The Chi (2018) s02e05 Episode Script

Feeling The Heat

1 RONNIE: Previously on The Chi JERRIKA: I would be hurt and angry, too, if my brother's killer went free.
But you are not gonna have bad luck for the rest of your life, Brandon.
People call him Reg.
He's a street leader of the 63rd Street Mob.
He doesn't strike me as a boss, though.
Gang founder's doing double life for a body he dropped in '89.
Figured it's time we came face-to-face.
Detective Toussaint.
Nice to meet you.
You, little big man, get the fuck over here.
She had jewelry, clothes, money.
I'm gonna do you a favor and let you go home with your mother.
So that mean Big Mike getting out? Look, I know we haven't seen each other since I don't want you to feel uncomfortable around me.
And how exactly should I feel around you, Ronnie? That boy you killed was 16 years old.
Not that much younger than my son.
Our son has been staying out at my house.
I'ma need you to slide me back what I've been sliding you all these years.
I ain't giving you shit.
Come by when you're ready to lay that burden down.
Doors is always open.
For that sweet boy that you murdered [SPITS.]
GASCA: I'd like us all to take a moment and thank Mr.
Otis Perry of Perry's Pizza for sponsoring picture day.
Daddy had a heart attack.
He's dead.
Hey, ow, uh Okay, they waiting on me and I came to party So rock your body, yeah, rock your body Don't stand no stagnant, just grab somebody Don't need to panic, no need to panic That shit don't stand and we way too deep You don't want no static, that shit don't add up That's mathematics, I got this shit locked No need to practice, like I said you just caught the vibe Yeah, pass it round and round Okay, we gonna satellite What's been on your mind Yeah, we gonna work it out We don't need nobody else I know, I know.
It's a damn shame.
Please, come back soon.
- Damn.
- Yo.
What the hell are you doing? You black folks sure make it hard to support your businesses.
BRANDON: "When you want tacos but they closed.
" What the fuck? You know how many hungry customers we lost while you got me waiting in this crazy-ass heat? Twenty-four, and that's over $200 gone.
- We? - Yeah.
We in this shit together now.
What was you doing in there, anyway? I was getting my tags straight.
What I got you a large.
And I know what you thinking.
But this ain't pink, okay? I-it's salmon, like our barbecue salmon tacos.
Man, you got about two seconds to tell me what you want before I drive off and run your bright ass over.
Okay, well, then look, look, look, real talk.
I think we should be partners.
You know, a partnership sounds a lot like you're looking for a real paycheck when I barely get one.
And that's because you're leaving money on the table.
- Twenty-five.
I've already built you an Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.
I've got a Foursquare page for the truck and linked it to event sites in the city, so we get alerts when something pops off.
You already got 80 followers.
Let me see this shit.
How much you pull in today? After I gas up, maybe 175 on a good day.
- Why? - Okay, what if I was able to double that and we can go half on all the sales? - [CELL PHONE CHIMES.]
- Oh, shit, look.
Tuley Park is trending right now.
City relays going on for the next three days.
That's a lot of ashy-ass beautiful black people working up a appetite.
You want me to cut your hair? No.
I'm good.
It's gonna be hot out today.
Make sure you wear Wear a T-shirt.
I know, Mom.
I don't want you to feel bad, Kevin.
It's not your fault your relationship with your dad wasn't My God, you look just like him.
Damn, Kev, this shit is worse than when T'Challa's pops died.
I mean sorry for your loss, Kev.
Yeah, Kev.
Stanley, boy, don't make me beat the black off you right here in front of your friends.
Now, you boys come on.
Stop diddly-daddling around.
We'll see you inside.
After what you did to my brother, you got the nerve to bring your bitch to his funeral? Don't start that shit, Barbara, not today.
The kids are here.
That's right.
They're his kids too.
And they need to know the truth.
He died the day you left him.
Come on.
Let's go inside.
Let's go.
Aunt Barbara.
BARBARA: Oh, it's okay, baby.
It's all right.
It's all right.
Hey! Hey, you! [THRUMMING STOPS.]
- Hi.
- What are you doing? I've been taking care of Miss Ethel's yard while she's in the hospital.
- Who are you? - I'm her grandson.
Who asked you to do this? Jada? Brother Rafiq sent me.
From the community center.
I just wanted to come out here early.
It's gonna be hot today.
Yeah, I saw the weather report.
- Do you want me to stop? - No.
Thanks for doing this.
Uh I'll get you some water.
Appreciate it.
You can put something in the casket if you want to.
Oh, oh, it's okay, baby.
Oh, it's okay.
Oh, your Aunt Barbara got you, baby.
I got you.
It's okay.
- I got you.
BARBARA: I got you, baby.
This is a taco truck, not an ice cream truck.
What we need popsicles for? Who would you rather be on the hottest day of the year, the ice cream man or the brother selling tacos? Exactly.
See, now you got a partner, so you ain't gotta choose.
Well, you better know what the fuck you talking about, because Tuley Park is off my route.
Wait, you ain't following me back yet? - Following you back where? - On Twitter.
Man, I'm trying to run a business here.
I ain't got time to be fucking around on social media.
So Diddy got time for social media and you don't? See? Don't take but two seconds.
Damn, who this? Man, that's one of my baby mamas.
One of? Shit, how many you got? Three.
You know you can pull out, right? - Easier said than done.
Wait, is that supposed to be leaking? [GROANS.]
Fuck! This punk-ass freezer must have been out all night.
All the meat is spoiled.
Why shit in here don't ever work right? No worries.
I got a repair guy on the West Side.
West Side? We ain't got time for that.
Can you fix a fucking freezer, dude? All right, this what we can do.
We can just pack the freezer with a lot of ice and then go buy some more meat.
With what money? We only got barely $50 in the register.
And you know black people eat a lot of chicken.
TOUSSAINT: So how'd it go? They got other interviews and statements to take, but they're done with me for now.
Been there.
It's a pain in the ass.
It's not my first rodeo.
Hazards of the job, I guess.
Up for a field trip? Might be just the thing to lift your spirits.
CRUZ: Yeah, why not? I could use some action.
I know you feel like you have carte blanche around here, but how about a little professional courtesy and tell me what you're running in my backyard? TOUSSAINT: I was just about to come find you.
Got a warrant on the Ethel Davis home invasion.
Knock and announce? Your backyard's about to get a little noisy.
I don't give a fuck if you got sent into this district by command or Jesus Christ Himself.
If you're gonna play in my yard, then you gotta play by my rules.
Number one with a knock and announce warrant, you actually gotta knock and announce.
CLEMMONS: We have a community relations problem as it is around here.
Follow protocol.
Number two, keep it aboveboard.
That means everyone keeps their hands off the product and the suspects.
And number three, follow numbers one and two.
Which one of them has Reggie's ear? I know about that renegade Black Site shit you guys run on the West Side.
This one.
We'll try and remember not to play so rough.
Try real hard.
Take everything.
- Let's go.
TOUSSAINT: Tell Reg he brought this on himself, sending a little boy to handle grown folks' business.
When he's ready to tell me who beat the shit out of the old lady and why tell him to give me a call.
Girl, this is nice.
And you're telling me Emmett doesn't live here with you? - You really cut the cord? - Had to.
He was wearing me out like there was no tomorrow, Val.
Kids'll do it every time.
As soon as I got rid of mine, I finally got a life.
- And some dick.
In fact, we should do dinner.
I want you to meet my new man.
Girl, he got good credit and a 401K.
He could be the one.
And I need to see if he sets off your world-famous bullshit detector.
I'd love to.
Why don't you bring somebody? We could double up, make a night of it.
I'll have to think of something.
Or don't.
No pressure.
It's okay.
I'm used to being the third wheel.
Well, I better get going.
Thanks for bringing my package all the way over here.
I know you're busy.
Not a problem.
Now I can go and tell your old nosy neighbors that you out here living your life like it's golden.
Thanks, Val.
Same squad, same squad, same squad Damn, dog, what's all this? You used to work at a Footlocker or something? This is an ATM.
Some little Justin Bieber-ass motherfucker's gonna swipe his daddy's Amex card the second I put them up for resale.
This gonna buy us all the meat we need.
How many gym shoes you think you got? Gym shoes? These are sneakers.
Sneakers? Where the fuck you sneaking to? The gym.
No, gym shoes are them ugly-ass shits they used to wear back in the '70s, all right? Sneakers are works of art, which is why you can sell them for more than what you bought them for.
You can't give those away.
My girl bought these for me for Christmas.
That don't mean you gotta wear them.
I see why you got women troubles.
Is there a problem? I thought I was ready, but I don't know about this, bro.
Well, what about those? Oh, you really done lost your mind.
I waited in line overnight in January for these.
Like, I-I would never give these up.
They don't even look worn.
Yeah, 'cause I doubled up.
One to rock, one to stock.
Something is really wrong with you.
All right, what about these? Fine-ass Trina Towns took one look at me in these and let me do some of the wildest shit I've ever done.
Man, make a fucking decision.
We gotta get some food to sell.
Big bag plays on FaceTime Squad ain't with me, then it ain't right Same squad, same squad, same squad Drop-top coupe dodge raindrops What you think these worth? Touch my ones again and we fight.
Squad ain't with me, then it ain't right Hey [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
I thought you were by the book, all about protocol.
That was a fucking kid out there.
You got a problem with the way I do my job? That's not your job.
That's excessive use of force.
What do you care if I get rough with some gangbanger that would put a hot one in the back of your head without a second thought? I'm not gonna be part of your Training Day bullshit.
I don't get you.
You got a bleeding heart for black men in the hood, but then you'll take the bogus confession of another black man and put him in prison.
None of this is personal, Detective, but it seems personal to you.
Why is that? NINA: You're out of line, young lady.
KIESHA: Oh, and I guess Aunt Barbara was out of line, too, for telling the truth? You didn't call him? You didn't check on him? Weren't y'all supposed to be high school sweethearts? NINA: First of all, you watch how you're talking to me.
Second of all, it wasn't that simple, Kiesha.
I had to move on with my life.
We weren't married anymore.
KIESHA: Yeah, whose fault was that? NINA: I don't have to explain myself to you.
KIESHA: You can't explain it 'cause you ain't got no explanation.
NINA: See, what you're not gonna do is make me feel bad for leaving a marriage I wasn't happy in.
MAN: Everybody please just bear with us.
We're working on the air-conditioning problem right now.
MAN: Parents, please watch your children as they run You need some help? I'm looking for Rafiq.
Are you a ghost or a angel, brother? Man, wow.
Good to see you.
- The DA dropped the case.
Doesn't feel real to me, either.
You're here in the flesh.
So it's real.
And it's a blessing.
I wanted to thank you for, uh, looking after my grandma's lawn.
Oh, that's no problem.
I know how she is about her grass.
That was messed up, what happened to her.
I'm sorry to hear about that.
- I wish I could have did more.
- Thank you.
Didn't realize you work here.
Yeah, we took it over a few months back.
It's hard work, but it's rewarding.
WOMAN: Rafiq! The AC in the other room is out as well.
We're gonna have to move more people to the youth center.
Look, I called the repairman ten times.
I doubt if he gonna show up today.
The whole city probably blowing his phone up.
Will, can you get this for me? Thank you.
Brother, you think you could stick around for a minute? We could use some help moving our older visitors.
A lot of them are wheelchair bound.
Well, it's just Uh, speak your mind.
I'm not sure I'm welcome here.
People keep staring at me.
And I don't wanna upset anyone.
I understand.
But help them anyway.
Good, Reg? Hell no, I ain't good.
This motherfucker done got all our shit.
Douda gonna want answers, and I ain't got none.
- BRANDON: Man, we gotta buy this meat.
- EMMETT: I know, but oh, my God.
Bro, this is probably what it feels like to hug Rihanna.
Just go on on without me, dog.
Me and RiRi just gonna stay in the house today.
Get some Postmates.
Watch some Netflix.
Why the fuck Chicago weather only got two gears? Either hot as fuck or colder than a pimp's heart.
If you ever hear me complaining about snow again, shoot me.
We should get to the park.
You right.
The people need us.
On three? One, two, three.
Oh, shit.
WOMAN: What in the hell y'all doing? Get your nappy heads out the freezer.
Tired of y'all Negroes coming in here mooching.
Go buy you some AC! Oh.
- Go, go - Go, go, go, go And on the count of three [AIR HORN BLOWS.]
Now, she was a bad uh, the type at the club Niggas would grab her Fantasized when I had her In the bathroom sweating with her ass up The body of a dancer, we had chemistry 'Cause she was a cancer Thought forever it would last for But forever moved faster, so I had to - Go - Still I got to pause When I think about her in them drawers And, uh, ooh, baby, she liked it raw and Man, it's popping out here.
I told you.
You gonna learn to listen to me.
I thought they shut the pool down after that shooting last year.
Well, they did, but the gangs designated it as a safe zone, so it's been nothing but love ever since.
Go, go, go, go, and on the count of three Bro, please tell me you're not checking your Instagram while we got a line of customers.
Man, we just got 100 likes on this in the last hour.
This shit is crazy.
You do realize I had Instagram in the eighth grade, right? Maybe that's what's wrong with you.
Watch this.
One for the 'gram, y'all.
- Go, go, go I was, uh [CLEARS THROAT.]
I was wondering if you could show me where the AC unit is in the building.
I'd like to take a look.
It's in the basement.
If you can get even a cold puff out of that thing, I'll give you my next grandchild.
All right.
So go straight there and come right back.
No stops.
Don't talk to nobody.
Call me the second you get back.
Okay, got it.
What's in the bag? Just do what the fuck I tell you to do and stop asking questions.
All right.
All right, Reg.
Let's see how hot you are.
It's my turn to thank you.
Beatrice told me you fixed the AC.
Glad I could be of help.
I've always been good with my hands.
Well, since you're good at fixing things, uh, I might have another job for you, if you're interested.
Whatever you need, man.
Well, come back after the center closes.
I want you to check the water pressure in the kitchen.
It's weak.
Probably old galvanized pipes.
- I'd be happy to take a look.
- Appreciate that.
BEATRICE: Rafiq, can you come here for a second? - All right, Ronnie.
- All right.
I say hold up, wait a minute Let me put some pimping in it I need my joe independent Sorry if you is offended Sent that text out, can't unsend it, yeah I'm 'bout coolers up, cooler On the way to get some moola Is your, uh, manager here? Why? You got a complaint? No, I got a delivery.
MANAGER: I got this.
What you need, little man? Hook the little man up with a large cheese to go.
I say hold up, wait a minute Let me put some pimping in it I need my joe independent Sorry if you is offended Sent that text out, can't unsend it, yeah Yeah, but what the hell, you know I'm ended Got no class like I'm suspended Riding around, who up Told the driver play some Future I'm so thankful, hallelujah On the way to get some moola Hey And you know I just got paid We have to change our thinking.
Risk is synonymous with opportunity.
If you don't change with the times, you will get left behind.
- Excuse me, Mr.
- Yeah? - On the way to get some moola - Okay.
So where on the West Coast are you thinking? Oh, oh [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
- Well played, asshole.
Wasted my goddamn time.
PAPA: Damn, my prescription must be off.
- I can't see shit.
- Where Jake at? I don't know.
Hey, what was Kiesha and your mom fighting about? Nothing.
Must have been something for you to come help me and my dad scrape gum off the church pews.
Damn, Jake.
What took you so long? My bad.
I had to make a stop.
For what? For this.
KEVIN: How'd you do that? Watching Reg.
Man, y'all crazy.
Weed is a gateway drug.
- All right, y'all laughing now.
Today it's weed; tomorrow you'll be selling your mama's TV.
Hand me another slice of pizza and sit your ass down.
This shit is legal in half the country.
Man, crackheads don't know shit about geography.
So how'd your pops look? Not right.
He didn't look how I remembered.
They never do.
It was weird.
I was looking at him, but he wasn't, you know, in there.
Which made me think, where is he? Is he hovering over us now? And since he's dead does he know what I'm thinking? Like, is he mad at me for not going to his birthday dinner? Dead people don't be thinking shit.
But what about all the times he wanted me to come visit but I didn't wanna go 'cause he had a whole nother family that I didn't wanna be around? Now that he's gone I can't even if I wanted to.
I can't feel my feet.
- Me either.
Man, I'll come visit y'all in rehab.
Hi, I'm, uh, meeting someone.
EMMETT: Ma! Over here! JADA: Hey, baby.
What are you doing here? What you mean, what I'm doing here? I'm waiting for you.
You got my note, right? I Right, I did.
Never mind.
I didn't [SIGHS.]
Boy, if you don't get up and pull my chair out Oh, oh.
My bad.
Thank you.
Now, what's the occasion? Well, I heard what Darnell said to you, and he owes you an apology.
I know he ain't about to give you one, so I'm gonna do it for him.
Emmett, that's so sweet.
But you can't clean up your daddy's mess.
I understand.
I just wanted you to know me having all these kids ain't got nothing to do with you.
You're a great mom.
Maybe I don't tell you that enough.
That's what I'm sorry for.
WAITRESS: Are you ready to order? Yes, can I get the shrimp linguine? And, uh, actually some more of that garlic bread too.
Mom, what you getting? Son, don't you think you should let your date order first? I will have the calamari salad.
Have I not taught you anything about how to take a woman on a date? We're not on a date.
Wait, did you think Darnell was gonna be here? - No.
- That's why you're all dressed up? Oh, no.
I can't believe you still want to date his ass.
All right, now I'm really sorry.
I do not wanna date your dad, okay? And what's the big deal if I did want to date somebody? I'm grown.
I raised my child.
You don't need to date nobody.
There's only one man you'll ever need: your son, who worships and adores you, and I'll be the one to take care of you when you old and wrinkled.
Now I see why you got all them little girls running after you.
Pinkie swear you won't ever date, ever.
Emmett, boy, get your pinkie out of my face.
La-la-la-la-la-la La-la-la-la-la-la La-la-la-la-la-la La-la-la-la-la-la JAKE: Cannonball! Oh! Nothing in the fridge, Blue Bunny in the freezer But it's hotter than the desert out here Damn, I'm trying to do the right thing Winter to the summer, no spring Whoo JAKE: Kev, get your skinny ass in the pool.
Yeah, Kev.
We here for you, fool.
Nah, I'm good.
La-la-la-la-la-la [BOTH LAUGHING.]
Bro, chill, bro.
Man, whatever.
Yo, what up, Kev? I ain't see you over there.
We just got here.
You good? Yeah, do you need any help? No, I'm good.
I got my man today.
But we'll get it in soon.
You sure you're good, little man? Yeah.
All right, well, look here.
It's a little crazy out here right now.
This ice gonna melt in, like, two seconds.
I'm off tomorrow.
You know where I live.
Come through.
Cool? Cool.
All right.
No-no-notorious, glorious, we're warriors EMMETT: Yo, we out here live in these streets, y'all, at Tuley Park.
We got food, music, dancing, and, ladies, I'm here as well.
It's all love.
Come check us out.
Oh, Neva? What she want? Yo, hey, I can't talk to Cassius right now, Neva.
I'm in the middle of something.
That's not why I'm calling.
Is your girl Tiff getting child support? What? NEVA: You heard me.
Okay, I-I gave her some money, but [SPREAKING SPANISH.]
Maybe I should leave my baby on your stoop también.
You know that shit they say about condoms? - It's real.
What the Oh, so you supposed to be Mr.
Responsibility now, but you ain't seen Davante in months.
That's why he calling my new boo Daddy.
Shay, I can't talk to you right now.
Let me call you back.
Don't be giving one kid special treatment.
That's fucked up, Emmett! [CELL PHONE BEEPS.]
What the fuck is going on? It's the price of being a player player.
- EMMETT: Damn! Which baby mama is that? No, this is my ex.
I'll hit her back after I figure out what vampire blood these chicks been drinking.
That's what you get for smashing one of them.
What's that got to do with it? When in doubt, follow your dick.
Man, shit.
What? What's up? #BabyDaddyCutThatCheck? Neva and Shay all in the comments and shit.
That's why I don't fuck with social media.
Oh, doh-doh-doh Do-do-do Am I a good man Am I a fool Am I weak Or am I just playing it cool I have a woman And I know she's no good But still I keep My head up high And try do the things that a good man should Whoa, am I a good man Am I a good man Am I a fool, am I a fool Old man.
How you doing? My man.
- Good to see you.
- Mm.
The company? Running smooth.
How they treating you? You mean, how am I treating them? We have a problem.
What do we know about her? Solid.
From the neighborhood.
A lot of our rivals are doing a lot of time because of her tenacity.
She took one of the castles.
Could topple everything if we're not careful.
My granddaughter drew that for me.
That's how we secure the future.
None of that other shit matters.
We're vulnerable.
You on it? Searching for a Laundromat.
- Something small.
- Good.
Perhaps this motivated individual that's such a fan of what we do needs a fish for her efforts.
I'll put the word out.
Got something for me in there? [LOCKS CLICKING.]
- You having one with me? - Uh-uh, no, sir.
The, um, other glass is for her.
My nigga.
Am I a good man Am I a good man, am I a fool Am I a fool, am I weak Somebody tell me Am I just playing it cool What episode you on? [INDISTINCT SPEECH ON TV.]
See you're done yelling at Ma.
You know what? You don't know nothing about what's going on.
You were too little to understand.
And you didn't even cry.
And our dad was laying there dead.
So what, I didn't cry? That don't mean nothing.
You think I didn't love him or something? I didn't say that.
- But he was trying.
- Man, whatever, Kiesha.
Blaming Ma for stuff that ain't her fault is stupid.
And it ain't gonna bring him back.
Nah, what's stupid is your busted-ass hairline.
Why you even in my room? Go find your dusty-ass friends and annoy them.
Ooh, I can't stand your ass.
What happened to you, brother? I expected to see you at the center.
I got busy.
Maybe another time.
You got busy? Doing what? So you gonna tell me why you really ain't show up? There were some women staring at me.
Figured it might be better to stay away.
You're feeling judged.
Or maybe you're judging yourself.
Brother, when I got sentenced for killing that little girl Fatima, hell wasn't in Statesville prison.
Hell was right in here.
And when I got released, it didn't matter what people thought about me.
What mattered was what I thought about myself.
And the only way I could forgive myself was to turn my mind and body over to Allah.
I'm not saying you need to do what I did.
But being of service to other people, it helped me a lot.
Can't just isolate yourself, bro.
That's when things go wrong.
So can I expect to see you back at the center tomorrow? Okay.
- Good.
Oh, and-and, Ronnie, one of the women was staring at you because she thought you was cute.
She told me herself.
Guess they tired of seeing my ugly face, huh? [LAUGHS.]
BRANDON: What up, little man? I saw your text.
Come in.
I swear it tastes better if you actually chew it.
This is good.
Where you learn how to cook like this? I been cooking since I was your age.
But then I wanted to hone my skills, so - You taste the rosemary? - Who's Rosemary? [LAUGHS.]
Don't worry about it.
So I know you didn't text me and come all the way over here to help me out on my truck.
What's wrong? I went to a funeral yesterday.
Who got shot? Nah, it wasn't like that.
It was for my dad.
Are you okay? I wasn't that close to him, so I'm sorry.
It was weird.
I thought I knew him until I heard all these people talk about him.
Said he loved jazz.
I didn't even know that.
Anyways My father died when I was four.
I barely remember him.
You gotta look on the bright side.
At least you knew your father, close or not.
He wanted to spend time with me.
It's not that I didn't want to.
It's Hey, I'm sure he knew how much you loved him.
Hey, you got any clippers? Yeah, for sure.
Can you give me a cut real quick? My sister said I need one.
Yeah, I got you.
I got you.
Damn, if I knew this was what you wanted, - I would have been here faster.
- Shut up.
Whoa, wait, wait, wait.
Who died? - My father.
- What? Why didn't you say something? Hold up.
Hold up.
Hold up.
I'm-I'm-I'm not feeling this.
Can we at least put his picture in a drawer or something? What's the big deal? I'm just trying to get a quickie in.
Ain't you been sneaking around with some nigga anyway? Will you just come on? Wait, look, look, look.
You know I'm the last guy to turn down sex.
But "my daddy just died" sex? This ain't right.
And as much as I wanna get it in, you're still my friend.
I can tell you ain't in the right headspace.
I can't believe I'm about to say this, but let's just cuddle.
So how you want it? Just a line-up.
Do you miss him? Who? Your dad.
It's kinda hard to miss somebody you don't you don't remember.
Guess you gotta hold on to the memories you got.
That's what's most important.
Man, I had that bitch waiting for at least two hours.
You said you had a new way to wash the money.
I know the perfect dude.
Business is straight cash and carry.
He all over the South Side.
He ain't got no set spot.
Go wherever the paper is.
Sounds like exactly what we're looking for.
You might wanna get at him to suggest a partnership.
He ain't gonna fuck with me on the business tip.
He a square nigga.
Trying to keep his shit on the up-and-up.
Ain't nothing wrong with a young man trying to do it the right way.
Makes him all the more attractive.
If he's smart, he might be willing to take on an investor.
His shit is basic.
I'm sure he would.
I might be able to middle that for you.
As for the corner money, find a home until I send word.
- I can do that.
- I don't need to tell you that this raid has interrupted business and the old man isn't pleased.
The fuck was you thinking, keeping money and work in the same place? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
I won't keep tolerating these rookie mistakes from you.
I'm yanking 67 and 73rd Street.
- They're no longer yours.
- But, Douda, that wasn't my Shut the fuck up! Say one more word and I'm gonna take it all.
And you're gonna be that nigga on the corner selling weed.
Your little brother, he live here with you? Yeah.
This is your way of being a big brother? Exposing him to all the dumb shit you be doing? You stupid motherfucker.
More water! I need more water! Damn.
Sorry, it's just, uh you look great.
Um, I'm just here to pick up a few things for Miss Ethel.
What's that for? [WRENCH CLINKING.]
Stick around for a sec.
You'll see.
- KID: Oh, so hot.
BOY: Hey, you play too much.
Hey, splash him.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Watch this.
Watch this.
Watch this.
Watch this.
Now, watch out.
Watch out.
You came through for me this time.
I got 656 followers now.
That said, I just gotta fix my damn freezer.
One taco at a time, bro.
Hey, uh, who had the, uh, two lemon pepper chicken tacos with extra sauce? [TENSE MUSIC.]
Right here.
- Let me get you, uh, some napkins.
- DOUDA: Thank you.
Oh, wow.
These are fantastic, man.
And I've eaten a lot of tacos in my life.
- You the owner? - Nah, he is.
I would give you my hand to shake, but as you can see, I'm a little preoccupied.
All good.
- Otis Perry.
Brandon Johnson.
And I know who you are.
You're-you're the guy from the commercials.
- It's nice to meet you, sir.
- Yeah.
How long you been in business? Oh, couple months.
How's it going? - You know, barely making it.
Yeah, running a business is hard.
You know, but most people only talk about it.
You're walking the walk.
Should be proud of that.
I am.
One thing I wish I had when I was your age, somebody like me.
If you ever need anything, you give me a call.
I like looking after young entrepreneurs like yourself.
Thank you, Mr.
Thank you.
I appreciate that.
Excuse me.
Do you know who that is? Yo, he gotta be worth a couple mil.
I'm saying! He got, like, 30 pizza joints all over the city, a bunch of other businesses.
EMMETT: That watch he wearing alone is probably three times as much you'd win in that competition.
BRANDON: Look at him, just strolling down the street with a taco, not a care in the world, letting his money work for him.
How we get on that level? By doing exactly what we're doing.
If we didn't hustle as hard as we did, we wouldn't have ended up in the right spot or the right time to even meet someone like Mr.
So we made our own luck.
In that way, we on the same level.

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