The Catch (2016) s02e07 Episode Script

The Birthday Party

1 Previously on "The Catch" Tessa Riley.
Is that your real name? Perhaps you should go directly to the source.
Tell us, Mum.
I mean, if you knew she was mine Of course she was yours.
Then why not tell me? Because I knew you'd want to do the right thing Settle down and be a "family.
" Tessa wants to join the Firm.
She's not gonna turn out like we did.
She already has.
Rhys: Who the bloody hell are you? Troy: I'm Troy.
What do you mean, you're the hard drive? When Blackwell needs data copied, I look at it once, it's in here forever.
Troy: What if I could tell you where your husband is? - What? - Special Agent Edgar Diaz.
Your husband is in the FBI? How weird was it seeing Ethan again? - Did you tell them that I killed that cop? - No.
I loved you.
- Ethan.
- I was gonna marry you.
Nick: Ethan Ward was innocent.
I owe you an apology.
I was wrong.
There was a man in my life before I met you.
Ethan Ward.
[Doorbell rings] Can we talk? I know I should've called first, but I-I didn't want to do this over the phone.
- Ethan - When we broke up I wasn't exactly at my best.
And I did some things that I regret.
Me too.
It's okay.
No, it's not okay.
I need you to know that I'm better now.
What I would love more than anything is could we just start again? Hey.
- Hey.
- Hi.
I'm so sorry.
I didn't realize you had company.
- Hi.
- Ethan.
We were just talking about you.
Ben is my fiancé.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
Well, don't let me interrupt.
You guys talk.
No, I'm the one who's interrupting.
I should go.
I'll call you.
- Nice to meet you, Ben.
- You too.
Unless You want to come in for a drink? - Absolutely.
- Okay.
I could definitely use one.
I see you redecorated.
A little.
Oh, that's right.
This used to be your house, too.
For a while.
You two live together? - Yeah.
- No.
I'm here most nights.
And how long have you been - A year.
- Two months.
- No, we've been together for - Dating for longer.
But engaged for two months.
Got it.
Have you set a date? - June 29th.
- We haven't dec We're still, uh, figuring it out.
What do you do, Ben? - I am - He's in [Cellphone ringing] Do you need to get that? Sorry.
Everything okay? Sorry.
I'm gonna have to go.
What's wrong? - Can I help? - Maybe.
It okay if I call you tomorrow at the office? - Of course.
- All right.
Very nice to meet you, Ben.
We should all have dinner sometime.
I'd love that.
Me too.
Me too.
[Door opens] - Alice: Just say it.
- Say what? Say whatever it is you've been dying to say since he left.
He seems nice.
Was I not supposed to tell him that he's not a murderer? I think he probably knows he's not a murderer.
Well, I felt I owed him an apology.
And I did not expect him to come over.
Yeah, well, who doesn't like a surprise? I know I do.
Especially when the surprise has the piercing blue eyes of a Siberian husky.
[Laughing] Come on.
Thank you.
What do you think you're doing? I had a pretty exhausting day.
I found a human hard drive, I met my fiancée's ex-fiancé, who apparently is not a murderer Oh, is that so? And I have an early breakfast with the daughter I never knew I had, so You must be so tired.
Oh, I am.
I really am.
Well, I guess you won't mind if I call up Ethan.
- [Laughs] - You're not calling Ethan.
[Laughs] Tessa: How did you two meet? Your uncle introduced us.
Is that Uncle Rhys? - Mm-hmm.
- Your Uncle Rhys stranded us on a stolen yacht while he disappeared on a three-day opium bender with two prostitutes.
By the time the Italian Coast Guard arrived, we were practically married.
When do I get to meet Uncle Rhys? - How about never? - That can wait.
So, you met, fell in love, and, for 15 years, you were happy together? I was.
Or thought I was.
Your mother and I wanted different things.
Yes, I wanted to steal from Alice Vaughan.
He wanted to marry her.
So you gave up everything The Firm, your whole life together For a mark? It's very romantic.
Thank you.
No, I meant in a teenage-girl way.
Which reminds me, we have a birthday party to attend.
- What? - A Sweet 16 party.
You know other teenagers? Is that so hard to believe? Will there be boys at this party? All girls, I'm afraid.
And their parents will be there.
Relax, Dad.
What is that? Well, I'm not sending her in there unarmed.
Have you been to a kids' party in L.
? Give me that.
May I have a word? [Scoffs] [Door opens] She's not bringing a gun to a child's birthday party.
It's not just any child.
Do you remember Carl and Galinda Mangels? - What about the Mangels? - They were busted by the feds.
Now, it turns out that their crew is less than happy with Carl's successor Raymond Taggart.
Well, Taggart can't handle Mangels' crew.
If I can fold them into Kensington, I will finally have the crew that I need to be taken seriously in this country.
Well, not if you're recruiting teenage girls.
It's Taggart's daughter's birthday.
Tessa's gonna breeze in, plant a few bugs, and I'll learn everything I need.
By putting our daughter in danger.
At her age, we were doing this and worse.
Neither of us had a choice.
I was surviving, and you I was learning the family business, as is she.
- It's too dangerous.
- It's a birthday party.
The answer is no.
Excuse me? She's not going.
I forbid it.
- [Door opens] - Ready? I am, but your father forbids it.
That's so sweet.
No one's ever cared what I do.
Thank you, Daddy.
Coming, Mum? You try telling a teenage girl what to do.
[Cellphone ringing] Hey.
Remember our friend Troy, the human hard drive? Uh-oh.
Did you break him? Rhys, he's going back to the FBI.
He's not.
Justine's keeping him.
I didn't see Troy as her type.
Well, first of all, Troy's everyone's type, and secondly, she's gonna use him to kill her husband.
- What? - Exactly.
You need to come home now.
I hate being the sensible one.
I can't.
You're gonna have to cover for me.
I'm taking a personal day.
What? What What is that? Is that a thing in this country? - Can I have one of those? - No, not today.
Whatever's going on, you can handle it.
Since when? I - [Clicks] - Hello? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Where are you going? Out.
To get Troy some clothes.
You'd better not be.
Troy, where is she going? To take down some arms dealers.
Troy, just because you know everything, doesn't mean you have to say everything.
I go outside for 10 seconds.
What the hell's going on? According to the file I saw at the Bureau, Justine's husband was on assignment to infiltrate some arms dealers, code-named Argosy.
The operation was highly classified, then terminated two months later.
That was six months ago.
Everyone came home.
Except for Eddie.
And you never heard from him? No, I did.
He e-mailed me saying he had fallen in love with someone else.
Which is why you want to kill him.
Just really hurt him.
Argosy is Billy McLeland's outfit.
Troy said they used to operate out of Santa Barbara.
Yeah, they still do.
I may have done some business with them in the past.
So you know these guys? Very civilized as gunrunners go.
In fact Yeah.
They gave me these.
Care for a stogie? When did they give you these? Uh, a few weeks back.
These are Orbazos, from Cuba.
No one here smokes these.
Except for Eddie.
This is proof he's still with Argosy, and thanks to the two of you, I know exactly how to find him.
[Box closes] Ethan Ward is now our client? Not if it makes you guys uncomfortable.
It doesn't make me uncomfortable.
I'm just worried about him.
I left him to work for you.
And Ben is okay with this? He's pretending to be.
He even asked Ethan to dinner.
- Uh, what? - Wow.
- When? - Last night, when Ethan showed up at my door, and we all drank bourbon like it wasn't weird.
And was it not weird? No, it was super weird.
Guys, he's here.
- Detective Anderson.
- It's just "Val" now.
Ethan, this is our in-house counsel and computer specialist, Sophie Novak.
Sophie, pleasure to meet you.
And, of course - Ethan - Hey, nice to meet you.
Ethan Ward.
Well, listen, thank you, guys, for seeing me on such short notice.
Um, it's kind of an emergency.
Last night, me and my entire Board of Directors had our personal information published online.
- What? - Like what? Bank statements, tax returns, confidential e-mails.
- Ethan.
- Oh, my God.
I've got deals falling apart, investors pulling out.
My Board is threatening to sue.
You think it's someone on the inside? You know, at this point, I'm not sure what to think.
That's why I'm here.
Well, we can't do anything about what's already out there, but we can prevent anything else from being exposed.
Sophie, will upgrade your servers to our secure network protocols, encrypt your files while we investigate the hack.
Danny: And we should start with your employees.
Maybe someone you've fired recently or someone from your past that you've forgotten about entirely.
As well as your competitors, rivals, enemies.
They stand the most to gain.
Well, that's a long list.
I've been doing this for a while, and, as you know, I haven't always played by the rules.
Oh, that's okay.
Neither do we.
It's very impressive what you've built here, Allie.
Be impressed after we fix this.
I don't know if even you can do that.
We will shut this down, find out who did it, - and shut them down.
- [Elevator bell dings] Thank you.
We can't take Ethan's case.
Why not? Because I know who hacked his company.
Who was it? It was me.
Please tell us you did not hack Ethan.
- I didn't.
- Oh, thank God.
I asked my friend Heather to.
Oh, my God.
Heather also worked for Anonymous? She still does, which is why, when we were investigating Ethan for murder, I asked her to see if she could find anything, and maybe she left a door open.
Could she have leaked Ethan's data? No, she would never.
She's very truth and justice.
You would love her.
So, she's not a hacktivist working for an anti-capitalist organization? [Sighs] No, she is.
Which is why I never should've asked for her help.
It's why I'm quitting, effective immediately.
- What? No.
- Sophie.
If I don't work here, Ethan can't press charges against AVI.
He won't press charges.
I don't think.
You guys could lose your license if I stay.
This is on me.
I asked you to look into Ethan.
You were doing your job, and you will continue to do that by helping us fix this.
I'll fix it.
- Sophie - I will.
I promise.
This is for the birthday girl.
What is it? Sterling silver hip flask.
I was a girl once, too, you know.
And these are for you.
Plant mics with built-in transceivers.
Mum, you shouldn't have.
Now, position those all around the house and in the back garden.
People have the most annoying habit in this town of discussing business matters en plein air.
Take these, as well.
You didn't mention you were sending me in as a wallflower.
No, quite the opposite.
I need you to mingle with everybody at this party.
Those are so I can help.
Ah, so you'll be my eyes.
As well as your ears.
Oh oh oh oh-oh-oh [Gasps] Oh, my God! [Girls screaming] Oh, my God.
Oh oh oh oh-oh-oh Oh oh oh oh-oh-oh Hey! Margot: Remember, this is a job.
No, this is a nightmare.
I got eyes on Raymond Taggart.
Forget about him.
To get the run of this place, you need to sidle up to his daughter, the birthday girl, Arabella Taggart.
- Any sign of Arabella's BFF? - Maddie Collins? I don't see her, so this is your window.
Then here I go.
You look gorgeous.
[American accent] Hi! Arabella, happy birthday.
Maddie has told me all about you, and she said I just had to come, and now I see why.
Your house is amazing.
Who are you? Oh, my God.
She didn't tell you I was coming? This is so embarrassing.
Oh, well.
I got you a present.
Maddie turned me on to your beauty blog, so these are all the Nars spring colors.
Honestly, though, that shade is stunning.
I wish I could pull off reds.
I mean, I think with your complexion, you could pull off a rose-toned red.
How did you say you knew Maddie? She's my cousin.
I'm Rachel, by the way.
Is Maddie really not here? I don't think so.
I am so sorry.
Do you mind if I call her? Flying a bit close to the sun, aren't we? You know there's no lipstick in that box.
[Normal voice] I also know it's bad manners to open your birthday gift before you've made your eating-disordered friends say no to cake.
Well done.
You're coming in loud and clear.
Who's the girl on the sofa? The girl on the sofa is Stephanie Porter.
Just won state championship for distance running.
[American accent] Stephanie! Rachel.
We met at regionals? Sorry.
I should say you kicked my ass at regionals.
Oh oh oh oh-oh-oh [Normal voice] Who's up next? The young woman in your eyeline is Eve Hildebrand, aspiring poet and folk singer.
[American accent] I have played that breakup song you wrote so many times.
Your metaphors literally, like, destroy me.
Microphone 2 is live.
[Normal voice] Microphone 3 is live.
Microphone 4 is live.
Well done.
They're all coming in loud and clear.
Who are you, and why are you telling people you know me? And that would be your cousin Maddie Collins.
Use your ammunition.
Arabella's boyfriend, Tad, has favorited a suspicious number of Maddie's photos and vice versa.
You know, what's confusing is, I do have a cousin Rachel, only you're not her.
So maybe you should tell me what the hell is going on, psycho? What's going on is you're about to do everything I say.
Why would I do that? 'Cause I've seen all the naked selfies you've been sending to Arabella's boyfriend, Tad.
- What? - What? Oh, yes.
I've seen everything.
So if you want to keep your best friend, you're going to turn around, put on your biggest birthday smile, and tell anyone who asks that I'm your cousin from Where am I from again? - Newport Beach.
- Newport Beach.
Oh, and give me that bracelet.
The bracelet, or I talk.
You shaking down 16-year-olds now? What are you doing here? What is he doing here? I am taking our daughter home.
How did you get in here? Seems my little princess forgot her inhaler.
Let's go.
We're leaving.
- Dad, no.
- Tessa.
Just go, would you? I can handle these idiots.
What about the guards on the grounds? Did you notice the 9-millimeter bulge in their jackets? You think they're gonna care that you're 15 years old? I just found out you exist.
I would hate to lose you to one of your mother's turf wars.
It's my turf, too, now.
And it would've been yours if you hadn't left Mum.
So help me.
Just got to plant a few microphones inside the house.
Absolutely not.
Then I'll make a scene in front of those armed guards.
It's your choice.
And this is no time wave No time This is the only cigar lounge in the area that sells rare Cubans.
It's got to be where Eddie's getting his supply.
And may I ask what you're planning to do if we find him? Just want to talk.
I want answers, closure.
Well, the answer is, he fell in love with someone else.
It happens.
It could happen to you if you moved on.
You don't just move on from a seven-year marriage.
What choice do you have? You have no idea how this feels, do you? You think I've never been betrayed? You could not be more wrong.
Her name was Felicity.
And where is she now? She's gone.
But I know what happened.
I have my answers.
And yet no closure whatsoever.
Rhys: Hello.
I wonder if you can help me.
Today is my birthday, and a friend told me I might enjoy something called an Orbazos? I'm afraid we don't sell those here.
I couldn't help overhear you lying to my friend just now.
Are you saying that if we go in the back, we won't find your secret stash? The embargo was lifted.
Yes, it was For cigars manufactured after 2014.
So, you have a choice I can shut you down, or Or what? You can tell me everything you know about this son of a bitch.
Hey, could you help me break into Heather's apartment? What? I called and texted and e-mailed, and she's not responding.
We have to get in there.
I need to get onto her network.
Isn't this how the whole thing started By you asking your friend Heather to do something illegal? Like you don't break into people's houses all the time.
Not for fun.
Well, could you do it as a favor? If not for me, for Alice and Val.
I messed this up.
I messed everything up.
Please? Come on.
Let's go break into your friend's apartment.
Sophie, I just checked in with the police about Heather.
Honey they found her in her apartment.
She's gone.
She's dead.
[Thud, clatters] What are you doing in here? Come on.
Let's go.
I'm guessing she's yours.
I caught her hiding this under my desk.
You two aren't going anywhere.
Thank you.
Sweetie, if you want to go home No.
What did the police say? They found her body in the tub, a bottle of sleeping pills by the sink, but there was also slight bruising around her neck, which suggests That she was killed.
Oh, my God.
But there was no forced entry, no sign of a struggle, not a single fingerprint, hair, or fiber that wasn't the victim's.
So it was a professional hit.
The police also found Heather's bank statements.
Two days after you asked her to hack Ethan, she made a cash deposit in the amount of $250,000.
So she did sell Ethan's data? Or she was paid to leak it.
And whoever bought the data sent somebody in to cover his tracks.
So let's go find him.
Soph, if the killer knows or finds out that you were part of the hack We'll set you up in the security wing.
- We'll put an agent with you.
- No.
I don't want to just go sit in security.
But they'll keep you safe.
This guy killed my friend.
I have to do something.
At least let me get you a gun for your own protection.
No, I don't need one.
If we find out who he is, I can use my phone and hack into his life a million different ways.
I can hack into his car and drive it off a cliff if I want.
Copy that.
We just need to find him.
I may know someone who can help.
[Cellphone rings] There you are.
What happened? Is your father with you? Oh, he's here all right.
They're both here, Margot.
Raymond, darling.
How are you? Are you well? Happy birthday to Arabella.
They grow up so fast, don't they? - I found the microphones, Margot.
- Ah.
What kind of parents use their daughter to move on another family? For the record, that is exactly what I told her.
Oh, for God sakes.
Raymond, just tell me what you want.
I think a $10 million cash penalty might discourage you from crashing any more of my parties, don't you? - $10 million? - Are you joking? [Door opens] Honey, it's cake time.
Two seconds, baby.
What'd I say? Cake time.
$10 million by 3:00 p.
, or this party ends with a bang.
[Cellphone beeps] I'm coming.
Any sign of Eddie yet? Not yet, but then, not showing up is kind of his thing, isn't it? He'll show.
He won't be able to resist a box of fresh Orbazos.
I'm just saying, anyone who chooses a box of cigars over you is headed your way.
Here we go.
Justine: Turn around.
You can't be here.
It's not safe.
It's not safe for me? You have fundamentally misread this situation.
I'm still undercover.
Are you telling me they left you in play? I will tell you everything.
But you have to leave now.
[Cellphone rings] Impeccable timing.
I need you.
Much as I would love to be of service to you, I need you to look at something for me.
- I'm sending you a photo.
- Ooh.
No, not that kind of photo.
Check your e-mail.
[Cellphone chimes] Why am I looking at a photo of a dead girl instead of your penis? It's a murder case.
It was staged as a suicide.
You do know I'm not the detective, right? I mean, allegedly, that's you.
I know, but I thought, based upon your particular skill set Murdering people.
That you might be able to identify the killer.
Do you think we all just hang out, having drinks and trading pro tips? - [Sighs] - 'Cause we do, occasionally.
His name's Willy Grace.
Loves that bathtub gag.
I'm sending you a photo of us all at the annual murderers' Christmas party.
Willy Grace, okay.
Well, now that I've solved your little murder mystery, I need you to help me with a job this afternoon.
Fine, but first, tell me how to find Willy Grace.
Oh, well you see, now, I'm afraid that will cost you a peen pic.
What am I looking at? That is a photo of a man named Willy Grace, also known as John A.
Kennedy, also known as Syd Quilling.
That is the man who killed Heather.
How did you find out? My source.
Uh, wait.
It's, uh, the only photo I got.
Let me see.
[Clears throat] It's, uh What do we know about him? Where he lives, what he drives, how much he charges for a murder staged as a suicide.
And how do we know all this? Yeah.
Who's your source? You called Margot, didn't you? Should I not have? In my experience, sometimes a criminal can be very helpful.
Grab your phone.
Let's go get this Willy Grace.
Willy Grace? I'm here to talk about Heather Reynolds.
[Engine starts] [Tires screech] [Engine revving] [Tires squealing] [Tires screeching] [Tires screech, horn honks] [Tires screeching] Like I said my friend and I would like to have a word.
Heather's killer is stonewalling the cops.
He's not giving up anything.
Probably because whoever hired him is paying him a fortune to keep quiet.
Think I might know who's paying him.
- What? - How? When I hacked his car's computer, I also accessed its call log.
Six minutes after the killer's NAV system puts him at Heather's place, he made a call to someone named Marcus Nash.
Of course he did.
Who's Marcus Nash? We have to call Ethan.
Marcus Nash has been trying to drive me out of business for years.
He was doing it to us when we were together.
Valerie: How? Stealing contract bids, poaching investors, spreading rumors.
So you think Nash paid this girl - and then had her killed? - To cover his tracks.
And this guy is untouchable Commercial real estate, capital investments, tech companies.
So we're just gonna let him get away with this because he's rich? No.
If he had Heather killed, who knows what else he's gotten away with.
We have to get this guy.
We will.
And you'll have all my resources at your disposal.
Thank you.
What do you know about Nash's current projects? Well, for the past two months, Nash and I have been vying for the old Vauxhall properties downtown.
And now since he's cost you your Board of Directors He probably grabbed them.
Sophie: He has.
Not only that, but he's holding a press event this afternoon to announce his development plans.
Well, that sounds like a party.
And you know how I love parties.
Excuse me.
Would you mind telling me the time? I'm just curious to know how much longer it is I have to live.
Taggart doesn't want a gang war with Kensington.
He just wants to put your mother in her place.
A sentiment with which you clearly agree.
Did I not tell you this was a bad idea? It would've been fine if you hadn't shown up.
Remind me why we're sitting here.
Oh, that's right Because you got caught.
You put me off my game.
That's right.
Blame the parents.
That's what children do.
I was so close to taking down Kensington.
I hired hit men on three different continents.
You paid for stuff on the Internet.
Any idiot with a credit card can do that.
A true con artist relies on her wits.
A true con artist doesn't fall for his mark.
Well, that mark took you down, if I recall correctly.
Yes, and I am desperate to return the favor.
- [Coughing] - Tessa? - Can you help, please? - She has asthma.
Her inhaler's in my jacket pocket.
- Just take it out of my pocket - Daddy and give her her dose, please.
- Daddy.
- Honey, hold on.
We're getting your medicine.
Just hang in there, okay? That was a very convincing asthma attack.
Thank you.
Now please tell me a true con artist knows how to get out of these.
Allow me.
There you are.
Thank you.
[Girls screaming] A new Jaguar.
Arabella's cleaning up.
We're getting out of here.
[Girls screaming] [Gasps] Oh, my gosh! Thank you so, so much, Daddy! You're welcome, baby.
Did my wife order this? From Margot Bishop.
She said the bonus you discussed is in the trunk.
Oh, well, please, tell Ms.
Margot Bishop to expect her delivery shortly.
Thank you.
Park it in the garage.
Take the cash out the trunk, count it.
[Silenced gunshot] You invited your husband here? I couldn't bring him back to our house.
McLeland could be watching.
The FBI could be watching.
But it's okay for Eddie to lead a platoon of arms dealers here.
Aren't you already a customer? Thank you, Troy.
Yeah, thank you, Troy.
It doesn't matter.
He's not gonna show up, anyway.
[Doorbell rings] I hate this guy.
Don't let him sweet-talk you.
Give me some credit.
[Door opens] - Should we give them some privacy? - No.
Why would we want to do that? Which way out? There were two guards on the front door when I came in That's a no-go.
So we'll leave the way I came in.
- [Gun cocks] - Don't move.
See, this is why I hate guns.
[Silenced gunshot] And this is why I love them.
Hello, Mum.
I just gave our daughter the "no gun" speech.
Well, thanks to me and my gun, you'll live to bore her with it again.
Can we insult each other on the move, please? - We got to go.
- We're not going anywhere.
Taggart just tried to ransom you and extort me.
That doesn't go unanswered.
- Margot.
- What are you planning to do? Make this a party he'll never forget.
The Bureau ended their operation six months ago.
They made arrests.
But they didn't get McLeland.
And if they'd listened to me if they'd waited for even two more weeks, I could've delivered him.
Wait a minute.
Are you saying you stayed under voluntarily? Baby Oh, my God.
I can get him.
- I know I can.
- What is wrong with you? McLeland is arming terrorists.
So you stay undercover, by yourself, and then divorce me via e-mail? Wait.
[Sighs] I didn't want you wasting your life, waiting for a-a dead man who was never coming home.
Which basically means he chose work over you.
I'm sorry.
W-Who are these people? These are the people who actually care about Justine.
These are the people who have her back and won't let you hurt her again.
I'm Troy.
That was sweet, but H-He's right.
The longer I'm with you the less safe you are.
And the less safe you are.
Just please know I never meant to hurt you.
I never stopped loving you.
And if I can get out of this alive Oh, you will.
Because we're gonna figure out what to do about McLeland, and then we're gonna get you out.
[Camera shutters clicking] Wow.
Marcus Nash went all out.
So did you.
Ben is a very lucky man.
I will tell him you say so.
He's okay with us working together? He doesn't have a say in the matter.
And he's fine with it.
What about you? Oh, I'm fine with it, too, yeah.
No, I mean, are you seeing anyone? Not that it's any of my business.
Right, 'cause we're just working together.
Speaking of which Marcus.
What a surprise The two of you back together.
What's surprising is that people are still willing to do business with you after everything you've done.
Do you recognize this woman? Heather Reynolds.
These are crime-scene photos, implicating an assassin named Willy Grace, who called you six minutes after he murdered her, according to these phone records.
Bold presentation, but it'll never hold up in a court of law.
What about the court of public opinion? Your press packet.
Bold presentation.
And we made sure that our people put one of those on every chair in this room.
I think the media's gonna have more than a few questions for you.
And not just about the property.
[Crowd murmuring] Get these two out of here now! [Camera shutters clicking] [Reporters shouting indistinctly] What? It's been a while since we were thrown out of a party.
Margot: This is everything that is wrong with raising children in Los Angeles.
This is why we need to take our daughter out of here now.
Too late.
I'm already getting ideas for my Sweet 16.
Just help me with Taggart, and then we'll leave.
I am not helping you kill Taggart at his daughter's birthday party.
The plan was never to kill him, just to take over his crew.
How do we do that? Thanks to your fine work, I've overheard every conversation in this place for the last three hours.
Most of the parents here are Taggart's employees, and they've got grievances.
Which you plan to start airing.
But how do we do that without getting caught? Taggart's just got word he's got a rather messy problem in his garage, so he's off to clean it up, which puts us in the clear.
So if we all work together, I'll have us out of here in 10 minutes, tops.
Give you five.
I'll take it.
Thanks, Daddy.
Now it's a party.
First, there's Scotty Beene.
Taggart's been cutting him out of the profits for the last several months.
Scotty, right? Ted.
- Have we met? - East Coast operations.
Hell of a month, right? Got to say, really generous of Raymond to up our weeklies.
- You got a raise? - You didn't? Margot: While you enrage the husbands, I'll rile up the trophy wives.
[American accent] I can't believe that I'm just meeting you all now.
I feel like I have no one to talk to except for Ted, and he just drones on about work and his buddies and his $10k stipend.
Did you say $10k? I mean, everyone is paid the same, right? It seems Taggart's not just a cheapskate.
He's also a bit of a ladies man.
[American accent] I really shouldn't say.
Debbie's so nice, and her dad is right there.
What is it? Lydia said that Maddie said that Arabella told her that her dad, Mr.
Taggart Mm-hmm.
Is having an affair with Debbie's mom.
Oh, my God! You can't tell anyone.
Margot: We're gonna spread so much dirt on Raymond Taggart to his employees that by the time he returns to this party, he'll be walking into a mutiny.
[Scoffs] Of course I was gonna pay you.
Of course your husband will get his stipend.
Of course not, Frank.
I-I wouldn't sleep with your wife.
Who told you that? Seems you're not very popular, Raymond.
Not only are your people cross with you, but most of them have defected.
- Defected? - To the Kensington Firm.
Pleasure doing business with you.
You watch your step, little girl.
You take what I love, I'll take what you love.
Raymond, father to father, if you come anywhere near my daughter again, I will do more than break your wrist.
My wrist? - [Bones crack] - Aah! Now we can go.
[Grunts] You She's banging Tad, by the way.
What?! [Ice cubes rattling] I just wanted to say thank you.
For what? For going along with all of this.
As if I had a choice.
And for trying to protect me.
Fat lot of good that did.
And for letting Eddie and me spend the night.
What? Here? I can't take him back to my place.
So you're just gonna shag him here? I haven't seen him in eight months.
Well, I'm glad you got the answers you were looking for.
Thank you.
And who knows? Maybe it's not too late for you and Felicity.
No, i-it is.
When Felicity betrayed me, I wasn't quite as forgiving as you.
[Royce Wood Junior's "Valentine Virus Part II (Ode To Prod)" plays] [Reporters shouting indistinctly] That was the scene at a disastrous press conference held by Marcus Nash just hour ago, where it was revealed that he may have ties to the murder of Heather Reynolds.
Nash & Partners stock is expected to plummet, as the FBI has now launched an investigation into the C.
O The feds made a deal with Heather's killer.
He confessed.
Nash paid him for the hit.
We got him, Soph.
He's going away for good.
Thanks, you guys.
And I got it from you Maybe give her a minute, hmm? And then it's good working with you again, Danny.
You did remember.
He remembered.
[Chuckles] Everything looks good.
Nash is in police custody.
They'll need all of our statements.
Happy to help out any way I can.
Oh, how the times have changed.
- [All chuckle] - [Cellphone ringing] - Oh.
- Oh, ignore it.
Come on.
We're celebrating.
[Chuckles] Be right back.
All of it spoken sanely Hey.
I'd almost forgotten the sound of your voice.
It's been less than 24 hours.
Which is officially too long.
How are you? How was your day? It was, uh actually pretty great.
How was yours? It's all just to be with you again It wasn't terrible.
So, I am just wrapping up here at the office.
Yeah, we're just ordering a quick dinner here.
You still there with Tessa? Unless you need me.
No, no.
Take your time.
I'll call you later.
Absolutely, or I'll call you.
I got that valentine virus, yeah I got it from you You want your usual Steak-frites Or do you want something else? - Steak-frites sounds great.
- Your cholesterol.
Do you think this is what it would've been like? What what would've been like? Us.
As a family.
There's a valentine virus I suppose so.
Uh, room service.
Yeah, hi.
Uh, I'd like to start by ordering three martinis.
You are not ordering her a martini.
Why? She asked for it.
She's gonna ask for a lot of things.
That doesn't mean we're just supposed - to give them to her.
- It's one drink.
- She earned it.
- Absolutely not.
You are being ridiculous.
You are being irresponsible.
Tessa, your father's putting his foot down again.
Oh, I love it when he does that.
Do it again, Dad, so I can see.
I take it back.
This is what it would've been like.
It's all just to be with you again Uh, yes, steak-frites It's all just to be with you again Are those two Maybe.
- I don't actually know.
- Mm.
That's what it means to be the boss.
All the problems and none of the gossip.
But I love the gossip.
That was my favorite part.
[Chuckles] All right, well, I have some for you, then.
Her name's Gretchen.
Your girlfriend.
No, my fiancée, actually.
That is good gossip.
I'd love you both to meet.
I ju I I think you'd really like her.
Yeah, I'm sure I will.
Again [Glasses clink] [Knock on door] [Sighs] Tessa, did you forget something? Felicity.
- [Silenced gunshot] - Aah! Who's Tessa? Should I be jealous? I thought you were in India.
Does Rhys know you're here? No, he doesn't.
I didn't come to see him.
Well, what did you come for? I've come to cause a bit of trouble.
Are you up for it?