The Chi (2018) s02e09 Episode Script

Guilt, Viral Videos, and Ass Whuppings

1 BRANDON: Previously on The Chi 523 candy bars later, I finally made it! Kevin Williams, you're gonna meet Malcolm Whitman.
GASCA: Used to be one of my students at Hopkins.
now he buses up to Chicago North Side Academy from the South Side.
Suddenly, Brandon's got his own mini-Secret Service detail.
Maybe he's selling dope off the truck for the gang.
You need to listen to me.
You're the subject of a criminal investigation involving the 63rd Street Mob.
- EMMETT: What you think about these? - BRANDON: I thought you sold most of your collection.
These ain't for me.
They for Kiesha.
I been hitting her up for the past week.
She ain't call me, text me, sent me a pigeon or nothing.
Ain't you a little old to be, uh, running track? I'm not on the team.
I'm the coach.
DOUDA: The people who are guarding your truck they work for me.
But Reg is 63rd Street Mob.
We're all a part of the Company.
I'm from Family C Realty Group and we're here following up on our eviction notices.
- Oh! - Oh! Oh! WOMAN: Lauren Reddick.
Resides on Belmont, North Side.
I'm looking forward to tonight.
Me too.
You are drunk.
Get the fuck out of here.
Get the fuck out of here, Ronnie! [INDISTINCT MUTTERING.]
Get the fuck out.
What the fuck? Oh, uh, that ain't mine.
North Side Academy's full of drugs.
Can you get more of it? I don't think getting more of it's gonna be a problem.
We have open seating wherever you like.
Y'all good? Y'all need anything else? - How was your meal? - Good.
All right? Y'all come back and see us again real soon.
- Oh, playa, you need a fork.
- Thanks, man.
Oh, let me take that from you.
Hey, hey, you need some napkins with those ribs.
Quit playing.
Oh, you need some sauce.
You need it.
EMMETT: Try it now.
Trust me.
EMMETT: My man! EMMETT: All right.
Welcome to Sonny's.
- Yeah.
- That's nice.
I like that.
What the hell you say this Yelp crap is again? How the hell we only got three out of five stars? My chicken is the best in all of damn Chicago.
Ah, calm down, Sonny! We can learn a lot from the comments.
What anybody gonna tell me about cooking this yard bird? So okay, look.
This one wasn't the greatest review.
All right.
"This chicken is too salty.
Fried chicken is the death of the black community.
" - [LAUGHS.]
- What? I'll bet they won't come down and say it to my face.
No, see, this is where we take a negative comment and use it as an opportunity.
And how you figure you do that? We can introduce a baked chicken option for folks that are more health-conscious.
That way, we get a whole new clientele up in here.
Boy, don't make me take that name tag.
Nothing wrong with my chicken like it is.
- Here's your check.
- Ooh.
Yes, yes.
Damn! SONNY: That child support is a killer, ain't it? Welcome to fatherhood.
Yeah, it's more than I was taking home before, but plus, I got insurance for the kids, and no more baby mama summits.
Feels good to handle your business.
I can't lie.
It does.
Oh, welcome to Sonny's! OMINOUS MUSIC I hear you serve the best stewed chicken taco in the city.
BRANDON: Well, you know, a brother don't like to brag, but you might've heard right.
Then I'll take two, and a red pop.
Coming right up.
TOUSSAINT: How long you been in business? Oh, long enough to know people like my food, but not long enough to buy me a boat on the lake, so word of mouth is a good thing.
I invested in a restaurant once, a long time ago.
Where was it? TOUSSAINT: West side of town.
Anyway, it was tough, and I never did make my money back.
Too hard keeping up with the trends.
Well, that's the thing about this restaurant business.
Worst thing you can do is follow a trend.
Gotta be an original.
What'd you do, pull this taco down from heaven? [LAUGHS.]
Coogie, you got a new fan.
Well, actually, I'm Brandon.
Coogie's my little brother.
He passed away.
I'm so sorry.
It's all good.
BRANDON: His memory keeps me going.
Pleasure meeting you, Brandon.
Oh, I didn't get your name.
Well, you'll have to come check me out again, Alice.
BRANDON: Ah, don't forget your pop.
DRAMATIC HIP-HOP MUSIC The Chi 2x09 Guilt, Viral Videos and Ass Whuppings [SIGHS.]
Told you you were gonna get in trouble, hanging with them fools Jake and Papa.
I don't need to hear your mouth right now, Maisha.
Don't you gotta be in class? Yeah, but I heard you went all Nino Brown, so I decided to come see what was going on.
Why haven't you called me since my party? MAISHA: Heh, not that I'm pressed.
So what happens now? I'm not sure.
My mom's on her way here.
Got a meeting with Mr.
Gasca and Dr.
I guess I'm getting suspended.
Or expelled.
Look, I don't care.
They can do whatever, as long as Mr.
Gasca know I'm not going to Chicago North Side Academy.
What's wrong with Chicago North Side Academy? Their college prep program is bomb.
Man, who cares about college, anyway? - I'm in middle school.
- I do.
My mama may have a bunch of kids, but [LAUGHS.]
I don't want any.
FAMU, right? Or Fisk.
They have a really good business program.
I don't know.
I keep changing my mind.
Well, uh [LAUGHS.]
Let me know what happens.
Uh, hopefully, you don't go to jail and end up another black male statistic.
DISQUIETING MUSIC What letter? I never received any letter.
Kevin, there was a letter? I threw it away.
Threw it away? What? Mrs.
Williams, Kevin's always been a good kid.
His behavior is shocking to us as well.
You need to tell us.
Who gave you the drugs, Kevin? I'm not snitching.
I'm done doing that, so you can forget it.
Kevin Miles Williams, you better start talking right this second.
Malcolm's mother said she found the drugs on Malcolm, and that Malcolm said he got the drugs from Kevin, which means that Kevin, having no past incidents with drugs, I'm guessing got them from somebody here at this school.
Who was it, Kevin? Jake? What the hell has gotten into you? GASCA: Mrs.
Williams, this is exactly why I recommend you consider sending him to Chicago North Side Academy.
He's clearly acting out, not being influenced by the right people.
North Side is a great school, with a rigorous academic program.
It might do him some good to be in a totally new environment.
I know he'd hate leaving his friends, but after what happened here, I'm not opposed to exploring the idea.
Mom! I'm not going to that fucking school! SYNTH MUSIC Would you like us to step out? Can't believe you got me out here in public acting a fool.
Hurry up! And if you think this was bad, wait till we get home, and you're grounded too.
DESOLATE MUSIC What happened? Fuck am I doing in here, with you? Found you by the corner store, car keys in hand, so slapped you with a DUI.
I'm starting my paper trail to build a case for putting you right back where you belong.
I'm gonna call my lawyer.
Lawyer's not going to be able to help you this time, Ronnie, because understand this: I am going to be on your ass every minute of every hour of every day.
You're a fuck-up, and sooner or later, you'll fuck up, and when you do, I'll be there to put you under the jail for killing Charles Coogie Johnson.
MAN: Okay.
MAN: There you go.
Uh, can I help you? Let me get the three-wing special for myself and then, for my lady here, she'll take the dark meat special.
RICKY: Wait.
Ain't you short dude I ran into at the school? Yeah.
RICKY: What's good? So you the manager up in this piece.
That's what's up.
Probably saving your little money for that new PlayStation, huh? That's a good look.
EMMETT: Nah, bro, I'm a little old for PlayStation.
Playing with kid's games looks like that's your thing.
Go over there and get us a table.
There you go.
RICKY: Look, little man Don't call me "little man".
I got you.
Look, whatever you think this is it's not.
What you talking about? I ain't thinking nothing.
Pocket that change for yourself.
You're gonna need it, working in this raggedy-ass joint.
I'll bring you guys' order up when it's ready.
What's this? All of Lauren Reddick's computer files.
There's an Excel spreadsheet with her real estate territory on it.
Might help you with the Davis case.
- Good looking out.
- Mm-hmm.
By the way, he's everything you said he was.
Who is? Brandon Johnson.
TOUSSAINT: I understand why you're so fond of him.
Got acquainted today.
Death of his brother is still pretty raw.
And for that reason, I really wish you hadn't questioned him.
Didn't question him.
I got tacos.
TOUSSAINT: Wanted to get a sense of who he is, and I did.
Will you admit he's not a banger now? TOUSSAINT: I can do you one better.
He's a respectable young man definitely not the gangster type.
You can back off now.
Absolutely not.
There's gang activity all around his truck and still no explanation why.
I'm also trying to figure out why there's gang activity around Perry's Pizza as well.
Perry's Pizza? Delivery guy from there dropped off a free pizza to the Cutlass.
Both greeted each other with gang signs.
And Brandon did mention Otis Perry as being one of his investors.
Guy does a lot of big business deals in the city.
There's gotta be a little dirt on him.
See? That's what I'm saying.
Brandon may be able to fill in the blanks, give us some insight into what the gang is doing.
He won't be the first good guy to be flipped.
How are you talking about flipping Brandon Johnson after one conversation? That's crazy.
He's got a round-the-clock 63rd Street Mob security and a brand-new $75,000 truck.
He's got everything to lose, and a lot to gain by helping us.
Look, I appreciate your tenacity, but Brandon's family's been through enough.
I'm asking you as a professional courtesy: back off Brandon Johnson, find another way of breaking into your case.
You tell Brandon we were looking into him? I went to ask him some questions.
It came up.
Son of a bitch.
You jeopardized my case after I asked you not to? I don't know what your problem is, but if this case goes unsolved, and I never find justice for Ethel Davis, you'll have to answer to that, and then you can add that to your mountain of fucking guilt.
How are y'all not upset? We had to sell candy bars in the hot-ass sun to go to the aquarium, while their rich asses jumped off of a Beyoncé tour bus.
I mean, what do you expect? Chicago North Side Academy has an endowment.
They're drowning in money.
It's not that serious to us, Papa.
Tell me there's no injustice in being forced to eat bologna sandwiches.
PAPA: Do you know what's in bologna? I read labels.
Don't make me tell you.
So what do you want to do? We never gonna be North Side, but we need more resources.
What's in it for us? I see why you lost the fundraiser.
A cleaner colon, iPads, and a nice bus.
I was thinking more like that flat screen.
Keep dreaming.
I'll spring for brownies for the rest of the week for all three of y'all.
Interesting offer.
Stand by.
- Maybe we could boycott.
- Or start a petition.
I don't know.
Both of those things would interrupt my studies too much.
STACEY: I'm not flunking my pre-calculus test for Papa.
What about we write the school board a letter and tell them about our experience? No.
There's a school staff meeting every Tuesday.
We should crash that.
Now let me get this straight.
This is your girlfriend's boyfriend.
Yes, except Kiesha's not my girlfriend anymore.
So this is your ex-girlfriend's boyfriend.
Tell me again how this is any of your business.
'Cause his grown ass is the track coach, who's sitting with another girl on the track team, who can't be no more than 15.
That girl is 15? She look older than my 19-year-old granddaughter.
Right, tell me about it.
And if he's dating Kiesha, and this girl, too, how many high school girls is this dude dating? It ain't right.
Kelly started this shit.
Well, unlike R.
Kelly, I ain't letting dude get away with it.
I agree.
Siri, call police.
- Sonny, man, what you doing? - Calling goddamn police, like you're supposed to when you see a crime in progress.
Psh, no, man.
Let me handle it.
I'll figure something out.
TENDER MUSIC MAN: There you go.
You got my message.
Thanks for coming, Trace.
Don't worry about it.
You've always been there for me.
I'm happy to return the favor.
Found something? Nothing you can help me with.
You've done enough.
Can we put that aside for a second? If it's about the case, I'm all in.
I want to find out who beat up Miss Ethel and why, too.
Fuck it.
TOUSSAINT: Several of the addresses where there were home invasions match the addresses in Laura Reddick's territory.
TOUSSAINT: Remember, the home invasions all had the same MO.
63rd Street Mob corner boys, causing some sort of disturbance, shortly followed by a break-in and/or an attack.
So you're thinking the corner boys are deliberately put outside these homes to cause a disturbance? Give them eviction notices.
Sell them on an elderly living brochure.
TOUSSAINT: If they refuse to move, offer a not-so-gentle nudge.
Those that don't fall in line get attacked, like Miss Ethel.
Family C Realty is using the 63rd Street Mob as muscle to acquire these properties.
If you wanna come, I was gonna hustle over to the cathedral on Belmont.
Lonnie Gaines is in town for Lauren Reddick's memorial service.
Lonnie Gaines.
Name rings a bell.
He's the owner of Family C Realty.
Lauren's parents told me he's footing the bill - for the service.
- Hmm.
Check this out.
You gotta be shitting me.
JAKE: Damn, she whooped your ass at school and took your TV? So exactly what type of ass-whooping was it? I don't know.
I wasn't thinking about that.
I was just trying to stay alive.
Was it the switch? What's the switch? You know, where she goes and pulls an aerodynamic branch off the tree to whoop your ass with.
It's even worse when they make you pick it out, and you better not come back with a small one, neither.
Ooh, or was it the broomstick? My mama whooped me so hard with a broomstick once, her wig fell off.
That really happened? - Real talk.
- Yeah, he told me about it.
Then there's the extension cord.
It's effective, but it might get Miss Williams a DCFS visit these days.
No shame either, Kev, 'cause me myself I've had all three.
Nah, it was the leather belt.
Ah, she got medieval on your ass.
I could see Miss Williams going for whatever was in her reach at the time.
Y'all not even supposed to be over here.
My mom's coming home soon, and I'm not trying to get another beat-down.
Look, we just wanted to stop by and make sure you was okay, and I came to apologize.
It's my fault this all happened, anyway, and I won't even be mad if you ratted me out.
Thanks, Jake.
It was my decision to sell it.
Guess we'll see you around, Kev.
Yeah, see you around.
All right.
Like I said, ma'am, I'm her brother Kevin.
I lost my house keys, and I have to get in.
It's really important.
Kiesha's in class right now, and can't be pulled out because you can't keep up with your house keys.
Ma'am, if you don't get her out of class, I can't get inside to get the medication.
What medication? Our mom is a diabetic, and she needs her insulin kit.
She left it on the kitchen counter this morning.
I gotta get it and take it up to her job.
Do you want our mama to fall into a diabetic coma? Kiesha, Kiesha, come here.
Come here.
What the hell are you doing here? Why you at my school? Shh, stop.
Just take these, be cool, and I'll meet you later.
What are we meeting later for? What? J 'cause we need to talk about something.
Look, no bullshit.
This is this is serious.
All right? Just open these real quick.
Real quick.
Emmett! You remember how much I love Marion Jones.
Oh, my God.
These are her vintage cleats.
Yes, I did.
Have dinner with me.
You say I've never taken you out on a real date.
Well, let me, and I'll tell you everything there.
I'll text you the address.
Well, I don't know why you had to come all the way up here and pull me out of class for that, but fine, Emmett.
- Okay? - [ANNOYED.]
Get out of here, please.
- Cool.
Oh, hi.
How are you? Mr.
Gaines? I'm Detective Cruz.
Uh, that's Detective Toussaint, CRUZ: We're investigating Lauren's case.
CRUZ: My condolences.
We were hoping to speak with you briefly.
GAINES: Yeah, it's senseless.
Oh, Lauren was ambitious and hard-working.
Salt of the earth.
She didn't deserve this.
I'd be happy to do whatever I can to help.
How did Lauren end up working at Family C? Well, I don't recall exactly.
Her résumé came to my desk from HR.
She came on and quickly became one of our top realtors.
Um, I'd be happy to connect you with our HR department, if that would be helpful.
Oh, yeah, thank you.
We'd we'd appreciate that.
Gaines, Family C's acquired several properties on the South Side of Chicago, right? Yes, of course.
TOUSSAINT: Well, many of those properties have been the target of home invasions, yet your company hasn't filed a single police report or seemed to be interested in these incidents.
Is there a reason for that? Detectives, I buy property here in Chicago, Atlanta, Baltimore, Raleigh-Durham area.
I buy 'em cheap and flip 'em fast, and most of these flips are in poor communities, and unfortunately, these things are bound to happen.
Are you familiar with the 63rd Street Mob, sir? Come on, Detective.
You wouldn't ask the question if you didn't already know the answer.
I like to hear you say it.
I'll play.
I'm a South Side native, and, yes, I am familiar.
In my neighborhood, you had no choice.
You didn't choose the gangs.
The gangs chose you.
- But that was a lifetime ago.
- CRUZ: Hmm.
That before the cowboy hat? Is there anything else I can help you with before I return to this grieving family? Yes.
Is Family C using the 63rd Street Mob to intimidate renters and homeowners into abandoning their properties so they can buy it and turn a profit? That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.
Glad you could make it.
Thank you, sir.
Appreciate it.
The new policy has been downloaded to the faculty website.
I suggest you all review the information, as it affects us all.
Go, Papa.
What are you waiting for? Me? It was your idea to crash this staff meeting.
After your ra-ra speech about clean colons and iPads.
Yeah, Papa, this is your idea.
Get in there and be Obama.
TEACHER: This says we don't get paid if we take our sick days.
- Come on! - No! DR.
HURNS: Only if you don't use them.
- Excuse me.
- DR.
HURNS: Now, we're trying to find money in the budget.
- Can I have your attention? - DR.
HURNS: In order to - [GENERAL CLAMOR.]
- No, you need to relax.
Yo! I have something to say on behalf of the student body.
Stanley Jackson, the right time to address matters is in the classroom with your teacher.
Actually, the right time is now, Dr.
Hurns, because the staff meetings are where you discuss the budget, and the budget is what I want to talk about.
Uh, isn't this your student, Mr.
Gasca? Can you get him, please? No, I think you should let him speak.
PERCUSSIVE MUSIC First off, I want to point out that the aquarium field trip was enlightening and educational.
Shout-out to Mr.
But we didn't appreciate feeling like the poor kids.
Chance the Rapper gave $1 million to Chicago public schools, so my question for all of you is where the money at? [ALL MURMURING.]
'Cause we still got raggedy books and bologna sandwiches, and the library still can't afford a librarian.
So again, where the money at? GIRLS: Yeah, where the money at? Students should be able to go on field trips without having the burden to sell 1,000 candy bars.
GIRL: You tell 'em, Papa! Papa out.
If you want to see a R.
Kelly wannabe, it's this dude.
He's grooming young girls.
That's fucked up.
What you gonna do? I'ma talk with Kiesha over dinner and tell her I saw Ricky with another girl.
BRANDON: That's the worst fucking idea ever.
How is that? BRANDON: You're gonna tell a woman her man is cheating on her over dinner? No, I'ma tell her her grown-ass man, who is too grown to be dating high school girls, is cheating on her.
BRANDON: Don't you know anything? The messenger always gets shot.
Okay, so what are my options? You know her little brother Kevin, right? Tell her damn mama.
And have her hate my guts for the rest of my life? Hell, no.
I could call the police.
That's what Sonny wanted to do.
Man, what this dude really needs is his ass whooped before he preys on someone else's daughter.
I got an idea.
But, um, that's fucked-up, what old boy on.
I can handle it, though.
You say he drive a Beamer, huh? - What series? - EMMETT: Uh, a 750.
Wait wait wait a sec.
We not we're not talking about killing nobody, are we? No, bro, but the point is to send a message to the motherfucker, right? Yeah, a a message, not a murder or any kind of funny business.
Trust me.
His ass won't be laughing when it's all over.
It's gonna be cool, man.
Reg is fucking with you.
BRANDON: But seriously, he just want to scare him, so he stops messing with these young girls.
No homicides.
I gotcha.
But in the meantime, what do I get from you in return? Do I get, like, a ghetto pass up in the joint or something? Reg and his boys like the word "free" a lot.
Oh, well, yeah.
I mean, come in any time I'm working here.
I got you.
See? I told you.
Being a company man has its privileges.
It ain't even like that.
BRANDON: I'm just helping my boy.
We'll see.
I had to cash in a few favors to get this.
Somebody went through a lot of trouble to keep this file closed.
Finally got it cracked.
TOUSSAINT: He did a stint in Statesville back in '89.
He said he wasn't a Boy Scout.
At least he was straight-up about that.
Gang affiliation.
63rd Street Mob, just like he said.
Get the fuck out of here.
What? Guess who his cellmate was back in Statesville.
Walter Burkes, founder of the 63rd Street Mob.
This guy? That guy.
I told you about him a while back.
He's in prison for 100 years.
He'll never see the light of day.
Gang leaders are usually given preferential treatment when it comes to their cellies, right? Burkes would absolutely sign off on his cellmate.
It also means Gaines had to be high-ranking.
Gaines was calling shots for 63rd, and maybe still is.
So Lonnie Gaines really is using the 63rd Street Mob as muscle to take possession of these homes.
It looks that way.
Then, if Brandon Johnson is somehow connected to the 63rd Street Mob, and Otis Perry's his money man, employing gang members to watch the truck and deliver free pizzas, then Mr.
Perry's our next stop.
Who is it? BRANDON: Hey, Ms.
Williams, it's Brandon Johnson.
- NINA: Brandon? - Yes, ma'am.
- Hey.
- He's not allowed to have visitors.
Yeah, I heard.
It's [SIGHS.]
He texted me about what happened.
He did.
Well, did he tell you he tried to sell drugs and threw away a letter about an offer to go to a nice school on the North Side? Okay, I knew about the drugs.
Didn't know about the school.
Then you can understand why he can't have company.
Any company.
Miss Williams, please.
Kevin came to me after his father died, and I just figured it'd be good to holler at him, man to man, you know? He reached out to you? Yeah.
He's been acting so strange lately.
Well, could be girl problems, too.
What girl? He should probably be the one to tell you that.
I don't [SIGHS.]
Thank you.
Well, we gotta figure out why, 'cause this ain't you.
BRANDON: You don't need the money.
You got nice house, clothes, so why you fucking with drugs? I don't know.
BRANDON: Stop making this shit harder than it is, Kev.
I ain't trying to.
BRANDON: Yes, you are! Your life is good.
Stop trying so hard to fuck it up.
Somebody like me wish I had it like you when I was a kid.
Your mom told me about the North Side school.
If I was you, I'd think about it.
Why, though? What's so bad about Hopkins? I get good grades there.
Come on, Kev.
You're sitting on a lottery ticket and just afraid to cash it out.
You know that school got better things to offer than Hopkins.
Yeah? But I ain't trying to be nobody's sellout.
TRANQUIL SYNTH MUSIC There you go with that bullshit.
Letting what other people say, your boys, affect what you do.
First you let them pick your girl.
Then you let them pick your school.
You probably got the weed from Reg's little brother.
You gotta do what's right for you.
Fuck what other people think.
So I care what other people think, sometimes.
Look, I get it.
But exploring life outside the neighborhood don't got to be a bad thing.
Your friends, the South Side, ain't going nowhere, so you're not selling out for choosing a different path.
You're selling out if you don't.
You see my ride out there? Yeah.
Did a great job.
It looks nice.
It's getting there.
Too bad I can't drive it now.
A DUI's the end of driving for a while.
TRACY: It's not the end of the world, Ronnie.
So let me know if you need a ride to the center or wherever sometimes.
Now you want to tell me what happened? Oh, what can I say? I fell off the wagon.
The last time I saw you, you seemed to be doing so good.
Yeah, I was.
Was even dating a woman Jada and I managed to fuck that up, too.
Guess I was doing all right until I was just struggling to adjust, maybe pressing too hard with Shanté and the baby, and she she pushed me away.
It's not just you.
She pushed me away, too.
Said she's thinking about moving down south with her dad and the rest of his family.
TRACY: Says she needs the support.
She has support here.
Why can't we be there for her and Jordan? It's not our call.
MELANCHOLY SYNTH MUSIC Guess you were too much and I was too late.
No, it's my fault.
Well, you know what you need to do to fix things, Ronnie.
I ain't trying to deal with no drama, so There there was this kid, the number-one-recruited basketball player in the entire country as a sophomore.
How crazy is that? Coaches from everywhere wanted to bag him.
MELANCHOLY MUSIC He was incredible had an amazing life all set in front of him.
His name was Jason.
What any of this got to do with me? I'm a homicide detective, Brandon.
That might not mean a thing to you, but sometimes, there's that one that one case or that one dead body that makes you weak.
I've had a couple of those.
And you're here to tell me that my brother was one of them? I'm here to say I'm the one that told Ronnie Davis that Coogie was standing over Jason's body.
Jason was Ronnie's son.
CRUZ: That's the truth.
I'm the one you should hate.
BOYS: Yo! Yo, Papa, you the shit, man.
Heard Hopkins is getting its own bus.
Yeah, man.
Calling out CPS did the trick! The hell's going on? You went viral! [ON PHONE.]
Where the money at What the Where the money at, the money at Damn, Papa.
You went viral for real this time.
Where the money at W-W-Where the money at TENSE HIP-HOP BEAT Nigga, what the fuck are you - RICKY: What you doing, man? - Shut the fuck up.
REG: Damn! Damn! You about to get knocked the fuck out! REG: Oh, my.
REG: See, that's what you get for fucking around with little girls.
No wonder that damn track team can't win no races.
REG: Oh, you're gonna need to put some cocoa butter on that.
REG: Hey, uh, Big Mike, he had enough.
- Bitch! - [REG LAUGHS.]
Get back to the [INDISTINCT.]
- Yo' bitch ass.
- Thanks for the ride, bitch.
DOUDA: I met Brandon Johnson and was immediately impressed.
I saw in him a younger version of myself.
We talked, I believed in his vision, and I wanted to support it.
What else can I tell you? Brandon recently acquired a $75,000 food truck.
That's quite an investment, Mr.
Have you tasted that man's tacos? That truck'll pay for itself in no time.
Are you protecting that investment with security provided by the 63rd Street Mob? DISQUIETING MUSIC Detective Toussaint Or should I call you Alice? Toussaint is fine.
Are you really here to insult me like that? I certainly wouldn't want to tarnish the reputation of an upstanding citizen like yourself.
But detectives are paid to ask questions and good detectives ask the tough questions.
Good businessmen don't entertain accusations that are baseless.
Are they really baseless? Toussaint.
The general who led the slave revolution against Napoleon.
I'm not so different, Detective.
I'm helping my people become free.
Thank you for stopping by.
I should get back to business now.
EMMETT: All right.
Watch your step.
Walk straight.
- Straight.
- Okay, uh, don't make me fall.
I got you.
I'm Now make a left.
Step a little bit right there.
Watch your step.
All right, sit.
Okay, I know this ain't your place.
Damn, Kiesha.
You could raise your expectations.
- I am a manager now.
- Oh, okay.
This my boy Brandon's apartment.
So are we doing dinner here? Hi, Miss Kiesha.
I heard a lot about you from Kevin.
BRANDON: Tonight, you'll be dining on citrus jerk chicken sautéed greens topped with sweet onions, and crispy plantains.
You did all this for me? I mean, yeah, I sure did.
What you want to drink? Uh, you can run Brandon ragged.
He's, uh, our butler tonight.
Okay, I'ma ignore his ignorant ass.
Would you like the peppermint lemonade or apple spritz, Miss Kiesha? Um, the apple spritz, please.
Coming right up.
BRANDON: I'll be plating dinner after appetizers, and I'll leave you two to talk.
My God, this is This is really beautiful, Emmett.
I just What? What what what? What's wrong? - You allergic to jerk? - No.
I Look, it's just not fair, me accepting gifts like this from you.
I'm not over the guy I was dating.
"Was" dating? Yeah.
We broke up.
He's just going through a lot.
Somebody beat him up and stole his car.
Damn, that's that's messed up.
You okay? Yeah, I will be.
I mean, I guess it worked out, 'cause I didn't know you was doing all this for me.
That's right.
It's his loss, whoever he is.
Okay, so what was so important you had to go through all of this just to tell me? EMMETT: You know what? I I honestly I just missed my friend.
You deserve to be treated like a lady.
It's long overdue.
GRAVE MUSIC Okay, we're gonna get started now.
You look like a new face.
SPONSOR: You ready to come on in, or you need some time? You come in when you're ready, okay? SPONSOR: Okay, welcome.
This is the regular meeting of the South Side group of Alcoholics Anonymous.
Man, I can't thank you enough, bro.
Like, tonight was great, and it sounds like it's a wrap on Pedo-Ricky.
All good, dog.
Just glad I could help.
Yeah, well, enough about me and Kiesh.
How you and Jerrika? What's up with these wedding plans? BRANDON: Oh, we doing the damn thing, although my girl's never home these days.
She's volunteering for some dude running for alderman.
Supposed to be like the new Barack.
Well, you better hope he ain't Barack-ing your woman.
You know how these chicks be turned up over Obama.
No, me and J good, dog.
All right, man.
I'm up out of here.
All right? BRANDON: Hey, um, I wanted to ask you something.
It's kind of serious.
What's up? I always thought Coogie would be around forever, and since my cousin Hannibal doesn't believe in the tradition, I was wondering if you'd be my best man.
So I'm, like, your fallback plan? Like I mean, no.
It ain't like that.
- It's - [LAUGHS.]
No, I'm just fucking with you.
Man, I'd be honored to be your best man.
What? - Come here.
- Thank you.
But you know what this means.
What? Bachelor party.
Seriously You wanted to see me, Sarge? What? We need to talk to you.
We got a call from Juvie.
CRUZ: It's your son.
He's been attacked.
What up? Guess you got my text.
Boom! How you like that? I got that healthcare swag.
Now you can get EJ's teeth checked whenever you want.
- Thanks.
- Well, not as much as you want, 'cause them deductibles ain't nothing to fuck with, but you get what I'm saying.
All y'all baby mamas been riding me for child support, so don't be so overjoyed.
Whoa, Tiff, w-what's wrong? I'm late, Emmett.
I'm pregnant.
GIRL: Twinsies! I know, right? They jealous.
Hey, Papa.
Damn, Papa! - You a celebrity now.
- He been getting that all day.
It's a gift and a curse.
I'm trying to be selective.
GIRL: Hey, Papa.
Wanna get pizza with me after school? Shoot, I'm down, but only if my boys can roll with your girls.
Jake is cool, but ain't nobody trying to get beat down messing with Maisha's man.
I ain't Maisha's man.
What what the hell you talking about? Don't be coming at me all crazy.
Everybody saw y'all kiss at her party.
What the fuck? What party? Forget the party.
What kiss? I So Kev is creeping around with Maisha? JAKE: Damn! Ain't nobody creeping around with Maisha.
Listen, private parties? Public displays of affection? Oh, you creeping.
They gonna be wearing matching outfits next.
He probably sending her love poems and heart emojis.
Man, fuck both y'all! Look, don't be mad, Kev.
Look at the bright side.
You get a girlfriend and a bodyguard in one.
- That's one-stop shopping! - [LAUGHS.]
Look, I kissed her but I only did it 'cause I felt sorry for her.
Maisha, look, I didn't mean Denny Cascade Denny Cascade Denny Cascade Yeah, yeah Welcome to the darker side of taboo All I got is permanent scars and tattoos Take another step in the path that you choose Make a bad choice in your path then you lose Welcome to the darker side of taboo All I got is permanent scars and tattoos Take another step in your path that you choose Make a bad choice in your path then you lose [TYPEWRITER CLACKING, BELL DINGS.]

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