The Chi (2018) s03e10 Episode Script

A Couple, Two, Three

[JADA] Previously on The Chi
Looks like we got some time to kill
before our luncheon on the North Side.
Are you the candidate?
[SCOFFS] I was only trying to help.
- I got it from here.
- Excuse me?
Take your ass home.
How you gonna break into a
safe without the combination?
Eleven, twenty-seven, forty-six.
- How much you want for it?
- Just consider it a gift.
Thank you for coming
to Smokey's Barbecue.
We got the best barbecue in The Chi.
You can have your
money back if I'm lying.
H-hold up. Before we all go
inside, before we go inside,
I ain't gonna lie. I never
thought I'd be blessed
to have a woman like you in my life.
You been down with me
through all the bullshit.
- Will you marry me?
- Yes.
When I was 16 years old,
my dad caught me in drag.
He pulled a knife on
me and tried to kill me.
He had this crazy look in his eyes,
and I knew right then and there
it was gonna either be him or me.
And it wasn't gonna be me.
It's okay, I'm gonna get you home.
The fuck are you doing?
"What to expect during the
first weeks of pregnancy".
You having a change of heart?
Look, don't worry.
This will all be over real soon.
Feel like I owe you my life.
You don't owe me.
I had to kill him.
I killed someone,
and I see his face every day.
That's for Coogie, motherfucker.
[TRACY CRYING] Somebody please help.
[CALLIE] Oh dear lord ♪
Please hear ♪
My ♪
My prayer ♪
When my work ♪
On Earth ♪
Is done ♪
Have mercy ♪
Mercy ♪
Amen ♪
Ahh ♪
men ♪
We know that
even if we are absent from the body,
we're still present with the spirit.
- Amen?
- [ALL] Amen.
Ronald Davis has left his body, but
his spirit will live on forever.
Today we
we mourn his flesh.
Today we mourn his humanness.
Today we will lay him to rest,
and he will meet his
grandmother on the other side.
[JACKSON] Brother Ronald
was a complicated man.
But he wasn't too
complicated for the Lord.
Brother Ronald used his past as fuel
[JACKSON] to propel himself forward.
Brother Ronald never stopped
searching for himself.
Brother Ronald never stopped searching
for the God in everyone else.
Brother Ronald
wasn't afraid of the God in himself.
In honor of Ronald Davis
and his service to this country.
And at this time,
if there's anyone that
wants to say any final words
as we prepare to lay Ronald to rest,
please do so now.
Love you, G.
Yeah, we gonna miss you, bro.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
And why he have to shoot him
in front of my restaurant?
And on opening day too?
Man, niggas can't have shit.
Boy, if you don't shut up.
A man is dead.
It ain't always about you.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, you are.
You okay?
I don't believe you.
Honestly, I don't know
how I'm supposed to feel.
Me either.
I'm always here if you
need somebody to talk to.
I don't wanna talk to you about this.
Come on, try me.
I'm pregnant.
Oh, shit.
That's the first time
a girl said that to me
and I'm a hundred percent
sure the baby ain't mine.
- Bye.
- W-wait.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry. That
I was just trying to lighten the mood.
Please, don't.
What you gonna do?
I don't know.
I'm still trying to figure it out.
I know a couple of niggas
that's happy he dead.
Damn, that's cold.
He killed somebody.
But at least he saved my sister.
That don't make him a saint.
[SIGHS] Jake, a saint
ain't nothing but a sinner
that fell down and got back up again.
Leave the preaching to your daddy.
I ain't trying to preach. I
heard it on a gospel album.
I think it was Yolanda
Adams or Donnie McClurkin.
The gay dude?
Apparently not anymore.
Boy, you dumb.
You Stanley Jackson?
Yes, sir. How can I help you?
- You're under arrest.
- For what?
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will
- be used against you in a court of law.
- What's going on?
You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford an attorney,
one will be provided for you.
Look this ain't
nothing but the Devil.
[WOMAN] Come on now.
Wow, that's fast.
- Yeah, we ain't wanna waste no time.
- Huh.
Yeah, that's why we gotta leave early,
'cause I gotta go look at
a venue for the reception.
Wait, I-I thought the
reception was at Red Lobster.
- It was too expensive.
- Damn.
Did you make the appointment
for the marriage license?
Yeah, yeah.
I think-I think yeah, I think so.
- You think so?
- Why the rush?
W-we just feel like it's time.
- It's about time.
- Calm down.
[TIFF] Don't tell me to calm down.
And I'm very calm,
because if I wanted to,
I can go off about the
fact that you forgot
to make the appointment
for the marriage license,
and you just lied to my face about it.
But I ain't gonna trip.
'Cause I know you gonna
take care of that shit
once we leave here, right?
I'm not gonna respond to that.
Whatever, you know I'm right.
Are you guys sure you're
ready to get married?
- Hell yeah.
- I been ready.
We gonna take the money from our wedding
and use it as a deposit
for our new apartment.
Plus, between her new business and mine,
we can finally start saving some money.
Well, who are you trying to convince,
me or yourselves?
- Huh?
- What you mean?
Don't let this dashiki or
my three degrees fool you.
I'm still from the block
and I'm gonna give you
the facts, no printer.
You wanna get married, fine.
But understand it's not something
you should enter into lightly.
Marriage is a huge commitment,
and both parties need to be
mature enough to handle it.
[SCOFFS] So what you saying?
- We like, we not mature?
- Right.
I'm just saying marriage isn't something
you should rush into.
I've been putting up with
this nigga's shit for years.
He shoulda been proposed.
You gonna give us your blessing or not?
You don't need my
blessing to get married.
You know what, you're right. Sure don't.
- Let's go.
- Oh.
[EMMETT] Oh, all right.
I never thought I'd see the day
when your daddy would
be getting arrested.
Yeah. Me either.
Want us to pray for you?
[SCOFFS] Y'all don't
even know how to pray.
Nigga, I talk to God.
- Sometimes.
No bitch give me talk
'cause I'm raw man ♪
- A pit bull, I'm stuck in a job man ♪
Looks like I'm betting it all in ♪
All I know is I saw
him taking some money
from Camille after her speech.
That ain't illegal.
Could be.
Politicians give folks
money all the time.
[PAPA] Not pastors though.
Pastors can be crooked.
You calling my dad crooked?
Bro, you need to chill.
You fucking up my high.
[PAPA] I'm not used to
this kind of criminality.
And we are?
You were practically
a 63rd Street member.
And Kev shot somebody.
That's fucked up, bro.
I'm sorry, but this is stressing me out.
My mom won't tell me nothing,
and my dad the head of the household.
If he go to jail, do
that mean I gotta be
the head of the house?
I gotta take care of my mom and Maisha.
[PAPA] This too much.
Bro, hit this, please.
That's the cookies,
you can nab me, dab me ♪
Now get the cream
like gag me, lash me ♪
Got me some of that,
it's tacky, jab me ♪
- Chill.
- Damn.
Now if the end of the world comes,
I ain't gonna be ready for it.
Voter turnout is
extremely high this year.
What remains to be seen
is exactly which candidate
the people are turning out for.
Otis Perry and Camille Hallaway
have galvanized
Hey, got a minute?
Yeah, you know I'm
let's walk and talk.
Judge decides who gets
custody of Jake today.
- Good luck.
- Yeah, thank you.
Pastor Jackson was arrested today.
- For what?
- Money laundering.
And of course he doesn't
want to go to prison,
so he is singing like a bird.
I'm glad you came to me.
Me too.
I know my mama wanted to
hold my hand through this,
but that's not what I need.
I get that.
And you know whatever you say to me
is between us.
Thank you.
Ask anything.
What would you do?
If you were me.
I was your age when I had Emmett.
Any regrets?
But I do wish somebody
told me my options.
'Cause back then if you got pregnant,
you know, I just assumed
you had to have the baby.
And I know that's not true.
I'm scared.
I was too.
What if I make the wrong choice?
Kiesha, whatever choice you make,
it's the right one.
Look [SIGHS]
I know you wanted to talk to me,
but I think
I know someone that
might be better equipped
to have this conversation.
Would you take a breath?
- I'm nervous.
- I can tell.
Your neck muscles are tight as shit.
You need a Xani.
I can't lose him, babe.
We won't.
Why the fuck hasn't Camille used
the shit we gave her on Douda yet?
Hey, don't worry about her.
Just show it to the judge.
The judge don't care about this shit.
Besides, I want this nigga tried
by the court of public opinion.
Just breathe.
We got this.
What if we do win?
Then we're gonna be a family.
Well, what if
what if I don't know how
to lead-lead the family?
Then we're gonna lead together.
I'm so sorry about what happened to you.
Jada said she couldn't
tell me what was going on.
I'm pregnant.
And I'm assuming you don't wanna be?
That's what I'm trying to figure out.
Got it.
Me and Emmett found ourselves
in a situation last year,
and I didn't know what I wanted to do,
but ultimately I had to look at my life
and decide if I wanted to bring
another child into this world.
And, uh, after a lot of soul searching,
I realized that the one I got
is all I could handle right now.
How long did you soul search?
A few weeks.
Can't take too much time though.
I know.
Just trust yourself.
[SCOFFS] Gonna make me cry.
Thank you.
I can't believe this nigga
made us come into work today.
I know. I can't focus on shit.
Me either.
My whole life could
change in a few hours.
Yeah, just hope Trig
got his shit together.
Me too.
And Trig said he was
gonna handle this nigga.
He need to hurry the fuck up.
Hey, boys.
What y'all saw earlier was
just a misunderstanding.
That's all.
[JACKSON] Nothing for
you to be worried about.
But I am worried about it.
Son, didn't I teach
you that faith and fear
can't exist in the same space?
[SCOFFS] How faithful are you?
Boy, watch your mouth.
I'm tired of watching my mouth.
You are still a child.
I ain't gonna be a child forever.
Well yeah, man, I mean,
I'm not gonna concede until
all the votes are counted.
All right, man. Let's keep hope alive.
Okay, keep me posted. All right, peace.
Why haven't you done
anything with the file?
I thought about it,
and then I realized as much as
I wanna beat this motherfucker,
I don't wanna beat him that way.
Who cares how you beat
him as long as you win?
Why do you want me to win so bad?
Because you and I both
know Douda ain't shit.
He ain't, but you the
one married to him.
So what does that make you?
I'm trying to help you.
No. You're trying to use me.
'Cause you mad at him.
He ain't been treating
you like an equal,
so you want to get back
at him by taking away
the thing he wants the
most, but you can't do it
'cause you gotta keep
him in your back pocket.
So you wanna use me to do it.
Which I get.
But look, I've been a
lot of things in my life,
and a pawn ain't one of them.
Sorry, boo.
You look good though.
I like the outfit.
The red look is working.
- Look at him!
Ooh, I'm 'bout to fuck 'em up with this.
[JADA] Why don't you focus
on being a good husband
instead of a fly groom?
Man, stop raining on
the boy's parade, woman.
You look beautiful.
- Thank you.
- Hold up.
Gotta have something borrowed.
Here you go.
[JADA] Mm-hmm.
Thank you so much for putting up with me
and Emmett and the baby.
And stepping in for my mom.
Look, I get it.
And if I was your mom, I
don't know if I'd approve
of you marrying my son either.
I know, but he's grown so much.
[SIGHS] That's true.
But even I can admit, he
got a lot of growing to do.
Don't we all?
You're right.
I know he ain't perfect,
but he perfect for me.
I'm really glad Emmett found you.
'Cause I'm the only one that's willing
to put up with his ass.
You know I can hear y'all, right?
D, where you get this shit from?
What you mean?
This shit is expensive as hell.
Where you get the money for
my suit and Tiff's dress?
My guy hooked me up.
Now stop asking questions.
- Come on.
- All right.
What the fuck, you stole this shit?
We borrowing it. I know the owner.
Then why he leave the sensor on?
Musta forgot to take it off.
- Hey!
- Boy, what you doing?
You know you're not supposed
to see me before the wedding.
No, fuck all that. We
can't wear this shit.
Why not?
'Cause it's stolen. Look.
- I don't care.
- Really, Tiff?
We're not gonna wear
this shit again no way.
Might as well get it for free.
[SIGHS] Jeez.
I knew I liked you.
You nervous?
No, I'm good.
Shit, I am.
Me too.
Don't worry. We got this.
I don't care what that judge says.
You always gonna be my family.
Every time I start rapping ♪
It's like I can't feel my boca ♪
- [DEVYN] Damn.
- [BRIA] Okay now.
- Don't hurt nobody.
- Work, honey.
Girl, you better bounce on that dick!
Ooh, I so wish I could un-hear that.
Could you just cover up for a second
so we could get into this game?
- Who wants mimosas?
- Yes.
- I will take.
- Yep.
Nisha, now you know you
just got a DUI last month.
You ain't got no business
drinking right now, girl.
You ain't gotta call a bitch out.
I'm just saying.
So what's the game?
It's called
"The Groom Says What?"
Okay, now what it is,
is I sent Emmett a bunch
of questions about Tiff,
and he wrote down his answers
with his awful handwriting.
So y'all, hold up, bear with me.
Questions like what?
what's your favorite food?
Oh, chicharróns.
He better have said chicharróns,
'cause he know I love
me some chicharróns.
- Yeah, girl, we know.
- You already know.
Yeah, he said mac and cheese.
- He fucking up already.
- [JADA] Mm-hmm.
[CHUCKLES] Where'd y'all
have your first date?
It shoulda been Cheesecake Factory,
but he was broke, so
we went to White Castle.
- Oh, what?
Girl, them onion rings be poppin'.
And you know he said
the Cheesecake Factory.
How that nigga gonna say he took me
to the Cheesecake Factory?
He need to stop smoking all that weed,
'cause it's fucking with
his memory, for real.
Okay, what did Emmett say
was the thing he loved
about you the most?
It's only real in my clique ♪
It's only real in my
whip, whip it, whip it ♪
I already know. My booty.
Ding, ding, ding, ding,
ding, ding, ding, ding.
- Hey.
- Yes.
Your booty and your loyalty.
The buss down, a gold crown ♪
I am a loyal bitch.
Girl, you already know.
Bitch, please don't ruin
that Fenty foundation
I just put on you.
- Girl, we good.
- [DEVYN] Mm-hmm.
Tiff, I just wanna say,
I'm grateful to you for standing by him.
I feel like I've gained a daughter.
- Ohh.
- Welcome to the family.
- Aww.
All right, let's cheers to that.
- Cheers.
- All right.
Talk about dress code and heckling ♪
Now we out here and they welcoming ♪
Maybe 'cause the money prevalent ♪
Maybe my success is evident ♪
I don't wanna live with Mr. Perry.
He ain't my family.
[JUDGE] Has he not
taken good care of you?
I never got the chance
to know my brother, but
we've been spending a lot
of time with each other,
and it's been good for us.
I know him and Imani ain't
always been perfect, but
they care about me.
And they care about each other.
[JAKE] I feel safe when I'm with them.
I hope you decide to give
my brother and his wife full custody.
I think that's what
would be best for me.
[JUDGE] Thank you for
your remarks, Jacob.
This is normally when
I would ask Mr. Perry
for his testimony, but he isn't here.
Where's your client?
Uh, Your Honor,
I'm sure there's some
sort of explanation.
He knows how important this is.
Mr. Taylor, you are far from perfect,
but the boy clearly loves you.
And you clearly love the boy.
Failure to appear forces my hand.
I'm ruling in favor of Mr. Taylor.
All right, man.
I'm gonna miss y'all.
You really gonna quit?
I can't work for this nigga no more.
I feel you.
So what y'all about to get into?
I already know what Kev about to do.
Bro, shut up.
[CHUCKLES] Nah, but tell
Jemma I said what's up.
- Maisha.
- Hey.
[PAPA] How you know I was here?
These fools texted me.
I love y'all.
We love you too, bro.
Yeah, you're always
gonna be our brother.
Come on, Papa.
I got a surprise for you.
Be easy on me, woman.
My heart can't take no
more surprises today.
Uh-uh, that girl moves so fast.
You said you wanted to go public.
Well, now I got the hottest boy
in the game wearing my chain.
- You sure?
- Hell yeah.
Thank you, Maisha.
Thank you for seeing me
and for lifting me up.
Thank you for being
somebody I could lean on
and reminding me that I
don't always gotta be perfect.
I love you, Papa.
I love you too, Maisha.
Your dad okay?
I still don't know what happened.
He didn't tell me shit.
Did you ask?
He just gonna tell me to stay
outta grown folks' business.
But he made it your business
when he got arrested
at Ronnie's funeral.
I know.
But the Bible still tells
me to "honor thy father".
At some point, you gotta honor thyself.
All I can in front of my friends ♪
[EMMETT] Ooh, I know
this about to be great.
Yeah, you gonna love this.
- Yeah.
- Surprise!
What the where the strippers at?
Oh, it was too expensive.
Okay, where my boys at?
I ain't got nobody's numbers.
I coulda gave 'em to you.
Boy, get yourself a
massage and be happy.
Shoot, this is the last peace and quiet
you gonna get for the rest of your life.
Over here, come on.
So you ain't gonna trust your man?
[BRIA] I don't trust
none of these niggas.
Girl, what?
My auntie trusted a man once.
He took all her money
and left her homeless.
- [BRIA] Homeless?
- I knew her auntie.
No, y'all need to stop watching
Waiting to Exhale, for real.
- Like, no.
[OFFICER] Police!
Jada. Put that out. Put that out.
- Okay, I'm going.
[OFFICER] Police, open up!
- [WOMAN] I don't know.
How can I help you, officer?
Someone called about a noise complaint.
Uh, look, I'm so sorry,
but we-we gonna keep
it down, I promise.
It's a little too late for an apology.
Whoa, what you mean?
Now I'm gonna have to punish you.
Punish me? What is this?
You said you didn't like
male strippers, so
[WOMAN] That's what I'm talking about!
Say you wanna get up in my bed ♪
In my bed ♪
Even if it's for a one-night stand ♪
Even if it's ♪
Got the text, you
said you on your way ♪
On your way yeah ♪
Fifty Shades of Grey,
it's time to play ♪
Say you wanna get up in my bed ♪
Even if it's for a one-night stand ♪
Got the text, you
said you on your way ♪
Fifty Shades of Grey,
it's time to play ♪
It's all on me ♪
Keep playing by the beach ♪
On the shore of the sea ♪
Black sand on the feet ♪
Body sure needs some action ♪
I'ma cause a reaction ♪
Show you what you been lacking ♪
I'm a sexual assassin ♪
I'm the type of nigga
that can please you ♪
Play nice for the guilty pleasures ♪
Really, Darnell?
Man, I don't know these
people in here like that.
Ain't trying to catch no foot fungus.
So, uh, you got Tiff
to sign a prenup yet?
Why? I ain't got no money.
But you could always come into some.
If I do, she deserves half of it.
Says who?
Says me.
[SIGHS] Look, I know y'all are poor now,
but that don't mean you
gonna be poor all your life.
And I'm hoping you're
not, 'cause eventually
I want y'all to take care of me.
And I'm telling you,
she ain't gonna be in
love with you no more.
She gonna hate your
guts and she gonna do
everything she can to
make sure that you suffer.
Trust me, I know.
I'm not getting a prenup.
All right, suit yourself.
But if you don't do that,
definitely need to get
that girl's tubes tied.
Y'all can't afford no more kids.
- Hey, Darnell.
- Yeah?
Can you stop talking, please?
You got to relax, man.
Just chill.
Hi, are you two ready
for your couples massage?
Uh, w-we ain't no couple.
Hey, hey, coupon's only
good if we're a couple,
so we a couple.
Shit, we 'bout to get
some free massages.
Oh, hell no.
Why you tripping?
We're gonna be on
opposite sides of the room.
Ain't no way I'm finna to
get a massage next to you.
How in the hell am I supposed to relax
knowing you're on the
other side of the room
trying to talk your way
into a happy ending?
Uh-uh, no, I ain't going.
Oh, c
I'm married, I'm married.
- [DARNELL] Hey, hey!
- I can't be doing this.
[SIGHS] Well, I guess both of y'all
just gonna have to work on me.
What the
You look like you had a
much better time than me.
Boy, your mama know
how to throw a party.
What you doing home early?
I missed my wife.
Almost wife.
Gonna be my wife in a few days.
I still can't believe
we getting married.
Shit is crazy.
I'm glad we doing it though.
Yeah, me too.
Look, Tiff, you know
I ain't perfect, right?
Nigga, I know.
But ain't nobody perfect, Emmett.
You right.
I stopped and got you some Al's.
You know I don't like
my sandwiches dipped.
I got it regular for you.
But you hate it like that.
But you love it like that.
Oh, so you trying to get some tonight.
Yeah ♪
Yeah-ah ♪
Uh-uh ♪
Ah, ah, ah ♪
I know what you're feeling for ♪
I know what you're feeling for ♪
It's gotta be me for sure ♪
It's gotta be me ♪
You won't leave me
alone, leave me alone ♪
I'ma do you like three below ♪
Yeah I've been on low, low all day ♪
I'ma start, no, no delay ♪
It gets fixed, don't stress,
I'm blessed don't mention ♪
I called you over to play ♪
I feel like you don't get it ♪
'Cause you ain't right here with it ♪
Gimme that bell, I'm
in it in the next ♪
You lookin' like a red rum lady ♪
Yeah, yeah ♪
You want another ♪
But I really ain't looking for love ♪
I ain't feeling it now,
baby you been in the rough ♪
Right now I'm feeling like uh-oh ♪
If I had a moment
I'd spend it with you ♪
Right now it's looking
like it would be trouble ♪
If I catch a minute,
I'm following up ♪
So can you let me get
it while I'm in the cut ♪
Oh yeah ♪
I want y'all to hold your heads high.
We ran a great campaign.
We ran an honest campaign.
I know change will come to Chicago.
Just not as soon as I woulda hoped.
But I get it.
Most people don't like change
even when it's what they need the most,
and I've learned that real change
comes slow or not at all.
But lucky for y'all, I'm
willing to be patient.
Let's keep going.
The fight isn't over.
We still have a lot of work to do.
I'm grateful for each
and every one of you,
all the hard work you've
done, all the late nights.
You have my deepest gratitude.
God bless you and good night.
Thank you.
Why didn't you come
to the custody hearing?
Why would I settle for one brother
when I can own both of them?
You okay?
I can't do it.
[NINA] Okay.
[WOMAN] You can reschedule.
Are you sure you wanna have this baby?
Are you sure you wanna raise this baby?
I don't know what I wanna do.
I just know I don't
wanna go back in there.
You know how people say
everything happens for a reason?
Ma, what if this happened for a reason?
What if Ronnie's mom aborted him?
What woulda happened to me?
[NINA] Oh, Kiesha, it's okay.
[NINA] It's all gonna be okay now.
I want you to know no
matter what you decide
no matter what you decide, we
will always be here for you.
Here for what?
I'm pregnant.
With that crazy man's baby?
- You're not keeping it, right?
- Kevin, that's enough.
You can't.
It's not your decision.
I didn't know you could cook.
I've been taking care of
myself since I was your age.
Of course I can cook.
What does manslaughter mean?
It means you killed someone
but it wasn't your fault.
Who'd you kill?
My dad.
Because he was trying to kill me.
Why'd he try to kill you?
Because he wanted a son.
I know what you are.
And what's that?
You were born one way
but inside you felt
you were someone else.
Yeah, that's right.
How do you feel about that?
About what?
About me being trans?
I don't give a fuck.
Really, it doesn't bother you?
Nah, I read about it in school,
and it's not that big a deal.
It's not like you bad or nothing.
I like this expensive-ass school.
You think y'all can afford
to keep me in there?
We'll figure something out.
Did you do it?
No one is more imperfect
than a man of God.
What did you do with that
money Miss Camille gave you?
I used it to help people.
Did you use it to help yourself too?
I used it to help us.
We don't need that much.
I wanna give you the world.
You and your mama deserve that.
We don't want the world, Dad.
We just want you.
I'm not a bad man, son.
Just an ambitious one.
What kinda man will I be?
A better one than me.
Where you going?
To watch TV.
If I cook, you handle the dishes.
Can I do it before I go to bed?
You can do 'em right now.
[SIGHS] So that's what this about to be?
[IMANI] What do you mean?
You bossing me around and shit?
First of all, watch your mouth.
Second of all, I ain't
trying to be your mama.
So why you giving me orders?
'Cause I'm here to
teach you responsibility.
I'm responsible.
Sometimes I can be responsible.
If we're gonna be a family,
we have to act like one.
I ain't here to cook and
clean up after your ass.
Look, I had a shitty stepmom.
I know what that's like.
I ain't trying to repeat the cycle.
But you will respect me.
I know you think you're
grown, but you ain't.
Thank you.
- Hey.
- Hi.
What took you so long?
I got a lot of shit going on.
I know that.
Did you wanna talk about it?
Nah. It's a lot, okay?
So you just gonna hold it all in?
I used to do that too,
and it worked for me until
I tried to kill myself.
You-you serious?
Why would I lie about
something like that?
I'm sorry, I-I didn't know.
Nobody knew, except my parents
and my therapist.
Hm, I didn't know you had a therapist.
That's not the kinda thing
you just tell folks right away.
I used to have therapy too.
Maybe you should go back.
You like your therapist?
He's an older, gay black
man with a third eye.
What's not to love? [CHUCKLES]
- Sounds interesting.
- He is.
I, um, I told him I
wanted you to be my first.
What'd he say?
"Make sure you're sure".
Are you?
Was it supposed to be that fast?
According to Google,
that's perfectly normal.
Besides, I wasn't expecting
us to go five rounds anyway.
So it isn't?
No, that's just what
porno tries to tell you.
Wow, it looks so real.
what you doing tomorrow?
The people that feel ♪
Like home ♪
Yeah ♪
It's normal to be scared, right?
I just wanna love somebody ♪
Honestly, I don't know.
I never been married before.
My soul needs that ♪
My soul needs that ♪
I just wanna love somebody ♪
Any words of wisdom?
Just remember to act in her absence
as you would in her presence.
Come here.
Yeah ♪
- I love you.
- I love you too.
- Hey, what up, playa?
- Yo.
- Hi.
Hi, hi. How you doing?
I just wanna love somebody ♪
- Whoo!
- You ready?
[GROANS SOFTLY] All right.
quickly takes it up the court.
- Feeds it over to Roth.
Roth steps up.
And it's good.
You too.
You win some, you lose some.
Hm, I guess so.
I hope you know that I
don't have any hard feelings.
I do.
You tried to kill me.
Nigga, if I wanted to kill you,
you'd be dead.
You know, if it's all right with you,
I would like to continue
to pay for Jake's education.
I don't want your money.
No, no, this wouldn't be a handout.
You would have to earn it.
What you talking about?
Well, now that I have this new job,
I need somebody who can
handle my business on the street.
And who better than a
street nigga like you?
Yeah well, nigga, I ain't
about that life no more.
I'm trying to stay in the house.
I figured you might say that.
Then why'd you waste your
time coming over here?
I skipped the custody
hearing on purpose.
Is that right?
If I woulda been there, ain't
no judge in their right mind
woulda handed you custody.
This is a great opportunity for you.
Okay, you can make some real money.
I can teach you how to lead
and I can teach you the game.
I ain't trying to go back to jail.
No, the cops won't bother you.
I'm going to change
out the chief of police
for my head of security,
and he'll make sure you
have everything you need.
Hey, Trig.
There's a new sheriff
in town, motherfucker.
Speak now or forever hold your peace.
Do you, Emmett, take Tiffany
as your lawfully wedded wife
from this day forward,
for better, for worse,
for richer, for poorer,
in sickness and in health
to love and to cherish
until death do you part?
Hell yeah.
Do you, Tiffany, take Emmett
as your lawfully wedded husband
from this day forward,
for better, for worse,
for richer, for poorer,
in sickness and in health
to love and to cherish
until death do you part?
Yes, I do.
By the powers vested in me
by the state of Illinois,
I now pronounce you husband and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
- [WOMAN] Congratulations.
- [TIFF] Thanks.
- Thanks, y'all.
On my way to Bootsy
Bellows with hella the hoes ♪
Try and think what I'ma
tell 'em when they get alone ♪
I'm a glutton for women
I shouldn't yearn for ♪
Shouldn't be tempted
but baby I like to hurt ♪
Or maybe 'cause I was searching ♪
I found me the perfect person ♪
But me and her didn't work out ♪
She buried what she worked for ♪
And I carried the
bitterness of a kola nut ♪
Nigerian shit, my parents
never showed much ♪
Womanizer, probably
could've been a feminist ♪
'Cause I respect 'em but
Lord I got polygamy problems ♪
The hoodie come from Barneys ♪
Spendin' money is therapeutic ♪
To wear the shit they don't
think that you care to buy ♪
So we buying Prada,
Balenciaga like it is nada ♪
In the Ferrari my fear
is God and tax problems ♪
Pyer Moss, I dropped
ten on my last visit ♪
And half that up at Saks,
I favor black businesses ♪
Sue me, I'm rootin' for
everybody that's black ♪
Yeah ♪
Uh-huh yeah ♪
Sue me, I'm rootin' for
everybody that's black ♪
Yo, yo-yo, look, look ♪
Sue me, I'm rootin' for
everybody that's black ♪
Spent 'bout two racks
on handmade do-rags ♪
Sue me, I'm rootin' for
everybody that's black ♪
That's everybody from
sports to college class ♪
To rap and back ♪
I know ♪
In my soul ♪
And it took control ♪
And now I know ♪
It's for sure ♪
I ain't gonna, ain't gonna let go ♪
I won't let go ♪
Hold up, yo, look ♪
People, people, the
high life is a movie ♪
We ain't promised a sequel ♪
Ambition, my second album,
how was you sleepin' ♪
Dropped the album with Seinfeld ♪
They thought I was tweakin',
a prophet, a genius ♪
I'm flyin' with Lena,
I'm ridin' with Nina ♪
One write for the Chi,
one right where I need her ♪
The funny thing is
I'll always be single ♪
I love me some Logan,
I love me some Issa ♪
I'll never get either,
no one Venice Queens me ♪
I'm a drunk, I'm a demon ♪
Heaven knows I'm a dreamer ♪
I seen Taraji and Kelvin,
always hope I could be that ♪
I fell in love with an actress ♪
Actin' like she don't need me ♪
Polarizin' the sun underrated again ♪
Show business will never
love you the way you love it ♪
You come and we go
they quick to forget ♪
So every bougie event
I attend I tell 'em this ♪
Sue me, I'm rootin' for
everybody that's black ♪
Yeah ♪
Uh-huh yeah ♪
Sue me, I'm rootin' for
everybody that's black ♪
Yo, yo-yo, look, look ♪
Sue me, I'm rootin' for
everybody that's black ♪
Spent 'bout two racks
on handmade do-rags ♪
Sue me, I'm rootin' for
everybody that's black ♪
That's everybody from
sports to college class ♪
To rap and back ♪
I know ♪
In my soul ♪
And it took control ♪
And now I know ♪
It's for sure ♪
I ain't gonna, ain't gonna let go ♪
In my soul ♪
I won't let go ♪
I need you to know ♪
You're so beautiful ♪
I need you to know ♪
You're so beautiful ♪
Oh-oh, ohh ♪
Okay, sue me, I'm rootin'
for everybody that's black ♪
Everybody be asking
my sixth album my last ♪
I'm super sick of this business ♪
My daughter missin' me, nigga ♪
The whip is bullet repellent ♪
But they gonna kill me with tax ♪
Niggas really on clout, they
ain't checkin' for stats ♪
Who a decade or better
givin' niggas decadent rap ♪
Respect is in order,
hate me, better do it loud ♪
Root for everybody black ♪
Haters say that's crazy wow ♪
That's crazy, wow ♪
Deep in my soul ♪
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