The Chi (2018) s06e13 Episode Script


[VICTOR] Previously on The Chi
Emmett, I think something's wrong.
I gotta track down his father's DNA
to see if he passed a
genetic disease to my son.
I thought you killed your abductor.
I did.
That's why I need your help.
I can make some calls.
I gave you 30 grand
to spy on your brother.
Not to be here to become
a fucking failed rapper.
[BRITNEY] I got some info for you.
He's writing a book about
his life on the streets.
[DOUDA] Is he using names?
[BRITNEY] I told him not
to confess to nothing.
I wanna buy a laptop.
So you can write your book?
- What?
- Motherfucker.
You get your allowance
when I fucking decide to give it to you.
Get the fuck out of here.

[ZAY] "This will look good
on you in your casket."
I'm accepting your dad's job offer.
He wants me to be his assistant.
[EZEKIEL] Welcome home, my child.
I want you to speak
to the youth congregation tonight.
I don't have anything prepared.
When you're up there, the
words will come to you.
- [PAPA] Is that what you do?
- [EZEKIEL] Oh, yeah.
I'm the Jay-Z of pastors.
I don't write anything down.
I just ask God to guide
me, and he provides.
God always provides.
I finally got the funding
to offer you a real job.
I got a job.
[VICTOR] Doing what?
I'm the new head of security for Alicia.
Bro, you've seen what
she did to her own son.
Her own son, bro.
What you think she gonna do to you?
[FBI AGENT] Councilman Victor Taylor,
you are under arrest
for the murder of Quentin Dickinson.


defendant, Mr. Victor Taylor,
has posted federal bond
but will remain under house arrest
until his next hearing.
How was I able to post bond so quick?
Jake came upon some cash.
That much? How?
Your guess is as good as mine.
I also had to put up
your house for collateral.
I'm sorry, it was the only way.
I understand. You do what you got to do.
Thank you.
Thank me when you're free for good.

He seems fine now, but
he wouldn't stop crying.
[DOCTOR] Don't be sorry.
How are you holding up?
Not sleeping much.
I just wanna make sure my baby is okay.
Any updates on his condition?
After running several blood tests,
Ronnie has been diagnosed
with sickle cell disease.

[VOICE ECHOING] This disease is tough,
but I will guide you through
the treatment options.
Isn't sickle cell a death sentence?
Are you saying my baby is gonna die?
[DOCTOR] No. Not at all.
Ronnie will live a long, full life.
He'll just require extra care.
Because there's a higher
risk of infection for kids
with sickle cell, we wanna
do a full genetic screening
of both parents.
I just wanna be thorough and make sure
nothing is being overlooked.
You have to have the father's DNA?
Sickle cell is hereditary.
So yes.


[BIANCA] Happy birthday.
[DOUDA SCOFFS] Yeah, I'm, um
I'm not really in a
celebratory kind of mood.
Baby, why not?
'Cause I'm
I'm stressed.
Okay. About?
About a lot of things.
I wanna be alone.



Please abide by the electronic
monitoring requirements
until I get this thing thrown out.
I hope you know what you're doing.
Hey, it's all I know how to do.
[SINGER] That chain you
had on me don't work no more ♪
Like it used to ♪
I used to get by the fire ♪
[SHAAD] My, my, my, how
the tables have turned.
[JAKE] How you feeling, bro?
Better now.
So what happens next?
I'm on house arrest till further notice.
[SHAAD] Damn.
Hey, where'd you get
the money to make bond?
Somebody dropped a bag off at my door.
So you just took someone's random money
without asking questions?
Nigga, ain't you out?
Bro, let me tell you something, bro.
[SHAAD] Hey, hey, hey. Whoa, whoa.
The point is, is that you outside, okay?
Well, I mean, not outside,
outside, but you know.
Come on, man. Let's
get out of here, bro.
[SINGER] Yeah ♪
'Cause see, that
thing hit different ♪
When you got something
better to compare it to ♪
Don't it, though? ♪
'Cause see, that
thing hit different ♪
When you got something
better to compare it to ♪
[ROSELYN] Who are you?
I'm Damien, Emmett's brother.
I didn't even know Emmett had a brother.
- Half-brother.
- [DAMIEN] Nigga.
You need to let that shit go.
Can I help you?
You need to fix this place up.
Who gon' pay for it?
Money's not a issue.
Look, I don't want no
more of y'all's money.
It comes with too much baggage.
What happened?
This place was booming a few months ago.
People are scared.
I'll have a design team come
in and draw up some ideas.
No, we good with the design we have now.
[ROSELYN] It lacks class.
What? We want folks to feel comfortable.
The way to drive traffic is
to start offering up free food.
Like, kids eat free on Fridays.
- Whose kids?
- Or free tacos on Tuesdays.
We don't even serve tacos.
[ROSELYN] Free food draws crowds.
And who's gonna cook all that free food?
Aren't you a sight for sore eyes?

You're Dom, right?
She's the one that
helped us expand our menu.
We need a bigger kitchen.
- Who you telling?
[EMMETT] That ain't
for you to worry about.
- And more cooks.
- I told you that.
Whose side are you on?
[ROSELYN] Who are you?
That's Jamal. Victor made me hire him.
- I ain't no charity case.
You're the one who caught the case
but got off on some technicality.
I also handed my life over to God.
Oh, and now you get to wash dishes.
Yeah, 'cause nobody
else wanted to do it.
Excuse me, I gotta take this.
And what about you? What's your name?
That's my cousin Serena. She's deaf.
She can't hear you.
I'm I'm sorry,
I didn't mean to scare you.
I don't understand sign language.
She said, maybe if you stop mumbling,
then she can read your lips.
I promise I'll speak
more clearly next time.
She said maybe you should
learn sign language.
Maybe you should teach me.
She said, "Sure."

[PAPA] I wanna thank Jake for coming,
and I hope to have you
back again real soon.
[JAKE] I ain't doing this again.
[PAPA] That makes this
episode even more special
because it's one of a kind.
Until next time, stay
in prayer, congregation,
and I love y'all.
You making any money doing this?
What you mean?
People shouldn't get
valuable content for free.
I want my content to be for everyone,
even those that can't afford it.
Well, your audience
is your congregation,
and every congregation should ensure
their leader has whatever they need.
Making people pay for my podcast
just don't feel like me.
My dad said
the word of God should
be available to everyone.
Do you like being broke?
I mean, I'm used to it. [CHUCKLES]
You think that's what God wants?
I don't know.
You have a right to
prosper from your podcast.
To not do that is
disrespectful to God.
[PAPA] I don't wanna disrespect God.
I know you don't.
Start paying yourself
so you can pay him.

I'm gonna go stay with
my mother for a while.
So what does that mean for us?
We're just taking a little break.
For now.

It's a good start.
[BAKARI] What you mean, good start?
Exactly what I said.
You're a baby writer, so
you've got a lot to learn.
But we'll get there.
So you didn't like it.
I didn't say that.
I said it was a good start.
But we got work to do.
- How much work?
- [GARDNER] A lot.
Uh-uh. Look at me.
Chin up.
This is every writer's journey.
No writer is good when they start out.
But the good news is,
you have a voice.
You just need to
fine-tune it a little bit.
This is for you.
You you got me a laptop?
Best partner you'll ever have.
Always listens to you and
remembers what you say.
Protect it with your life.
I will.
Thank you.
writing can be a very lonely profession.
And a thankless one too.
But if you really wanna do this,
now's the time to
commit to this journey.
- Oh, I'm committed.
I see.

[FATIMA] Here you go.
I really appreciate this.
Oh, I can't take no more surprises.
I know what you mean.
Are you okay?
Me and Victor are taking a break.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I think this will be good for us.

[EMMETT] These are extra receipts.
Hey, your numbers ain't adding up.
Well, my investor handles
most of the accounting.
Y'all got a lot of revenue.
Hey, you sure this doesn't
include your Harlem location?
No, but apparently that
location doing numbers too.
I mean, yeah, but if it
was popping like that,
we'd hear about it.
Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.
Hey, you not asking enough questions.
I ain't turning down no free money.
Ain't no such thing.
Look, I know Douda's your investor.
- Why does it matter?
- Why does it matter?
Getting into business with somebody
is like marrying them.
Well, I'm divorced.
[DAMIEN] Yeah, clearly.
I asked you for your help.
Now you're making fun of me?
I'm just confused as to how
you could even be so dumb.
Nigga, I had to figure all
this shit out on my own.
I can't help you unless
you're honest with me.
If you got money coming in
that can't be accounted for,
the suits is gonna come knocking.
Just do what you gotta
do to make it make sense.
[DAMIEN] All right,
just give me a few days.
But even still, it's
gonna be a temporary fix.
How do I fix it for good?
You got two options.
You either cut ties with Douda or
you kill his ass.
I already tried the second option.
Then let me talk to him.
He'll kill you.
If we don't get these books right,
your only other option
is gonna be prison.
[VICTOR] Look, I appreciate
you giving Jake the money,
but I don't want him
involved in none of your shit.
[DOUDA] Hey.
Don't bite the hand that freed you.

You kept quiet, right?
They found Q's DNA in the car.
That don't mean shit.
As long as you keep your mouth shut,
everything will be fine.
It better be.

[MAISHA] Good.

Yes. Yes. Beautiful Black family.
Marcus and Tierra,
can I get a little bit
of a moment between you two?
Oh, of course.
[SINGER] Who wouldn't
want a love like this? ♪
Fall asleep together ♪
Wake up in heaven ♪
Who wouldn't want a love like this? ♪
Beautiful madness, never imagined ♪
[EZEKIEL] I lost my father
when I was young too.
That's when I started hustling.
You used to hustle?
Just 'cause I'm a pastor
doesn't mean I don't have a past.
When I was your age, I
used to run these streets.
How'd you make it out?
God sent me a sign.
I was starving, hadn't eaten for days.
I prayed to God if he helped
me get something to eat,
I'd serve him the rest of my life.
Next thing I know,
I see a crisp $100 bill
on the street, just like that.
Got me some food and a new silk shirt.
But I thought you were
only praying for food.
Yeah, but God showed me
I was thinking too small.
I shouldn't just pray for what I need.
I should also pray for what I want.
I deserve more than a meal.
I deserve to look good too.
And I've been eating like a king
and dressing like one ever since.
After that, I saw a man
preaching on the street.
He had strangers
stopping to listen to him.
They were in the palm of his hand.
And when he asked them to give
they gave him all the money they had.
It was like a miracle
happening right before my eyes.
I asked if he could
teach me, and he did.
He brought me into his church,
and I started to learn from him
just like you learning from me.
So you didn't go to
school for preaching?
I learned the old-school way.
I'm glad you're in my flock, young man.
Me too.
[DOCTOR] We scanned the
DNA sample you provided
for Ronnie's father.
It's not a match.

In order for a child
to have sickle cell,
both parents have to be a carrier.
You have the gene, but
this person doesn't.

[SINGER] Problems of
the world all the same ♪
People politickin' ♪
[DOUDA] Oh, we taking all y'all shit.
What? What?
Ain't none.
Give me that.
[DOUDA] Touch my money, and I'll blow
your fucking head off.

Nah, I'm just kidding.
[NUCK] All right, y'all
niggas chill out, man.
Settle down.
Let's raise our glasses.
To the man that runs the shop
and keep money in our fucking pockets.
- [ALL] Yeah.
And a foot on our neck.
What did you say?
[ZAY] Oh, shit.
I said, happy birthday.
[DOUDA] I didn't hear you. Say it again.
What you saying?
[BAKARI] Happy birthday.
That's what the fuck I thought you said.
You know, good luck on your book.

[SINGER] Little boy
was stabbed to death ♪
As he tried to run away, yeah ♪
75 eating out the garbage can ♪

[ISIS] How are you doing?
I'm fine.
Girl, I know you're lying.
I can see it on your face.
[AERIN] What's going on?

[ALONZO] I talked to the DA.
They wanna cut a deal.
It's a great offer.
You still get to continue
your career as a councilman,
and you'll have protection.
They want Douda.
That's the offer on the table.
I ain't snitching.

Then you're going to jail.

Who are you again?
I'm Emmett's brother.
And why are you here?
Uh, because he asked me to
take a look at his books,
and the numbers are off.
I'll handle it.
I can set you up with
some digital options.
It's my specialty.
Consider peer-to-peer platforms
like Venmo and CashApp,
and you can seamlessly integrate them
into Smokey's legitimate
point of sale system.
You know what, I'm, um
I'm more of an old-school cat.
Hiding money is a dangerous job.
Okay, come to me. Come here.
Come walk with me.
You make the books make sense,
and I'll handle the rest.
That's fine.
I just don't want my
brother going to jail.
If he does, I'll bail him out.
Well, it's not always
that simple with the IRS.
Welcome to another
episode of Papa's Pulpit.
Now, before we get
started on today's topic
of generational wealth,
God moved me to introduce
my new monthly subscription plan.
Now, I know what you all are thinking.
"Why I gotta pay for
content that was once free?"
But I hope y'all understand
that investing five
dollars a month into me
allows me to keep providing
high quality podcasts
for y'all, and it's only a fraction
of what God will pour
back into your lives.
If y'all bless me, you'll
be blessed in return.

Stay away from my client and my family.
Nigga, who the fuck are you?
Alicia's my ex-wife.
Robert is my son.
Oh. Okay, well, you know what?
You should advise the both of them
to stay the fuck out of my way.
They don't take orders from me.
So you're not the man of your house?
I don't live there anymore.
And you're still
wanting to protect them.
That's what a man does.
He protects his family,
even if they don't
live in the same house.
All right.
Well, good luck protecting them.
As many enemies as you got,
you need to make sure
someone is protecting you.

Maisha said these should be good
to send out by mid-November,
just in time for the holidays.
[SINGER] Someone with no doubt ♪
One who knows what love's about ♪
I thought those were just for us.
Some are, but one of them
will be our Christmas card.
I didn't agree to that.
Excuse me?
I'm just saying that's a big commitment.
I practically live here,
and I have bonded with your daughter.
Sending out a holiday card is too much?
I'm not trying to start an argument.
Are you embarrassed
by me? Am I a secret?
Come on.
I thought you wanted this.
I do. I'm not embarrassed.
It's just feels like that's
something married people do.
I didn't ask you for marriage,
but I do wanna feel like
I'm in a real relationship.
- We are.
- It doesn't feel like it.
Then what does it feel like to you?
Like I am playing house.
And I'm not a doll.

[SHAAD] You check that, baby.
- That was cold.
- I checked.
No, I'm you just gotta reinforce.
You know what I'm doing.
- Mm.
Oh, hey.
Nice to meet you.
Is that my leather jacket?
You're not here to wear it anymore.
You wanna join us for a drink?
If you hear from Robert,
let him know I'd like to see him.
[ALICIA] And what about me?
Do you wanna see me too?
I have to work.
Some things never change.
You're right.
You are just as beautiful as
the day I laid eyes on you.
Nice jacket, bro.
You know what?
I don't appreciate you trying to turn me
into your ex-husband.
You can never be him.
I don't wanna be him!
The jacket just makes you look the part.
You gotta learn to act the part.
This ain't no fucking movie.
Everybody plays a role
in the game of life, baby.
You think I'm fucking playing with you?
If you wanna be my bitch, you can be,
but I'm not in the market for that.
Ah, that's more like it.
I'm my own man.
You like this shit, huh?

If your abductor isn't the father,
then who could it be?
Who you think?
Nah, fuck that.
I wasn't with anyone else.
Can we just keep this between us?
- I can't do that.
- Why not?
Niggas got kids walking around
they don't know nothing about.
Well, he deserves to know.
I'm not doing this.
You don't have a choice.
Yes, I do.

I think you're Ronnie's father.
We still want a paternity test.
I don't need one.
If she say he's mine, he's mine.
I need one.
Hey, Kiesha, what do you need?
We just wanna be sure.
All right.

[RAPPER] Where the cash at, cash at ♪
I need to blow it ♪
I need my cash back, cash back ♪
I gotta show it ♪
I tell him, run another check ♪
Check, check ♪
I tell him, run another check ♪
Body like Yellowstone ♪
Looking like a cat ♪
Cooking like a chemist,
got my feelings in the lab ♪
I tell him, run another check ♪
Another check ♪
I tell him, run another check ♪
The drip ain't free,
so I gotta spend it ♪
All my chains real,
it's no pretendin' ♪
[JAKE] You good?
[RAPPER] Another check ♪
I tell him, run another check ♪
Where the cash at,
I need to blow it ♪
[BAKARI] Douda knows I'm writing a book.
You writing a book?
Who else know?
Just Lynae and my teacher.
And that's it?
My sister.
I ain't gonna lie, bro,
your sister do seem a little shady.
Don't make this about you.
Man, look, I ain't even on that.
All I'm saying is, you know
her better than I do, bro.
Come on, let's dance.
I'm not in the mood.
[LYNAE] Come on, man.
[RAPPER] I tell him,
run another check ♪
I tell him, run another check ♪
You wanna come over tonight?
[BAKARI] I don't know
about all that, man.
You can sleep in my bed this time.

[VICTOR] Welcome, everybody.
Thank you for joining me
for another men's circle.
As you can see, I'm pretty limited
to where I can go, so I
really appreciate y'all
for coming to my house to participate.
Oh, man, come on. You know we got you.
So who wanna go first?
All right, I'll go.
Me and my lady got into
a little disagreement
on whether or not to send
our holiday photos out
to friends and family.
Well, holiday cards, that's
that means y'all serious.
Yeah, which is why I didn't wanna do it.
Well, do you love her?
I think so.
You don't sound too sure.
Hey, no woman feels as good as freedom.
- [SHAAD] Mm. That's real.
- [ROB] Damn.
I mean, why can't we
just hang the pictures up
- in our living room?
- You could.
Man, you know she ain't gonna want that.
Women like to be claimed.
Trust me.
I didn't think about it like that.
Guess I'm just not used
to being in a relationship.
Then you need to let her know that.
[ROB] Yeah.
Well, I'm going through some things
in my relationship as well.
Wait, you and Kiesha a'ight?
there's a chance Nuck
might be Ronnie's father.
- Ah, hell no.
- [SHAAD] What?
Man, that's impossible.
Nah, it's not.
I thought it was the
dude that kidnapped her.
Ronnie has sickle cell.
I'm sorry to hear that.
It's genetic, and the
guy that abducted Kiesha
doesn't carry it, so
Hey, this sound like this need to be
more like a family meeting.
No, it doesn't.
Well, he better take a paternity test.
- He is.
- And what if he the daddy?
Darnell, let's give Emmett a moment.
Guess I gotta deal with his ass.
I know it's your first time attending.
Anything you wanna discuss?
Yeah, um
thinking about
reconnecting with my father.
That's great.
God knows I'm grateful to him.
Yeah. He was always a good lawyer.
Just not so much at the part
when it came to being my father.
I know all about giving
your dad second chances, man.
It's annoying at first,
but it gets better over time.
I think we can all agree
that everybody deserves second chances.
- Amen.
- [SHAAD] Hell yeah. Shit.
What about you, Vic? How you holding up?
I've been going through some things.
Fatima's taking space.
Oh, man.
I'm sorry, bro.
And the only way for me to
be free is to give up Douda.
I think you should do it.
Man, if I wouldn't have missed,
you wouldn't even be worried
about snitching on Douda.
If you didn't miss,
you'd be dead right now.
Snitching on him could
get you killed too.
I know.
If somebody don't take his ass out,
he gonna kill us all one by one.


I want more money off the top.
I thought you were a man of God.
I am.
[DOUDA] Then why are you
trying to rob me blind?
You put my life and my church at risk.
You knew that going in.
Well, now the price is going up.
You know what?
I can just take my money elsewhere.
I'm your only option.
Says who?
Says me.
[DOUDA] Yeah.

A deal is a deal.
Do you understand?
Praise God.

I keep thinking about it.
You being with Tatiana.
when I'm with you, I'm with you.
When I'm with Tatiana, I'm with her.
Let's just not bring up
other people right now.
You the one that brought it up.
It's really not weird for you?

Are you okay?
I guess I don't have a choice.
[SINGER] I'm wholeheartedly yours ♪
My love ♪
You're the beat in my soul ♪
You're all I'm thinking of ♪
When I'm with you, I'm soaring ♪
High above the clouds ♪
In your love, I've found ♪
My paradise so profound ♪
In a world so cold ♪
You my sanctuary ♪
[ROSELYN] You want a ride?
I don't bite.
Unless you ask me to.
Come on, get in.
Come on.
[SINGER] With you, I'm home ♪
In your arms, I've found my place ♪
I'm wholeheartedly yours, my love ♪
You're the beat in my soul ♪
It's nice to have an extra
set of hands around here.
[JAMAL] I'm happy to help.
What you getting into after?
Back to the halfway house.
They don't play about that curfew.
Need a ride?
I'd love one.

LaPorshe, what are you doing here?
Mm. I missed you.
You can't just be showing
up to my house like this.
I have a family.
I know you and Dre
ain't together no more.
How you know that?
'Cause you deleted all her
pictures on your IG page.
So you be spying on me?
- We all do it.
You can't stay.
I wasn't expecting to.
I just wanted you to
know when you get ready
to start dating again, I'm around.
That's good to know.
[LAPORSHE] My bad.
I'm old-school.
Next time, text first.

Ronnie, this is your dad.
Oh, Dad?
Look. Look.
[NUCK] I got you something too.
[NUCK] You wanna do a flip?
[RONNIE] Do it over here.
- Yeah.
- [RONNIE] Do it over here.
- Yeah?
- [RONNIE] Like, way over here.
[NUCK] You wanna drive
the truck right here?
[NUCK] You wanna go right there?

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