The Chi (2018) s03e03 Episode Script

Buss Down

[KEVIN] Previously on The Chi
Kiesha's not here.
How come no one called us
if she's been missing school?
When was the last time
you saw your sister?
She went to a party Sunday night,
and she didn't come back.
[DRE] Her phone is here somewhere,
and you're gonna help me find it!
I got it!
[DRE] What the fuck happened to it?
If I find out that you had
something to do with this,
I'ma come back here and
I'ma kill you myself.
- Have fun!
You know, if this were a contest,
- I think I'd be losing.
[CHARLENE] Quite a load
there today, Mr. Ronnie.
You keep this up, you'll be rich enough
to take me out on a date.
Look, I'm trying to talk to
you about a job opportunity.
Then let me see it.
Look, I need a chef for
my catering business.
Where's this kitchen at?
I want you to come live with me.
I don't know about all that.
Baby steps.
As soon as we get Jake back, we out.
Since this nigga was still breathing,
I'm just gonna assume
that you ain't know shit
about them killing Reg.
Big Mike told me where Nuck stay at.
It's a trap house.
Is Kiesha here?
Boy, you better get the fuck on, shorty.
I ain't leaving without my sister.
Only way you get in here is
a bullet through your head
and that's on the mob.
You're not the first
one to pull a gun on me.
Nigga, I'll kill you and leave your body
to rot on my front steps.
Let's go.
I'm not leaving without my sister!
I said let's go!
Yeah, 'cause I think
I just peed on myself.
I'ma catch you.
On the sly, nigga.
You tough, I'll give you that one.
[DRE] Hey, bro.
Have you seen this girl?
She went missing from this
bus stop about a week ago.
No, no.
All right, well, take a flyer.
- Maybe you know somebody who
- I don't even know her.
[EMMETT] You seen this girl?
You seen her?
Hey, Joe, you seen this girl?
All right, if you-if you hear anything,
call this number, all right?
I'll keep my eyes and ears open.
You wanna take a few extras
to give to your neighbors?
[TRACY] Excuse me.
Excuse me!
Is this your daughter?
Yes, that's her.
I'm so sorry.
Tracy, right? I-I remember you.
Everybody knows me as
the dead boy's mama.
How you holdin' up?
Depends on the day.
- Look, I know you're scared.
- Horrified.
- Try not to think the worst.
- How can I not?
I don't know if she's locked
in somebody's basement
or lying in a ditch somewhere.
Either way, I'm not
there to hold her hand,
tell her everything's
gonna be all right.
Listen, no matter what the outcome is,
it's not your fault.
I'm her mother. I'm
supposed to protect her.
Protecting these kids is
a full-time job in itself.
Yeah, it is.
Handing out these flyers
is a fool's errand.
Don't nobody give a damn
about no missing black kid.
Excuse me?
What I'm saying is, if
you really wanna find her,
you're gonna need an army and a plan.
Let me help you.
Who this?
This Kev.
This my older brother, Trig.
Y'all must be real smart if you
go to school on the North Side.
Kev got the brains.
Douda pulled a few strings for my ass.
What y'all want, man?
It's my sister, Kiesha.
She been missing for a week.
I think she's at this
trap house on 65th.
Boyfriend stay there.
- Who's her boyfriend?
- Some dude named Nuck.
Know him?
Not all gangstas know each other.
We rolled up on him last night.
Is you crazy?
I was just trying to help.
Bro, I don't know this nigga,
but if his name is Nuck, then
he probably crazy as hell.
This shit ain't no game.
I ain't trying to hear about
you niggas' bodies being found
on the local news, nigga.
- Calm down.
- Don't tell me, "Calm down".
Man, look, Kev needs your help.
I need your help.
How am I supposed to help you with this?
Just go over there real quick
and see if you see his sister.
Bro, the 63rd Street
Mob don't fuck with me.
I go over there with no good reason,
them niggas will blow my head off.
This is a good reason!
Look, nigga, I don't know you like that.
Don't call me "nigga", all right?
Look, if you ain't gonna help me,
I'll find somebody that will.
Who y'all gonna find?
Somebody that ain't gonna waste my time.
Bro, I only risk my life for family.
He is my family.
- What's she look like?
Y'all look alike. Same mama, same daddy?
So is y'all gonna help us or not?
Give me 24 hours.
And take your ass back to school, bro.
Thank you.
Tried to bring me down,
but I'm still winning ♪
I'm ♪
Still winning ♪
Hey, Papa. What you doing here?
- I came to walk you to school.
- Why?
Girls out here getting kidnapped, and
I can't let that happen to you.
Well, if somebody
were to come kidnap me,
what you gonna do?
I may not be a fighter, but I'm smart.
I'd film they ass and
put it on the 'Gram.
Then I'd try to get they
license plate number.
Oh, I got you a breakfast sandwich.
What's in it?
Eggs, bacon, cheese,
with a little bit of
grape jelly on the bread.
Okay, I see you.
I like a little sweet with my savory.
Okay, and it's hot too.
Of course it's hot. I'm not an animal.
- [MAISHA] Whatever.
[EMMETT] All right, I'm gonna be like,
"We only need to stay
here for, like, a month
'cause, like, whoo-whoo-whoo".
And then that's when
you jump in and be like,
"We ain't gonna stay here long
'cause whoo-whoo-wap-da-bam
and whatnot".
Nah, fuck that, we need to figure out
what we gonna say
before we get in there.
Nah, I don't wanna sound too rehearsed.
All right, my mama hate
feeling like she being played,
so we gotta sound natural.
Like, just improv.
What we gonna do if she say no?
Just hold the baby up.
That always works.
We only need to stay
here for, like, a month.
- Or two.
- I mean, we still putting money
in that-that savings
account you set up for us.
Yeah, and pretty soon,
we'll have enough saved up
- to get our own place.
- And we already found a crib we like.
Yeah, it's real nice.
Two bedrooms, hardwood floors.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- High ceilings and shit.
- [EMMETT] Hyde Park.
- [TIFF] Woodlawn.
See, y'all need to get
your story straight.
Look, we just need, like, a little
Don't try using him as collateral.
Ma, Ma, you know I'm-I'm trying to get
my business off the ground.
Me too.
Then why didn't you
just lead in with that
instead of coming in here
with this half-baked lie
and dangling a baby in my face?
Besides, with all the craziness
that's going on in the city,
I don't really like
staying here by myself.
But don't let two
months turn into a year.
We won't, I promise.
Your word means more than his.
Don't do me like that.
But I do have some ground
rules if y'all gonna stay here.
Ugh, here she go.
- Here she what?
- Nothing, nothing.
Just give us your rules.
Okay, no loud noises in the morning
'cause I need my beauty sleep,
clean up after yourself,
no smoking or selling
weed in this apartment,
and there's a 20-minute
limit on the shower
'cause the water be tripping.
And when do y'all need to move in?
Uh, well, my boy already, uh,
got our stuff on his truck.
What were you gonna do if I said no?
We was gonna be homeless.
[DRE] So my wife tells me
you run a support group.
[TRACY] Something like that.
But ROCK isn't just a
place for mothers to vent.
We do a lot of other things too.
Remembering Our Chicago Kids.
It's, like, 50 of us,
all women of color,
and we do not fuck around.
People think a woman scorned
ain't nothing to play with?
Try a mother that's lost a kid.
That's why I think we can help you.
So what are the police doing?
Not a damn thing.
Sounds about normal for
a missing persons case.
It's not high-profile, and the police
don't have the manpower they
really need to find anybody.
- Oh, and you do?
- Dre.
She's trying to help us.
It's better to be the
parent of a missing child
than a dead one.
There's still hope.
I started my organization
'cause nobody was there for me
when I was thinking
about killing myself.
Ain't nobody give a damn.
I get it.
Y'all don't really know me like that.
No, we don't.
Why don't you all come
to one of our meetings?
I really wanna show
y'all how we get down.
We're tired of waiting on all
these crooked-ass politicians
to fix shit around here.
I'll let y'all think about it.
Thank you.
Hold me ♪
La, la, la ♪
Yeah-ah ♪
What's good, Ronnie?
Baby, I know just
what you wanna hear ♪
Your body's speaking
to me loud and clear ♪
Just wanna put a
smile upon your face ♪
Just as soon as you let me in ♪
Let me in, let me in ♪
I just wanna make you mine ♪
Give you kisses all the time ♪
I know you never felt a love like me ♪
And once I get close
to you, I won't leave ♪
La, la, la ♪
I'm all up in your ear ♪
And you grab my hand soft ♪
[CHARLENE] It's all there.
[CHUCKLES] Force of habit.
Got enough money to take
me out on that date yet?
What, you don't like women?
I like women.
It's just my life's a
little complicated right now.
know you're homeless.
I was just trying to
give you a little ass
to lift your spirits.
Besides, I like giving
back to the community.
[LAUGHS] Nothing worse than pity pussy.
[CHARLENE] Better than no pussy at all.
Oh, I appreciate the offer,
Charlene, but I'm good.
[CHARLENE] If you say so.
[MALE NARRATOR] After declaring war
on the kingdom of
Austria in April of 1792,
the French suffered a string of defeats
to an Austrian and Prussian alliance.
Do you know any French?
I know how to French kiss.
[NARRATOR] unstable
French populace
Bro, stop embarrassing me.
Stop trying to impress
these bougie-ass kids.
[NARRATOR] In turn, the king's ego
Have you heard from Trig yet?
Not yet, but don't worry.
- He gonna come through.
- How you know?
Because he trying to get
back in my good graces.
Didn't you say he slit somebody's throat
for cutting him off in traffic?
That's a rumor.
Well, anyways, can you text
him or something, please?
Mr. Williams.
[NARRATOR] declaring
the monarchy and
You seem to have a lot to say.
Care to summarize the documentary
up to this point?
um, the reason why people mad
in the movie is 'cause, uh,
the queen lady, she was
telling poor people to eat pies,
and they couldn't feed
they children, so
they started killing everybody.
Oh. Anyone care to expound?
The causes of the
French Revolution were:
social inequality, greed
from the French monarchy,
the rise of the bourgeoisie,
and the bad harvest,
which led to the rise of
the cost of the baguette.
These rich bitches
always doing too much.
- [DROVIN] Très bon.
- Bro.
You're absolutely correct.
Mr. Williams, I advise you
to start paying attention in class.
Questions like these
will be on your next exam.
We'll pick up where
we left off tomorrow.
Read chapter three for homework.
Come taste my flavor ♪
Darker the berry ♪
Baby, come closer ♪
[JAKE] Jemma got you hard as a rock.
[KEVIN] Bro, it's not even like that.
[SNIFFING] Then why you wearing cologne?
It's called soap, fool.
Oh, shit. Here she come.
Look, guys, there aren't
too many of us here.
So your actions are a reflection of mine
whether I like it or not.
So please, get y'all shit together.
- Who you talking to?
- I'm talking to you, ashy.
Oh, oh, uh, we-we will.
We'll-we'll tighten up.
Please do.
I don't care about these white people.
Look, whether you like it or not,
these white folks are
still running shit,
and the only way for us to fix it
is to outrun these motherfuckers.
We can't just be excellent.
We gotta be phenomenal.
And you're a king.
Stop acting like a peasant.
- She is amazing.
- That bitch crazy.
I mean, like ♪
Maybe we could just roll one ♪
I wanna take you home ♪
But I'm scared you might say no ♪
I won't get my hopes up ♪
After the last time I caught
her with that little boy,
I told her, "I done raised
my babies and your mama's too.
I ain't doing that no more, mm-mm".
Well, it looks like she's
a healthy young lady.
There's no reason she
can't go on birth control.
Damn shame about that girl.
- What?
- Tell her.
We used to talk to the same dude.
Do you have any idea where she could be?
Uh, if you hear of anything,
please just give me a call anytime.
Oh, my bad.
Sorry about that.
You need to knock next time.
The patient could have been undressed.
I'm sorry.
That doesn't excuse your behavior.
What do you want me to do,
get on my knees and beg
for your forgiveness?
Maybe you'll let me take
you out for a drink, then.
I'm Tomas, by the way.
- I knew that.
I don't date men I work with.
Great, 'cause I wasn't
asking you on a date.
So you just want to
have drinks as friends?
- Well, we aren't friends yet.
I wanted to get to know you
and apologize for fucking up.
I guess.
I look forward to it.
Why you can't just wait in the car?
'Cause I'm your bodyguard.
What's up, man? Uh, Stacks here?
Man, who the fuck is you?
Let's go.
- Everybody get down.
- Y'all get down, man.
[TRIG] What, you deaf?
What's wrong with you? Get down.
Get your ass down, nigga.
Tell Stacks bring his ass down here.
Man, he ain't here.
Yo, Stacks, we got company!
You okay? I know y'all used to talk.
Yeah, yeah, it's crazy.
I just saw her.
I know her mama's losing her mind.
They trying to stay positive.
Yeah, situations like this,
you gotta have faith.
Before you leave tonight,
pack up some food for her family.
[EMMETT] Okay.
What can I get you?
Can I get a two-piece dark,
mac, and collards?
Coming right up.
You ever thought about
marinating your chicken
in buttermilk?
It'll be juicier that way.
I don't need nobody to
tell me how to cook chicken.
I been frying chicken
longer than you been alive.
- You hear me?
- I'm sure.
It was just a suggestion.
We good over here.
- Dom, what you doing here?
- I just came by to say hey.
This one of your little playthings?
You know, this chicken is really good,
but it can be better.
I know that's your friend,
but she's testing my patience.
I-I-I know she's a lot,
but girl can cook.
Everybody think they
can cook these days,
but I been doing this
- since before you was born.
- I know
You young uns always
trying to make shit better.
Ain't nothing wrong
with the way they are.
You keep your friend
away from my kitchen.
What are you doing?
We gotta keep this shit on the low.
I just wanted to see what the chicken
tastes like during the day.
Yo, don't ever pull up in
here before nine o'clock.
You don't tell me what to do.
You gotta let me run things.
I thought we was
running things together.
You know what I mean.
I ain't like these other hos
you used to dealing with.
You don't know what I'm used to.
[STACKS] The fuck you want?
We don't want no trouble.
The fuck you want, then?
We're looking for a girl.
Heard she may be here.
There's a bunch of girls here.
Only need one.
If you trying to hang, boy ♪
Eat it ♪
We don't fuck with them fake bitches ♪
Don't really care
about your money, nigga ♪
We stay up on the grind, homey ♪
And the whole crew is fine ♪
Have any of y'all seen this girl?
Her name's Kiesha.
[WOMAN] If she be here,
it ain't by choice.
We don't care about how you feel ♪
[MAN] Open up. Give me that pussy!
- [WOMAN] Stop it! Get off!
[MAN] Yeah, give it to me. Yeah!
- [WOMAN] Stop!
- [IMANI] Bitch!
How you like it?
[TRIG] Hey, hey, come on. Come here.
- Fuck is you doing?
- [MAN] Get back in here!
Hey, stay focused. We on a mission.
We'll fuck up the party,
believe that shit ♪
Expect five quick ♪
Got a bougie chick ♪
Ratatatat ♪
We don't fuck with
that heartbreak shit ♪
No fucks given, no heartbreak shit ♪
I bust your shit, fuck with my bitch ♪
So I'm sure some of you have
heard about Kiesha Williams.
- She's been missing for days.
- Seven.
She's been missing for seven days.
This is her mom and
Y'all know the police
ain't gonna do shit,
so they need our help.
[FEENIE] This ain't no
missing persons support group.
Did I start the group, or did you?
This is about all of Chicago's kids,
dead or missing.
So what's the plan?
The fact that more than half of y'all
don't know who Kiesha is is a problem.
So I think we need to make sure
everybody knows Kiesha's name.
They should know her face.
When they see her,
they shouldn't just see
another missing black
girl they don't know.
They should see their own daughter.
That's the only way we
gonna get people to care.
Now, I wanna make Nina and Dre
the focus of our vigil tomorrow night.
- That would be amazing.
- Thank you so much.
This is what we do.
[FEENIE] No shade, but how do
we know Kiesha's even missing?
Excuse me?
I've seen your daughter's Instagram.
- What about it?
- [ROVEENA] I've seen it too.
What's the problem?
[FEENIE] From what I can tell,
she's always posting naked pictures,
and she stays in my son's comments.
Who's your son?
[FEENIE] I don't mean no disrespect.
I'm feeling real disrespected right now.
Mm-mm, we don't judge around here.
I've seen my daughter's social media.
There are no naked pictures anywhere.
[FEENIE] I'm not talking
regular Instagram.
- I'm talking Finsta.
- The fuck is Finsta?
That's when the kids
make a fake 'Gram account
and then they post all
kinds of pictures and videos
they don't want they mothers to see.
Look, Kiesha is missing.
And every second that we
waste talking about her morals
or lack thereof, we could be
out there trying to find her.
I don't care if she was letting fools
run trains on her.
This is somebody's child.
Tracy, you have worked too
damn hard to start this group.
People are just starting
to take us seriously.
I don't want some fast-ass
girl ruining our reputation.
And the second we put her pictures out,
them racy photos are
gonna start popping up
all over the Internet,
and then people gonna be
looking at us like we crazy.
I don't care how folks look at us.
Why our kids always gotta
be saints all the time?
I see white kids do
crazy shit every day.
But if one of them goes missing,
it ends up on CNN.
- [DRE] Hell yeah.
- That's right.
And didn't your son get
caught robbing a shoe store
before he got killed?
We're not talking
about my son right now.
Oh, we not talking
about your son now, huh?
Listen, we just wanna do
what's best for the group.
And I started the group.
So I get the final word.
But you also said from day one
that everybody's voice matters.
But before all that,
everybody's child matters.
We are only gonna find
Kiesha if we are united.
If y'all don't wanna help us,
we can figure all this out on our own.
Wait, wait, wait, wait. Listen.
I started this group because I
really care about all our kids.
Kiesha is one of ours.
I really hope y'all come tomorrow.
We good.
Go check on that Finsta.
[EMMETT] Order 92.
Dom's chicken gonna change your life.
All right, who's next?
[DOM] Here, here, here.
[EMMETT] Okay, uh, order, uh, number 67.
Damn, about time.
I been waiting, like, 20 minutes.
We just opened; things
will run faster next time.
Run faster next time. You
know, this is what I get
for trying to support black businesses.
Yes, you do. Yes, sir.
All right.
Look, that ain't the kind
of word-of-mouth we want.
Uh, can you cook the
food a little faster?
I can't.
You know how black folks
get when they get hungry.
Listen, if niggas can
wait in line for J's,
then they can wait in line for me.
Just cook quicker.
All right, my man, what
can-what can I get you?
Let me get three slabs of ribs.
- Ribs.
- A large coleslaw.
- Coleslaw.
- And a bucket of mac and cheese.
The fuck?
Uh, damn, are you trying
to feed a football team?
Yeah, actually. My team.
They just got through
playing touch football,
so we hungry as fuck, man.
Give me-give me one-one second.
How fast can you get this man his food?
This a one-man band back here.
If you gonna be serving
family-size meals,
then I need some family-size help.
We ain't got the budget or
the space for that just yet.
What you want me to do?
Uh, may-maybe I can help.
Uh-uh, the last thing
I need is you back here
fucking up my recipes.
Uh, food.
Uh, just-just-just one second.
Oh, man, okay, look,
we gotta make this work.
Listen, you better tell these
people they got two options.
This ain't Starbucks.
Back here dying.
Well, at least we a success.
It's not a success if
people gotta wait on line
for an hour to get their food.
Look, I'm gonna make this work tonight,
but if we gonna keep doing this,
then you gotta get me some real backup.
All right, I'll work on that.
Can you put the greens in the-in the
- Stir that up
- Get the fuck out my kitchen!
- Go!
- All right, all right.
All right, my man, okay, uh, coleslaw,
slab of ribs, bucket of
mac and cheese, coming up.
Uh, that'll be 30, $30.
All right. Who's next?
[MAN 1] Yeah, yeah! Get him! Get him!
- [MAN 2] Get him! Get him!
- [MAN 1] Nigga, beat his ass!
[MAN 1] Hey, where'd he go?
Hey, man, come the fuck on, man!
Get your dusty ass up, man.
Hey, hey! Hey, get off of him!
Get off! Get outta here!
Get outta here!
I know y'all parents
didn't raise you like that!
My brother, are you all right?
I'll be all right.
All right. Come on,
let's get you inside.
Come on, come on, I got you.
I got you, come on.
Come on, they're gone.
[PAPA] Daddy, you know who that is?
A child of God.
That's the man who killed Coogie.
Like I said, a child of God.
[SIGHS] Thank you so much, man.
This means a lot to us.
Yeah, Sonny sends his love too.
Thank you. [CHUCKLES]
Hey, let me ask you something.
What you know about Finsta accounts?
Mm, not much.
I mean, I can barely keep
up with one Insta account,
let alone two.
Yeah, apparently Kiesha had one.
You know anything about it?
Don't worry, you're not
gonna get her in trouble.
I just think it might help us find her.
Yeah, I don't know nothing about that.
Damn, this is good as fuck. From Sonny?
Pff, not exactly. Uh, how's Kevin doing?
He's okay.
He's in his room if
you wanna holla at him.
All right.
Uh, stomping in a pool of liquor ♪
Call some girls, we'll
get through it quicker ♪
I ain't even know
it, I be ordering ♪
- Yo, Kev.
- Oh, shit.
Oh, shit, uh, finish
doing what you was doing.
I'll holla at you, uh, tomorrow.
A big part ♪
Okay, okay, okay ♪
Damn, that was quick.
Uh, yeah, I'ma get at him tomorrow.
Okay, okay ♪
Do you know who those boys were?
I'm not surprised they jumped me.
Not too well liked around here.
Then why do you keep coming back?
It's my home.
Have you asked God for forgiveness?
I think I have.
No, that's something that you know.
I don't think I know how.
Well, first you gotta forgive yourself.
Have you done that yet?
I guess not.
Well, maybe I can help with that.
[TIFF] I work too,
- and I take care of our son!
- [EMMETT] Shut up, shut up!
[TIFF] You on my last fucking nerve.
[EMMETT] It's 'cause of you
I ain't got no nerves left.
[TIFF] You need to get up and do
what you said you was gonna do.
- I'm so sick of your shit, Emmett.
- I'm sick of yours too!
Both of y'all need to
calm down right now.
You know I don't like all
this screaming in my house.
Ma, can you please tell her
to let me get some sleep?
I been up all night, damn!
I work too, and I take care of our son!
I don't take care of my son?
- Not as much as I do.
- Man, whatever, Tiff.
You promised that you was
gonna get up this morning
- and take EJ to day care.
- Whatever.
Now you acting all brand-new and shit.
Why can't you take him?
Because I ain't tryin'
to be late to work.
You sell weed. The weed man always late.
[TIFF] Not this weed woman.
I'm a professional,
and I pride myself on
having good customer service.
It ain't like them niggas
gonna fill out a Yelp review.
Okay, I am going to take EJ to day care.
[TIFF] That's my problem.
Why you mad now?
I'm not. It's just annoying,
because every time
I ask him to do something,
he claims he's gonna do it,
then he doesn't, and
then you just swoop in
and do it for him.
That's why he can't
get his shit together.
Oh, so it's my fault he's trifling?
I'm not trifling!
No, it's not your fault,
but you do need to
take some of the blame.
Look, I'm trying to do y'all a favor.
I know, and I appreciate it.
It's just, I feel like he
needs to help me more.
I'm doing the best I can.
Well, you need to do better.
Why don't I just leave, then?
- You might as well.
- Cool.
Everybody take a breath.
Take a breath!
Look, Tiff,
I'm sorry I didn't take EJ to day care.
I'll take him tomorrow
and every day this week.
I promise.
You better.
Thank you.
I'm sorry for yelling.
Me too.
Y'all need to be apologizing to me.
[BOTH] Sorry.
I'm gonna let y'all slide this time.
Don't let me wake up to y'all
screaming in this house again.
That's Tiff! You know she
ain't got no inside voice.
And neither do you.
I-I said I was sorry.
How 'bout you stop apologizing,
start changing your behavior?
- I will.
- Good.
Then you can start by
telling Dre the truth.
About what?
I remember you
scrolling through all them
racy pictures of Kiesha all the time.
Don't act like you don't
have the secret codes
to her Myspace account.
Man, first of all,
Myspace old as hell, Ma.
Ain't no-ain't no codes.
It's usernames and passwords.
Whatever it is, you need to give
all that information to her mamas.
I'm not doing this with you today.
You gonna do whatever
the fuck I tell you to do,
'cause you in my house.
Now, if you know something
about that girl's account,
you need to tell her parents.
I'm not playing with you.
I just don't think it's pictures
they really need to see.
Whatever's on that girl's account
could be the difference
between her living and dying.
Don't nobody care about
no damn naked pictures.
You need to tell Nina and Dre the truth.
[NINA] Jada, thank you
so much for doing this.
I'll give you two some space.
Why would Kiesha do this?
She's young, babe.
She thinks this is all she has to offer.
I didn't raise her to act like this.
Our kids are just like everyone else's.
They do dumb shit.
She's just looking for attention.
I give her plenty of attention.
This is just a part of growing up.
She ain't the devil.
No wonder that group
don't wanna support us.
I don't give a fuck if
she had a dick in her mouth
in half of those photos.
Her life is still worth fighting for,
so I'ma keep fighting.
Are you saying I'm not?
I'm saying this ain't the time
to be judging her actions.
She's a brown-skinned girl
whose daddy died suddenly,
and she just wants people to
think that she's beautiful.
I taught her better than this.
This ain't got nothing to do with you.
It's got everything to do with me.
I'm her mother. She's
my child, not yours.
I knew this day was gonna come.
This is what you do.
What do I do, Dre? Tell me.
I'm the one who said we should wait
and do research before
we go to Tracy's group.
But you insisted.
I'm the one who said we should avoid
looking at those photos of Kiesha,
but once again, you insisted.
You're a glutton for punishment.
You love to be tortured,
but you know what?
Don't take that shit out on me,
'cause I'm not having it.
Do you even think I'm a good mother?
I wanna know.
I think you're doing
the best that you can.
I work all day so I can
give them a good life.
And when I get home, I'm exhausted.
I got nothing else to give.
I'm so concerned with
them being perfect,
I don't leave a lot of
room for them to be free.
Freedom is a luxury
our kids can't afford.
I am going to that vigil.
Why? 'Cause you got something to prove?
'Cause I deserve to be there.
Hey, y'all.
I'm not gonna lie. I'm a little turnt.
[CHUCKLES] I was at my mama's wedding,
and they left the wine unattended, so
I took advantage, you know?
Okay, so when I get married,
I'm not doing a wedding.
Mm-mm, I'ma elope.
You not gonna catch me
feeding a bunch of niggas
who just gonna talk shit about me
on the way home from the wedding anyway.
And don't at me.
Look, I said what I said, okay?
Anyway, I just wanted to post
'cause I was feeling cute today.
Hope y'all are too, and if you're not,
maybe you'll feel cute tomorrow.
I'm out.
How come you ain't text me?
Nigga, you better take
that bass out your voice,
talking to me.
Look, I just wanna know
if you found my sister.
She wasn't there.
Did you check every room?
Bro, I put a gun to this nigga's head.
If he knew something,
he would've said something.
We gotta go back.
For what? She's not there.
There's nowhere else she could be.
I mean, if she ain't
there, she gotta be
Dead? Well, maybe she is.
Don't say that.
Baby, she been gone a week.
Look, man, I know
these streets, all right?
And if she's been gone a week,
then either a pimp done got her
or some nigga done caught her slippin'.
Either way, it ain't good.
She ain't dead.
How you know?
I can feel it.
Me too.
- Right?
On a black bit ♪
I call it Knight Rider ♪
I really appreciate this, but
I don't like charity.
I wanna pay you back.
Don't worry about it.
I don't like handouts.
It's not a handout.
It's the Christian way.
I haven't been a Christian
since I was a kid.
We all lose our way sometimes.
I didn't get lost.
I walked away.
Not a fan of the church, huh?
Made a lot of bad choices in my life.
So did the men that followed Jesus.
You don't need to convert me, Pastor.
I'm not in the business
of converting folks.
I don't have the power to save anybody.
I'm just a tour guide
for people that decide
to save themselves.
Tour guide.
I could use one of those.
We all could.
It's about time you came.
I don't know if it's
the TV or the remote,
but something ain't working.
Well, that's-that's
because it's not a remote.
It's-it's a cell phone.
My cell phone is working just fine.
It's that damn remote that's broke.
Okay, well, the batteries must be dead.
Then change it.
Okay, I will, Grandma.
I ain't your grandma.
- Yes, you are.
- Bullshit.
My grandson is a war hero.
You a bum.
It's me, Ronnie.
You ain't no hero.
I was.
And I'm gonna be.
I promise.
Just get me some batteries
for my damn remote.
I'm missing my stories.
I can't stop thinking about
those girls at that house.
You ain't they mama.
That could've been me.
Everybody's got a path,
and that's theirs.
I wanna help them.
Imani, we can't save everybody.
If we go get 'em,
where they gonna stay at?
Who's gonna feed 'em?
Look at me.
We gotta stay focused.
All right, we-we came
out here to get Jake
and that's it.
Let's just stick to the plan, okay?
Come here. Come here.
I ♪
Have never been so much ♪
In love ♪
Before ♪
What a difference ♪
A true love made in my life ♪
So nice ♪
So right ♪
Loving you ♪
Gave me something new ♪
That I'd never felt ♪
Never dreamed of ♪
Something's changed ♪
No, it's not the feeling ♪
I had before ♪
Oh, oh, oh ♪
It's much, much more ♪
Love ♪
I never knew ♪
That a touch ♪
[NINA] Hey, Kevin, you ready?
You okay?
I don't wanna go.
I understand how you feel.
But it might do you good
to see how many people
care about your sister and
wanna see her back home.
- But what if
- What?
I just don't wanna go.
[TRACY] Thank you,
everyone, for coming out.
Not only did you show up for us,
but you showed up for
the children of Chicago,
and they need you now more than ever.
- That's right, that's right.
- Yeah.
Why aren't you up there
with the other mothers?
'Cause Nina is Kiesha's mom, not me.
[TRACY] 'Cause numbers don't matter.
- People do.
- [MAN] That's right.
Real stories, real faces, real pain.
I want y'all to understand
that just because
it's not your child,
it's someone else's.
If one of us is losing sleep at night,
we all should be losing sleep.
My child is your child.
- Your child is my child.
- [MAN] That's right.
These kids belong to all of us.
- [MAN] All of us.
[TRACY] Kiesha Williams has
been missing for seven days,
and if we don't bring her home soon,
there's a chance that
she won't be found alive.
[WOMAN] That's too long.
[TRACY] Now, y'all know we can't depend
on the police to protect our kids.
We gotta lean on each other.
[WOMAN] That's right.
Kiesha's mother is here with us tonight.
I wanna lift her up in prayer.
I wanna lift all the mothers up
who have lost children
in prayer tonight.
[WOMAN] Amen.
Please give her a round of applause.
Of course.
Okay, um,
I wasn't planning on speaking tonight.
I didn't really know what to say.
All I know is, I'm scared.
I'm sad. I'm anxious.
And even though I'm blessed
to sleep next to the love
of my life every night,
I still feel alone.
I don't even know why I said "sleep".
I haven't slept in days.
I really just lie there.
I toss and I turn and I go over
a million different
scenarios in my head.
Thank God my wife is
here to hold my hand,
'cause I couldn't get
through this without her.
Dre, can you come up here, please?
Look, my daughter isn't a saint,
but neither was I when I was her age.
She's a young woman
trying to find her way.
She thinks she knows everything,
like most teenagers.
But the truth is,
she's got a lot to learn about life.
She's got a lot to learn about herself.
She's still on that journey,
and I don't think we should judge her
for stumbling along the way.
If-if people judged you
by the things you've done wrong,
they wouldn't have a clear
picture of who you really are.
So I'm asking you,
please don't judge my
daughter by who she is now.
But help me bring her home
so she can grow into the woman
I know she has the potential to be.
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