The Chi (2018) s06e15 Episode Script

Tower of Terror

[KEVIN] Previously on The Chi
I take care of myself.
[ROSELYN] You wanna be my bodyguard?
[DOUDA] Careful.
She says I'm safe with her.
The Black Caucus is willing to make
a hefty donation to ROCK
in exchange for your vote.
I told you I can't be bought.
[QUINCY] Yes, you can.
I'll be voting yes
on the mayor's budget.
[ALL CHANTING] Traitor! Traitor!
Traitor! Traitor! Traitor!
Stay away from my client and my family.
Can Victor find a new lawyer quickly?
Victor has strong ties in the community,
and looking out for him could
be beneficial to both of us.
The FBI failed to
disclose critical evidence
and substantially prejudiced
the defendant, Victor Taylor.
Given this flagrant
constitutional violation,
I am ordering that
the case be dismissed.
- You're welcome.
[KEITH] The least you could
do is help me find a job.
[DARNELL] I ain't hiring.
[KEITH] Yeah, I'm sure
you know somebody who is.
I did six years so your
son can have a future.
[DARNELL] I need you to hire somebody.
Come on, Pop. Who need a job now?
It's serious.
This guy, he went to
jail for your brother.
Him and two other knuckleheads
tried to rob a corner store,
got caught.
You gotta be a miserable
man to break a kid's laptop.
I want you to let Bakari go.
I can't do that.
He's one of my soldiers,
and I need him right now.
You gotta understand that
if anything happens to you,
it's blood on my hands.
If you don't help me with
this, I'm dead anyway.
[DOUDA] You know, your son,
he tried to shoot me, but he missed.
I never should have sent
a boy to do a woman's job.
[DOUDA] Do you know I could
kill you with my bare hands?
Nigga, get your hands off my woman.

We not doing Thanksgiving
at y'all house.
- Why not?
- 'Cause our house is bigger.
- So what?
- You know how many kids I got?
We-we need space.
You, your kids, and they
mamas all good at my house.
What about they new boyfriends?
- Yeah, them too.
- It's not happening.
- Man.
- What y'all arguing about?
This nigga trying to do
Thanksgiving at y'all house.
Uh, I don't think our
place is big enough.
That's what I'm saying.
It would be nice not to have to host.
Kiesha, you supposed to be on my side.
I'm on my own side.
I don't mind hosting.
Look like you on your own, bruh.
Ain't this a bitch.

I didn't think you were the type
to run when the going got tough.
I'm not running. I'm
taking a leave of absence.
[QUINCY] That's not a good idea.
I don't care.
[QUINCY] Look, no one ever
said this would be easy.
[VICTOR] Look, I need
to take a step back
and figure some shit out.
You are an inspiration
to a lot of people, okay?
Now, if they see you
quit, they will too.
I wanted to make a
difference, not be a hero.
Heroes don't have to
get everything right.
Enough, nigga.
I need to take some time
to get my house in order.
My life is in shambles.
Look, a life in public service
means your personal
life will take hits too.
Trust me, I know.
Bro, I almost got convicted
for a murder I didn't commit.
My own community thinks
I turned my back on them.
And for what? A bribe?
That wasn't a bribe.
I can't advocate for mental health
when I'm going crazy.
I'm done.
What about me?
I don't know what to tell you.

[ROSELYN] I'm worried.
You're always worried.
It's just a little too
quiet for my liking.
[DOUDA] Mm-hmm.
You need to lay low.
I can't hide forever.
I told you, no more bodies.

Alonzo threatened me.
Yeah, and you taking his life,
it put your life in imminent danger.
Well, you know, danger
comes with the territory.
I know, but this feels different.

You need to send a message.
All right.
That's a good idea.

It is, uh, quiet now.
[ROSELYN] It's always
calm before the storm.
Well, you know what?

I'm gonna go out there
make it rain.



How you gonna volunteer our house
but got me doing all the hard work?
I'm making the mac and cheese.
That's the easiest part.
Not the way I do it.
Well, I'm glad that we doing this.
Yeah, me too.
[TIFF] You good?
Why you asking?
Because you been a little
quiet since your dad passed.

What you want me to
do, like, cry every day?
No, I just want you to
know that I'm here for you
if you need to talk.

I know.

Ooh, ooh, ah, ah, ah ♪
Ooh ♪
Ah, ah, oh ♪
Ooh ♪
Dance with me.
- What?
- Come on and dance with me.
- You know you like to dance.
Stop trying to play like you too cool.
- Aww.
- Mm.
But this desire never
seems to go away ♪
You good?
I'm great.
It's gonna take much more than hope ♪
To bring you close ♪
I think I'll pray ♪
[SHAAD] Mm, come here.


Just, your ex-husband was murdered.
And there is so much more ♪
This heart of mine can take ♪
I know.

I don't know. Wanna talk about it?

I'd rather do something about it.

Like what?
I want to know what
good love feels like ♪
Good love ♪
That's not for you to worry about.
I want a love that's sure to stand ♪
The test of time ♪
I want to know what
good love feels like ♪
I wanna know ♪

Good love, good love ♪
Morning, noon, and night

In the morning ♪
Forever all my life ♪
Good love ♪
Nina, I'm not used to being
in the same place for too long.
[NINA] Are you leaving me already?
I want you to come with me.
- [NINA] Come with you?
- Yeah.
I can't just drop everything.
I told you that.
But you can.
[NINA] I have children.
I have a home.
I have community here.
We talked about this.
You're not staying
'cause you wanna be here.
You're staying 'cause
you're afraid to leave.
I'm going back out on the
road after Thanksgiving
whether you come with me or not.
That sounds like an ultimatum.
Nah, babe. It's a proposition.
Yeah, I'ma beat you. I'ma beat you now.
I'ma beat you now. [LAUGHS]
- [RONNIE] I win.
- [NUCK] You win?
- [RONNIE] Yes.
I win. I win.
What you doing for Thanksgiving?
Uh, I don't know.
Try to find me a place somewhere.
We're going to Tiff and
Rob's, if you wanna come.
Yeah, for sure.
Tiff and Rob place pretty small.
I'm not sure if they
got room for one more.
[KIESHA] They got room.
I might pull up.
[RONNIE] I win!
- You won?
- [RONNIE] Yes.
- [KIESHA] Can I talk to you?
- One more time.
Three, two, one.
Let's go. Oh, I'ma beat you.
I'ma beat you.
I ain't trying to break
bread with this nigga.
It's not about you.
That's my son's father.
You ain't gotta keep reminding me.
Look, this wasn't on
my bingo card either,
but here we are.


I love you.
[EMMETT] Mm-hmm.
Say it back.
I love you too.


Why the fuck are you here?
You know why.
This 'cause I fucked your girl?
She was my wife.
[DAMIEN SIGHS] She was not your wife.
She was about to be.

So you holding a grudge
because I fucked your
girl while you was in jail.
You fucked my girl while
I was doing a bid for you.
So what you wanna do, make my life hell
because you got caught and I didn't?
You owe me, nigga.

Look, I cannot give you your life back.
Nah. But time is money.

How much money you want?
How much you hiding?
I'm not hiding no money.
We all know Douda owns this spot.
Look, if you came here for a payday,
you came to the wrong place.
Then how about a pay raise?
[DAMIEN] I don't have
that kind of authority.
[KEITH] You cooking up
the books, ain't you?
Break me off something extra.

- Look
- [KEITH] You owe it to me.


I tried ♪
To stay away from trouble ♪
Lord knows that I ♪
Ah, man, stop being a goofy
and go get your girl back.
It's not that simple.
Yes, it is.
And you done quit your job?
I'm a mess.
[CHUCKLES] We all are.
Misery, misery, misery ♪
Hey, look, if you
really love your woman,
you gonna have to fight for her.
See, I be just chilling ♪
I hear you.
Minding my business ♪
How your woman doing?
Starting on zero ♪
Her ex-husband just got
killed, and she don't care.
[VICTOR] Damn.
Yeah, she cold-blooded. [CHUCKLES]

Do you love her?
But at least on you ♪
Know who to blame ♪
I think so.
I tried, I tried ♪
I'm happy for you.
To stay away from trouble ♪
I been waiting to hear you say that.
- Thank you, man.
I've seen just enough ♪
Hey, hey. Slow down, man.
That's your third one.
Pace yourself.
Misery, misery, misery ♪
Ah, ah ♪
[DOUDA] Have a seat.

I gave you money.
I know.

I have nothing to show for it.
I've been watching him,
but ain't much to report.



Well, then your services
are no longer required.

Bakari ain't the one
you need to be spying on.

Go on.
If I tell you this info, I'm
done spying on my brother.

That depends on what you tell me.

What the how many people
you got coming tomorrow?
I think we're at 27 now.
[EZEKIEL] Twenty-seven?
Last time I checked, it was at 15.
[SIGHS] They won't all
come at the same time.
- You know how Black folks are.
Did you invite your little boyfriend?
I did, and we're not a couple.
Uh-huh, just fuck buddies.
Did you invite Becky?
Her name is Sarah,
and there's nothing going on between us.
[SCOFFS] Yeah, right.
I swear on my grandmother's grave.
Ooh, which one?
My maternal one, so you know it's real.
Oh, yeah.
You know, y'all got energy.
But we haven't acted on it.
Not yet.
I'm not weak to the flesh like you.
No. Money is your mistress.
At least that mistress
benefits both of us.
Did you invite Sarah or not?
I did.
Is she bringing her father?
That's not why I invited her.
Oh, then why is he on
our TV all the time?
Because I hope to be
where he is someday.
Ooh, and what better way to do that
than by getting close to his daughter?
She earned that job fair and square.
Why does a rich white woman
need to be your secretary?
Because she likes earning her own money,
unlike some women I know.
You're the one that
didn't want me to work.
Yes, to build a home,
not have a stable of teenage boys
at your beck and call.
You said you didn't mind
as long as I didn't embarrass you.
Your little boyfriend coming
to our home on Thanksgiving
is embarrassing.
Yeah, well, you lusting
after a white woman
is embarrassing for both of us.
I'm trying to build a
relationship with her father.
That's how it started.
Let's just try to have a
nice Thanksgiving, please.
What you think they said?
[GARDNER] I don't think
we'll know until you open it.
[BAKARI SIGHS] I ain't never
done no shit like this before.
It's okay. Nerves are natural.
Submitting a manuscript to a publisher,
it's a big deal.
[BAKARI] Can you do it?
No. This is your journey.
You have to do it.
They're passing.
Ah, I'm sorry.
Hey, rejection comes with the territory.
Then what's the point?
If you have something to
say, there's always a point.
Bruh, I'm tired of hearing that shit.
The reader put notes and edits in here.
So you need to start rewriting.
Man, how long you think
this shit gon' take?
It could take you some time.
What else you got to do?
- Nothing, I guess.
- Exactly.
The game ain't over, little bro.
Game just started.
So let's get to work. Sit up.
All right.

Do you trust Britney?
I guess. Why?
[SCOFFS] What?
What is it?
Mm, it's about Bakari.
Mm, really, it's about Britney.
Mm, what about her?
[JEMMA SIGHS] She works for Douda.
Doing what?
Spying on Bakari.
Her own brother?
How y'all know?
She told us.
[LYNAE] When?
And y'all just now telling me this?
I wanted to tell you right away.
No, you didn't.
Why is she spying on him?
We don't know.
Douda is crazy,
and he likes eyes everywhere.
I gotta tell Bakari.
Just don't tell him we told you.
I won't.
That's a good man, Fatima. A good man.
He's just in a bad situation right now
and he's trying to
find his way out of it.
No, please do not quote
Waiting to Exhale to me right now.
I'm not in the mood.
Girl, you are doing the right thing.
You cannot go from being this journalist
to living a life of crime.
I know, but I miss him.
Girl, you miss that dick.
- I do, bitch.
Listen, people make mistakes.
They will disappoint you.
You can't expect
perfection from anybody.
- Girl, she want to be Iyanla
- [BOTH] so bad.
Hey, hey, she helped me
through a really dark time, now.
Girl, getting a tummy
tuck is not a dark time.
See, that's your problem.
That's why you still single.
Girl, and that's why
you got a sugar daddy.
Girl, it's still
rent-controlled over there,
- ain't it?
- Girl. [LAUGHS]
[DARNELL] Watch out for that speaker.
Here, hold this.
Ah, Pop, I'ma call Hoarders on you.
Go ahead and call 'em.
I ain't throwing shit away.
These all my antiques.
These old Jet magazines ain't antiques.
Beauties of the Week are priceless.
There she is.
Just don't burn down Tiff and
Rob's mini mansion, please.
[GRUNTS] They spot ain't that small.
It's medium size.
Well, as long as they got
enough space for your brother.
You invited Damien?
Yeah. Yeah.
His mama ain't cooking this year.
Oh, my God. You invited his mama too?
Oh, no, that woman can't
stand the sight of me.
It just be him.
Why do people keep inviting
random niggas to Thanksgiving?
He ain't random. He's your brother.
[KENYA] This ain't getting
you no brownie points.
[ZAY] I'm just doing a good deed.
[KENYA] Mm-hmm.
[ZAY] I'm glad to be here.
Me too.
Do you think you'd be a
good role model for my son?
- On what?
On who you want your son to be.
I gotta take this.
[JEMMA] Jake and I
haven't spoken for weeks.
Maybe you two should take a break.
What if we break up?
It would not be the end of the world.
Trust me.
Then I'd be alone.
Okay. And you're still so young.
It's okay for you to have
some time for yourself.
I don't want your identity
to be so wrapped up
in who you're with.
You need to focus on who you wanna be.
So I should dump Jake.
That's your decision to make, love.
[NINA] LaPorsche asked
me to go away with her.
- [TRACY] What?
- [JADA] To where?
[NINA] Everywhere. [CHUCKLES]
[LAUGHS] What's that mean?
People do it all the time.
Go from place to place, exploring.
And what makes you wanna do that?
- I think it's beautiful.
You also choose to be single, so
Okay, so what's so wrong with that?
Both of you, relax.
Do you trust her?
I do.
You barely know her.
I know, but for some
reason, I trust her.

Look, you are one of my closest friends,
and you're telling me
you're about to just
be out in the streets
with some random woman you
just had a one-night stand with?
Look, my life has had a
lot of twists and turns,
and I've survived them thus far.
It's crazy to me, too, but
that's why I wanna do it.
I never do anything
exciting. This is my chance.
Sounds like a midlife crisis.
But I'd rather do that
than sit here and sulk.
Hear, hear.
Well, damn.
Listen, that lesbian sex
must be something else,
- 'cause, girl
I mean, she got you ready to leave town
and not look back.
- Whoa.
Well, when it's good, it's good.
- [TRACY] Okay. Well
Well, I'm proud of you.
Yeah. We gon' miss you.
I'm gonna miss y'all too.
But don't worry,
we gonna look after the
house while you're gone.
And if Lynae needs anything, we got you.
Oh, same for Kiesha and the kids.
Don't worry.
Oh, I love y'all.
We love you too.

[SARAH] Anything else you need from me?
Uh, thank you, Sarah. Uh, I'm good.
I'm just proofing my sermon.
Well, I can do that.
[EZEKIEL] No, I wanna do it.
You okay?
You're lying.
What's going on?
I don't think you should
come by for Thanksgiving.
Why not?
My wife doesn't love how close we are.
We haven't done anything.
I know.
But I think we both thought about it.
Well, thinking about it and acting on it
are two very different things.
I know. I just wanna be respectful.
I have a lot to lose.
You don't.
Well, I'm the daughter
of America's pastor.
So I have a lot to lose too.
You're single.
I'm not.
Okay. I won't come.
I'm sorry.
I don't I don't
mean to make it weird.
It's not. I just
I know my father will
be really disappointed.
He was really looking
forward to meeting you.
It'll happen in its own time.
It can happen tomorrow.

Do you want me to come?

Yeah, I do.
Then we'll see you tomorrow.



[ALICIA] Whew!
Robert, please get the rest of
the grocery bags out the car.
Ma, what you doing here?
"What are are you doing here?"
Please speak proper English.
You are not from the hood.
And if we're gonna host Thanksgiving,
I need more notice.
We are hosting. You a guest.
Yeah, and it's gonna be potluck style.
You know I don't eat everybody's food.
Oh, Tiffany, come in and
help me clean these greens.
At least you got a name now.
Robert, grocery bags now.
I was on kitchen duty in the joint.
All right, well, you
need to dice smaller
and move way faster.
You wanna be my teacher?
Mm-mm. I don't got time to train.
[JAMAL] I'm a fast learner.
[DOM] I bet you are.
You need help with nothing else?
[LAUGHS] Don't ask me that.
Just move faster.
When I go slow, I get better results.
Well, I'ma need you to speed it up.
Okay. Ooh.
[ALICIA] Mmm-mmm.

Can I ask you something?
I don't know. Can you?
May I ask you something, please?
Talk fast.
How do I get Rob to open up to me?
If I knew the answer to that,
he and I would speak more.

I don't know, he
he's been really quiet
since his dad was killed,
and I just wanna know how
I can be there for him.
How much do you expect him to talk?
I don't expect him to talk too much.
But I'd like to know
what's going on in his head.
That's not how we operate.

I just don't want us to become distant.

He was always a quiet kid.
But he got more quiet when
his father and I broke up.
He's a-a man of few words,
but when he speaks, he tells the truth.
So wait and let him speak,
'cause if you try to push
him, he'll back away even more.

So I should just wait?
And trust that when he's ready,
he'll come to you.

Oh, shh. Just
Y'all good?
We are not from the South.
I guess.
Did you get my text?

Oh, no. I'm just now seeing this, Ma.
So you didn't get the cranberries?
- No.
- Nah.
But we got some, don't we?
Yeah, we got some.
Right here, cranberry.
In the can?
[TIFF] No.
You know I will not be eating that.
So you need to go back to the store
and get me some organic cranberries.
- Please?
- Uh-huh.
[TIFF] Do some work.

You better not be trying
to break up with me, a'ight?
I can't take no more rejection today.
- So if you trying to break up
- No, it's not that.
[BAKARI] You pregnant?
Will you let me talk?
Britney works for Douda.
No, she don't.
Yeah, she does.
I know everybody on payroll.
He's paying her to spy on you.
How you know?
I just do.
Don't keep secrets from me, Nae.
- Who told you?
- Does it matter?
Just be careful, okay?
It came from people I trust.
I-I can't believe this shit.
I'm sorry.
Should've known she ain't care about me.
[LYNAE] I think you
should just talk to her.
I never wanna speak to her again.
Don't do anything stupid, okay?
I'm good.
If it takes our own ♪

To ensure our ♪
Can I help you?
[ROSELYN] Douda's in trouble.
What else is new?
It's serious.
Well, I haven't noticed
anything out of the ordinary.
But, Roselyn, even if I did,
why would I tell you?
You can play house with
him all you want to,
but I will always be his wife.
And if I go down, you're going with me.
Why do you stay married to
a man you no longer love?
It's business.
Love ain't got nothing to do with it.
So if something does happen to him,
do you inherit the throne?
People who sit on thrones,
they got targets on their backs.
I just like to sit next to it
and keep my eyes on the court.
Do we understand each other?
We do.
By my side ♪
Yes, everything's good.
Let's go eat.
Whoa, oh ♪
[DOM] Mm.
All right, okay, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
This is not sanitary.
You right.
Let's go back to your place.
I'm in between places right now.
So you homeless.
You know what?
Forget it.
I didn't mean it like that.
I'm just saying, we gotta slow down.
[CHUCKLES] So now you wanna slow down
'cause I live in a halfway house.
No, it's just a reminder
that maybe I shouldn't be
spreading myself around like this.
Let me guess.
If I lived in some high-rise apartment
looking over downtown, then
you'd be willing to give it up.
It would help.
Why do women care so
much about that shit?
About financial security?
This isn't a competition.
Doesn't have to be.
That's what's fucked up
about the Black family.
Are you serious?
Y'all judge us on our
bank accounts only.
It's getting old.
And y'all judge us on
how many bodies we got,
and that's getting old.
I got a past.
I'm trying to change my life.
Well, if you're such
a born-again Christian,
then why was you willing to fuck me
in the back of a restaurant?
Just 'cause I'm saved
doesn't mean I'm perfect.
I'm tired of fucking with broke niggas.
Broke niggas?
I'm tired of giving out my energy
just for you to leave
me for a lesser bitch
six months later.

Whoever hurt you, I'm not that nigga.

We'll see. [SIGHS]

All right. [CHUCKLES]
We can go back to my place.
But you gotta get your shit together.
That's what I'm trying to do.
And I'm not gonna pray before
we have sex or anything.
I bless everything before I eat it.
I'm only used to ♪
The kind of love that hurts you ♪
Well, thank you, dear, but listen,
I know what I'm doing, and this is
[FATIMA] Do you, though?
I feel like I give you
advice and you never take it
'cause you think you know everything.
Because I do. No. Because I know
[FATIMA] We talking 'bout that boy.
What y'all doing here?
[SIGHS] I asked if we could come.
Can I talk to you for a second, alone?
Is this a dream ♪
Hmm. Come on.
Dreaming again ♪
This doesn't happen to me ♪

- So I
- Hey, can I can I get a plate?
Not with you coming
in here empty-handed.
I mean, I got some Docks in the car.
You can make a plate. I
was just messing with you.
- Thank you.
You're welcome.
Like I was telling your siblings
- Mm-hmm.
- this is not the season.
Am I dreaming ♪
I never cared much about my future.
Can somebody tell
me how I got here ♪
Anytime I'd try to think about it

just see darkness.

Then I met you

and suddenly my-my future
looked bright and beautiful.
Victor, we don't have to do this.
I'm not finished.

I don't wanna think about my
future if you're not in it.
I need you in my life.
Fatima, will you come home?

Is work gonna come before me?
[VICTOR] Absolutely not.
I'm taking a step back.
I've-I've already told Quincy.
And what about Douda?
I'm gonna be done with
him once and for all.
I promise.
Is this a dream ♪
Am I dreaming again ♪
will you please, please come home?
I'm in the deep end ♪
Because love ♪
And I can't believe it's mine ♪
Why is this happening to me ♪
Am I dreaming ♪
Am I dreaming ♪
[ROB] Ma'am.
Did you get the ground mustard
and sage from the store?
[ROB] Yeah, yeah, I grabbed
it. It wasn't in there?
Hold on. It ain't in the bag?
I thought I grabbed it.
For sure I grabbed it.
They must didn't put it in the bag.
Then back to the store you go.
Well, I ain't going back to the store.
- Oh, yes, you are.
- You wanted to host.
Yeah, which means that I
wanted to chill in the house
and smoke weed until the food was ready.
I'm not going back to the store.
Boy, if you don't go back to the store.
Boy, you better get out of here.
- Thank you.
You wanna smoke with me?
I don't do hood drugs.
It's not a hood drug.
It's organic.
Come on. I'ma light you up one.
I'm gonna dream
about you tonight.
What the fuck was that?
So what?
You need to check with me first.
Don't do that shit.
It brings unwanted attention.

Do you know what keeps a mob running?
- Nah.
- It's not the carjacking, the drugs, or the guns.
- It's loyalty.
- Okay.
And when someone breaks
or violates that loyalty,
they need to be dealt with.
Wouldn't you agree?
So what you saying?
Square up, nigga.
You wanna do this, old man?
Huh? Hmm?
- [NUCK] Ah!

Get the fuck up.
- [DOUDA] Come here.

You taking side deals now?
[NUCK] I was gonna fucking tell you.
- When? [GRUNTS]
- [NUCK] Ah!
I run this city, not you.

You're benched.
For how long?

Till I feel I can trust your ass again.

Everything okay?
But it will be.

[ZAY] You wanted to see me?
[DOUDA] Zay, I need a new number two.
It's yours if you want it.
Hell yeah, I want it.

[DOUDA] Get some rest.
Tomorrow we go to work.
[ZAY] Tomorrow's a holiday.

[DOUDA] Not for you, nigga.

So you really never smoked weed before?
I haven't smoked reefer
since I was at college.
I don't remember it being this strong.
Shit hit different now.
You grew this?
[TIFF] Yeah.
All by yourself?
Your son helped.
[ALICIA] And you sell it to people?
- Wow.
You know, times have really changed.
And once it's legal everywhere,
we gonna really make a killing.
"We" is right,
'cause you know I'm a silent partner.
Well, you not too good at being silent.
- Well, maybe not.
It's gonna be a packed house.
It wouldn't be so
packed if we was hosting.
- Boy, get over it.
- [EMMETT] You inviting Nuck.
My pop inviting Damien.
It's gonna be way too many
niggas and not enough food.
It's gonna be plenty of food.
Long as I can have you
for dessert, I'm good.
Just come on.
[EMMETT] Uh, give me two minutes.
- [KIESHA] I'm going to the car.
- [EMMETT] Okay.
Damn. We broke as hell.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
Somebody help!


I thought I lost you.
I thought I lost you.
I thought I lost you.
The night is dark ♪
And the sun won't
be here anytime soon ♪
No one can save you now ♪
Sweet black and blue ♪
But if you can go on ♪
If you can hold on ♪
It's only darkest ♪
Before the dawn ♪
Lift your hands ♪
And raise your voice ♪
No one can hear you now ♪
Through all the noise ♪
But if you can go on ♪
If you can hold on ♪
It's only darkest ♪
Before the dawn ♪
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