The Chi (2018) s05e01 Episode Script

Overnight Celebrity

[KEVIN] Previously on The Chi
Oh, shit.
[KEVIN] What, nigga?
Don't call me that!
- Hey, Kevin! Stop it!
We have a zero tolerance policy.
So if I'm not perfect, I can't be here?
We want folks to stop calling 911,
start calling us.
The police want some shit to pop off
so they can act like
we need they asses.
Anybody got an issue,
we gonna handle it.
I actually think
we should take some space.
I don't know if I want space.
Well, I do.
Look, I'm sorry, a'ight?
Yeah, you should be.
Look, when I said get a
girlfriend, I didn't mean mine.
[TIFF] You been acting different
ever since we got married.
You having regrets or something?
[EMMETT] I felt dumb.
[SPEAKER] Married
people should be able to do
what they want
within their own marriage.
Look, as long as all parties
are grown and consenting,
do what you gotta do.
[TIFF] I just want you
to be honest about it,
and I'll be honest with you.
So we both fuckin' other people?
Let's just try it and see what happens.
I want my baby back.
Welcome to the world, Ronnie.
Mommy's here.
I got more important shit to
worry about than my homework.
- Like what?
- [LYNAE] Like where I'm gon' live.
I don't want you to just survive.
I want you to live.
Will you consider moving in
with me and my family?
Why can't she just stay
in my room with me?
- You know why.
Kev, don't push it.
I don't even like him like that.
- What?
- Did you hear me?
- She got you on tape, nigga.
- [DOUDA] Who?
- Marcus' daughter.
- She still got the footage?
I do.
You could either leave quietly,
or I'ma make sure this footage
is all over the news
first thing tomorrow morning.
So where are we going?
[DOUDA] Far away from here.
One for the money, for the money ♪
Two for the bass ♪
Three to get ya goin', get ya goin' ♪
'Cause Da Brat's in the place ♪
Yeah ♪
Ha ♪
I'm comin'.
It's me, the O.G.
funk bandit, who's that ♪
The B. to the R-A-T and in fact ♪
- If you ain't heard a me ♪
- Don't come yet.
Lay back and listen
as I bust for your ass ♪
On this funkified mission ♪
Just kick off your shoes
and relax your feet ♪
That's right, party on down
with Da Brat and her beat ♪
Now, it goes like that
and that's how it goes ♪
I'ma give it to all
you Negros and hos ♪
So listen up,
make sure you listen up well ♪
Don't miss a little bit ♪
'Cause this here be bad as hell ♪
Truth of the matter
is I splatter kids ♪
Tryin' to dis in the gangster's way ♪
That's how them fools get dealt with ♪
So what you wanna do? ♪
Don't even trip ♪
- Step up, step up. ♪
- And I'ma bust yo' lip ♪
Now, I know that you know
that I know you don't ♪
That's what happens when you smoke.
- You get caught slippin'.
- Oh, fuck you.
- [LYNAE] Don't curse at me.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- You better be.
- Yo, yo.
Come on, now.
See, if y'all gonna keep
being late for school,
eventually we gonna have
to have a conversation
about why you enjoy being late,
because you must get
some enjoyment out of it.
Or else you wouldn't keep
repeatin' the same behavior.
Let's go.
Chop-chop. [CLAPS TWICE]
Single-handed bandit, and damn it ♪
- Don't get no better ♪
- [COUGHING] Oh, shit.
And it don't get
no mo' than the flow ♪
That I flow for you Negros and hos ♪
Devastating, captivating,
elevating as I ♪
Ooh, operatin',
floatin' on cloud nine ♪
- So just ♪
- Fire it up, baby fire it up ♪
At your request,
I guess it's time for me ♪
To hit the cud, it goes ♪
One puff, two puff, three puff, four ♪
From the bottom to the top,
top to bottom I go ♪
So now you know
what I ain't and what I is ♪
It's the baddest lil' pimp
in this hip-hop biz ♪
O.G. is what I am,
a brat is what I be ♪
You know what I smoke,
and you can't see me ♪
So let it go,
'cause I'm wrapped too tight ♪
Take it how I give it
and enjoy the night ♪
Right, yeah ♪
It's like that, it's like that ♪
Yo, the one that's
natural is Da Brat ♪
And you don't know ♪
You betta ask somebody ♪
Lodi dodi, I came to party ♪
Big ba-by ♪
Ha ha ha ♪
JD, what you think 'bout
this right here, boy? ♪
Come on, come on ♪
- Word up, yeah ♪
Word up, hey ♪
- Word up, hey ♪
- [SUEDE] Ohh
For real, though, oh
- Emmett!
- [EMMETT] Huh?
Yeah, uh
[TIFF] You okay?
Where you goin'?
I'm gonna stay with my mom for a while.
how long is for a while, Tiff?
I don't know.
I just gotta figure some shit out.
I-I-I know.
Shit ain't been perfect between us.
But come on, we su
We supposed to be a family.
I just need time, Emmett.
What about EJ?
I'm taking him with me.
That's some bullshit.
I hope you was dreaming about me.
Ooh, shu
Uh, hey, hey, Tiff. Wait, come on.
You know I was think fuck.
It's part of the vision.
[JAKE] I don't miss this shit at all.
[KEVIN] Me, either.
I couldn't go to school
with this many white people.
My dad says I have to go
to a racially-diverse school
so that when I'm older,
I can navigate the world better.
The white world?
They're still the majority.
Says who?
I don't know about
this North Side life.
I like being one with my people.
And who are your people?
- "Papa's Pulpit."
- Tch. Bro.
Look, it's more than a podcast.
It's my virtual congregation.
The people want me to lead them
to the promised land,
and that's what I intend to do.
And where is that, exactly?
If you joined my newsletter,
you'd know.
Whatever, Papa.
I'm seeing you later, right?
No. I have band.
I'm supposed to be
trying out for varsity.
You said you was comin'.
Oh, shit. Wait, that's today?
Yeah, he been talking
'bout it all week.
Um, I'll be late, but I'll be there.
I gotta get this truck
back to my brother.
All right.
So you and Kev
like brother-sister, right?
I guess. Why?
Look, just 'cause I walk with
the Lord don't mean I'm blind.
And I like what I see in you.
Close your eyes.
Who hurt you?
Sittin' at the top,
you're so dramatic ♪
Come on, Kev.
We been listenin'
to your playlist all week.
Can we please get some Mary Mary
or Phyllis Hyman or something?
Oh, hell no.
Countin' money while you count sheep ♪
X-Man turn into a beast ♪
Gang with me, call the whole fleet ♪
Let's have a thing,
make it take a seat ♪
I been all alone at the throne ♪
Leave me lone, leave me lone ♪
Way I'm working, need a clone ♪
Dawg, you better watch yo' tone ♪
- Want some more, nigga?
- Get off me!
- Shut the fuck up, nigga!
- No, stop!
Excuse me!
Excuse excuse me!
[BAKARI] Shut the fuck up!
[TRACY] No, no, no, stop!
Rappers fakin' like actors ♪
Dawg, he'd never been a factor ♪
I can see you had the mood swings ♪
Two rings, and I'm big now ♪
Let them judge him in the coochie ♪
I will fuck yo' ass up!
I will fuck you up!
- [SHAAD] The fuck?
The fuck is wrong
with these young niggas, man?
[TRACY] ROCK is a safe space.
Don't bring negativity into the house
that I built to honor my son.
I need y'all to apologize to her.
I'm sorry.
Man, why can't this bitch-ass nigga
just stay on his block, huh?
[TRIG] Do you own the ground
you walkin' on?
Y'all fighting over something
that don't even belong to you.
That is stupid.
Let me tell y'all something, man.
Wasted ten years of my life
fightin' over bullshit.
Seriously, man, why do niggas
fight over dumb shit, anyway?
I want y'all to volunteer here.
No, we got enough volunteers.
Good, 'cause I'm not trying
to do that shit no way.
No, you will do it.
That's the least you can do
for disturbing the peace.
[SHAAD] That's right.
And if you don't come,
I'ma find yo' ass.
- Find me.
- I ain't scared of none of you niggas.
Both of y'all niggas need to scared,
'cause neither one
of you motherfuckers can fight.
Hey, be here first thing
in the morning.
Get the fuck outta here.
Well, I think we handled that well.
Yeah, I feel like
a little Black Power Ranger.
You do realize you just invited a
murderer into our community, right?
That young nigga ain't no killer.
He killed Ronnie.
You sure?
I'm standing over Ronnie's body,
I was sc I was screaming,
and then I looked up
and I saw him.
And then he just stood there
for a second and he said
it was for Coogie.
[SIGHS] Damn.
[SCOFFS] Man, I ain't know that
little nigga had it in him.
It's not funny, Shaad.
I-I-I didn't say it was, it's just
trust me.
H-he ain't the only killer in
the neighborhood. I mean
you don't know what
people are capable of.
Shaad's right.
Excuse me?
I mean, how can we say
we for the community
if we gon' judge them?
No, I got a right to judge the men
that took the life of somebody I love.
But he's not a man. He's a boy.
A scared little boy.
Yeah, I'm sure my son was scared
the night somebody took his life, too.
Look, I'm sure he was.
And it's my hope to save as
many of these boys as I can.
We can't save everybody, Trig.
But that shouldn't stop us from trying.
[TRACY] We can't.
Oh, ah, ah! Why you got so many bags?
I thought you was only supposed
to stay for a few nights.
Ma, I never said that.
What happened between you and Emmett?
I knew that open marriage shit
wouldn't work.
I don't understand you young people.
How you wanna be married
but still wanna fuck everybody?
- Ma!
- Oh, please.
I'm sure he hears much worse
in your house.
Now, why this baby
ain't got no coat on?
He gon' catch pneumonia and die.
Ma, could you please
not say shit like that?
You know I believe words have power.
If my words had power,
your daddy would still be here
and you wouldn'ta had a baby at 16.
So apparently,
my words are not that powerful.
- Ma.
- [DOLLY] What?
Can you please stop talkin'?
How you gon' tell me to stop
talking in my own house?
You got some nerve.
I am allowing you to bring
your married ass into my house
to stay for God knows how long,
and you showed up two hours
later than you said you would.
- We got stuck in traffic.
- [DOLLY] Yuh-huh.
And not only are you stayin',
but you're bringing a baby
in here wit' you.
I'm not no baby.
Yes, you are.
And how you gon'
bring you and your baby
and all your baby's bags into my house
and disturbin' my peace
and say I can't talk?
Make that make sense for me.
I love you, Grandma.
I love you, too, baby.
Now, come on.
Let's go find you some toys.
And a real coat.
- [DOLLY] Tiff!
- What?
[DOLLY] What did you just say?
- Yes?
- [DOLLY] Bring me the remote!
Ma, you already downstairs.
[DOLLY] Girl, if you don't
bring me the fuckin' remote
Ooh ♪
Ooh ♪
I love you.
Love you, too.
The bad days, the good days ♪
I just want to understand ♪
Oh, snap. I see you, Kiesha.
[KIESHA] Today is the day.
- Are you sure about this?
- Yes, I'm sure, Mom.
- I wanna live on campus.
- Baby, we talked about this.
[NINA] Being away from you
and Lil Ronnie
is triggering for me.
[KIESHA] It's safe. I promise.
Yeah, those college grounds are
safer than most neighborhoods.
- [KIESHA] Thank you.
- Why do I always have to be the bad guy?
You're not. You just worry too much.
I have good reason.
Well, I think that
this is the right move.
[NINA] You just think
this house is too crowded.
- It is!
- I hate it here.
You think this house is so bad,
you can leave.
[SCOFFS] Don't be like that, Ma.
I just
I want a new start for me and my son.
It's time to start a new chapter.
Does this new chapter
include Christian?
I been thinking about it.
Well, what you been thinkin'?
That is none-a y'all business.
Uh, as long as my grandson
is involved, it is my business.
Look, I need to find out
what I need this relationship
to be for me.
That's very healthy of you, Kiesha.
I'm impressed.
As a licensed therapist,
I think that's a good way
to view any relationship.
When you start bringing up
being a licensed therapist
is when I exit the conversation.
[KIESHA] Bye, y'all.
- Bye, Kiesh.
Pops, you gotta let me buy
you some damn AirPods, like
[DARNELL] No, sir.
- I ain't fucking with them things.
[DARNELL] That shit
ain't nothing but the feds.
Hey, Pop.
You got any advice
how I can get Tiff back?
Man, fuck Tiff.
Tch. Damn.
[DARNELL] She don't want you.
Yeah, she does.
A'ight. Where she at right now?
- Her mama house.
- Mm-hmm. [CHUCKLES]
Yeah, she must really want
to get away from your ass
if she went to go live with her mama.
I don't know what I'm supposed to do.
I did everything she wanted me to.
I became a better father,
I got my business together,
I agreed to the open marriage shit.
I was listening to Anita Baker.
Vacuuming carpets,
making cheese omelets and shit.
Yeah, well, you shoulda been
doin' that shit from the jump.
I know you ain't talking.
- I know you ain't talking,
[DARNELL] That's funny.
You know, have a drink with me.
Nah, nah, nah.
That shit get me too emotional.
That's the point.
Boy, it's okay to get pissy-ass drunk
and cry about it.
Nah. Why I gotta drink, though?
I don't
I don't know.
That's how my daddy taught me.
- Fuck it.
- Cheers.
[DARNELL] Ah! Yes, sir.
Baby, I remember you had me blind ♪
Couldn't keep you ♪
- You like it?
Shit, nigga.
I like anything that sparkles.
I mean, it's only a few karats.
You know, being a community organizer
don't pay too well, so
She gon' love it, man.
[SALESPERSON] Mr. Taylor. Would
you like me to box this up for you?
Yes. That one.
Thank you.
I'm proud of you, man.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
I mean, look, I know me and Imani,
we had our little shit
in the beginning, but
she a good woman.
[TRIG] Yeah.
- A good heart, you know?
- Mm-hmm.
And she let my Black ass in.
- She ain't had to do that, right?
I don't know. I'm
just glad we cool now, you know?
Yeah. Me too.
Me too.
Y'all my family, brother.
Aw, man. You want a hug right now?
Man, get outta here with
all that sentimental shit, man.
You really know
how to fuck up a moment.
- Hey, but your goofy ass
is actually proposin' to someone.
What, you ain't think I had it in me?
Nah, I mean, I wouldn't say all that.
But you know,
you was always weird about
fuckin' when we was younger.
Like, all the hos on the block
wanted to suck your dick
and you would never let 'em suck
your dick, which made them wanna
- Man, I was chillin', bro.
- Suck your dick even mo'!
[TRIG] I wasn't even about all that.
[CHUCKLES] Yeah, I know.
- You was gangsta.
- Mm.
It's why we linked up, right?
Yeah. Needed to feed my family.
Hmm. I don't know.
You know, that's what I always
liked about you, though.
Like, you ain't never
did that shit for clout.
- You needed that bread.
- Yeah.
Still do.
- Ha ha.
- Pshhh. Tell me about it.
Yeah, but we chose to go straight.
- Took us long enough, right?
- Yeah.
Thank you.
- Ha! Ain't that about a bitch?
- [TRIG] Hmm?
Man, I totally forgot
your name is Victor.
Man, niggas been
callin' me Trig for so long,
start to believe that's who I am.
Shooting so many niggas
in the street left and right,
we had to call you somethin'.
Good luck.
My bad, yo. My bad, my bad.
Hey, fuck all that shit.
Who gonna be the best man?
Gonna be honest, boy.
I haven't even thought about that.
My guy! Say no more.
I will be your Taye Diggs.
Shit, hell no.
He slept with his man's wife.
Hey, man, that bitch was bad, though.
- Man, chill out.
Nah, I'm just messing with you.
Hey, but, um, when does Imani
get back from St. Louis?
- Thank you.
- Uh, she get in tomorrow around 6:00.
Latreece gonna bring her
to Smokey's around 7:30.
[SHAAD] Her mama getting any better?
Oh, man.
S-she's stable.
It's touch-and-go, though.
Well, that should definitely
lift her spirits.
I hope so.
After you.
- Oh, you a gentleman now?
- Yes, I am.
[DARNELL] I'm telling you, boy,
you gotta leave that woman
in the rear view.
How you and Dom doing?
Uh, we a'ight.
wish she had a better taste in music.
What you mean?
[DARNELL] You know me.
I only listen to Earth, Wind & Fire.
And she always trying
get me to change my
radio station to WGCI.
But you know me. It's either
- Right.
Hey, Pop.
You ever, uh
dream about other women?
Do you mean like like freaky dreams?
you got that guilty look.
Ha ha ha.
Boy, who you been dreamin' about?
This ain't about me.
I'm asking you a question.
A'ight, I'll be honest.
So last night, while I was
fuckin' Dom doggystyle
Oh, hell no.
[DARNELL] And I'm getting it in.
It's good, juicy
Nah. Can you get to the point?
I I couldn't cum.
It's time to hang it up. Just stop.
And so what you do?
Well, I had to start
thinkin' about your mama.
Oh, hell no. Get out.
No, no, soon as
I started thinkin' about her,
I was able to let one off immediately.
- Pop.
Oh, yeah. Mm.
I need to do something.
What you need to do
take your drunk ass to bed.
Alexa, play anything
by Earth, Wind & Fire.
Oh, what the fuck
do you think you're doing?
Hey, man.
Take him back inside please?
Yeah. Gladly!
[DOLLY] Tiffany!
[SOFTLY] Oh, shit.
Boy, get in here!
[TIFFANY] What were you thinkin'?
I just needed to talk to you.
Did you need to get drunk to do that?
My dad brought the Hennessey.
You know that shit get you emotional.
I know. That's what I told him.
See, you get me.
We get each other.
Can you please stop all this
bullshit and come back home?
We need to be together.
I want me and you and EJ
to be a family again.
That's what I've been praying for.
I'm begging you.
Come back home.
Tch. Come on. You really tryna
stay with your mom?
- [DOLLY] I heard that!
- Good!
[DOLLY] Don't make me come in there!
- Please stay where you at! We talking!
- [DOLLY] In my house!
Ma, stop! Please!
I just need time.
Time for what?
To figure out what
I wanna do with my life.
I'm not happy and you know it.
I feel like I been chasing you
my whole life,
and when I finally got you,
I thought it was because
you wanted me to be your wife.
But you didn't. You was just scared.
I was scared.
I was, but I'm not anymore.
After we got married,
everything finally
started to make sense.
Yeah, and then you told me
you fucked Dom.
Because I wanted to be real with you.
Well, I want to be real with you, too.
I don't think I want
to be your wife anymore.
I don't even know
how you kept that one alive.
[SUEDE] Well, you know,
anything you give your love
and affection and attention to
is gonna bloom.
Actually, I, uh, I been thinking.
What you think about us
movin' in together?
I-I don't know.
I-I hadn't really thought about it.
You haven't thought about it at all?
No, it's just that I like what we got,
and I-I didn't wanna rock the boat.
I mean, I'd rather be in a rocky boat
than one that's just
floating aimlessly
in the middle of the sea.
Can I think about it?
[SIGHS] I think
I'm gonna go take a hot shower.
Oh, that sounds like a great idea.
You know, you do some of your
best thinkin' in the shower.
- I know, right?
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, shit. I forgot to tell you.
- What?
- The showerhead's still broken.
Thanks. Well, you said you
was gonna fix it last week.
I don't live here. [HUFFS]
Hmm. Maybe if I lived here,
I'd fix somethin'.
Can we get some peace of mind? ♪
[TIFF] I told him
that I don't wanna be married no more.
- [TIFF] Is that bad?
- No, girl.
Not if it's your truth.
- [TIFF] Thank you, girl.
- Yeah.
Everything is gonna be okay.
You promise?
I hope so.
Who you flirting with?
Don't worry about it.
Who you texting?
Tsss. He is such a weirdo.
Just 'cause he treat me right,
he a weirdo?
- Girl, you tryna make him your man?
- I ain't say all that.
- [TIFF] Exactly.
- I'm just asking.
I mean, I think he was
good for, you know
after what happened.
Yeah, he was a soft place to land.
Yeah, very soft.
Very sweet.
Then why don't you want him, Kiesha?
Girl, 'cause I gotta focus on school.
And being a mom.
Girl, you can focus
on other things, too.
Mm-mm. That's too much to juggle.
All of that and his heart?
Yeah, 'cause it sound like
you about to break it.
[CHUCKLES] You making me feel bad.
Look, you gotta do what you gotta do.
Come on and join the single girls club.
Girl, your ass
ain't finna be in it for long.
Don't hate. [CHUCKLES]
Thank you for coming with me
to look at dorms.
I don't want my mama
breathing down my neck.
Girl, I can't believe
I moved back in with my mom
and you getting away from yours.
Girl, don't worry.
It's only temporary.
It better be, because
she gettin' on my damn nerves.
If you ain't got a money
plan, homie, come again ♪
Guess I gotta dumb it down,
help you understand ♪
Big dreams on a big screen ♪
Like a summer jam ♪
We ain't playing, going Super Saiyan ♪
Fill up rubber bands ♪
Time is money ♪
Is it just me, or is he trash?
- I don't trust a soul ♪
Please don't try to lend
a hand to get the upper hand ♪
I say do it, always knew it ♪
Yeah, that we could do it ♪
Life by how you view it ♪
Look, you had your
chance, you blew it ♪
No days off,
I'm always right back to it ♪
We ran the play
exactly how I drew it ♪
Carin' 'bout the mud ♪
Pullin' diamonds out the dirt ♪
Make myself a plug ♪
If you scared, then go to church ♪
Let nobody come and try
to tell me what I'm worth ♪
'Cause I came about
the mug for the ♪
It's like "Hoop Dreams" all over again.
[SIGHS] Leave me alone.
What happened?
What you mean what happen?
I ain't make the team.
Maybe you just had a bad day.
What the fuck that supposed to mean?
It means it's not the end of the world.
I don't got shit else going on.
I ain't got as many options as you.
So you tryna make it to the NBA now?
[SIGHS] I wanna be good at something.
You can be good at other things.
I don't want that shit.
It was love at first sight ♪
[EMMETT] She got love for me ♪
Oh, oh, oh ♪
But she still belongs ♪
To Emmett ♪
I wish I never met her ♪
Even though I love her so ♪
She's got love for me, oh ♪
- Wow.
- Oh, shi
It's that bad, huh?
Uh, nah. This just a new playlist.
- I'm just, uh[MUTTERS].
- [TRIG] You sure?
- Come on, man.
[TRIG] Uh-huh.
Tiff left me, man.
You need a hug, nigga?
Come here, man.
Come on.
Come on, bro.
It'll be a'ight. It'll be a'ight.
I ain't tryna be back out
in them streets.
- Man.
- Rough as hell.
[TRIG] Bro, don't even worry.
You'll find love again.
No, for real. Women love you.
Where they at?
I don't know. I mean, she out there.
I mean, you'll find her.
And she won't even care that
you already got a gang of kids.
- [TRIG] She love you, flaws and all.
- Damn. Appreciate that.
- [TRIG] Yeah.
Hey, so, um,
we good for tomorrow?
What's tomorrow?
The proposal.
You-you said I could do it here.
Right, right, right, right.
I'm tripping. Of course.
I'm just dealin'
with a lot of shit right now.
- Right.
- Hey, I got you.
Black love. It's a beautiful thing.
Especially when both people are
committed to making it work.
Even when it gets hard, man.
'Cause love is a battlefield,
- [TRIG] Yeah.
- You know?
- Shit!
- Whoa. What was that?
[TRIG] I know that ain't my shit.
Oh oh
- Fuck!
- Yeah, let me know if you need me!
- [BAKARI] Ha ha!
- Think you're funny, huh?
I didn't even do that.
You really wanna die, huh? Hmm?
You fucking playing with me?
You little fucking bitch!
You wanna die, bitch?
Think I'm fucking playing with
yo' fucking ass, huh? Huh?
You wanna fucking die?
- [GROANS] Uhhh!
Fuck wrong wit' you?
I'ma go off ♪
I'ma go pop shit ♪
Okay, I'ma go off ♪
I'ma go pop shit ♪
I'ma go off ♪
I'ma a go pop shit, okay ♪
I'ma go off ♪
I'ma go pop shit ♪
Might as well take this back ♪
Before I come down on your neck ♪
I'ma go off ♪
So we can either ignore what happened
or talk about it like men.
Shut up, Papa.
Well, seeing as how
I'm the new school announcer,
I feel bad I won't get to say your name
at all the games, Jake.
Did you know you was that bad
before you went out there?
I just assumed I would make the team.
What you mean assume?
You ain't practice?
Aw, not really.
Ain't you been talkin'
about this for weeks?
I ain't know you had to be
that good to make varsity.
[PAPA] Well, I mean,
it's called varsity for a reason.
What, you thought you'd be good
just 'cause
you a Black boy from Chicago?
- Did you stereotype yourself?
- All right, leave him alone.
Nah, 'cause keeping shit like
this inside ain't healthy.
We just as sick as our secrets.
I did a whole episode
about this last week
on "Papa's Pulpit."
If y'all would just
listen to my podcast,
maybe you wouldn't be so lost.
Bro, your podcast is dumb, bro!
You don't even
talk about shit. You just
get on live and start talking.
At least I'm helpin' people.
What you doin' with your time?
Numbing the pain while
stompin' on your girl's heart
'cause you didn't do the work.
Papa, will you please shut the fuck up?
Can y'all both shut the fuck up?
I'm tryna concentrate.
Stressing me and shit.
Okay, I'ma go off ♪
I'ma go pop shit ♪
- I'ma go off. ♪
- Let's go. ♪
Christian, um,
I'm sending this as a voice note
I wanted you to hear
the tone in my voice
when I say this.
I been thinkin' a lot about us and
what we've become to each
other over the past few months.
And you've been a great friend to me.
I had a wonderful time
getting to know you, but
I think at this point
in my life, I just
I need to figure out who I am
when I'm not in a relationship.
And the only relationship
I want to focus on
is the relationship with myself and
the relationship with my son.
And that's it.
I care about you deeply,
I hope we can be friends.
I hope this makes sense.
let me know what you think.
I'll talk to you soon.
Jesus! Damn!
[DOLLY] Don't take the Lord's
name in vain in my house.
[SIGHS] I'm sorry.
I'm not your nanny, Tiff.
I'm done raising babies.
I know.
Who's that calling you this late?
I hope it's your husband.
Just because I live in your house
doesn't mean
you get to be in my business.
Anybody calling you this late
ain't got nothin' on they mind
but the flesh!
- Right now is not a good time.
- You called me.
[DOLLY] And you better not
be talking shit about me
to your little friends, either!
I'm not!
Your mom's a trip.
I'ma fight her. I swear I'ma fight her.
Look, if it's that bad,
just come stay with me.
No, nigga. [SIGHS]
I got an extra room.
I'm not about to be
your live-in fuckbuddy.
I don't need you for that.
Oh, is that right?
I ain't got issues in that department.
For real. [CHUCKLES]
I'm not pressed.
Well, it's not just me. I got my son.
[DOLLY] Tiff!
I need you to grab me some
chips from the corner store!
You see what I gotta deal with?
I guess one of the perks
of having a broken showerhead
is it forces you
to take a relaxing bath, huh?
Yeah, I needed that.
Hey, I'm sorry about
being so pushy earlier.
Yeah, you don't have to apologize.
I just wanted to make sure
I'm not wasting my time is all.
You know?
You not. It's just, you know,
I didn't realize how much
I enjoy living alone.
So you even want me here?
Yeah, of course I do.
Look, I love having you here.
You fix things around the house,
take better care of my plants
than I do.
I love what we have.
So basically, I'm just
a glorified TaskRabbit?
- Tch.
- Suede, w-what
[SUEDE] Nah, that's what
it sounds like.
What is going on with you?
[SHAAD] Trig, Trig. Get up, man.
[TRIG GROANS] What the hell? What?
What the fuck is this?
- Yeah. You reading them comments?
- Shit.
Man, they dragging your ass.
And a few hating muhfuckers
tagged Imani on that shit, too.
You wanna fuckin' die?
- Yeah, yeah.
- [TRIG] Aaaaah!
- They calling you the ops, bro.
- Fuck!
Bro, people always gonna
have something to say,
but if they ain't trying to help,
I don't wanna hear shit from 'em, bro.
Yeah, but you can't turn
into the enemy, Trig.
Man, he put a brick through my window.
Look, man.
- I used to be this nigga, a'ight?
- I
I just think I can talk to him.
Look, just put some clothes on
so we can find this muhfucker.
- All right.
- Man, come on!
No more cloudy days ♪
Chase that frown away ♪
The day I met you, babe ♪
why aren't you at school?
I needed to take a mental health day.
[MARCUS] What's going on?
You know,
one day, you gonna
grow up and move out.
And when you do,
you're gonna find new friends,
experience new things,
and we won't see each other as much.
I'm telling you this
because if we don't talk
to each other now,
then we'll stop talking altogether,
and I can't have that.
I want you to have
a real relationship with me.
And not one that's predicated
on me being your father.
That's not enough for you
to come home at Christmas.
I want you to come home
because you want to be here.
'Cause you miss me.
And because we have a bond
that's deeper than blood.
what's going on?
Jake is being an asshole.
Mm, mm.
Most boys his age are.
Sometimes, I just
I wonder
No, go ahead.
Say what you gotta say.
I wonder if I should've
stayed with Kevin.
Oh, no, no. Don't do that.
[JEMMA] Do what?
Don't swap out Jake with Kevin
just because you had a bad moment.
No relationship is perfect.
And you're kids.
You practicing on each other.
- I'm not his punching bag.
- Oh, no you're not.
'Cause I raised you better than that.
But it's up to you
to teach people how to treat you.
And if someone treats you
in a way you don't like,
you should give 'em a taste of
what's it's like to be without you.
If they don't miss you,
let 'em be.
If they come back,
they have to agree
to your code of conduct.
So what do I do?
I think
you should give him some space.
Let him find his way back to you.
Do you think
he'll find his way back to me?
We'll have to wait and see.
I'ma let you get some rest,
all right, sweetheart?
You ooh ♪
Ooh, baby ♪
Hoo hoo hoo ♪
Love ♪
Hey ♪
We goin' in-in ♪
Me and my twin-twin ♪
We showin' shots,
shots, shots, shots ♪
'Cause we tryna win-win, yuh ♪
We have to run up the score ♪
All right, all right,
all right!
Are y'all ready for me to introduce you
to your new Central High
basketball team?
But before I run down the names
of those that made the team,
I do wanna take a quick moment
of silence for my brother Jake.
Oh, oh, no. He still with us.
But his basketball career
died a tragic death
the other day during tryouts, man.
- Y'all should've seen it.
It was bad. He fell on the floor,
and nobody pushed him.
Fuck you, Papa!
Hey, that language ain't
allowed at school events.
See, this is what happens
when you don't have
a positive image of a Black man
in your house.
- Ooh!
- Man, please.
Your daddy ain't shit.
[SCOFFS] At least I got a dad.
[ALL] Oh!
[PAPA] Maybe if more of y'all
had a man at home,
we'd be further along as a people.
- Is that shade towards me?
- [ALL] Oh!
- Uh, no
[PAPA] Wait hold up!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Whoa, wait, wait!
No, I see
[PRINCIPAL] Settle down!
Settle down, everybody!
- Please!
- Boo!
Man, look at 'em.
Big man wanna puff up, ♪
but we hadda sit him down ♪
Hadda put him in his place, ♪
I'ma get it now ♪
Big man wanna puff up, ♪
but we hadda sit him down ♪
Bitch, you set me up?
It ain't my fault
you took the bait, nigga.
[SHAAD] Nigga, that was some ho shit.
Look, if you and your boys
wanna make some money,
we can provide y'all with
some jobs down at the center.
- Nigga, I don't want your job.
See what I'm talking about?
These young niggas think it's cool
to have a rap sheet, man.
Let me tell you something, shorty.
It ain't no fun fillin' out
a job application
with a fucking felony, nigga.
I don't wanna work
no regular-ass job, nigga.
Look, man.
I used to be you.
Trust me, me and you?
We ain't got shit in common, nigga.
I know what it's like to take a life.
And you can smoke
all the weed you want,
but that ain't gonna
make the shit go away.
I see you first thing in
the morning at the center.
And your ass better show up, too.
Otherwise, I'm gonna
come lookin' for you.
And you don't want that, do you?
That's what I thought.
Come holla at me, shorty.
[CHUCKLES] All right.
Yeah, got you all set up.
That shower head comes
with a lifetime guarantee.
It's stainless steel.
Oh, also, I adjusted the water pressure
in case you ever wanted to detach it
and have a little fun with yourself.
That thing will have you screaming
in less than 20 seconds.
- If you don't get out of here
Hey, I'm just here
for all your handy needs.
Is that all you're available for?
Well, shit.
What else you need?
Mm, mm, wait, wait, wait.
We can't we can't do this. Uh
we with other people.
Man, fuck them kids.
Suede is not a kid.
He ain't that much older than Emmett.
And Dom is how old?
Hey, look, you just say the word
- and I can get her ass on the line right now.
- Wait, no, no, no, no.
Don't don't do that, don't do that.
Look, Jada. [SIGHS]
I just
I feel like you was the one
that got away.
You should go.
Thank you.
Gonna get me all hot and bothered
then kick my ass out, huh?
- Mm-hmm.
[SIGHING] Mmm. Jeez.
- [LYNAE] I don't know if Jake and Papa
- will survive this shit.
If I was Jake,
I would'a went down there
and puts hands on him.
[KEVIN] Well,
Jake did take my girl
and we still cool,
so they'll be a'ight.
[LYNAE] Tch. Boys are weird.
Y'all be forgiving each other
for the craziest shit.
Only take one time
for somebody to cross me.
You burn a lot of bridges that way.
Sometimes, bridges need to be burned.
Oh, shit.
Been waiting to play this game
for a minute.
You don't need my permission.
All right. Come on, then.
What's up?
Ready for some real competition?
[CHUCKLES] Grab a headset.
[GAME VOICE] Ready, set,
[PLAYER] Don't be scared.
Shoot that motherfucker. Shoot him.
Yeah, I got him.
- Fuck!
Yo, man. Just fuckin' drop him.
Oh, headshot!
This dude doesn't know what he's doing.
Fuck that. [CHUCKLES]
He's too fucking slow, man. [CHUCKLES]
Fuck. Shoot him.
- Kev, you good?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
You don't have to play these fools.
- We can go whoop somebody else.
- I got it, I got it.
- Go straight, go straight.
- Yeah, I-I'm fucking trying, dude.
Kev, can you hurry up and beat
these Anglo-Saxons so we can go?
One down.
All right.
Now we can go.
[EMMETT] And keep it short.
[TRIG] What?
[EMMETT] If she's the one,
you shouldn't have to talk
for too long.
She know exactly
how much she means to you
soon as you get down
on the bended knee.
- You know what I mean?
- Yeah, man.
Low-key Trig.
- Thank you, bro.
- Clean, clean.
- Fire.
- Hey.
Look, I know you goin' through
your own shit right now,
so it really means a lot that
you still showed up for me.
- For sure.
- [TRIG] Yeah.
I just hope we only gotta do this once.
- Uh, yeah. Let's hope.
- You know what I mean?
You know what I mean? Divorce is hard.
You know what I mean?
- Oh, man.
- Takes a long time.
Oh, bro, bro, bro.
No, no, no, no, don't do that.
- Don't do that, don't do that!
- Takes a long time.
In my sacred memories ♪
When nothing can change ♪
There's no facing reality ♪
'Cause it all seems so strange ♪
I want to apologize
for my delayed response.
I don't like making people wait,
but I also needed time
to gather my thoughts.
Secondly, I want to thank you
for handling my feelings
with so much care.
It means a lot.
And the time we spent together
was not only joyful,
but it was an education
in what it means
to put someone else's needs
before my own.
And lastly, I just want to say
it really sucks
being a nice guy sometimes,
especially when you're Black,
because people don't think you're real.
People always assume
I have something up my sleeve.
They think I can't just be a nice guy,
something must be weird about me,
and that's sad.
But I appreciate you for accepting me
and all my corny ways.
I hope when another nice guy
comes along, you believe him.
He doesn't have to be a fantasy.
We exist.
Oh, and please give
Lil Ronnie a hug from me.
I know one day he's gonna
grow up to be a nice guy, too.
I'm here if y'all ever need anything.
All my love, Christian.
Through the heartaches ♪
The heartache's the same ♪
[ROB] Welcome
to the house of Rob, guys.
Come on in.
- Hey.
- What's up?
- Thank you.
- Course.
We won't be here long.
I mean, take as long as you need.
Right, champ?
Oh, nothing is perfect ♪
Just give me one night ♪
Baby, I promise it's worth it ♪
We broke all the bonds,
nobody has to know ♪
Now, who even cares? ♪
I promise if we make up
we'll be glad we tried again ♪
Ooh, you and I ♪
Ooh, you and I was never ♪
supposed to happen ♪
But I won't be mad
if it happens again ♪
Oh, you and I you and I ♪
Ooh, you and I ♪
So much hope in the air ♪
And so much work to do ♪
Mm! Hey, Jake.
Come help me with these decorations.
I don't know how to do
none of this shit, man.
[SHAAD] You got a little flair
for things like that.
Yeah. Clean? Yeah?
[SHAAD] Hey, hey y'all.
- Check it out. Get down, get down.
- Be quiet.
- [JAKE] Here they come,
- here they come, here they come.
What a time ♪
To be ♪
Alive ♪
Alive, oh ♪
What a time ♪
What a time, what a time ♪
To be alive ♪
To be here ♪
With you ♪
Ooh ♪
[TRIG] W-where's where's Imani?
Imani stayed in St. Louis.
For what? But why?
She saw that video
of you beating up that kid,
she wants to take some time.
She couldn't tell me this in person?
I'm sorry, Trig.
Listen, that-that obviously
didn't go as planned.
But it's okay, you know?
'Cause the Lord works
in mysterious ways, don't He?
- Right?
- [GUEST] That's right.
Yeah, um, I'm sorry,
but I guess there ain't
Ain't gonna be nothing
to celebrate tonight.
No, no, no.
See, that's where you wrong.
We got plenty to celebrate, okay?
We all here together, okay?
We partyin'.
Look, DJ!
Put on that Cupid Shuffle
or the Percolator or something.
Come on, y'all!
We alive! Time to turn up!
Chicago, where you at? Come on!
DJ! Uh-oh!
Mm, yeah ♪
[SHAAD] Yeah, get it. Come on!
Down, down,
do your dance, do your dance
- Y'all know how to do it!
- We got a brand new dance ♪
Down, down, do your dance, ♪
do your dance ♪
Down, down, ♪
do your dance, do your dance ♪
And did you know
they made wine in Arizona?
- Yeah!
- Huh? Well, I didn't.
Girl, this mess will get you
a week on "Sally Jessy."
- I'm telling you, Glo.
This is how women get screwed.
- Too lazy to look out for yourself,
so you put all your trust
in your husbands.
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
But I finally got the answer.
Fuck you doing here?
I came back to finish
what I started.
Otis, what are you doing here?
I came back for you.
I'ma go on the beat ♪
I put in that work ♪
Young nigga livin' his dreams ♪
I came out them trenches like Sting ♪
Remember them days when ♪
I use to sit on them swings ♪
And watch niggas dealin' to fiends ♪
They served to my mama ♪
Wish I had a burner to pop 'em ♪
You don't know the feeling it brings ♪
I feel like the Hulk ♪
I used to have rips in my jeans ♪
But I had to get to the green ♪
I swallowed the odds ♪
Because I'm anointed with God ♪
The devil can't get in between ♪
Gripping my chrome ♪
while I sit on my throne ♪
Tell them niggas come on, ♪
ain't no killin' the king ♪
You'll die in the summer ♪
For talking that shit in the spring ♪
So fall down like
you sipping that lean ♪
If you ain't from here you ♪
the visiting team ♪
You gon' leave in a stretcher ♪
Ain't no limousine ♪
Uh, brace yourself for the truth ♪
It may hurt a bit ♪
The good thing about pain ♪
is you learn from it ♪
Make sure your desire ♪
survive through the fire ♪
The disappointment
and discouragement ♪
Better move like you know ♪
what your purpose is ♪
Never say die, learn to fly ♪
through that turbulence ♪
Stop placing the blame, ♪
you say it's God's ♪
But really you don't know ♪
who word it is ♪
Gotta know who the serpent ♪
is, know they oppress us ♪
That bitch got more game ♪
than a tournament ♪
And the church is the platform ♪
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