we have rope,
I wouldn't be tying this raft
together using vine leaves.
Should we jump it?
I mean, that tidal pool
looks deep enough.
- Current will bring you back.
But no guarantee
that it's deep enough.
It could be suicide.
- Well, we're getting it
one way or another,
so what's the solution?
Jack'll know what to do.
Where is he?
- Oh, I didn't see him.
I presumed he was with you.
[somber music]
- Jack?
Jack! Jack!
Where are you?
No, no. Jack!
Help! Help!
Jack! Jack! Jack! Jack!
Jack! Jack!
No. No.
- What?
- It's this she's after, right?
If I don't show up,
what can she do?
- Jesus.
My dickhead radar
was broken that night.
- I seem to remember,
sweetheart, you were the one
pushing the tequilas that
- Your daughter
is being held hostage
by a very armed
and very dangerous woman.
- Tash doesn't want to see me.
- She wants a father.
Trust me on that.
- Fuck's sake. Stay put.
- Ah, if you think
I'm letting you out of my--
- This isn't a game, Erin,
You don't mess about
with those people.
You stay here. I mean it.
[soft tense music]
- You gotta be kidding me.

[indistinct muffled speech]
- You're scaring my daughter.
There's no need to drag
my family into this.
How are you, darling?
- Oh, I'm tip fucking top,
Mike. How about yourself?
Alive, I see.
Not that your family would have
the first fucking clue.
- Quiet.
Where's the girl?
- Oh, I ditched her.
She talks too much.
How did you find me?
- Open source investigators.
It's incredible
what you can find online.
- Tell your boss
I have the money,
but I don't have it
on me right now.
- Don't you think she might
have heard that one before?
Look at you, you're pathetic.
- I'm not here for money.
- I don't get it.
- You're gonna take me
to the island, Captain Brasse.
- What island?

- Dad's not much of a liar.
- And after all that practice.
Just get her out of here, Mike.
Give her what she wants.
- I don't know about any
I swear to you. What island?

- Which of your neighbors
is your very best friend?
Okay, go there,
and your mommy will come
pick you up later, okay?
- My patience is wearing thin.
Maybe you should listen
to your daughter
before I have to take
more extreme measures.
- Okay, all right, I'll take
you to this bloody island then.
- Thank you. Let's go.
Car's outside.
- Tash, I'm so sorry about
I'll make it up to you
this time.
I promise I will
make it up to you.
- Don't bother, Mike.
Stay out of our lives.

- Maybe I should take over.
- Is someone gonna say
something about Jack?
When you love someone, you--
you have to be with them,
no matter what.
Jack is with his soulmate now.
It's what he wanted,
so we should be happy for him.
- Oh, bollocks, Amber!
He did it because all our names
are gonna end up
on this fucking tree,
and he knew it.
- I don't think now is the time
for this defeatist attitude.
- When is it, then, Mike?
How much worse than this
can it get?


Come on.
Come on.

[tense music]

[singer vocalizing]
- Once upon a time,
in a far-off land,
there was an enchanted forest.
This forest was a special place
full of magic and wonder.
Deep in the heart of the forest
lived a beautiful princess.

- Just keep reading, Erin.
- In the enchanted forest,
the princess was never alone.
Nothing can harm you
in the enchanted forest.
- Nothing can harm you
in the enchanted forest.

Nothing can harm you
in the enchanted forest.
- [voice muffled]
Lori! Lori!
Lori! Lori!
- [coughs]
- That's it. Breathe, breathe.
Breathe, breathe,
breathe, breathe.
Breathe. Breathe.
- [breathing rapidly]
- That funny, is it?
What were you thinking?
You could have drowned.
- I have no idea.
- You don't give up, okay?
- Okay.
- Holy shit.
Lori, you did it.
- Oh, God, please say it's
[soft tense music]

No, no, no.

God, no. Oh.
[sobbing softly]
[sobs softly]
[suspenseful music]

- [speaking indistinctly]

He's flown plenty before.
- You might want
to put these on.
It gets loud as shit in here.
- All right, all right. Jeez.
[engine rumbling]

- Are you okay?
- Yeah, thanks to you.
No, really,
I was a goner out there.
I don't know what the hell
I was thinking.
- You were thinking
of the group.
- [sighs]
Jack would have laughed.
- Maybe we will, too, one day.
- You believe in that?
One day?
- Maybe.
- My mum was a hairdresser.
Every Sunday night,
she'd blow-dry my hair.
All I ever wanted
was to be like her.
Then of course,
I did it to Erin.
She hated it,
screaming the place down.
God, I wish Jack was here
to tell us what to do.
What are you doing?
- Rope.
[soft uplifting music]

- Three, two, one.
Come on.
- Come on, come on!
- Come on!
[all straining]
- Come on!
- Come on, keep going.
- Yes!
- Come on, keep going.
- This way.
- Keep it going.
- Keep it going, guys.
- Here we go.
- Yes!
- Yeah!
- Yes!
- It's working.
- Whoo-hoo!
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
- Whoo!
- Whoo!
- Someone's got
to test this thing.
I'll do it.
- Come on.
- Yeah!
- Whoo!
- Whoo, come on, Lori!
- Oh, there we go.
Oh, there we go!
- Smiling!
- Whoo-hoo!
- [laughs]
- So which direction
is the nearest land?
- Populated?
Due southwest, 120.
120 klicks, about.
- So you'd leave
from the small beach.
Chances of making it?
Weeks at sea,
exposure, and dehydration.
Just staying afloat,
low as it gets.
- Well, we need to try.
- Yeah, she's right,
that thing is our last chance
of surviving this place.
- I'll do it.
I mean,
it's a bit of a Hail Mary,
but I always fancied a flutter.
- [sighs]
Well, you need
supplies, water, money.
- Mm-hmm.
- Felix should go.
- The fisherman?
How does that make any sense?
- Well, he's
the strongest swimmer.
His survival skills.
It's basic odds.
[soft tense music]
- Felix?
- If that's
what the group decides.
- Amber's already struggling
to feed Sonny.
Felix leaves, and we are
endangering that boy's life.
- Or giving him the best chance
of survival.
Felix can just teach us
how to use his spear.
- Why don't you go?
- We both know
I'm a horrible swimmer.
- Then it has to be Mike.
- Sounds fair.
- We can't trust him.
- What did you say?
- It was Mike's chocolate.
- Now, hang on a second.
- Deny it. Go on.

He's legally liable
for the crash,
and he stashed food when
he knew we were starving.
If he reached land, how could
we trust him to come back?
He'd let us die here
to save his own skin.
- And you let Jack
take the blame?
- Mike.
- Fine.
I won't go
on the suicide mission.
That suits me.
- Great, well,
that's settled then.
Felix leaves at first light.

- Who else survived?
I need to know
what I'm walking into.
- Daniel Eldridge,
Felix Vatubua,
Amber and Sonny Gordon
And the sister, Lori Holme.
[dramatic music]

- Left arm forward.
That's it.
Eyes down the sight.
Hold steady.
Now, full body weight
behind the gun,
stops the recoil
messing up your aim.
Take it off safety. You're set.
Just breathe
and fire when ready.
- Ah.
I don't have
your killer instinct.
Sorry, I didn't mean, um--
Those rumors are nonsense.
I know you're not a killer.
- They're true,
everything they say about me.
It happened.
- You don't have
to tell me anything.
- It's supposed
to prep you for it,
but we, uh--
we came under sniper fire,
and the noise
it was mayhem,
just complete mayhem.
And I just--
just had to make it stop.
I had to get out of there.
[pensive music]
I didn't even remember
pulling the trigger.
It was like the gun
was controlling me.
Things got haphazard, random.
I was lost in that state.

By the time I came out of it
My mates were all dead.
- You were just a kid.
- Still follows you around,
you know?
- Is that why you threw
your phone away at the airport?
- [chuckles]
Tourism is the family business.
I'm not good for it.
They wanted me
out of the picture,
and that's what hurt the most.
I didn't take it too well.
- I don't blame you.
I hope one of these still works
when you get there,
wherever there is.
[exhales deeply]
Well, you should get some
- Stay.
I hope that this isn't
the last time that I see you.
- Better not be.
[soft heartfelt music]

[soft tense music]

He's leaving.
He's fucking leaving!

You backstabbing piece of shit.
[harpoon gun clicks]
- Ah!
- [breathing quickly]
You fucking bastard!
You're fucking guilty!
You piece of shit!
- Yeah, yeah.
Come on.
- Motherfucker!
Have a good trip!
- Ah, mm.
- Looks like you need it!
- Oh!
Come on. Come on, Mike.
Come on, Mike Brasse!

Come on, Mike.
- Hey! Hey!
- Where are they?
- [exhales sharply]
There's a camp.
I'll show you.
- Keys.
- You gonna tell me
what this little game is
that you're playing?
- You take me to them.
If you alert anyone
of our presence,
I kill you.
- What are you gonna do
with them?
- None of your concern.
[dramatic music]

Get a move on!
- [panting]
[singer vocalizing]

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