The Chi (2018) s05e08 Episode Script

Sweet Thing

Previously on The Chi
Hey, hey, hey. Whoa.
Who the fuck is that, nigga?
Trust me, she don't want you.
- What up, Lynae?
- Hey, Papa.
Uh, Lynae, this Bakari.
It's time for us
to take this to the next level.
You know the next man I live with
gonna be my husband, right?
That's what I thought.
What's going on?
Um now's not a good time.
You alone?
So what did you want to talk about?
I know it sounds crazy,
but what you think
about me moving in here?
I think that'd be dope.
Let's do it.
- Yeah? Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
Somebody help her!
I need to see my daughter.
What's her name?
Jemma St. John.
She's stable.
What about the baby?
I'm sorry.
Hey, hey, hey. Come on, come on, stop.
Man, my girl lost our baby
'cause of you!
Man, get the fuck out my house, nigga.
Can I stay with you, bro?
Hold on. Wait, let
That's the last envelope.
You hungry?
Happy Valentine's Day.
Thank you.
Is there anything I can do?
I wish there was.
I just gotta sit here and feel it
all of it.
I'm feeling shit too.
I know.
How long we gon' feel like this?
I don't know.
you should go.
I don't want you late for school.
Nah, fuck that.
I'm staying here with you.
You don't have to do that.
Yes, I do.
You got it?
Damn, Kiesha got a lot of shit.
Yeah, I know.
Yep, but this her house now, too, so
we gon' figure it out.
Yeah, that's the right way
to think about it.
No matter what happens,
y'all just gotta figure that shit out.
Yeah, 'cause
this relationship has to work.
Yeah, I feel the same way
about my relationship with your mama.
Pssh, you better.
I want to ask her to marry me.
- What?
- Boy, you heard me.
Are you serious?
Shit, as a heart attack.
No, I can't believe this.
Look, I'm telling you 'cause
I want your blessing.
Why you need that?
'Cause you've been the man
in her life all these years, and
now it's time for me
to step in and take your place.
Are you for real this time?
Absolutely. I'm a changed man.
Man, people don't change, Pop.
How do I know you won't break
her heart again?
I guess you don't. You just gonna have
to trust me on that one.
I don't know if I do yet.
Happy Valentine's Day, y'all.
- Oh, shit.
- What?
So t-today is Valentine's Day?
See what I'm saying?
Boy, I don't give a fuck
about no damn Valentine's Day.
Some ol' white people shit.
A day of love is for all of us.
Thank y'all for moving my stuff.
Uh, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, absolutely, Kiesha.
I'll see you, okay?
Where you going?
I gotta go get your mama a gift.
Told you, people don't change.
Happy Valentine's Day, baby.
- Thank you for my card.
- Yeah.
Why was it so crumpled up though?
Well, you know,
the hood don't be having
the right size envelopes for the cards.
I love it. I'll cherish it forever.
I hope you don't think
that's your only gift.
You don't have to get me anything.
Hell yeah, I did.
I got a room at the Omni Hotel
on Magnificent Mile.
Ohh who gon' watch the kids?
I am. Look, the reservation is
just for you.
There won't be nobody there
to bother you,
you know, not even the babies,
not even me.
You've been listening.
Yeah. Now normally I would be mad
I ain't getting none
on Valentine's Day
It hurt but anyway, look,
this holiday is all about you,
so it don't even matter.
Well, don't worry.
I'll make it up to you
- as soon as I get home.
- Ooh.
Soon as I get home
Happy Valentine's Day.
Thank you.
Look, I'm sorry about what
happened the other night.
You don't have to apologize.
We both walked into this
with our eyes wide open, so
Yeah, but
I didn't realize
how much it would hurt me
to think about you being
with someone else.
I like you.
I like you too.
And I want us to build
something together, but
You can't right now.
I've heard this before.
Come on, don't
don't do me like that.
Like what?
Like I'm on some bullshit.
You're doing exactly
what I thought you would do.
That's why I knew better than
to wait for you by the phone.
I just need some more time.
How much time?
I don't know. I I'm not sure.
I just need you to trust me.
Will you be my valentine?
My real one?
Look, I-I got some other
business to handle later, but
after, I would love to see you.
I'll think about it.
Thanks for the card.
It was really sweet.
You moving?
Then what's with all the boxes?
Kiesha got cramped up in her dorm room,
so we talked and decided
it made more sense
for her to move in with me.
And when was you gonna tell me this?
You moved in with Rob
and ain't tell me shit.
So you doing this to hurt me?
Everything ain't about you.
Then what is it about, Emmett?
It's about Kiesha needing more room
and a little help with the baby.
And to be honest,
I could use some help too.
Are we together? Yeah,
but this ain't about that.
Just about us figuring our shit out.
What you doing for Valentine's Day?
I was gonna see if you can keep EJ.
I'ma have Ronnie and the other two,
so I'ma have to pass on that.
Kiesha can't help?
I'm treating her to a spa day.
You never did that kind of shit for me.
Look, if you ain't got
no other options, just
just let me know, all right?
Nah, I'm good. He can stay with my mom.
I got that.
I got it.
Love you.
- Love you.
- Come on.
Bye now. Bye.
So what you getting your girl
for Valentine's Day?
I named a star after her.
What kind of gift is that?
It's the kind she'll like.
You know she's
into the galaxies and stuff.
I know. It's weird.
Thank you.
So what you gonna do, point out
a star and say that's hers?
they gave me a certificate.
How romantic.
Look, I know it's not
all big and flashy,
but she don't care
about all that stuff.
All girls care about that shit.
Do you care?
If I had a dude, I would.
So you looking for one?
Nah. I got other things on my mind.
Well, um
if you ever need me, I'm here for you.
I know.
Before this happened,
I had a dream about us.
What were we doing?
We were bonding
with our baby.
What did it feel like?
It felt normal.
Is there a part of you that's
Why would you ask me that?
I just know at first
you didn't want it.
Okay, but I changed my mind.
In the dream,
was it a boy or a girl?
- I'm just asking.
- Does it matter, Jake?
Mm, I guess not. Damn.
I feel like everything I say is wrong.
There's literally nothing you could say
to make me feel better.
So what you got planned for Deja?
Well, it was either between going
to dinner or getting her a present.
Wh-what'd you choose?
I'm taking her to Smokey's.
Ah, come on, you gotta do
better than that.
I mean, I already got her
a nice little card.
I wrote a dope little poem in there.
Why don't you
and Deja just come with us?
And who gonna front that bill?
Douda will.
Oh, then come on.
Shit, let's run the tab up.
For real? Y'all sure?
Yeah, I don't care.
We got reservations
at the Signature Room.
It overlooks the city.
It's a great view.
But there is a dress code.
Oh, don't trip.
Deja got me a couple new suits,
so I'll be straight.
I'ma wear what I want.
Come on, it's Valentine's Day.
So? We we just for show.
Okay, so then we should show up
like we're actually together.
Well, now that, uh,
you guys have dinner hooked up for me,
I will go and get my lady
a nice lil' gift.
- I'll see y'all later.
- Okay.
That was nice.
He's a nice guy.
Can you turn the fire down?
You gon' burn the sauce.
Nah, I got it.
I can't tell.
I told you!
- Sh
- Move.
I'll do it before you burn
the damn house down.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
You been doing this shit all day.
It's something.
If you mad at Emmett about something,
take that out on him.
I'm not mad.
I just feel some type of way
about how they moving.
Why you care?
'Cause he's my ex and that's my girl.
And shit happens.
Damn. Put this shit back on the fire.
I thought you forgot.
How could I forget
such a important holiday?
'Cause you hate it.
What? No, I don't.
Darnell, all the years I known you,
you always said it was some bullshit
and that you didn't need
a holiday to show me your love.
I still believe that,
but this Valentine's,
I'ma treat you like a queen,
'cause I know it means so much to you.
Now, we finna have
the most romantic date
of your whole life.
- Okay.
- Jada. Darnell!
Oh, my g it's Chino and Bubs!
Hey, we ain't
at South Shore High no more.
It's Clarence and Brittany now.
Shit, I forgot y'all had real names.
Hey, understandable.
So how y'all been?
- We've been great.
- Yeah.
You know, just living the good life.
I can't believe y'all are still
together after all these years.
The way y'all used to fight
like cats and dogs,
none of us thought y'all would make it.
Well, technically, we didn't.
Yeah, we've rekindled our love.
- Aww. How romantic.
- Yeah, yeah.
We finally realized
we were meant for each other.
- Yeah.
- I know the feeling.
Well, shoot, all right, man,
it was good seeing y'all.
Wait, wait. We don't know when
the next time we'll see y'all.
You want to join us?
Um uh
Yeah. We could join you
for a hot second.
Aw, you can hang
with us longer than that.
- Yeah.
- We got a lot of catching up to do.
Aw, shit. You ain't come to play.
You ready?
Let's get it.
My feet already hurting.
I told you not to wear them damn heels.
- Listen, I love you
- Mm-hmm.
- And I love Valentine's Day
- Mm-hmm.
But I'm tired.
All right, well, you wanna
just go back in the house,
put on some comfy clothes, go
watch some Abbott Elementary?
I'm liking the sound of this.
All right. I can order some, uh,
Korean food from that spot
up the street.
I love it.
Let's do it.
Well, look who's in the holiday spirit.
Aw, we don't need a holiday
to be romantic.
That's right. This is us every day,
not just Valentine's Day.
Isn't that sweet, Victor?
Ay, man, would you put the phone down
and be present at the table, Joe?
Come on, I'm handling business.
He's a worker bee.
Hey, man, well, you better
start paying attention
to this beautiful queen sitting
right next to you.
Um, how long you two been together?
- About a year.
- A few months.
Hell, nah.
Y'all need to get
y'all's story straight.
What story?
Oh, nah, it's just that
Vic is real bad with, you know,
- dates and anniversaries.
- Yeah, I-I don't
be remembering shit like that.
Well, you should try. It's nice
when someone you love remembers
things like that.
Yeah. You're right.
I'll, uh, work on that.
- Yeah, you do that.
- Yes, I will.
Well, I'd like to propose a toast.
Oh. Nice.
Here is to that special kind of love
that can change your life.
Anything you wanna say?
Yeah. Cheers to that.
- Cheers to that.
- To love.
To love.
- Come on, you gotta
- Yes.
You gonna tell me what's going on?
I don't appreciate you having
to leave on Valentine's Day.
I gotta pull up on this vendor.
It's the only day that worked.
Emmett did something
really nice for Kiesha.
And what that got to do with me?
I celebrate you every day.
I don't need a holiday
to tell me to do it.
If I ask you something,
you promise you won't get mad?
What is it?
Have you been messing around
with Herbie?
I just spent one evening with him.
Look, I didn't wanna marry him.
I just
Sorry, my grandma's making me
leave the door open.
No, it's cool.
So, uh
I got you something.
You did not have to get me anything.
Yeah, I figured you'd say that,
but you know,
I got you something symbolic.
You named a star after me?
That's amazing.
Yeah, I'm-I'm glad you like it.
This is the sweetest gift
I've ever gotten from anyone.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I didn't know I had
to get you anything.
My bad.
It's okay.
Your presence is gift enough for me.
Sometimes I wonder
if I'll ever be happy again.
You will.
I don't know. I just know
you won't feel like this forever.
Do you think we'll have kids one day?
I hope so.
Come on, man, you can't
do that in here. My dad will kill us.
Ain't your dad a preacher?
Yeah, which mean he don't take no shit.
Look, my fault, bro. I'm
I'm stressed.
Yeah. I can tell you feel bad
about what happened.
That shit ain't my fault.
Yeah, it was.
It ain't my fault she lost her baby.
No, but something you did
caused a bunch of people
to bum rush the door,
which ended up
with Jemma getting trampled,
which resulted in her losing the baby.
I didn't mean for that shit to happen.
I know, but
you should still try
to make things right.
How the fuck am I supposed to do that?
Just apologize.
Fuck that.
Look, it's the right thing to do.
I'll think about it.
You know what's really fucked up?
- What?
- It's Valentine's Day,
and I'm sitting here with your ass.
I don't want to be here with
your beady ass either, nigga, fuck.
I just wish I wasn't alone.
I ain't pressed.
Come on, there gotta be
somebody out there
you wanna send some love to today.
Who you smiling about?
Come on, man, just tell me.
Man, hell no. No.
I'm not telling you, dog. No.
Fine, but you won't get the girl
if you don't let her know
she got a secret admirer.
No. I'm not telling you.
Suit yourself.
Wait, wait, wait. Wait.
What would I have to do?
Just get her a card
telling her how you feel
and sign it "your secret admirer."
You got good handwriting?
It's amazing.
So you'll write it for me?
but if I write it
you gotta promise to apologize
to Jake and Jemma.
You the man, Papa.
Man, get outta here.
I don't know
how you could forget that day.
That was the same day Jada
caught you kissing her cousin.
- Ooh.
- Oh, yeah, yeah.
I forgot about that one.
Oh, I didn't.
Jada and I put sugar
in your tank so you couldn't leave.
Now that I remember.
Shit, I had to work
a lot of night shifts
at Moo and Oink to get that shit fixed.
Man, I still can't believe
you got arrested on the night of prom.
Yeah, I got too drunk
for the first time
and was driving too fast.
I still can't believe he
crashed your daddy's Cadillac.
Yeah, my ass sure paid for that one.
I was so sad you missed
your prom, Jada.
Yeah, you know, me too, but, um
look, we like to focus
on who we are now,
not live in the past.
And Darnell, he's a good guy.
He's not the same guy
he was in high school.
Hm. Is that right?
Yeah, that's right.
I had some growing to do,
and I'm still growing.
I love him,
and he loves me.
And we've been through some shit,
but we still standing.
- Right?
- Yeah.
All right, to that.
- Cheers.
- Here's to that.
Come on, old man.
This is weird.
I don't really know what to say.
How long y'all been messing around?
Not long.
What does that mean?
I don't have an exact date.
Tiff, I know it's hard, but
what do you expect us to do?
Hide how we feel
so you can feel better?
That would be nice.
I wouldn't ask you to do that.
How would you feel if I wanted
to be with Nuck?
If he was the love of your life,
I'd just have to deal with it.
You're lying, Kiesha.
Well, hypotheticals aren't
helpful right now, Tiff.
How do you know he won't do you
like he did me?
I just have to trust myself.
- Do you trust him?
- I do.
You shouldn't.
He's changed.
People don't change.
It's just gon' take some time
for things to feel normal again.
This will never feel normal.
Give it time, Tiff.
I don't think I want to.
We haven't watched this
in a while, babe.
- Want to go down memory lane?
- Sure.
Let's see what we got.
Wow, we were sharp, baby.
Man, this feels like a lifetime ago.
Feels like yesterday to me.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I thought I knew
what love was my whole life,
but then I found you.
And you taught me the true definition
of what it means
to be loved completely.
By the powers granted to me
by the State of Illinois,
I now pronounce you two honest women
who are no longer shacking up
Do you still choose me?
I do.
I do too.
I mean, shit, I was fine
till they started talking about my DUI.
We're human.
We make mistakes.
Yeah, but if I wasn't
such a hot mess, I mean,
we could be celebrating
20 years of marriage too.
That wasn't our journey.
I'm sorry, baby.
We were kids.
We didn't know what we were doing.
Yeah, well, I ain't fucking up
this second chance.
Well, this is about
your 17th chance, but
I ain't fucking up none
of these chances.
Oh, hey.
You look good enough to eat.
Yeah, you look nice.
So uh, where you about to go?
Get out her business.
What? I was just asking a question.
No, no, no, tend
to your valentine, please.
Well, I'm about to.
- Mm-hmm.
- 'Scuse me.
He was just being nice.
Yeah, a little too nice.
Baby, I got the Cool Whip.
Wait, where you going?
I'm leaving.
"You look good enough to eat"?
Aw, come on, now, that was just
a figure of speech.
Well, it felt real disrespectful.
Wh I don't know the rules.
You don't tell a woman
who is not your girlfriend
that she looks good enough
to eat on Valentine's Day.
My bad.
Admit it, you have a crush on her.
Baby, I've been locked up
for ten years.
I-I got a crush on everybody.
I'm the one that's got you
looking all good in these streets.
If it wasn't for me, she wouldn't be
paying attention to you.
Wait, now hold on, you ain't
doing me no fucking favors
Oh, no, I've done you a lot of favors.
Slow the fuck up.
I ain't no charity case.
Look, you asked me
to give you a chance,
and I did,
and now I'm starting to regret it.
Deja wait
Aw, fuck.
What's up, Tiff? What you doing here?
I wanted to see you.
About what?
About us.
You said you was done.
Sit down.
I'm good standing.
What's up?
Look, I know you still love me.
Course I do.
You're the mother of my child,
but I don't have feelings
for you like that no more.
I don't believe you.
I said I'm
I said I'm in a relationship.
That's never stopped you before.
I know
but I'm a changed man now.
So you can be loyal to Kiesha
but not me?
What are you doing here?
Changed my flight
so we could be together
for Valentine's Day.
Where you coming from?
I was out with Kiesha.
I'm glad y'all talked.
Yeah, me too.
How'd it go?
It was good.
It's time y'all healed
from that and moved on.
You good?
I'm just happy you're here.
Yeah, me too.
Now let's eat.
Happy Valentine's Day, baby.
Happy Valentine's Day.
I'm sorry it has to be like this.
It doesn't have to be.
I promise it won't be
like this forever.
Oh, yeah, it better not be.
I'm not laughing. I'm serious.
Here's to no more secrets.
I'll toast to that
- Mm.
- If you real.
I'm real.
Oh, shit.
The fuck, man, I thought you was
somebody trying to break in the crib.
I thought you went out for the night.
I thought so, too, but Roselyn had
to take a rain check.
Damn, that's crazy.
You a'ight?
I'm fine.
Where's Deja?
Oh, she left a few hours ago, so
Is everything okay?
I don't know.
Well, you can hang out with me.
No use in both
of us being alone on V-Day.
For real?
I like your company.
Oh, wait a minute.
Hold on.
Hoo-hoo, shit.
I'm in a situation.
So am I.
Good morning.
- Hi.
- Hi.
You know, I hate that you have
to go through this.
Me too.
But everything happens for a reason.
What's the reason for this?
I don't know,
but I know God has a plan.
You always say that when you
don't know what else to say.
I was so scared.
About what?
Of what you would think
of what people would say.
I was afraid
that Jake would be mad at me.
- Mm-hmm.
- And
I was afraid I wouldn't be
a good mother.
Hey. It's okay to be scared.
You'll be scared
many more times in your life.
But you just have to know,
I'm always here.
So no matter how scared you are,
you're never alone.
I'll leave y'all to it.
How you feel?
A little better.
Glad to see you smiling again.
I'm not gonna be the same after this.
Neither will I.
Who is this from?
I can't say.
Stop playing with me.
Just open it.
The handwriting is nice.
Did you write this?
I did, but the sentiment comes
from someone else.
Your secret admirer.
Who is this from, for real?
I told you, I can't say.
Fine, be like that.
Look, just know that
somebody out there likes you.
Happy Valentine's Day.
You're a day late.
My bad.
But I like what you said.
So, um
maybe you wanna kick it sometime?
I know what you did.
Look, I ain't do that shit on purpose.
I know.
Come on, uh, we gotta go.
Bro, where?
You said you was gonna
talk to Jake and Jemma.
Yeah, you should handle that first,
and then we can hang out.
You for real?
See you later, Lynae.
Fucking crazy
Em, what's up, boy?
Hey, Pop.
You have my blessing.
Damn, that was quick.
What changed your mind?
I did.
Wait, what?
Tiff tried to fuck me last night.
Oh, shit.
Did you do it?
Hell, no.
Ah, I'm proud of you, son.
If I can change, so can you.
Well, damn.
Guess it's time to propose then.
- You nervous?
- Hell, no.
Shit, I'm excited now.
When you gonna tell Kiesha?
Tell her what?
You gotta tell her what happened.
Pop, no, I don't.
Son, you gotta be honest with Kiesha
so that she know that you changed.
And the best part is,
you ain't fuck up this time.
Know what I'm saying?
- Yeah, you right.
- Yeah, come on, man.
Go propose to my mama.
And don't fuck it up this time.
I won't. I won't.
A'ight. I love you, Pop.
I love you too, son.
What's all this?
I just wanna apologize
for crashing my daddy's car
the night of our prom
and messing up your evening.
I already forgave you for that.
Yeah, I know.
I know, but
but I'm hoping that
maybe this will make up for it.
Will you marry me?
Are you serious?
I made sure to get Emmett's blessing.
Oh, my God.
So what you say, woman?
Yes. Yes, yes, yes.
Yes. Yes. Oh, my God.
You gotta try it on.
- Yes!
- Shoot.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
Oh, yeah.
Ah, oh, my God!
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