The Catch (2016) s02e02 Episode Script

The Hammer

1 - Previously on "The Catch" - Tommy.
He really is my brother.
You okay? Actually, I could use your help.
The overseas account was opened in Tommy's name by his former employers.
I used to walk their dogs.
Alice: Hello? Mr.
and Mrs.
Kincaid? Benjamin Jones, Agent Justine Diaz.
What would you say if I told you I could get you out of here tomorrow? Setting up cons, pulling jobs, but looping me in so that I can collect evidence, make arrests.
- He accepted the deal? - Without consulting me? It's only 18 months.
Margot just became the head of one of the most powerful crime families in the world.
She's got bigger problems than you right now.
Our assets are under attack.
Our people are disappearing.
Whatever this turns out to be, you'll handle it.
[Silenced gunshot] [Grunts] Margot: Good morning, ladies.
I find myself suddenly in need of a private investigation and security firm.
I have a business proposition for you.
Oh, for God's sake, put the guns away, ladies.
I am unarmed.
No, scratch that I am armed.
But only because someone is trying to kill me.
- Really, just one person? - And it's not me or Alice? A sniper just shot my left lieutenant Jamison in the head right in front of me.
I want you to find out who.
You want to hire us? You are still a private investigation and security firm, are you not? No thanks to you.
I am aware of the irony of this situation.
I tried to put you out of business, and now I am asking you to find out who's trying to kill me.
And why would we ever do that? Because you need clients and cash.
Which I can supply Half a million dollars Real, not counterfeit.
You can check.
And there'll be another just like it when you've caught whoever's doing this.
So, shall we discuss? We are not working for Margot Bishop, are we? - We can't.
- I don't know.
With this much money we could rehire the entire staff, get the security team back It's a con.
She's playing us.
She has no reason to play us.
She's already won.
So, this what we're doing now? We're working for criminals? Alice: I don't know about you guys, but I won't feel safe unless I know where Margot is and what she's doing every second of the day and night, which is what she's paying us to do.
Will you tell her about Ben? That he's out of jail and working for the FBI? You gonna tell him about Margot? If I do, he'll tell me not to take the case, he'll threaten Margot, she'll try to kill him.
So you're not gonna tell him? [Knock on door] Val and Sophie and I can handle Margot.
You can stay focused on Tommy.
You don't have to get involved.
I'm already involved, and I'm not taking my eyes off that woman.
That's the whole point of this.
But thank you.
Where are we on Tommy's case? What do we know about the Kincaids? Only that they're not the Kincaids.
Jimmy and Cathy Kincaid are aliases that only go back eight months.
Any leads on who they really are? We're running their faces through the QR-20, but no matches so far.
Maybe Tommy can help.
I tried him.
He's not picking up.
He better pick up.
[Phone rings] Vaughan residence, Tommy speaking.
- Did I wake you? - No, but that's only because your boyfriend already did.
Fiancé, thank you very much.
Seriously, who grinds coffee beans before 7:00 A.
? So, Ben is there with you? Yep.
He's looking very fit.
You want to say hi? I would, actually.
You leave for work way too early.
What are you still doing there? You're undercover.
We're supposed to be discreet.
We will be the minute I get my first assignment.
Listen, I-I have to tell you something.
I have a new client.
Uh, there's a lot you have to tell me.
According to Tommy, you were quite the little cheerleader in high school.
Head cheerleader At least she was before she got herself suspended.
Can you put my brother back on the phone, please? Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
What did you get suspended for? Oh, just put him on the phone.
I'll tell you later.
Thank you.
Tommy, no, you won't.
I need you in the office.
We have questions for you.
Well, is this about the Kincaids? Do not mention the Kincaids or the money to anyone, even Ben.
- But - Do you understand? Are you this bossy with all your clients? - She is, actually.
- I heard that.
Put Ben back on the phone.
Good luck.
What is he not supposed to tell me? I don't want him talking about his case, and I don't want you talking about your new job or any of your old jobs.
Well, then, I guess we're gonna have to go back to talking about you.
I'm coming over there.
No, I'm late for work.
Got to go.
[Phone beeps] The suspect's name is Kenji Yoshida.
He is the chef at the restaurant Vinzu.
Impossible to get a table at Vinzu.
[Sniffs] I've been there several times.
And why don't we like Kenji? Our informant tells us that Mr.
Yoshida is his source for high-end contraband.
- Meaning? - It could be anything - Fine cigars, pharmaceuticals - Mmm.
Shall I make us a reservation? This mission is recon only.
You'll be going in after hours to place cameras.
So, when the footage just happens to land on your desk the judge will give me my warrant.
So, we go in as property managers.
Public health inspectors.
A film crew scouting for locations.
You'll be going in as exterminators.
[Both laugh] - You had me there for a second! - I like her.
She's funny! Oh, the Bureau will provide you with uniforms, spray cans, whatever else you may need.
Uh, you guys don't have to do that.
No, no W-we'll do it all ourselves.
We'll come up with our own cover.
Yeah, we have our own equipment.
You'll pay for it, obviously, but Oh, I get it.
You guys are pros.
Independent contractors.
Artisans, really.
The best con men in the business.
Which is why I can't trust you.
I mean, would you trust you if you were in my position? Which is why we're doing things my way.
Or go back to prison.
It's your choice.
Wait, the Kincaids are not the Kincaids? We need you to think back.
Did they ever call each other by different names, or have pet names for each other? - I don't know.
- Or did they ever have visitors? Did you meet any of their friends? I don't think so.
When was the last time you saw them? Oh, okay That was on a year.
I, uh I don't know.
Two people are dead, Tommy.
You could be next.
Yeah, I get that.
Okay, then think.
Give me something.
When was the last time you saw them? Oh, um, what happened to their dogs? - [Sighs] - The police have the dogs.
Good, because, you know, they're both chipped.
We didn't even think of that.
The chips'll lead us to whoever registered the dogs.
And that might give you the Kincaids' real names.
Thank you.
I got it.
[Clears throat] From the trajectory of the bullet, it looks like the shooter was positioned on the roof of the Wiltshire Building.
Allie, take a look.
There's no apparent markings.
It's not like any bullet I've ever seen.
You've seen a lot of bullets, have you? She spent seven years with the L.
Really? Why'd you leave? - It looks custom.
- I'll get it to the lab.
I don't think they'll find anything.
The shooter was a pro.
Then how did he miss? Unless Jamison was the target.
Jamison and I switched positions rather suddenly Bless him.
We'll need a list of suspects, an enemies list, present company excluded, of course.
You can start with my three missing lieutenants.
If I were to write a list of everyone who wants me dead, we'll be here all day.
You will be here all day.
We'll get you a new room, but you're not going anywhere until we catch the shooter.
Valerie: So, no room service, no phone calls, no Internet, we'll get you a new burner phone, and a laptop with our security protocols.
Which means no contact with anyone except from our team.
You get hungry, we'll feed you.
You get thirsty, we will refill the mini-bar.
You get bored or lonely or stir-crazy too bad.
We're in charge now.
You're enjoying this, aren't you? More than I thought I would.
- Hey! - Hey! Sophie tells me we may need to get you your own desk at the office.
Nice work with the dogs today.
Thank you.
And I don't like to brag, but I also set a mean table, as well.
Four place settings? Guess who's coming to dinner? - [Chuckles] - Oh, don't be mad at Tommy.
This whole thing was all my idea.
- What whole thing? - Dinner! Hey.
Well, not yet.
[Alice chuckles nervously] Rhys? You brought Rhys over here? Well, I couldn't leave him alone.
He's like a puppy.
He gets into things.
Which is why he can't be here, and you can't be here.
The FBI was very clear about that.
- You are undercover now.
- But I'm not undercover.
Agent Diaz has me sneaking around tomorrow night in a costume.
What kind of costume? I can't even talk about it.
How was your day? Didn't you have something to tell me this morning, a new client at work? Don't change the subject.
This little dinner-party thing can't happen.
Why not? This is my last free night, and I don't know how long your brother's gonna be in town.
I would like to get to know him.
Allie, the only reason I took this FBI deal was that you and I could be together by the end of it like a normal couple.
So can't we, for one night, pretend that we are? You'd think they'd notice if we skipped the salad and just If you don't mind them being alone together Oh, God, we should get back out there.
No, no, no.
It's all right, it's all right.
Don't worry.
I've got Rhys on a short leash.
He's on his best behavior tonight.
And that was the first time I killed a man.
That was the first time? Okay, I think we've had enough wine.
So, there were other times? God, yeah.
I mean, there are so many terrible people in this world.
Yes, there are.
Yeah, uh, no Look, you know what, that was a sordid chapter in my life.
- Mm-hmm.
- It was a terrible time, and thank God it's over because, I'll tell you something, crime does not pay.
I think we can all agree on that.
You don't want to end up in the chokey like Benji.
You know what? You were in prison? What for? It's a funny story.
Tommy, it's not polite to ask people what they went to prison for.
They had him up on all sorts of charges: theft, fraud, conspiracy.
How How How did you get out? - Um - Technicality.
He made a deal.
You know what, enough about us.
Let's hear about you.
Yeah, Thomas.
What brings you to town? Well, actually, I was Tommy's in between jobs at the moment, and I'm trying to convince him, stay in L.
and work for me.
- You are? - You are? - Mm-hmm.
So, you two are close, then? Yeah, you know, I mean I mean, we don't get to see each other very Nearly as much as we'd like to, but.
- We'd like to, but Yeah.
- We've been through a lot together.
That's sweet.
You know what, that almost makes me miss my big sister.
Although Alice will tell you what a vicious, little sour-faced wrecking ball she is.
More wine, anyone? [Knock on door, lock unlatches] Oh, thank God! New phone, new laptop.
Where is it? Ahh.
There you are.
This is agent Melissa Trumbull.
What took you so long? For the next 12 hours, you need anything, she'll take care of you.
What, you're just gonna leave her here? She's your bodywoman.
Oh, so now that you and Alice Vaughan have my money, you're just gonna go off and spend it and leave this Amazonian spy to report my every move? No, thanks.
You're dismissed, Agent whatever-your-name-is.
You're the client.
But those three lieutenants of yours that you thought were trying to kill you They're dead, shot in the head just like Jamison.
She stays.
But outside, in the hall.
I'll call with a ballistics report on that sniper bullet.
Until then, try not to make any new enemies.
[Keyboards clacking] Hey, so, are you staying late, or, do you want to maybe go get a drink or something? Yeah.
Just give me 20 minutes? Why? What are you working on? Show me.
[Sighs] - What are you doing? - Look You're supposed to be investigating the Kincaids, not Tommy.
I know you like him.
I like him, too Is there anyone that you trust? No.
But that doesn't mean Did you run a background check on me? - Ohh, I can't believe you.
- It's my job.
The minute that anyone walks in that door, it is in our best interest Okay, well, I'm walking out that door, so you can either come with me, and I can try and prove to you that there are people you can actually trust, or you can stay here and keep doing that.
Just give me 5 more minutes.
[ Sighs ] Take all the time you need.
[Door closes] Okay.
So, I probably shouldn't have invited Rhys over tonight.
You think? I'm trying to apologize.
And if it's any consolation, I think that Tommy had a really good time tonight.
Of course he did.
He loved you.
That's the problem.
He's very impressionable, and you and Rhys are not Not what? the best role models.
You don't want me to spend time with your brother.
No, it's not that, it's just I'm a bad influence.
Sweetie you're a criminal.
I was a criminal.
Am I not now one of the good guys? Do I not work for the FBI? Can you keep your voice down? My brother's in the next room.
Your brother is not the problem.
You are.
You still don't trust me.
That is not what this is about.
How long is this gonna take, 5 years, 10? What do I have to do? I just went to jail for you.
For 72 hours, and then you made a deal without consulting me.
I was in prison without a phone.
How am I supposed to tell you? So, I'm just supposed to get over it and decide to trust you? Yes! I trust you.
Well, maybe you shouldn't.
What is that mean? It means that we've only known each other for a year, and one of us was lying to the other one the entire time.
Are you honestly gonna throw that in my face every time we have a fight? I don't know! You know, maybe, and I get to.
You know why? Because you lied to me for an entire year.
What if I had done that to you? I would understand that you had no choice, and I would forgive you.
I have forgiven you! You're just never gonna let me forget that you've forgiven me.
What are you doing? I am leaving.
You were right I shouldn't have come over here tonight.
Babe! Babe! It's late! Don't leave.
You're gonna wake up your brother, and, you know, I wouldn't want to corrupt him any more than I already have.
It's not you, it's him.
He is a 35-year-old man who has never had a job.
His life is a complete disaster, and I can't have him looking at you and your life and thinking that that's an option, because he wouldn't last a second in your world.
He's not you.
[Exhales sharply] I'm trying to apologize.
So you don't trust him, either.
No, of course not.
Tommy: Wow.
Tommy, it's not what I meant.
No, no, no I think it's pretty much exactly what you mean.
Tommy, I was just leaving.
- No.
Come on.
Tommy, wait.
- You guys talk.
- I'll call you later.
- Don't go.
Please Ben.
[Door closes] [Keyboard clacking] Good morning.
What are you doing here? Val said you were disappointed I wasn't giving you enough personal attention, so I sent Agent Trumbull home.
When? Around 6:00? Couldn't sleep? Guilty conscious? What do I have to feel guilty about? Does Ben know about me, about us? There's coffee on the table.
Let me ask you something.
You don't trust me, do you? Did you put something in this? No.
I'm just saying You and I working together We're moving on with our relationship, but you're never going to trust me.
That would make me an idiot.
And I'm never going to trust you.
Nor should you.
But who's asking you to? [Cellphone rings] You might want to get dressed.
We have work to do.
- Hello.
- Hey.
You on your way in? Tually, I am at Margot's.
What?! [Door opens] Ben and I had a fight last night.
I couldn't sleep, so I let Melissa go home.
You're alone with Margot Bishop? - What? - Is she okay? It's fine.
We are fine.
So, you're fighting with Ben, but you and Margot are fine.
What's going on there? I'm putting you on speaker.
- Did we find the Kincaids' dogs? - We did.
They're both registered to someone named Patrick Murphy at an L.
address that doesn't exist.
So, the Kincaids were the Murphys.
Tommy's intel was good.
Who's Tommy? I have to go.
I thought I was your only client.
Tommy's my little brother.
Oh, another thing we have in common.
As you know, I have one of those, too.
How do I look? Justine had them sent over.
There's one for you, too.
Take that off right now.
Ohh, Benji, I thought you'd never ask.
[Equipment thuds] This is ridiculous.
The only reason the FBI recruited us Ah, recruited you.
is because we are the very best at what we do, and we didn't get to be that way by taking orders from other people.
Well, Margot We don't need Margot.
If Justine wants us to take down this smuggling ring Which she emphatically does not.
She will, so we might as well do it the only way we know how.
Not as bug people.
Not as bug people.
I'll use your contacts to get a reservation.
Good afternoon.
And then I'll arrange a meeting with Kenji, but not as Benjamin Jones.
Excuse me, the gentleman that just walked in Is that William Sayles? - The food critic? - Yeah.
Is it? No one's ever seen a photo.
It is him.
Usually he's in disguise, but I saw him once at a bistro in Paris, which he then gave a rather nasty [chuckling] review.
- Will you excuse me? - Sure.
[The Bongolian's "Googa Mama" plays] Give me, give me, give me soul Nah-nah, nah-nah, nah-nah-nah-nah-nah Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah Nah-nah, nah-nah, nah-nah-nah-nah-nah Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah What time it is The soul time, baby Give me, give me soul What time it is The soul time, baby I'm sorry.
I know I shouldn't say anything, but I know who you are.
Well I realize it's inappropriate, but, uh, I have to know.
Are you enjoying the razor clams? The only way I could enjoy them more, Chef is if you'd join me.
Do that boogaloo, do that, do that boogaloo Do that boogaloo, do that, do that boogaloo Yeah, whoo-whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo - Hey.
- Hey.
Where is everybody? Where's, uh, Allie? She's out on a case.
My case? No, actually.
But I'm sure she'll be back soon.
Can I, um [Chuckles] Has Has Allie given up on me? No, of course not.
A-actually, you were right about the dogs.
It turns out they were registered under the name Patrick Murphy, so Jimmy Kincaid was Patrick Murphy.
That makes sense, because the Kincaids used to get Patrick Murphy's mail all the time, but they said that he was the previous tenant.
Uh, wait a second.
[Keyboard clacking] Oh, my God, is that That's a crime scene.
It is, and that is a pile of unopened mail left there.
Maybe some of them are addressed to Patrick Murphy.
So? So, I think you just gave us another clue.
[Phone chimes] Your brother? Ballistics report on our shooter.
Did they find anything? [Exhales sharply] No.
No signature from the weapon, bullet was hand-made "with a hand-lathed nickle-tungsten penetrator tip" With a cast-copper casing.
You okay? No.
I'm a dead woman.
He's called "The Hammer.
" He makes his own weapons and his own bullets.
Totally untraceable Nobody knows what he looks like or what his real name is.
Who does he work for? Alice: He's freelance, apparently Never meets in person, gets paid electronically.
So there's no clue trail.
So, we'll have to lure him out into the open.
And how do we do that? By giving him what he wants Sending Margot Bishop back out into the world.
- Are you trying to get yourself fired? - We are not endangering the client.
You will be perfectly safe.
I promise.
Because I'll be playing Margot Bishop.
I'll be in the line of fire.
Look, I appreciate you using Margot to work out your trust issues, but I am not about to let you put on a blonde wig and a British accent and take a bullet for her.
I'm not gonna take a bullet.
You and the security team will be all over The Hammer before he gets a shot off.
Did it ever occur to you that she may be setting you up to take this bullet? She's not setting me up.
She was scared.
Besides, it was my idea.
Or maybe she made you think it was.
And how's Ben gonna feel about you stopping bullets in his ex's pantsuit? He's not gonna find out, because we're gonna capture the shooter, do the job we were paid for, and then never see Margot Bishop again.
- Promise? - I promise.
We know you said this mission was recon-only.
You only wanted us to plant the cameras.
- But this is better.
- This is so much better.
Kenji loves Benji.
And I love Kenji.
I know he may be a smuggler, but his sushi, the kohada.
Ooh, it will change your life.
And not only that, he's invited Benji back to the restaurant for dinner tonight.
Including an all-access tour, behind-the-scenes So, when we plant the cameras Yeah, we won't have to sneak around like bug people.
We'll have total access.
You won't even need a warrant.
Total access.
What do you think? I think that what I think doesn't matter.
You boys are pros.
You don't need the FBI giving you directives or resources or backup.
- Well - Not necessarily Which means, if this goes south or you blow your cover or if it happens to get back to Kenji that the food critic William Sayles is, in fact, a black man - Wait, is he? - What? You're on your own.
I can't help you.
But you don't need my help, because you got this, right? So, Jimmy Kincaid was Patrick Murphy? - That's our working theory.
- Thanks to Tommy.
Tommy: But then Sophie remembered the photos that you guys took at the Kincaids' house Sophie: And we found this.
The Optican Group.
Another one here and here.
What's The Optican Group? We're trying to figure that out.
There's no current listing.
- You know, it's probably nothing.
- It's not nothing.
Thank you.
We'll We'll We'll keep looking.
[Keyboard clacking] [Taps glass] Listen, what you said last night I didn't mean it.
Yeah, you did.
[Exhales sharply] Everything that you said It was true.
My life is a disaster.
Never had a real job, and then Do you want one? Yeah, of course I do.
Then why don't you work here? I mean, we could use people, obviously, and you seem to have a knack for it.
You don't have to do this, you know? Neither do you.
Allie, we may have a thing.
I found a keylogger hidden on our security network that records every keystroke, log-in, password We've been hacked? I did a sweep when we got everything back from the FBI, but This wasn't the FBI.
You and I need to have a little chat.
What possible reason would I have for stealing your bloody files? For all I know, you killed Jamison.
- To what end? - To put me in front of a sniper's bullet.
Are you seriously gonna make this about you? You made this about me when you ruined my life! I didn't do that all by myself, did I? But you seem to have forgiven Ben for his p Ben didn't call the FBI! I didn't do that to you! I did it to him.
He lied to me for months, maybe years.
I'll never know.
He humiliated me.
He broke my heart in exactly the same way he broke yours.
But, unlike you, I couldn't forgive him.
So I tried to take away the one thing he loved most, more than he ever loved me, and that was you.
And I'll admit, yes, I did lie to you earlier.
I do trust you.
I spent a year studying you, trying to get inside your head.
I know how good you are.
It's why I hired you.
So, why don't you tell me exactly what it is you want me to do, and I will do it.
Anything? Try me.
What are you doing here? I heard the kohada was life-changing.
You said we could do this our way.
- As if I had a choice.
- Then why are you here? To watch and learn, of course.
Do you not want us to catch this guy? I wanted you to plant cameras.
- Will! - Ah! - Irasshaimase.
- How are you? - Good to see you.
- Good to see you.
Ooh, I see you brought a friend, and a beautiful friend, indeed.
- Yes.
- Oh, thank you.
We're, um Darling.
There you are.
Chef Yoshida, Nigel Underhill.
This is my wife, Beatrix.
[Chuckles uneasily] Tonight is our 10th wedding anniversary, and we are huge fans, aren't we, darling? Yes.
Then you must do me the honor of dining omakase Chef's choice.
Well, we We couldn't possibly.
Oh, no.
Come on, Bea.
Surely you can give up control for one night.
[Chuckles] I take that as a yes.
So, where do you get the fish, the Tsukiji market in Tokyo, or My sources will get to the fish before it gets to the market.
Sources for things like fugu.
- Fugu? - Mm.
How do you get fugu into the country? Shh.
Chef, that stuff can kill you.
The toxins It's like a drug if you prepare it correctly.
Now I made this just for you.
Keep staring, you'll blow his cover.
[Breathes deeply] Is that why you showed up, to make sure we don't succeed without you? I am responsible for you two.
You are lucky we are very good.
So you keep telling me.
Why are you here? Because of what your boss will say if we fail, or is it because you're starting to feel about me the way I feel about the hamachi? I'm here as backup Mm.
Unnecessary, but very thoughtful of you.
and to give you these.
What are these? Oh, are they cameras? They're adorable.
Mm, Wi-Fi enabled adhesive back, and connected to the app I put on your phone this morning.
And you want me to get lost on the way to the toilet and plant these? Lucky for me, you're very good.
[Chuckles] All right, fine.
Just make sure there's some hamachi left by the time I get back - Mm.
- darling.
To everything you have achieved here, Chef.
What? Huh? Oh.
What's wrong? You can tell me.
My whole life is keeping secrets.
[Sighs] Most days, I just want to get back to my six-seater in Osaka.
Why is that? Because this this all belonged to other people.
Who? [Sets glass down] We can't talk here.
- What are you doing? - They're on the move.
He's giving him the tour, remember? They're not going anywhere, and neither are we.
Especially when we can watch everything from here.
- Comfy? - Very.
I got involved with some investors, powerful people who are using me and this restaurant as a front for their other interests.
Such as? You don't have to tell me, Kenji.
Fugu is not the only forbidden item left off the menu.
Alice: I have a plan.
Margot's been holed up in her suite for the past 48 hours.
It's a good bet the shooter is staking out the hotel.
She steps outside, he takes his shot, and we take him.
By dressing you up as Margot and using you as bait? Not exactly.
I had a talk with Margot.
She's willing to put herself in the cross hairs.
She'll lure the shooter out into the open, but the plaza will be crowded, making it virtually impossible for him to get a clean shot.
There are three ideal vantage points for the shooter.
We will station security agents at each of them.
Rooftop status report.
- Aerial 1 is clear.
- Aerial 2 clear.
But if the shooter is as good as we think he is, those agents aren't going to be enough.
Aerial 3 is clear.
[Grunts] Alice: In order to catch the guy, we're going to have to mess with him first.
Okay, everyone.
On my mark In three two one.
How are we doing, Alice? I'm good.
Sophie? Just trying to stay in the shade.
- How about you, Val? - I'm still not a fan of this.
Everybody, stay calm.
Rooftop check-in.
Aerial 1, what's your status? - Still clear.
- Aerial 2 clear.
Aerial 3? Aerial 3, come in.
Is there a problem? He's here! Gansit Building to the north.
I'm headed there now.
I'm closer! [Silenced gunshot] He shot at me! [Rifle cocks] [Silenced gunshot] He's picking us off until he finds her.
[Rifle cocks] - I'm here, but he's gone.
- What?! His gun's here, but he's not.
I'll find him.
[Gagging] [Both grunt] [Grunts] Danny! Danny: We got him.
Alice got him.
We want a name.
Who hired you? I get hired and paid anonymously, so you may as well just kill me now.
No one's gonna kill you.
Speak for yourself.
I'll take this from here.
That's not how we deal with things.
You work for me, remember? Actually, we don't.
Not anymore.
We did what you paid us to do.
Now we're done.
Right, Allie? Hmm.
Don't kill anyone.
So, what now? You torture me, kill me? Don't be so melodramatic.
I'm gonna hire you.
You can't arrest Kenji.
He's a smuggler.
He's a culinary genius.
He's a pawn, and if you arrest him, you'll scare away his investors, his suppliers, and his buyers All of whom you can arrest if you don't go after Kenji tonight.
Do you always get this invested in your marks? - Every time.
- No.
- We just need more time.
- No.
The longer this thing stays open The bigger the bust when you finally shut it down.
Plus, think of all the lovely sushi we could have in the meantime.
How much time? A week.
You're not getting a week.
[Elevator chimes] Hey.
How'd it go? Uh, fine.
Is Danny here? Uh, no.
Are Are you all right? Uh, no, actually.
I was shot at today.
What? I It's fine.
I'm I'm fine.
It's part of the job.
I knew that going in.
It's just actually having it happen Sophie, should you Should you be And after, Danny just left without me.
He didn't call or text me to see if I was okay, and, you know, we're We're supposed to Sorry.
Hey, hey.
Don't be sorry.
[Exhales sharply] If I was shot at, I'd probably be dead right now.
[Chuckling] Yeah.
So, the fact that you're even here is kind of amazing.
What? Danny's a fool.
I'm sorry.
I-I shouldn't ["If I Didn't Know Better" by Arum Rae plays] If I didn't know better Is this what we've been reduced to, parking garages at midnight? I think it's kind of hot.
It is kind of hot.
What's this? Perks of the job.
What assignment includes a bento box from Vinzu? Eh, just taking down international smuggling rings, no big deal.
Oh, you're such a good guy.
I've been trying to tell you.
The horns are blowing louder Here's the thing No, here's the thing I am a criminal who's now a good guy who has to pretend to be a criminal, because one day 18 months from now I want to be worthy of the woman I love.
The problem is, no matter what I do from now on, I will never be a good role model for your brother.
Lucky for you, I was never attracted to choirboys.
Not even as a cheerleader? Head-cheerleader, until I got suspended.
Keep talking.
You still have that uniform? [Giggles] I think we're done talking.
I'm wasting my time Fumiko, what's going on? I was supposed to meet Kenji here.
He's gone, Mr.
Gone? Chef asked me to give you this.
Thank you.
[Cellphone rings] [Sighs] Hello? The Bureau is giving you 24 hours to find out as much as you can from Kenji before we arrest him.
So, congratulations.
This time we're doing it your way.
Yeah, about that We may need to come up with a different strategy.
Where you been? You left me three messages, and then you don't pick up the phone when I call you back? Good morning to you, too.
What happened? Where were you? You want to know where I was? I was with Tommy.
Where were you when you left me alone at the plaza after I'd been shot at? Morning.
What's up? You said you had something.
I left the hotel last night to meet up with some buddies at the FBI about Tommy's case.
They ran the names Patrick Murphy and The Optican Group through VICAP for me, and The Optican Group is a front for the Southland Drug Cartel.
- What? - Oh, my God.
So, the Kincaids were selling drugs for the Southland Cartel? And hiding the money in an account with Tommy's name on it? If whoever killed the Kincaids was after that money They're gonna come after Tommy next.
I'm calling him right now.
[Ringtone plays] [Ringtone stops] Does Alice know you're here? Uh, no.
She doesn't.
Thank you.
And I would prefer, to, uh, keep it that way.
Why's that? Because I have access to $3 million.
And I need someone in your line of work to help me steal it.