The Chi (2018) s03e01 Episode Script

Foe 'Nem

[JADA] Previously on The Chi
You got the chain that I gave him.
Take the fucking chain, then.
- Take it!
- Every time I think about you,
I wish something bad on you.
I'm really sorry for
killing your little brother.
Man, Coogie was just
so much better than me, you know?
I kissed her,
but I only did it 'cause
I felt sorry for her.
Maisha, look, I didn't
You need to tell us who
gave you the drugs, Kevin.
I'm not snitching. I'm done doing that.
[GASCA] Mrs. Williams, this
is exactly why I recommend
you consider sending him to
Chicago North Side Academy.
- Ma!
Da-Darn Oh, what the fuck?
And you did this all by yourself?
Yeah, we can figure
this shit out together.
- [COACH] Five laps. Let's go.
Get a move on, Williams.
You're laggin' behind.
[BRANDON] Look, I don't
have nothing to do with this.
I understand you're scared,
but I will handle this.
[TOUSSAINT] Miss Ethel's home invasion,
gang's proceeds from dope and guns,
and he's the scorpion.
Hey, I remember you.
You gave a pizza party at my school.
How's school going anyway?
It's good, I guess.
Oh, we gotta be doing a
lot better than "I guess".
I'd like to give Jake a job.
What the fuck he gonna do here?
Don't underestimate your little brother.
Let me ask you something, Douda.
Is there anything that
I can do different?
You have nothing to worry about.
My love ♪
There's only you in my life ♪
The only thing that's right ♪
Ooh, yeah ♪
[NINA] Your sister's late.
I knew it. She's gonna ruin my wedding.
Calm down, Ma. She's
probably on her way.
I asked her to do one thing, be on time.
She couldn't even do that.
Okay, but you weren't prompt either.
The wedding was supposed
to start an hour ago.
So? I'm the bride. I can be late.
Ooh ♪
- And I ♪
- And I ♪
I want to share ♪
All my love with you ♪
Hey ♪
No one else will do ♪
- Mm ♪
- You know it ♪
And your eyes ♪
Your eyes, your eyes ♪
They tell me how much ♪
You care ♪
Oh, yes ♪
You will always be ♪
My endless love ♪
Ah-ah, ah-ah ♪
Yeah ♪
Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, yeah ♪
Two hearts ♪
Two hearts that beat as one ♪
Our lives have just begun ♪
- And forever ♪
- Forever ♪
I'll hold you close in my arms ♪
I can't resist ♪
If you can't hustle in them heels,
you should've wore flats.
Shut up. You're the one who decided
to cut your own hair at the last minute.
I can't go to a wedding
without a fresh line up.
Who you think I am, Steph Curry?
I thought I knew what
love was my whole life,
but then I found you,
and you taught me the true definition
of what it means to be loved completely.
I never thought I would want to remarry.
I thought if I was lucky
enough to find love once
I can't believe you made me late
for my own friend's wedding.
You wouldn't even know
Dre if it wasn't for me.
Yeah, you probably the reason she gay.
[COUGHING] Bullshit.
I ain't turn her gay.
She always been gay.
I was just a speed bump on her way
to the island of Lesbos.
[DANI] At this time,
Dre would like to share a few words.
Something I wanna say to both of you.
I know y'all didn't get
a chance to pick me.
Your mother did.
But when I chose your mother,
I chose y'all too.
I want you to know that I can't wait
to be a part of this family.
Kiesha, I know we don't
always see eye to eye.
But I have a lot of respect for you.
You're a strong woman,
just like your moms.
You're smart, and you got a good heart.
And, Kevin, whew,
boy, you've been through
a lot these past few years.
But you're still the
bravest person I know,
and you're not afraid to
go after whatever you want.
Keep that energy.
I look forward to all
the wonderful things
that's gonna happen in your lives.
I want you to both know
that I'll be here for you,
anything you need.
So I got y'all a little something.
Oh! Oh. Is this real gold?
Yes, sir. [CHUCKLES]
Twenty-four karats.
It's engraved with the
longitude and latitude
of our house,
so no matter where
you are in the world
you can always find your way home.
I love both of y'all
with my whole heart.
By the power granted to me
by the state of Illinois,
I now pronounce you two honest women
who are no longer
shacking up out of wedlock.
Tell me what you wanna do ♪
I should be ignoring you ♪
But I can't get you off my mind ♪
Every time I try ♪
- Why we ain't never do that?
- Do what?
Get married.
You promising to be faithful
is a lie nobody'd believe.
They'd believe it more
than you saying you'd obey.
Obeying is for dogs.
That's why you getting divorced now.
I'm not divorced. I'm separated.
Oh, uh, I'll be back. You all right?
Yeah, I'm fine. You okay?
You want me to go with you?
Nah, I'ma go by myself.
Text me when you get there.
All of your anxiety ♪
I will love you
through your hardships ♪
Even though there's no guarantees ♪
I will never break a promise ♪
When you smile down that aisle ♪
Lately I've been imagining ♪
Against Goliath I
will be your defense ♪
I'll protect you till it all ends ♪
I'll never leave you ♪
Or deceive you ♪
I will stay true ♪
Because I care for you ♪
Baby, I do ♪
[WOMAN] This is a private service.
[RONNIE] I'm here to pay my respects.
[WOMAN] You can keep them.
Excuse me.
Hey, little man.
You can vouch for me, can't you?
How many of you mothers
out there have lost a child?
How many of you have had to bury two?
It's like we part of some club
nobody wants to belong to.
Last time I was in this church,
Brandon got up here and told the truth.
I remember being mad as
hell at his ass for doing it.
But now I realize why he did it.
He did it because at some point,
we all get tired of lying.
At some point, it's just easier to
stop caring what everybody thinks
and just speak.
I didn't wanna have no kids.
I knew I wasn't cut out
to be somebody's mother.
And that's 'cause nobody mothered me.
Nobody ever loved me unconditionally.
So I spent most of my
youth a broken girl.
I got some bright idea that
having kids would make me whole.
But I was wrong.
After Brandon was born,
I realized I had nothing to give him.
So I gave him my trauma.
I gave him my pain.
I gave him all the things that
I didn't know what to do with.
And you know what he did with it?
He made it something beautiful.
He used my pain
as fuel for his dreams.
He tried to escape all
the bad things in his life.
He tried to run away from them.
But he could never outrun me.
He couldn't save his brother.
He couldn't love Jerrika
the way she deserved to be loved,
because he was born out of brokenness.
He never had a damn shot.
Neither did Coogie.
I had no right to bring
them boys into this world.
And I never should've
raised them in a city
that would rather see their likeness
painted up on a brick wall
than to see them graduate from college.
But you know what?
I'm glad I was the vessel
that was chosen to bring
them into this world.
I'm glad they existed in this world
for the very short time that they did.
Because they finally taught me
what it was like to be loved
with no conditions.
I don't have nothing left to lose.
And I damn sure don't have shit to give.
They were all I had,
and this city took 'em from me.
I'm always gonna be broken.
And there ain't nothing
that's ever gonna make me whole again.
I'm so confused ♪
I'm so glad you got
those track scholarships.
Uh-huh, 'cause them student loans
ain't nothing to play with.
Yeah, I'm still gonna have
some loans to pay back.
[JACKIE] I'm just glad
you're going to college.
For a while, you was acting so fast,
we thought you was gonna get pregnant
before you finished high school.
I am not fast.
[CARLA] We heard about that
older man you was messing with.
[JACKIE] Mm-hmm.
You was about to get
trapped in the closet.
[KIESHA] That ain't true.
So how do the lesbians
do the last names?
[KIESHA] What?
Well, does the girly one take
the butch-y one's last name?
Don't say "butch-y".
Say "masculine presenting"
or "soft-stud".
[JACKIE] Well, I hear some gay couples
combine the last names and
make a whole new last name.
Now, that's some Illuminati shit.
Bye, y'all.
It's funny how life changes ♪
In the blink of an eye ♪
One minute, you're up,
and the next, you're down ♪
The world keeps
spinning and a-spinning ♪
And I'm hoping and
a-wishing it stops ♪
I just need some time
to get off the ground ♪
Nigga, have you lost your damn mind?
I'm just here to express my condolences.
You got a lot of nerve
bringing your rusty ass
up to the Lord's front door.
Go home.
You've never been so
cold and distant ♪
Hey, Miss Johnson.
Your son and I, we were
getting to know each other.
He was very talented and
he had a lot of potential.
This breaks my heart.
It really does.
What's your name?
Otis Perry.
My son never mentioned you to me.
Yeah, well, look, I, um
[CHUCKLES] I just came to, uh,
offer my condolences,
and if you ever need anything,
just give me a call.
I don't need shit from you.
What that slimy nigga want?
I don't know. Just get
me the fuck outta here.
It's hard to imagine ♪
Living without you here ♪
Drowning in this pain,
don't know up from down ♪
Uh, Miss-Miss Johnson.
You can keep your
thoughts and prayers too,
'cause they can't do shit for me.
No, I just wanted to say No.
I just wanted to say your
son meant a lot to me.
He meant a lot to this city.
Listening for your voice ♪
I just wanted to say I'm sorry.
Hmm. So what you gonna do?
Well, I'm gonna try to
keep his business alive.
I think that's what he would've wanted.
If I was you, I'd get
the fuck outta Dodge.
Chicago don't love you.
This city don't love no damn body.
That's him?
That's that nigga.
He got custody of my
little brother Jake.
He don't look like shit.
That's 'cause he ain't.
I see why Brandon used to get into it
with his mom all the time.
She's grieving, man. Leave her alone.
She ain't have to come
at me like that, though.
I'm grieving too.
I'm pretty sure she's
grieving way more than you.
Eh, fuck her.
Kev, you good?
It's gonna be all right. I got you now.
You're not Brandon.
- Nigga, you think I don't know that?
- Don't say "nigga".
Brandon hated that word.
Look, I know I can't take his place.
But that ain't gonna stop me
from having your back like chiroprac.
We're gonna get through this.
All right?
All right, come on, I
think they finna play
the "Cha-Cha Slide".
I love lesbians.
Yo, shut up.
Yeah, yeah ♪
Ooh! Not today, Satan.
It's on now.
Papa, your daddy would kill you
if he saw you out here
acting like a fool.
He don't know what to
do with that anyway.
And neither do you.
Shit, I ain't a kid no more.
Yeah, you is.
You better ask about me.
Boy, bye.
Yeah ♪
How long you been standing there?
Long enough to see you need some help.
Oh, enjoy the wedding. I got this.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah, for sure.
Why you working today anyway?
It's the Chi. People die every day, Ma.
Emmett, you don't have
to act strong for me.
Can you hand me them tongs over there?
Thank you.
Heard you and Darnell came
to the wedding together.
Who told you that?
[SCOFFS] It don't matter.
He gave me a ride, that's it.
Uh, yeah, I know that move.
That's how it starts.
Boy, shut up.
First thing, y'all going
to weddings together.
The next thing y'all know, y'all
butt naked on the waterbed, pshh!
Please, last time I was
on that damn waterbed,
I got pregnant with you.
Then stay away from it, then.
Who you think you talking to?
All I'm saying is, just call me
when you need a ride,
and I can go borrow Tiff's
car and come scoop you.
Smile, girl.
Don't tell girls to smile.
Stop being fast.
Will y'all just let the girl live? Damn!
Y'all gonna have to
scooch in closer than that.
Act like you like each other.
Can y'all hurry up? Damn.
Say "damn" again, you
gonna get a whuppin'
and be on punishment.
- I don't care.
- Boy, what you say?
Whoever made this mac and cheese
needs their throat slit.
Heh, a white person
must've made this chicken,
'cause it ain't got a
ounce of seasoning on it.
I can't stand Dre.
Why do you care? You're
gonna be gone next year.
I don't even think
Ma like her that much.
Our walls are very thin
and my room's right next to theirs.
They be liking each other a whole lot.
- They be liking each other all the time.
- Okay.
[DJ] It's time for the first dance.
There it go. There it go.
Ay, ay.
Ay. Come on, girl.
Come on, let's show 'em what we got.
- Hey.
- Whoo!
I don't want, I don't want, yeah ♪
No, nobody but you ♪
Ohh-ohh ♪
Oh, no ♪
Ohh-ohh ♪
Oh, no ♪
- Come on.
- Hey.
I don't want, yeah ♪
No, nobody but you ♪
Yeah, there it is. [LAUGHS]
Oh, no ♪
Ohh-ohh ♪
- May I?
- No, you may not.
Come on, woman, we can
dance at the wedding.
Suit yourself.
I'm sure I'll find somebody out here
wants to dance with me.
Yeah, I think I saw some desperate women
hovering by the potato salad.
[LAUGHS] Mm, mm, mm.
This love is official ♪
I don't want, I don't want, yeah ♪
Ss, this some expensive shit.
What you about to do with that?
I'm gonna drink it.
Wine ain't nothing but
the blood of Jesus anyway.
What's up, Eboni?
Hey, Kevin.
Why you wasting wine?
It's for my brother.
That's for Brandon.
Let's get fucked up.
What's wrong?
Why something gotta be wrong?
You don't like Dre, do you?
She does get on my nerves.
That's not it, though.
- Yo, you pregnant?
- No, fool.
Ooh, thank God.
If I was, it wouldn't be yours.
Shit, you never know.
If I stare at a girl too
long, she get pregnant.
Stop staring at me, then.
No, I'm just
I'm nervous about leaving next year.
Thought you'd be ready to get the hell
outta your mama's house.
I'm just not excited about
leaving home, you know?
Being around a bunch of
white people I don't know.
And I don't love track that much.
I don't know, these sound
like bougie problems to me.
I'm serious.
I wanna stay here.
And do what?
Fuck a bunch of wack-ass dudes
and wind up getting pregnant
by one of these motherfuckers?
End up working at CVS
the rest of your life?
What's wrong with that?
Look, who cares if you don't like track?
Use that shit to get up outta here.
Come on.
And look, don't be afraid to leave
'cause you just too scared
to see what's out there.
- I'm not scared.
- Uh, yes, you are.
And that's cool.
You're supposed to be scared sometimes.
Are you scared?
Brandon's gone.
There's always a slight
chance I got a kid on the way.
It's my job to look after Kevin now.
And I think my parents
are fucking again.
I'm scared as fuck.
The fuck?
Telling me it's over now ♪
Got me real tight ♪
Ever since you left me, girl ♪
It don't feel right ♪
Yes, work, bitch.
- Come on, boy, I see you.
I see. Jada, come on, come on.
Uh-uh, no, Dre, stop playing.
Now, you knew good and goddamn well
your black ass was gonna
have to dance at my wedding.
I don't know why you
wore them shoes, girl.
- [LAUGHS] Come on.
- Hey. Oh, let me get that.
- But
Let me get that from you, bro.
Act like I don't ♪
Care that you threw my love away ♪
Care that you left it stranded ♪
Sisters are like fine wine,
and you the finest of 'em all.
A woman really doesn't know
what she want until she's 45.
Uh, well, I'm 39.
Shit, that'll work.
Oh, wait. Who the hell ordered pizza?
- I did.
- Why?
'Cause the food is a struggle.
I can't have people going home hungry.
Well, let me whip up a
fresh batch of mac and cheese
and I can season more chicken.
Look, I know you're going through a lot.
Don't worry about it.
No, no, no, I wanna earn
the money you're giving me.
You have earned it.
Most people wouldn't
even have showed up today.
I applaud your dedication.
Hold your head up. You'll figure it out.
Here, it's half of what I owe you.
I'll give you the other half tomorrow.
Now, go home and get some rest.
A friend of Dre is a friend of mine.
You're family now.
I'll always be here
if you need anything.
Thank you.
Thank you for being there for my son.
I used to turn right up ♪
I know when to stand up ♪
But you said you'd never leave me ♪
Y'all should come through.
I got the house.
For real?
Yeah, my moms is gonna
be on their honeymoon.
Kiesha gonna be laid up with some dude.
So I got the house.
Okay, I'm down.
Me too. I'll bring the weed.
Really, y'all in here
getting drunk without me?
- There's a little wine left.
- My bad.
And y'all got the nerve to be
drinking the expensive shit.
Is Papa okay?
You know church boys
can't handle their liquor.
Hey, everything all right in here?
Yeah, we good.
Well, come on. They're
about to play my song.
[DJ CASPER] And this time,
we're gonna get funky.
Come on!
Oh, to the left! Bring it back!
[DJ CASPER] Funky.
Everybody clap your hands.
Clap, clap, clap.
- Clap your hands.
Clap, clap, clap. Clap your hands.
All right, now, we
gonna do the basic steps.
To the left. Take it back now, y'all.
One hop this time.
Right foot, let's stomp.
Left foot, let's stomp.
Cha-cha real smooth.
Turn it out.
- To the left.
- Come on.
[DJ CASPER] Take it back now, y'all.
One hop this time.
Right foot, let's stomp.
Left foot, let's stomp.
Cha-cha now, y'all.
Now it's time to get funky.
To the right, now.
To the left.
Take it back now, y'all.
Right foot, two stomps.
Left foot, two stomps.
Slide to the left.
Slide to the right.
Hands on your knees.
Hands on your knees.
- Get funky with it.
Aw, yeah.
Come on.
Right foot, let's stomp.
Left foot, let's stomp.
Right foot again.
Left foot again.
Right foot, let's stomp.
Left foot, let's stomp.
Everybody clap your hands.
- Come on, y'all.
Check it out, y'all.
How low can you go?
Can you go down low?
All the way to the floor.
How low can you go?
Can you bring it to the top?
Like you never, never stop?
Can you bring it to the top?
To what do I owe the pleasure?
What you talking about?
You wanted to see me, and I'm here.
Wait, you ain't call the meeting?
Since this nigga was still breathing,
I'm just gonna assume
that you ain't know shit
about them killing Reg.
I had my suspicions,
but something this sensitive,
I needed to be 100% sure.
How you ain't sure
and I figured all of this
shit out way in Kankakee?
Don't look at him. He gone.
I want my little brother back.
When was the last time
you even seen Jake?
You got locked up in, what, 2013?
Boy ain't seen you since he was eight.
He wouldn't be able to pick your ass up
out of a lineup.
Excuse the pun.
Nigga, Reg was supposed
to take care of him.
Yeah, well, Reg never
made that shit official.
So your mother
surrendered custody to me.
Of course she did.
So how much is my little bro worth?
[EXHALES] A whole lot.
Don't worry, she did the right thing.
No, the right thing
would've been to call me.
Oh, I offered, but, um
Jake said you were dead.
I guess this is the resurrection.
Boom, that's for you.
For what?
For being the woman of
the house while we're gone.
[NINA] She don't get money
to watch her little brother.
Hey, she's 18. She's doing us a favor.
- A favor?
- We talked about this.
We gotta be a united front.
This ain't much.
Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.
[NINA] And this is for Emmett.
I just need you to give him
the money and that's all,
you hear me?
Ma, please, he live with his baby mama.
Ain't nobody thinking 'bout him.
[BOTH] Mm-hmm.
She not shy ♪
Yeah, she want it when she want it ♪
Know she down to ride ♪
Yes, her favorite
position is the peace sign ♪
She be like, "Daddy
record it and rewind" ♪
Then give me time ♪
She gon' make a mess ♪
When I go down ♪
So she get the best ♪
Plus, she make me proud ♪
She try not to scream
and shout out loud ♪
So you're not gonna
ask me how my day was?
How was your day, my king?
Ss, don't play with me, Tiff.
First of all, Brandon's
mama is crazy as hell.
I been knew that.
She went up there raving and ranting
about how she always been fucked up
and that's basically why
Brandon was fucked up,
even though he spent his
whole life trying not to be.
And then when I tried to
say I was sorry for her loss,
she-she was like,
"You need to get the fuck outta Dodge.
This city don't love you".
Yeah, where's the lie in that? Here.
I'm sorry.
Are you okay?
I'm good. I'm good.
No, you not.
How you gonna tell me how I feel?
Because I know you.
Did my mom tell you them
niggas ordered pizza?
[CHUCKLES] She did.
I saw people eating pizza
on Nina's Insta Story.
That shit's fucked up.
Shit, I would've ordered pizza,
too, if the food wasn't right.
I'm only one person. What they expect?
They expect to get some good food.
Don't nobody care about what
you're going through, Emmett.
Shit, now I want some pizza.
Are you serious?
I wonder if they still open.
Tiff, this not funny.
This shit gotta work.
I gotta do this shit for Brandon.
Shit, I gotta do it for us.
If you're gonna do it, do it for you.
Otherwise, it ain't gonna work.
Ooh, this could be something ♪
Yeah ♪
I can't put a finger on it ♪
Soon as I see your face ♪
My heart just smiles ♪
And I know the perfect place ♪
We can sort this out ♪
- Come on with me tonight ♪
I wanna hear your pillow talk to me ♪
And you can tell me
everything you need ♪
- Oh, shit.
I wanna hear your pillow ♪
Yeah, that's it.
That's it right there. Oh!
[DRE] Come on in.
Yeah, just set it over
there by the bed, man.
Cool, cool. Appreciate you.
- Yes.
Thank you.
- [DRE] Wow, I can't believe this nigga
is really running for mayor.
Anything's gonna be
better than what we got.
I'm new to this, but I ain't worried ♪
She say she need it now,
I'ma try and hurry ♪
Bad little thing from ♪
I see you, Kiesha.
Ugh, that's disgusting.
Who you going to see?
Don't worry about it.
If Ma calls, where am I?
- Hangin' with Tammy.
- And what are we doing?
- Studying for the SATs.
- Perfect.
Look, this house better not
smell like weed when I get back.
Yo, relax. I got, like,
four bottles of Be Breezy.
Boy, that shit don't work.
She works hard ♪
It's well deserved ♪
No playing games ♪
No his and hers ♪
She knows what she
got controls me ♪
[EBONI] Hello?
What's up, Eboni? It's Kev.
Why am I on speakerphone?
How you how you know that?
What y'all doing?
We smoking and we about
to watch some movies.
Come through.
I ain't tryin' to be the only girl.
Bring your friends.
We keeping it casual, you know?
So we all gonna be in pajamas.
The color scheme is black and gold.
Oh, y'all having a sleepover?
Yeah, we having a sleepover.
So you coming or what?
Stop being so thirsty.
[WHISPERING] Oh, my bad.
Me and Niki might come through.
A'ight. Bet.
Look at Kev, trying
to get him some game.
I been had game, man.
Both y'all need to get saved.
I know that we're gonna
fuck but I'm just waiting ♪
Emmett, it's for you.
What up, Kiesha?
Over here just thinking about ♪
You ain't gotta stand outside. Come on.
You sure?
Girl, ain't nobody thinking 'bout you.
I'm just trying to see
what that dick does ♪
Got a feeling I'm
gonna be addicted ♪
It's from my mom.
- Appreciate it.
- Mm-hmm.
Look, don't forget what we talked about.
Yeah, I'm gonna stop being scary,
get my ass outta here.
Y'all ever heard of Venmo?
Oh, girl, my stepmom
don't trust that shit.
Look, I don't mind you coming
here to drop my money off.
Just don't come to my house
looking like no hooker.
Look, I don't want no parts
of your situation, okay?
I'm dressed up for my man,
not yours, boo.
Why you always gotta trip?
You see we handling business.
What's wrong with you?
Yo, Kiesha, you pick a school yet?
Uh, yeah, I think I'm
going to Pepperdine.
Damn, where that at?
Ah, shit. Can I come visit?
Hell no!
- Aw, you cold-blooded.
Boy, take your ass back in the house.
You know I'm always
gonna love you, right?
Stop being messy, Emmett.
Nah, nah, nah, nah. I really
For real, I don't mean it like that.
I just mean like you always
got a place in my heart, for real.
This could work.
[TRIG] Yeah, I'm glad
we took this place.
I can put my barber stuff
over here by the sink.
I guess I can run the card
games out the back room.
And if we're working out of here,
the rent'll pay for itself.
I already got money
saved up for a lawyer.
You know I don't fuck with no lawyers.
Look, if we're gonna do this,
we gotta do this the right way.
You got lawyer money?
I got you.
Where would I be without you?
Lost and ashy.
When did you get out?
Hi, I'm Imani.
Thanks for agreeing to meet us here.
So how much you sell your son for?
Just give me the number.
I'll go get him back.
Five thousand.
I'll give you ten.
But you gotta go down to the
courthouse tomorrow morning
and tell 'em you're clean
and you want your son back.
I don't know if I can.
You know, you still ain't shit.
If I could erase you
out my mind, I would.
I knew I should've taken Jake with me.
Then why didn't you?
Because I ain't his
fucking mama. You are.
I did the best I could with y'all.
Ain't none of your daddies worth shit.
I ain't have no help.
So yeah, if that rich motherfucker
wanna take him and give him a good life,
I'm gonna let him.
Look, I'm not trying to
get in y'all business
Then don't.
Give us a minute.
You know, I never knew what
it felt like to feel wanted.
Neither did Reg.
That's why we so fucked up.
I don't want that for Jake.
He deserves better.
Look, you-you ain't never
gave me shit in this life.
This is this is all I want from you.
I didn't know you wanted him that bad.
Well, now you know.
I'll go down to the courthouse.
Thank you.
[KEVIN] All right, y'all, act natural.
Don't be startled.
You tried to be slick and got caught.
Ain't nobody was tryin' to be slick.
Mm-hmm, whatever.
Me and Eboni, we go back
like babies and pacifiers.
Oh, uh, I didn't know that.
Well, now you know.
Hey, Papa.
Yo, Kev, I can't lie.
The summer's been good to Maisha.
I'm not mad.
Would it be weird if
I spent some, you know,
quality time with her?
What you mean, quality time?
Don't act like you don't
know what that means.
Look, how you even know
she wanna spend quality time with you?
You saw how she looked at me, Kev.
- You saw it.
- I saw that shit too, bro.
It ain't up to me who she
spend quality time with.
It's up to Maisha.
- [PAPA] You right.
You right.
Just treat her right.
She ain't just some regular girl.
She special.
I know.
Make your move.
What should I say?
Just compliment her hair and shit.
Don't objectify her. She smart.
You gotta connect with her on
some intellectual-type shit.
I can do that.
There's three of us and three of them.
Let's divide and conquer.
All right, I'll take my room,
Jake takes Kiesha's,
and you take my mom's.
No, fuck that.
I don't know what's in there.
There's probably all
types of whips and chains
and essential oils.
They probably be using that
Victoria's Secret body spray
- on each other and shit.
- Yo, shut up.
I don't know what your mama's into.
Papa, you don't get a choice.
You get the old folks' room.
My mom's not that old.
Fine, I'll take this one for the team.
Just go in there and burn some incense
and play some Erykah Badu
and see what happens.
I'm tryin' to set a mood,
not have a séance.
No, no.
[BARRY] Yo, I don't care what
nobody say about you, Ronnie.
You a'ight with me, bro.
What they sayin'?
Man, you know.
What they sayin' about me?
You know how niggas in
these streets talk, man.
Folks always gonna
have something to say.
At some point, folks need to move on,
let me live my life.
You took a life, man.
Some people ain't gonna never
let you live that shit down.
It's gonna follow you
around the rest of your life
whether you like it or not.
But you can't be worried about
what people think about you.
You just gotta do more
good in the world, man.
You just need to balance
that shit out, bro.
Y'all need anything else?
Yeah, let me get another E&J.
Put it on my tab.
Why don't you slow down
with that shit, man?
What, you my daddy now?
Just saying, bro, you need
to leave that shit alone.
Yeah, that brown liquor
ain't good for your body, bro.
Yeah, fuck y'all.
You want the drink or not?
Nah, I'm good.
But you know what?
I'm gonna get outta here.
Don't get mad, man.
We're just looking out for you, Joe.
I'm not mad.
Appreciate y'all holding
me accountable and shit.
- Yeah?
You be careful getting home, bro.
Oh, just take me home, baby ♪
Take me home, baby ♪
Oh, just take me home, oh, yeah ♪
Oh, just take me home, baby ♪
Remember when you just
said you liked me ♪
- Bye, Big Papa.
- Bye, Queen.
Then you said that ain't
what I'm supposed to do ♪
All I wanted was to get close to you ♪
[KEVIN] What the hell was that?
A gentleman never tells.
Next time, I want the lesbian room.
Yeah, what y'all did?
Well, I gave her a foot massage,
and we talked about her plans
to build a community center
for kids that come from
low-income households.
That does not sound sexy at all.
She bared her soul to me, y'all.
That's way more important
than baring her body.
I ain't tryin' to see nobody's soul.
- I want both.
- You gotta put in work, Kev.
How much work?
Well, that depends on the girl.
You gotta earn her trust.
You gotta bare your soul to her.
This ain't all "wham, bam,
thank you, ma'am" stuff.
You gotta take things slow.
Where are you getting this from?
I been reading DeVon Franklin's book.
It's all about saving
yourself for marriage
and asking God to send you your equal.
Bro, that sounds like homework.
Did y'all connect with your ladies
on an intellectual level?
- I mean
- Yeah?
We kissed and I fingered her.
I smashed.
[PAPA] I hope you don't
regret that soul tie.
[BOTH] What?
Oh, yeah, every time you're
intimate with someone,
you're forever connected.
You take on all their
stress and all their trauma.
It's attached to your soul forever.
- No, it's not.
- I hope she ain't crazy.
Am I soul tied?
Mm, I gotta do some research,
but as soon as I get some clarity,
I'll circle back.
Excuse me. I'm sorry.
You're good, sweetheart.
You must not know who
this money belong to.
Yeah, I'll be waiting, waiting ♪
Waiting, waiting for you ♪
For you, for you, for you ♪
'Cause the way my body set up ♪
- I can't get enough of you ♪
Can't get enough of you ♪
So I'll be waiting ♪
So I'll be waiting, waiting ♪
Waiting, waiting, so come through ♪
Come through, come through ♪
Come through, ohh ♪
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