The Chi (2018) s02e01 Episode Script


1 RONNIE: Previously on The Chi MAN: This is our city.
Our community! DRAMATIC MUSIC Excuse me.
Watch where you're walking, fat boy.
- You need to start taking care - of your responsibilities.
- Is everything all right? Why don't you just mind your business, Emmett? How am I supposed to protect him? WOMAN: You gonna have to get custody.
- 'Cause Jason ain't even yours, man.
- I raised him like he was.
TRACY: You need to find out who shot Jason.
MAN: You're Coogie Johnson's brother? Yes, sir.
We found him standing over a body on the Nine.
You got the chain that I gave him! COOGIE: Take the fucking chain, then! - RONNIE: No! - [GUNSHOT.]
- [GASPS.]
- Just show me who killed my brother, bro.
The one with the hat.
Hey, yo! Little man.
KEVIN: I thought he was gonna take me out, so they hooked me up with a piece.
- Ah! Thank you.
Don't thank me, thank God.
Medicine come up missing.
Are you aware that we have security cameras throughout the facility? I need the gun back.
My boy Jake, it's his brother's piece.
My shit is missing.
Bringing a gun up in my house.
- I had it.
- Mm-hmm.
- And now it's gone.
- You owe me.
RONNIE: I want to confess to the murder of Coogie Johnson.
WOMAN: Ronald Garvey Davis is a military veteran.
No bond.
Suspect is remanded to Cook County Jail pending trial date.
You coming back to the school? [SIGHS.]
I don't know.
KEVIN: Look, man, you could always stay with me if you want to run away from your brother.
- He's my blood, Kevin.
- All right.
If you get in trouble, that's on you.
Man, fuck you! It would be nice to start something of my own a food truck, but I don't have the money for that.
Take it and get that truck fixed.
MAN: Oh, what you got, big man? Soul food in a taco.
Best in the city.
TOWKIO'S "FOREVER" PLAYING I wish I could live forever I wish I could live forever I wish I could live forever We won't do what they tell us Pill poppin' just to feel better Times gettin' hard, we try and keep our head up If we die, we gonna live forever We go where they won't let us We won't do what they tell us Pill poppin' just to feel better If we die, we gonna live forever I said the kids gonna do what they gonna do When it get hot out Hope they make it through summer school 'Cause it get cold-blooded when no 5-0 comin' And when they come around, don't nobody know nothin' It don't feel safe So collard green and ham taco and two mac and cheese.
- I get it right? - Yep.
Cash only.
Man, don't nobody carry cash.
All right I'll get a machine, - but until then, it's on me.
- You sure? As long as you tell all your friends about me.
I'm out here every day.
Hell, yeah.
I got you, man.
And all your play cousins and your coworkers and your neighbors and baby mamas and shit! Yeah, it's concrete, where the kids at? Let me go speak to 'em But if you never seen any mountains or the stars How you ever supposed to know That's the thing you should reach for? I'm saying, though I wish I could live forever I wish I could live forever I wish I could live forever I wish I could live forever We won't do what they tell us Pill poppin' just to feel better Times getting hard, we try and keep our head up If we die, we gonna live forever We won't do what they tell us Pill poppin' just to feel better Times getting hard, we try and keep our head up BRANDON: Jesus fed 1,000, right? So, if I can feed 500 in a week, I figure I can start turning a real profit.
Stop moving around so much and find me a permanent spot.
Give me a call.
I work for the city.
Sometimes we offer financial assistance to small businesses which you'll need, since it look like you're getting a boot.
- What? No, wait! Wait, no, wait, wait.
Come on, man.
I'm just trying to feed these people.
Don't make me call for backup.
Listen Cornelius.
That's a strong-ass name.
All right, look, hear me out.
You want a you want a taco? - I just ate.
- Come on, man.
Let me make you my special pork belly and polenta taco.
It's like crack.
Well, I used to smoke crack.
So I'll be the judge of that.
Well, bet, then.
I wish I could live forever I wish I could live forever I wish I could live forever I wish I could live forever We won't do what they tell us Pill poppin' just to feel better Look if you fuck with it, you can't boot me, and I'll pay all my tickets, I promise.
But if you don't fuck with it, you can put two boots on my shit.
You're mighty confident.
Times gettin' hard, we try and keep our head up If we die, we gonna live forever I said the kids gonna do what they want to do When it get hot out Hope they make it through summer school [GIGGLES.]
Make me another one.
It don't feel safe, cold case, love lost Where the shorties got guns, call it the City of God And they ain't taught how to aim [MUSIC CUTS OUT.]
Give me the bag, nigga.
SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC I ain't got no money, man.
Give me the bag from up under the seat, motherfucker.
It's just a couple hundred bucks, man.
- Give me what you got! - [PISTOL CLICKS.]
Man, I bust my ass all day for this shit.
I should blow your head off just for lying to me, nigga.
- Now give me the keys.
- What? You heard what the fuck I said! You already got my money! What you gonna do with my truck, man? It's a fucking food truck.
It don't even go that fast.
: Today President Bush - announced a five-year freeze - Thanks for your service.
on mortgage rates for subprime borrowers facing the threat of default.
Defaults on subprime mortgages have declined Look, it's Mr.
Ronnie! Welcome home, Mr.
Ronnie! Hey, Asia, Malik, Tommy.
I thought at least one of you would've grown an inch.
I've got something for you, hmm? - Oh, what? - For real? - I want something.
- Yes! Whoa.
Now you can say you've been to all the places that I've been to.
- Oh.
- Wow.
- Wow.
Look what I got.
- Yeah, me too.
- This is cool.
- Thanks, Mr.
ETHEL: What I done told you kids about making this noise outside my door? GIRL: Here comes Miss Ethel.
She's mean.
GIRL 2: Mm-hmm.
She got a shotgun.
Oh, my God! Ronnie! My baby! Oh.
- Oh.
Grandma! You told me next week.
Well, I discharged early.
I wanted to surprise you, Grandma.
Oh! Let me look at you.
Boy come on in this house so I can cook you something to eat.
I'm so glad you're home.
- Meal? How you doing this morning, Jimmy? Meal? Meal? He's still not eating? What do you expect? - He's a fucking junkie.
- Fuck you, Lewis.
One meal's for you.
The other one's for him.
Hey, it's a little something under a tray.
He ain't gonna do nothing but puke it out.
MAN: Unless it's gin, what the fuck good is it gonna do? It's not food, so just take some.
Dilute it with water.
Not too much.
Let it lay between your lip and your gum line.
It'll help.
- JADA: Emmett.
- Emmett.
- [MOANS.]
Emmett! What? Damn.
What is you hollering like that for? I thought you had a full day today.
That summer class? The meeting with the free legal aid office? Oh, shit, I'm late.
I'll reschedule.
Emmett, you rescheduled three times already.
- W-where are you going? - Moving.
I found a really nice one-bedroom.
I thought we was moving next week.
A one-bedroom? What? You serious? Very.
Two months ago, I said you needed to find your own place.
A month ago, I told you again, you need to find your own place.
A few weeks ago, I said it again.
Well, you always saying that.
I thought you was just talking.
JADA: That's the problem.
I'm tired of talking.
You haven't followed through on anything you're supposed to these past few months not your diploma, the custody case with little EJ.
That's not my fault, all right? Tiff is the devil's spawn.
No court is gonna be able to deal with her evil ass, Ma.
So how am I supposed to? Not my problem.
You the one that made the baby with her.
So you just gonna be out like that? Where am I supposed to go? That's up to you to figure out.
Okay, what about EJ? That that's your grandson.
Who hasn't spent the night here in how long? And when was the last time you seen EJ, huh? When was that? Again, it's not my fault.
It's Tiff.
Boy I'm tired.
Ma Pack up.
The movers are coming.
- KEVIN: But, Ma, I feel fine.
You're not fine.
You've been through a lot.
And you need to talk to somebody about it.
Why can't I just talk to you and Karen? Look, I know it's gonna feel weird talking to a stranger, but it's gonna be good for you, trust me.
Ma, therapy is for white people.
Okay, Kevin, I'm not entertaining that kind of ignorance.
If there is anybody on the planet that needs therapy the most, after 400 years of slavery, it is black folks.
Why is that your answer for everything? Oh, no.
Give it to me.
- Really, Ma? - Give it, Kevin.
You're gonna feel better afterwards.
I promise.
- Come on.
We're late for this appointment, you'll be late for school.
I can't believe it happened right in front of the house.
This neighborhood is supposed to be safe.
Dude really caught me slipping.
Did you see his face? Any way that someone you know set you up? [FOOTSTEPS DEPARTING.]
Shit, it could've been anybody just watching my routine around the way.
File a police report.
You love calling the police for some shit.
- What they gonna do? - They might help you find it.
They had 13 homicides this weekend, J.
I doubt they're worried about my taco truck.
Well, call your insurance company and get a claim going.
Brandon tell me that truck was insured.
I was gonna get the insurance and the permits next week.
Really, Brandon? You always get mad at me for treating you like a child.
Man, here you go.
But maybe if you handled your business, I wouldn't have to.
That shit costs money, J.
Between my student loans and trying to pay you back, there's not much left for insurance and permits and shit.
Don't stress about paying me back.
I ain't taking no handouts.
I'll figure out a way to pay you back.
Fine, but maybe you need to get a job at another restaurant just to bring in a little money for now.
Man, I'm tired of working for white people.
You know there are black-owned restaurants in Chicago.
How many of them got Michelin stars? Beggars can't be choosy.
JONES: All right, everyone, quiet, please.
O-okay, everyone.
Quiet, please! We have a presentation.
the hell up! I'm about to bring y'all the solar system.
What Maisha know about the solar system? Probably a lot.
My daddy say, this is a woman's world.
JONES: Nice.
Hey! Hey! Hey! - Hey! Hey! Hey! - JONES: Okay.
I threw that fe fe on the block Okay, focus up, class.
Thank you.
Hey! Hey! Hey! - Bring the liquor and the thotties To the fe fe on the block MRS.
JONES: Whenever you're ready, Maisha.
Thank you, Ms.
The solar system is composed of the Sun and its eight family members called planets.
The Sun is like big mama, and the rest of the planets are her babies.
Earth is the third planet from the Sun.
But Earth looks a little beat-up, and it's dark.
It should be blue and green, right? It's called global warming.
I took a tennis ball and burnt it up.
The Earth is dying, Ms.
Great job, Maisha.
All right, who'd like to volunteer to present next class? - [SCHOOL BELL RINGS.]
- All right, then Okay, Kevin and Stanley, you're up next with your presentations on volcanic eruptions.
KEVIN: Man, what? That mean we only got two days to finish.
Jesus take the wheel.
Y'all fools about to fail.
Watch out, big boy.
We supposed to be last.
Man, don't get me started on these new teachers.
They messy.
You at least draw the sketch yet? Yep.
- [SIGHS.]
What the hell is this? This ain't no volcano.
It look like a-a kneecap.
Do you know what my social calendar looks like? I got Bible study, piano lessons, and I got to sell these candy bars for the field trip to the Shedd Aquarium.
Who wants to go to the Shedd Aquarium? I'm trying to win me a flat-screen.
Give a few of these to your moms to sell at work.
Your dad has a congregation.
Sell them there.
We're on a Daniel Fast.
Besides, what have you been doing? Why weren't you working on it? Remember? I have therapy before school.
Oh, right.
'Cause you shot somebody.
You got two strikes left.
Man, shut up.
We sinking, Papa.
We should just pay Maisha to build us one.
Her solar system was dope.
Yo, Papa.
Jake, man, what's up? It's all good.
Been a minute.
PAPA: Yeah.
I ain't think you was coming back to school.
JAKE: Man, I had to.
Social worker started breathing down my brother's neck.
- Wow, that's crazy.
- Yeah.
- What's up? - What's up? Man, don't tell me y'all still beefin'.
Y'all worse than girls.
- Him.
- Nah, it's him.
Man, whatever.
Y'all know this what broke up New Edition, right? - What? - What? Man, whatever, I got to bounce anyway.
Y'all gonna have to kill this negative energy, Kev.
It's bad for my skin.
Don't come to my house without calling.
- What? - I have been calling.
And texting.
You ain't been responding.
Because we ain't got shit to talk about, Emmett.
What you mean, we ain't got shit to talk about? We have a son together.
I want to see my fucking son.
Where he at? - EJ is doing fine.
- That ain't the point.
The point is, I don't know what the fuck your problem is keeping my son away from me.
Oh, you know what you did.
You called DCFS on me.
They been coming to my house, Emmett.
I ain't did nothing but try to protect my son from them random-ass niggas - you been fucking with.
- He not even around no more.
And I would never let no dude touch my son.
And you wack as fuck for even saying that shit to me.
- Bye, Emmett.
- Tiff, Tiff, Tiff.
- Come on.
- What? Please.
All right, I'm moving.
I don't know to where, and and who knows when I'll get to see him again, all right? I miss my dude.
Let me help you out since you're clearly hard of hearing.
You ain't gonna see him! [DOOR SLAMS.]
Uh, Maisha.
I'm busy.
We want to pay you to build our volcano for us.
Y'all still haven't made one yet? Triflin'.
Do you want the job or not? [LAUGHTER AND CHATTER CONTINUE.]
Kevin, take out a pen and paper and make a list.
I want all of these items from the corner store by tomorrow morning.
Then I'll make your volcano.
For starters, I'm gonna need some Now and Laters watermelon flavor.
I want Lemonheads, three bags of Funyuns, and a 16-ounce bottle of ginger ale to go with my Funyuns.
I want Fun Dip, Jawbreakers, Chick-O-Sticks, Boston Baked Beans, Jolly Ranchers, Mike and Ikes, a sour pickle with a peppermint stick already inside, Hot Tamales, hot fries, Pop-Tarts with frosting, Pop Rocks, Lucas, Twix, Nerds, Blow Pops, sunflower seeds, a Cry Baby, and a Fitbit.
- Did she just say - MAISHA: Shut up, Papa.
I been working on my fitness.
Now, don't try to holla at me once I'm snatched.
How you gonna be big and not like a big girl? Talk about picky.
All right, so, uh we don't have enough money for half of the stuff she wants.
I say we just get her a Fitbit and call it a motherfucking day.
Mama? - Ma! - She ain't here.
Where she at? She went to her sister's house.
- In Delaware? - Yep.
- What the fuck? - That's what I said.
So she just gonna up and leave and not tell nobody when she told me to come get her to get some crab legs? You know how she is.
Does what she wants to do when she wants to do it.
I got robbed last night.
- Oh, shit! - BRANDON: All my money.
- And my truck.
- GREAVY: Damn! Black people can't have shit.
So I guess you need a real job now, huh? My truck was a real job.
Working for myself.
I don't really want to, but I got to set up this interview.
- A little restaurant gig.
- CTA's hiring.
I could put in a good word.
Please don't.
I don't need no church shoes.
I'm good.
Won't you stop talking for two seconds? Damn! [CHATTER CONTINUES ON TV.]
I never got rid of it.
But now I see you need it for protection.
And be careful.
Your mama can't handle losing another son.
Kiesha! - What, Emmett? - Why you ain't answering? 'Cause I'm trying to stay out of trouble.
EMMETT: Look, my moms is tripping.
I need a place to crash tonight until I figure something out.
Is that why you got all them garbage bags? Can you help me or not? Are you crazy? My mama will kill me.
I promise, I can be super quiet.
They won't even know I'm here.
Oh, maybe you can sleep under my bed.
Come on, Kiesha, like, for real? KIESHA: No, I'm sick of you, Emmett.
You only come over when you want something to eat or you trying to fuck.
You never even took me out on a real date.
Okay, let's go on a real date! - Really? Where? - All right, look.
What if I hook your brother up with some shoes? No, Emmett! Now, get out of here before my mom comes home from work.
Hold on.
What the fuck is this? Protein bars, in case you get hungry.
Protein bars.
You're welcome.
Whatever, Kiesha.
Why are you here all the time again? I told you, Miss Ethel, don't you remember? Ronnie gave me power of attorney.
You're paying me out of your social security.
Seattle didn't work out.
Yeah, that's right, 'cause you was stealing.
Yeah, to help you.
Guess you don't remember that either.
You think you can take me up there To get to see Ronnie? I don't think he wants you to see him like that.
But maybe next time I talk to him, I'll try and change his mind.
Yes? What can I do for you? Yes, is Miss Ethel Davis home? Who is that? Uh, she's eating right now.
Can I give her a message? I'm from Family C Realty Group, and we're here following up on our eviction notices.
We left quite a few on the door and called.
"Eviction"? - ETHEL: Shut the damn door.
- Yes.
- And you better stop calling.
- Unfortunately, this property was sold by the landlord and acquired a few months ago.
We're offering a relocation stipend to cover Miss Davis' moving expenses.
ETHEL: I told them I been in this house 30 years, and I ain't going nowhere.
I know my damn rights.
Are you her daughter? No, caregiver.
There is affordable senior living in the area that is well within Miss Davis' price point.
ETHEL: Tell her to get off - my goddamn porch.
- If you could talk to her about it.
I'll try.
JADA: Evicted, damn.
Who is that calling you? Don't tell me you got a little boyfriend now.
- No, it's Emmett, stalking me.
Why? What'd you do to him? I'm moving without him.
I know it's the right thing to do, but [SIGHS.]
I don't know, the parent in me still feels bad.
ETHEL: You ought to feel bad, putting the boy out on the streets like that.
Miss Ethel, you're the one that told me to get a life.
Get a life, don't turn your back on your son.
You only got one, child.
And when they gone, you'll miss 'em.
Fresh like Sunday morning.
Except it's funky like Tuesday in County.
Hey, man.
Thanks for, uh, slipping me those alcohol swabs.
Keep your voice down.
That was you? Yeah, man.
Thanks for looking out.
I stuck that swab in like you said.
Took the edge right off.
Got any more of them shits? No, I only had that one.
Besides, you don't need it.
You're looking stronger.
You're up on your feet now.
I'm Skokie, by the way.
Skokie like the suburb? Is that your real name? It's the name that stuck.
They got me on B&E, larceny, arson.
How about you? [DOOR BUZZES.]
You got an attorney? I was thinking about fighting my case.
- No.
I'm taking the plea.
Save the family the pain of a trial.
Just waiting on the DA to accept it.
I wish I was a stand-up guy like you, but I got a baby girl.
Turned one last week.
I'm missing birthdays and everything.
I had a son that I'll never see again.
His name was Jason.
That's why you got to keep busy in here, man.
Create a world for yourself in here.
You know how it go.
Do the time.
Don't let it do you.
That's a way to think about it.
That's sobriety talking.
I'm doing better in here than I was on the outside.
Can't get no Rémy or malt liquor in the commissary.
I'm headed to the chow.
- Want to roll? - Sure.
ETHEL: Yeah, honey child.
My Ronnie's been all over the world.
Now, you know I like my whiskey, but he brought me back this fancy bottle of wine.
Ronnie, where you say it's from again? It's the national drink of Iran from Shiraz City the first Persian Empire.
ETHEL: Child, it's from somewhere overseas.
The bottle alone looks more expensive than my TV.
Grandma, what was our address when we lived over on Cottage Grove? Twenty-six nineteen.
ETHEL: Ain't that something? I know it's something.
And the zip? Boy, don't you see I'm on the phone? I don't know.
Grandma, I really need the phone so I can call down to the Board and get my immunization records.
Gladys, let me call you back.
This boy over here getting on my last nerves.
The phone is free.
Now, what you in such a rush about? Police exam, the application I need all kind of records.
There's a thousand questions.
They want your whole life story.
Sure, they do.
Can't just anybody be a cop.
They don't want no crooks.
I just fought for my country.
That should be enough.
How am I supposed to remember who the supervisor was for the Baskin-Robbins I worked at in high school? You'll figure it out, baby.
I need a break.
Big Mike, what you got on this shot? Man, you ain't no shit, man.
- Shoot the fucking shot, man.
Everybody get out.
Hey, man, look, I ain't trying to get caught up in your bullshit.
You said you wanted your gun back.
Here it is.
So now we even.
You can tell your people to leave me the fuck alone.
What is you talking about? I got jacked last night for my shit, and it felt a lot like a setup.
You mean that truck? [LAUGHING.]
Boy, nobody care about that raggedy-ass ice cream truck.
It's a taco truck.
I make tacos.
Nigga, I don't give a fuck.
You keep it.
Sound like you need it more than me anyways.
And we not even yet not till I say so.
What the hell is all this shit? Emmett! Yo, damn, Sonny! Knock, man! I know you ain't washing yo' ass - where we rinse the chicken! - No.
You better get a gym membership.
Come on, it's not even like that.
What? Your mama kicked you out the house or something? Your ass is homeless? No, she didn't kick me out, okay? She I just - forgot she was moving.
- Oh.
She trying to teach me a lesson for a night or two.
She came to her senses, is what it is.
Get dressed, boy.
I don't want to look at your ashy ass.
All the girls you know, one of 'em ought to let you in for a night.
Yeah, I got options.
SONNY: Anyway, it's a good thing for you, either way you shake it.
What's up? What's your name? UPBEAT ELECTRONIC MUSIC I've given it some time To move through these changes [EXCITED CHATTER.]
They float around my mind And fill these empty spaces Leave it all behind [CHATTER CONTINUES.]
Can't stop Can you feel my heartbeat My heartbeat, my heartbeat? Can't stop Can you feel my heartbeat, my heartbeat? Oh, no Can't stop Can't stop Can't stop, can't stop Yeah, eh, eh, yeah Can you feel my heartbeat, my heartbeat? [INDISTINCT CHATTER.]
Oh, wait, wait.
Wait up, wait up.
Look, I just need a minute to grab my stuff.
We can take the rest of the party back to your place.
Sorry, Evan.
We don't take boys home.
It's Emmett.
Y'all just gonna leave a brother hanging like that? - Bye.
- See you.
No damn place to go.
: Cermak will be the next stop.
Garfield-55th will be the next stop.
DRAMATIC MUSIC Ninety-fifth Street will be our last stop.
All passengers must leave the train.
MAN: Finally, got yo' ass.
- What's up? - Do I know y'all? [GRUNTS.]
My sister Tiff lose custody of that baby, I swear to God, we really gonna fuck you up.
What the fuck? [GROANING.]
- What, Papa? - All right, Kevin.
Hurry up and apologize.
I don't got all day.
Papa said you was apologizing to me.
I'm tired of getting caught in the middle.
We boys.
Jake, just tell Kevin what made you upset.
Come on, man, I'm not trying to be on: Fix My Life.
Tell him.
He was talking shit about my brother.
Your brother is a criminal.
But you the one that shot somebody.
Okay, in self-defense.
But you used my brother's gun to do it, - so what that make you? - You know what? Fuck you, Jake! - Don't make me punch you in your mouth.
- Do it! Wait, wait, wait, wait.
You boys are getting ahead of the plan.
I saw this on Maury.
If y'all can't talk it out, y'all just gonna have to fight it out.
Man, I don't need no boxing gloves.
- Me either.
- Yeah, you do for safety.
PAPA: Nothing above the neck, and you just gonna have to wait for me to count you Fight fair! That's too hard! I said nothing above the neck! Yo, chill, bro! [BOTH GRUNTING.]
Kevin whupping your ass.
That's below the belt.
Watch his sperm count.
- Ah! Man down! Man down! - [BOTH LAUGH.]
- So what y'all fittin' do now? - We got a project to work on.
We're supposed to build this volcano, but Kevin suffers from severe procrastination, and I get high blood pressure from too much multitasking, so [EXHALES DEEPLY.]
we ain't got shit.
Why would y'all build a volcano when somebody already did that? Just steal the one from the library.
The one in the history section? Yeah.
Who gonna know the difference? But I already committed, like, 12 sins today.
Didn't your mom say if you bring home one more C, she gonna whup your ass? She did.
TRIUMPHANT HIP-HOP MUSIC Yeah Yeah, unh, anything you want We get you anything you want - Yeah - Anything you want We get you anything you want - Yeah - Anything you want We get you anything you want What the fuck? KEVIN: How is the library closed? - [SIGHS.]
- KEVIN: Damn.
We got to figure out a way in there.
Jerome? The bathroom in the boys' locker room is backed up.
Someone stuffed paper towels down the toilet.
These damn kids.
Come on.
COOL MUSIC - One more set to go, Skokie! - [GRUNTS.]
Looking like new money, man! - Come on.
- Yeah.
Shit, Davis.
That's a lot of pull-ups.
Where'd you learn all this, man? Six years in the Army infantry.
Two tours in Iraq.
Up every morning before the world wakes.
Six miles most days.
Traveled through Europe, the Philippines.
Best women in the Philippines.
Man I always wanted to go to the Army, do something good with my life set myself up, know what I mean? But then again, you're in here with me, so what good did it do? Know what I mean? [CHATTER CONTINUES.]
I guess you're right.
Army didn't do me any favors.
BENNETT: Y'all watch the ball on my lawn.
- Sorry, Mr.
- I got top.
- Wait.
MAN: Set it up.
Set it up.
- I ain't lost shit! - Man! That J still got it! - MAN: Damn, son.
- MAN 2: There you go, Ronnie.
I thought you was gonna stay over there and do another tour.
MAN: Yeah, chase around bin Laden ass.
I was, but I changed my mind.
Figured it was time to get back to it in the States.
Get back to what? Ain't shit round here.
Yeah, you right.
Hella weird being home.
Ain't no one giving me orders.
Sound like that life to me.
No, man, bump that.
I'm used to more of a routine during the day.
CURTIS: Well, all I know is, you got options, man.
My homey just came home from the Navy.
A week later, he was a firefighter.
Think I don't know that shit? That's why I'm studying my ass off for the police exam.
Yeah, which means I'm about to be the police and be arresting all y'all asses.
MAN: Yeah.
- MAN: Oh, man.
- MAN 2: Goddamn, man! - Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! - MAN: I'm walking home.
MELLOW MUSIC BRANDON: So I slow-cook the polenta and smoke the pork.
It's my spin on meat and potatoes.
And it has a little hint of truffle, also in the polenta.
You just gave me the description.
Now, what's the story? [INDISTINCT CHATTER.]
Come again? Sorry.
This is what my restaurant is about.
Not the mechanics, but the substance.
I want to know the meaning behind this dish.
To be honest, I just want it to taste good.
You've succeeded at that.
The flavors are great.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- But when I ate it, I I didn't feel anything.
And now I know why.
At seven years old, I left Nigeria with my family to come to America for a better life.
It was hard adjusting to the culture, the people, the food.
Fast food.
It was cheap and gave us the runs, - but we ate it.
Eventually I found solace in cooking.
And over time, I made a name for myself by making the food I used to eat when I was a kid raw spices, rich ingredients from the garden.
Nigeria isn't just where I'm from.
It's who I am.
So, whenever I feel lost, I start cooking, and instantly I see myself.
I never really thought about it like that.
Do you want people to remember your name? - Hell, yeah.
Then figure out why you started cooking in the first place.
Get going, you old hooligans! How is it that I'm gone two seconds, come back, and you fighting the whole neighborhood? Come on, let's go back inside.
They've been hanging out there all day long, playing that loud-ass rap music, and I'm sick of it.
- Gonna pull out my shotgun.
- No, no, no, no, no, no.
You're too old to be fighting them boys.
Come on, I'll call the Block Captain.
It says here you were medically discharged? You have vertigo of some kind? Yes, I was, uh, diagnosed with Ménière's disease two years ago in Mosul.
Will that have any impact on your ability to perform the duties of a Chicago police officer? No, ma'am.
It will not.
Best of luck, Mr.
DRAMATIC MUSIC Where was it? Cops found it in a Jewel parking lot.
What'd they take? Uh, all my food and my mini-fridge.
You know if your car gets stolen in the city, there's only, like, a 3% chance of them finding it? See, and you found yours.
The cops aren't all bad.
Must've just been Coogie watching over me.
Good news DA's office called.
Ronnie Davis is taking the plea, and the hearing's next week.
They want to know if you'll be there.
Of course.
I'll be there for Coogie.
So how'd the interview go? [SIGHS.]
I didn't get it.
She said I knew how to cook, but I didn't have a story.
A story? Yeah.
She wanted me to have, like, this whole backstory on why I started cooking, but I didn't really know what to say.
What do you mean you didn't have anything to say? You've been cooking since you were a kid.
I remember this one time I made Coogie this dish with, like, some leftover ham and some Jell-O pudding and a couple of eggs.
That sounds disgusting.
But it wasn't, though.
He ate that shit like it was the best thing since sliced bread.
And Coogie was a picky eater, so you know if he liked that, it was good.
He was my little guinea pig.
TENDER MUSIC And your story.
Yes, who is it? Ma, it's me, let me in.
JADA: Emmett, what do you need? Ma, why are you talking to me like I'm a stranger? Ma, look, you were trying to teach me a lesson, and and I get it, all right? But it's time to stop playing.
- I need a place to stay.
- JADA: Emmett if I'm always there for you to fall back on, you'll never take care of business.
That's bullshit, Ma.
That's bullshit! All right, I slept on the train last night.
I got my ass kicked by Tiff's brother.
I'm your son! I'm the only one you got! You shouldn't be doing me like this! - JADA: Emmett, I can't.
- Ma, let me in! Let me in! Ma, let me in! - JADA: I'm sorry.
- Ma! I'm fucking homeless! [INTERCOM BEEPS.]
Want one of these? God always provides, but right now I need Him to provide us with some baking soda and vinegar so we can make this baby explode.
- Did you bring it or not? - No.
I would've brought the vinegar, but my mom would've killed me.
She making collard greens tonight.
We out of baking soda, too.
- So what can we use instead? - Uh ooh.
How about this? My mom uses baking soda to clean sometimes.
Maybe this'll work.
Quick thinking.
Now we just need some bubbles.
We can't let Maisha's ass outdo us.
- I got some pop.
- Perfect.
Uh do you hear that? Oh, shit! - [GASPS.]
JONES: Good job, boys.
I know y'all stole that volcano from the library.
- Stop hating.
- Keep your voice down.
If I don't get all the food on my list, I'm telling Ms.
Ain't nothing but the Devil in her.
I thought you quit track.
Boy, why you all up in my business? I'm back on the team.
So when's your first meet? Why? 'Cause I want to come see you run.
That's sweet.
I'll tell you when.
So how's therapy? Man, I don't say nothing to that lady.
I just sit there.
Therapy is for white people, Kiesha.
Boy, you stupid.
You need to talk.
You want to end up like Emmett? Have a closet full of sneakers? Hell, yeah.
He the man.
No, not that part, dummy.
I'm talking about the three kids, three baby mamas, and no place to live.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
"Oh" is right.
Start talking to that therapist.
: All inmates assigned to kitchen staff, report to the galley immediately.
All inmates assigned to kitchen staff, report to the galley immediately.
DRAMATIC MUSIC ETHEL: All the time he was gone, you know that boy sent me money every week? Like clockwork.
Now he's studying to be the police.
ETHEL: I know, right? I wouldn't be surprised if he bought us a house and moved us out to the burbs with the white folks.
BOY: Run! Come on! Go! - [BREATHING HEAVILY.]
- Run! Run! - Hey! - Run! - Hold up! - Run! - Where you think you're going? - Let me go! It was an accident! Please don't tell my mama.
What's your name, you little badass? Jason.
What's up, Darnell? MELANCHOLY MUSIC You tell me, son.
Child, let me call you back.
Somebody's at this door.
- May I help you? - Yes, ma'am.
I'm with the Homeless Veterans Agency, and we're raising money to keep young men like me out of trouble.
You don't look like you're old enough to have been in no military.
I-I promise, this isn't no hustle, ma'am.
I wouldn't waste your time like that.
Anything you give us would be appreciated.
We'd take whatever you have.
I'll get some change.
WOMAN: So your mom told me you're working on a science project at school? It's nothing.
Made a volcano.
WOMAN: Well, how'd you make it? Out of stuff.
WOMAN: That kid Coogie - let's discuss him.
- I [SIGHS.]
WOMAN: He wasn't your friend, but how did you feel seeing him get shot? It's totally okay to feel bad when somebody dies.
Well, what about the gun incident? You were in a scuffle.
You fired the gun and shot someone? Yeah.
- Am I going to jail for that? - WOMAN: No.
You're not going to jail, Kevin.
Is that a concern for you? [SIGHS.]
You know like volcanoes, humans can have eruptions in their lives moments that make us feel off-center.
Hey, Kevin, what do you want to be when you grow up? Have you thought about that? Is science your thing? Or perhaps math? I like basketball video games, drawing.
I'll probably do something like that if I grow up.
That's an interesting thing to say "if I grow up.

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